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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  July 31, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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heat wave about to hit the bay area, how long it will last, next. cases at a bay area costco... now at 11:00 p.m. new video of men in masks smashing cases at a bay area costco. good evening. the thieves hit it coast -- the novato costco. joe vazquez tells us they are still on the loose tonight. >> reporter: novato police just released the surveillance video
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from inside the costco and it shows how fast the smash and grab criminals were moving. the surveillance video shows three men in hoodies entering the coast co store after the 10:00 a.m. opening yesterday. you can see they are wearing surgical masks to hide their faces. they make their way to the jewelry department. they smash the glass and while one runs off the other two stay behind the to clean out the case. they run away with one bag of jewelry and watches. according to a witness. police are trying to find out whether this smash and grab in novato is related to two in danville in may. police made one arrest after an employee tackled one of the masked burglars. novato police hope this new surveillance video will help them find their costco thieves. they raced back out of the store and into a waiting car. police are now looking for the
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get away car. in novato, joe vazquez, kpix 5. a grass fire burned 10 acres in san jose tonight. it broke out about 7:00 p.m. at communications hill near fire station 33. firefighters got there fast. battled it from the air and the ground and they had controlled in 2 hours -- they had it controlled in 2 hours. >> the winds could move a fire long but given it is later in the evening we knocked down a majority of it. >> no structures burned and there were no injuries. tonight kpix 5's meteorologist paul deanno tells us parts of the bay area will be under a heat advisory. >> 100s are returning to the bay area tomorrow afternoon and the deal is, the hills above 1,000 feet will be hot during the day and it is not going to cool off at night. over night lows in the 70s and 80s. heat advisory for all bay area
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hills tomorrow and also wednesday. the high temperature in san francisco tomorrow, warm for the city, 72. the over night low tomorrow night 7 degrees warmer. 79 for an over night low. air quality takes a turn for the worse. unhealthy air quality tomorrow. 7th summer time spare the air day. how long the triple digits lasts and when humidity will be on the increase coming up. >> thank you. the shake up that white house. the new communications director threatened to fire everybody to stop the leaks. tonight anthony scaramucci is the one who is fired. pushed out by the new white house chief of staff. kpix 5's sharon chin with more. >> reporter: anthony scaramucci made it clear he would report directly to president trump. tonight general john kelly showed him who is in charge. >> just swore in general john kelly. >> reporter: general john kelly
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in, anthony scaramucci out. days after his profanity-laced tirade in the new yorker against former chief of staff reince priebus. >> the president felt that his comments were inappropriate for a person in that position. >> disappointed that he didn't do as well. >> reporter: he knows anthony scaramucci. >> when you have defeat you could have upheaval in the white house and this is a chance for the white house to do a recelt. refocus on their agenda -- reset. refocus on the agenda. >> reporter: the third time it started over in 10 days. >> the president has a right to hit a reset button. >> reporter: he has had enough. >> this is disgraceful. the petty dramas. the chaos that has come to dominate the news is standing in the way of us getting things
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done for the american people. >> our president, our commander in chief. >> reporter: general john kelly is expected to impose discipline on competing power factions in the white house. one formerly led by reince priebus, steve bannan and jared kushner and ivanka trump reported to president trump but now -- >> general john kelly has the full authority to operate within the white house and all staff reports to him. >> picked a good guy when it comes to enforcing order. >> reporter: president trump denies there is chaos in the white house. >> i think we are doing incredibly well. >> reporter: another bomb shell, the president himself dictated his son's misleading statements about why he met with a russian lawyer. donald trump, jr. said the meeting was about the adoption of russian children but he later acknowledged he was promised dirt on hillary clinton. special counsel robert mueller
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is looking into potential ubjurisdiction of justice and russia's interference in the 2016 presidential election -- obstruction of justice and russia's interference in the 2016 presidential election. sharon chin, kpix 5. a few hours ago president trump tweeted this, a great day at the white house. and check out the front page. a police stand off that lasted for 15 hours in san francisco is finally over. tonight one woman is dead and the man accused of killing her is in the hospital. it started last night. shots were fired. 15th and beaver streets inside a home. police found an elderly woman wounded. she later died. the gunman who may be the woman's son stayed inside with a gun while police surrounded the building. he gave himself up this morning. he shot himself in the chest
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and he is now in critical condition. police believe they captured a fire bug. they arrested this man. he is accused of setting four fires friday morning. one of the fires broke out near the cal train station on urban lane. the fire damaged a car. sac captured this image. police say he strongly remembers hill. tonight hill is booked into the main jail. fire caused damage at an elementary school school in san rafael tonight. it broke out on the roof at the dixie school before 6:00 p.m. contractors have been doing construction there. there is a look at what burned. damage, $50,000. >> there was a fire on the roof and there were no injuries and the fire is out. that is most important. there were no injuries. >> the school expects to have it cleaned up and ready to go
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for the first day of class in a couple weeks. the cause is under investigation. maybe you have seen them, crazy side shows that stop traffic. there are so many in richmond, christin ayers reports there is talk of a crack down. h a lot of speeding. a lot of traffic with cars. a few car accidents. >> reporter: she and her husband moved in to this neighborhood 5 months ago and immediately noticed the noise. >> a lot of police activity. i hear a lot of sirens over there and some of the side shows. >> reporter: some side shows as loud as this coming from the housing projects where the marks of side shows are visible in the street. >> we heard from residents about the number of outsiders coming here. especially at night. this is full of cars at night. criminal activity that occurs. >> reporter: contra costa
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county supervisor has a plan to cut down on criminal activity. something that has never been tried before here. >> we will be declaring the street a no parking zone. >> reporter: it would prohibiting stopping, standing or parking. he admits the change would be drastic. >> it gives the sheriff an additional tool to be able to ask people to leave who shouldn't be here. >> reporter: it would take effect near apartments that are already abandon. windows covered with metal. some improvements have already been made. lighting has been added and trees cut back to improve visibility. it will be replaced with better affordable housing. >> it will be helpful if they start now and putting in affordable housing so in the future when more families move in they don't have to encounter what's happening right now.
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>> reporter: christin ayers, kpix 5. police say this man threatened to ruin his roommate's lives. tonight the extortion scheme and the secret sex tape. >> a dozen inmates escaped from this jail in alabama. tonight sheriffs say all it took was peanut butter. >> and too drunk to drive home? tonight we will take you inside san jose's new space to sober up.
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at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more. this: a suspected stolen car hits a curb.. breaking news in southern california. wild police chase ends like this. a stolen car hits a curb. sparks go flying flying and the car stops. three suspects get out and get down on the ground as officers
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surround them. guns drawn. this playing out within the past hour. >> tonight the three suspects are all under arrest. man accused of recording his roommates having sex and it gets worse. he is accused of trying to extort them for money. the suspect started sending e- mails to the couple after they moved out of the apartment they all shared. >> the couple started receiving strange e-mails. what the person was saying was i have a sex film of you. if you don't pay me $5,000 it will send it to your family. and he said he would put it on facebook and tag them. >> police searched his home and seized threaps. the numbers are startling. 50,000 americans died of drug over dose last year. now california may do something
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that no other state has done. provide safe places for drug users to shoot up. a new bill cleared the assembly. kpix 5's maria medina with more on a plan that some say could save lives. >> reporter: he lost his brother 16 years ago in a crash. he says his brother was drunk. >> it is really tragic. it is disturbing. >> reporter: they turned it in to helping addicts. he helps his dad run treatment centers with plans to open one in santa cruz. >> you could walk by somebody with a needle sticking out of their arm. >> bill would allow users to inject illegal drugs in controlled facilities. the goal to reduce public drug use, and over dose deaths.
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>> it will allow health professionals to go and seek out drug users and offer them treatment in one location. >> the spokesperson said they had notturno comment because they had no i'd santa cruz would be -- had no comment because they had no idea santa cruz would be included. >> i would rather they do it in a supervised space and get them off of the streets. >> reporter: he says he knows addicts need all the help they could get because he witnesses the drug use every day. >> and, you know, you see that everywhere you look. every park, every dark alley. >> reporter: maria medina, kpix 5. a man who was beaten by san jose police has a victory in federal court. the beating happened two summers ago. it was captured on surveillance video. three officers stopped him who does not speak english. he yells in spanish to his father. despite commands to be quiet.
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that is when an officer slams him against the car and starts hitting him while two others join in. today in a trial a jury awarded him $350,000. the city attorney's office will pay an additional $100,000. tonight a man hunt in alabama after a dozen inmates escaped from jail. veronica de la cruz has more. >> reporter: police are telling everyone to lock their doors and stay inside. the sheriff captured 11 of the escaped prisnenners so far. -- prisoners so far but tonight this inmate, brady kilpatrick, is still on the run. he is facing drug charges. how did they all escape? the inmates fooled a new guard yesterday. >> some of the inmates are pretty smart on what their plan
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was. changing numbers on the door with peanut butter. that may sound crazy but these people are crazy like a fox. >> reporter: the inmates tricked the guard into opening a door that led outside and then they climbed over a fence. tonight there is a $500 reward to leading to brady kilpatrick's capture. sheriffs admit the jail is in need of improvements. a car burst into flames. the driver was unconscious. police and two motorists worked together to pull him from the burning car. unfortunately the man later died. his passenger is now in critical condition. it is unclear if speed or alcohol contributed to the
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crash. santa clara county going all out when it comes to sobering up. kpix 5's betty yu shows us the new sobering station. betty, county says this will save them a lot of money? >> reporter: that's right. this is the county's solution to the public drunkenness solution. they want to keep them out of jail and that will save taxpayers money. in september deputies will be able to pull in and drop off intoxicated people. >> reporter: these new recliners in storage will be part of a new sobering station for those caught wasted in public. right now officers bring people to jail which is a time consuming process. >> for every officer that is with someone they are there
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between an hour and an hour and a half to book them. to bring them to the sobering station it could take 6 minutes. the value of that is that officer is back on the streets in the community that they are supposed to be patrolling. >> reporter: he co-chairs the subcommittee, a $12 million state grant will allow the county to use this space to hold up to 20 recliners. it will offer free laundry service, showers and a snack bar. it will take months of renovation so in september the county will use the auditorium to accept people. >> we hope they are comfortable and we will make sure we have drinks and snacks to help people sober up. and we want also to stabilize people enough to put them in an appropriate place. >> reporter: nurses and staff will help get people who have chronic problems or mental health issues the services they need. santa cruz county already has a
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similar sobering station up and running. by avoiding a night in jail they are saving $190 a night per person. starting in january the center will also get a van that will pick up people and bring them back here to the center. the grant will cover costs through the next three years. live in san jose, betty yu, kpix 5. tonight it is officials, the olympics are coming back to california in 2028. at the stub hub center south of los angeles, they made the big announcement. they bid for the 2024 olympics but the committee handed it to paris and gave los angeles the 2028 games. >> i told them l.a. was ready to host the olympics again. you would find the greatest sports city anywhere on the face of the earth. >> this is the third time los angeles will host the summer
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games. the first time since 2002 the olympics return to the u.s. speaking of numbers, we could see triple digits tomorrow. >> big numbers coming up. especially away from the water. lake port flirting with 110 degrees in lake county tomorrow. the heat nothing to do with anybody near the water. berkeley 75. daly city, 66 for a high. 43 degrees cooler than lake port. mild night tonight. livermore 70. we are foggy in san francisco, 55. and the cloud cover spread to oakland where it is 57 degrees. the over night lows inland low 60s. fairfield 64. mountain view 61. santa rosa 54. the coast line low 50s. we have a ridge of high pressure, it is big, close, strong, effective enough to cut off the ocean influence inland.
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we still have a light onshore flow at the coast line keeping you in the 60s. bay, 70s and 80s. warmer, absolutely. a heat wave, inland. and then later on in the week, it may feel warmer outside because some of the tropical moisture over arizona and new mexico will work its way up the sierra, moving into the bay area. stickier, not as hot but humidity levels will be more humid outside thursday and friday. future cast low cloud cover spilling in the bay over night. burning back to the coast in the afternoon. sunny at the beach but the ocean influence will keep you 40 degrees cooler there. as for when we cool down back to normal, the weekend. the ocean still chilly. 57 degrees. pushing inland starting saturday. 100 degrees tomorrow and wednesday. if not hotter. with the humidity increasing we
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are not going to hit 100 thursday and friday. it will be 99 and sticky. warming near the bay and coast line. oakland 12 degrees above average tomorrow. 82. morgan hill 97. 99 danville. 98 pittsburg. 91 sonoma. 66 in daly city. san rafael 88 degrees. redding 115 in northern california tomorrow. hottest tomorrow and wednesday. stickier thursday and friday. cloudier too and average over the weekend. and all the talk about the heat, if you live near san francisco bay, disregard what i just said. it is like two parallel summers. crazy. >> thank you. a pretty rough day for
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anthony scaramucci. tonight the embarrassing mistake. >> and tonight's guest on the late show with stephen colbert. mmm
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you think you had a rough
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monday? be glad you are not anthony scaramucci. on the same day president trump fired him, the new addition of the harvard law school alumni directly accidentally listed him as decease. yes. indicating a death. since the release of the previous directory. harvard responded in a statement, we offer our since sear apologizes. the error will be corrected. might be a mistake to cross a bridge in switzerland if you are afraid of heights. this is the world's longest pedestrian bridge. it just opened. it is 1,650 feet long and just two feet wide. the highest point, 279 feet off the ground. and it has a system to prevent
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it from swinging. there you go. this clutch hit, a collapse by the giants, depends on what you are watching tonight.
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ace pitcher sonny gray to the yankees at baseball's trade deadline had to be baseball's worse kept secret and today the a's traded sonny gray to the yankees. he won 44 games. in the deal oakland gets three of the yankees top 10 prospects. this trade is a little different than the roster purge
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of other seasons. >> i mean, we are in last place so we need to do something. we need a lot of great players. hopefully the next cycle is one that we maintain the players. i think that is the goal here. >> big series. this is his first big league hit and rbi. giants lead 3-2. matt cain left with the lead but in the 6th, a grand slam. a's win 8-5. the giants lose their 4th straight. tonight maria sharapova returned to tennis on an american court for the first time since her 15 month doping
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suspension. she won the first set 6-1. drops the second. there was a scare there but won 6-0 to close it out in the third. she says she appreciated the fan support tonight. >> you give them something in their life to cheer for and you are an example that they live by. as people were coming up to me and telling me they couldn't wait to see me back i think it just hit me really personally. >> yeah. she learned a lot being away from the the game and sometimes you don't realize something you love till it is taken away from you. good for her to come back in the bay area. >> yeah.
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tomorrow morning at 4-30. michel will hav late show with stephen colbert is next. next newscast is tomorrow
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morning at 4:30 a.m. all the news you need. start your day. have a good night. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ( laughter ) ( applause ) ♪ ♪ >> announcer: it's "the late show" with stephen colbert! tonight, stephen welcomes matthew mcconaughey and vanessa bayer,


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