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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  August 3, 2017 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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>> > w noat 11:00 m.p. is is hohiw a gh speed bay d ennito ght.he asca meto an ed arm sut specotsh dead onth lirestet. poce edopen refi on morichnd pawarkary ne hilltop mall. re>> poerrt: the rushho ur che ofan armed roerbby
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itcame toa dybloo d enin nd. ch ftst aer 5 mmm po lice were rned that -- p5:00.m. po erlice wede warn. >> when our lipoffce oicers de the chrimond police pantrtme riarved evngerythi waaly readover. i t don'kn owhow much time it p ok r them to pu. rsue end de hereat the arapt tmen colenex a ar rkpa. thman inthis honda suspected of meard roerbby two ekweends dead. >> enwh e thoc cupantof e th vehipee stepoud t ofthe r,ca he s armed thwi a weonap, d an thofcefihars tt were inedvolv inthe uipurst geengad thwi the t.spec >>report: erchri mondpo lice wot ifspecy atwhd kinof uing t
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thweap e thsut specwas ard me wi. cayou n e sea chmaetey omfr -- a thchete om opchper 5.both cee poliar deptmt ene and thdi strictrnattoffey's ollice wi condt statnsioto in t he . kpoong ix. 5 today and fighting the esflam l a kes erdangoutus rn. wnreghfifater lls 50 feet do a hi. llside oae re broke t ouon e th ix-aneyberkelde borr. kp 5's joe zqvauehaz e s th teston e th firefi ght. joe?>> te reporibr: fer cioffials thpeope d thfod rwarmontmeum of e isgrly fire. w ght noeyth a reensp ding thr time mog ppinup and kimang resu th e firedon'est br>>orep tter:he gr isly fire thoue t ouarnd 1: 00p.m. is teafrnn.oo fles. veontati respadhe t t firsto 10 s acreand th en
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doli ng insi. ze >>very steep teairrn. . euwid inth pes . ptlyreus tes >> reporr:te calfi res wa dod rrieeythwo uld haveto utsh wn o twtrsfanrsorme so they isedsu a acevuaonti deorr for bethe rkeyel mpca. us n wheth eyto ldyou to leave, at was e thanunnontceme? he>> tre was a sspo pibleow er . tage >>[ tainatg s theame time] t no msouch that the amfles ulwod be rethinateng. >>epr:orte fifireghrste edgain the adagvante sothey anthged eir minds t abou utsh tingdo wne thantrsfmeorrs. nopor wewas lost after iane nmatfifirer ghtewas juinred teafr tumbngli down a eestp emnkba. ment >> the fighrefite rsunfod a
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fos stne and he lost s hi otg,inl fel50 feet to the ro bead lo w. >>epr:orte we are ldto he ay. oke rst thing toowmorr we are exct12ing 0 cal fire onpersne cl toome here tothe puen toe tht fronlines and t a nifishg intouch on th is grlyre fi. rerting li ve tin hebeeyrkel s,hill joe vquazixez, kp 5. goto> night esprident p trum ing teafr legamil imgr. ants ihecks bainplg a an that would lft grimmiation tothe u. ha. 'skpix 5 bettyyu breaksit do n for . us >>erreport: the plan is merit base yieroush ld and have highk spe pang job offe rsrsoffe and if edprov itwould inbrg the ggbichest ans gemmto iigtiraon pocilin es ithe itunedta stes >>es.cade rorep ter:on the teda 25 coimmian tsomfr a dozen
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unietrcas beme.s uti. cize ns -- thha i ve enbe eadr mingouabt isom ment r foremo than 20 s. e d itto ok10 toyears get herey.ctuall or>> rep pter:redesint umtrp bithres hippsuhiort be nd a . th e foreg rminamiceran atimmigrr ion fo strong >>oyplment act. init willrecedu poy,vert cr easegewas and saver ayxps erbinsllio d aniobillns ofolrsla >>rtrepoer: it would gechan redey ncor eegrn cards by gi prving iority tohigh skilled enh glisspkieaming imtsgran. in it le tseverodyby coe mpet whduvi. ally atre fair y wacan u yodo to havea tusin atioe wher t ge intothe uncotry. eright to wo porert: erstactivis said it uld ef fectla tinofamiesli the stmo. >> wehave no biasow t ardsany
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reonof the wo rld. i . wo rkevery y dafor 23 pamyy es tax. feral and >>epteorher: s is a new u.s. cizefrn raom fnc e. wo>at the meti i moved here i uld t nobe ab tleo apply for -- [nd irnisceib leintalkg ] atrertpoer: that d sparkea whexed chgean beeetwn the ite e houspolicy riadvisoer >>cnd n. -- viadser d ancn n. beth eyhao ve tlearn english sthere ty t geto t heedunit at es >> lyactual-- i am shd ockeat uryo atstemt.en m gr tou ohinknlpey foplero eabrt n itaiand aulistraa itvereals yo urasbi toa ngocki dreeg [e -- tkialt ng a >>the meim te ] isth is an azaming montme at you inthk lyon people from
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grn orbay aalustriaou w- ld - t greabrn itai oraulistraa is nsso iul -ting- lk[ tainatg sathe mee tim] grimmiatfoion r ngstro gmecarin emmeployntt acd woulcut the nu mberof fureges egieto -- begees to just 5000,0. tty yu, kpix 5. >>sa> n frscancio mayor eeed l imtee d threinformg icameran miiogratn for rostng emoy mentacdet unrm inesthe conts butionof immitsgran mmieunits and igs noree th va tlueshat fidene r ouonnati kland oaand yomar tetweed > grmimaants ke icamera t.grea >>the trump adnimionstrati is ra enreoping the de bateover thnd a coeglle adiomissns. e padentrtme ojuf e sticsent tia noce e tomploye esg lookin ogr wylaers to work ona new based scxanimie ng rac ditirimina >> wthle e white house ha'tsn co d nfirmeor nideed the
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rtdepament of stjuice llwi >>ysware vi ewscdiritiminaon. accog rdinto our poll focalirnnsia are agt ains atfirmivtie acon sa72% y ste aterunivsi ties reshou t treaall e thsame galerdf ss obaouckgrnd herein the baary ea lyon 1 0% inmiadn.ssio hld bea ctfaor >>cafoli irnias one of 8 st atesatth nsba the e usof t nighcafoliisrnia icy elfething e heat from a erwint . disast caveronila de cruztells us its ovver the iscrt is tha oramille d. a e atnsmillio oflldo ars.the law fi rmitsubmtea d m clai fo to the atste y.toda waals legethe padertntme of ter resos urceignored red ags. e fedam spl ilwaily faedn i
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brryua rmfaurs do wnrestam say eyth stlo 27acres -- farms erdown re samheay ty stlo 27 s acre a filaw rm said the e stat shld haveen tak s stepto e shorup the damage. >>-- if e thdam. obcalirn iayou have an of litigatoon ke eppeop lefesa. d ofe thbarg ain.e up toyour or repte fr:rsarme a re seinekg $15 iomilln to vecor thn cleaup cost d ansslo tion. so f naro comment tonight from state fiof cials. vecaroni de la , cruzkpix 5. >>neagw imes of a e plan alstdi lanng on other planes atsfo. hocould this ha? ppen we are nilearng abt oubla d in stot in e thorairpt darar syem. >> a man thwi lomotov cotackils isca ughtrefi bombing a tofo rniach. urch nit ghe thcase okto a
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>>eedctis twt. a ndthe planto ban cars includg lyft and uber inthe bay eaar. >> anheotder ri llfa th ti meit left a califonsrnia scktups ue id ri
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det .. athnte veurcoa fa tigon . >> > eabrking news inhesoutrn th persongot k stucon a rbungeeide atth vea nturtycoun
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fa irnito ght. f ofe thndgrou for ha lf. hourt he feetrast ppedto e thcord. fighrefite rrsedescu trihe der. thpe rson isayok. no wond what causedthe ride tion. > e a cle os acallt o.sf thonnatial sptranonortati . tyfe r boardd eleaseesthesag d can see the anples lined up anthen the air dacana igflht plcomeinn otop of one of the an. es out e thpldiane saeappred from bedar fo trehe close . call >>rertpoer: he easpksro fm peexcerien when he says it is ve ry ouobvis which isthe waaynw and icwhh is the taxi y fromthe air. he>> t run way ghlits e ar igbrelht ylo w. thtae igxi lhtars e dim blue.
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t can'apwr hishead ouarnd how r a lot stmiook xithe ta way foa y run wain july. t i wan to ofindut how could theyonhave dise th. thatwill come out of the inven.igatio or>> rep ter:new rminfoation re oseasedtoday shows justhow claie the r nacada plane came crto asnghi into four xiay wenlers fild planes on the e the planwawis 59thin etfe of thoue grnd fobere pilots reized mesog thinwas g.wron on one d anprlyobab t henext he e. woyou ulved ha a disaerst of ur airpnelas. rtrepoer: isth leliky s mean retrr affic control isn't >>lonsie. t iheidndivual prapoach is not deenpendt up aon radar . emst e you arossupped to dothis by ur eyes. >> a e faedreleas a emstatensat id s systemrewe eddesign to enprevt y run wa
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nsllisio. erthey we nodet edsign to upto land on xita ways. re ned sir trfic ntcoroerlls stlo ghoft e thanple for 12 sends bee causit erveed off se. isld wou have been one of the grte staie rlinsadists erin renthi y.stor >> fae a does not have the as atheyppacroxih ta wayst bue e ey arg workinthon at and they will arstt stteing the gy. chlo >> mlsteie,x kpi5. > san jose cepoli unfod a ddhien mecara siinde a bath --34olear-d is r underearst deunr ar restfaci ngsel vera s. ear ke word tathe udstio where vithd founcohad reg rdin de san se police and e thfbi are
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iginvest ating.>> ut> caht onmecara in rehern caialiforn, a ecsuspt fi bog mbina urchch. ghtonit the seca ta ook t.twis >>or repter: sullrveiance video pethows e ntmomes fobere the rslaon un chesa mov loto ilckta on to a church in . enleda seyou e the videce ghlit ndup a en itis hurl edwatords e th thamfles light up the night. thpee rson nsru off. >>t iis cr azy. rveun arod e thrncoer. >>teeporr:n afiofr ceon trolthghe nit it happened abjuly w sathe amfles and was of toget the fire out. fi scerswaedrme thscene and cofouna g bawi th moretomolov ths tailin. side idok to dna sas mpleand enedtifi the pe rsonin the video. e july30 ceoffirs arrested inea51-yr- old. veigsts atorsay heceon edlong to the ch urchand was
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kied off foapr inpratoprie be . havior hefaith ercent, she is seen re ina urchch o.vide g alonthe -- survlleiance l poras all along the ilbuding. foce bee lieve thn madid it r verenge bee caushe was edkick out of the urchch. eawe rchoued t tochurch cocis aland theycldein ed to mmt.en the sut specis held on a ,0$50000d. bon 5. bi> ang chges are comi ng to lemaet stre et insan frcian sco. wos erovappred aplan that uld ban rsca, inincludg uber and lyft. thcar ban ulwod onlyex tend omfr th10 restet to e th o. cerad anxis d heotr mmcoalerci
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hive wclesilonl lye usthe lane osclest to the . curb r. tre fesaied to make rkmaet pre g,ta $604million. nscotitruconin begs xtne year. a. b. r.t. buetsh faort ll. e with the e tha.b. r.t.l it a r coveup. aitrven cored inan thfiorrstfd ad wrapped trainsde yebuted y.sterda inthey ptun to rn 25 trai ns to a rolling arbillbod this ar. to inbrg in much edneed tomothy wiout ngaski cuerstoms fo otthe bill. >>.a.t.r. sa to expe ctremo ads from unedit andkaalas, and ford d an th. iser eyec expt brto ing in $2 min lliothis . year >>temosla veer ov, r othetoau marske are moving into cash in
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ixe theltrec iccar trend. kp 5's rimaa dimena has more. ep>> rorr:tela tes, e theris a new kid on e thblk.oc hothe nda arclit y. dthinayofs tesla inhandg itkeys to the first rsowne of s model 3, honda debud teits neeltrec. ic car >>ep rteorhar: wt doyou think th a rengcomi ou t?r icrsca >>i thinitk is woernd ful. pore: rterpontteial trelecic caowr nerssay the moreio optns thbee . tter i n'tht ink it pphaen edfast enghac lytual. i was expeinctg it e to ba bi erggke mart atisth point in the mega. we hbeave enri heangut abo eltrecaric cs r fo30 >> i itthink is eagrt. >> te reporr: besides hoa ndand slrsa othe co meout with
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eltraric cs. t buelhe tls kpix 5 it s wa cosla atth changed the game by it ngout thwi a odgo okloing ane appeinalg d anattitracve. t>>he ca rsare pard tonhe exprsion, a t baout of llhe. fcoblortae. anepteorr: t fhee utur isrehe d lisicon eyvall is in e th 'siver atse i >thi ink it is eitxc ing. >> gl. ad pore: rterdot n'be surpserid batr hecar ma kersinjo the ndgowad n an comeout with thr n owioversn d ansltea shlde bn givel althe credit fochgianng hiy.stor 5. sajo, semaria medi, na kpix >> thendhoa ses llr fo9,$500 0. the demol 3 tsstar at 35,000. >>al> ghl rit. weavmee so --e thpoiatentl fothdeunrmrstos heon t way fothe bay area. least atthe r uppe
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ions. st ic kyiosituatns for sdthuray rnafteoo n. wa vetordwas e thbaemrcerado. rm toy.da 0 10coorncd. sa97 n farael. s.sfo,th busiest t airpor ine th u., nccoord 76grdeee s. nsa anfro cisc57. athevi adso ry till009: p.m. owtomorr. night thgsinbe will cooler tomoowrr h ayan tod mbnusters ep f ofheof t highs ar 100 d an thisis the in sttereinpag ghrt, hies prsure ththat i eastof the y baeaar wi low supresre off shore ture rknmog l nsoonamois woing up from southern cafoiarnre whe eliartoer day ysst in their unmotains and erts. r fous -- rtdeses. futu cast,there isenplty of hi udgh clos rkwoing over the y area tomoowrr. not as chmu sun. le ss sun,attemperures come
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. down ures. mi com ng frosoa y utherl it will be warm d anicstky . morrowhu mid r fothe bay area. 1- m5 ofouaintn rsthundetorms and enth remo asseonal into e th .weeken sthin cl.oo g headinin that ctdireion owtomorr ayanyws. sajo 8se93. anoaankld 82. e thutsoy,h ba ernumbs cool to the mid-80rrs tomoow. hi udgh clol s stilin the mid- 90s r anmorg hi. ll . en,ba lnwaut 93creek br98twood . na 88in newi uncotry . tomorr shorine cool. bove 0 thteermp aatures idfew stckeps ba for aythursd, frtuay, saanrday, d ndsu, ay
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in to average and rrtomoow teinrestg thwi, u yoknow, buupild s over e thtamounins g. ntnlighin r vea go odid eairin fe se ason. w weill e sewhhaat pp ens. th>> ank you. >>tot nighwe llwi take u yo deinsi this new bay area reaust tranthacat ters to the riest peleop on the planet anherere a tonight's gu ests onhe
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. re he is a esqution, do you have a couple ndthousa bucks top end on, dsay,r?inne >> isth new rest aurantjust open. pelein the rlwod. riest tinsideishere just one table ve. res seatsup to 8 people. taruals n 00$4, ithats befo re x, tip or ksdrin. >>f id i hathe chance i ulwod wont itieresngo tgo but i ulned sever ek it out and be
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ung llin tolkwa in tothsomeing >> own. one ofe thdi, shesa cut of be withgold akfles. how esdo it taste. t one reew isaidt okloed ni ce bu doesnot add orflav to the food. lo okbes l.autifu in[ talkheg at tti same me ] i havea elfe--ing [ lktaating e thsame meti ] > teei ngitp uowtomorr and ayu want gia ant hit?ghligh ok here you
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wh hop? ade tw bguysui rldeac what madthe elem bieve th aat two-toneh botemh ulcompd coetine a traccek ra? torthhat ey could take on the elite in world motor racing, ulcompd anwid n? a traccek ra? weay mev n terlyrund usterdan what ds rivemercedes-amg. buhet tre'so otanrhe y50rsea of it. me esrced-a. mg hau alftu cenry ofnrhe dr g ivinperforncmae. seand nt-y jayung wonto the
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milenor ag.pues.abaslo w gi anigts mht bericleang thway r fopablo's turn? pablo was otspted in cithe ty toy dabut e brucacpohy sa hide iptror tomrow. a'r agleue road s presidt eninleadg a keta a fastball wndo th. e pipe nodoteub 20th homen ruof e th. year thso runsuorppt and help fr om e field. klwed one run in 7 in nings.
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oawiand ns 6- m1. aria apsharova with drewfobere her secondd rountcmah today due to aran m ryinju. wimbleamdon chfapion acing 17- yeldar-o o whd hato alde with anthn.e su e grd an slamerwinn medo n't letht e sun gowndo on . st 58 minutes she lost to mo to onto the tequarr finals. mo srrowteph rrcuy tees itup inthe wem b.cotour in had.ywar e ofs hipanertilrs wl be jevenaer gewho won the urtomena lntast arye. ngtiac bk to 2009. steph cuy rr while playg insteph curry
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naed a 75-otfot. sho asi amlooking fod rwarto kiimng h ouabt the shot in ife amchpiiponsh. hmee remb eredthat and if he hearmed ye lla buh ncof bad gsthin am t hiusbecae i was tha ar> nowguthat y otsh a 58 stla ye. e won thnatour mentthat they . w playinin owtomorr hodo you think l it wilgo? y paback. ou>> i wld want to be
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. food iwater.t.nternene we ed o it tlive. whbut doat we nen't reed a suserpris, li food iwater.t.nternene we ed o ikext eonra mth flyees. i yosee u,ee fay, pledy ble gearndtry acesans lijeca hu.ston u yogomet rk, ma. i yosee u,ee fay, pledy ble gearndtry acesans lijeca uswe jt ntwat fasinrnteoret f on ime, splrae te. fo r l alstthe reinamd g anth eop shpi anghend t nsiewng, i yosee u,ee fay, pledy ble gearndtry acesans lijeca bumot ofst a..llr . fothet f eisimth.splrae te. ettern f oorvene eryy dalesimppr anice d eno mxtraonlyths. fee to
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