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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  August 6, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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searched for suspects. a few hours ago, we set up a camera for 45 minutes to film the parking lot. during that time, we saw illegal drug use and a fight between two people who appear to be homeless. residents who live in the area have been complaining of similar types of illegal activity for years. that's why san francisco city supervisor, london, says the city put a formal offer to buy the property from mcdonald and redevelop it into affordable housing. and that is the reason why, i mean, i have been pushing so hard to purchase this property. it's because of the complaints that come from them. the frustration they have for what they experience walking in their neighborhood. they are sick and tired of it. >> mcdonald's released the following statement about the deal. the company says they received a letter of interest from the city and the proposal is currently under review. now the city is not releasing how much they are offering mcdonald's for the property. but, they are saying that the
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funds are coming from the housing development project. live in san francisco, katie neil son, kpix5. >> bike sharing is not the kind of thing you expect to cause controversy, but an expansion of the city's effort to encourage cycling just rode into the debathe. kpix shows us bikes are getting butchered in the mission and some people are thrilled to see it. >> there's a lot of bikes that we find, it's nothing to see a bike like that in pieces. >> there's no telling how many bikes were stolen, stripped, dismembered, but this one is certainly getting the most attention. one of the four sponsored bikes rolled out as part of the bike sharing. >> i love it. yeah, it's a great way to see the area. >> maybe a hit with tourists, but some mission residents are not so enthusiastic. >> letting them know where they
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place their shuttle buses. >> the neighborhood council and opposes these bike pods. while he doesn't support the vandalism, he has seen the photo and the long threat of cheers it is drawing on social media. a bike stripping celebrated as a strike against the vehicle of gentryification. >> a lot of people are saying, see, you know. this is what can happen when that kind of company tries to come into this neighborhood. >> it's not just that poor bike left hanging by a tree. you'll find that every one of these bikes has had the back tire flattened. >> we actually rented one and noticed the entire line was down. >> we are fed up, you know, this is kind of like, this is it. >> gallery director says the bike blowback comes from the long simmering brew of neighborhood frustrations. everything from evictions to traffic control. >> this is a larger issue around accountability and transparency from the folks making these decisions. we're asking to be transparent. >> in general, i agree with
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that. if you can only have 1,000 bikes without some sort of sponsorship and get 7,000 with some sponsorship, i think that benefit outweighs the cost. >> so like new homes and new restaurants, the latest change to the mission landscape sparked another debate. and judging by the number of flat tires here, these bikes may be in for some tough pedaling. >> i think it's a shame. i think promoting responsible transportation using bicycles is a priority for any city. >> in san francisco, nelson walker, kpix5. >> we just spoke with the company that manages the go bike program that described this kind of neighborhood resistance as unusual and disappointing the they think most residents support the program. >> while there's been another violent attack, a pair of passengers were pepper sprayed by a teenage girl who then tried to rob them aboard a daily city bound train. that happened yesterday at the station in san francisco. she ended up running off empty handed.
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the passengers told police that the girls with a group of ten other juveniles. these mob style robberies are becoming more and more common on bart. late last month, a group of teens beat a man unconscious outside the richmond station for no apparent reason. he is now recovering. bart insists the system is safe, but it does tell us it is stepping up patrols at certain hot spot stations. a large tree branch fell into a crowd at a company picnic. three people were hurt, including a child. the kpix shows us it could have been a whole lot worse. in chi >> the video was taken by a fighter shortly after the tree branch came down. the tree crushed a baby stroller. the firefighter was one of the first responder on scene. >> two seconds between hearing the tree limb crack and getting out of the way. so they had very little time to move. >> to give you an idea of how
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big and heavy this branch is, i'm 5'7", and we're here in the middle section of it. it's about 4 feet in diameter. if this were to fall on anybody, there's a very good chance it would have seriously injured or even killed him. this thing is just huge and heavy. it was a private company, a startup based in san francisco and firefighters say there were hundreds of people here. two dozen of them were sitting underneath the tree, cooling off in the shade. then left, 20 minutes later, the branch came down. in all, two adults suffer minor injuries and a one-year-old infant had some cuts and scratches. firefighters say they are extremely relieved and it could have been a lot worse. >> very lucky, and very happy that everybody got out of the way prior to that branch coming down. i can't explain luck. >> this spot on the quad is a popular location for special events. in fact, this private party was supposedded to be there, too, but was relocated to another spot on campus. the organizer didn't want to talk on camera, but said he
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wasn't worried and the tree branch falling is an act of god. the fire department admits they are not tree experts, but think they this may have had something to do with years of extended drought and the heavy rains we got this past winter. they will be working with the college to make sure the other trees on campus are inspected later on this week. in menlo park, kp5. >> a professor accused of murder in chicago is expected to face a bay area judge tomorrow. windom is expected to be arraigned in dublin. leading authorities on a cross country man hunt. no court date has been set. andrew warren who surrendered in san francisco. the two men stabbed a 26-year- old hair stylist to death late last month. police say that lathem had a personal relationship with the victim, but so far, they have not released any details on a possible motive for that murder. governor jerry brown is
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accusing the trump administration of going off the deep end by threateddenning sanctuary cities. speaking this morning on meet the press, the governor said leaders need to find middle ground on immigration. >> it does require some sensitivity and that's why i take a more nuance and careful approach to dealing with a difficult problem. you do have people who are not here legally. they have committed crimes. they have no business in the united states in the manner in which they have come and conducted themselves subsequently. >> governor brown pointed out that the many contributions immigrants bring to california from the service sector to silicon valley. >> hanging out the help wanted sign for a brand-new position. transgender services program manager. the new hire will serve as a trainer, a mediator, and facilitator to the services county wide, including medical care, employment, mental health, safety, and inclusion in schools, hospitals, and housing. the board of supervisors
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approved funding for the position as part of the budget. >> drifting donuts and other car stunts. after the break, a town sanctions side shows. and this teenage racer is battling a lot more than just wind and waves. how she is breaking barriers as she speeds to the top of her sport. and building boom in the south bay this weekend. how lego masters are bringing bay area landmarks to life brick by brick. >> and the important back to work forecast, we have it coming up in a minute. this busy mom spends her days driving all over town.
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no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more. traffic. christin ayers reports: there are so many on a single city block in richmond -- talk of an extreme it's a big problem in the bay area. crazy side shows that stop traffic. there are so many on a single city block in richmond. there's talk of an extreme crackdown. >> a lot of speeding. a lot of traffic. heard a few car accidents. car monoand her husband moved into this north richmond neighborhood five months ago. and immediately noticed the noise. >> there appears to be a lot of police activity. i hear a lot of sirens over there. and some of the side shows. >> some side shows as loud and
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brazen as this. it's often coming from a housing project, a few hundred feet away. where the side shows are visible in the street. >> we've heard from residents about the number of outsiders coming here and congregating, especially at night. this is full of cars at night. there's criminal activity that occurs. >> contra costa supervisor has a plan. something that has never been tried before here. >> we will be declaring much of the street a no parking zone. >> the resolution would prohibit, stopping standing or parking at all times on this stretch of silver avenue. supervisor admits the change would be drastic. >> it gives the sheriff an additional tool to be able to ask people to leave, who shouldn't be here. >> the measure would take effect near a cluster of apartments that are already abandoned. windows covered with metal. some improvements have been made. lighting has been added and
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trees cut back to increase visibility. plus, eventually close and be replaced with better affordable housing. until then, neighbors are hopeful. >> i think it will be really helpful if they start now, and especially if they are going to put in affordab using down the line. in the future, when more families move in, they don't have to encounter what's happening right now. >> in richmond, kristen ayres, kpix5. >> side show enthusists in the sacramento area are trying a different approach to keep their shows on the road. they are getting permits. doing donu >> an event yesterday drew big crowds. drivers are seen drifting in figure eights. doing donuts while passengers hang out the window. the show took place on private property and it's all permitted and legal. as far as a danger to the public, that it is on private property, so it shouldn't be affecting anybody with traveling on the roadways out here. >> everybody who does this all the time knows how to be safe. so, it's neat.
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neat to actually see it up close. >> the chp says for the most part, there were no major issues. >> a traffic alert, if your early morning commute takes you across the bridge, starting tomorrow, the southbound side will be reduced to one lane. the southbound, every night until friday for pavement repairs. the closures run from 9:00 p.m. through 4:00 a.m. all traffic into san francisco will be diverted to the far left side of the toll plaza. dozens of the world's best kite surfers competed on san francisco bay today. one of them was battling more than just the wind. kpix5 has more on the bay area team making big waves in the sport. >> the hard winds of san francisco's beach are good for flying kites. and boy, can these kites fly. >> oh yeah, wow. we haven't seen them this close until now. >> welcome to the third stop on the international pro tour.
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kites with a small wing extending about 3 feet down. >> basically, you get up on what's called a plane and you are pretty much going full speed through the bay. >> racers can hit up to 50 miles per hour. and as they chris cross, the race itself becomes a bit chaotic to the untrained eye. >> it's hard to tell who is going what way. or where the course is. i didn't know it was a race. >> these are the best kite surfers in the world. but in this field of 47, one was battling more than just the wind. 16-year-old, daniella rose was the only woman in the race. >> it's a very male dominated world. so it's great to see another girl out there and especially, because she's so young. >> she is the reigning world champion among women and trains closely with men's champion, who pretty much ran away with
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today's competition. danielle says this sport is mostly about technique, but men have the advantage of being heavier and handle larger, more powerful kites. >> racing against the best guys in the world is definitely intimidating. i'm not going to lie. but it's also, you know, i'm really happy to be out here and i'm really grateful that i can do that. >> isn't a well known sport yet and most can't quit their day jobs to do it. but danielle hopes the sport will grow as she grows into it and that one day she can pursue it as a career. john ramos, kpix5. >> she grew up in family of wind surfers and began kite racing at the age of 12. four years later, she is ranked 17th overall in the world. >> that looks fun. >> it looks like a lot of hard work. >> also, you know, also fun. >> let's try it. >> sure. you fit. >> we have windy conditions out there. you see the trees being blown
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around. mt. diablo is in the distance. livermore, 84. oakland is rather mild at 70 degrees. and live right now, you can see is the first hint of low clouds beginning to move through the golden gate with slow northbound and southbound traffic on the bridge right now. as we have a look from high top the west coast, it will be sunny and mild, that low is low right over mendocino. and triggering thundershowers on 395. over there in the eastern side of the sierra. we have low clouds moving back in tonight. and by tomorrow morning, we will have cloudiness over the east bay, the peninsula, and up over the lighthouse. aside from that, it's going to be a sunny day. numbers warmer inland. there's no big change one way or the other. in general, temperatures to warm to near 90 degrees inland. fog and clouds at the shoreline
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and a fairly mild week ahead. a little on the warm side. if you're heading out of sfo, mostly sunny, winds out of the west at 18. right now, they are gusting to 28. 66 degrees for a high at old mills field. and as we look around the country, seattle has sunshine, but thunderstorms in new york tomorrow. and 74 degrees. l.a. looks nice at 84. overnight lows tonight will be in the near 60-degree range. another mild, warm night in the bay area. the sun up tomorrow morning for your monday at 6:19 a.m. and if your travel plans take you to either tahoe or yosemite. there's the risk of a few scattered thunder bumpers. flat out warm. temperatures in the 90s. for us tomorrow, we'll be close to average. 66 in san francisco. 89 for concorde. 84 at san jose and 71 for oakland. the numbers will be in the mid 80s. for the most part, but still close to the water at mountain view, 78 degrees. if you're on university avenue, it will be 81. 78 for san mateo and mid 60s at
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half-moon bay and pacifica. at morgan hill, 90 degrees. the east bay tomorrow, nothing but sun. and temperatures, 93 degrees at brentwood. almost 90. venetia, 80 degrees. low clouds will fill in tomorrow morning. might eak in, 80 degrees at san rafael and sunshine. 70 at alameda and 71 for oakland. finally, for clover dale, and for clear lake, the numbers will be in the 90s. 81 at windsor. extended forecast will call for the usual fog and low clouds in the morning and then sunshine in the afternoon. the numbers just squeak into the 90s as we head into the middle part of the week. around the bay, low 70s with low clouds dispating by 10:14 a.m. and then at the shoreline, we'll be at low 60s for much of the week. it's going to be a fairly typical august week ahead and i'm all for that.
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>> we'll take that. there's a very different type of building boom going on in the south bay this weekend. brick by the bay has taken over the santa clara convention center. it's one of the largest gathering of lego lovers in the western united states. it includes brick building seminars and games that involve the iconic classic pieces. organizers say the whole point is to appeal to people's imaginations. >> it's all about bringing together the whole history of social interaction with this play. this creative toy. i think kids are so fond of legos. i think if you display almost anything in legos, it will resonate with them, because they love it. >> this year's theme is california dreaming. featuring renditions of well known landmarks. and still to come, bad news for football fans just in time for the start of the nfl season. our nation is facing a chicken wing shortage. >> coming up in sports, no panda this afternoon, but the giants trying to carry over the
6:20 pm
momentum from tonight's walkoff win into today. and somewhat of a surprise move by the athletics. sends their only all-star of 2017 to the mariners. we'll be right back.
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into football season. am this is not something you want to hear as we head into football season. america's growing appetite for chicken wings has created a nationwide shortage of the tailgating staple. restaurants like wing stop and buffalo wild wings say demand is out pacing supply. that's causing wing prices to soar. really? >> that's natural in the restaurant business to raise prices as commodity costs increase. we don't want to raise them too much, because we want to maintain a great value for our consumers. >> wing stop says the price they pay for chicken wings is at an all-time high. the shortage is biting into the bottom line at buffalo wild wings. that ceo blames skyrocketing cost. we said the companies names in this story twice. so there's good advertising revenue. keep the prices the same.
6:23 pm
>> who needs chicken when you have garlic fries? >> they have a whole range, that's true. >> the athleticses complete a trade this morning. yow lain doe in return, oakland gets back their 20th round draft pick in 2012. the a's in anaheim where these fans may have enjoyed their drinks more than this game. already 9-5 angels in the 6th. kole calhoun, which should end the inning. but the throw is in the dirt, allowing him to score. same score in the 7th. chad connects for his 10th home run of the year. cutting oakland's deficit to 4. he was 4 for 5 in the game. the a's trail by 4, going into the 8th. it's now 10-9. bruce maxwell comes through with a single, scoring tinder and matt. oakland takes an 11-10 lead after a five-run inning. santiago on the bottom of the inning. with the bases loaded.
6:24 pm
usually spells disaster, but gets out of the jam with the strikeout of luis. the a's score a season high, 11 runs. and come back to win 11-10. pablo fans disappointed to find o that hwa't in the lineup today against the diamondbacks. but who nes the pan panda when you have jarrett. it's 2-1 giants. third inning, he has a home run. but it hits off the bases, flips his bat on a double and got some grief from the dugout, especially who hit a three-run shot this week. and hunter pence would pick him up later in the inning. he drives in off patrick. the giants take the 4-1 lead. back to parker who broke his collarbone running into the wall in april. the shoulder looks just fine on this play. he nails j.d. martinez at the plate. trying to tag up with a perfect throw. the giants beat the dbacks 6-3. pitches into the 7th inning and picks up his third straight
6:25 pm
win. to the nfl, new 49ers runningback seems certain to be carlos' backup. he signed with san francisco in the offseason and loving the free t-shirts they are giving out in santa clara. >> no, you know, a couple guys on the team in the first meeting, and one of the guys start handing it out. so, i don't know if a theme shirt yet, but you know, anything is free and it makes sense, i'm with it. and coming up tonight on game day, dennis o'donnell goes one on one with new 49er quarterback, brian hoyier, also get a look at the 2017 49ers with bay area news group. and we'll hear from the raiders in napa. that's tonight at 11:30 right here on kpix5. both ladies won in straight sets to get there. crews passed for an all american final against madison
6:26 pm
keys. keys looking for her third career wta title. seeking her second, long rally in the first set. keys put away on the run and she wins the point. she won the set in a tie breaker, 7-6. second sets, match point for keys and she gets the winner to go down the line. keys is third tournament win and first at sanford. but the match didn't seem to ruin their friendship between vandawa y, and keys. final round of the bridge stone. he is done playing conservatively. >> on three back, three to play. fi second. >> colorful hoffman won the argument, got to the green, but missed birdie put. that would have put some heat on him. the 25-year-old birdied the final three holes at fire stone to post a 9 under 61 to win by 5. by the way, hoffman didn't
6:27 pm
finish second. he finished third. final round of the women's british open in scotland. came into sunday with a six shot lead and got off to a great start. her t shot rolls up to within a couple feet of the pin, setting up for a birdie. kim went on to win by two shots for her first major championship. to nascar, this guy showing his burning passion for dale earnhardt, jr., in the final race. ouch, final lap, trying to conserve fuel. tashing the checkered flag in new york. a native of new jersey, winning his nascar, best race of the year. good for him. >> wow. >> it's great to see both the giants and a's winning again. >> the young guys will continue to develop throughout the rest of the season. >> it's been a rare experience this year. thanks. coming up in our next half hour, president pence. the rumor that trump's number two is working hard to push
6:28 pm
back as his boss takes a break. >> she went to mulan for a photo shoot and woke up in a chest of drawers. the kidnapper's plan to auction off a young model on the dark web. >> and a homeless woman begging on the street with her baby. only on 5, we take a look at san francisco's new plan to help families in crisis.
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food. water. internet. we need it to live. but what we don't need are surprises, like extra monthly fees. i see you, fee, played by legendary actress anjelica huston. you got me, mark. we just want fast internet for one, simple rate. for all the streaming and the shopping and the newsing, but most of all... for the this. internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees. the latest cover of "newsweek" has everyone talking.. blast president tr you're watching kpix5 news. >> the latest cover of news week has everybody blasting president trump, as a lazy boy. regardless of the side that you take in that debate, it's a lazy sunday in washington. >> just about everyone is on vacation right now.
6:31 pm
everyone that is except the head of the russia investigation. >> it's vacation time for politicians in washington. congress is out until september. and on friday, president trump left town for what the white house called the 17-day working vacation at a golf course in new jersey, where he was seen greeting wedding guests. the president disputes the vacation terminology tweeting saturday, working in new jersey as long planned construction is being done at the white house. one person not taking time off, special council, robert mueller, who convened grand jury as he investigates possible collusion between the trump campaign and russia. deputy attorney general, appointed mueller. he says the investigation is not deviating from its specific purpose. >> the special council is subject to the rules and regulations of the department of justice. and we don't engage in
6:32 pm
expedition. >> counselor to the president, kelly ann conaway says sunday, mueller's job is not currently in jeopardy. >> the president has not discussed that. if the president is not discussing firing bob mueller. >> vice president pence pushed back on a "new york times" story that he and other republicans are creating shadow campaigns, in case president trump doesn't run in 2020. the vice president said the article is disgraceful, offensive, and false. conway said sunday, pence focused on his reelection as vice president in 2020. wendy gillette for cbs news. deputy attorney general also talked leaks today saying even white house officials and members of congress could be prosecuted if they release intelligence information. so, when exactly does a leak cross the line into criminal territory? here's what kpix's political reporter found out. >> i have actually called the justice department to look into the leaks. those are criminal leaks.
6:33 pm
>> president trump made no secrets that he hates leaks. on thursday, the washington post published transcripts between mr. trump and foreign leaders. the next day, attorney general, jeff sessions, announced a crackdown. >> we will not allow rogue, anonymous sources with security clearances to sell out our country. >> sessions said the department of justice has tripled its leak investigations and the fbi established a new counterintelligence unit to address those disclosures. >> i had had this warning for would be leakers. don't do it. >> but when is a leak a crime? hastings law professor. >> if someone is leaking classified material, then that's potentially a crime. >> what if it's not classified, just embarrassing? >> so, if someone in the white house is leaking so one person is up and one person is down, maybe you would want to can a few people, but they aren't going to be criminally indicted. >> the professor says george w. bush and barack obama took
6:34 pm
strong stands against leaks. but the difference now is that technology makes it easier than ever to catch leakers. maybe it's time to go analog. >> i think that famous garage over in virginia where deep throat met carl bergstein, go there. >> journalists receiving the leaks may be guilty of a crime if they knowingly publish classified information. >> in the event there were a case where a reporter was purposefully violating the law, then they might be a suspect as well. >> journalists are not the real target. >> we are the same position on that. that is that we don't prosecute journalists from doing our job. their goal is to vie prevent the leak. >> kpix5. >> president trump has no plans to go easy on anybody any time soon. he tweeted this weekend after many years of leaks going on in washington, it is great to see the ag taking action. for national security, the
6:35 pm
tougher the better. >> well, powerful tornado touched down in tulsa, oklahoma, causing extensive damage near the city's midtown area. dozens of people were hurt when roofs collapsed over their heads. the national weather service says winds reached 135 miles per hour. and the twister did more than rip apart buildings. it also flipped cars and knocked over trees and light poles. the tornado struck at about 1:00 a.m. when most businesses were closed, but it trapped customers who were having late night meals at several eateries. >> there were patrons in three restaurants and eating when the storms came through and started getting calls of people trapped in the restaurants, because the roof started collapsing in on them. >> 30 people are in the hospital. two have life threatening injuries. the same storm system spawned two smaller tornadoes a few miles outside of tulsa. >> people in japan are marking the anniversary of the atonic bombing. the united states dropped the
6:36 pm
bomb killing 140,000 people. that attack three days later, facing the end of world war ii. >> today, people of all ages stood in the peace memorial park to observe a moment of silence. prime minister was among those in attendance, calling for a move toward a world free of nuclear weapons. a day after the u.n. slapped north korea with harsh new sanctions over its nuclear programs, u.s. secretary of state, rex tillerson crossed paths with a key member of the regime. >> secretary of state, rex tillerson did not meet with north korea's foreign minister sunday while both members were meeting southeastern nation asians. both men will be in the same room for another scheduled session monday, but they are not expected to meet privately. tillerson did meet with his chinese counterpart sunday
6:37 pm
after the united nations security council slapped harsh new sanctions on north korea over its missile test. those could cost the country 1/3 of its export revenue. $1billion. the chinese foreign minister addressed north korea sunday, telling them not to conduct missile and nuclear tests and urging all parties no the to further escalate tensions. u.n. ambassador said the u.s. is prepared to do whatever it takes on north korea while president trump reacted to the sanctions, tweeting the united nations resolution is the single largest economic sanctions package ever on north korea. over $1 billion in costs to north korea. david daniel, kpix5. >> truly bizarre story making international news tonight. a british model abducted for sale as a sex slave. 20-year-old, chloe is safe tonight, but a month ago, she was kidnapped while working in mullan. police say she was drugged, stuffed in a suitcase, and driven to a remote cabin in the
6:38 pm
italian alps where she was held captive inside a chest of drawers. the alleged kidnapper demanded $300,000, threatening to auction her off on the dark web if he didn't get the money. the polish national was arrested after dropping her off at the british consulate. police are looking for a second man in connection with that kidnapping. police in los angeles are trying to track down the suspect who left a lyft driver brutally beaten. tenesia just dropped off a customer and stopped to gas up. when two women jumped out of a car and started hurling insults. the suspects dragged her by her hair and threatened other customers who tried to help. >> oh my gosh. just thank god they got me to the point i died. i would never have thought i would experience something like that. >> she is a single mom. she says the two made off with her wallet, her phone, and rent. so far, no arrests.
6:39 pm
lapd say they have a solid lead on suspects after getting the license plate number from the car they were in. check out this close call in spokane, washington. you see an out of control truck almost hit an officer. he dove into the trunk of his own car to get out of the way. that truck was involved in a high speed chase when it happened. the driver, now behind bars. still to come, climate change isn't just bad for the planet. >> it could be hazardous to your health. plus -- >> if a man or woman makes it, they might be driving a moving robot like this. i'm nikki in new york. coming up, i'll take you inside.
6:40 pm
6:41 pm
overnight. some stree rivers... heavy rain led to widespread flooding in new orleans overnight. streets look like rivers after 10-inch inches of rain fell in four hours. even though all were operating at the time. and first responders received more than 200 emergency calls, but so far, there are no
6:42 pm
reports of injuries. more heavy rain is expected tomorrow. >> comprehensive study concludes it's threatening the health of the planet. researchers found 60,000 people could die of air pollution related causes in the year 2030 if climate change is not addressed. by the year 2100, that number could jump to 250,000 people. >> air pollution affects things like heart attack, stroke, cardiopull my nare disease, it has the biggest affect on health. >> more heat related illnesses. >> while we deal with the problems on the planet, a manned mission to mars. the next generation rover that could one day ferry people around the red planet. >> hey guys. >> carter and marshall got their first taste of the future of space travel. meeting former astronaut, mike,
6:43 pm
and getting up close to a prototype of nasa's newest mars rover. >> the size of the rover, i thought it would be one of those puney rovers. >> it looks like it's made for hollywood. but it's meant for mars. nasa engineers did team up with movie prop designers to create this 11-foot high, 24-foot long vehicle. since it won't ever really travel to the red planet, the mission here is earthbound. >> i think the major purpose of it is to create excitement, get ideas going, get people excited about going. >> this rover has four seats in the front and it drives like an suv. this detachable lab is where astronauts could do experiments. >> the challenge in sending people to mars is the cost. the kennedy space center funded this rover, but it doesn't have the expensive life support needed to make a month long trip possible. >> that's going to take a
6:44 pm
budget, a commitment from a government that is very significant. >> marshall demars says he is game to be the first man on mars. >> i have always been the guy to discover things. i would go for sure. >> he's just the right age. nasa hopes to send a man or woman to mars around the year 2030. nikki batiste for cbs news, new york. >> there are currently four rovers on march, two active. nasa plans to launch another in 2020. those kids might have company if they get to mars. a fourth grader turned in a resume to be the next planetary protection officer. that's a real job. the self-proclaimed guardian of the galexy said, i may be nine, but i think i would be fit for the job. he didn't get it yet, but he did get a letter back saying they hope to see him there one day. the office is actually dedicated to preserving the natural environments of other
6:45 pm
worlds, as we study them. and still to come, this san francisco couple has spent a decade in a shelter their family grew to ten. only on 5, the city's new plan to help them find their footing. >> and napa is getting ready for the first grape crush of the season. we wanted to know, will the wild weather we had this winter change the taste of your wine? >> it's an excellent question, and so is, what's the weather going to be like this week? we'll have answers for all of this when we come back. ♪
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as the curtain came down on the musical's run at the orpheum. 00:01-00:08 (crowd roars) a bittersweet moment as the curtain came down on the musical's run. >> hamilton opened in san francisco in march. tickets were almost impossible to get. every show since has been sold out. >> it's not raising any bar. it set its own precedent, for everything. completely changed the game. >> the production now heads to los angeles where it opens tuesday. it will return to san francisco in 2019. well, it's the time of year in wine country the first grape crush of the season is set for tomorrow. growers say the harvest is a week to ten days later than normal this year. due in part to the wet winter.
6:49 pm
the grapes are starting to change color as the season heads into the home stretch. in fact, one vineyard manager says the weather was just about perfect this year, lots of rain, balanced with extreme heat. >> luckily, we had water in the soil. so it handled the heat pretty well and the grapes are nice and uniform and slowed them down just in time for harvest. >> julie says this is the critical point when the grapes are turning from green to purple. signaling they are ready to get picked. workers will be in the vineyard starting tomorrow to send the first of the harvest out for crushing. >> bring it on. bring it on. tomorrow is going to be a little bit warmer. even as the coast continues cold, we have sunshine for much of the bay area as we head back to work. so, inland numbers will look pretty good with low 90s. 80s and the low 90s. at the shoreline, bundle up. we'll be cold with numbers in the low 60s.
6:50 pm
cool and cloudy. we'll be in the 70s. and inland, it will be warm and 89 degrees. and as we gaze toward the outblow, we'll review the high temperatures today. concord managed 85. redwood city, 81. and in oakland, 70 degrees. right now, a puff or two of low cloudiness, with the traffic flowing smoothly. traffic and weather together. as we have a look at the west coast, high pressure is over the desert southwest, it eased a bit and so have the temperatures and also that monsoonal flow around discovery bay and walnut creek. stable weather returned. in fact, the most stable weather on earth is that marine layer that is on shore with the low clouds filling in through the bay. burning back to the shoreline later in the day. so, don't be surprised if you see low clouds by the beach. and people with blue skin who are shivering out there. temperatures warm into the low 90s and the warmest spot inland. fog and the clouds at the
6:51 pm
shoreline and a mild week ahead. and san francisco is almost to average with 66 degrees. concord at 89. a degree above average. 71 in oakland. 92 degrees. redwood city has 83. 78 for mountain view and 83. over in the east bay, the numbers, upper 80s with the rare exception like brentwood, 93 degrees. santa rosa will hit 87 tomorrow. 80 degrees in san rafael. and finally in the 90s for lake county. 94 at ukiah, and 91:00 degrees at cloverdale. extended forecast, numbers in the low 90s all week inland. in the low 70s around the immediate bay, and at the shoreline, things don't change. we'll be in the low 60s with the usual fog and low clouds when paul comes in tomorrow to anchor at this very desk tomorrow at 00. that's it for weather, but it's not it for us. we'll be back after a break.
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their story has grabbed the attention of the bay area.. since we first introduced you to a homeless woman begging for money. their story grabbed the attention of the bay area since we first introduced you to them. only on 5, we met a family of ten who has been in a shelter for more than a decade. >> and we wanted to know, what is being done about the problem of homeless families in san francisco? joe vasquez found out. >> the family, eight children, two parents, homeless in san francisco. >> it's hard, and it is a struggle and you have to keep fighting for your baby. >> originally from the congo, he's been homeless for eleven years, because his immigration paperwork got lost and he couldn't get a job. his wife is from oakland.
6:55 pm
the children's ages range from 4 months to 11 years. they are among the 190 homeless families in san francisco. >> just lack of housing is causing us to be homeless and on the street. >> the lack of house ing? >> yes. if we can get housing, it would make a tremendous difference. >> the children live in the hamilton family shelter in the tenderloin. the same shell shell same shelter as megan. >> homeless with baby now six weeks old. we learned of her story because of the social media outrage. some folks are angry an infant this young is out on the street right next to her mom as she panhandles. >> yeah, i'm going to do what i need to do to support me and my child. >> they spend their nights inside the shelter, which has food and medicine and parenting classes. she begs for money to buy diapers and formula. >> whenever i see families in crisis, my heartbreaks for them. >> randy says the city's department of homelessness
6:56 pm
prioritizes getting homeless families immediately off the street. the department is about to roll out a new system called coordinated entry, that will streamline homeless families into shelters, and work to get them more permanent housing more quickly. >> we heard stories where people weren't able to access services and as we roll out, families will be able to access the system from a number of different points. >> city officials expect to have the new coordinated entry system up and running by october. also about to open a new emergency family shelter. as for them, the sheer size of the family appears tobe part of the challenge of housing them, in fact, people tell them all the time, they have too many kids. >> what have you said to people when they say, stop having babies. >> i love my kids. they are the future. >> but there is hope. treasure says he recently got his immigration paperwork in order and now driving for lyft. he plans to move his family out of the shelter and into housing in the sacramento area very
6:57 pm
soon. joe vasquez, kpix5. >> bay area is raising money to help homeless families. they hope to raise $10 million more. that's going to do it for now. thanks for watching. 60 minutes is next. >> for news throughout the evening, the latest is on we'll see you back here at 11:00. have a great evening. ck 1) jonathan alvarez has only 30 minutes for lunchâ.so when the mcdonald's near his job added self-order kiosks, he saw them as valuable time- savers. (sot: jonathan alvarez/customer) "it's superbly faste who are these people?
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the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians
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it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing. captioning funded by cbs and ford. we go further, so you can. >> for those who know only the name, the history of newtown, connecticut begins 14, 2012, when a mentally ill man murdered 20 first-graders and six educators at sandy hook elementary school. ana grace was the daughter of nelba and jimmy greene. >> one of the most compelling sermons i've ever heard was given at my daughter's funeral. it talks about jesus being with us in every season of our lives, and that ana's death would signify the beginning of a long and hard winter season. >> is it springtime yet? >> i can't imagine a day that it will bri


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