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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  July 28, 2017 7:00am-9:00am PDT

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good morning to our viewers in the west. it is friday, july 28th, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning." a last-ditch attempt to repeal obamacare failed overnight in the senate. president trump lashes out at the democrats and republicans who voted no. an up censored rant by the president's communications director exposes deep divisions inside the white house. we'll look at the growing complaints and injuries from possible carbon monoxide leaks.
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and jeff bay doezos the wor richest perp for a few hours. we begin with a look at today's "eye opener" -- your world in 90 seconds. >> democrats will crow xul tantly and claim victory for obamacare. >> the gop's obamacare repeal fails in the u.s. senate. >> right prevailed. we were right, and the american people knew it, and we have saved their health care. >> incoming white house communications director director unleashing on white house staff in a profanity-laced tirade. >> it feels like a fist fight has broken out on the white house. >> or in some back alley somewhere. >> it's more like pennsylvania avenue becoming "melrose place." >> he's very passionate about the president and the president's agenda and i think it may have gotten the best of him in that conversation. >> a commuter train crashed into a railway buffer in barcelona. the train's driver among those who suffered injuries. >> the man charged with killing his wife on a cruise ship said
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he did it because she wouldn't stop laughing at him. >> heavy rains causing widespread flooding in parts of missouri. >> water gushed in on us and it was like whoa. >> a carp value ride that went wrong at that fair in ohio has sparked safety concerns at fairs across the country. >> newly released body cam video shows the aftermath of the deadly crash involving venus will krams. >> the walk-off home run. aaron judge broke one of his teeth. >> he's left hanging on the side of his hamster wheel. no, no, no, no! >> and all that matters. >> president trump presented the medal of valor to the first responders who saved lives after last month's shooting at a congressional baseball practice. >> the assault on june 14th reminded us that heroes walk in our midst. >> -- on "cbs this morning." the communications director anthony scaramucci already has his own scandal. >> some of his financial
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information was leak sod he went on twitter and seemingly blamed chief of staff reince priebus for the leak. >> reince priebus, why are you sticking around and taking this abuse? just leave and enjoy life on spicer island. captioning funded by cbs welcome to "cbs this morning." as you wake up in the west, a republican effort to dismantle obamacare appears to be dead. a dramatic early morning vote in the senate killed the so-called skinny repeal. the bill failed by a razor-thin margin, 51 votes to 49. >> senator john mccain returned to work this morning after helping too many the effort late last night. he didn't say anything about the vote. mccain and fellow republican susan collins and lisa murkowski along with every democrat voted against the plan. after the failure, president trump lashed out overnight on twitter. he wrote at 2:00 in the morning,
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"3 republicans and 48 democrats let the american people down." nancy cordes is on capitol hill with all of the details. nancy, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. that one vote has all but destroyed the gop's seven-year quest to repeal obamacare. the senate this morning has moved on. there will be no more attempts, and a last-minute effort by the white house to win over john mccain turned out to be too little too late. >> the ayes are 49, the nays are 51. the motion is not agreed to. >> reporter: the gop drive to repeal obamacare fell apart at 1:29 a.m. eastern time. >> mr. mccain. >>. >> reporter: when arizona senator john mccain flashed a thumbs down. drawing gasps and some applause from democrats as minority leader chuck schumer tried to wave off the celebration. in the end, even vice president pence couldn't sway mccain but a
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the plan he voted down was one his gop colleagues openly admitted was bad policy. >> the skinny bill as a replacement for obamacare is a fraud. >> reporter: skinny repeal was a last-ditch effort to get 51 votes, an incomplete eight-page repeal effort released just two hours before the vote -- >> kill the bill! >> reporter: over the objections of protesters outside and democrats inside. >> this process is an embarrassment. this is nuclear-grade bonkers. >> reporter: after its defeat, gop leader mitch mcconnell indicated he may work with democrats to fix obamacare's problems. >> so now it seems appropriate to ask what are their ideas? >> reporter: democrats said they're ready to get to work. >> all of us were so inspired by the speech and the life of the senator from arizona, and he asked us to go back to regular
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order. maybe this can be a moment where we start doing that. >> reporter: gop leaders tried to convince their thee holdouts that skinny repeal would never actually become law, that it would just be a vehicle that they would use to get to negotiations with the house. but mccain said afterward there was nothing to guarantee if those talks fell apart that the house wouldn't take skinny repeal and pass it anyway, and that was a risk he apparently was not willing to take. >> thanks, nancy. an escalating power strug sl pitting some of president trump's closest advisers against each other. new white house communications director, that's anthony scaramucci, took aim at chief of staff, that would be reince priebus, and others yesterday in an expletive-filled interview. >> scaramucci threatened to, quote, fire everyone to get to the bottom of white house leaks and he called priebus a paranoid schizophrenic. he also used some language we can't repeat on morning television.
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the president's chaotic inner circle is on the front of this morning's "new york post," calling the ip fighting "survivor white house." margaret brennan is at the white house. good morning. >> thanks, nancy. the chairman of the joint chief of staffs says transgender people can continue serving now in the u.s. military. trump promised to reverse the policy. general joseph dunford said "there will be no modification to the current policy until the order goes through the proper channels." he made the statement yesterday in a letter. jan crawford is at the pentagon. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, charlie. they say in the military there is a regulation on how to issue regulations, and the president's twitter account is just not part of it. so yesterday transgender service members went to work just like any other day with ashurpss from leadership that for now nothing will change. >> i have yet to receive implementation guidance. >> reporter: army chief of staff
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mark milley said until he receives more formal instructions, the president's ban on transgendered service members won't be implemented. >> we'll act when we receive a direct tich through the proper chain of command channels. >> reporter: that chain of command involves the president sending orders to the secretary of defense, who then informs the service chiefs about the new policy and how to implement it. until that happens, joint chiefs chairman joe dunford promised to treat all personnel with respect. milley acknowledged his branch has struggled with transgender soldiers. >> we've had to deal with problems, we deal it with respectively and quietly in honor of the institution. >> press secretary sarah huckabee sanders promised the white house would follow the right protocol. >> the white house will work with the department of defense and all of the relevant parties to make sure we fully implement this policy moving forward and do so in a lawful manner. >> reporter: for transgender army captain jennifer peace, the current situation is confusing.
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>> the military operates on regulatory guidance and right now we are lacking that. >> reporter: serving openly for a year has been a relief, peace said, but now her future is uncertain. >> there's anxiety and concern what's to come next, but all i can do is go into work and do my best and do my job. >> reporter: a spokesperson for the defense secretary said the service chiefs can expect more detailed guidance in the near future. exactly how near depend on how long it takes the white house and the pentagon to get on the same page. >> really important point. jan, thank you so much. >> the maker of the ride that broke apart and killed one person at the ohio state fair has ordered other festivals to stop using it. an entire section of the fire ball crashed to the ground. similar rides at fairs across the country are now closed. seven people were hurt. 18-year-old tyler gerald died. he had just enlisted in the marines last week. adriana diaz is in ohio. at the state fair grounds in
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columbus. adriana, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. inspectors are working around the clock. they're here right now reinspecting the 73 other rides here. this morning all rides are closed but the park is open again. thousands returned to the ohio state fairgrounds in columbus on thursday. less than 24 hours earlier passengers were thrown into the air when a carnival ride malfunctioned. >> we're going to watch and participateand document all the facts, basically an autopsy on that machine, to make sure we get to the bottom of why it came apart. >> reporter: despite the park's reopening, all rides at the fair have been shut down until they can be reinspected. >> what you need to make sure of is check and recheck and do the best you can. but the ability for human beings to avoid accidents, you've got to talk to the big guy upstairs to figure that one out.
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>> reporter: the fire ball also known as the afterburner swings up to 40 feet in the air spinning 13 times a minute. in 2007, the ride's manufacturer issued a bulletin advising all owners to test for cracks after they were discovered in one ride's swing arm. reviews this week showed the columbus ride passed a comprehensive safety inspection including checks for cracks. a state permit was issued on went. the fair's opening day. >> his laugh carbon monoxide of made you want to laugh. >> reporter: on thursday family and friends held a vigil for tyler jarrell who enlisted in the marines less than a week ago. >> he had a giving heart. >> reporter: the navy captain runs the program at the high school where he served as a cadet. >> here we have a young man who had found a path and just a few days later gets cut short. my heart is just aching for that family.
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>> reporter: the ride's manufacturer, kmg, a dutch company, said that 2007 notice it issued related to waelding problem on another ride. as for the operator of this ride, amusements of america, they are committed to determining the cause of the incident. >> i sure hope so. thank you, adriana. a major development this morning results from an ongoing cbs news investigation. it could affect more than 1 million ford explorer owners. the national highway traffic safety administration says the number of complaints and injuries related to possible carbon monoxide leaks is much higher than previously thought. kris van cleave first reported on this issue back in february. he's in washington with new details on the government's expanding investigation. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. thousands of complaints have been filed with nhtsa and ford about possible carbon monoxide leaks in ford explorers promising nhtsa to investigate
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to expand its probe to 2016 and twelfth models like this one. this 2016 henderson, louisiana, police explorer was badly damaged in a crash after officers say its driver passed out from carbon monoxide exposure in april. >> he was treated at the hospital. we had requested testing for carbon monoxide and her levels came out near lethal. >> reporter: yesterday that officer filed suit against ford. and many other owners of models are reporting carbon monoxide appears to be seeping into their vehicles. the national highway traffic safety administration now says more than 2,700 complaints have been lodged against the automaker and 41 people have reported injuries. like police officer brian mcdowell who crashed into a tree in 2015 after passing out behind the wheel. >> i went out just like that. >> just like that. >> or zachary lahood in austin, texas, whose dashcam was rolling as he called for help.
7:14 am
>> started having headaches. >> reporter: he was the first of 18 austin police officers to be treated for carbon monoxide exposure. the city has removed 67 of its explorers from service after they set off carbon monoxide detect detectors. the police union says all 439 need to be off the streets now. >> if this is not done by the end of the week, we'll have big problems. my officers are worried about it. >> reporter: in 2016, 48% of law enforcement vehicles were ford explorers. departments across the country have added carbon monoxide detector. the kansas highway patrol had nefrl go off. it's not just from police officers. the bulk of complaints come from regular ford owners like stacy jones. she traded her 2016 in for a 2017 but the problem didn't go away. >> it's frustrating because at this point i don't know what i'm going to do. >> reporter: nhtsa contends it doesn't have any proof the injuries reported were caused by carbon monoxide, though investigators say levels of that
7:15 am
gas may be elevated during certain driving scenarios. ford says safety is its top priority and has a team working with police and regulators to investigate reported issues and solve them. >> chris, thanks. parts of missouri are drying out this morning after flashflooding. an emergency crew carried out a dramatic rescue in kansas city of bar owners stuck on their roof. up to 7 inches of rain fell in the state causing water levels to rise sharply. >> it was about a foot tall. i couldn't walk around anymore. we heard the wall break and the water came in. the fire department kept in constant contact. they earned their money today and we thank everybody for their help. >> the same system could bring several inches of rain to parts of the east coast this weekend. wbcs reveal new details about a woman's alleged killing on an alaskan cruise. ahead, what people saw and heard aboard the ship that led to a murder charge against the victim's husband. their kids were there too.
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first at 7:19, time to check your local weather. charge agai victim's husband. the kids were there too. first at 7:19, time to check your local weather.
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a bill hitting russia with new sanctions heads to president trump's desk. ahead, we're in moscow, where they're retaliating against american diplomats. >> you are watching "cbs this morning." how do you become america's #1?
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and now we go to our story
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about the infighting among top trump administration officials. it is pitting some of the president's close e advisers against each other. margaret brennan is at the white house. >> reporter: the public spat between two of the president's top aides exploded thursday. in a phone call to new yorker reporter ryan liz save late wednesday, white house communications director anthony scaramucci unloaded on chief of staff reince priebus, calling him an expletive paranoid schizophrenic, a paranoiac and said he'll be asked to resign shortly. he went on to accuse priebus of illegally leaking information about scaramucci's finances. i want to expletive kill all the leakers, he said. he also lit into white house chief strategist steve bannon saying i'm not trying to build my own brand off the expletive strength of the president. he referenced bannon performing a sex act on himself. last night, scaramucci brushed off his remarks, tweeting, i sometimes use colorful language. but later shifted blame saying,
7:24 am
i made a mistake in trusting in a reporter. it won't happen again. the preside >> the president likes that type of competition and encourages it. >> reporter: white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders said the president condones in-house rivalries but could not say whether the president has confidence in priebus. >> we all serve at the pleasure of the president and if we get to a place that isn't the case, he'll let you know. >> reporter: another position is attorney general jeff sessions, who the president recently called weak and beleaguered. >> it's kind of hurtful, but the president of the united states is a strong leader. >> reporter: sessions said he'd step down if the president desired it. >> if he wants to make a change, he can certainly do so and i would be glad to yield in that circumstance. no doubt about it. >> that was margaret brennan reporting from the white house. also at the white house, president trump awarded the medal of valor to five police officers who stopped a gunman's attack last month at a
7:25 am
congressional baseball practice. capitol police special agents david bailey and crystal griner were among those honored. both were wounded in the gun battle. >> these officers saved the lives of every innocent person on the field that day. thaw ear american heroes and we salute them. >> the wife of house majority whip steve scalise also attended the ceremony. scalise is in rehab after he was critically wounded in the shooting. he said in a statement, i am grateful to all the men and women in law enforcement who risked their lives to preserve our safety each and every day. it's a battle of billionaire tech titans. how amazon's jeff bezos is challenging microsoft co-founder bill gates for the title of the world's richest person. and hundreds of thousands of wells fargo customers were charge uto insurance that
7:26 am
they didn't need. why some of them are still paying for it. your local news is next. board of directors plans to hold a vote - over the 80-year-old toll plaza. the potential good morning, it's 7:26. i'm michelle griego. today the golden gate bridge authority's board of directors plans to hold a vote over the 80-year-old toll plaza centering on the hiring of a engineering firm to redesign it. one of the men charged in last year's deadly warehouse fire in oakland returns to court. max harris's lawyers will try to get release on bail. 36 people were killed in the december 2 fire. stay with us, traffic and weather in just a moment.
7:27 am
good morning. time now 7:27. minor delays along 24 approaching caldecott tunnel. we have one lane blocked due to a car that looks like it ran
7:28 am
out of gas. so speeds drop just below the limit around 50 miles an hour. over at the san mateo bridge, heading out of hayward on the right side of your screen, into foster city, in the red. just under 20-minute ride. crowded along the stretch. eastshore freeway stacking up about 20 minutes from the carquinez bridge. another 17 into san francisco. . i "salesforce" tower. it's 1,070 feet tall. according to the sutro tower, you can barely see the of the tower gives you a good idea that it's compressed. that deck of the marine layer is this morning as it pushes onshore. 52 to 64 the numbers out the door. then later today 60s through 90s. couple of degrees cooler than yesterday, hardly feeling the difference.
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7:30 am
i was worried when sean spicer left that the communications office, the white house, would lose some flavor. little did i know he was going to be replaced by a guy who serves up some very spicy quotes. >> cussing out co-workers. that's what you do when you quit, not when yo start. maybe he's doing the opposite. when he leaves he'll be like, hi, i'm anthony, nice to meet you, reince. you know what this feels like for me? i feel like i was sad because spicer left. it was a breakup. right? and we were like, oh, spicer, we'll never get over you. and scaramucci walked in and we're like damn [ bleep ]. we're moving on, baby, we're moving on. >> it's only been a week. when did he start? last friday they announced it. >> extraordinary. >> on all the sunday smoes.
7:31 am
>> quite a few headlines. >> yes. something tells me more to come from the white house. welcome back to "cbs this morning." a new bill slapping sanctions on russia is headed this morning to the president's desk. the senate voted 98-2 yesterday to punish russia, iran, and north korea for various violations. it puts congress on a collision course with president trump over russia. the white house has not said whether the president will sign this bill. >> communications director anthony scaramucci said he may sign the sanctions exactly the way they are or veto the sanctions and negotiate an even tougher deal against the russians. this morning russia announced how they plan to retaliate. charlie d'agata has the payback from the kremlin. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the announcement was released in a statement by the russian foreign ministry that it was reducing the number of u.s. diplomats to the same levels of russian diplomats in the united states. it was seizing warehouse
7:32 am
facilities here and a vacation facility outside the capitol. we contacted the embassy here in moscow who confirmed they received it. ambassador john tefft expressed his strong disappointment at the decision. although this could be seen as a tit for tat for the number of russian diplomats expelled back in december, the foreign ministry said this is in response to the new sanctions package making its way through washington, d.c., at the moment. yesterday russian president vladimir putin called the new sanctions illegal under international law and a blatant move by the united states to promote its own economic interests overseas. he also warned that russia would respond to those sanctions. that's including warnings today that if the united states expels more russian diplomats, the government here will respond in kind. charlie? >> charlie d'agata reporting from moscow. thanks.
7:33 am
here's a look at this morning's other headlines. the "washington post" says the house passed a spending bill that boosts defense and partially funds a border wall. the defense department gets $658 billion. the initial construction for the controversial wall with mexico gets nearly $1 .6 billion. congress faces an october 1st ted line for passing a series of spending bills to avert a government shutdown. "u.s. news & world report" says the united states is orrering the family of u.s. embassy and staff in caracas to leave venezuela. this comes ahead of a vote that has sparked violence. the state department issued a travel warning warning u.s. citizens against travel to venezuela due to social unrest, violent crime and pervasive food and medicine shortages. protests in the last four months have left hundreds dead. venezuela face as vote on monday
7:34 am
to elect an assembly that would rewrite the constitution. "the hill" reports the grounds of an entire fleet. the marine reserve has tankers built by lockheed martin. 15 marines and sailor died earlier this month when a tanker went down in mississippi. the crash is unvovled. the chattanooga times free press has an update op a story we reported last week about a controversial birth control program at a tennessee jail. yesterday the judge ended it. he ordered the program in may. it provided 30 days credit towards jail time for inmates with drug addiction problems to voluntarily undergo birth control procedures. 32 women and 38 men signed up for the procedure. yesterday the judgment said he rescinded the order saying the department of health would would no longer offer those services. the white county health department told cbs news it's not aware of any such action. "the new york times" says wells fargo sold borrowers car
7:35 am
insurance they did not need. more than 800,000 customers were bill billed, about 274,000 pushed into delinquency. nearly 25,000 cars were wrongly repossessed. bank officials say they plan to make customers whole. "usa today" says the long awaited fix for volkswagen diesel cars has gained epa approval. the deal covers some 326,000 vehicles. they include the jetta, beetle, audi a-3 and golf. they will fix the average fuel economy per vehicle by two miles a gallon. the deal includes fre e repairs and cash payments up to $9,800. >> "the baltimore sun" announcing the early retirement of another nfl player. 26-year-old lineman john urschel is worried about head injuries. researchers said brain disease was found in all but one of the 111 deceased nfl players they studied. we're learning new details
7:36 am
about the alleged murder of a utah woman on board a princess cruise ship. prosecutor have charged kenneth manzanares with the murder of his wife, christy. the couple were apparently celebrating their anniversary. she was found dead tuesday in a bloody cabin on the ship near juneau, alaska. jamie yuccas is there. the defendant made an emotional appearance. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. kenneth manzanares made his first current appearance here via teleconference from juneau where he's being held. he can be seen wiping away tears. friends tell us he and kristy were high school sweethearts and had been married for more than 20 years. while there are no official cause of death just yet, documents show she died of a wound to the head. as new details emerge about the apparent murder of christy manzanares, authorities and witnesses are painting a grisly scene, describing what allegedly occurred aboard this princess cruise ship. >> i heard terrible screams.
7:37 am
you knew it wasn't normal. >> reporter: charles and his woman were in their room two floors above the manzanares' cabin. looked over the railing she saw a man soaked in blood. >> she thought he was going to jump over the rail. one time he put his hand on the rail and set his rear on it and she started yelling sh get back in. >> reporter: the 39-year-old mother of three was pronounced dead a little after 9:00. court documents say a witness who entered their cabin reported seeing christy lying on the floor covered in blood and husband kenneth with bin laden on his hands and clothing. the witness watched him grab his wife's body and drag her toward the balcony. when asked what happened, he relied, she would not stop laughing at me. >> how rare is this type of thing for you guys? >> i don't remember the last time we had a murder on a cruz ship in alaska. >> back in the family's quiet cul-de-sac in utah, neighbors were stunned to learn of kristy's death. >> this is totally out of character.
7:38 am
for what we have known about them. >> hi. i'm kristy manzanares. >> reporter: kristy worked as a realtor. her former co-worker neil gib says he, too, is in total disbelief. >> we're going to miss her, you know, her little bubbly personality. she lit the room up. >> reporter: when manzanares was arrested, he told an fbi officer, my life is over. >> is that an admission of guilt? >> reporter: i don't think you can burrow into the mind of someone who's a potential defendant and make any real cop collusions. >> reporter: kenneth manzanares will appear again in court on august 10th. families in the community say they plan to help kristy's daughters out financially. >> thank you, jamie. everybody hears the story of course keeps thinking about the little girls who were there and asked for help. it's a terrible story. >> you were just on a cruise in alaska. >> i was on a cruise in alaska. it's very jarring. i can't imagine what it was like
7:39 am
for people who heard it and saw it. very disturbing story. jamie, thank you. police release body camera video immediately after the deadly crash that tennis star venus williams was involved in. the video shows officers talking to her after they got to the scene. the accident happened last month in palm beach garden, florida. >> had a green light so you kind of violated hiss right of way because -- >> i was in the middle of the street. >> yeah, i understand. you were kind of caught in the middle. >> i got caught. >> okay. i will say you're responsible for this crash but i'm not citing you for the crash because i think you got stuck in the middle of the intersection. >> the video also shows 78-year-old jerome barson. he later died from his injuries. police initially blamed williams for the crash but later released a statement saying she lawfully entered that intersection. jeff bezos beat out bill gates for richest man on the planet. for just a few hours. ahead, why their tug-of-war for the title and bragging rights is far from over.
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a surge in amazon share price made the company's founder the world's richest person for a few hours. jeff bezos yesterday jumped past bill gates. it was the first time there was a change at the top of the bloomberg rankings since 2013. the net worth of bezos was estimated at more than $92 billion. but quarterly earnings missed estimates, sending the company's shares lower and returned gates to the top. jeff glorer, plains why insiders say bezos won't stay two for long. >> 22 years ago jeff bezos was selling books out of his garage. yesterday for a time his net worth jumped $2.4 billion. his company keeps growing and spending and has become an entrenched part of american life. >> welcome! for a brief time thursday jeff bezos was the wealthiest man on the planet. >> thank you.
7:45 am
>> reporter: bezos opens about 80 million shares of amazon, and its stock has been surging, helping the 53-year-old add to his personal fortune by a said $24 billion this year alope. >> you cannot invent and pioneer if you cannot accept failure. >> reporter: it could be a tug of war for a time for the title of the world's richest between bezos and his pacific northwest neighbor, the man atop the rankings, microsoft founder bill gates. >> i think it's inevitable with bill gates giving away a lot of >> reporter: brad stone is a a bloomberg news. he says amazon's impressive growth will likely land bezos at the top. >> people expect things from richest person in the world, to have an active philanthropic life. bezos isn't there so people will be watching how he'll handle the extra scrutiny. >> come on. you can afford a better desk than that. >> it's a symbol of spending
7:46 am
money on things that matter to customers and not spending on things that don't. >> reporter: but don't be fooled. in the 18 years since that "60 minutes" interview, bezos has been busy spending. >> i sell about a billion dollars a year of amson stock and i use it to invest in -- >> founding space exploration venture blue origin. >> the reason i bought it is because i think it's an important institution. >> reporter: snapping up the "washington post" in 2013 for a quarter billion dollars. and just last month acquiring whole foods for nearly $14 billion. the market cap of amson has made you the second weltdiest person in the world, second to bill gates. can you imagine at some point in your life pursuing the kind of philanthropy? >> if there's something left after i finish building blue origin. >> bezos issued a request via twitter for philanthropic ideas
7:47 am
during june. there was a flood of responses. amazon will create 100,000 full-time jobs in the u.s. by next summer. many of those hirings will be on the spot sat job fairs across the country. >> a lot of people i know think he's the best ceo in america. >> it's amazing the breadth of what they're doing. >> and he always thinks outside the box. i think he's terrific. >> no pun intended. >> if you want to innovate, you've got to be prepared to risk failure. >> i like the idea that these massive huge companies, too, are thinking about jobs. 100,000 new jobs by next summer. >> you go, jeff bezos. thank you, jeff glor. uber's chief officer is not naive about a huge challenge to bringing a change. ahead, bozoma saint john and how she plans to change the public image. first
7:48 am
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for special offers now. it happened last night.. near fernandez park. when officer good morning, 4 minutes before 8:00. i'm anne makovec. authorities in half moon bay are investigating a deadly stabbing. it happened last night near fernandes park. when officers arrived, they found two men on the ground, one of them died. the other taken into custody. firefighters in clearlake say a backyard barbecue ultimately caused three houses to burn down. a man was cooking on the deck and the fire got away from him. nobody was hurt. raffic and weathe r in just a moment.
7:57 am
good morning. 7:57. your friday morning commute starting to get a little crowded out there. but not too bad along 880. the nimitz freeway heading through oakland. this is northbound traffic on the right side of your screen.
7:58 am
18 minutes from 238 to the maze. we are starting to see some improvement for drivers out of hayward to foster city. traffic on the right side westbound across the san mateo bridge. just under 20 minutes. foggy out there at the golden gate bridge. speeds moving at the limit. wish i could say the same at the richmond/san rafael bridge. the toll plaza westbound direction in the red about 15 minutes on over to the 101. it is foggy. we have areas of low clouds. we have localized drizzle. along the coast and into the bay this morning, okay, where did it go? who took coit tower? can't see it! visibility is limited atop telegraph hill. same at sfo. that's why we have delays on some arriving flights up to 30 minutes. we are in the 50s and 60s. hot through next week.
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ >> good morning to our viewers it's friday july 28th, 2017. welcome back to cbs this morning. turbulent leaks from the white house. bob is here to put it all in perspective. how bob sees the west wing at war with itself. plus uber's new chief branding officer. we'll hear her vision after a series of major set backs. but first here's today eye opener at 8:00. >> anthony scaramucci took aim yesterday in an expletive filled interview and called him a paranoid schitzophrenic and used language we can't repeat on
8:01 am
televisi television. >> one vote all but destroyed the 7 year quest to repeal obamacare. the senate has moved on. there will be no more attempt. >> inspectors are working around the clock. >> they're in there right now reinspecting the 73 other rides here. >> he always thinks outside of the box. >> no pun intended. >> they're not getting along. take a look at this recent photo. look at that. i mean i can see why the white house doesn't believe in global warming because that place looks cold. i guarantee you when that photo was happening scaramucci did one of these.
8:02 am
yeah. come on. >> i'm charlie rose with gayle king and nora o'donnell. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell says it's time to move on after republicans failed overnight to repeal obamacare. their 7 year effort maybe doomed. >> senator john mccain signalled his no vote with a thumbs down. he joined two fellow republicans and every democrat to defeat the so-called skinny repeal. he is battling brain cancer and said it fell short of our promise to repeal and replace obamacare with meaningful reform. >> white house communications director anthony scaramucci is stirring up chaos with attacks on colleagues. he unloaded on priebus in an interview with a new yorker journalist. he called him a paranoid schizophrenic. >> he accused steve bannon of
8:03 am
trying to enhance his own reputation. the president feud with his attorney general jeff sessions and the boy scouts apologize for the political rhetoric in the president's speech to their national jamboree on monday. >> he joins us at the table now. bob good morning. >> good morning. >> what is going on? >> good question. >> in my air force training comes into play here because the air force song is off we go into the wild blue yonder and every time i wake up now i'm just thinking here we go again. i am not going to say i've never seen anything like this. because every time i say it the young people around here it's become a drinking game that every time i say i've never seen anything like it here we go. so in the interest of sobriety i'm not going to use that term. >> well it is friday. and you have covered presidents white house and people use salty language but on the record and
8:04 am
against a chief of staff and against the president's chief strategist, using words and talking about it, it's nothing like i have ever seen. >> but here bob. >> you're smiling at the way she expressed it aren't you. >> nora is being very diplomatic. >> what are you talking about? >> how is that even physically possible number one? and number two, when you hear something like that, bob, are you offended? are you offended? are you disappointed? are you saddened by it? this is really serious stuff. when you listen to it and the children are listening and parenteds are listening and i think the united states of america using that language on the record from a high ranking white house official. >> it's embarrassing. it's embarrassing for the nation and the idea that someone who
8:05 am
represens the president of the united states, my standards are not too high but i got some. that kind of talk you don't hear that behind the chutes at the rodeo. i have been a lot of places charlie but i think that we're going to look back on this week. this might be some kind of a turning point. >> how so? >> i tell you the way that jeff sessions has been treated it did not go over well with republicans in the united states senate. they don't like it. he gave up a senate seat to go serve the president. that's an honorable thing to do. and to hang him out to dry like they have done, i think that's had more of an impression and made more of an impression than any other thing he has done and that does not help him. >> how about last night? i mean, here you have in the dead of the night this senate vote on health care.
8:06 am
you have got mike pence, the vice president standing over john mccain's desk. trump calls yjohn mccain to try to lobby him and then john mccain votes no. >> i tell you, and they have got themselves in a fix now. you know, my wife pat who is kind of the brains in our family, she came up with a great plan on health care. she said do you know what i think they should do. the women of the senate how many are there? 13. a large group and they're a very cla classy group of people and she said they ought to get together and write a health care plan and see what the rest of the senate thinks about it and my sense is that they tried everything else. why not? it might be a good idea. >> where is it going? >> i think if the president does not get his business in order here i think it's going nowhere. his agenda is going to go right out the window. you can't have, you know, he is,
8:07 am
he has got to get together with people in washington and find some way to work together. >> but what do you think of republicans -- >> this is going on, the russian probe continues under bob mueller and at the same time no legislation at all. >> and you heard what lindsey graham said yesterday. he said unless, he said if he tries to fire jeff sessions, he said this may be the beginning of the end of the trump administration. >> bob this is what fascinates me. so many republicans disagree with how the president is behaving and what he is saying and doing but they're not speaking up. what do you make about that? that they're not saying mr. president please stop. mr. scaramucci please stop. >> they're saying it privately and i understand but that's where it stops but i think there's something going on there. i think donald trump is in worse shape today than he was at the beginning of this week just from the standpoint of getting his
8:08 am
legislation passed and working on his agenda. >> always good to have you at the table. our best to pat, the brains of your operation. thank you. >> something we all knew. >> yes. >> sunday on face the nation john dickerson talked to diane fe feinstein and then monday senator flake will join us here on the table. >> and help deal with the impact of a collapse. ahead we'll meet the scientists building robots that are so life
8:09 am
uber's new chief brand officer says why she is fearless in her approach to rebuilding the companies image. >> what do you want people to say or think when they first see you and get to meet you? >> what do i want people to say when they first meet me, wow.
8:10 am
wow. whether that's because of the way i look or an idea i expressed or my conviction, whatever the thing is, just wow. >> well, wow. wow is right. wow is right and her vision for the future after a wave of controversies. you're watching cbs this morning. controversies. you're watching "cbs this morning." d the alligator floaty. plus, the snacks and drinks are gone, people. and one of us used up all the sunscreen! i wonder who... . we're gonna need some reinforcements...quick. copy that. walgreens makes it easy when summer needs a little help. your summer base camp is just around the corner so you can get in, out and back to those summer shenanigans. walgreens. at the corner of happy & healthy®. now with card, buy one, get one 50 percent off select aleve products. but when we brought our daughter home, that was it. now i have nicoderm cq. the nicoderm cq patch with unique extended release
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8:14 am
uber is trying to move past recent scandals by changing it's corporate culture. those include sexual assault allegations and safety issues. the ride hailing giant hired st. john, remember that name as the chief brand officer last month to help turn around the $68 billion company image. we sat down with her at the press lounge the other day to find out why she is fearless in her new job. >> you're coming at a really dicey time where the brand is certainly under fire. there are charges of sexual harassment. drivers behaving badly. customer safety is a concern. so you knew all of that going in yet you still said i want that job which i think says something about you. >> probably: i'm not afraid. i've never been afraid of
8:15 am
anything. i see potential. i see opportunity. there's certainly things that have happened that i don't condone that i'm not comfortable with and i'm not okay with but i think representation matters too. comfortable with, i'm not okay with. but i think representation matters too. >> reporter: as chief brand officer bozoma saint john says she'll work on building a relationship with uber and its customers. they recently fire 20d employees after 200 investigations of claims into sexual harassment and misconduct. last month ceo travis kalanick resigned. >> imi'm not naive about those at all and, again, it's very serious. it's about trying to see a representation. i want change. i want things to be great for wom people of change and women of
8:16 am
color. if i can contribute to that -- and it is not going easy. there will be lots of challenges. i'm sure there will be frustr e frustrating days and days where i cry. i don't mind crying by the way. i'm hopeful. that's what's driving me. >> was travis leaving the company difficult? >> yes, yes. i think it's difficult any time there's real significant change in a culture, you know, bad or good. so you have to recalibrate. people have to find new direction, new ways of moving, new ways of working. so it's always difficult. >> what's the process now for finding new leadership at that company? >> i'm leaving that to the board and those who are, you know, empowered the make those decisions. but i hope it's right one. >> when you think of silicon valley, you don't think of women and you certainly don't think of diversity. you checked two boxes there. >> i'm checking all the boxes. it's true. it's true. but it also feels like another
8:17 am
opportunity. it feels like the immigration story, you know? in colorado springs, colorado, my family moved there. with were the first ghanaian family. when i went to college, there were four or five families. i'm seeing it happen. if i'm there and people see me, maybe people will come. there's call to action. i'm right here. >> your family moves to colorado and yo say you feel like an outsider. why do you feel like an outsider. you're tall, black, and a woman. what do you mean you didn't fit in. and you're from ghana. >> and e wi was 12. you don't want to speak differently. certainly you don't want to have an accent. >> how did you change that at 12? >> i took it upon myself to
8:18 am
learn my culture around me. pop culture. u didn't know that's what it was. watching tv shows, movies, listening to the radio so at school i could talk about what other kids were talking about. maybe i wouldn't seem so strange if i connected with them on the level that they were used to. >> but, you know, that seems to have carried out to your adulthood today. >> yes. >> reporter: saint john's ability to connect helped her conquer her opportunity to market for some of the world's biggest brands like pepsi and apple. >> i've heard you describe yourself as a change agent and agent of change. >> mm-hmm. >> what does that mean? >> every situation is unique. in this one, part of it is an evolution. not such a hard change. it means talking to people, understanding the motivations, talking to people who are also kmun indicating with the external team members, drivers, riders, et cetera, and really
8:19 am
trying to combine those things into a cohesive message. >> what will be your definition of success for that job for you? >> wow. that's a great question. success will be when i can stand at a cocktail party and someone will say, wow, that's such a cool place to be. >> because right now we're not hearing that about uber. you hear people deleting their uber apps and going to lyft. you're saying, okay, just watch. that what you're saying? >> oh, absolutely, #watchmework. >> she's a savvy woman. >> she's a real firecracker and confident. one of the main things she wants to do is tell a new narrative about uber. she says it's a positive story and there are hard workers. she wants the driver to know exactly who this company is. she knows they have a big black eye right now. when i asked her what the theme song of her life is, she said
8:20 am
"diamonds on the soles of my shoes" by paul simon. >> oh, yeah. >> you can hear the extended version. she's a single mom, lost her husband to cancer years ago. she's had a lot of challenges in her life. she's ready. you can hear more of our interview on the podcast. saint john explains her technique for salary negotiations, i love this, and adanting to life in colorado as a teenaged immigrant from ghana. academy award-winning director kathryn bigelow on the movie "detroit." why it's important to tell the story of the deadly disturbances today. you're watching "cbs this morning." and you're talking to your rheumatologist about a medication... ...this is humira. this is humira helping to relieve my pain... ...and protect my joints from further damage.
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8:24 am
could robots that look like humans be the answer to the crisis over japan's declining population? >> i do know a few jokes. would you like to hear one? >> please. >> what is a robot's favorite kind of music? >> i don't know. >> heavy metal. >> that was terrible. >> it was pretty bad. >> how the so-called humanoid can adapt to rapid population
8:25 am
declines. you're watching "cbs this morning." we thank you the undocumented immigrant charged with shooting and killing kate steinle in san francisco in 2015.. is expected to appear in court today. good morning, it's 8:25. i'm michelle griego. the undocumented immigrant charged with shooting and killing kate steinle in san francisco in 2015 is expected to appear in court today. lawyers for juan francisco lopez-sanchez have argued that evidence suggests the shooting was an accident. thrill rides like the one that broke apart at the ohio state fair are shut down across the country. there are six rides like it here in california. that includes the fireball at the santa cruz beach boardwalk. stay with us, traffic and weather in just a moment.
8:26 am
8:27 am
good morning. we are tracking some major slowdowns for drivers making their way through the south bay. we have a new accident. it's along southbound 880 right at bascom. it's a motorcycle crash. we have a couple of other cars pulled over there. and it looks like two lanes remain blocked. so expect slowdowns. speeds drop around 7 miles per hour as you make your way southbound. northbound traffic seeing delays, as well. northbound 101 we have a crash at keough on the shoulder but traffic is slow through san mateo in both directions. speeds drop right around 20 miles per hour near highway 92. making your way along westbound 24, an accident has traffic
8:28 am
backed up along 680 now as you head southbound. your travel times still showing about 10 minutes. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. we have in our eng department lauren french and she called up this beautiful view of coit tower with all of its clouds all of this fog looking out towards telegraph hill. it gives you a good feel of how your morning is shaping up around the coast and the bay. look at the view from sutro tower looking north. the clouds are billowing onshore. temperature-wise we are in the 50s and 60s. livermore at 67 degrees at this early hour after realizing yesterday a high temperature of 98 degrees. just a couple of degrees cooler today. same around the concord area. san jose, you were 90 yesterday. today spot on 93 to the north in santa rosa. 70 in san francisco. take a look at our inland high temperatures. hot through thursday.
8:29 am
8:30 am
real news -- >> we have breaking news from the white house. >> all that matters. >> we haveensi >> we have breaking news from the white house. >> let me ask you this. >> do you want to be write or do you want peace? >> why not more transparency. >> were you surprised by these results? >> that's a great question. >> that's a good question. >> this is a terrific question. >> charlie, gayle and nora. >> we are feeling no pain today. >> this is a great place to start your morning. >> cbs this morning, real news. >> welcome back to cbs this morning. >> thank you nora. good to be back. >> it's good to be back. you missed gayle just running
8:31 am
across the studio. >> you're not supposed to tell that part. >> i know but before that fun we'll show you this morning's headlines. jennifer aniston and reese witherspoon will star in a series about tv morning shows. it explores morning shows and the larger scene. it will be shot to premium cable networks and streaming services. witherspoon will star as gayle king. she guest starred as anniston's younger sister on friends. >> i like the premise. there is going to be a charlie rose character. i know that. who will it be. >> let's come up with names. >> i don't know if there's anybody that -- >> there isn't but they can try. >> smart enough, cute enough to be charlie rose. >> they could try. >> it's friday. washington post says grocery stores are adapting to more male shoppers and treating them like knuckle heads. gender roles are shifting.
8:32 am
one fact that driving the chain is that more americans are putting off marriage. stores are getting accustomed to male shopping habits. men tend to buy for the short-term and they go for pricier products and also prefer items that are easily visible. >> japan is facing one of the largest population collapses in modern history. by the year 2060 japan's population is expected to drop by a third to about 80 million people. they're introducing lifelike ro b robots to help with daily life. adam travelled to the university of osaka and learned why japan's culture is uniquely suited to accept the machines. >> wow. i can see her breathing. her shoulders sort of going in and out.
8:33 am
do you ever find yourself working in here and you freak out because you turn away and you look away, you don't get startled? >> the goal here is to make the robots as realistic as possible to test how humans react and respond to humanoids. >> she feels very realistic. is my response typical? >> no, it's not. actually people won't touch it. people will ask for permission before touching it. >> my parents didn't teach me any manners. >> hi. nice to see you. >> these robots are the creation of the doctor known as the godfather of humanoids. >> how many robots do you have in here? one of his most famous creations is himself in human form.
8:34 am
>> my motivation is to understand what human by developing humanoid robots. the japanese population is going to be half. of course we want to keep the same level of quality alive. how can we do that? answer is to develop robot that can support our daily life. >> adam is with us now. adam, good morning. >> good morning. >> how are the japanese looking to integrate these robots? >> in every way. in simple terms what they invision is essentially westworld. they want to find a society or create a society. >> a show on hbo. >> they want to create a society in which robots, humanoids and humans live and co-exist side by side and the lines between those two are blurred. so you'll see them. you already see them in restaurants and shopping malls. you'll start to see them working
8:35 am
as news anchors, as teachers. >> stop talking. it was a little creepy because they were so life-like to me. the blinking got me and the turning of the head. what was it like for you that touched them without asking as he pointed out? >> the only difference between the robots and a real life human was that her skin was much colder. that's the only thing but when i sat down and interviewed the robot, momentarily i would forget that she was not, in fact, human, she looks at you, she blinks, she nods, she acknowledges that you're there and you forget and that's the whole idea. they said the moment that you start to forget that this is not in fact human is when we have succeeded. >> what's happening in japan is going to happen here and everywhere else around the world. >> absolutely. >> thank you adam, a great piece. >> you can watch the whole report on the premiere episode of cbsn on assignment monday
8:36 am
night at 10:00, 9:00 central. >> shooting the new movie detroit took an emotional tool on its cast and crew. why they say it's important to share the history of detroit's violent uprising in the who are these people?
8:37 am
8:38 am
the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
8:39 am
8:40 am
at this moment, there are at least ten areas in towwher >> at this moment there's at least ten areas in town where looters have broken in or fire bombs have set fire. it looks like a b-52 raid in detroit. >> that's john heart reporting for cbs news 50 years ago on the social unrest that ignited the city of detroit. police raided an unlicensed bar in a black neighborhood in 1967 and that lead to the 12th street riots. the violence was in response to police brutality and decades of racial inequality. over five days more than 40 people died and more than 2,000 buildings were damaged or detroyed. the new movie centers on the riots. three unarmed black teenagers were shot dead by white police officers. detroit is directed by catherine bigelow of the hurt locker and zero dark 30. anthony mackey portrays a real
8:41 am
life vietnam war veteran that was at the hotel. >> says right there, two deployments, honorable discharge. >> this is a fake. >> no, sir. >> this your girl? >> i just met her. >> what's his name? >> i don't know. >> his name is carl green. >> i wasn't asking you. i was asking her. >> you just said what's his name. >> you're lucky i haven't broken your neck yet. >> all right. man, i see what you're trying to do. i won't cause any trouble, okay? but i'm not going to lie down either. >> they're with us in their first live interview today for the movie. good morning. >> good morning. >> entertainment weekly says it's quote an american horror story so deeply and shamefully in soil that it's still painful to watch half a century later. it spainful to watch. >> and so relatable. that's what is so scary. >> what made you want to tell
8:42 am
this story? >> predominantly that. it is so relatable today. when i was first introduced to it it was right around the time of ferguson and it's happening today and it's happening tomorrow and it's happening, it's recurring so i hope that it can perhaps invite the dialogue to encourage a bridge between an incredible bridge of divide in this country. >> did it feel very personal for you anthony? >> very much so. it's funny being a parent of little bodieys you try to do wo that they can watch and learn from and when i read this script and read green specifically i knew catherine would give me that opportunity. >> how did you go about finding real life stories that you can incorporate into the movie? >> well, predominantly i used court records and testimony and requests the information that we got from that so a tremendous
8:43 am
amount of research and mark that wrote the hurt locker and zero dark 30 wrote the screen play and i thought it was a tremendous screen play and also met with real life people who are involved in this incident. hannah murray is the character of julie who say real character that was with me on the set every day and then larry reid who plays a member of a motown group called the dramatics so hearing their rendition of this they went through really galvanized my determination to tell the story. >> could detroit happen today? >> it seems all far too likely in many respects but i'm really encouraged by a conversation beginning. there was a screening last night on capitol hill hosted by representative conyers that's in the movie. >> that's in the movie.
8:44 am
>> and he is furthering the bill to end racial profiling and so i think this film could hopefully encourage that conversation. >> she asked me to read the phone book i could do that. >> anthony. i want to talk to you about your character because he's still living, did you meet with him before you took this part? >> well, we haven't been able to find it. >> would you have wanted to meet with him? >> no. >> because as an actor the best tool you have is what the writer did giving us the script and what i would hate to have happened was have at least one chance meeting with this man and correct what we had created with this story. i feel like it was more important for someone like mark to meet him and then create that but i think it says a lot about his character that he was the first-person to speak out about this tragedy and he was one of the guys in the hotel being a military vet that had an understanding of how to survive and i think with this movie the
8:45 am
most important message that comes out of it is survival. >> you laughed when i answered the question about could detroit happen today because you think that the possibility of just an incident could cause the city to go up in flames. >> i think if you look at the 1920s furks look at t, if you l, in the 2000s we're in that decade of turmoil and combustion. every 50 years america goes through a growth and from that growth, the country transforms dramatically and right now, we're in that pressure cooker that all we need to do is add a match and it will explode. >> and the two of you haven't been together since hurt locker. there must be a comfort level between the two of you. on a set that would be very difficult. it was very tough watching the movie for me what this must have been like on the set for both you. >> you know there was a common understanding. there was a common understanding
8:46 am
on set and it was a safe zone and catherine is very good at putting her actors in a progr s progressive environment to do good work. >> i was so honored to be able to work with anthony again. it's a memory i'll treasure forever. >> we'll be right back. stay with us. whoa!
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♪ >> katherine bigelow thank you so much for joining us. "detroit" opens today in select cities. as we leave you let's look back. >> we're not one step closer to liberating our citizens from this obama care nightmare. >> i will not vote for this bill
8:50 am
as it is today. >> one vote has repealed the request. >> scarmucci has taken aim at reince priebus. >> i did not collude with russia. >> he had to ask the name of russian ambassador. >> their goal is to disrupt the organization. >> what this video appears to show is not fishing. it's abuse. >> did you cringe a little bit when o.j. simpson said i basically lived a conflict free life. >> no, i didn't cringe at all. for most of his life he led a very good life. >> justin bieber accidentally hit a member of the paparazzi with his truck. >> ice cube's take me out to the
8:51 am
ball game one of the worst ever. ♪ ♪ ohyou make me wanna ♪ >> what the hell is going on? >> i'm not going to say i've never seen anything like this. every time i say it the young people around here it's become a drinking game. here we go. in the interest of sobriety i'm not going to use that term. >> well it is friday. >> when do we think theo was conceived. >> the night the cubs won the world series. >> i never thought of baseball as an aphrodisiac. >> just outside this room where
8:52 am
we are now she observed when i came home from school to have cindy crawford and naomi campbell coming down the stairs. >> can you imagine that? >> i would love that now. >> ain't no thing. >> good morning. good morning. >> good to have you here wesley snipes. we still remember white men can't jump. he can jump. he got skills. >> i got a brand new ticker son. >> you were forced to take a break for the surgery. was that hard for you? >> it was necessary. >> they cracked the ribs. >> they opened it up and went in there and gave me a cow valve. >> there's a cow in you?
8:53 am
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today, the golden gate bridge authority's board of directors plans to hold a vote - over the good morning. it is 8:55. i'm michelle griego. today the golden gate bridge authority's board of supervisors plans to hold a vote over the 80-year-old toll plaza. it centers on the potential hiring of an oakland-based engineering firm to redesign the plaza. this morning one of the men charged in last year's deadly warehouse fire in oakland returns to court. max harris's lawyers are expected to seek his release from jail. the garlic festival kicks off in two hours in gilroy. crews are gearing up early this morning. there will be food, entertainment and cooking competitions. the event runs through sunday. stay with us; weather and traffic in just a moment.
8:56 am
8:57 am
good morning. we are tracking some delays over at the bay bridge toll plaza. but it's definitely showing signs of improvement. the eastshore freeway remains in the green and we are in the yellow. 15 minutes from the maze into san francisco. if you are traveling on 101 through san mateo and burlingame, be prepared for slowdowns this morning. we have a crash northbound 101 right near keough and it's no longer blocking lanes. but from woodside to sfo, just a little over 20 minutes for
8:58 am
your drive. heading through san jose, we have an earlier crash. no longer blocking lanes along 880 and bascom. that's still causing speeds to drop around 30 miles per hour. and the gilroy garlic festival this weekend expect delays along 101 and 152. roberta? >> you say gilroy garlic festival? we have temperatures there today in the mid-80s climbing to the low 90s by sunday. so make sure you have your sunblock and hydrate with your garlic water. [ laughter ] >> hi, everybody! taking a look at coit tower, isn't that gorgeous? that's from sutro tower looking towards mount tam. temperatures jumped up to 71 degrees in livermore after a high yesterday of 98 degrees. it's 67 degrees in san jose. so these temperatures are just a couple of degrees cooler than yesterday from 68 in pacifica to 95 in throughout the tri- valley. 93 in santa rosa. looks like for the most part we are going to be on either side of 99 degrees each and every day through thursday.
8:59 am
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