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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  August 1, 2017 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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on the left, you can see a gorgeous shot from mount sutro. that is the top of the [inaudible] >> how does it speak. >> oh no, help me, i'm drowning. >> is it going to drown all day. >> you're going to think i'm compage rating but i'm not. i was -- exaggerating. i was walking to the place where i work out and i forgot my flip flops and i burned my feet running to get them and i was thinking, what about our dogs and cats? it's that hot out there in our inland areas. today we will have triple digits for sure. isn't that glorious. we are able to see it even though we have some fog and localized drizzle. as we take a look
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at the excessive heat advisory that's in effect for today, it's pretty much for the north bay, east bay, san tra cruz mountain -- santa cruz mountains and hills. last night's overnight low was 78 degrees. the winds in san francisco have been picking up to ten. winds become more offshore later today. numbers ushering up into the 70s at the beaches. upper 70s around the bay today approaching 80 in emeryville and berkeley. 95 san jose. and we will top off at 109 in lakeport. >> good hosching and happy tuesday. -- morning and happy tuesday. if you are getting
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ready to hit the roads and you head through the altamonte pass, that is slow. we had an earlier crash so that is keeping your ride around 27 minutes between 205 and 680. we're seeing delays at the bay bridge toll plaza. if this isn't evidence that you should get a pass, i don't know what is. if you have a pass, you'll be zooming biment we do have road work on the upper deck of the bay bridge. that is your traffic. the oakland a's are trying to get to the bottom of a fight between a guard and a fan at last night's game. jessica is live at the coliseum with video. reporter: the incident happened during last night's two game series opener against the san francisco giants and that cellphone video shows a security guard getting in a fight with a fan.
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let's go right to it. >> that's the video from twitter user shane. he shows the third deck altercation. at least one guard hitting a fan and a follow up to that tweet, shane tweets he was sitting in the section when a security guard quote, assaulted an innocent woman. he claims she came back, got food and flipped everyone off. another witness tweeted i saw the fight, she was wanting to fight if fans, people were having to hold her back. on twitter, the team posted this statement, during tonight's game, there was an incident involving a security guard. we contract with a third party security company and are investigating the situation. violence in any form is not acceptable. now, right now, its unclear can what will happen to that third party -- unclear what will happen to that third party security guard or the other security guards seen in the video. tonight,
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there's another game at 7:05. last year, more than 50,000 americans died of drug overdoses. now, supervised injection sites are one push to combat the problem. we have more on what's being done to stop this national crisis. reporter: drug overdoses kill more than gun homicides and car crashes combined. that's why now leaders are urging president trump to do more about this epidemic. challenge to follow through on a campaign promise he made, a commission on drug addiction released a report asking president trump to declare it a public health emergency. 142 americans are dying every day from opioid abuse. >> we have a 9/11 scale loss every three weeks in america so the first recommendation we say to the president is you must declare a national emergency, a public
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health emergency that will empower your cabinet and motivate the funding of this and get on top of it because we have a crisis. >> also hear in california, a -- here in california, a bill has cleared the state assembly that would allow users to inject illegal drugs in controlled housing facilities. this could lower public drug use, they say, and take syringes off the streets. there would be sites in eight counties across california. the white house says this recommendation to call this a public health emergency will be immediately reviewed. its not often a public health emergency is declared for something other than a natural disaster. the last time invest was in puerto rico last year, more than 10,000 zika cases were reported back then. so if this was declared a national public health emergency, how
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would that change things? >> governor christie says it would force congress to focus on funding in crisis. minute could go to medication treatment programs and make sure doctors, nurses are aware of misuse and abuse of those prescription drugs that is spotted and prevented. this could equip all law enforcement with something first responders have, that opioid antidote. today begins the first full day of a new west wing. the new chief of staff is on the job and almost immediately, he ousted the new communications director who threatened to fire everybody. president trump is insisting the white house is not in turmoil. reporter: a great day at the white house. that's how president trump described via twitter what was an active day at the white house. one that began with a hiring and ended with a firing. it started with the swearing in of new chief of staff general john kelly who says he wants more structure,
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less game of thrones. >> i predict that general kelly will go down in terms of the position of chief of staffs, one of the great ever. reporter: one of kelly's first acts, pushing out communications director anthony scaramucci. scaramucci had trouble shaking a profanly laced interview he gave to new yorker magazine going after kelly's predecessor, reince priebus. >> the president certainly felt that anthony's comments were inappropriate for a person in that position. >> scaramucci is just the latest in a long line of high profile names that have come and gone from the white house. the president insists this does not add up to chaos. lawmakers though, praising the discipline kelly seemed to already be bringing to the administration. >> hopefully it will put order to the place, and i think it was a good choice. >> when he was general kelly with the southern command, he took all these different agencies, making them work well
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for our countries objectives. that's a good thing. >> the white house says unlike before kelly when several aides had direct access to the president, now all access will run through the chief of staff. today, a cable car operator accused of pocketing rider fares is due in court. he was arrested in april on six of felony misappropriation of federal money. investigators say he was concealing the true amount of cash he collected by not issuing receipts to riders. they claim this allowed him to keep hundreds of dollars in cash each month. >> auditors for the city found this -- released a report saying that receiving cash make [inaudible] searchers have recovered a
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body believed to be that of mark ma. they ran into trouble when the winds picked up. a boat nearby rescued his friends but he was nowhere to be found. >> we were able to grab a hold of him and we called the sheriff's department and they brought people out to help us. reporter: officials say he was not wearing a life jacket. the time now is 5:09. a new report gives us a better idea of how san francisco's notorious sinking skyscraper would hold up in a major earthquake. >> if you charge your electric vehicle inside the city of palo alto, be prepared to pay up. >> another heat wave today will pan out to be the hottest day of the week.
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we'll talk about the advisories you need to know about. >> and we're tracking a quiet start to your tuesday morning commute but we are tracking delays. bay bridge toll plaza, backing up. how long will it take you to get through, find out coming up.
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san francisco's sinking skyscraper... a new report from the city finds that the millenium tower is not ger of falling . a sigh of relief for residents of san francisco's sinking sky trip statutory raper. -- skyscraper. a new study shows the building is not at risk of an earthquake. electric car owners, starting today the city of palo alto will be charging you to charge up your vehicle. the money means more stations will soon be available. sandra is live in palo alto with the latest. reporter: people that drive electric vehicles will have more options in the city but you will have to pay up. starting today, stations like this one are
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going to cost 23-cents per kilowatt. not only does the city plan on doubling the number of charging stations, they also plan to generate the energy on site for the charging. they unveiled new solar panels at some charging stations last week. the goal is to achieve 4% of its total electric energy consumption from local solar by 2020. a little fun fact, palo alto has one of the highest per capita electric vehicle ownership rates with 2500 residents owning them and another 1,000 easy commuters coming into town each day. two bucks doesn't seem like a big deal, however, that's if you move your car on time. they're trying to basically encourage a higher turnover rate. they say once your car is fully charged, you're going to get an alert
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on your cellphone. you have 20 minutes to move your vehicle, otherwise you start getting charged $2 per hour. >> at least they give you the warning though. >> that's true. the clock ticks near the or towards the near total eclipse. some school districts are deciding to play it safe. >> they're already canceling classes on the big day. a school in illinois plans to shut down on august 21st. teachers say even if they can require children to wear protective glasses, the risk of eye damage is too great. >> that seems like an extreme move, what do you think? >> i don't remember them doing that back in 1979. i don't know if you were born then but i remember it was a beautiful day [ overlapping speakers ] >> and we had school and they took us out to the playground and we didn't have even the protective glasses and we were
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in the mojove desert. if miss this eclipse, we do have it in 2023, about six years from now. we have the count down to your eclipse and we are proud to be part of it here. let's get to it, can you see our count down clock, gang, 20 days, four hours, 58 minutes and 28 seconds. that's the count down to the solar eclipse 2017. all right, let's look at the current conditions right now. we're in the 50s and 60s. it's 60 san jose. winds are at 10 in san francisco, 16 fairfield.
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wind becomes more offshore later today. 57 degrees for dave in napa. you have to keep your dogs and pets cool during this impending heat wave. today and tomorrow, the hottest days of the work week. a little haze in the atmosphere. its never a good thing when you can see the air that you breathe. so today, the yellow highlighted areas, east bay, north bay, santa cruz, we will see temperatures over 100-degrees and overnight, not much of a recovery in the 70s and a few 80s. this morning, its 80 degrees at mount diablo. we're not going to see the precipitation but we will see the higher levels of humidity so it won't be as hotthis weekend but on
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the muggy side. san jose airport, computer models suggest a high of 93 there. i'm besting that by 95 degrees. mid and high 80s common around the peninsula. 89 in redwood city where many people don't have ac. 74 in san francisco. 73 in pacifica. triple digits, trivalley back through hercules. 104 toward the delta, easily 109 to the north. you notice the 103 on wednesday. it's battle of the bay as the oakland a's host the giants. enjoy your day. >> what's not a fun ride, making your way through the altamonte pass. we are tracking a new crash and this is eastbound 580 near isabel.
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this is opposite commute directions so it shouldn't slow westbound traffic down unless everyone has to stop and look. this is 238 as you're making your way from 580 over towards 880 there. you can see traffic starting to get crowded. we're not tracking any accidents this time around. things are looking good heading through the southbound. starting to see a few cars join the commute. here is a look at the foot of the maze. you can see traffic starting to slow down. it's going to be in the yellow for drivers making their way. its a 16 minute drive into san francisco. the east shore freeway is still looking good and in the green. that is your traffic. trending today, another
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hack in hollywood. the latest one hit hbo. cyber thieves reportedly stole scripts for several series including game of thrones and ballers. hackers claim there is more to come. the networks chairman and ceo sent a email to employees confirming a cyber incident. there's also the possibility some employee information was stolen. netflix just released a show, a little help with carol burnett. >> what's your resume? >> i started a little thing called the carol burnett show. >> i haven't heard of it. >> well, i won a few emmys for it. >> i got a trophy in soccer once. >> you did? >> everyone did. >> in the new series, burnett and other celebrities will sit down with kids to get pint sized opinions on issues. finally, closure for one of the most notorious baseball fans of all time.
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. >> that's awfully close to fan interference there. >> steve bartman became a symbol of the chicago cubs curse when he tried to catch a foul ball in game six of the national championship series back in 2003. the cubs lost the game and the series. they didn't win post season again until last year. fourteen years later, the cubs owner thought it was time to extend an olive branch. yesterday, the team gave bartman a world series ring and bartman released a statement saying i do not consider myself worthy of such an honor but i am grateful. >> we'll be right back. [ crickets chirping ]
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. it was baseball's worst kept secret and yesterday, the a's traded gray to the yankees. gray went five seasons with the a's. in the deal, the a's get three of the yankees top ten prospects. well, last night at
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stanford, five time grand slam champion maria sharapova returned to tennis on an american court for the first time since her doping suspension. tennis has been quiet since she's been gone. she won the first set, dropped the second set but won to close it out in the third. she got a wild card entry to play at stanford and said she appreciated the fan support last night. >> you give them something in their life to cheer for and you're an example that they live by, so i just really, as people were coming up to me and telling me that they couldn't wait to see me back, it just hit me really personally than it ever did before. >> sharapova very appreciative
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to be back on the court. a wild fight between a security guard and a fan here at the oakland coliseum yesterday. now, the a's are investigating. >> what california legislators are considering to end the opioid abuse epidemic and an effort to get president trump to provide funding.
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thieves behind a smash-and-grab at a bay area costco. . police are hoping surveillance video helps them track down the gang of thieves behind a smash and grab at a bay area costco. >> fire crews around california could have another challenging day dealing with dangerous heat. >> welcome to august one #ás
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where we begin -- first where we begin our could want down to the solar eclipse. >> and we are tracking slow down, yes, a crash slowing things down for drivers along 238, how far that back up goes coming up. good morning everyone. it is tuesday, august 1st. potentially huge developments in the investigation into possible ties between the trump campaign and russia. according to multiple reports, the president himself dictated donald trump, jr.'s misleading statements about meeting with a russian lawyer. trump jr. said the meeting was about the adoption of russian children. he later admitted he was after damaging information about hillary clinton. special counsel robert mueller is looking into obstruction of justice tied to russian interference in last year's election. president trump's lawyer says the claims are misinformed and inaccurate. a bay area congressman is
5:31 am
blasting the trump administration for the continuous drama in the white house. >> this is just disgraceful. these, these petty dramas, this reality tv chaos that has come to dominate the news cycles is standing in the way of us actually getting things done for the american people reporter: his comments coming after anthony scaramucci joined the list of high profile white house officials who recently resigned or were fired. protesters and police continue to crash in the streets of venezuela. overnight, opposition figures were taken from their homes from government officers. the vote means works could start tomorrow to begin drafting that new constitution. as an alarming number of americans die from drug overdoses, california
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is searching for ways to prevent these tragedies. neta is live in our news room on the scope of the problem and the push to provide supervised injection sites. reporter: its a controversial push but 50,000 americans died of drug overdoses last year and governor chris christie compares that to being at a 9/11 scale loss every three weeks and is pushing for the president to declare a national emergency. if that happens, it could fund treatment centers all over the country. in california, there is a possibility of a something that has never been done in another state. [inaudible] he says this type of supervised addiction assistance could save lives. >> this is going to allow health professionals to seek out drug users and you know, offer them treatment in
5:33 am
one location, even in broad daylight, you could just walk by somebody having a convulsion with a needle sticking out of their arm. >> i would rather they do it in a supervised space and get them off of the streets. reporter: this bill has cleared the assembly and there would be sites in eight counties across california including san francisco. this report released by the commission on opioid abuse and the drug crisis says the declaration of a national health emergency would finally wake up americans to this crisis and legislators would realize the importance of putting money towards the problem. declaring a national emergency seems like a rare move. >> yeah, it certainly is. it hardly ever happens. the u.s. department of health and human services declared an emergency in puerto rico last year when more than 10,000 cases of zika were reported. in 2009, there was
5:34 am
widespread concern over potential pandemic of the flu. firefighters on high alert across the state. they're battling dozens of fires, including this one near los angeles. it broke out on a hillside near a middle school. closer to home, investigators contained a grass fire in san jose. it burned about 10 acres near fire station 33. firefighters battled it from the air and the ground. they had it under control in about two hours. no buildings or homes were damaged. let's get another check on our hot, hot weather. >> it is a hot weather pattern here. you know, trying to compare it to last year at this time, we were even hotter last year. it's just that we're seeing more occasions of these heat waves. last year, we saw one and then average temperatures and then maybe another one a month later. we've been seeing heat waves week after week. let's look at the current conditions. this is looking out towards the
5:35 am
bay bridge where you cannot see the tiptop. keep in mind, the very top stands 525 feet off the bay water so that gives you an indication of how low that ceiling is. when we have a ceiling below 600 feet, you know we have that sfo on some arriving flights. yellow highlighted areas, let me get out of the way, north bay, east bay, san tra cruz mown -- santa cruz mountains and hills, we see triple digits today and recovering overnight is in the low 80s and high 70s. three things to take away from this weather cast, 100 or more today and tomorrow afternoon away from the bay. hazy conditions today, and a good looking day in pacifica. we're talking 73 degrees. 70s, about 80 degrees around the rim of the bay. high
5:36 am
80s, peninsula. through the 80s and 90s to the triple digits inland. we'll break down the forecast coming up but right now, you look busy. >> yeah, we just had a couple of crashes come in and they're both involving up to five cars so some big accidents. we have one along 880 and that is if you're heading in that southbound direction right near a street. also one on 238 approaching 880. that's blocking at least one lane. you can see 238 definitely starting to back up. that slow down begins as you're approaching 580. so you'll start tapping those brakes. it's going do be a slow drive getting to 880. and the metering lights, they're on and traffic starting to back up. your ride into san francisco, it's changing colors. still in the yellow, 16 minute ride into san francisco. we have new information this morning about a standoff we first told you about
5:37 am
yesterday morning in san francisco. it finally ended 15 hours later. it started late sunday night. police were called to the area because of a shooting. we're told one woman was rushed to the hospital where she later died. the suspected gunman may be that woman's son. at some point, he shot himself in the chest and police say he is in critical condition. a lot of people are sharing video from last night's a game. it appears to show a security guard getting into a fight with a fan. reporter: the team is investigating what happened during that two game series opener against the san francisco giants., not what happened on the field but what happened in the upper deck. cellphone video shows a security guard punching a fan. ..the oakland a's face off against the san francisco giants again tonight... sig out police are hoping newly- rele urveillance video . >> that video from twitter shows the upper deck altercationment a female security guard
5:38 am
punching a fan and pulling her hair. other guards jumped in to hold the security guard back. in a follow up, shane tweets he was sitting in the section when a security guard quote assaulted an innocent woman. she claims she left, came back and got booed and flipped everyone off. >> another person tweeted i saw the fight, she was wanting to fight the fan. people had to hold her back. on bitter, the team post -- twitter, the team posted this statement, during the game, there was a fight involving escort guard. we contract through a -- security guard. we contract through a third party security firm and we are now investigating. it is unclear what will happen to that security guard or the other guards seen in the video. ll help them sol crime in nov . police are hoping newly released surveillance video will help them solve a brazen crime in nevada. men wearing surgical
5:39 am
masks pulled off a smash and grab at a costco. it happened just after the 10:00 a.m. opening on sunday morning. this video shows three men wearing hoodies and masks, they're running through the front door and they break the glass on those jewelry cases. according to onces, they got away with at least one bag of jewelry and watches. nevada police say they are working to determine if two similar incidents at a danville costco have any connection to this case. nevada authorities believe this black chevy sonic with paper plates is the get away car. we are learning more and more details about the upcoming broadway version of frozen. roxanna has more. reporter: on wall street yesterday, a mixed day. the dow gained 60-points jumping to another record high. the nasdaq dropped 26.
5:40 am
netflix is reportedly billions of dollars in debt. the la times reports the streaming company has gathered $20 billion in long term debt as it tries to produce more energy content. -- original content. back to school means getting creative for target. the retailer is opening 30 smaller stores near colleges selling back to school basics. its also hosting pop up shops on campuses so students don't have to leave the grounds. and disney is releasing more details about the broadway musical frozen. a song writer says there will be 21 songs in the musical. frozen the musical premiers in denver august 17th before moving to broadway next spring.
5:41 am
ti . >> it is 5:41. at long last, the olympics returning to california. decan tails on the big -- details on the big announcement.
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5:43 am
forecast in just a few minutes. . welcome to the first day of august, 2017. this is life. isn't this a -- live. isn't this a piece of art in itself. it's the palace of fine arts theater. its a monumental structure originally constructed for the 1915
5:44 am
panama pacific exposition. with 55-degrees in san francisco right now. people across the country are being encouraged to get outside and get to know their neighbors for national night out. san francisco, berkeley, san mateo and other communities are hosting block parties for the event. national night out is a campaign to promote partnerships with local police departments and neighborhood comradery. california will once again host the olympics. the games are coming in 2028. delegates and members of the u.s. soccer team joined the la mayor to make the announcement yesterday. la was aiming for the 2024 olympics along with paris but the international olympic committee handed it to the french capitol. >> remember when san francisco was in the running. its probably for the best, you know what kind of a traffic mess it
5:45 am
would bring. >> don't you think we'll have something flying. >> i'm not going to count on it. >> 2028. >> wow. >> that's only 11 years. you know how quickly that goes. >> i'm going do be owning a mexican restaurant in antigua by then. >> and i'm going to be belly up to the bar. >> she'll be serving up margaritas. >> we'll come back and watch the games. >> speaking of traffic, that would be, yeah, that would be some interesting traffic. we've got slow downs, nothing out of the ordinary but definitely slowing your morning commute down. a big back up along 880 and 238. we'll begin with a crash northbound 880 as you're approaching 8th street. that has at least two lanes blocked and you can see traffic stacking up. we have the usual delays heading in that southbound direction as you make your way down towards 92. then we have this accident 238 as you're approaching 880. that has at least one lane blocking.
5:46 am
you just see this solid line of red for folks making their way in that northbound or westbound direction there, making your way towards 880. traffic backed up on 580. give yourself extra time. we lost that camera there. here is the san mateo bridge. getting crowded in both directions although i don't see any accidents or road work on this span. we're still in the green in both directions. thirteen minute ride between 880. you can see traffic looks okay in this shot. bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights on and you are slow. that's a check of your traffic. back to you. >> thanks. good morning everyone on this fester day of august. we -- first day of august. we would like to introduce to you
5:47 am
the countdown to solar eclipse 2017. can you see the clock. its on your tv screen right about here. we're on the count down to the solar eclipse. it's going to take place across the continental united states monday august 21st. it begins in lincoln beach, oregon and ends up in charleston, south carolina so it's a 70-mile wide path. if you miss it, it's next up on october 14th of 2023. that 70-mile path is where you'll see totality. here in san francisco, a partial so many people heading north. we're looking out towards the bay bridge where we do have mostly cloudy skies. it's a very compressed deck of low clouds and even localized drizzle. we are into the 50s and 60s. the winds were very aggressive earlier. now beginning to dial back in san francisco at 10, 16 in the
5:48 am
fairfield area. we'll have an offshore wind later today but an on shore push along the coast. hi dave, he's our weather reporter in napa reporting cool conditions there. thanks, dave. we will continuing to see the blustering heat inland. today and tomorrow, the hottest days of the work week and then muggy conditions slightly cool thursday and friday. triple digit heat in the yellow highlighted area. overnight, not much relief at all. it is currently 79 degrees at mount diablo so we're under the influence of this huge dome of high pressure. low pressure here is encouraging some of that sub tropical moisture to work up into the area. for us, no precipitation, just the higher humidity. san jose, let's pinpoint your forecast for today. watch the clock tick by with the temperature reading, 90, 91, 93, by 2:00,
5:49 am
forecasting 95. we're going all the way up to 104 in discovery bay and brentwood. almost equally as hot for wednesday. that's your tuesday forecast, keep it cool everyone. >> good advice. if you charge your electric vehicle in palo alto, prepare to start paying. sandra is live at the city's parking garage on webster with details. reporter: there's also good news to this. the city plans to add more charging stations like this one here. of course that's something that's welcome for a lot of people out here and also something interesting. they're planning to generate some of the renewable energy for these charging stations using solar panels which they installed on top of this garage. they unveiled the solar panels last week at this garage on webster but also at the garage on bryant street which is
5:50 am
getting six new charging stations. the goal is to achieve 4% of total energy consumption from solar power. the city manager says this reenforces palo alto's role in [inaudible] and climate action goals. if you're wondering how much all of this is going to cost you? right now, it looks like starting today at 23-cents per kilowatt. for a full charge that is about two bucks. that's assuming you move your car on time. they're wanting to get more people in and out of here. they say as soon as your car is charged, you will get an alert on your cellphone. after that time period, you have 20 minutes to get your car out of here, otherwise you start getting charged $2 an hour. >> 20 minute warning, i appreciate that. >> one bay area county putting a new twist on an old technique to deal with people who have had too much to drink.
5:51 am
we'll be right back.
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charges - stemming from a vandalism case involving his father. 31-year-old "auria maleksalehi" sed of trying to intimidate witnesses - who had planned to go to police, after tenants' cars we . the 31 year old was accused of intimidating witnesses who planned to go to police after their cars were vandalized on a property that his father owned. he brought three witnesses to testify that he did not dissuade witnesses. these recliners are among the 20 set to fill a sobering station in santa clara county. a grant is allowing officials to turn a center
5:55 am
into a comfortable space with where people caught drunk in public can sober up. >> for every officer that is with someone, they're there between an hour and an hour and a half to book them. to bring them to the sobering station, it could take them an average of six minutes. >> santa cruz county has a sober station up and running and officials say it's saving them roughly $190 a night per person. two men accused of beating a lyft driver caught on video are expected in court today. the two have pleaded not guilty. police say the two were riding dirt bikes when they beat a driver on highway 101 in san francisco. they are facing assault charges as well as conspiracy to commit a crime, vandalism and battery. two other suspects are facing charges. crews are cleaning up the dang from a fire at a school that broke out
5:56 am
on the roof of dixie elementary school. the sheriff tweeted this out last night. contractors have been doing construction on this school and here's a look at some of the aftermath. the damage estimated at about $50,000. it should be repaired by the time school starts later this month. a push to declare drug abuse a national emergency, coming up, why the president is being asked to make good on a campaign promise and why california is a lot closer to allowing people to shoot up with drugs under supervision. >> and a wild fight between a security guard and a fan here at oakland coliseum and now the a's are investigating.
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video of a fan and a guard getting into a fight at the oakland coliseum. >> amid new leadership, a new shake up at the white house.: good morning everyone. it is tuesday, august 1st. >> the heat wave is here. today some parts of the bay area can expect triple digits. let's take a live look outside and what you can expect in your area. a gorgeous shot there on the left hand side of your screen. the palace of fine arts as the sun rises this morning. now taking a look at our camera atop the mount. on the right, some of the hot temperatures we're expecting. up to 109 there. roberta gonzalez tracking how long the heat wave will last. >> that


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