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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  July 11, 2017 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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good morning, it is tuesday, july 11. i'm anne makovec in for michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. let's start with a live look outside this tuesday morning. a beautiful shot of the city of san francisco and pyramid and fog out there. i have a feeling that before this broadcast ends we're going to hear that foghorn one more time. >> and a little cowbell. >> cowbell not so much. >> if you are lucky. >> you call for the cowbell, we don't bring it. >> i want to hear it! >> they just like to tease me out there. the clouds we're looking at this morning as we look at the transamerica pyramid tran, it's thin overcast. you can see the 94% waning gibbous moon out there this morning. it's actually a lovely start to your day except away from the bay we are getting breezy conditions inland but its clear. livermore 60. oakland 60.
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now 61 degrees in san jose. the winds have been increasing 11 in san ramon now. we have a 14-mile-per-hour wind in concord and clayton, 23 fairfield, 11 napa. consistent winds later today 10 to 20 stronger gusts to 30 variable late day. 60s, 70s, 80s, even a few low 90s, take your pick. 90s at the delta. lake county. mid-70s at the peninsula. good morning to you in oakland back through alameda into emeryville and richmond high 60s, low 70s. we'll talk about the full forecast including a beach hazard statement, what you need to know about the coast, that's coming up at 5:18. here's jaclyn. >> good morning. an accident with a big rig and another truck westbound 80 near the cordelia junction. the scales. and you can see that traffic has quickly backed up along
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westbound interstate 80. it's inching towards west texas street. it's just now passing highway 12 so heads up if you are travel through that stretch or know someone who does. it will be slow until chp can get it cleared. westbound 4 looking good no problems. just under a 30-minute ride from 160 over to interstate 80 connecting in hercules. your ride heading towards the richmond/san rafael bridge, this is the toll plaza here. headlights moving westbound. you have one car only so no delays. no backups. back to you. >> thank you. a new push is under way to extend california's "cap and trade" agreement to fight climate change past the current 2020 expiration date. kpix 5's sandra osborne is live in san jose this morning at the laurel grove family apartments where the "cap and trade" money is at work. >> reporter: good morning. yeah. go ahead and take a look. you see these apartments here, they are actually paid for partially by the "cap and trade" dollars. they are used for low income
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and special needs families like the chronically homeless. the extension of the program was voted down earlier this year. governor brown and other legislative leaders introduced new language to be voted on. the agreement limits total greenhouse gas emissions and requires businesses to buy or trade allowances in order to pollute. the goal has been to reduce the state's carbon emissions by 40% of what it was in 1990. but governor brown wants to continue the program now through 2030. governor brown talked to cbs about this before traveling to china this summer to talk about climate change. >> this is about an existential threat! it's not stopped and slowed down. it will kill tens of millions of people! >> reporter: now, the reason it was voted down once already is because the previous language that would have led to higher gas prices. they are trying to alter that but there will still be other changes to the program giving the california air resources board the authority to set a
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ceiling price on carbon. so basically what that does is determine how expensive permits would be. now, it is possible we could see lawmakers voting on this thursday morning. that's not set in stone yet. either way, it's going to need two-thirds of the vote in order to pass. but that could prove a big challenge. live in san jose, sandra osborne, kpix 5. water rates for much of the bay area are going up almost 20%. the east bay municipal utilities district is talking about it today. and exhibit's jessica flores live in oakland with details. >> reporter: good morning. it's a controversial proposal that has complaints pouring in. east bay m.u.d. officials say they have to raise rates because they just didn't sell enough water during the drought. and because sales are down, they have to bring in revenue somehow. and the revenue is down thanks to people doing what they were told to do: conserve water during the drought. now, those very customers will now face paying more.
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east bay m.u.d. will vote on the proposal to increase 19% over the next two years for its 1.4 million customers. east bay m.u.d. says it's critical to invest in infrastructure, everything from water treatment plants, aqueducts and 4200 miles of pipe. still, some customers feel they are paying the price for saving water and director john coleman says he will be voting no on the increase. >> when we ask them to conserve and save, they did. now they're paying the price. >> reporter: east bay m.u.d. nearly doubled rates over the past 10 years raising rates annually 7.1% over the past decade. the proposed rate increase is for 2018-2019 will be 19%. the proposed rate increase means an average family will pay $5 more a month. the board meets here in downtown oakland at 1:15 p.m.
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jessica flores, kpix 5. a judge will impose new restrictions on the oakland police department after a scathing new report blasting the mayor and police chief for the handling of a sex scandal. it all started back in september 2015 when oakland policeman committed suicide leaving a note saying other officers were having sex with an underaged prostitute. opd is being monitored by a federal judge. the department informed the judge about the suicide but not the note. the next year the court found out and ordered a new investigation by an outside law firm. >> they must be investigated. they have to be held accountable. >> the judge called the hearing yesterday to consider new oversight measures and whether to order discipline for those involved in the botched investigation. a ruling is expected in the next few days. today state lawmakers will be voting on two bills aimed at protecting patients. the first to ensure patients are notified of this their doctor has been placed on probation for any serious professional misconduct.
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the other woken sure that state officials -- would ensure that state officials were be notified if registered nurses are fired for harm to patients. they will vote on it tomorrow. today at stanford medical center healthcare workers will release a report on patient infections. they say a lack of training and understaffing contributes to a, quote, continuing problem at the hospital. workers say that too often they aren't notified when a patient is in isolation and unknowingly walk into patients' rooms without proper protection. turning to politics, donald trump donald trump, jr. said he met with a russian official last year to discuss an adoption program. later on he said there was more to it. now there are reports that he attended the meeting for damaging information on hillary clinton! to put this in perspective, let's turn to our washington insider marc sandalow. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. >> trump campaign officials meeting with russians doesn't seem like news anymore. we have been hearing about it
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for months but this seems more significant. >> reporter: yeah! anne, this is the first time if these reports are true that the russian -- that the trump campaign specifically was told that the russian government was trying to hurt hillary clinton and help donald trump. that's what the report is. now, the trump response is all over the board. they say it never happened, the russians never tried to throw the election to donald trump. if it did happen, they didn't know a thing about it. that trump raised it with putin last week. that the democrats are more at fault than they are. they have talked about even discussing this. it's fake news. if these reports are true, it means that four months before the election, the head of the trump campaign, donald trump's son and his son-in-law who is a top aide, jared kushner, all sat down in a at which they were told it was part of a russian government effort to hurt hillary clinton! that would really shed some, um, that would really, um, cast
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their talk in doubt. >> marc, there have been more and more revelations. is there anything illegal or unethical about meeting with the russians? >> reporter: no. i was in russia two years ago. i spoke to a lot of russians. they're reasonable people. if john podesta, hillary clinton's campaign chief, had been told, look, donald trump is a corrupt businessman, we got papers to prove it he has some corrupt shady dealings in russian, here's a russian businessman who will walk you through it meeting like that would have been something podesta would have done in a second! the difference here is, one, according to the "new york times," they were told it was a russian government effort. now we're talking about messing with u.s. elections, government to government. and second of all, they apparently lied about it. i mean, donald trump, jr., to fill out national security forms where he was asked if he had any meetings with any foreign national. this meeting with a russian, it
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never came up. [ pause ] >> meanwhile, the hot topic in dc right now is certainly healthcare. the senate is back in session and republicans will vote to repeal and replace obamacare no later than next week. is that realistic? >> reporter: you know, the a's might play the giants in the world series. hope still springs eternal in washington. it's possible. will it pass? the big fight at this point is a conservative push to be able to sell insurance over state lines. that would mean that california's, um, stricter insurance rules would, um, be able to -- people in california could buy maybe an alabama plan that would cost much less. it would bring down prices because they could get insurance. that's the fight that's going to gone. by the way, donald trump has asked the senate to pass healthcare, tax reform and
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raise the debt limit before the august recess. there's 13 days before that begins before they go on recess. >> thank you, washington insider marc sandalow. 11 minutes now after 5:00. a new battle developing over whether california's recent gas tax hike is legal. >> and we'll check in on the effort to contain a wildfire that's already burned more than 29,000 acres near santa barbara. >> 32-degree temperature span across the bay area today. cooler before we turn hotter. and the hazard you need to know about. >> and speaking of hazards, we have some overnight roadwork. could present a hazard for drivers. three lanes closed along a stretch of interstate 80. is it causing a big backup? we'll have details and show you coming up. who are these people?
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santa maria.. is now 20-percent contained. nearly 30- thousand acres have burned since the fire st thursday. a wildfire burning on the central coast near santa maria is now 20% contained. nearly 30,000 acres have burned since the fire started last
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thursday. air attack is a key component. it was a close call for one man, who said that the fire stopped only a few hundred feet from his property. his neighborhood has already been evacuated. but he stayed behind. >> a lot of smoke and flames. it gets scary. if something happens, where will i go? >> so far the crews have kept the flames from getting closer to his home. a new battle is developing over an initiative to repeal gas tax increases in california. the assemblyman who is leading the repeal effort needs to collect 365,000 signatures from registered voters in 150 days to get this measure on the ballot. a new lawsuit says the state- drafted summary for the propose the ballot measure is misleading. earlier this year, governor brown approved a $52 billion tax increase you may remember to fund transportation projects. time now 5:15. let's see if there are any
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issues on the roads. let's check in with jaclyn. >> reporter: we have some overnight roadwork that could create some issues but right now, it's not. so that's the good news. we'll keep our fingers crossed for you. caltrans has three lanes closed on the lower deck of the bay bridge. that's from the san francisco -- the west anchorage point all the way to treasure island. you will see some cones and some flashing lights. look out for the crews. give them some space and stay to the left lanes. it could be wrapped up by 6:00. right now no major backups from the overnight roadwork. at the other end of the bay bridge, here's the toll plaza, you can see a few more cars starting to join our tuesday morning commute. but no major delays or backups for drivers making their way over towards the toll plaza. the maze into san francisco 12 minutes. we had an earlier accident westbound 80 approaching 680 the cordelia junction there and
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you can see that that has been cleared but that backup continues to stretch beyond highway 12. it's stretching towards west texas street. we have some overnight roadwork. caltrans has some lanes closed until about -- excuse me, it was supposed to be wrapped up by 5:00. we are still seeing a big backup from this overnight roadwork. so if you travel there, there will be delays. here's a look at your ride along 580 as you approach 680. you can see all those headlights moving westbound. it's just under 30 minutes from 205 on out towards 680. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. it's going to be cooler today. that's good news especially inland. good morning! how about a special treat for you? let's head out to treasure island and look at the beautiful skyline of san francisco. boy, there's so much construction going on right now. right? you can see that crane lifting
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there. you can see the beautiful "salesforce tower" reaching for the sky. we have overcast conditions, thin overcast from the coast into the bay. that was the transamerica pyramid. now we go to mount vaca, official sunrise before 6:00 this morning. clear skies inland. temperature-wise, we bank anywhere between 50 in santa rosa to 61 in san jose. it's 60 now in oakland. we don't hear that often from hayward according to the national weather service. katie sears our official weather watcher reporting clear skies in hayward. a barometer that's steady, 29.87. and 81% humidity and no wind to speak of. thanks, katie. that's really useful information this morning. we do have the winds under 10 miles per hour. san ramon at 11. wind now 14 in concord. 23 fairfield. 10 vallejo. 11 napa. the winds later today variable 10 to 20 miles per hour.
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some gusts up to 30. our futurecast is not picking up a lot of stratus until about this time tomorrow morning. we'll continue to see the enhancement of the marine layer. and that's all due to an area of low pressure anchored well to the north of the bay area. as it continues to spin over the pacific northwest, you remember the rotation of the air mass in a counterclockwise fashion so it pushes that air mass into the bay area enhancing that marine layer so a couple of degrees cooler today all the way through thursday. 90 state capital. 80s in the high sierra. 60s in monterey bay which is seasonal. 96 in ukiah today and 105 in fresno. now, back to the beach. we have a beach hazard statement in effect for tonight through wednesday. bottom line is, don't turn your back to an angry ocean. we have some strong rip currents out there and also sneaker waves. temperatures today 60s to 90s. same wednesday, thursday,
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triple digits on the weekend. that's a look at your forecast. and you're talking about colbert this morning? "the late show" will air for a week in russia. the host says it will be july 17. >> i wanted to get over there and get back before anybody knew. [ laughter ] >> and, um, some traitor leaked that i was over there. luckily, after an exhaustive search, we have found the leaker. it was me. [ laughter ] >> colbert visited moscow and st. peter'sburg and got face to face people with russians an appeared on a late-night tv show. he says it's perfect timing with all the interest in president trump's alleged connection with russia. jay z is going back on the road. he just announced his first solo tour in four years. that tour is going to kick off following the release of his 13th album. the first stop, anaheim in october. and then in december in the bay
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area. he is performing at oracle arena in december. there is a new record on youtube. finally we are getting this guy out of there. no longer ♪[ music ] >> now that's going to be running through my head all day. you might remember the catchy tune on youtube five years ago. it was so popular it broke the play counter. and the company actually had to rewrite the code but as of today it is being beaten by see you again. ♪[ music ] >> the clip for the music video has been viewed more than 2.89 billion times. the song was written for the furious 7 sound track as a tribute to the late paul
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walker. it's been on youtube for two years. we'll be right back.
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fears good morning. the all star game is tonight when the american league and national league collide. and a certain giants catcher, according to national league manager, put this fella in very
5:25 am
desirable spot for tonight. >> got a chance to write his name down, mr. buster posey. >> that's his guy batting clean- up. his fifth all star game. posey and the rest of the national and american league players arrived in miami yesterday. giants just dropped the 56th loss on sunday. most losses every losses by the all star break in franchise history. as for last night, yankees rookie aaron judge stockton area product drew a crowd. look at the following. in miami. 6'7" slugger stole the show with the time-honored tradition of the home run derby. of his l 501. he also hit one that went 513. court was definitely in session for judge. the league leader in home runs with 30. first rookie ever to win the home run derby crown. hey, in tennis yesterday, venus williams in wimbledon, now what? at age 37, with spike lee in the white cap watching,
5:26 am
williams near court, could win this thing. she will play the french open champion. but we looked it up. williams is the oldest women to reach the quarters since martina nah va that. that's sports. have a terrific day see you later. water rates could be going up in the east bay. and that has complaints pouring in. we'll tell you how your bill could be affected. that story coming up. >> plus, an extension of california's "cap and trade" agreement has already been voted down once this year. but the government is trying again. i'll explain why and what that would mean for businesses.
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crash in mississippi... details on the investigation... and a south bay brush fire in more than a dozen people are killed in a military plane crash in mississippi. details on the investigation. >> a south bay brush fire is one of the many problems firefighters have right now all over california. >> and here we go. good morning, everybody. first off, a cooldown, then a warmup, then if you are heading to the beaches, the hazard you need to know about. >> and we're starting to see some slowdowns for your tuesday morning ride. a couple of crashes and those metering lights just came on over at the bay bridge toll plaza. how far does that backup stretch? find out coming up. good morning. it is tuesday, july 11. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm anne makovec. water rates could be going up for thousands in the east bay. they are considering a nearly 20% increase. kpix 5's jessica flores is live this morning in oakland with
5:31 am
the details. >> reporter: it's a controversial proposal that has the complaints pouring in. east bay m.u.d. saying they have to raise these rates because they just didn't sell enough water during the drought. revenue is down and that's thanks to people actually doing what they were told to do, conserve water. now those customers could be paying more. east bay m.u.d. saying that they will want to raise rates because these water sales are down 19% over the next two years for its 1.4 million customers. they say the rate increases are critical to invest in infrastructure, everything from water treatment plants, aqueducts and 4200 miles of pipe. some customers feel they are being penalized for saving water. >> it can't go up again! it just went up. i mean, we're all working together to conserve. how can they punish us for exactly what they asked us to do? >> reporter: east bay m.u.d.
5:32 am
nearly doubled rates over the past 10 years raising rates annually 7.1%. the proposed rate increase is 19%. the average household, the rates will go up about $5 a month. still, that doesn't account for people who live in far east bay areas where they have grass or lawns and it gets much warmer out there. so that is why it's really controversial. some customers not wanting to pay that price. today, the board of directors will meet in oakland at 1:15 p.m. jessica flores, kpix 5. brush fires are keeping crews all over california busy this morning. in the south bay flames burned about 40 acres in the santa clara county hills. at last check that fire was about 40% contained. it is burning between san jose and morgan hill just south of mount hamilton. it is a mostly rural area. the fire broke out at around 4:00 yesterday afternoon. cal fire brought in helicopters and tankers to drop water and
5:33 am
flame retardant. the cooler weather in the evening was a big help to the firefighters. investigators haven't determined the cause. a burned-out car was found on the shoulder of san felipe road where it appears the fire started. the massive wall fire to our north has destroyed homes in butte county that started friday in the sierra foothills southeast of oroville. 4,000 people were ordered to evacuate. that fire about 35% contained. roberta has been tracking the weather. >> a little bit of a break for the firefighting efforts today in butte county and santa clara county until the late afternoon when winds pick up. the moon has been playing peek- a-boo with a deck of stratus pouring onshore from the coast. it's starting -- you have to
5:34 am
look carefully. well, anyway, it's there, 94% waning gibbous moon. compare that with this, sunrise over mount vaca area. good air quality today no clouds. 50s and 60s out the door. fairfield winds at 23. winds later today 10 to 20. 60s at the coast, low 70s bay, mid-70s comfortable with the sunshine around the peninsula. and through the 70s into the 80s and a few low 90s well inland today. we have a cooldown before a warmup and then a hazard you need to know about. that's coming up at 48 after the hour. right now, good morning, jaclyn. >> good morning. and right now, we are taking a look at your ride making your way through san jose. no major problems to tell you about along 101 with the usual slowdowns as you make your way northbound between 680 and 880. but south of san jose, in the gilroy area, we are tracking an accident and that's actually
5:35 am
along the pacheco pass on highway 152. now, the crash is near bloomfield. the backup stretches towards lovers lane. and looks like they are waiting for pg&e crews to head over there. they should be there probably within the next 15 minutes. so hopefully they can get all that cleared up. if you know someone who traveled 152, a lot of truckers use that route between i-5 and 101, let them know they are in for slowdowns. your ride heading into san francisco, an earlier crash no longer blocking lanes. southbound 101 right at the 80 split, speeds in the green at the lower deck of the bay bridge. over at the bay bridge toll plaza, the metering lights are on and things are stacking up. the backup stretches towards the foot of the maze. it's just beyond the 880 overcrossing. 23 minutes for drivers from the maze into san francisco. in hawaii, a u.s. army soldier is facing terrorism charges. the fbi says erik kang tried to
5:36 am
give military documents to isis. the 34-year-old is a highly decorated soldier who did tours in afghanistan and iraq. but a criminal complaint argues that he swore allegiance to isis. kang allegedly told an undercover federal agent that he wanted to, quote, kill a bunch of people. this morning, investigators are going through the wreckage of a deadly military plane crash. the aircraft crashed into a soybean field in rural mississippi yesterday. an official with the marines says the kc-130 experienced a mishap but hasn't yet provided any details. witnesses say this fire burned for hours. >> crackling noise. it was just -- all over. but it was loud. it was just scary cuz after i seen all the black smoke it was horrifying. >> authorities say 16 people were on board at the time. investigators at the scene are supposed to hold a press conference this morning with an
5:37 am
update on what they have found. we'll keep you posted. governor jerry brown is one step closer to extending california's "cap and trade" program for another decade. kpix 5's sandra osborne is live in san jose with the latest. >> reporter: the big goal in all this is to reduce carbon emissions by 40% of what california had back in 1990. now, as it is, that agreement is set to expire in 2020 but the governor wants to extend that for another 10 years keeping it going all the way until 2030. now, so far, a proposal on this extension has already been voted down by lawmakers this year because of concerns over higher gas prices but after major back and forth trying to please environmentalists and also republicans, governor brown and other legislative leaders reintroduced two bills with new language. in a statement to the "l.a. times," brown said, the legislature is taking action to curb climate change and protect
5:38 am
vulnerable communities from veal poison. as it is, "cap and trade" limits total greenhouse gas emissions requires businesses to buy or trade allowances in order to pollute. the new proposal would give the state's air resources board the power to set a price ceiling on pollution permits. environmental justice groups believe the deal, though, gives too many concessions to oil companies. now, lawmakers could vote on this as early as this thursday evening. there is no date set on this. but if you are wondering where these dollars go, you can actually see the money behind me, these are for low income and special needs families and the homeless. this apartment complex is partially paid for by "cap and trade" money. live in san jose, sandra osborne, kpix 5. more smokers are quitting since the hike of the tax on cigarettes this year. in april a voter-approved tobacco tax went into effect. and smokers saw the average
5:39 am
cost of a pack of cigarettes go from $6 to $9. according to data from the department of tax and fee administration, cigarette pack sales have dropped 56% year- over-year in the two months following the tax increase. that amounts to a drop of about 82 million packs. now that we're in the heart of summer, it's tempting to kickback and ignore pressing money concerns. but cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger has the perfect antidote to this summer brain freeze with her annual summer kiss for our money. let's start off with this. what is kiss. >> reporter: keep it simple, stupid! it is the perfect mantra for this time of year. let's start with your bill paying. researchers found about one in five adults does not pay all their bills. now, some of them are struggling. but for the vast majority, the problem could be a case of bad timing. they are paid after the due dates of their bills. remember, most credit card and cell phone companies as well as
5:40 am
utilities allow to you change your due dates. so select a better one to match when you get paid. you should also establish automatic payments even for a small amount. that helps you make sure that your most important expenses get paid. and hopefully helps you avoid or maybe minimize some penalties and fees. and, of course, there are some bills that are more important than others. kind of like financial triage, right? so while not paying a credit card of loan or student loan on time could ding your credit score, not paying your rent could get you evicted so pay that first. >> when does to make sense to combine bank accounts? >> reporter: i think that right now you have a couple of different bank accounts floating around, combining them is going to probably help you avoid some fees. it actually may help you get better deals and satisfy some minute numbers and streamline your financial life. the same rule applies to old
5:41 am
retirement or investment accounts looking for a home we change jobs so often, we have a lot of retirement accounts floating around. combining those accounts makes it easier to monitor your entire portfolio. also ensures their money is properly diversified. so once you get everything consolidated, be sure you have that asset allocation plan and then set it and forget it. choose auto rebalancing so you don't have to worry whether market gyrations are changing the allocation or more risk than you want. for more, go to >> that's the acronym of the day, the financial acronym of the day, kiss. keep it simple, stupid. jill schlesinger in new york, thank you. 5:41. we are learning more about a potential disaster at sfo. involving an air canada jet and four other planes on the car mac. >> plus another sign of the hot bay area housing market more on a red-tagged home that's drawing a lot of interest.
5:42 am
>> and let's take a live look at 880 right now in oakland. traffic getting a little heavier, but things running smoothly. jaclyn will check the commute coming up.
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from chase. so you can. the f-a-a is investigating a potential disaster at s-f-o. good morning. sun-up at 5:57. we're not seeing any of that right there right now. this is the view of your morning weather from treasure island. we're looking at the new skyline of san francisco, new because of the addition of the "salesforce tower." [ foghorn ] >> reaching for the sky! >> we have the clouds and the effect on your forecast. it's traffic and weather in less than 4 minutes. the faa is investigating a potential disaster at sfo. on friday night, 140 people were on board air canada flight 759 arriving from toronto.
5:45 am
it was cleared to land on runway 28-right. but instead, it lined up for taxiway c that parallels the runway. there were four other airliners on that taxiway waiting to take off. air traffic control audio captured what happened next. 's on the taxiway!" "yeah i saw that guys." the tower ordered the air canada pilot to abort the landing. the f- his type of incident is very rare. ach is in >> the tower ordered the air canada pilot to aboard the landing. the faa says that this type of incident is very rare. a bay area tennis coach has been jailed this morning accused of sexually assaulting two of his underaged students. police arrested this man, normandy burgos yesterday morning at the richmond plunge. back in february, someone
5:46 am
reported he is sexually assaulted a 16-year-old boy. during their investigation they learned of another incident involving another underaged student. burgos was previously charged with assaulting four other minors in mill valley but wasn't convicted. a home teetering on a landslide is on the market in lafayette but is still getting buyer attention. it's on chapel drive. the price tag $850,000. the realtor says that it would normally go for 1.5 million. >> there's only so much real estate on the planet and there's only so much real estate in the lafayette school district. this is what makes this house so amazing, the view out there. >> the asking price takes into account other costs like stabilizing the hillside and renovations. buyer, beware. one driver in santa rosa got busted trying to pull off a bizarre plan to skip traffic. this probably happens more
5:47 am
often than we realize. a chp noticed something off in this vehicle. he spotted a passenger wearing a thick hoodie, but it was hot last friday so he thought that was weird. so he stopped the car and he discovered that the woman was actually a dummy. the driver was cited for carpool cheating. >> got to get that machine kin, you know, a nice tank top and hat and -- >> actually -- >> reminds me of "weekend at bernie's." >> i was out on a promotional shoot for charity and they had made this dummy that looked like me because we actually dropped from a helicopter, long story. i had to get back to work in time. i put it in the passenger seat and i went through. i have to admit, it was one of the biggest laughs i ever had in my life. because i had to get back to work with the dummy. yeah. but, yeah. >> two robertas in a car, can you imagine? that's only room for one! >> double trouble.
5:48 am
>> nobody would get a word in! [ laughter ] >> it's true. >> oh, my goodness. so no dummies on the freeway right now, i hope not, but right now we are tracking a backup over at the bay bridge toll plaza. you can see those metering lights are on. we are in the yellow and that backup continues to stretch to the foot of the maze 20 minutes from the maze into san francisco. hey, but you know what? your ride along the eastshore freeway is still moving at the limit there. and until the green, 20 minutes from the carquinez bridge. castro valley a structure fire and this is right near 164th. and you can see that traffic is still doing a-okay along 580. we are told that some smoke can be seen from the freeway there. so if you are heading out this direction and you see some smoke, do know that fire crews are on the scene and attending to that. your ride on 238 starting to slow down a bit 45 miles per hour your cruising speed making
5:49 am
your way down towards the san mateo bridge along southbound 880. crowded westbound, just under 15 minutes from hayward to foster city. 101, this is right near 3 0 just north of sfo. traffic doing just fine in both directions. we are track the usual slowdowns on 101 through the south bay and an earlier crash still backing things up along pacheco pass 152 at bloomfield. expect delays towards gilroy at 101. good morning. your time check now it is 5:49. live weather camera towards coit tower. who left the lie on? we have some fuzzy conditions overcast skies gray skies but look at this.
5:50 am
50s and 60s in the area. since june 21, we have had over 6 days of over 100 degrees in vacaville, four is the typical for the past three years so we are running hot so far this summer. this morning, it's a mild start to your day and according to our weather watcher, lower laying 65 degrees. closer towards the city, we have katie reporting 56 and 57 in fairfield with the gusty winds up to 21. calm mountain view. 7 pleasanton. 23 in fairfield. 10 vallejo. 14 concord. winds will be variable throughout the day today. 10 to 20 miles per hour. you may feel the difference today. wednesday holding steady. by friday into the weekend warming up again.
5:51 am
high pressure is enhancing the jet stream causing it to veer further to the south. 80s and 90s inland. and we have a hazard you need to know about. this is in the event if you are heading to the coast our entire coastline where you see the yellow we have large shore breaks, rip currents and sneaker waves tonight through wednesday. it's summertime. people head to the beach. please be mindful of that. 5:57 sunrise today. temperatures soar to the mid- to high 80s away from the bay low 90s towards the delta. 85 santa rosa. low 80s in san jose. back into the 100s away from the bay over the weekend. that's your tuesday forecast. before you head out, we'll be right back. appear this.
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in a rural area outside philadelphia. the men -- who are between the ages of 18 and 22 -- disappeared last week. used on a 68- the fbi is searching for four young enemies men, missing in philadelphia. they disappeared last week ben 22 years old. they are focused on a farm
5:55 am
where they picked up a signal from a cell phone. yesterday, they arrested a man whose parents observed the farm on a previous weapons charge. not clear if he is connected to the disappearances yet. police say that some or all of the missing men appear to know each other. hundreds of thousands of gallons of water going right down the drain after vandals broke into a public water tank. it happened at the wild horse valley water tank in novato on friday. the north marin water district says that vandals cut through a fence and then broke two locks to get to that tank. now, water tests came back clear but as a precaution, all 290,000 gallons are being drained. more whale action in the bay. a humpback whale almost knocked into a sailboat. check out this video. the whale rolled out of the way just in time. that video was captured nearly the golden gate bridge on saturday. marine biologists say we have
5:56 am
been seeing a lot of whales in the area recently. "salesforce" has gotten naming rights for the transit center. the $110 million deal with grant "salesforce" naming rights to the transit center, a rooftop playground and amphitheater among other spaces but the 25-year arrangement doesn't prevent other companies from sponsoring events at what would be known as the "salesforce" center. it could take effect on thursday if approved by the transbay joint powers authority. four minutes before 6:00. president trump's eldest son at the center of the latest revelation about a previously undisclosed meeting with a russian attorney. next, what the president is saying in his defense. >> reporter: plus, governor brown is one step closer to extending california's "cap and trade" agreement. coming up, i'll tell you what that means for businesses and also the environment.
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5:59 am
as dozens of wildfires rip though the state--- some are
6:00 am
the fire is burning in steep inaccessible terrain. our firefighters are experiencing very dangerous and critical fire behavior. [ pause ] >> as dozens of wildfires rip through the state, some are already returning to see the damage left behind. >> plus a controversial plan to raise water rates is up for a voice. east bay m.u.d. considering charging its customers almost 20% more. good morning, it is tuesday, july 11. i'm anne makovec in for michelle griego. we could see some delays build for folks making their way towards the lower deck of the bay bridge. it's been quiet all morning but chp running some traffic breaks due to some cones from overnight roadwork that caltrans had out there scattered across re


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