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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  August 1, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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collesium. an live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. >> now at noon, baseball brawl. a fight breaks out at the coliseum. thanks for joining us. i am anne makovec. cell phone video captured a coliseum security guard punching a fan at the coliseum during last night's game against the giants.
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as kpix 5 jessica florez reports, the a's are now investigating the altercation. >> reporter: the oakland a's say the security guard involved in the fight doesn't work for them directly. they contract security to a third party called staff pro. the battle of the they turned into a bottle in the stands. cell phone video shows the wild fight. a security guard, punching a fan, grabbing her hair, and other guards appearing to try to stop the fight. another angle shows security guards wearing yellow jackets, running in a line towards the scene on the upper deck. one witness tweeted "i saw the fight. she was wanting to fight the fan. people were having to hold her back." another fan says "a guard seem
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-- seemed hot and bothered wanting to fight an entire row." the oakland a's say the security guard will not work any more of their games and the matter has been referred to the oakland police department. they tweeted "during tonight's game there was an incident with a security guard. we have contacted the third- party security company and are investigating the incident. violence in any form is not acceptable. we take this incident seriously." they say the guard was a contractor for the third-party company, staff pro. we reached out to the company. we have not heard from them. jessica florez, kpix 5. a live look outside right now. it is getting hot in some parts of the bay area. you can see a little bit of fog hanging around san francisco but inland, we are talking about triple digits. roberta gonzales has more on the heat wave. >> looking out towards the bay waters from san francisco.
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a little bit of a breeze out there as you can see the flag on the fly, but the visibility is decent. at the surface, we can see all the way to mount diablo. that fog is causing an conversion between cool temperatures at the coast and warmer temperatures at the higher elevations. 77 degrees santa rosa, 91 degrees livermore. are you kidding me? 64 degrees san francisco, excessive heat advisory in place for highlighted yellow areas north bay, east bay, santa cruz mountains, hills all the way to sam michio where we have triple digit weather during the daytime and very, very low recovery at the nighttime hours. 70s at the coast to near 80 degrees around the bay, 90s to the south, and to the north, triple digits to the east, and the heat wave continues tomorrow. we will talk about how long it will remain unseasonably hot. those details coming up later in the newscast. >> thank you, roberta. new video shows a campbell
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police officer holding a gun on a driver and passenger for nearly 10 minutes. it has people asking was that necessary? sandra osborne on what the video shows and doesn't show. >> why are you still pointing a gun at me? my hands are right here. >> i understand that. >> no you don't understand. you still have a gun pointed at me bro. >> reporter: a police officer stopped a couple last week. the officer says the female driver was speeding at about 85 miles per hour. after searching for a license and other paperwork, tension rises when the passenger allegedly reaches towards the floor. >> i seen a paper on the floor. there is a screwdriver there are, okay. i wasn't doing nothing. i was grabbing paperwork. that's it. >> reporter: the driver starts
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recording after the officer pulls a gun and calls for back up. with traffic building it takes about 9 minutes for other officers to arrive, while the passenger has a gun pointed in his direction. >> the tragic reality is police officers are attacked. it happened just yesterday morning. our officers have to look out not only for their safety but the safety of everyone around them. >> reporter: police say what you don't see in the video is what happened next. no one gets hurt, and they say the passenger even apologizes. they say the video is gathering different reactions and attention. right now, the department is reviewing body camera video. they say they do not believe the officer violated any rules or laws. i am told he is a veteran of the police department but they have not released his name because this is an active investigation and the department has received threats. sandra osborne, kpix 5. >> the passenger seen in the video did not want to comment but was cited for a seatbelt violation and the driver was cited for speeding. that video has been seen online more than half 1 million times.
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we are getting a look at a smash-and-grab robbery at a costco store in navarro. it shows three suspects in hoodies running into the store minutes after it's 10 am opening on sunday morning. within seconds, they smashed the glass cases and swiped hands full of jewelry and watches. they sped away with a black chevy sonic with paper plates. investigators are working to determine if two other costco incidents are connected. service is still being affected after a crash on san francisco's embarcadero. a car appeared to be making a left turn around 6 am when it hit the f market streetcar. bus shuttles are running a wrong -- along the route until then. no word on who was at fault. new at noon, covered california customers may have to spend more on health insurance. on average, statewide customers might have to pay 12.5% more next year.
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those who purchase silver plans on the health exchange could see an additional surcharge on their premiums as part of a plan from state officials. this is if the president d funds payments that cover out- of-pocket costs for lower income customers. about 1.4 million californians by -- purchase health insurance through the odd exchange. this is the first full day chief of staff john kelly is in charge at the white house. just hours after being sworn in, the retired general got rid of white house communications director anthony scaramucci after just 10 days on the job. weijia jiang has the latest from the white house. >> reporter: president donald trump tweeted about the stock bucket on tuesday morning, saying it could hit an all-time high again, focusing on the economy as his new chief of staff, john kelly, begins his first full day in the new position. >> he will do a spectacular job, i have no doubt. >> reporter: former homeland security director took no time shaking of the west wing, getting rid of anthony scaramucci. he lasted just 10 days on the job. the brush new york financier couldn't recover from his
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profanity laced interview to the new yorker last week, where he went after then chief of staff reince priebus and chief strategist steve bannon. >> the president certainly felt that anthony's comments were inappropriate for a person in that position. >> reporter: during scaramucci's brief tenure, both priebus and former press secretary sean spicer resigned. general kelly has been given full authority to manage the remaining staffers in the west wing. everyone including the president's daughter, ivanka trump, and husband white house senior adviser jared kushner, will now report directly to kelly, not the president. >> this whole term walking privileges, where 10 or 15 members of the senior staff can just walk into the oval office whenever they want is over. >> reporter: the president made
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clear, one thing will not change. his social media habit. he feels tweeting is he's only way to get the truth out. weijia jiang, cbs news, the white house. >> possibilities to secede scaramucci include special assistant hope hicks and david lepen a communications specialist who worked with kelly at the pentagon and homeland security. we have breaking news near yuba city where two sheriff's deputies have been shot. this happened in a rural area outside of dobbins. you are looking at live pictures from the sky right now. this happened about 3 hours ago and the investigation is underway. we know the officers were sent in to investigate a possible grow house and a 911 caller told dispatchers there was a "agitated person on the scene who may be armed."
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we are told that person may still be barricaded inside one of these houses. the officers were airlifted from the scene. we do not know their condition right now, but we will keep you posted as we get more information from the scene near yuba city. again, two sheriff's deputies have been shot. things are still developing in venezuela after deadly election violence. the white house announced new sanctions. more on the international response. >> governments like spain, canada, argentina and peru, joining the u.s. in denouncing the venezuelan election, calling it a sham. it gives the president, nicolas maduro, absolute power but the violence is growing as they try to stop a man they consider a dictator. an explosion targeting a convoy of police, one officer lit on fire while others scrambled to put out the police. a former mayor forced out of his house in pajamas and another officer taken out of his home. attacking prominent members of the cabinet coming after a controversial vote that would give nicolas maduro unlimited power and allow him to rewrite the venezuelan constitution. >>translator: the first vote for peace, independence, and sovereignty of venezuela. >> reporter: that there has
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been little peace and tranquility in venezuela over the past months. at least 2500 people killed and 2000 hurt. the u.s. condemning the election, hitting the country with sanctions. in a recent statement, president trump said the u.s. will not stand by as venezuela crumbles. >> nicolas maduro is not just a bad leader, he is now a dictator. the united states stands with the people of venezuela in the face of the suppression. >> reporter: nicolas maduro remains to find thing the sanctions and that's don't intimidate him. but venezuelans struggle through a food shortage and unrest on the streets. the prospect for peace lies in uncertainty. >> the arrest of the opposition leaders confirms fears of nicolas maduro using his power to suppress and silence critics. as for the sanctions, he told a crowd of supporters he won't take orders from the u.s. while making fun of the u.s.'s
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democracy citing trump winning the presidency despite losing the popular vote. coming up next, a high water rescue caught on camera. how crews managed to get this man and his dog to safety. plus, community colleges allowing students to carry guns on pat -- on campus. the new law taking effect today in texas.
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colorado over the weekend. a man had parked his car in a dry riverbed... when violent rain storm created a flash flood. tment used a some dramatic new video this afternoon of a swiftwater rescue in florence, colorado over the weekend. the man had parked his car in a
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dry riverbed when a rain storm created a flash flood. the local fire department used a ladder truck to get his man -- the man and his dog out of the submerged vehicle. no one was hurt. a developing story out of new york city. a man has fallen from a third floor staircase at the new york trade center inside the transit hub called the oculus. the man survived although he suffered traumatic injuries. a woman died in february from a third floor escalator. the area serves business commuters. an extreme step when it comes to firearms and freedom. starting today, students at a texas community college will be allowed to carry concealed weapons on campus, while open carry is not allowed. armed students must be licensed, but students are nervous. >> i thought it was crazy. anything could happen.
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>> i don't think in any situation should a gun be allowed in the school period. >> the same law took effect last year at four-year universities. private colleges were given the option to often out and nearly all of them did. starting today, people driving electric vehicles are having to pay to charge their cars in palo alto. the city unveiled charging stations on webster street and another on bryant street. these stations are powered by solar energy. it used to cost nothing to charge at city-owned charging stations, but now will cost drivers two dollars for a full charge. the city is encouraging a higher turnover rate at these stations so want your car is finished charging you will get an alert on your phone and you will get to 20 minutes to move your car before a two dollar our -- two dollar per hour fee takes effect. let's look at the stock market. the dow is up 78 points. time for a check on the weather forecast. we are going way higher than 78. >> i'm not a happy camper.
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it's never a good thing when you can see the air that you breathed. take a look at this from dublin into the tri-valley. that is just a mass. that is yucky. this is why we have a spare the air day in effect for today. it is 91 degrees right there with all that hayes -- hazmat -- haze and tomorrow probably the same as we will continue to see the blistering temperatures. it will be on the muggy side but one of our weather watchers in alan wake at the north bay says that yesterday he had 107 degrees. today i am forecasting 109 degrees in that neighborhood. palo alto today at 89 degrees. excessive heat advisories in effect for the yellow highlighted areas. might be, east bay, santa cruz mountains and hills, and also
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this and lucia -- san lucia area. 115 degrees in writing. we have very little recovery in the overnight hours. after 3 am this morning, it was 82 degrees in mount diablo. that was there overnight low. look here, lots of tropical moisture over southern california. several hundred lightning strikes in the long beach area. all of the tropical moisture wants to lift up towards northern california. we are going to have muggy conditions by the end of the work week. today, 115 with the excessive heat warning for you buy and oh kia. 103 in sacramento, one of the hottest july's on record. sunset at 8:17 pm. we will begin to cooldown after temperatures in the 80s, and 90s and triple digits today. your exclusive accuweather forecast is calling for cooling -- your extended forecast is calling for cooling with more seasonable conditions. the
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battle of the bay continues after the a's took one away from the giants last night. can we play ball? there is no fighting in baseball. >> that was coming from security guards, we will be hearing more from the company behind it. but in the meantime, let's keep it cool everybody. coming up next, skip a slice. why experts say you might want to pass on cake. and it's not just about watching your weight. the sunrise sunset report is sponsored by kelly moore paint. go where the pros go, the painters paint store.
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cake. a new study found blowing out birthday candles spreads a lot of germs. researchers slathered icing on thday cakes -- this next story may have you thinking twice about accepting a slice of birthday cake. a new study found blowing out birthday candles spreads a lot of germs. researchers slathered icing on two fake birthday cakes. they found blowing out the candles on one of the cakes increased bacterial on the cake by 1400%. gross. some tips now on a hardy and healthy -- at home. -- on a hardy healthy -- hearty and healthy dish at home. >> we have a tuna steak that
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we can see here. this is our seared tuna steak. it's extremely easy to make. just make sure you season it liberally with salt and pepper on both sides and hot oil. if the oil is not hot, the protein will stick to the pan. this is sort of like a pesto sauce but with parsley. not a great amount of basil out there yet but parsley is abundant so we mixup with breadcrumbs and cheese, some sun-dried tomatoes. and some almonds. >> now you don't want to bring that. >> you are just heating it up. you just want to get it to temperature. that's all we are doing. you notice the sauce doesn't really stick to the tune. that's not really the point. you want to make sure the flavor gets on their and then we get to plate. >> this smells so beautiful. oh my gosh. >> can you hand me a spoon? this is a very convenient drawer. we will make a little bit of a bed on the bottom for the tune. -- tune -- tuna and we put it
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on top. we have some fennel seeds and caramelized fennel. that is something you can make way ahead and he did operate before you plate and it's a great combination of flavors and it's a really cool thing you can use with vegetables on hand. there we go. >> oh my gosh. >> [ laughter ] >> oh my gosh. that's good.
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away your shot" to see the hit broadway show in san francisco.. don't worry. you'll have another chance. hamilton fans, you are going to love this. if you thruway your shot to see it, you'll have another chance. the show will return to san francisco in early 2019. details on tickets will be announced at a later date. >> i might go back and see it again. >> i think i will maybe see it for the first time. thanks for joining us. hope you enjoy your afternoon. stay cool if you are inland.
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♪ >> brooke: another successful spencer summit. >> bill: we raised a ton of money for charity. >> brooke: okay. so, who really won -- spectra or forrester? >> bill: the kids. just bidding, no voting. >> brooke: really? i want the truth. >> wyatt: no real winner? >> katie: [ laughs ] >> wyatt: the results had to have been tallied. they were going straight to his phone. i mean, could spectra fashions really have won this thing? >> katie: i guess the world will never know. >> wyatt: that's just crazy. >> katie: [ chuckles ] >> wyatt: but i, um... i have to commend you. >> katie: for what? >> wyatt: a job well done. >> katieuc


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