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tv   KPIX 5 News Sun Morn Edition  CBS  July 9, 2017 7:30am-8:31am PDT

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evacuations this morning. the latest on the fire fight. exclusive new video... a vallejo officer uses a racial slur of a driver. wildfires burning out of control, forcing mandatory evacuations this morning. the latest on the firefight. exclusive video of a vallejo officer who used a racial slur with a driver. how the police department is responding. and in -- a construction crane comes down in oakland., get a 7:30 a.m. good morning. it is sunday, july 9th. >> let's get a check of the forecast. cooling on the way. you know how we can tell? by this. the return of the marine layer. it is deeper than the last few days.
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seeing cooler temperatures already this morning then we have the last couple of days. in the 50s. yesterday at this time, we were in the 60s. 63, livermore. 59, can't -- concord. we do have some cloud cover increasing the marine layer along the coast. most folks will see sunshine. it will dissipate early. a nice northerly flow along the surface. headlines today, a cooling trend begins. near seasonal for the first part of next week. the full forecast is still ahead. back to you. developing in the east bay, cruise in oakland dismantled a crane that was looming over the ruins of a devastating fire. now most of the people evacuated are able to go home this morning. the fire broke out early friday morning at the complex under construction at 23rd and valdes street. kpix5's kate nielsen has the latest. >> reporter: it took less than 30 seconds to bring down the
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towering crane. >> my apartment is actually level with the crane. i was just saying, please don't go in my bedroom. >> robbie is one of hundreds of residents that live in the apartment building that was evacuated because it was in the collapse zone. now he and all of his neighbors are back in their apartments. he only has one thing on his mind. >> it has been very stressful. >> the fire started at the new construction project at 2400 valdes street. it was supposed to be a mixed- use building with more than 20,000 square feet of retail space and 224 apartments. the crane in the middle of the project started spending uncontrollably and had to come down. now the more tedious work is just beginning. >> now we are looking at smoldering fires that have been left.
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>> and other issue, the heat. and water damage to homes adjacent to the fire. specifically on 24th street and they -- waverley street. >> i just want to go home more than anything. it is hard. i'm concerned about the house. i just want to see it and be back under my own grip. >> in oakland, kpix5. atf and alameda county arson investigators will be back on the scene this morning looking for clues to try to figure out how this fire started . friday's fire was the latest in a string of fires that have had similar circumstances. there have been a total of five fires a four different construction sites in emeryville and oakland. kpix5 obtained to this exclusive surveillance video of someone at the scene of one of the fires may 13th. first, he hides behind an suv on san pablo avenue. then he climbs the scaffolding and out of the view of the camera. later, he is back on the street. this time, on a bicycle. then he puts on gloves and a mask and finally walks away from the construction site as
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it goes up in flames. the feds are offering a $50,000 reward for his capture. more exclusive new video this morning showing a police officer in vallejo using a racial slur. we spoke with the man who caught it all on camera. we want to warn you this morning that this story does contain offensive language. >> leo bruneau was sitting in his vallejo home when he heard a commotion outside. >> i looked out the window and saw some police approaching a white pickup truck with guns drawn. some shouting going on. >> that is when leo grabbed his cell phone and began recording this five minute video of two vallejo police officers. one man and one woman engaged in a stop with this white truck and two occupants who have their hands outside the truck. 30 seconds in, leo heard and recorded this. >> [ video ]. >> they proceeded to handcuff
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the occupants of the car, laid him on the ground and searched him. >> as the occupants are searched, you can see the vallejo pd lego on the crews are -- police cruiser. >> i thought it was another police shooting incident. i was nervous the gun was going to go off and they were going to shoot the driver. i just wanted to be able to document it in case anything happened. >> no shots were fired during the stop and search. but leo and his wife were upset by this moment. >> [ video ]. >> it is always unnecessary and uncalled for and just a racist to say things like that. i don't think does whatever may have been going on, just evolved to that level. >> kpix5 show the video to vallejo police lieutenant kenny park. >> do you support your
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officers using racial slurs? >> the answer is no. >> park said the investigation will be opened into the officer's behavior. he told kpix5 he couldn't identify the officers based on the video. in vallejo, kpix5. the vallejo police department later released to the statement. the vallejo police take all professional behavior seriously and have no tolerance for such behavior. the chief of lace has ordered an immediate investigation into this incident. right now, firefighters are battling 13 active fires around the state all the way from the oregon state line to los angeles. in santa barbara county, a fire has burned 5400 acres along highway 154 and is forcing mandatory evacuations this morning. and butte county, firefighters are battling this fire. it started friday afternoon and so far, has torn through at least 10 homes and scorched 2700 acres. >> it is crazy.
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the wind was shifting bad last night. going one way or another. >> right now, 500 homes are threatened. this morning, the fire is 20% contained. the summer heat is keeping bay area firefighters busy. right now, crews are mopping up a 370-acre grass fire and rodeo. it broke out near interstate 80 and willow avenue. this morning, it is 90% contained. in the south bay, check out this wall of flames and san jose. it is part of a 14-acre grass fire that sparked at silver creek valley and piercy road near highway 101 yesterday. it was contained around 7:30 p.m. last night. in the brentwood area, firefighters contained three separate fires on marsh creek road, deer valley road and round valley regional preserve. we were there and have more on the firefight. >> reporter: after july 4th, cal fire expects the days to get more intense. the three fires starting back to back to back leads them to
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think that something is up. >> very close to each other with proximity and time. it is always somewhat suspicious and coincidental. we are looking into it. it could be accidental or intentional. >> at one point, cal fire said 250 acres were on fire. >> it is the terrain. it is steep. there is limited access. there are some good roads as far as dirt roads to drive on. >> 25 minutes wait and brentwood at the aquatic park, you can still smell the smoke from the fires. are the people who live here, they say they are used to at this time of year. >> you can see the smoke in the air. it is hazy. you know there is a fire. >> it is scary. there is a lot of dry grass. >> especially after the extra wet winter we had. higher amounts of rain the normal says vegetation is growing like it hasn't in years. not only are fire crews combating more debris but they are facing triple digit heat and extreme fatigue. >> a lot of them are going on
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3-5 hours of sleep. we are making sure they are still doing what they need to be doing. >> in clayton, kpix5. the debate continues over plans to repeal and replace the affordable care act. senator dianne feinstein discussed this issue in the bay area this week. she held an event at the children's hospital in san francisco friday. she says the affordable care act does need to be fixed. and republicans could work together to make the current system better. but she says that won't happened -- won't happen in a back room. >> we would sit down and collaborate. i would find it very difficult to support any bill that didn't have an open hearing. >> as she spoke about the republican senate healthcare proposal, she told the crowd that it hurts everyone with losing medicaid. and single-payer is a single large conversation. >> first of all, the
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washington scene, it is a repeat of what actually happened in the house when ryan couldn't get it going on the first time out. ryan carefully backed up and promised everybody everything and would give anybody anything for a vote because he knew he wouldn't have to ultimately pay. and mcardle is trying to do the same thing. the differences, it is personal with mcardle. he dislikes barack obama so intensely that he is willing to fork over every consideration in order to continuously pursue his permanent embarrassment of obama. >> in california, we have single-payer healthcare which was pursed -- push through and sailed to the senate. now it says in the assembly. the democrat plan going nowhere. >> even members of the assembly that voted for it will say, it was really deficient. especially when it discusses the major piece of funding.
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i will tell you that i have talked to a couple members of the assembly. they both say that this isn't over yet. that they still -- think they can go into a room somewhere and get this figured out. >> people have been trying and focusing on single pay for years. and it started out with maybe one or two people. it has been growing in terms of the number of people participating. believe me, it is never going to get beyond the consideration placed. because 400 billion dollars is too much money to be devoted to any single thing. and no one wishes to say, i'm recommending it, here is what it costs and here is how we should pay it. if they did that, it would be a more fair argument. and it wouldn't sail through any house, any place no matter what the health plan is. >> we have been talking about single-payer for years.
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and we hear again and again that a lot of people like the idea of single-payer but when it comes to actually paying for it, they don't want to be the one to pay for it. they are such strong supporters now that there are death threats against people. >> anthony rendon is the one who put a hold on the single-payer plan for now. we don't know how to pay for it or a lot of things about it. so his family is getting death threats essentially as a result of this move which was really to help members having to avoid taking that vote. and that it would essentially be endorsing a $400 billion plan. so rendon definitely paying the price for now -- at least for the latest failed attempt. >> i'm sure we will be talking about this for years. >> thank you. in the meantime, midair chaos.
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a man tries to open the exit door on a plane. and up in flames. a power parent -- power plant explosion and of blackout leaves millions in the dark.
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children -- in a shooting last night... at a baby gender reveal party. one person was killed and nine injured including three children in a shooting last night at a baby gender reveal party. it happened at a cincinnati suburb. lease said the victims were watching a movie when witnesses report two gunmen -- enter the house and open fire. one victim is in critical condition. the injured children are being treated for non-life- threatening injuries. police are looking for the shooter and say the motive is unknown. learning new details this morning about the n mate escape to south carolina prison and took authorities on a 1200-mile chase. and he made a high-tech break. >> convicted kidnapper turned fugitive jimmy causey check -- checked into this motel6 near austin, texas late thursday. following three long days after he broke out of a maximum security prison in south carolina. >> we believe that a cell phone was used to facilitate and give this inmate the
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resources to escape. we also potentially believe that a drone was used to help him get the contraband in to escape. >> brian stirling, the director of the south carolina apartment of corrections believe the drone delivered wire cutters which jimmy causey used to slice through four fences on july 4th. he left a dummy to confuse authorities to. >> it has been a long couple of days for the department. >> after about 3:00 a.m. friday as jimmy causey's news, texas rangers and federal authorities moved in including deputy marshal brandon phillips. >> motel6 left the light on. it helped us out. >> authorities found causey with a shotgun, handgun, four sell guns, a south carolina identification and $47,000 in cash. he escaped one time before in 2005 after hiding in a garbage truck. but it is newer technology like drones and cell phones that have authorities worried.
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>> causey is on his way back to south carolina to face new charges. the governor of south carolina meanwhile is demanding permission to jam cell phone signals that prison. so far it is not being granted. cbs news, new york. new video this morning of a powerplant fire that knocked out electricity to at least one fourth audi -- 140,000 homes. there was a loud bang last night when firefighters arrived. and up to $60,000 worth of mineral oil was burning. cause is under investigation. two people aboard a small plane were injured following a crash into the waters of southern california. police say an ultralight aircraft crashed about 50 miles west of los angeles yesterday. two samaritans tried to bring the passengers to safety. one of the passengers later died and the other was taken to the hospital for minor injuries. we are getting our first look at the aftermath of a
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fight that broke out in first class. it shows chaos that was caused by an out-of-control passenger trying to open an exit door midair. delta flight 129 was bound for china thursday but turned around and headed back to seattle less than an hour into the flight. as you can see, the debris is all over the floor of the plane. this is after a brawl to keep him from opening the exit door. some fellow passengers are part of the effort. a flight attendant reportedly had to smash wine bottles on the man's head to subdue him. >> one of the flight attendants ran back. they rolled the guy out. he was in handcuffs and in a wheelchair. >> a delta flight attendant will receive regular training on defense and training on when to ask passengers for help. switching gears returning to the weather. a little bit of a cooldown for many folks. it will still be warm and lend. look at this.
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the natural air-conditioner in the bay area. the marine layer and the fog. temperatures are cooler than this time yesterday. we were in the upper 60s yesterday. 59 right now, concord. 57, oakland. 52, san francisco. 39, santa rosa. is significantly cooler at this hour compared to the same time yesterday. the satellite showing high pressure that has been keeping us nice and hot starting to push east. it is diminishing. we are seeing temperatures cool inland. still warm. but cooler than what we have seen. temperatures cooling into the 90s for most spots in linda today. low 90s -- and lynn. at the beach, a little cooler still. a few clouds to start the day. noticed the surface wind profile. we have a northerly gradient. that will help clear the clouds out. we will see sunshine along the coast and around the bay later today. more cloud cover tomorrow as we watch the
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futurecast. we clear out later today. by monday, the marine layer will be deeper. we will see this the next couple days. it will help to kick off a gradual cooling trend into the work week. the more low clouds at the shoreline today. sunny but cooler inland. and a warming trend midweek and beyond next week. we will cooldown for a few days and then heat back up here today, highs in the mid to upper 80s for the warmest spots inland in the south bay. 60s to near 70 along the coast. hovering near the 70-degree mark around the bay today. 90's and even some triple digits and lend for some of the warmest locations. the art and wine festival this week. mid-80s for you there. and we are going to see temperatures in the 60s for the festival in san francisco. the extended shows that we start to cool as we make our way through the week. mid-90s today. low 90s for the warmest thoughts inland monday. most of us still in the 80s.
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and 60s along the coast. next weekend does look like a warm-up is on the way. back into the upper 90s inland by next week and has. back to you. coming up, a growing number of people say they want to get rid of timeshares. in the consumer watch, how to avoid getting burned on the resale market. who are these people?
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the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california
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and do your thing. way. a bill introduced by san francisco senator scott wiener... would allow local governments california bars could be open until 4:00 in the morning if one bay area lawmaker gets
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his way. a bill introduced by scott weiner would allow local government to choose to extend last call until 4:00 a.m. this past week, the bull moved closer to becoming a law when an assembly to midi voted overwhelmingly in favor of it. a few more votes and it will be on the governor's desk. a growing number of times your owners are desperate to unload vacation property. but a warning about the companies that say they can help . >> for gary newton, getting rid of the timeshare has been an uphill battle. >> there is no resale market. >> he tried selling it and even giving it back. he finally decided to pay the exit company $3600 to get rid of it. >> the deal was that they would initiate the process. they would give me an update every month. >> the agreement promised a safe and secure transfer strategy which usually takes 3- 9 months according to them. but year and a half later, he was awaiting.
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>> it has been 18 months with nothing. >> he is not alone in his times are exit troubles. according to red we, millions of timeshare owners want out. >> you could be stuck with it forever. >> the california real estate commission warns there are owners desperate to get rid of these properties and it has created easy play for unscrupulous timeshare exit companies. >> we want consumers to stay away from companies that are not licensed and who make bold promises and to charge money up front. the upfront fees are really a huge indicator of fraud. >> we asked him to examine the agreement gary signed which the commissioner says appears intentionally vague. >> if you can't explain what they are going to be doing, you don't want to give them money. >> tired of waiting, gary contacted us and we reach out to the company which agreed to refund his money leaving gary right back where he started but with a timeshare he doesn't want and yearly maintenance fees he can't get rid of. >> if anybody said, i will give you 50 cents, i would say,
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it is yours. >> the timeshare industry trade association advises owners who do want to get out to first contact the resort developer directly and try to work out an exit solution. they also advised to never pay an upfront fee to anyone offering to get you out of the timeshare. if you have a question, send us an e-mail at president trump calling the g20 summit a success, but was it? the city of san jose facing a lawsuit with a man killed by the use of deadly force.
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phil matier is off today. and i'm julie watts. let s start with our forecast. back to you. welcome back to kpix5 this morning. it is 7:59 a.m. good morning. >> we will get started this half hour with another check of the forecast. the fog has rolled in. right around the golden gate. we are going to see cooler temperatures thanks to this. the natural air conditioner. we will see sunshine later today. notice how much cooler we are at this hour than at this time yesterday. we were in the 70s then. today, 53, con heard -- concord. 50, santa rosa.
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the futurecast showing that we do have cloud cover. it will clear out early today. there will be sunshine for many along the coast and by the bay. temperatures will begin to cool. clouds to start. the cooling trend begins today. warm inland and temperatures into the 90s. near seasonal as we head into the work week. i will give you a little hint at what is to come by the end of next week. another warming trend coming. the city of san jose is facing a lawsuit this morning from a deadly police shooting that happened on the 4th of july of last year. kpix5 spoke with the mother of the man killed. >> this should not be a situation where a person calls for help. the response is deadly force. >> the family of anthony nunez says he was severely depressed, suicidal and already suffering from a self-inflicted gunshot wound when police arrived at his house july 4th of last year. >> a call was made for help. he was denied the help. instead, they brought guns.
8:01 am
and they shot and killed my boy in front of our house. >> the family of anthony nunez filed a lawsuit accusing the police of wrongly shooting the 18-year-old who they say was unarmed at the time and posed no threat to officers. >> the young man told the dispatch lady that i have taken the gun away from him. he does not have a gun. >> san jose police have not commented citing the pending lawsuit. the day after the shooting, the police chief said officers fired because they felt threatened. and only after the attempt to de-escalate the situation failed. the mother of anthony nunez says she believes the mishandling of the situation koster son his life. >> they should have brought an ambulance and help for him. not guns. >> in san jose, kpix5. and in east bay woman is in jail after investigators say she admitted to stabbing and killing her own parents and trying to cover it up. police say she killed her
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parents inside of their home. their bodies discovered friday. police said they had been dead for a few days. and that the crime scene had been staged to look like a fight. they also say the woman later confessed to killing them. so far, no word on the motive. a pair of carjacking suspects are behind bars after a three hour standoff in vallejo. police found a car matching the description of an armed carjacking and napa county. two men inside reportedly tried to run away. one allegedly aimed a gun at an officer who pulled his gun and opened fire. nobody was hit. but a swat team later found the suspect hiding. two men in their 20s are in custody both in napa county. is weekend, a marijuana raid that found thousands of plants in the mountains ended in a shootout. an armed illegal marijuana grower was shot multiple times by officers and is recovering this morning. officers say the grow operation causes a threat to wildlife. >> this particular grow here is
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on a very sensitive tributary. >> and no officers were hurt during the shooting. this morning, president trump is back at the white house after his trip to europe for the g20 summit. the president met with more heads of state. and the subject of north korea came up in several meetings. >> president trump helped out a marine at joint base andrews and maryland before returning to the white house following a whirlwind g20 summit in hamburg, germany. the president met with more world leaders before his departure one day after his first face-to-face meeting with russian president vladimir putin , which lasted more than two hours. saturday's meetings included a one and a half hour sit down with china's president north korea was on the agenda. >> as far as north korea is concerned, success may take longer then i would like it to
8:04 am
take. >> the communist country also dominated discussions with japan's prime minister after north korea's first accessible test of an intercontinental ballistic missile. >> the prime minister's -- i will say this, very focused on what is going on with respect to north korea. >> world leaders announced their commitment to the paris climate change accord despite president trump's decision to pull out. >> i urge president trump to rejoin the paris agreement. the uk's own commitment to the paris agreement tackling global climate change is as strong as ever. >> thousands of demonstrators against the g20 marched peacefully saturday. a contrast to a couple nights of violent protests a group of anarchists. friday, from air force one, president trump tweeted his praise of the summit and a toast to german chancellor angela merkel.
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cbs news. this morning, president trump tweeted out "i strongly press -- pressed president vladimir putin about meddling in the election." ." a federal judge will hold a hearing to decide the fate of the oakland police department. the court has had oversight of the police department for a decade. but a recent report shows just how badly the department botched the investigation into officers accused of having sex with an underage prostitute. the judge can hold public officials in contempt or give them a fine. the judge could also put the whole department into receivership, basically taking it over. in napa, this coming tuesday, the county board of supervisors will discuss recent grand jury reports. one report found that the napa juvenile -- still does not have -- full useful camera coverage despite three prior request from the grand jury.
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another report says the napa jail is dangerously understaffed with an officer vacancy rate of 25%. this week, the state senate voted to raise taxes for people buying a home. home buyers would pay between 75-$225. and the money would find affordable housing. and needed a two thirds majority vote which it got along party lines and muzzle democrats in favor and republicans against. >> this is not the only bill we have done this with. every year, since i have been in the legislature, there have been a series of bills like this. it is death by 1000 cuts. >> i'm telling you people are adults in the state and they will welcome these investments in their community and they will be thankful for their efforts -- our efforts to provide more affordable housing in the community. >> the new tax bill still has to pass the assembly and be signed by the governor. it would take effect january 1st, 2018. former republican
8:07 am
assemblyman david hatley has announced his plans to run for california governor. he now joins a growing field of people buying for that seat. we asked willie brown for his take on the candidates for governor so far. >> too many. believe me. the most recent one of course was john chung. just a couple of nights ago, i was in los angeles making a speech and who shows up to hear me? john chung. i could not believe it. don't you have anything else to do. it is unbelievable. i have a good friend and good buddy, former mayor -- was my designated appointee on the floor of the legislature. i have newsom come on the board of supervisors. i got to recognize my strength in the chinese community. and elaine easton was my port person. >> enough about you -- my.
8:08 am
>> that's what i'm talking about. i'm talking about the people in the race. i'm giving you the whole list. >> i would be in trouble if i don't mention everyone's name. >> and there are more coming out every day. >> i somehow need an audience . >> no. >> i'm not a politician anymore. >> he just has an ego that acts like one. >> making a transition. >> i don't know yet. possibly running for governor. >> the field is wide open. >> it is a possibility [ laughter ] >> you heard it first. >> can you imagine if willy
8:09 am
threw his hat into the ring? >> he beat a lot of people. adding more republicans to the race is not good for government -- for democrats. they want one strong republican candidate that can get all the republican votes so the runoff in november is them versus republicans and not democrats versus democrats. so every time one of these folks -- a former assemblyman enters, the democrats have to say, oh, no. >> and new sum has been out there since the beginning. it was sort of his right of passage. it was supposed to be his office. i wonder how the democratic party feels about so much competition so early on. >> we saw what happened with hillary clinton. it's the my turn argument. not that compelling. still our director debra allen is here. we will be talking to her about what bart is not telling the public.
8:10 am
and the forecast. what this marine layer means for your sunday.
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and i'm an arborist with i'pg&e in the sierras. the drought in california has killed trees on a massive scale. any of those trees that fail into power lines could cause a wildfire or a power outage. public safety is the main goal of our program. that's why we're out removing these hundreds of thousands of hazard trees. having tools and technology gives us a huge edge to identify hazard trees. my hope is that the work we're performing allows that these forests can be sustained and enjoyed by the community in the future. together, we're building a better california.
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housing could soon be arriving at a bart station near you. a bill to clear the way for more housing construction on bart-controlled land... passed through the state legislature this week. bart estimates it more affordable housing could soon be arriving at a b.a.r.t. station near you. a bill for more housing construction on b.a.r.t. -controlled land passed through the state legislature this week. b.a.r.t. estimates it could result in up to 20,000 new units including 7000 designated as affordable.
8:14 am
the bill now goes to the governor's desk. >> joining us to talk about all things b.a.r.t., we have the frontal director. thank you for being with us. you represent contra costa on the board of directors. as you go about speaking with people with concerns about b.a.r.t., what do they say about safety on b.a.r.t. these days. >> people are generally concerned. they are fearful about the stories that have come out about the recent attacks, the assaults -- they are concerned. >> we have the 22nd assault -- 40-60 teenagers. we have june 28, four teenagers. june 30s, 10-13 teenagers all -- iphone and cell phone robberies. you are saying that people are nervous. are they happy -- satisfied with the kind of information that b.a.r.t. is disclosing about these actions? >> i received a number of requests and comments from riders asking me to press for the release of the video of
8:15 am
these incidents. and the reason for that is, they want to see for themselves what is going on on the trains. they want to learn from that. and determine how they can protect themselves a little better. >> we heard that b.a.r.t. says it is because there are minors involved. and that is why they are not able to release the videos. is that your understanding? >> originally, the april attack, b.a.r.t. said because there were minors involved -- and in addition to that, the investigation, when something is under investigation, they are not required to release the video. i have learned that, in the april attack, there was a 19- year-old that was arrested and detained, who is not a minor. and so there would be a reason for the video of that person to be released. >> you would think -- so it
8:16 am
is not because they are minors. because one of them isn't. so what is it? >> i asked that question recently. i asked, why can't we release these videos? the answer was, initially, that -- well, normally cities don't release videos of these types of crimes . i said, yes, people are sort of trapped in this train for a while. and they have a right to see you at could potentially happen . the next answer was that the release of the videos would create a high level of racially insensitive commentary toward the district. and in addition, it would create a racial bias in the riders against minorities on the train. >> so they were saying that -- i assume the implication is that these crimes or some of
8:17 am
them have been conducted by minorities so they don't want to release the footage because that would somehow cause a racial bias. >> right. >> so if it were a video showing white teenagers robbing someone, we would have the video by now? is that the implication? >> that is not a question i asked. but that might be a good question. >> what about the passengers? what about their rights -- to protect themselves and see you at is happening they would know if there is a place they should set or other ways to prevent this from happening? >> i think this goes back to priorities at b.a.r.t. it is something i often talk about on a wide variety of subjects. what is the priority of b.a.r.t. ? is it the safety of all passengers? is that a lesser priority than the racial bias
8:18 am
issue? >> we have just a few seconds left. i would love for you to tell the viewers who, if they are concerned one way or the other on this issue, what they should do to make their voices heard. >> you can go to b.a.r.t. .gov. there is a board of directors link there. people can reach not only their own director but they can reach all directors on bart .gov. you can write to us and tell us what you think. i, as a director, read those comments every single day. and i take those into consideration. there are things that b.a.r.t. can do too. that is increasing police presence and addressing the gateway crime. >> excellent. will have to get to that some other time. thank you for being with us this morning. debra allen, b.a.r.t. director. now let's get to julie with the forecast. we are looking outside at the golden gate bridge where we are socked in this morning. a marine layer here.
8:19 am
you will see sunshine later today. temperature is much cooler than this time yesterday. we will see the cooldown. a gradual cooldown inland. to cool down nonetheless. now, temperatures in the 50s with low to mid-60s. 66, livermore. the satellite showing high- pressure pushing east and diminishing. that will help us to cool. a little inland and more so along the coast. temperatures inland, into the 90s today. along the coast, 60s and 70s. we will see sunshine with a northerly surface wind profile flow. that will help clear us out a little bit later today. the marine layer has returned this morning. it will clear out today and then return again tomorrow helping to cool us even more for your monday. and we do enter a cooling trend for the first half of the week and then we warm again for the second half of the week and next weekend. so low clouds at the shoreline.
8:20 am
sunny and cool inland. a warming trend again for the second half of next week. we are beginning to have cooler temperatures today. a look at the temperatures. i don't know that i would call mid-90s cool necessarily. but it will be cooler than the triple digits we have seen the last few days. so inland locations, low to mid- 90s. in the east bay, mid-80s for san jose today. near 70 degrees for oakland. 89, santa rosa. warm in the north bay. 84, napa today. the extended forecast shows that today is the beginning of a cooling trend that continues their midweek where we dip to the 80s for the warmest thoughts inland by wednesday. and then we rebound. upper 90s again by next weekend. back over to you. still to come, a mother's heartbreak becomes her mission to save lives. why this bay area woman wants everybody to know how her son died.
8:21 am
8:22 am
hazing... by the time they reach college. an east bay mom who lost her son to a hazing ritual -- is working
8:23 am
to p . statistics show almost half of young people experienced some sort of hazing at the time they reached college. turmeric one east bay mom that lost her son to a hazing ritual is working to and other families from a similar tragedy. >> matt carrington did what he was told pledging a fraternity. he did push-ups and raw sewage and chugged water while getting blasted with ice cold water and air. the 21-year-old died of water intoxication. >> it was 2005. but his mother debbie smith knows the details by heart. >> oh my god. my son spent the last days of his life in this disgusting sewage infested cold basement. >> in his memory, debbie has changed her name to add mn format's -- to add his name.
8:24 am
she talks to parents, students, schools and community groups. she describes how hazing can seem harmless at first. matt had to carry a brick everywhere but it quickly escalated to the brutality in the basement. >> i did not know he was brainwashed into believing that it was okay. >> she says her message is lifesaving. >> every time i talk with debbie, i am deeply moved. she is an angel. >> debbie has also extended forgiveness to the seven young men responsible for the hazing. like jerry lim who spent several months in jail. >> to get that kind of forgiveness goes a long way with forgiving yourself. >> and now with a father working toward his walk license, jerry has joined debbie in speaking against hazing. >> any way i can help make amends for that, i'm more than willing to do. >> debbie says she will share the story with anybody that will listen, driven by a dream
8:25 am
she had after he died. >> he said, mom, i'm okay. and i want you to know they messed with the wrong mom. because he knew that i would make sure that something happened and that we would save lives in his memory. >> so for her anti-hazing movement, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to debbie smith, matt's mom. >> thanks to her persistence, maths law passed in california in 2006. >> hazing was formally charged as a misdemeanor, even if somebody died. now with this law, hazing can be a felony under the state penal code. if you would like to nominate your own local hero for a jefferson award, go to
8:26 am
8:27 am
one last look outside at the cooling mechanism that we will be enjoying today. that would be the marine layer. it has returned. not sticking around all day. but off to a cooler start. right now, 50s and 60s areawide. warming into the 90s for folks inland. plenty of sunshine later today around the coast and the bay. cooler still as we see an increase to marine layer. today, partly cloudy. a cooling trend begins today. near seasonal next week. by this time next weekend, in a similar warming trend back into the 90s. >> summer weather in the summer. it is amazing. >> thank you for joining us. face the nation is next on kpix5. nikki haley, john mccain and ted cruz will be on the show. have a great sunday. >> see you next week.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
captioning sponsored by cbs >> dickerson: today on "face the nation," tension overseas as president trump and putin meet face to face and trust warns of a strong response to north korea's breakout missile test. the g-20 conference of world leaders saw violent protests as it has in the past, but the rounds of photo ops and meetings that usually mark unity among the leaders could not mask the silver to to tone of the countrs gathered. >> ( translated ): our world has never been so divided. sen terrific gal forces have never been is powerful. >> dickerson: for president trump, a series of crucial meetings. first, a meeting with russia's president vladimir putin. >> it's an honor to be with you. >> dickerson: an honor that the russian president extended to accepting putin's claim that russia did not meddlehe


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