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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  August 1, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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video of a fan and a guard getting into a fight at the oakland coliseum. >> amid new leadership, a new shake up at the white house.: good morning everyone. it is tuesday, august 1st. >> the heat wave is here. today some parts of the bay area can expect triple digits. let's take a live look outside and what you can expect in your area. a gorgeous shot there on the left hand side of your screen. the palace of fine arts as the sun rises this morning. now taking a look at our camera atop the mount. on the right, some of the hot temperatures we're expecting. up to 109 there. roberta gonzalez tracking how long the heat wave will last. >> that will be in the far reaches of the north bay.
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we do have an excessive heat advisory in effect because of that 109 reading. for that yellow highlighted area of lake county to the north, also your east bay mountains and hills. we have triple digits, again today. along the coast and the bay, you've got that beautiful bank of low clouds and fog. 50s, 60s, that will greet you out the door on this first day of a brand new month. it is a spare the air day. minimal warming along the bay and the coast. weier talking 73 -- we're talking 73-degrees in pacifica. high 80s, nearly 90 around the peninsula. triple digits inland. we will pinpoint your neighborhood forecast. that's coming up. >> all right. it's heating up and heating up on the roads too. a lot of crashes this morning. >> a lot.
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right now, 238 and 880, they're going off right now. we have a five car crash that had two lanes blocked on 238 as you're approaching 880. all of the lanes cleared and then we have reports of a new crash along 238 as you're approaching 880 there. you can see that traffic is quickly backed up well beyond, looks like towards the canyon along 580. that's where you'll start tapping the brakes. we have slow downs along 880 in both directions due to an accident involving five vehicles. now all lanes have reopened but traffic is slow in both directions and you're travel time, 15 minutes from dakota road up. southbound showing travel times in the green. that is a check of your traffic. i'll send it back to you guys. the oakland a's are trying to get to the bot tome of a fight.
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it -- bottom of a fight between a guard and a fan last night. reporter: good morning. that fight happened during the two game series opener between the oakland a's and the san francisco giants. the fight, caught on video. ty company and are currently investigating the si violence in any form table we tak . reporter: that video from twitter user shane shows the upper deck altercation. a female security guard punching a fan and pulling her hair. other guards jumped in to hold the security guard and fan back. a follow up to that tweet, shane tweets he was sitting in the section when a security guard quote, assaulted an innocent woman. another witness tweeted i saw the fight, she was wanting to fight the fan. people were having to hold her back. still, it's unclear what triggered the fight. the team posted a statement,
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during tonight's game, there was an incident involving a security guard. we contact with a third party security company and are currently investigating the situation. violence in any form is not acceptable. we take this incident seriously. now, it's unclear what will happen to that third party security guard or the other guards seen in that video. there is another game tonight here at the coliseum. now to capitol hill where today marks the first full day for a new west wing. the new chief of staff, john kelly is in, reince priebus is out and one of kelly's first acts, pushing out anthony scaramucci. scaramucci had trouble shaking a profanity laced interview he gave to the new yorker magazine. scaramucci is the latest in a long line of high profile names that have gone and gone from the trump -- come and gone from the trump white house. on
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twitter, the president is insisting this does not add up to chaos. lawmakers are praising the discipline kelly seems to be bringing already to the administration. >> hopefully he'll put order to the place, and i think it was a good choice. >> when he was general kelly with the southern command, he took all these different agencies, making them work well for our country's objectives. that's a good thing. reporter: the white house says unlike before kelly when several aides had direct access to the president, now all access will run through the chief of staff. it is still unclear who will become president trump's next communications director but a source inside the white house tells cbs that kellyanne conway is not among those being considered. russia is preparing to send a hundred thousand troops to the western border later this month. the move is being seen as a move of russian force and power.
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we're now learning that capitol police were initially directed to the long location when representative steve scalise and four others were shot at a congressional baseball practice. according to a report by bloomburg politics, police were initially directed to house minority leader nancy pelosi's house instead of to the park in alexandria, virginia. the suspect was killed by other capitol police officers who were already on the scene. scalise was gravely injured and underwent multiple surgeries before being discharged from the hospital last week. in just a few hours, a trial date for kate steinly's alleged killer will be set. a federal marshal will be allowed to testify against the illegal immigrant who killed her. the ranger's stolen gun was used in the
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shooting. drug abuse kills more people than shootings and car crashes combined. there is a push to have drug abuse declared a national emergency. neda is live to tell us how california is trying to fight this epidemic. >> california may do something no other state has done, provide safe places where drug users can shoot up. 50,000 americans die every year from opioid abuse. nicholas lost his brother 16 years ago in a dui car crash. he and his dated now run alcohol -- dad now run alcohol and drug treatment centers with plans to open one in santa cruz. nicholas says he sees firsthand daily that drug users need all
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the help they can get. >> its really tragic. its disturbing. even in broad daylight, you can walk by somebody who's having a full body convulsion with a needle sticking out of their arm. you see that everywhere you look. every park, every side street. reporter: local democrat scott weiner supporting this proposal saying it's better people do illegal drugs while supervised versus on the streets. governor chris christie is leading a proposal for president trump to declare a national public health emergency when it comes to drug addiction. this could wake up legislators to spend more money on the problem. sinking but stable, next why one report that the tilting millennium tower would withstand a major earthquake. >> and gone are the days of charging your electric vehicle in palo alto
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for free. ahead, i'll explain why and how much you can expect to pay. >> and we're tracking our second crash along 238. we can see the back up continues to stretch. >> two, two days of temperatures over 100 degrees this week and then the big change you need to know about for the weekend. who are these people?
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when the big one hits.. a new report says people inside the millenium tower won't have to t the building . in our bay area watch, when the big one hits, the new report says people inside the millennium tower won't have to worry about the building collapsing. the sinking skyscraper is apparently not in danger of falling over during a major earthquake. the building has shifted
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and dropped significantly since construction began in 2006. the engineers behind the report did caution that the tower should remain closely monitored. caltrans is considering a proposal to change the time frame on the 101. an initial proposal sought to extend that until 10:00 a.m. but some worried it would make traffic worse. now caltrans is reviewing a plan to make the window 6:30 to 9:00. if you charge your electric vehicle in palo alto, be prepared to pay. the city unveiled six new electric vehicle charging stations at the bryant street garage just off of university avenue. sandra is live at the garage on webster street with more. reporter: good morning to you. yeah, that's the good news. now there are more options for drivers of electric vehicles. more stations just like this one out and about,
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however, you do have to pay to use them. basically a charge for a charge if you will. its a way to fund a new plan by the city. they intend to double the amount of charging stations, they also plan to generate renewable energy on site for that charging. they unveiled solar panels last week that will help charge some of the stations. the city's goal is to achieve 4% of its total electric energy consumption from local solar by 2020. you're wondering how much is this going to cost an ev driver. here's how it works, its 23- cents per kilowatt. what does can that mean for a full -- does that mean for a full charge? it will cost you about two bucks considering you drive away on time. once you get a full charge, you get an alert on your cellphone letting you know. you have a grace period of 20 minutes to get your vehicle out of here, otherwise you
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start getting charged $2 per hour. >> but they give you that warning. >> at least they do that and a 20 minute warning. that's pretty good. >> more than most of the little pay stations. >> and $2 an hour, you're not getting a ticket right. >> i don't know. you might as well get a ticket for sitting in the bay bridge toll plaza because you're going to be sitting there longer than you want to. >> it is slow, stop go. everywhere you go, especially in the east bay. let's take it to our cameras. look at this, mcarthur the spider is even slow this morning. that's a frightening sight. you can see traffic backed up well boo the foot of the -- into the foot of the maze. east shore freeway starting to get slow. now, we've had a couple of problems and you can see that evident with our sensors showing slow downs. we have an accident southbound 880 near 5th.
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you can see traffic slower through oakland. 238, this has been a hot spot this morning. we've had two accidents. one as you were approaching 880, all lanes now open. traffic dealing with residual delays. it's a seven minute delay there. that takes about two minutes usually. we have new reports of a crash along 238 at 14th street. that has at least one lane blocked. 880, right near west 8th street. all lanes have been reopened but we're looking at delays in both directions. back to you. >> hi everybody. its the first day of august which means it's time for our countdown to total solar eclipse 2017.
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you can follow along daily right there with our countdown box. right now, we're 20 days away and 3 hours, 58 minutes exactly from when we will have totality of the solar eclipse around the continental united states. again that will take place on monday, august 21st. it begins in lynn on the beach, oregon about 9:00 in the morning. you'll see totality around 10:00 a.m. and it ends at charleston, south carolina around 2:00 in the afternoon. next time it will be up is october of 2023. we'll only see a partial eclipse. we have partly cloudy skies right now. areas of fog, condensation, drizzle, a bit of a wind. temperature wise, 50s and 60s. it is 61 degrees with clear skies. winds are beginning to dial back. we had some pretty aggressive winds earlier this
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morning. we still have a bit of a breeze in fairfield at 11. morning to john miller reporting 53 degrees in santa rosa. i wanted to share with you a comment he sent to me this morning, john had to say that he's feeling kind of blue this morning due to his giants because they dropped one to the a's last night. today, clear skies, 70 degrees at 7:05 as they go back at it. here's what you need to know, it is a spare the air day. we will have blistering heat again tomorrow. this is why we have that excessive heat advisory in effect. then a change by the weekend. low pressure draws up higher humidity and tropical moisture. we won't have the rain, just cooler temperatures and a little more on the muggy side. excessive heat warning for the redding area. 115, ouch. fresno, 106. take your pick around the bay
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area today. i'm going with 109 in lakeport. just as hot again on wednesday and gradual cooling towards the weekend. how are you going beat the heat? >> run through the sprinklers. i tell you, its my favorite thing to do. investors will be keeping a close eye on apple today. the company is releasing its third quarter report. it's supposed to post up to $45 billion in revenue. the company will likely address the future of iphones in a call. >> just as the company prepares to release that report, the internet is buzzing about a possible iphone 8 leak. multiple software developers claim to have downloaded an early version of the home pod speaker. in that code, they say they found this out lying image of what seems to be the new iphone.
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it features a super thin display border. we've learned two facebook bots named bob and alice have created their own language. researchers say the bots were developed in the company's artificial intelligence division. they were left to communicate however they saw fit with no direction to stick to english. they reportedly pivoted from their script in an effort to negotiate. >> and coming up, maria sharapova's return from tennis exile happens last night in the bay area. her reaction is coming up. >> and a clutch hit, the a's beat the giants but that wasn't the big news, stay tuned. >> and we want to know, what's cool about your summer camp? you can email us the nomination, cool camps at
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. it was baseball's worst kept secret and yesterday, the a's traded pipper sonny gray to the yankees. he spent five seasons with the a's. in the deal, oakland gets three of the yankees top ten prospects. so, another a's star is traded away. well, last night at stanford, five time grand slam champion maria sharapova returned to tennis on an american court for the first time since her 15 month doping suspension. tennis has been a little
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quieter since she's been gone. >> she won the first set, dropped the second set but won to close it out in the third. she got a wild card entry to play and says she appreciated the fan support last night. >> you give them something in their life to cheer for, and you're an example that they live by, so i just, really as people were coming up to me and telling me they couldn't wait to see me back, i think it just hit me really personally than it ever did before. >> sharapova, appreciative to be back on the court. i'll see you tonight. >> a wild fight between a fan and a security guard at the coliseum and now the oakland a's are investigating. >> plus, hbo gets hacked. what it means
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the campbell police department comes to the defense of an officer who drew his gun during a traffic stop. and: "he president certainly felt that anthony's comments were appropriate for a person i osition." our . if campbell police department comes to the defense of a police officer who drew a gun during a traffic stop. >> the president felt that anthony's comments were inappropriate for a person in that position. >> the ouster of anthony scaramucci. >> plus, world famous engineer and inventor elon musk opens up about his mental state including the turmoil he
6:30 am
goes through. first, this fight between a guard and a fan at the oakland a's game last night. >> time now is 6:30. jessica is live at the coliseum with how the team is responding. reporter: good morning. that's right, the oakland a's are investigating what happened during last night's game. cellphone video shows the wild fight with a fan. . >> this video from twitter shows a female security guard punching a fan, pulling her hair. a follow up to that tweet, he tweets he was sitting in the section when a security guard quote, assaulted an innocent woman. another witness tweeted i saw the fight, she was wanting to fight the fan. people were
6:31 am
having to hold her back. still, its unclear what triggered the fight. on twitter the team posted in statement, during tonight's game there was an incident involving a security guard. we contract with a third party security company and are currently investigating the situation. violence in any form is not acceptable. we take this incident seriously. and right now, its unclear what will happen to that security guard or any of those guards who were involved in last night's altercation. there is another game tonight here at the coliseum. the heat wave is here. take a look at that gorgeous shot. the fog rolling over the city. here, the sun is up over the palace of fine arts. on the right side of the screen, look at those triple digit temperatures we're seeing. roberta in the weather center.
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>> what's been so unusual is even though our temperatures have been just slightly above average for the month of july going into august, it's how we continuously keep seeing heat waves, one after another. when i say heat wave, its usually more than two days in a row. today, we're back into the 100s away from the bay. morning everybody. we are calling on our live weather camera. it's a beautiful view. one of the best ever. we do have that excessive heat withinning for the area -- warning for the area in the yellow. 70s in pacifica to 102 trivalley. full forecast coming up. good morning, things are definitely getting slow for drivers
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heading over to foster city. this is the san mateo bridge. grab those sun glasses, you're going to need them. its about a 20 minute commute heading to san mateo.238, that has an accident at highway 185. we have one lane blocked. 880 hasn't recovered due to earlier accidents and 238 as you're making your waywards 880, traffic backed up. 880 very slow through oakland and bay bridge toll plaza is slow. the 2018 governor's race more than a year away but the candidates have been busy raising money and they're going to need it. lieutenant governor newsome continues to lead the fundraising race. he's raised more than
6:34 am
5 million bucks, that is double each of his main democratic rivals. financial reports show john chung has raised $2.6 million in the first half of 2017. senator john mccain is in arizona today preparing for brain cancer treatments. lawmakers say he has absence from washington could put a delay on a health care plan. p mccain was one of three republican senators who voted against a plan last week. now, some say his absence could deny them a chance at turning the vote around. monday was a quote great day at the white house according to president trump. others disagree. anthony scaramucci was fired from his new post as communications director. you might have heard. >> yeah, we've heard and there has been a troubling development regarding donald trump jr.'s potential contact with russians. we turn
6:35 am
to mark for more. let's get to scaramucci, he's gone after 11 days. there's a new chief of staff and no communications director so what are people in washington saying about the turmoil? >> utter disbelief. there are times that people in washington seem to think what's going on makes sense and the rest of the world says are you guys nuts. this is one of those times where even people in washington are crashing their heads saying you've got to be kidding. scaramucci in and out in 11 days. there is one interesting consequence of this. if you think of what happened in the last ten days, president trump's best ties to the establishment republicans here, that is reince priebus, former head of the republican party and sean spicer, former communication director for the republican party, both are gone. that means trump is really on his own. he's not only at war with the democrats, he's at war with the republican elite.
6:36 am
he's been writing scornful messages about the republican senators on twitter. if there's such a thing as trump going more rogue than he has been, that's what's happening now. reporter: there is a report this morning that president trump dictated what some are calling a potentially misleading statement that his son issued on his meeting with the russians, what's the story on that. reporter: this is remarkable. at the g20 meeting when they're talking about the world economy, word gets out that the new york times is about to break a story saying that despite all the denial, donald trump jr. had met with the russians. so the story they worked on was that it was an inconsequential meeting but they were going to be honest about it. by the time they welcomed on air force one, the president had said no, we're going with this and he dictated a statement, a statement which said it was a short introductory meeting, we talked about child adoption. it was not a campaign issue. if you look line by line, technically what he says is not a lie but
6:37 am
it's wildly deceiving when you consider that the meeting was set up specifically to give dirt on hillary clinton because of an effort by the russian officials to help donald trump. on some level, its not that remarkable that donald trump was not completely honest with the american people, but first of all, it has to be pointed out, more importantly, who is the -- importantedly, who is the -- importantly, who is the source who leaked this? >> honesty, you know, his honesty has been in question for such a long time, and it seems that we're still talking about it. >> yeah, you know, we beat around the bush on this in part because of the complaints of fake news. if you constantly are saying the president's not being honest, people will say all politics are dishonest so
6:38 am
why beat up on president trump. the reason is he does it at a level that we've never seen. look at this chart. this is from a prize winning site. they have gotten up to 432 statements from donald trump. 69% of them are either rated mostly false, false or pants on fire. all politicians have had statements that they've rated untrue but nobody in the history of this organization has ever come close to doing that. the washington post last week found a 26 hour period where they counted 29 misat the same times by the -- misstatements by the president. you can say they're not lies, maybe they're mistakes, but no one has done it at this level and it may not be new but it's news because when did president says something, it's important that people understand that. if he tells you this is the biggest boy scout crowd there's ever been, its
6:39 am
important that people understand in those cases he was flat out wrong. what he says is not necessarily reality. >> that was an interesting perspective. thanks. some san jose police officers who left during turmoil could be returning to the department. the department shrunk by nearly a third when there was a fight over pension reform. earlier this year, the department reached a contract deal to raise salaries and now the report is that there is a sign of rebound with pay increases, large academy classes and a stream of interest from outside cops. >> the campbell police department is responding to a video posted online showing an officer drawing a gun during a recent car stop on highway 101. it is a nine minute video. you can see some of it here. it's been viewed on facebook more than half a million times showing an officer pointing his pistol at a male passenger who holds his hands up and tells
6:40 am
the officer to stop. the campbell police department says that the officer drew his gun when the passenger reached under the seat. in the video, the man explains he was looking for paper work. the department says quote, our officers receive a tremendous amount of training on a regular basis and that training is what dictates our response. san mateo prosecutors say this suspect in a fatal stabbing will not face charges for now. john peters was arrested after a stabbing on main street last thursday night. when deputies arrived on scene, they found two men on the ground in front of a home, both had injuries but one was bleeding badly from a stab wound to his neck. he later died on scene. prosecutors plan to let deputies put more time into the investigation before deciding if peters should be charged. more than 50,000 americans died of drug overdoses last year.
6:41 am
this morning, a push to declare opioid abuse a national health care emergency. neda is live to tell us how this could lead the way for injection sites in california. reporter: california legislators are looking into a controversial proposal for sites that would provide places for people to safely do drugs. this comes as calls are made for president trump to declare the drug epidemic a national emergency. if approved, this would clear up beds in treatment facilities and also create funding and require more drug abuse schooling for medical and dental students. governor christie says it is the president's job to act now because 142 americans are dying every day from opioid abuse. >> we have a 9/11 scale loss every three weeks in america. the first recommendation to the president is you must
6:42 am
declare a public health emergency that will empower your cabinet and motivate the congressional folks to fund this and get on top of it. we have a crisis. reporter: the bill here in california that cleared the assembly would allow users to inject illegal drugs in controlled health facilities. this means, if approved, they can shoot up under supervision. this is meant to take syringes off the streets and reduce infections and overdose deaths. there would be sites in eight counties that you can see on the map. emergency. a rare move that hasnt happened since the national f the president's staff says they are reviewing the latest report and will determine if it is a national emergency. that's a rare move that hasn't happened since the national flu pandemic in 2009 and last year's zika crisis. time is 6:42, up in flames,
6:43 am
the fire fight under way in the hills and the threats remaining this morning. >> plus, another hollywood hack. what cyber thieves reportedly stole from hbo. >> and the stock market opened just about ten minute ago and the dow is up this morning about 70-points. we'll be right back.
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vehicles in city parking garages will have to pay. but the money . starting today, drivers in palo alto charging electric vehicles in city parking garages will have to pay but the money means more charging stations will soon be available. the city unveiled six new charging stations at the bryant street garage. sandra is live in palo alto with the very latest. sandra.
6:47 am
reporter: hey there, good morning. that's the good news. drivers who drive electric vehicles are going to have more options. we're going to see more stations like this one here in the parking garage. something else that's entering is that they're -- interesting is that they're generating on site the energy needed to fill up these charging stations using solar panels which they have on the roof. they unveiled solar panelings on two different garage roofs, the one here on webster street and on bryant street. the city's goal is to achieve 4% of the total consumption by local solar by 2018. the city manager says this shows the role as a leader in the clean energy race. the big question is how much is it going to cost you now that people are getting charged to get a charge. once you actually get here, it's 23-
6:48 am
cents per kilowatt. what that means per car is about $2 to fill up a car. that's assuming you move it as soon as you fill it up. what they're trying to do is encourage more cars to come through. so once you actually fill up your car, you're going to get an alert on your phone. when you get that, you have a 20 minute grace period to move your car away from here before they start charging you $2 an hour. just a little while ago, a driver did pull up here. i asked him how often he charges his car, he says for his it will be about a dollar a day. he charges it every day so you're looking at 20 extra dollars a month. >> all right, 12 minutes before 7:00 and things heating up in the south bay, traffic wise. >> right, this is our first crash that we have tracked in the south bay. everybody's been behaving until now. this is 280 at the corrector of ten is.
6:49 am
it's not blocking any lanes. pretty typical >>its a 30 minute ride from hilliard to san antonio. our travel times showing just under 30 minutes. we'll take you to 680 and 880, both a slow ride.about a 17 minute commute, san mateo bridge getting crowded heading into foster city. similar one lane blocked along 238. this is near 135. this is still very slow due to a crash no longer blocking lanes and bay bridge toll plaza, it is a slow ride. let's send it back to you, michelle. thank you, a massive sink hole is now causing a fiscal emergency. the town recently approved a$8.5 million budget for the fiscal year.
6:50 am
repairs for the sink hole are expected to cost more than $3 million. town leaders are discussing a town utility taxer. voters would have to approve the tax. a meeting to discuss the funds is scheduled for august 8th. e having weighs orders have -- evacuation orders have been lifted for a fight near lake elsinore. scenes like that have been repeated across the state of california due to the heat. not only here but southern california as well. this is a gorgeous view of the cooling at the coast and into the bay. the city of san francisco, looking out in the direction of the east bay. temperature wise, in the 50s
6:51 am
and 60s. >> we're going to see the total solar eclipse across the united states on monday, august 21st. it begins in lincoln beach, oregon, you'll see totality just after 10:00 a.m. it ends in charleston, south carolina along a 70-mile wide path just around 2:48. morning to alan. he's reporting yesterday's high, 107 degrees. today alan, 109 there. palo alto in the high 80s. we do have that excessive heat advisory in effect for inland areas for today. blistering heat again tomorrow. it's the yellow highlighted area that we're talking about the advisory. north bay, east bay, santa clara,
6:52 am
santa cruz mountains rather. overpietrangelos in the -- overnight lows in the 70s and 80s. it's now 79 degrees at mount diablo. we're not going to see precipitation but we will see higher levels of humidity. a little muggy and cooler conditions by the weekend. heat warning in effect for redding, 115. 96 fairfield, mid-90s san jose. 104 discovery bay. equally hot just about wednesday but cooler by the weekend. make it a great day. >> thanks so much. hackers are coming, game of thrones fans know that reference. according to reports, cyber thieves sort scripts for several -- stole scripts for several shows including game of thrones.
6:53 am
anonymous hackers claim to have stolen 1.5-tera bytes of material. hbo's chairman confirmed the intrusion. > >>twitter users recently asked tesla ceo about his mental state. elon musk tweeted the reality of great highs, terrible lows and unrelenting stress, don't think people want to hear about the last two. musk added the key to coping is to make sure you care about what you're doing. >> a wild fight between a fan and a security guard here at the coliseum. now the oakland a's are investigating. g alarming numbers about . >> and a push for cable cars to go cashless. the investigation that is revealing alarming numbers about how much revenue is being lost. who are these people?
6:54 am
the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear.
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who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
6:56 am happened during last night's game against the san francisco giants. cell phone video shows part of what happened... :04 nats of yelling and fighting ((pause for nats))
6:57 am
this video from twitter user shane siegrist...shows pper deck a female . i'm live outside the oakland coliseum where the a's are investigating a fight that happened between a security guard and a fan at yesterday's game. now, cellphone video shows part of what happened. d-party security guard or the other guards involved will be able to return to work tonight...the oa a's face off against the san francisco gian t . >> the video from twitter user shane shows the altercation. a female security guard punching a fan and pulling her hair. it's unclear what triggered the fight. on twitter, the team posted this statement, during tonight's game, there was an incident involving a security guard. we contract with way third party security company and are currently investigating the situation. violence in any form is not acceptable. we take this incident seriously. it's unclear what will happen to that security guard or the
6:58 am
others seen in the video. it is 6:57. time for your final five. >> president trump continues to deny rumors of chaos in his administration. yesterday, he tweeted it had been a great day in the white house after general john kelly took over as chief of staff and anthony scaramucci was fired as white house communications director. >> protesters and police clash in the streets of venezuela following sunday's vote to length a new assembly -- elect a new assembly to rewrite the constitution. >> in a few hours, a trial date for kate steinle's accused killer could start. >> and a new report shows the millennium tower is not in danger of falling in an earthquake. >> and auditors for san francisco just released a report that found collecting cash
6:59 am
for cable car rides the area vulnerable to loss of revenue and fraud. >> we have an accident that has impacted the f market ride. we're also seeing delays at the bay bridge toll plaza. >> no delays at the airport. we still have clouds next to the coast and into the bay. a little local drizzle. temperatures, 50s and 60s, it is clear at 63. the yellow highlighted area, a heat advisory in effect. numbers in the triple digits. right now, we're in the 50s and 60s and later today, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, triple digits, take your pick. 104 towards the delta and 109 in lower lake to the north. >> the first thing i said when i woke up today, rabbit, rabbit. you taught when he that. >> my grandma taught me that. >> thanks for joining us.


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