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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  August 7, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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. a couple buys an entire bay area street for 90 grand next. them together?! a burrito stuffed with scrambled eggs, creamy guacamole, bacon and crispy french fries. i'll call it the california breakfast burrito! boom. someone got that, right? scrambled eggs. guacamole. bacon. french fries. you'll call it the california breakfast burrito. boom. good work everyone. another winner. introducing my new california breakfast burrito. only at jack in the box. turned a bay area tourist hot-spot.. into a murder scene now at 11:00 police say this man turned a bay area tourist hotspot into a murder scene and tonight investigators say he did not act alone. good evening. i'm elizabeth cook. >> i'm ken bastida. tonight that man and a woman are under arrest for a murder at twin peaks.
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kpix5's sharon chin reports police say a different crime, an armed robbery at st. mary's cathedral square, led the investigators right to them. >> reporter: police made the arrests in the st. mary's robbery first, then made the connection to the killing here attwin peaks. officers arrested 19-year-old lamonte mims of patterson, a convicted felon. they booked 20-year-old fantasy decuir of san francisco. >> both these individuals are responsible for the murder of mr. french. >> reporter: the pair is accused of shooting 71-year-old edward french, a commercial locations scout, at the twin peaks lookout last month. police called 911, but french died in the hospital with a gunshot in his upper body. his camera was stolen. then almost two weeks later officers say a 53-year-old man and a 33-year-old woman had their wallet and cameras stolen at gunpoint at st. mary's cathedral square. police say they did not suffer life threatening injuries.
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investigators arrested mims and decuir for the armed robbery, then made a connection to the twin peaks shooting. >> cameras were taken in both instances, but evidence was obtained from both scenes that links the two cases together. >> reporter: police wouldn't go into specifics, but surveillance and witnesses helped put the pieces together. officers say the two suspects are charged with homicide, robbery and using a firearm. police say mims had a previous firearms charge. at the twin peaks lookout 24/7 police patrols continue. the heavier security started after french was killed. even before that there was an uptick in crime. visitors say they're relieved two people are behind bars. >> that definitely helps people feel safer, the fact that, you know, people are getting caught. >> reporter: police say they're looking into whether the pair of suspects is connected to any other crimes. in san francisco sharon chin, kpix5. we are following some breaking news right now. the chp on the lookout for a man who may have abducted a woman from oakland. her name we're told is erica
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jones. she's believed to be in her 20s. the suspect, ronald armour was last seen driving a green 2002 chevy malibu like this one, license plate 5rdz344. chp says a 32-year-old suspect may be armed with a silver handgun and they may be headed toward los angeles. tonight a bay area man is accused of foesing as a doctor and sexually assaulting a female patient in san jose and police believe there may be more victims. 47-year-old ezequiel durao cash carbohal was arrested friday. he owns this pharmacy. along doing a phoney exam he sold the woman dietary supplements for ailments she supposedly had. here he is in a youtube video promoting skills and remedies but has no license to practice
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medicine. now detectives want to hear from any other victims. in the east bay tonight some people wonder if their water is safe to drink after some recent tests found traces of nasty bacteria. kpix5's christin ayers reports from dublin. >> it's not something you want to hear. >> reporter: tonight william crow is relieved his family has a reverse osmosis water filtration system after word that drinking water sampled on his street in dublin tested positive for e. coli last week. >> e. coli and the other one is chloroform? those are fecal water as far as i'm concerned. >> when we get a positive total collie form test, it's -- coliform test, you need more chlorine in the water. >> how can it possibly be safe for me to drink this water? >> because we treat it. >> reporter: thursday the system was flushed repeatedly and retested on williams street
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and two other streets that tested positive for the bacteria. >> the second day sample everything came back clean. there was no problem. >> reporter: what water officials don't know is why the water tested positive for e. coli. they say it may have to do with the drought. the water district normally flushes a 1/4 of the water system every year, but strict drought guidelines disrupted that in 2014 and '15. >> we had two years where nothing got flushed. so we're resuming flushing. >> reporter: williams said his family hasn't had any health problems. so for now . >> there's no plans to get bottled water. tonight a google engineer has been fired for his manifesto about women and equality in silicon valley. logical causes" may explain in a company forum the anonymous employee wrote, "biological causes may explain why we don't see equal representation. his may the lower number men have a higher drive for status and women on average have more neuroticism. this may contribute to the lower number of women in high
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stress jobs." >> we know these types of views have a significant impact. it's these views, the views that certain people have innate ability to become engineers and others don't that perpetuate this homogenous culture that we have in silicon valley. >> google has made diversification efforts, but progress has been limited. its together workforce is 69% male, 56% white, 35% asian and only 2% black. not a viewpoin google responded saying the document "advanced incorrect assumptions about gender. it's not a viewpoint this company endorses, promotes or encourages." as for the decision to fire the engineer, google's ceo said the employee violated the company code of conduct and crossed the line by advancing harmful gender stereotypes. tonight some women who are fed up with sexual harassment in the silicon valley area are fighting back. kpix5's betty yu reports their strategy is to reward the good
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guys. >> i wanted to do that. >> reporter: this group of silicon valley founders inspired by brave women who have come forward to call out powerful venture capitalists who behave badly are fighting the industry's sexual harassment problem with a new tool. they've created a platform called fair funders said to officially launch next week. it will allow users to give feedback and rate investors. >> our goal is not to be like pointing fingers like look at this bad guy. look at this guy. our al the tol opposite. our goal is like hey, there is so many great people out there that are getting lost in this negativity. let's highlight them. >> reporter: the mountain view based start justify chef k ucla lu is designed to teach kids math and science through cooking. she said many biased investors doubted her dedication. >> like how dedicated are you to the startup and i was like
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well, i'm very dedicated. do you have a family? yes, i have a family. then they would ask how many kids do you have or do you have kids? >> reporter: vivian li built the database for the site. >> so females and entrepreneurs alike will have more visibility into like who are the good investors? who are the bad investors? >> reporter: check industry expert russell hancock said the gender problem in the vc world can't be ignored for much longer. >> treating it with anecdotal evidence and people looking at this now, it does seem to be disproportionate in the venture capital industry. i expect that there will be self-correction. i also expect that there will be culture change and that it's going to happen sooner rather than later. >> reporter: in san jose betty yu, kpix5. president trump is on vacation tonight, but he's not taking a break from twitter. he unleashed an attack on the media and a democratic senator. he took aim at this man, senator richard blumenthal of
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connecticut. today blumenthal said the investigation into russian interference in the presidential election is necessary andism introduced a bill to protect special counsel robert mueller during the probably. the president tweeted, "never in u.s. history has anyone lied or defrauded voters like senator richard blumenthal. he told stories about his vietnam battles and conquests, how brave he was and it was all a lie. he cried like a baby and begged for forgiveness like a child. now he judges collusion?." >> i have no idea about what is in his mind. what i do know is i will not be distracted by this bullying. >> senator blumenthal is a former marine corps reservist. he apologized in 2010 for saying he served in the vietnam war. new threats tonight from north korea, veronica de la cruz tells us -- new threats tonight from north korea. veronica de la cruz tells us the north got stung by some new
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u.n. sanctions and promises to ta revenge on the uned states. >> pyongyang blames the u.s. for those sanctions. the first time in eight years the two koreas and china talked at a regional security conference in manila, but the north remained defiant and promised retaliation. in a statement the north vowed the u.s. will pay by a thousand fold for heinous crime against north korea and that it is ready to teach the u.s. a severe lesson. secretary of state rex tillerson responded saying the u.s. will negotiate if north korea stops its nuclear and ballistic missile program. >> we've not had an extended period of time where they have not taken some type of provocative action by launching ballistic missiles. so i think that would be the first and strongest signal they could send to us is just stop these missile launches. >> the sanctions are expected to cost north korea as much as $1 billion mostly banning
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exports of coal , iron and seafood, butyralson said the sanctions won't help -- butyralson said the sanctions won't -- but tillerson said the sanctions won't help unless they are enforced. russia and china vowed to do that. police say this man randomly attacked b.a.r.t. passengers. tonight he is under arrest, how a firefighter helped track him down. >> this bay area baseball player went to sleep and never woke up. how did he die? tonight it's still a mystery. >> this exclusive bay area neighborhood is full of multimillion dollar mansions, but someone snuck in and bought the whole street. tonight they're looking to cash in.
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've got their man. closed captioning for this news cast is sponsored by living spaces. b.a.r.t. riders brutally attacked at random and police say they've got their man. b.a.r.t. police released these surveillance images of the suspect this morning. later an oakland fire investigator spotted him in oakland and called police. they phenomenonned this guy for several blocks from ninth and harrison to ninth and broadway. there police officers moved in and made the arrest and police say he assaulted two b.a.r.t. passengers over three days. the first attack was on thursday at this bay fair station in san leandro. >> he just went up to the passenger that was sitting there next to a young lady and just swung a pair of bolt cutters and hit him in the side of the head. >> 42-year-old mario washington of berkeley also punched a b.a.r.t. rider in the face at the embarcardero station saturday night. he's in jail tonight facing charges of assault with a deadly weapon and battery. and we've learned he has a long
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rap sheet in alameda county and served time for manslaughter. a baseball prospect who played at the college of san mateo suddenly died. tonight the cause is a mystery and his family desperately wants answers. >> what happened? i need to know what happened? >> reporter: heartbroken and confused the family said their son was healthy and happy and had spent friday just hanging out with friends, but after going to bed at his family home in gold river the next morning he never woke up. >> there was no indication that he felt sick, that anything was going wrong. it's a huge shock. >> reporter: 20-year-old tommy watanabi grew up playing baseball at bella vista high school and pitching for the san mateo baseball team. >> such a big, strong kid that was such a great baseball player, it's still a shock right now. it almost still doesn't feel real and it's a huge loss for our baseball program. >> reporter: at 6' 3, 260
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pounds watanabi has left quite the impact both on and off the diamond. >> the genuine person that he was, how much he cared for people. >> tommy was my brother, but i'm just so happy that he was also a brother to so many other people. >> reporter: monday night a special tribute by the baseball team in washington where watanabi played this summer. ♪ oh say can you see ♪ >> reporter: a game so dear to the young pitcher and his family. the results of the autopsy and toxicology report may not come for a few months. meanwhile the family is planning a memorial for next week. a serial bank robber on the loose tonight. his nickname? the smiling bandit. you'll see why. investigators say this guy robbed six separate wells fargo locations in san francisco since may. surveillance cameras captured him wearing sunglasses, a baseball cap or hat and always
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that grin on his face. police say in each case he handed the bank teller a note demanding money. sometimes he said he had a weapon. the fbi is offering a reward of up to $3,000 for information leading to his arrest. a 2-year-old girl is recovering tonight after a large tree limb crashed on top of her and several others during a picnic in atmosphererton. -- atherton. the girl's father said his daughter is badly hurt but lucky to be alive. >> reporter: on that fateful saturday afternoon there was no wind, no warning, nothing. >> right before it happened i just heard a really loud cracking sound, almost sounded like a roof or something, house collapsing. >> reporter: a large oak tree branch 50 feet long and 4 feet in excitement at its thickest part broke off and fell on a small group of people attending a company party. >> when it hit the ground, it was just kind of like a vroom and you can feel the ground kind of move a little bit.
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>> reporter: chris garcia saw the branch knock down his wife jasmine and 2-year-old daughter zealyn. jasmine got up right away, but zz was face down. >> she's not moving. and at that point i didn't know what to expect. i really didn't. >> reporter: chris rushed over and picked her up. his baby girl began to cry, her face covered in blood. >> that was a relief to me, you know. at least she was -- i knew she was alive. >> reporter: the 2-year-old underwent surgery to repair her eyelid which had been cut. she also suffered a fractured skull. jasmine broke her toe and sprained her wrist. >> we're looking at we're all alive and we're able to pull through. >> reporter: the garcias are now wondering for such a popular venue how often is that tree inspected and what about all the other trees on campus? they feel the accident could have been prevented. the menlo park fire department said they'd work with the school to see about inspecting the other trees on campus. we left a couple messages with
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the college administration but have not heard back. let's take a live look at the golden gate bridge where a repaving project is just about to get underway. because of that only one southbound a plan will be open. the others will -- lane will be open. the others will be closed. it will be like that all week from 9 p.m. until 4 a.m. a san jose couple couldn't afford a mansion in san francisco, so they did the next best thing. they bought an entire street and not just any street, but a private one lined with mansions worth tens of millions of dollars. kpix5's phil matier has the story tonight from presidio terrace. >> i cannot afford like a mansion here, but if i can own a street, i'm happy to own a street. >> reporter:meet tina lam and michael cheng who for a mere $90,000 are now the proud owners of presidio terrace, one of the most exclusive streets in san francisco. while it's a dream come true
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for the young couple -- >> first generation immigrant here. so i came here as international student with just one suitcase. >> reporter: it could be a nightmare for the homeowners who paid millions of dollars for their houses. are you going to try to sell it back to the homeowners? >> i don't really want to just because i'm not trying to make money or anything. >> reporter: built in 1905 the private street has been home for a number of prominent san franciscans including u.s. senator diane feinstein, but thanks to 30 years of the homeowners association tax bill going to the wrong address and the taxes not being paid, the street and sidewalks as well all wound up on the treasurer's internet tax auction. >> it's very, very rare in san francisco that what actually goes on the auction block is a real property of value. >> reporter: did you know what street you were buying when you bought it? >> i had some idea, but i didn't know exactly the details. >> reporter: the shocked homeowners are calling on the board of supervisors to negate
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the sale. >> the rich people like to do their thing. they don't like to talk. they just want to use their money to sue everybody. >> the sales are absolutely valid. >> reporter: county board of supervisors negate it? >> that's a question for the board. >> i'm pretty sure the law is really clear on my ownership, so i'm pretty confident that we will prevail. >> reporter: in the meantime what do you do with a street? are you thinking about charging for parking or anything like that? >> we can talk about that, certain lip, because they are -- certainly, because they are now parking on my land. >> reporter: the homeowners association say the people here are victims of a bureaucratic oversight. they hope to remedy it at city hall possibly by october. when we talked to the treasurer's office, they said a deal is a deal, a sale is a sale and taxes are taxes. in san francisco phil matier, kpix5. >> well, wow. >> taxes are always taxes. >> there you go. >> that part we know is true.
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we have fog and low cloud cover over sfo, over san francisco pushing inland pretty far overnight, the low cloud cover. just about everyone low 60s including san francisco at 60, oakland 61, concord 64, santa rosa 58 degrees, mid-50s in the north bay tonight, cloudy, san jose 60 degrees tonight, cloudy, concord, livermore cloudy and san francisco, pacifica and oakland cloudy. we are less than two weeks away from a total solar eclipse in the u.s., first time it's going coast to coast in 99 years. the moon's shadow will bop across the country at 2,200 miles an hour. it will be in and out of the state of oregon in about nine minutes. that's coming up in less than 14 days. what's the weather like around here? we have a ridge of high pressure to our south keeping the storms away and humidity away and promoting a west to east onshore flow. low pressure to our north caused a few thunderstorms. that is moving out but also promoting an onshore flow. so that west to east average,
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normal, typical, summertime ocean flow has returned. this week will be very uncrazy, exactly what it should be this time of year. watch the low cloud cover into the north bay, into the east bay, down into the santa clara valley as far south as morgan hill. it will burn off. that's a sign the marine layer is there. it will be persistent in the morning and keep our temperatures down. next week could be even cooler as a fall-like low prre area dives down from the gu of alaska. the very cool air will likely stay to our north. fog, low cloud cover tonight, temperatures very close to average throughout the week which means the coast will stay very chilly. san jose tomorrow 81, palo alto 82 with sunshine in the afternoon, novato 81, 63 for daly city, lake county still in the mid-90s. extended forecast, if you enjoyed today, man, have i got a seven-day forecast for you,
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60s and 70s near the bay, low 60s at the beach, 80s to low 90s inland. we're staying normal for a while, very pleasant. >> thanks, paul. it's been a decade since barry bonds smashed the moment run record. tonight he says he has one regret. >> here are tonight's guests on the late show with stephen colbert. ♪ [brother] any last words? [boy] karma, danny... ...karma! [vo] progress is seizing the moment.
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s does not seem that long ago, but it has been a decade since barry bonds broke the home run record. >> tonight he confessed he has one regret. the former giant slugger said he wished he played one more final season. he believes he could have hit 800 homers or at least come close. bonds retired in 2007 with 762 home runs and under a cloud of steroid allegations. the 53-year-old now works for the giants as a special advisor. >> remember the whole controversy, the guy who got the ball and tried to get it back? >> bonds hit 28 home runs in his last year. it's not like he couldn't hit anymore. it's just no offers came in for the giants slugger. it was somebody else hitting a home run at at&t tonight with bonds watching. >> and a key injury to the 49ers means a rookie linebacker
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could be alongside navarro bowman, his reaction next.
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the nissan sports report coming up next on kpix5. u.s. congress...l >> 10 years ago steve jobs debuted the iphone. nancy pelosi was elecd as the
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first female speaker of the u.s. congress. am i forgetting something? oh, yeah. 10 years ago barry bonds record 756 home runs in the house to watch the cubs and giants. not many bonds home runs came like this. baez going for an inside the park number. moncrief fires a strike to the plate. oh, look at that slide, ken. that's a 2-0 cubs lead. 5-0 cubs, 6th inning, jones was 13 years old when bonds hit his first record home run, got his first major league blast. the cubs beat the giants 5-3. san ramon beginning the road to the world little league series in the west regional. bottom of the 5th tied 2-2. mason kellermann scores winning it 3-2. that's tough because they were down 2-0 and came become to tie it and they lewis. san ramone faces elimination tomorrow against arizona. with malcomb smith out for the
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season with a torn pectoral muscle the door has opened for rookie linebacker ruben foster to start for the 49ers. he's been listed as the starter for friday's preseason opening football game right here on channel 5. after practicing today with the first team defense foster said this practice went better than his first at alabama when he got yelled at by coach nick say ban. -- saban. >> i messed up on a play. coach sabin chewed me out. >> reporter: what did he say? >> no. just so he got myself in line and made me focus. >> he's learning. shawn patton racing against a team tackling robots and won, but look, down goes frazier. ((ad-lib)) (((break))) (((break))) (((break))) >> poor guy. >> i don't know why they call those things dummies because that robot looks pretty smart tonight.
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michelle will have all the the late show with stephen colbert is next. our next newscast is tomorrow morning at 4:30. >> the team will be there. we'll see you then. captioning sponsored by cbs >> announcer: president trump is taking a working vacation at his new jersey golf course for 17 days. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> announcer: it's "the late show" with stephen colbert! tonight stephen welcomes laura dern, leah remini and musical guest trombone short


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