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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  July 18, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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9. you crave it. we serve it. crave van! continue about how the agency handles crime on trains--- this more trouble for bart. questions continue about how the agency handles crime on its trains. this, amid a police staffing shortage. >> we must repeal job killing obama care. we have to do that. >> a republican health care bill is on shaky ground in the senate. the scramble on capitol hill and what president trump is saying about working with democrats. >> good morning, it is tuesday, july 18. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. let's start with traffic and weather this morning. jack lynn is keeping an eye on the roads. >> both eyes on the road. we are tracking delays. it has been a busy start. yesterday and today. for your commute. so we are tracking slowdowns.
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lots of overnight road work that lasts until 6:00 a.m. and caltrans should be wrapping that up right about now. here is a look at the ride along 238. this is between 880 and 580. and so if you're headed to castro valley, be prepared, are you going to be hitting the slowdowns as you make your approach toward 580 and continuing to 880. about10 miles an hour and now starting to see the travel time, the speed goes up just a bit. caltrans again, should be wrapping up here any minute. hopefully they already are. 880, starting to see some slowdowns as well. in that southbound direction. and a crash westbound 580 at san ramon road. that has traffic backed up beyond 680. and give yourself some extra time. heading in that direction. this morning. that is a check of traffic. let's check in with roberta and the forecast. the marine layer appears to be 900 feet and causing visibility issues at sfo. i would anticipate delays, according to the faa, over one hour on several flights. and the fog horn. we need that. it got us into work this
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morning. there you have it. the fog horn. and 54 degrees san francisco. and everybody has clouds this morning. and the temperatures, as a result, will been 10 degrees cooler in many of the inland locations. and a benign weather pattern through the end of the week. 60s to the 70s and low 90s, we will pinpoint the locations coming up later in the broadcast. kenny? >> roberta, thank you. right now, firefighters are on the scene trying to get a wildfire contained in saratoga. burning near vineyards and a concert venue. kpix 5 sandra osbourne is live on mount eden road with also an investigation because of a drone. sandra? >> reporter: good morning to you. yes, they said there was an incident with a drone yesterday. which left the fire crews, helicopters, grounded, and they in fact, tweeted out a reminder, if you fly, we can't. and they do have an investigation open into that. and we have the chopper up in the sky right now giving a
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bird's-eye view what firefighters are having to deal with right now this morning. there is lots of smoke out there. i just spoke with the batallion chief. he said he has not seen a ton of open flames. but here is the deal. there is a lot of thick brush there. so that family is moving through the thick brush. they still have a ways to go before this is fully contained. one of the good things though, it has been spreading, when it was spreading, it was spreading up hill and away from homes. and this morning, we have this that thick fog there. the batallion chief says it will help suppress the fire right now. so that is the good news. no structures currently being threatened. but some neighbors say it was close enough that they were preparing to evacuate. just in case. and one woman said she grabbed her family photos after the fire started burning 10 acres in the area. now it started along mount eden road and burned up hill. near the mountain winery. a popular music venue and yesterday afternoon, fire crewed put out an emergency alert to shelter in place, along this road. making sure they had room on the very narrow roads to get heavy machinery in place.
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>> we got all of our important paperwork, i got the computer, i got the family photos and threw them all in the van. >> and fortunately, the residents here did not need to evacuate. some people living near orchard meadow drive have been having some power outages because of the fire. and at last check, it was three households currently without power. as they work for fire crew safety of the batallion chief says pretty soon we will have a shift change coming through and gear up the efforts even more later on this morning. as of right now, the fire is 40% contained. reporting live near saratoga, sandra osborne, kpix 5. now to washington where the senate g.o.p. health care bill has collapsed. too many republican senators have publicly announced they won't support the bill. leaving leadership scrambling for a plan b. within the last hour, president trump tweeted out quote, we were let down by all of the democrats. and a few republicans. most republicans were loyal, terrific, and worked really hard.
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we will return. in a statement late last night majority leader mitch mcconnell said regretfully it is now apparent that the effort to repeal and immediately replace the failure of obama care will not be successful. support for the bill fell apart monday evening. when two more senate republicans announced they were against it. bringing the total number of republican defectors to at least four. president trump tweeted, republicans should just repeal failing obama care now. and work on a new health care plan that will start from a clean slate. dems will join this. and senator mb mcconnell is calling on the senate to vote on an amended plan with a two- year deal with no agreed upon replacement. two weeks ago mcconnell spoke on camera about that. >> we have to solve the current crisis. and i think repealing and then delaying the replacement doesn't work. >> no time line has been set yet for when senator mcconnell wants a vote to repeal obama
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care. in response to the lack of support, democratic support kamala harris of california took to twitter writing quote time to abandon the bill once and for all and work together to strengthen our health care system. the senate will meet again at 10:00 this morning. the new contender for a long-time california congressman seat in orange county. the congressional hopeful has no political experience but has plenty of financing after winning a huge lottery jackpot. gill scesneros is joining the democratic challengers to help to unseat ed royce the incumbent republican. and he is a former shipping manager and navy veteran who won a $266 million lottery jackpot along with his wife jacky back in 2010. >> i am doing this completely because i see a need out there. i see a need for change. >> while defending health care would be his top priority, he says if elected he would folks
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more efforts on improving education. this just in. former u.s. house speaker dennis hastert is now out of prison. the prison records show the 75- year-old was released from the federal prison in minnesota where he spent the last 13 months for violating base laws while trying to cover past sexual abuse of teenaged boys. now in custody in chicago. contra costa county is on the hunt for a new district attorney. the county just posted the job listing on the recruitment web site. this comes after mark peterson, the former d.a., pleaded no contest last month to felony counts stemming from his illegal tapping of campaign funs for personal use. the deadline to apply for the job is this friday. next month, the board of supervisors will review the candidates, and narrow the field down for a public forum. today, bart officials are set to discuss rider safety. an issue putting the agency under increasing pressure. kpix 5 anne makovec is live in san francisco, at the embarcadero station on why
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police officer staffing is now a key concern. >> reporter: yes, that is going to be a big part of the discussion this morning. among the bart safety committee. now they recently made sure that there were working cameras on all trains. that was a step in the right direction. they really have to address getting more police officers on some of these bart trains. that is going to be the next step here. and that is as we are dealing with a lot of skees continuing about how bart -- questions continuing about how bart handles crime after it happens. here are the numbers on the shortage of numbers. with the new expansion to san jose, bart should have 224 cops to serve the 109 miles of line. but as of today, they only have 178 officers. >> i think many people are genuinely concerned. they are fearful about the stories that have come out about the recent attacks. >> sometimes when i leave at 8:00, there is nobody there. >> the lack of officers was one reason given for why bart
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started pairing back info given to the media about crimes being committed on the system. and another reason? in a memo, bart officials also said that press releases on crime could unfairly affect and characterize riders of color. well, they have gotten better about giving media reports and apparently a robbery last night at the bay fair station, a man attacked by three or four suspects and they all got away. we are hearing new numbers on sexual assaults on the bart system. and we will talk about that more in the next hax hour. live in san francisco -- half hour. live in san francisco, anne makovec, kpix 5. the oakland police department could soon be forced to seek approval before acquiring new surveillance technology like cell phone trackers and drones and license plate readers. if a proposed safety ordinance is passed by the city council. this afternoon, lawmakers will discuss the proposal. the city council will also consider another proposal to have the police department cut ties with i.c.e. >> kpix 5 jessica flores is
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live at oakland city hall to explain. jessica? >> reporter: well, good morning, guys. that's right. the city council takes up this resolution, a full vote today, that could permanently sever ties between opd and immigration officials. now, it is an effort to combat the president's crackdown on illegal immigration. this is directed at president trump's crackdown on that illegal immigration. in the last month, the privacy commission and the safety committee both already voted to recommend canceling the agreement between the police department and immigration and customs enforcement. in 2016, under the obama administration, opd signed an agreement with i.c.e. that allows police officers to act as i.c.e. agents. and according to opd officers, have not had any operations under the agreement and the department says the agreement was intended to endorse -- wasn't intensed to endorse immigration laws but to go
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after drug traffickers and drug smugglers. >> and privacy sectors say there is proof -- privacy advocates say there is proof i.c.e. is sharing data with federal agents. >> i do have day that that we have inadvertently putting day that in the hands of i.c.e. >> and the council member will look at making federal agreements, including those with the fbi, fall in line with the city's sanctuary status. and with all of city policies. now, again, the city council meets today. in oakland. that is at 5:30 p.m. reporting live in oakland. i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. time now is 6:11. working to help ease the impact of future droughts. what is next in the push to expand the reservoir. >> not five. not six. not even seven. but 10 degrees cooler in many of our inland locations. i will show you exactly where it is going to cool down. >> and you're right along the east shore freeway. well, it is still moving but starting to get slow. we are seeing more brake
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lights. we will check the travel times coming up. >> plus, in our tech report, the new feature google just added to the mapping system that is designated to help you avoid traffic. whoa! you're not taking these. hey, hey, hey! you're not taking those. whoa, whoa! you're not taking that. come with me. you're not taking that. you're not taking that. you're not taking that. mom, i'm taking the subaru. don't be late. even when we're not there to keep them safe, our subaru outback will be. (vo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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in on a water project-- that local lawmakers say could dr tonight, there is a chance to weigh in on a water project that local lawmakers say could dramatically help ease the impact of future droughts, it comes a day after a dozen water agencies have expanded the loss vaqueros water shed area. and it would raise the earthen dam by 55 feet. officials say that the expansion would help meet the annual water needs of 1.4 million people. five more public hearings are now scheduled. tonight it is at the contra costa county water district in concord. starting at 6:30 p.m. today, the marin county
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board of supervisors will consider report on proposed short-term rental regulations. currently, the county has no laws nating rentals fewer -- regulating rentals fewer than 30 days. short rentals are popular in recent years by web sites such as air bnb and the board of supervisors are set to discuss the issue at 1:30 this afternoon. the caltrans parking lot is closed in san carlos, and all cars had to be moved from the north lot at 4:30 this morning. otherwise they are towed. they will be re-developed as part of the new transit vig. crews have a new apartment complex in the area and riders can still park in the south lot. it is 6:16 right now. and here is another check on traffic with traffic and a rough morning today. >> really busy. and not even a ton of accidents but overnight road work. and caltrans taking full advantage of the nice weather. there is a lot of road work and you may encounter it throughout the morning commute. and let's get to it.
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tracking delays due to an anti. along 580. two separate accidents. 580 at 205 and we have the 580 just past san ramon road. one lane blocked and you can see the backup, just stretches toward livermore now. and it is getting slow out there for those heading to the altamont pass, be prepared for the delays, just under 35 minutes, 205 to 680. and here is a look at 205, kind of tough to see, and it is bright out there. grab the sunglasses. good news, we are wrapping up road work along 238. and 580 and 880. and traffic is moving at the limit again. over at the bay bridge toll plaza, slow, stop go. we have the metering lights on. traffic backed up through the maze and the east shore freeway, starting to get heavy as well in the westbound direction. let's check in with roberta on the forecast. >> turn your head. a little story to tell you. yesterday i could not use my kpix 5 weather camera from mount vaca but turn your head
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now. we have a chief maintenance engineer, will loman, totally awesome and he went up to mount vaca 2800 feet high and installed this. we are on bird watch. on top of mount vaca. and i want to thank our chief maintenance engineer, will, and will and grace. and thank you team. what a team they are. and let's see if it worked. can i utilize my mount vaca weather camera today? yes. thanks, will. it works. we can see the sun coming up in our inland areas. i thank you so much. in the 50s across the board right now. we have areas of fog lining the coast. into the bay. west winds at 11. in san francisco. and 13sfo. with over one hour delays on some arriving flights. 26 mile-an-hour winds now. in fairfield. and winds will be pretty consistent and persistent throughout the day, and 10 to 20, out of the west. we will be cool in all areas with a repeat performance on wednesday. and high pressure right there, over the four corner states.
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and it is trying to entrain the monsoonal moisture into the desert southwest and we are the recipient of the zonal flow here and it is encouragement of the onshore influence. so it is knocking back our temperatures. 64 seashore, monterey bay. and inland areas, 91 degrees at the state capital and 102 fresno and 98 reading and cooler in the high sierra as well. and official sunrise, we were able to see it. mount vaca. the numbers, 60s, 70s, and 80s and a few low 90s. the 90s will be in the delta and also to the north. and lake county. and here is the benign weather pattern. we are holding steady. each day. through friday. and then we begin to bump up the temperatures over the weekend. and it is root beer float night. for the oakland a's as they play host to the rays. game time temperatures 7:05 and we have smith on the mound for the good guys. michelle? >> roberta, thank you. google maps is trying to make it easier to gets around traffic. there is a new update on the app to show riders when there is likely to be traffic at a
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certain destination. all you have to do is search the location and the app will show a graph of the average time and the actual time that it is expected to take. for now the future is only available for android users but could pop up for apple users in the next update. this morning, a major milestone for netflix. the entertainment giant revealed that it has 104 million subscribers worldwide. that is after adding more than 5 million new streaming customers in the second quarter of the year. and netflix shares rose more than 10%. in after-hours trading. following the announcement. and apple has just revealed a lively new batch of emojis set to hit phone screens later this year. they include a man with a beard. and a woman wearing a hijab. and sandwiches and steaks. and even coconuts are part of the lively mix. and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, michael vick has career advice for colin kaepernick. >> and the giants lost more
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than a game against the tribe last night. we will tell you about it ahead. >> first, what is cool about your summer camp? e-mail your nomination to us. cool camps. at we may come and feature your camp on a thursday morning show. [ indistinct chatter ] [ intense music playing ] it's here, but it's going by fast.
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good morning, everybody. 530 straight sell-outs at at&t park began six years ago and ended last night with the team now 24 games under .500. indians are in town. and along with him, the movie major league, remember that? the game looks like roger dorn struggles in the hot corner. matt moore knocks down the comebacker. under handed throw to first
6:25 am
base. huge error. with two outs. the indians tied the game. more bad news bear. jay wong, throws the bunt attempt into his player. and the go-ahead win. cleveland wins 5-3. and the 14 losses in the past 18 home games for the giants. angels lose to the rays last night 3-2. and oakland had two hits. and nfl training camp starts in less than two weeks and colin kaepernick still without a job and speculation he is black balled by league owners after kneeling for the national anthem. former quarterback and current tv analyst michael vick is not buying it. and blaming some of kaepernick's problems on his grooming. >> first thing you got to get colin to do is cut his hair. you know, i mean, listen, i'm not up here to be, or try to be politically correct but even if he puts corn rows in, i don't think he should represent himself in that way, in terms of just the hair style. go clean cut. i want him to also succeed on
6:26 am
and off the field. and this has to be a start for him. >> kaepernick has more talent than a lot of backups in the nfl right now and hopefully somebody will give him a shot sometime soon. and i'm dennis o'donnell, see you tonight. i'm sandra osborne live in saratoga right now. the fire burning in the foothills out here is now 40% contained. the very latest update from firefighters. coming up. >> plus, the victory for governor jerry brown, following a high stakes showdown over climate change. how much the cap and trade plan could cost you, now at the gas pump. the plan to take water from the sacramento river under the delta through tunnels. >> the water quality standards has to be met. >> but others are not buying the state's promises. >> no more boating. and not very many fish coming up here. >> it is profit motivated. it is the ability to sell
6:27 am
water. >> expect original reporting. kpix 5 news.
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up in flames. this morning, crews are battling a brush fire burning near the mountain winery in saratoga. and many are on high alert. >> we have seen some fires before in the area. we know they can spread very quickly. so i was certainly nervous. >> and the push to terminate the partnership between i.c.e. and the oakland police department comes to a head today. >> plus -- >> this is pretty amazing. i must say, i didn't know where it was going a few days ago, but here we are. and i think there is a lot to celebrate. there is a lot to appreciate. a lot to recognize. >> governor jerry brown celebrates a major victory with his plan to fight climate change. how much the proposal could end up costing you at the pump. but first, more troubles for bart. questions continue about how it handles crime on trains. good morning. it is tuesday, july 18. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. >> time is 6:30 kpix anne makovec shows us, bart is also facing a shortage of officers.
6:31 am
>> reporter: yes, the bart safety committee is going to be talking about all of that this morning. as well as some new information we just heard about an increase of rapes on the bart system, seven this year, up four from this time period last year and all but one occurring in the east bay. some on trains, in bathrooms and on stairwells. so this is all part of the larger discussion that you have just mentioned. on how bart handles crime. and here are the numbers on that shortage of officers with the new expansion to san jose. bart could have 224 cops to serve the 109 miles of line but as of today they son-in-law -- they only have 178 officers. >> we have to do more to protect our riders. there is a sense among riders that they are not being protected as well as they could be. >> the lack of officers was one reason given for why bart started pairing back information given to the media
6:32 am
about crimes being committed on the system. another reason, in a memo, bart officials say press releases on crime could unfairly affect and characterize riders of color. now they have gotten better about reporting crimes. in fact, they reported one that happened last night. a robbery at the bay fair station. where a rider got roughed up by three or four suspects and who all got away. live in san francisco, anne makovec, kpix 5. time now is 6:32. a live look outside. the one on the left showing the city of santa clara and levi stadium in the distance and on the right, 8800 in oklahoma, the nimitz -- 880 in oklahoma, the nimitz, tracking the morning commute, jack lynn, how is it looking out there? >> the 880 is looking okay. as opposed to yesterday with the delays. but 580 is the hot spot. and 80. we will begin with 580. this is an accident, right at 5. so the ride out of tracy into livermore is tough.
6:33 am
and speeds drop below 15 miles an hour. and further west and 680, on the brakes again, and reports of metal chains in the roadway and also a crash. one lane is blocked. near san ramon road. that ride is very slow approaching the dublin pleasanton interchange. and the day bridge toll plaza, things are backed up and a look at the ride, this is the berkeley curve. and you can see traffic is very heavy. and we have reports of an accident, right near the exit here. a heads up. a tough ride getting into san francisco out of oakland. a check of the traffic. we check in with roberta on the forecast. >> how foggy is. it the weather camera, looking out to bay bridge and you cannot see the tiptop of it, which is 520 feet up from the bay water, which leads me to believe we have delays at sfo. some arriving flights. and we have the fog there, but inland, the sun is coming up over the mount vaca area and temperatures are coming down 10 degrees in comparison to yesterday. and number-wise, in the 50s
6:34 am
from 52 degrees in santa rosa. and 56 now in livermore. and what you need to know about today is our temperatures will top off seasonal. 80s away from the bay. and inland. and 10 degrees cooler. and moderate onshore flow. will persist. and temperature-wise, pretty lose to spot-on for this time of the year. and 60s to the 70s. and 80s. and a few low 90s delta. and the full forecast, 48 after the hour. we will send it back to kenny and michelle. >> roberta, thank you. firefighters are monitoring a fire along the hills in saratoga. some of mau have gotten alert -- some of you may have gotten alerts on your phone about the fire. sandra osborne is on mount eden road with the very latest. sandra? >> reporter: good morning, michelle. speaking with firefighters out here, there are a couple of things that mean good news for people that live nearby. first of all, let me show you this. you can see in the distance there, some fog. when i was speaking with the batallion chief, he was saying that there is some moisture in the air right now. he is hoping that this will help to kind of contain and suppress the fire a little bit. before they get the next round
6:35 am
of crews coming in for a shift change. another thing. no structures have been threatened by this. because when it started, it went up hill. it started burning up hill. which means it went away from the homes. however, it is burning about 10 acres near the mountain winery. it is a very popular music venue out here. speaking with the batallion chief, he says the fire is 40% contained right now. 150 firefighters have been involved in battling the flames that started around mount eden road. many people in santa clara county got an emergency alert to shelter in place. if you were in this area. but fire officials say that was just to get the heavy machinery back here through the very narrow and winding roads. we spoke with one woman who says the flames came within a half mile of her home. >> you know, what is more frightening, is the power poles. it is right near the power poles. you don't know what can happen, you know, these things are volatile. and then the winds and everything. so of course, are you always going to be a little freaked
6:36 am
out. >> reporter: and also, some people living near orchard meadows drive say they have been experiencing some power outages. because of this fire. and the fire crews also say that there is now an open investigation after an incident with a drone. they say that the drone caused them to have to ground their helicopter yesterday. and they sent out a reminder, to twitter, saying if you fly, we can't fly. reporting live, in saratoga, sandra osborne, kpix 5. in sacramento, a victory this morning for governor jerry brown following a high stakes showdown over climate change. the assembly voted last night to extend california's cap and trade program through 2030. it requires companies to buy permits to release greenhouse gases. the bill finally made it across the finish line with the support of one republican senator and a handful of republican assembly members. opponents still worry the financial burden of potentially rising energy costs could hurt all californians. >> to continue to put pressure on poor people in california, on the middle class.
6:37 am
and we ought to figure out other ways to address the environmental concerns. >> one of the biggest concerns from critic, the bill is expected to create a spike in gas prices by up to 64 cents. also at the state capitol, lawmakers delayed voting on a package of bills aimed at spurring a boom in affordable housing. a bill was expected but it is pushed back to next month. and the police department is looking at cutting ties with federal authorities. jessica flores is live at oakland city hall to explain. jessica? >> reporter: good morning, michelle. a lot of folks might think that the police department and immigration agents just don't have a relationship because of the city's sanctuary status. but that is just not true. according to an agreement signed last year. now, the resolution before the city council today would cut any ties between immigration agents and police officers, it is an attempt to fight back
6:38 am
against president trump's crackdown on illegal immigration. now, about a month ago, the privacy commission and the safety committee both already voted to recommend canceling that agreement between the police department and immigration and customs enforcement. in 2016 under the obama administration, opd signed that agreement, which allowed police officers to act as i.c.e. agents. according to opd, officers have not done any operations under the agreement. and the department says the agreement was intended to enforce immigration law, an not intended to -- and not intended to enforce immigration law, excuse me, but intended to go after human traffickers and drug smugglers. but still, they believe the agreement conflicts with the city policies and status as a sanctuary city. and coming at a time of growing rumors of immigration in the community. >> there is a lot of apprehension and stress in the community. they are hearing that people are being picked up at the post office and people are being picked up at the county courthouse. >> and another issue going
6:39 am
before a full vote today is an ordinance from council member lynette gibson, that would make all federal agreements, including those with the fbi, fall in line with the city's sanctuary status and with all city policies. now, the city council does meet today, here in oakland, and they will take up both of those matters. that happens at 5:30 p.m. reporting live, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. san francisco police are now boosting patrols around twin peaks after a deadly shooting at the tourist destination. police say that a man and a woman took the victim's camera at the twin peaks lookout early sunday. just after the theft, authorities say they shot him. the jogger spotted 71-year-old edward french and performed cpr on him but french died at the hospital. police say that the suspects drove off in a dark gray honda accord with rear end damage. in just a few hours, an oakland police officer is due in court for allegedly tipping off a sex worker about an anti-
6:40 am
prostitution ring. ryan waterhouse faces two felony counts of conspiracy to obstruct judgment and one count of engaming in an act of prostitution. oakland police say the case is not related to the multidepartment score involving the woman. and the minneapolis police chief is calling for an investigation into the fatal police shooting of an unarmed yoga teacher outside her home. justine dumond, a native australian was allegedly shot and killed by the officer mohamed moir after she calledded 911 to report an assault. the investigators say the officer's body cameras were not turned on and the scad car did not capture the shooting. president trump is on a made for america tour this week, celebrating all of the products made in the u.s. and is promising to come pete come -- compete against manufacturers overseas. >> no longer are we going to allow or countries to break the
6:41 am
rules, steal our jobs and drain our wealth. and it has been drained. >> and he invited workers from all 50 states to the white house yesterday. the president says his administration will buy and hire american. new jersey governor chris christie is now speaking out on that meeting between donald trump jr. and the russian lawyer. the one where trump was promised dirt on hillary clinton. >> you know, my understanding of all of this is that there is concern by some people of collusion. even from what we have heard so far, i don't see any evidence of that. so we need to get back to what the bottom line here is, which is if there is collusion, that is a major issue. >> and christie added that accepting opposition research from a foreign government would be inappropriate and possibly illegal. time now is 6:41. fighting fast-moving flames. the evacuations under way across the state, as crews battle several different wildfires. >> plus, amazon files for a new trademark. the impact that news is having
6:42 am
on blue apron. >> and the marks just opened up 10 minutes ago. a look at the big board. the dow is down about 50 points. coming up, we will get an update from kcbs radio financial reporter jason brooks.
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apron. ne retail giant ha amazon is cooking up a new service to compete with meal delivery kit company blue apron. the online retail giant has applied to trademark the phrase, we dot prep, you be the chef. -- we do the prep, you be the chef. soon after the announcement blue apron saw the stock drop as much as 12%. about one-third of blue apron's value has vanished after the company went public late last month. netflix is exceeding expectations and one of the pizza chains in the country is
6:46 am
going on a hiring spree. joining us is financial reporter jason brooks. >> good morning. netflix is trading at an all time high this morning. the stock nearing $177. after turning in very solid earnings for the second quarter. its revenue was up over 30%. to $2.8 billion. and even more important for investors, it continues to add a lot of new subscribers. more than 5 million around the world. including over a million in the u.s. that tops netflix's expectations. and now netflix's profit was a little shy of estimates of the profit margin was squeezed from the first quarter as the company continues to invest heavily in its original content. but that is the very thing that is bringing in new subscribers to netflix. and the stock is up 9% in the early going today. and struggling pizza chain pizza hut says it is going to add 14,000 delivery drivers by the end of 2017. and it is part of a big plan by the parent firm yum brands, to
6:47 am
invest $130 million in pizza hut whose sales were down 3% in the first quarter. as new technology is also coming on board, that pizza hut says will help its delivery in regards to accuracy and reliability. stock market is tumbling a little bit in the early going today. lots of earnings starting to roll out for the second quarter. and right now, the dow dropping 55 points, and the nasdaq is down by 8 points. and the s&p 500 is moving lower by 4 points. michelle and kenny, back to you. >> jason brooks, thank you. and today, san francisco supervisors are expected to vote on a proposal that could create an office of cannabis. the office would fall under the guidance of a city administrator naomi kelly. and $225,000 of the funding would cover web site design and outreach. and the proposal heads to a vote less than six months before the office starts green lighting permits for businesses to sell recreational marijuana. today, san francisco transit officials are set to
6:48 am
vote on a bus rapid transit project that will create separated bus-only lanes through one of the city's busiest corridors. the lanes look similar to these already existing bus lanes. the $300 million bus rapid transit project will include bus lanes from market street to 34th avenue. and it is expected to speed up travel times for bus riders by as much as 20 minutes. >> 20 minutes. that's a long time. >> valuable. >> that is significant. and all right. how are things going? >> well, people are probably waiting in traffic for about 20 minutes. we are seeing a lot of delays out there. it has been a tough morning. and it continues to be. we have new crashes just coming in. and this is in the south bay. this is along 280 and 101. and first, we are taking a look at south of the morgan hill area. the ride headed along 101. and the unusual slowdowns about 16 minutes. now we will take it to san jose. where you can see the delays building along 101. not too unusual. because we always see a bit of a backup there.
6:49 am
but now, we have reports of that accident, and certainly not going to help things. over at the san mateo bridge, this is right near the toll plaza, you can see emergency crews over on the shoulder, and we had an accident, and in fact, my producer saw the crash occur and be prepared for some slowdowns, if you're heading out of heyward, into foster city, we are in the yellow, just under 25 minutes. heading westbound. over along 580, that has been a tough ride for folks making their way through the altamont pass this morning. an accident at 205. and livermore, things start to pick up. and then slow again as you approach 680 because of an accident past the san ramon road. that is blocking a lane. we have a sig alert that remains in effect there. the bay toll plaza, not a whole lot of difference from what we normally see. a 20 minute ride from the maze into san francisco. that's a check of traffic. let's check in with roberta on the forecast. is it just me? or do you hear the sounds of a fog horn this morning?
6:50 am
because yes several shades of gray. yes, i think we hear the fog horn. one more time [fog horn ] >> we have at stockton this morning. along the coast and into -- we are socked in. this morning. along the coast and into the bay. delays at sfo up to one hour. a little bit of delay on some arriving flights. >> and the scene in san jose, blue skies. good morning. santa clara valley where the air temperature is at 58 degrees. and 57 in stockton and oakland. and livermore, you are seeing a little bit of stratus working its way into the tri-valley in the mid-50s and robust onshore push. west wind at 11. and san francisco 13. and sfo, now at 10. and throughout the san ramon valley, west/southwest. 26. and firefield. so obviously these winds are bearable this morning. a little more consistent later today. out of the west, and that is an onshore push, and 10 to 20, so that will cool us down in all areas. and peak performance tomorrow, and then just a tad warmer for the weekend. high pressure right there. and it is with the monsoon
6:51 am
moisture to work its way into the desert southwest. we are under the influence of the zonal flow. so we have that ocean influence. it will increase as the week wears on. 91 state capital. and 64 monterey bay. and in the 40s, up to 79 in the high sierra. and 90 at half dome. and our temperatures are going down. and yesterday, 100 degrees in pleasanton. and today we are forecasting 90 degrees. and livermore at 86. and concord 87. and up to 13 degrees cooler in our inland areas. compared to yesterday. and now, meanwhile what we're talking about temperature-wise, into the 50s. and 6:02 is the official sunrise. by the time it sets, the temperatures, 60s and 70s, and 80s. and a few low 90s. toward the delta, and also towards lake port. and to the north, it is a benign weather pattern each day. and until we get a little bit warmer over the weekend. kenny? >> thank you. in southern california, crews are finally gaining the upper hand on a massive wildfire there. the whittier fire in santa
6:52 am
barbara is now 62% contained. and burned more than 18,000 acres so far. and yesterday, weather conditions were a little better for firefighters. they were able to light backfires and mop it up. powerful winds and steep terrain are making it difficult to contain a wildfire in mariposa county. the detwiler fire has burned more than 11,000 acres since it started on sunday. and the fire crews are trying to keep the flames from creeping closer to 300 structures there. and one structure has already been destroyed. and so far, the fire is just 5% contained. and right now, the search continues in arizona. for a man who went missing in a deadly flash flood. 27-year-old hechter ganeka was one of several people swept away over the weekend. nine members of his extended family died in the rushing water. cold springs is one of several popular swimming spots in tonto national forest. an increase in crime. a shortage of police officers.
6:53 am
coming up. that equation facing the bart safety committee as it meets this morning. >> plus, up for a vote. the bay area city that could soon ban the sale of flavored tobacco products. [ indistinct chatter ]
6:54 am
6:55 am
[ intense music playing ] it's here, but it's going by fast. the opportunity of the year is back: the mercedes-benz summer event. get to your dealer today for incredible once-a-season offers, and start firing up those grilles. lease the gle350 for $579 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
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on that shortage of officers. with the new expansion to san jose - bart should have 224 cops to serve the 109 miles of line - but as have 178 o i'm anne makovec live at the embarcadero bart station. the bart station committee will be discussing the shortage of police officers on this system. and some alarming new statistics on crime data today. including a new report that there were seven rapes on the bart system so far this year. this comes as questions continue, about how bart handles crime on trains. and the department continues to face that shortage of officers. but the new expansion to san jose, bart should have 224 cops on the 109 miles of line, but as of today they only have 178 officers. >> as our numbers are relatively remaining the same, our staffing amount, and our
6:57 am
ridership has doubled. and that has been an ongoing issue that now, you know, that we are dealing with that. >> the lack of officers is one reason given for why bart started pairing back info given to the media about crimes committed on the system. and in another report, it could lead to racial profiling. and one crime happened last night at 10:30 at the bay fair air station. a man was robbed of his laptop and cell phone and roughed up a little bit. three or four suspects got away. live in san francisco, anne makovec, kpix 5. >> thanks for that. time is 6:57. time for the final five. >> right now, crews in the south bay are keeping a close eye on a wildfire burning not too far from a vineyard and a concert venue. that fire is near the western edge of saratoga. it is burning uphill, away from homes and is now about 40% contained. the assembly voted last night to expand california's cap and trade program through
6:58 am
2030 and requires companies to buy permits to release greenhouse gases and the bill is expected to create a spike in gas prices up to 64 cents. president trump is urging republicans to repeal obama care now and work on a replacement plan from a clean slate. and the call came after republican senator mike lee announced via twitter that he and senator jerry moran would not support moving forward on the senate's new plan to repeal and replace the law. this morning, president trump tweeted out, quote, as i have always said, let obama care fail, and then come together and do a great health care plan. stay tuned. this afternoon, the oakland city council will also consider another proposal to have the police department cut ties with i.c.e. which would denounce the trump administration's illegal immigration crackdown. the city council will also be making a final vote on a flavored tobacco ban. if passed, the flavored tobacco products could only be sold at stores that are offlimits to people younger than 18. and the sig alert remains
6:59 am
in effect. keeping your ride slow along 580. the crash here, one lane remains blocked. over at the san mateo bridge, very heavy out of hayward. close to a 40 minute ride. from the 80 to 101. the toll plaza, carquinez bridge to the maze, another 25 into the city. roberta? hello, old friend. this is the summer that we have grown accustomed to. the return of the stratus. the return of the fog. sfo delays at least 30 minutes on some arriving flights. and in the 50s across the board. everybody is reporting pretty much overcast skies. clearing back to the beaches. same in stockston, and pacifica, in the 60s. and through the 70s, and 80s and outside number, 92. toward brentwood. and also toward the lake, toward the north. with a benign weather pattern through friday. >> benign. >> benign. >> i'm a little cold in here. >> yes. >> it is a little cold in here. >> i hear you. >> i love the climate in here. >> oh, we know you do. >> perfect.
7:00 am
>> have a good one. happy tuesday. good morning to our viewers in the west. it is tuesday, july 18th, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning." the senate health care bill falls apart after two more republicans vow to vote against it. gop leaders say they want to repeal obamacare without having a replacement ready. the family of a yoga teacher want to know what made a police officer to open fire. new details about the moment justine dumond was shot in her pajamas. kentucky bourbon is brewing. distillers fear america first trade policies could tank their global business. >> robotics revolution series looks at robots programmed to work with us by reading our thoughts.


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