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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  August 4, 2017 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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several cars up in flames. a live report from campbell where crews are on the scene of a destructive fire. plus -- >> what the prosecutors should be looking at are hillary clinton's 33,000 deleted emails! [ applause and cheers ] >> president donald trump speaks out after reports surface about a criminal grand jury now looking into possible interference in the u.s. election and if anyone in the trump campaign played a role. good morning, it's friday, august 4th. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm anne makovec in for kenny choi. first let's start with that breaking news story we have been following in campbell all morning. more than a dozen vehicles were burned after a fire started in a carport. kpix 5's jessica flores live at the scene with the latest. >> reporter: this could have been really devastating. this carport is outside an apartment complex on hamilton andover, fire crews still on scene putting out hot spots. they cleaned up already, but then the cars were still
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smoldering so they came back out here. they are putting out some hot spots right there as we speak. they used foam and water to put it out. 16 cars burned. we can show you the tires melted. you have inside the car it's just basically completely gutted. and this is what every, single car looks like right now. firefighters tell us it was so hot the heat moved from one side of the carport all the way along here along this area and these cars are parked illegally. this is the fire lane here. but firefighters tell us that did not hamper their firefight today. now, santa clara county fire got the call about 3 a.m. they had to actually evacuate the apartment complex as people were fast asleep. the fire grew outside the apartment and did not extend to the building and no one was hurt. neighbors posted pictures of the flames online. we also spoke to some neighbors who live in nearby homes who
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said they heard big booms likely from tires popping. neighbors rushed outside to see the massive flames. >> we ran outside. i called 911. he ran to wake up our neighbor, whose fence is behind the carport. and yeah, next thing we know, it's totally engulfed and my husband and our neighbors are out there with garden hoses to keep it from coming on to our property. >> reporter: the good news is that fire crews were able to contain this fire pretty quickly. again, no structures burned. nobody hurt here. but right now, this fire is still under investigation. reporting live in campbell, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. two minutes after 6:00 now. sticking with the south bay action, another accident on the roads? >> it's a hectic friday morning so far. if you are getting ready to head out the door right now, the connector ramp from northbound 880 to southbound 101 completely shut down. emergency crews on the scene. looks like cars actually going
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through that stretch now. so maybe they just opened up that ramp there. but you will still see a police presence and some activity so please be careful and give them some room as you are making your way through that stretch. northbound 101 is slow, the usual slowdowns between 680 and 880. 24-minute ride from hellyer to san antonio. over at the bay bridge toll plaza, we are tracking a big backup that's because the metering lights are on. 16 minutes from the maze into san francisco. just a reminder, we have the muni subway shutdown closure in effect this weekend that takes place starting at 9:00 tonight. the last train departs around 9:00 and there will be a bus bridge in place. that closure in the subways runs between west portal an montgomery stations. service -- regular service resumes monday morning. let's send it over to roberta to get a check on the forecast. now, i had some raindrops coming in on -- when i was
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heading into work this morning. >> i did, too. i had to use my windshield wipers. last night i received an alert of lightning in the vicinity. this is the scene last night about 8:50 in the evening hours. we had cloud-to-ground lightning strikes which is very, very dangerous. i'm taking a look at it right there to see what we have going on there. that's a cloud-to-ground lightning strike and why it's so dangerous, it could cause fires in the bay area. keep your heads up today. we have the potential of more thunder and lightning and also some light rain showers in the forecast. this morning i was picking up numerous lightning strike, cloud-to-ground. anywhere around the stockton and lodi area lifting to rio vista. this is the scenario at any time today. we have a lot of instability in the atmosphere. plenty of clouds today, partly to mostly cloudy skies. muggy and warm temperatures. the thunderstorm chance will continue through the day today. we'll have slight cooling over
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the weekend. that's our live weather camera from mount vaca. currently it is so warm out the door. 60s and 70s. we'll talk about today's highs and the weekend forecast. that's still to come. an l.a. county town facing significant clean-up after powerful rains and massive floods left drivers and an entire train in a fix. on the left in the town of akin, a metrolink train stopped in its tracks because of heavy rain. 200 people were stuck on board. flooding in the area picked up cars and water gushed straight into homes. in san francisco, a triple shooting at a popular park has sparked major changes to security in the area. kpix 5's jackie ward reports from dolores park. >> reporter: sfpd is making that change starting this morning. from now on they will have two patrol officers around this area 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. and that's something that is
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new because it used to only happen on settings and sundays. but here's why this change is happening. just after 3:00 yesterday afternoon, a group of people with bandanas over their faces went up to three people who were hanging out on the west side of the park near the footbridge at cumberland and church and shot at them. one witness described the scary scene. >> a lot of chaos in terms of people not knowing what was going on and which direction. um, but then it was pretty evident that it was happening at the bridge. >> reporter: another witness told us they heard six gunshots and saw everyone fleeing the park in different directions. three people were taken to the hospital with gunshot wounds including one man who was shot in the face. now, the suspects are still out there. but police are assuring everyone's safety here at the park because they believe this was a targeted event. witnesses say they saw the suspects take off in a car. in dolores park, jackie ward, kpix 5. in just a few hours, a trial date for kate steinle's killer could be set.
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she was shot as she was walking on san francisco's pier 14 two years ago. attorneys for the defendant in this case juan francisco lopez- sanchez say he picked up the gun and it fired accidentally. a federal ranger who used to own that gun will be allowed to testify against the illegal immigrant. his stolen gun was used in the shooting. president trump starts his day at the white house and ends the day on vacation in new jersey. the president heads to his golf resort in bedminster as the federal investigation into alleged ties between russia and the trump campaign ramps up. last night the president went to a rally. this morning he wrote, west virginia was incredible last night. crowds and enthusiasm were beyond gdp at 3%. wow. democratic governor became a republican last night. >> the russia story is a total fabrication. >> president trump called the
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investigation into alleged russian meddling in the presidential election a hoax at a rally in west virginia thursday night. cbs news learned special counsel robert mueller is now using a grand jury to advance his federal probe. the move allows him and his team to streamline the process of getting subpoenas for records and testimony. the president insists this is all sour grapes by democrats still upset by his spectacular win in november. >> there were no russians in our campaign. there never were. we didn't win because of russia! we won because of you, that i can tell you! [ applause and cheers ] >> white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders issued a statement that former fbi director james comey had, quote, said three times that the president is not under investigation. and we have no reason to belief this has changed. reacting to suggestions by mr. trump that he may be looking into firing mueller, two bipartisan groups of senators introduced bills thursday making that much harder to do.
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they stipulate if the president ever gave is up an order, that order would then require the court's approval. >> bob mueller is admired. you fire him and you'll create a firestorm here. >> ty cobb a member of the legal team said the white house is committed to fully cooperating with mueller and that it, quote, favors anything that accelerates the conclusion of his work fairly. mueller's investigative team expanded further earlier this week when it added an expert on foreign bribery. senator john mccain is very optimistic about his recovery process and that he plans to return to the senate in september. mccain was diagnosed with an aggressive brain tumor. the arizona senator began chemotherapy and radiation treatment for glioblastoma on monday. he surprised lawmakers when he returned to the senate floor for a vote on the healthcare bill aimed at repeal and replace obamacare this month. republicans are targeting california democrats for their support of a single-payer
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healthcare system. they released this ad on youtube earlier this week. ♪[ music ] >> little charlie gard is critically ill. his doctors over in england say there's nothing more to be done but his parents say they are being blocked from making life or death decisions for their own child. >> the ad launched by the national republican congressional committee. according to an nrcc spokesman, the ad is specifically targeting democratic candidates in southern california and one in the san joaquin valley. caltrain seeing a lot more riders using their services. they are not making money. how that's going to affect passengers coming up. >> and emergency crews have a connector ramp shut down in san jose. we'll have the details, the backup and your travel times coming up. >> raindrops, thunder and lightning. it's all in the friday forecast. but i'll talk about what you should expect this weekend. >> and in our tech report, the new patent apple just filed to
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make major changes to ipad and iphone screens. this busy mom spends her days driving all over town.
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comcast business. with a six-month truce of sorts. many sausalito residents have a dispute over a new golden gate ferry terminal is resolved with a six-month truce. many sausalito residents have been less than pleased by golden gate bridge district designs for the new site. now for six months, lawyers for both sides will steer clear of the courtroom to produce alternate designs for the terminal. the landing has been in place for more than 40 years. starting this weekend, drivers will not be able to park near the golden gate bridge from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. those parking restrictions will be in place for the next five weekends through labor day. that means the only way to get to the popular scenic outlooks by the bridge will be by bus or
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a ridesharing or taxi service. caltrain is increasing the fares and parking fees to cover operating costs. >> like it or not, it's upsetting people who use caltrain every week. kpix 5's neda iranpour joins us live in san francisco to tell us why the fees are going up and exactly how much. neda. >> reporter: yeah. people are going to have to pay more money into these machines. even though ridership is up for caltrain. a lot more people are using these services, 60,000 people every weekday take caltrain and the trip will cost more. since customer demand is now up, caltrain says it's costing them more to maintain and repair the system. even though more people are riding, they will be $18 million in the rednecks year. so the agency now planning to increase the zone fare by 25 cents, eliminating the eight-
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ride ticket discount. monthly parking is going up to $82.50 upsetting passengers. most people this morning are heading to work and they say they are on a budget. >> there are people who ride every day. it's a huge hit to their wallets. >> i'm headed to palo alto. it's the only way to get there. what am i going to do? >> reporter: the changes were approved this week by the board of directors. the increases will go into effect in october. the last time any fee changes have been made was a couple of years ago. live in san francisco, neda iranpour, kpix 5. a lot going on this morning in the south bay. >> we have a connector ramp that's shut down and that's going to cost some people a couple of minutes on their morning commutes. right now, if you are heading out the door, the connector ramp from northbound 880 to southbound 101 closed. you can see a tow truck and chp
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on the scene. they are conducting an investigation. the backup is starting to show just a bit along northbound 880. really not too bad. it's just right as you come up to the connector ramp. the real slowdowns that we are tracking are along northbound 101 and that's very usual for this time of morning. we'll let you know what that he connector ramp reopens. it looks like they just put a tow truck on the scene so hopefully they are clearing the vehicles out. over in benicia, we have reports of an accident that has closed the connector ramp from northbound 680 to 780 due to an accident involving a semi and another vehicle there. we'll take it to our maps where we have 55 hour closures. that's coming up this weekend starting tonight at 10 p.m. highway 12 will be shut down between 160 in rio vista and 5 at flag city if you are going to lodi. you won't be able to use highway 12. that closure will wrap up sunday morning at 5 a.m.
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in the meantime, you can continue along 160 if you are trying to get to 5 and take that to walnut grove and then it will connect you to i-5. but that's going to add about 45 minutes to your commute. roberta, i know you don't have that kind of time. >> i don't have no time for traffic! there was a nice flow going this morning. hey, everybody. i am so excited to talk about this! it's our hi-def doppler radar. we have been picking up some scattered showers in throughout the sacramento valley this morning even some cloud-to- ground lightning strikes. several between 4 and 5:15 a.m. around the lodi area. i want to talk about all this because there's a good chance some of this could drift into the north bay, delta and eastern portion of our bay area. heads up today. there's a possibility of a thunderstorm at any time. we have our tips of the day. hey, you know, we're only 17 days away from the total solar eclipse. there's our countdown clock. about to solar
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eclipse for everything you want to know about the solar eclipse. we'll have low-level clouds and marine layer pushing onshore and mostly cloudy skies from the subtropical moisture. just look how mild it is out the door. 76 degrees in livermore. 75 degrees in san jose. yesterday, our weather watcher in lower lake it was 108. it will be cooler today but muggy. we have unsettled conditions in the forecast all day long. the potential of a thunderstorm exists at any time of the day with rain and lightning. it will be less humid and cooler over the weekend. this is the activity fueled up from southern california, where we had floods yesterday moving into the bay area thunderstorms last night in the concord area and also discovery bay. we have the potential again
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today. a lot of atmosphere n stability backing into tahoe and in yosemite. 103 in fresno for your getaway friday forecast. 60s to the 70s, 80s and 90s outside number 97 towards the delta. hey, los gatos 97 degrees for you, too, very muggy. here your extended forecast. we do call for each day, boy, less humidity and dry conditions. head out to pacifica this weekend. it's dog surfing championships. 62 degrees. michelle, it really is an apple world. we're all living in. >> you know, it is. we talk about apple every day. we're talking about it now in our tech report. apple is workingbe a new screen to allow -- working on a new screen to allow for increased privacy on iphones and pads. they filed for a patent entitled displays adjustable angles of view. unlike other screen systems, apple plans to use an electrically controllable filter to selectively polarize the screen so people viewing the phone from other angles
6:21 am
can't see it. facebook stories may not be a user favorite but it's not stopping them from expanding that feature to its next platform. the network is now testing stories for the desktop site making it no longer limited to just smartphones. facebook says the new feature is still being tested and it's unclear when it will officially launch. there's uber, ubereats and a couple months ago we now have uber freight making a national push for truckers to book their loads. they will be able to book freight pickups in georgia, arizona, the carolinas and right here in. yeah. the uber freight app is set to suggest loads to truckers based on past routes and deliveries. coming up in sports, steph curry makes his professional golf debut and it didn't start off the way he had hoped. game 4 between the giants and a's, fans got a chance to see something they haven't seen a lot of this season. it's coming up. who are these people?
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game 4 of the battle of the bay. the giants trying to even up the series at two. the athletics returned on a bad night from the dl as the giants light up at&t park. it's grateful dead night. this one was over early. bottom of the second the giants lead 5-0 brandon belt adds a couple more with his 18th homer of the season. ties a career-high for him. bottom of the 5th inning, the giants now leading 8-1. the pitcher blach wins, he goes 8 strong giving up two runs on
6:26 am
just six hits. steph curry didn't set high expectations, just didn't want to mess up the first hole but he did. he hooks his first shot and it lands in the cup holder of a golf cart. it leads to his first bogey, three on the front nine. he heated up on the back nine, par 3, he lines up a 23-foot breaker and it drops in for birdie. he finishes with 4-over 74 and is in 142nd place. >> as soon as he said my name on the first tee, that's when i could barely feel my hands. try to take a deep breath and still it wasn't anything i could prepare myself for that moment. he told me i was going to shoot 74 i would say take that all day every day. >> getting back to baseball, the a's to anaheim against the angels and the giants host the diamondbacks with madison bumgarner on the mound. andrea nakano for kpix 5
6:27 am
sports. after a triple shooting happened here at dolores park yesterday, the san francisco police are making a major change. we'll tell you what that is next. >> reporter: we are continuing to follow breaking news out of campbell. a fire rips through 16 cars getting dangerously close to homes. i'm live at the scene coming up. 've been
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following in campbell all breaking news in campbell where over a dozen cars went up in flames overnight. we're live on the scene with more on the investigation that's now under way. and new calls to crack down on white house leaks. >> just can't have people in
6:31 am
the government working for the president picking and choosing, um, on what to leak. >> plus, masked gunmen open fire at a popular park. >> i heard about 6 gunshots and ran out front and saw everyone fleeing the park. >> the changes san francisco police are now making to keep crime out of dolores park. breaking news in campbell. i'm anne makovec in for kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. more than a dozen vehicles were scorched after a fire started in a carport. jessica flores reports from the scene. >> reporter: the fire could have been devastating. it ripped through 16 vehicles as people slept at home. vehicles completely burned-out and melted and right now, they are looking at this area behind me where they think the fire started. 16 vehicles were destroyed.
6:32 am
the apartment complex was evacuated because of the massive flames. fire crews got here at 3 a.m. they are telling us that they are not sure right now what sparked the fire but crews are done now and they are turning to the investigation to figure out how this fire started. we speak to several neighbors who were asleep and then they woke up to loud booms possibly from tires popping. they said they walked out and saw big flames. >> a dog -- 10-year-old german shepherd was pacing our house and we thought she was just annoyed by an animal. we get racoons and possums in the backyard. so my husband gets up to look and there's a fire. so i -- we run outside. i call 911 and he runs to wake up our neighbor. >> reporter: what you're looking at now is the carport still smoldering. investigators trying to figure out again how this started. but the good news out here is that there is no injuries to
6:33 am
report. they did evacuate folks, got them to safety, before the fire continued. they were able to contain the fire and the cause is under investigation. it's in hamilton and dover. jessica flores, kpix 5. one of the two men charged in the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire is due in court this morning. derick almena was the master tenant at the warehouse where 36 people were killed in december. he and max harris a leader at the ghost ship are facing 36 points of involuntary manslaughter. at today's hearing his attorneys will ask for a bail reduction and will plead not guilty. time is 6:33. let's take a live look outside. on the left-hand side of your screen there, a view from mount vaca. you can see plenty of clouds in the sky. and on the right, what looks like a whole lot of rain in our hi-def doppler. but that's not necessarily the case. we have seen plenty of
6:34 am
sprinkles. >> we have had lots of sprinkles around the bay area. we had rain and thunderstorms in discover bay with lightning strikes. this is hi-def doppler. we have had lightning in the sacramento valley. we'll keep an eye because this could roll into our area. plenty of clouds today, muggy around warm temperatures. chance of thunderstorms today, cooling over the weekend. this is the scene towards the golden gate bridge. the marine layer is rising. temperatures rising also in oakland at 69 degrees. 76 degrees in livermore. what a warm start to your day and what's going to pan out to be a very humid day. 68 to 97 degrees in los gatos. your full forecast is coming up at 48 after the hour. but jaclyn, you have been pretty busy this morning. >> yeah. that's right. we have two connector ramps shut down. so we'll take it outside right now and look at the 680 connector ramp to 780. this is right as you are coming off the benicia bridge there.
6:35 am
that connector ramp closed due to an accident. a "sig alert" has just been issued by chp and you will have to continue on to northbound 680. you can always exit at bayshore road there and that will allow you to get back on the and you can continue to 780 but that will add time to your trip. northbound 880 to southbound 101 the connector ramp closed as well after an earlier accident in the south bay. we also have a muni subway shutdown that goes into effect tonight at 9:30. the last train leaves and then the bus bridges will be in place. the closure runs between west portal and montgomery stations. and regular service will resume monday morning. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. thank you. caltrain officials just made the big announcement this week. the cost to ride is about to go up despite increased ridership. kpix 5's neda iranpour joins us live in san francisco to tell
6:36 am
us how passengers are reacting. neda. >> reporter: you know, 60,000 people actually use caltrain every single workday. so all these people are going to have to pay more for those tickets. caltrain says even though ridership is up, their costs are up. they expected to be $18 million in the red next year. even with increased customer demand, caltrain says it costs more to maintain and repair their system. caltrain does not receive dedicated funds from anier else other than riders. and their tickets. this doesn't make passengers happy. they feel they are being taken advantage of because they don't have any other options. >> i'm riding every day so for me, it would be a major hit. and with the cost in san francisco like rent, it's something that for people on a budget really makes me think, how am i going to get to work every day? >> this is the only way i'm getting there. so just have to do what you have to do. >> reporter: the agency now planning to increase the zone
6:37 am
fare by 25 cents and eliminating the eight-ride ticket discount and increasing monthly parking to $82.50. the go pass also going up by $40. so that means putting man haron monis any into these machines. that monthly parking pass is $55 a month so it's going up about $30. they just voted on this this week. they approved it and it starts on october 1. neda iranpour, kpix 5. the owner of an rv that got wedged in the golden gate bridge's toll plaza may have to pay the bridge district $10,000. officials say the tollbooth itself wasn't damaged in the accident. but it did damage a concrete block and an electronic device meant to prevent crashes. two people were trapped in the motorhome after its door ripped off. the chp had to rescue them. the possible $10,000 fine is based on historical payments involving toll plaza damage. starting today, a greater police presence will be the new norm at a popular park.
6:38 am
it follows a triple shooting in broad daylight. kpix 5's jackie ward is live at dolores park with the latest. >> reporter: sfpd is assuring the public that this is still a safe place to hang out at because they believe yesterday's shooting was targeted. starting this morning, two cops will patrol 7 days a week and that's different from their old protocol where they were just here on weekends. there was a shooting that happened around 3 p.m. yesterday afternoon. a group of people with bandanas over their faces approached three people hanging out by the food bridge and shot them. all survived including one person who was shot in the face. but those injuries are life- threatening. drug deals are not uncommon in dolores park, but daytime shootings are. >> it usually seems like it's just kind of this ecosystem that's happening there? and most everyone keeps to themselves. um, but, you know, it's
6:39 am
obviously super scary. >> reporter: the sfpd gang task force spent hours combing the scene for evidence. despite earlier events, that didn't seem to deter people from enjoying a warm evening in the park last night. witnesses said they saw the suspects take off in a car and they are still out there this morning. sfpd is not releasing many details about who they are looking for. at dolores park, jackie ward, kpix 5. we have learned a bay area dentist was killed in this small plane crash in sacramento county. it happened yesterday afternoon. the plane crashed in a backyard in rio linda. the plane crashed near a frequently used approach to mcclelland airport. the 71-year-old pilot died. the faa and ntsb are investigating what caused that crash. today attorney general jeff sessions is going to talk about the ongoing investigation into government leaks. he recently faced criticism from president trump for not being tougher on the leaks from the intelligence agencies s
6:40 am
this also comes as some lawmakers on capitol hill are outraged over the publication of transcripts of president trump's calls with foreign leaders. many are calling for the swift termination of whoever might be behind their release. >> no white house can function this way. we need order out of chaos and start firing some people probably be the right signal. >> the "washington post" published transcripts of two january phone calls president trump had with the president of mexico and the prime minister of australia. former white house communications director anthony scaramucci says he will not hold an online event today. he tweeted out this news yesterday adding, quote, focusing on family, my work in the private sector. he said he was moving forward and calling for followers to stay tuned. his brief time at the white house ended monday after john kelly assumed the role of chief of staff. time now 6:40. up in flames, a firefight under way right now in the san
6:41 am
bernardino mountains foothills as a grass fire burns out of control. >> plus, a hiker and her dog to list appeared on the seattle trail for four days are safe this morning. the rescue video and the joyful reunion still ahead. >> and toyota and mazda make a major announcement overnight. where the companies plan to build a new factory. who are these people?
6:42 am
the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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margaret brennan joins us now from new york. good morning. time now for a look at what's coming up later on "cbs this morning." margaret brennan joins us from new york. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you, michelle. ahead, we have a cbs news investigation! kris van cleave has a new development on the problems of the police ford explorers. plus hear from a transamerica
6:45 am
pyramid man who gave birth to a son. how transgender man gave birth to a son. >> people in rural areas don't have high-speed internet. we visit one town as the government takes steps toward bridging the digital divide. that plus the eye-opener, your world in 90 seconds. see you at 7:00. thank you. i had to and mazda announce they are teaming up to build a new 1 -- i had to and mazda announce they are teaming up to build a billion-dollar plant in the u.s. to produce 300,000 cars a year and create up to 4,000 jobs with toyota and mazda. president trump had criticized toyota for building a plant in mexico to make corollas. the company now says it will produce them at the u.s. plant and then make tacoma pickups in mexico. president trump tweeted saying in part, quote, a great investment in american manufacturing. it's 6:45. we took -- [ crosstalk ]
6:46 am
>> my first car was a toyota. they don't make the tercel anymore. >> i crashed it. >> i did too. >> a deer hit my car. we are tracking a couple of problems out the door. we have an accident that's shut down the connector ramp making your morning commute very slow. this is off the benicia bridge, northbound 680 the connector ramp to 780 completely shut down. no time as to when that ramp will re-open. exit bayshore road and turn around and get back on 680 and transition to 780 to use that connector ramp. but that adds time. so give yourself some extra time. through hayward, new accident southbound 880 at 92. that's slowing things down and
6:47 am
over at the bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights on, traffic backed up to the maze. now the drill. this is in the yellow. it's just under 20 minutes for drivers heading westbound from the maze into san francisco. we also have a big 55-hour closure that's taking place this weekend. it starts tonight. highway 12 will be closed between lodi and rio vista. so between 5 and 160. that closure goes into effect tonight at 10 p.m. it wraps up sunday morning at 5 a.m. you can continue on to 160 to walnut grove to i-5. that adds 45 minutes to your drive. so please keep that in mind if you trying to get to i-5. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. jaclyn, thank you. as the total solar eclipse approaches, the american astronomical society warns people to be sure they don't
6:48 am
buy false classes for the big day. rainbow symphony has the stamp of approval by the organization even as millions of pairs of glasses are being sold for the event. now more medical professionals are joining the conversation to warn people that staring at the eclipse with the wrong kind of viewer has long-term consequences. >> when there's an eclipse, it's comfortable to stare at the sun but the burn of the retina which can spark permanent damage to your retina. >> roberta is counting down to that eclipse. i have been counting down since 1978! [ laughter ] >> you know, there's so many different ways you actually can look at the total solar eclipse. one way is cross your hands over the face and look up.
6:49 am
go to solar eclipse for more. the eclipse will take place across the contiguous united states on monday august 21. it begins in oregon about 9:00 a.m. totality about 10:00. it ends up in charleston, south carolina, just around 2:48 in the afternoon. 70-mile-wide swath and if you missed it, the next time around is october 14, 2023. hi-def doppler radar showing rain in the vicinity. hopefully we won't have that in the forecast on august 21 for the "solar eclipse 2017". we have had some thunderstorms in the sacramento valley this morning, mid- and low-level clouds this morning lining the rim of the bay. clouds this morning. these clouds are indicative of unstable air mass. it's not usually associated with thunderstorms. but unstable air can produce a thunderstorm and we have that in the forecast all day. 60s through 90s today. the winds are up to 15 in san
6:50 am
francisco and fairfield. we'll be blustery today 10 to 20 gust to 20 and 30. bill moon is in orinda and says his overnight lowis 77. feels like fresno! we could see some record overnight low minimums. they are not in officially yet but san francisco bottomed out now at 63 degrees. but weather were at 69 a couple of hours ago. unsettled throughout the day today, less humid over the week, cooler subtropical moisture continues to lift from the south in a northerly direction. satellite and radar suggests more clouds are coming in today with that chance of rain. same around tahoe and yosemite for this getaway friday. today we're talking about 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s cooler than yesterday. but it doesn't feel like it with the higher humidity. less humid on saturday. more seasonal on sunday through thursday. enjoy your friday. locals in the san bernardino mountains say it's
6:51 am
starting to seem suspicious how many fires have started near residential communities. about 50 to 70 people in you can paya ridge were evacuated yesterday afternoon following a wildfire. investigators tracked the start of the fire to highway 38 where they detained a person of interest. now locals say they want anyone responsible to face consequences. >> i hope this guy pays for what he has done because all these people trying to get up the hill all work and, you know, we're just trying to get home. >> it gets you very angry. the people that could get their houses burned, the animals that lose their homes. >> locals in the area are stressing despite dry conditions, an unusual amount of fires have broken out recently. after disappearing in the mountains for nearly a week, a hiker and her dog are back home with their family in washington state this morning. authorities finally detected a gps signal from kimberly haynes' cell phone and after four days, crews say it was her
6:52 am
dog that led them to safety. >> we heard a dog bark. and then we shouted out to her. she replied. we heard her yelling for help. and we said, we're here! then we saw her and she was kim and we just hugged and cried. >> wow. what a relief. there she is. aside from a sunburn and scrapes, authorities say haynes and the dog are expected to be fine. we are following developing news out of campbell. a fire rips through 16 vehicles getting dangerously close to homes! i'm live at the scene with the very latest coming up. >> plus, returning to court. the request lawyers plan to make as one of the suspects in the deadly warehouse fire in oakland faces a judge this morning.
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it's 6--- time for your final five... i'm jessica flores live in campbell where a fire ripped through 16 vehicles getting dangerously close to an apartment complex here on dover and hamilton. now investigators are trying to figure out why this fire started. santa clara county fire department got the call just before 3 a.m. the flames started spreading outside apartment units where people were fast asleep inside. firefighters evacuated the apartment and a neighbor posted pictures of the flames online. we spoke to neighbors who heard big booms likely from tires popping. neighbors rushed outside to see the massive flames. >> there was tons of tires popping. we didn't here a big boom but we could hear the tires popping. a lot of cars are destroyed. >> reporter: firefighters believe the flames sparked in one vehicle and then spread along this line all the way to
6:57 am
here going through 16 vehicles and the heat of the fire over here went over here and actually made all of these cars parked along the fence -- those cars caught on fire, too, even the fence caught on fire. this fire got dangerously close to a lot of homes. no one has been injured. fire crews are investigating how this fire started. reporting live in campbell, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. three minutes now before 7:00. time for your "final 5. a fire in the oakland hills that broke out wednesday is being investigated as a possible case of arson. but this morning, new concerns are being addressed. neighbors say the eucalyptus and monterey pines in the area remain a major threat to fires and want them cut down. in san francisco a triple shooting at a park sparked changes to security in the area. starting today there will be two police officers patrolling dolores park to reassure people they are safe. >> one of the two men charged in the deadly ghost ship warehouse fire is due in court
6:58 am
this morning. derick almena was the master tenant of the warehouse where 36 people were killed last year. special counsel robert mueller has a washington grand jury in place as part of his investigation into possible coordination between russia and the trump campaign. reuters is reporting the panel has already issued subpoenas in connection with the june 2016 meeting between donald trump, jr., a russian lawyer and others. and president trump criticized the investigation at a campaign rally in west virginia. this morning, on twitter, he wrote: caltrain is increasing the fares and parking fees to cover erating costs. the agency is now planning to increase the zone fare by 25-cents, eliminate the 8-ride ticket discount, and increase caltrain is increasing the fares and parking fees to cover operating costs. the agency is now planning to increase the zone fare by 25 cents eliminate the eight-ride ticket discount and increase monthly parking to $82.50. and all lanes cleared along northbound 880 to southbound 101. traffic still slow along northbound 101 heading to the
6:59 am
south bay. we have a new accident southbound 880 at decoto road and it has one lane blocked. your travel time from 238 to 84 is under 20 minutes. san mateo bridge getting heavy in that westbound direction but we are still in the green making your way into san francisco. we continue to track delays over at the bay bridge toll plaza. roberta? >> good morning, everybody. let's head to san jose where we have overcast skies there, as well. everybody is reporting mostly cloudy skies. temperatures in the 60s to 70. it's 76 degrees in livermore. today, 60s, 70s 80s and 90s and yes another downright humid day. we have a threat of a thunderstorm at any time. maybe even rain or isolated lightning strike. we'll keep our eyes to the sky, cooler and less muggy for the weekend. >> had the windshield wipers going this morning a couple of times. >> but it was fun. [ laughter ] >> it was. >> yesterday it had that feeling all day that it might rain. >> yeah. >> you know, easy to work up a instead going out for a morning
7:00 am
run. ♪[ music ] good morning to our viewers in the west. it is friday, august 4th, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning." a new development in a cbs news investigation involving police suvs that are making officers sick. ford is considering recalling more than 100,000 explorers now under federal investigation. a federal grand jury reportedly issues subpoenas in connection with a trump campaign e meeting with a russian lawyer. and one of the world's tallest residential buildings catches fire again. remarkably everyone make it out alive, we'll show you how. plus an effort to bring the high-speed internet service to more than 22 million people living in rural america. we'll take you to a georgia town where slow speed is costing resideti


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