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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  August 10, 2017 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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morning. 880 in oakland no problems, perfect traffic at this hour. >> perfect? >> perfect? >> it's near perfect. >> i defer to the expert. >> i like where your head's at. >> starting the day off right. >> how's the weather? >> it's good. weather can be perfect if you like clouds. >> all right. >> or fog. >> there are people like that. >> and there's a little drizzle out there, too. so people may like that. here's the golden gate. you can see it's damp out there. you will see drizzle across some areas. expect that through your morning commute but then the drizzle will let up. we'll see some afternoon wind the rest of the day. right now here's the current wind conditions between 8 to 11 miles per hour, half moon bay right now winds from the west at 9. san rafael calm but look at fairfield. 21-mile-per-hour winds. coming out of the west- southwest all because of what's going on to the north. you can see this little storm system, some action there in northern parts of nevada and
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well to the north of us. but it's shaking things up a little bit causing some winds to pick up this afternoon. we'll see temperatures sunny and in the 90s for the inland areas. low clouds and cool at the beach today. on average we should be around where we are going to be so look at this. 67 degrees will be that high so we are close to average there. oakland in the low 70s, san jose in the 80s and concord in the mid -- mid-80s. let's check in on the perfect conditions out there. >> not quite perfect but average typical for drivers to the altamont pass. your speeds drop right around 35 miles per hour. and you're in the yellow. 25 minutes westbound 580 drivers between 205 and 680. heading a little further west along westbound 580, we do have lanes blocked looks like a car broke down blocking a lane near
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redwood road. the backup is starting to stretch. it's not quite to crow canyon yet. but give yourself a few extra minutes. this may take a while before they can get a truck out there and clear that lane. westbound 14 minutes from 880 to 101. that's a check of your perfect traffic. back to you. it's been a war of words between the united states and north korea but pyongyang will take action. john lawrence has the latest. >> reporter: president trump promised fire and fury. >> with fire and fury. >> reporter: if north korea made additional threats to the united states. sources close to the president say mr. trump's words were improvised and not part of the scripted statement. >> i believe the president put it in such a way that they realize that they are not dealing with business as usual. they are dealing with a tough guy who is going to effect were the american people.
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>> reporter: pyongyang responded saying it is seriously examining the plan for an enveloping strike at guam through simultaneous fire of four ballistic rockets. it's a specific threat that has many calling for a return to productive dialogue. >> diplomacy is still the only way out of this. the secretary of state has said the diplomatic option is still very much on the table. >> reporter: but others argue, action is needed to stop kim jong-un. >> at some point we have to stop talking and start doing something that gives the impression that this isn't going to be tolerated. >> reporter: last month north korea tested missiles and said they have the ability of hitting the u.s. mainland. >> what you do need to do is, first, rapidly accelerate our research of ballistic missile defenses. some people say it's too late. every day we delay makes it later. number 2, engage china construct till and number 3, continue to build out our
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alliances. >> reporter: i'm john lawrence reporting. >> this morning, japan's defense minister said his country could shoot down missiles if north korea fires them at guam. japan has strict rules on military engagement but a law started last year allowing the country to defend the u.s. and other allies in the event of an attack. the former google engineer who was fired for his memo about women is standing behind his comments and speaking out about why he wrote it. kpix 5's katie nielson is live outside google headquarters in mountain view to tell us how the company is responding reporter: google just announced that their ceo is going to be holding a town hall meeting later today to discuss those gender issues within the company. this all started when former software engineer wrote a ten page memo about the gender gap at the tech giant. james damore blamed biological differences for the lack of women finding success in the industry. he spoke publicly for the first time since sending the memo and
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said he was inspired to write it after attending a diversity seminar at google. >> there's a lot of just shaming and no, you can't say that, that's sexist. you can't do this. and there's just so much hypocrisy. >> reporter: damore was fired after sending the memo. he is now threatening legal action for wrongful termination. there are also reports that a group of 60 women are threatening their own lawsuit. their former and current employees -- they're former and current employees who are alleging discrimination. live in mountain view, katie nielsen, kpix 5. a former oakland police officer is due in court today to face new charges. ryan walterhouse is scheduled to be arraigned on two felonies. he is accused of tipping off a prostitute of undercover
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stings. prosecutors have refiled more serious charges. a couple is facing charges for a massive drug and chop shop bust in richmond. police say they found more than $50,000 worth of meth and heroin and other drugs. they also discovered at least three stolen cars stripped and one had a fake v.i.n. number. investigators say neighbors alert them about the suspicious activity. >> they were constantly working on vehicles out in front of the house. but it seemed like it was always the same vehicle. >> i don't know which neighbors it was. i'm grateful that they did because i'm glad that, you know, we don't want something like that going on in our neighborhood. >> one of the suspect was out on bail. his girlfriend was also arrested. first amendment rights are a key part of the conversation surrounding former 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick's search for a new job. >> kpix 5's jackie ward joins to us break down the mixed feelings on the free agent's political statement. >> reporter: oh, yeah. here we go. regardless of whether you're a fan of colin kaepernick, some people say him being out of a job doesn't make sense and
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don't think it has anything to do with his football skills. last season he made headlines when he knelt fortunate an in protest of what he calls the oppression of blacks. he says he will stand for the national anthem this year but time and time again he has been rejected by teams. >> there's a lot of things that need to change. cops are getting paid leave for killing people. >> and, of course, he said that in august of last year. some commentators on espn say he is being blackballed. the nfl commissioner has insisted that's not the case. several team owners have admitted that they are taking the opinion of their fans into account when it comes to colin kaepernick. justice league nyc is organizing a rally in support of kaepernick and that's getting the attention of director spike lee. that rally will be held outside nfl headquarters later this month. >> so what are some fans saying about this? >> reporter: they are being vocal. thousands of them have signed a petition, 145,000-plus,
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actually. they are threatening to boycott the nfl this season if kaepernick doesn't end up signing with a team. thank you. time now is 5:07. 5:08 now. the camera is rolling when a california motorcyclist suddenly loses control and flies off the side of a cliff. >> and a chilling discovery made underneath a san francisco home. what it reveals about the city's past that story coming up. >> cloudy morning for you on this thursday. what we're going to see with our temperatures and when you may start to feel that breeze coming up. >> and we're seeing a lot of brake lights along southbound 680 as you approach highway 24. some overnight roadwork still slowing things down. we'll have the details coming up. emain closed until
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what authorities believe is e. coli. 11 of those sickened are children.. 4 of them developed a serious condition that can l lake wildwood in nevada county will remain closed until august 23 after 14 people got sick from e. coli. 11 of those sickened are children. four of them developed a serious condition that can lead to kidney failure.
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authorities are still searching for the source of the contamination. construction crews digging under a san francisco building uncovered a tombstone more than 100 years old. kpix 5's jessica flores reports. >> reporter: we are at mayfair and iris. there's still mud where construction crews were working when they discovered that tombstone more than 100 years old. they didn't find any bones though. they were inside the garage basically digging up there. they were laying new electrical lines when they hit that flat plate. it was wedged between a pipe and a foundation. it was 155-year-old grey marker for an entire family. a mother, father and a child they lost after 13 days. now, there is a simple explanation for all of this. this neighborhood used to be home to the laurel hill cemetery. the graves were sent to colma to make room for housing but
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the tombstone gave the people who were working here chills. >> uncovered it a little bit and we see writing and we realized the tombstone and got creeped out a little bit. >> reporter: this isn't the first time something like this happened. last year worker stumbled upon a casket under a home near lone mountain in san francisco. researchers say that was a body of a young girl who died in 1876. they will remove the tombstone today. it was too heavy for the men to remove it yesterday. live in san francisco, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. new video shows the terrifying moments as a southern california motorcyclist drives right off a cliff. matthew murray believes his bike's steering locked up causing him to lose control taking a corner in the santa monica mountains. after the fall, he screamed for help in the remote area. in the end he had no choice but
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to climb to the top and get a driver's attention. >> they just said, you know, people have the flight or fight or whatever it is and i just decided to fight. honestly, my legs are done. so i crawled up. once i made it to the top, i just collapsed. >> after six years on a bike, he says he is going to give up riding for good. that video is tough to watch, isn't it? he is expected to take months to recover from multiple broken bones. >> frightening. i had a motorcycle for a year in college. i never got injured so i think i was lucky and got rid of it. yikes. >> my husband was thinking about a motorcycle years ago and i said no. >> no, you have kids. >> no. >> forget about it. no motorcycle. how are the roads looking? >> they're looking okay. i have my motorcycle license but i'm too afraid to drive on our freeways here. it's dangerous. we are tracking overnight
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roadwork. looks like caltrans just wrapping up with it. we no longer see any of our sensors turning yellow. we were seeing a backup on southbound 680 as you approach highway 24. but looking much better. as you travel further along highway 24, near tunnel road, we do have smooth sailing conditions making your way on down towards the bay bridge toll plaza. here's 680 at north main street. traffic is better heading through walnut creek. your drive time looking pretty good with the exception of 580. we are seeing the usual slowdowns. this is between 205 and 680 in the yellow, 26 minutes. no delays heading out of antioch and your ride heading to the north bay along 101 still in the green. bay bridge toll plaza, no metering lights just yet. they will be coming on any minute but we are still in the green across the upper deck of the bay bridge heading into san francisco, 12 minutes. mass transit on time. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. good morning. all right. so taking a look at the transamerica pyramid you can see the top of it.
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so we have the clouds but they are not hanging super low, so good news with a little drizzle. no delays at the airport right now. 50s and 60s in the area. expect temperatures to be right on par for the course where we have been for the past several days. we are seeing this stubborn weather pattern that's keeping us very normal for this time of the year. cloudy start for the morning, drizzle and the afternoon the sun will come out around 2:00 for most of the bay area cept right along the coast. we'll probably see those clouds lingering along that coastline and again those temperatures will be seasonal. so here's what you can expect.
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temperatures in the 80s, low 90s for the inland areas. places like san jose will hit 80. that's for sure. and as we head to the beach, low clouds, cooler, and yes, even windier. we are going to feel the breeze out there. here's what's going on right now. winds are going to feel fairly calm out there maybe a little bit stronger in san francisco. but as i set this into motion by this afternoon, 1:00, 2:00, they will start to pick up. get to about 15-mile-per-hour winds in some areas. the gusts as high as 25, even 30, especially for places like fairfield which usually feels that breeze. the winds are going to get calm overnight but then they will pick up again tomorrow afternoon. here's your satellite and radar. so see the clouds come through and those clouds are going to hang around so there's little pockets of drizzle as we see in the futurecast. by 3:00, most of the bay area nice and sunny but, look, still right along the coastline gray at the coast. 8:00, 9:00, again the clouds will roll through.
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it may not be as deep as they have been. but by tomorrow morning, they will work their way into the bay as they do. it's august. redding today 101. lake tahoe 80 and sunshine. sacramento sunny and 99. sunrise at 6:21 today. sunset at 8:08 tonight. and here's a look at your next seven days. temperatures will be very comfortable, low 90s inland and sunshine. bay area in the upper 60s, monday and tuesday a little bit of cooler air to come on through. thank you. trending today, a big announcement from stephen colbert. he booked a special guest for the late show. >> everybody wants this fella, right? everybody wants him. nobody got him but us. >> mm-hm. >> on monday, i will sitting down right here talking for the first time since he left the white house, anthony scaramucci
5:19 am
will be sitting right there. the mooch! >> ! boo!! boo!!! ! [ laughter ] >> right there. [ pause ] [ no audio ] >> well, there you go. scaramucci was of course the white house communication director. so stephen colbert is excite. he was fired after 10 days on the job after a vulgar rant. you can watch the report monday night. fans are awaiting a big announce from the "hamilton" crew. the musical's official twitter page posted this. august 11, 2017, is going to be a bit of a day for a few reasons. well there aren't any other clues as to what's going to be announced. some are speculating maybe a movie deal but we'll have to wait until tomorrow to find out. hm. wonder what it is? finally trending todayk a party crasher, a cat wandered on the field during last night's royals-cardinals game. take a look.
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he apparently has some claws and sharp teeth! the internet loved it. people line rallied a >> the brave volunteer picked him up. it didn't look like the cat was having it. he has claws and sharp teeth. ouch. the internet seemed to love it though. so do we in the studio. people online rallied around the cat and started the hashtag rally cat. and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, there's a lot of movement on the 49ers offensive line yesterday. a piece of the team that could determine its success or failure and panda stating his case to remain a giant at the plate and in the field. we're up next. >> what's cool about your summer camp? email your nomination to us at coolc, and we may feature your camp on the thursday morning show.
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good morning. it's 5:23. live look in san francisco. this is the interstate 80, 101 interchange. those taillights making their way from westbound 80 to southbound 101. we had an earlier accident along this stretch. we'll take a closer look and see if that's causing delays. first a check on sports. good morning, everybody. it's a mighty small sample
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size, but pablo sandoval is making a pitch for 2018. he is hitting .375 since his giants rebirth and yesterday showed he has a little something left with the leather. madison bumgarner allowed five hits in seven innings against the cubs. got some help from pablo, flew out ben zobrist from his knees. you did not see that in boston. tied at one in the 7th. parker through the hole, span sliding and he is safe. giants take the lead. insurance time. hunter pence gone, the other way. giants win 3-1. they have taken the last two series, really both from play-off caliber baseball teams. a's and mariners at the coliseum. marcus semien might have had extra base but ben needed an oil change. he makes the grab. the mariners beat the a's, 6-3.
5:25 am
from the we hardly knew y efile today, third guy on the right, four time pro bowler center jeremy zuta five months after they traded for him with the baltimore ravens. after ten practices was it was clear that daniel beat him for the center position. second year garnett is having surgery to clean his knee out. he is not sure about garnett making week one. the 49ers traded up in the first round to select the stanford man. i am catching a 1:00 flight to kansas city for the 49ers preseason opener against the chiefs. and i will see you from arrowhead stadium. play of the day, preseason panthers inside texans territory. >> third down.
5:26 am
unbelievable catch. >> good hands. kelvin benjamin the former florida state university standout going up to get that one makes the in this adjustment, 28-yard pass to anderson, that catch good for a temperature, six points and your play of the day. some nfl analysts are saying if you are not signed with a team by now, there's a good chance you won't be playing this season. is that going to be the case for colin kaepernick? >> reporter: google is now facing a number of lawsuits after a former employee writes a 10 page memo. we'll tell you about it coming up next. as the t ♪
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north korea -- first responders in the bay area are ready -- just in case. and thieves as the trump administration continues to trade threats with north korea, first responders in the bay area are ready just in case. >> and thieves have left one bay area football team in need of new gear for the upcoming season. >> get those windshield wipers ready. some people may see a little drizzle this morning. also the winds will pick up. i'll explain coming up. >> pack your patience. the metering lights are on and backup is develop at the bay bridge toll plaza. coming up we'll take a closer look at how far it stretches and your travel times. good morning, it is thursday, august 10. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. there could be more trouble for google this morning. the company could be facing a new lawsuit. kpix 5's katie nielsen is live outside the headquarters in mountain view with the very latest. katie. >> reporter: so google is going to hold a town hall meeting later today so the ceo can
5:31 am
address gender issues with their employees. this comes as the office of federal contract compliance programs is thinking about a lawsuit against the tech giant for discrimination against women. this according to the guardian. google fired back in a blog post saying there is no gender pay gap according to their internal analysis. it all started when a google software wrote about the gender gap at the tech giant blaming biological differences for the lack of women finding success in the industry. he spoke publicly for the first time since sending the memo and said he was inspired to write it after attending a diversity seminar at google. james damore is threatening legal action for wrongful termination. there are a group of 60 females former and current google employees who are threatening a lawsuit for discrimination. live in mountain view, katie nielsen, kpix 5.
5:32 am
the u.s. and north korea continue to trade threats over the north's nuclear program. secretary of defense james mattis has warned kim jong-un to cease any consideration of actions that would lead to the end of the regime and the destruction of its people. negotiations apparently wasn't fazed. the north later threatened to launch an attack on guam once again and referred to president trump's fire and fury threat as a load of nonsense. the north is touting technology that could reach the u.s. mainland and the san francisco emergency operations center is prepared in the unlikely event of an attack. a spokesman said that would trigger the emergency response plan incorporating all first responders with variations tailored to the type of threat. but he does stress this is just in case. >> when it comes to a radiological event, the more likely scenario, while still unlikely -- [ laughter ] >> -- if that makes any sense, is that of a dirty bomb or radiological device and that's something that we work very hard at. >> first responders in san
5:33 am
francisco are trained to deal with hazardous materials like radioactive matter. they have also purchased detectors to measure radiation. a new lawsuit has been filed to block president trump's attempt to ban transgender military members. the president's announcement two weeks ago blindsided many within the defense department. the lawsuit was filed on behalf of five active duty transgender service members. it claims the ban would violate their right to equal protection under the constitution. the white house still has not provided the details of the new policy. expect fewer choices and higher premiums under obamacare in 2018. researchers say most insurers are uncertain about possible changes to the program and decided to pull out of the public marketplace. findings are based on insurer filings in nearly two dozen major cities. they could change over the next few weeks. it is 5:33 right now. let's check weather. it's a little soupy. >> yes.
5:34 am
>> it feels like you're in bowl of soup. >> we got the clouds coming through with the marine layer thick causing some drizzle out there. so some areas may see a little bit of wet weather. here's a look at the airport to check. things are smooth right now. no major delays. and it looks like we are going to see our temperatures right now feeling cool. here's the transamerica tower and it was visible a little bit ago but now it's not. so clouds are hanging pretty low. not too low to affect visibility but the temperatures are normal for this morning. 61 degrees in concord. oakland 56. livermore 60. san francisco 58. so here's your visibility map. dropping down a little bit half moon bay. but four-mile visibility not too bad. then clear for the roads as far as the cloud cover goes. so it's not hanging super low down on the roads. but yes, again, windshield
5:35 am
wipers may be needed this morning. heavy fog through concord and fairfield. things will clear up for most of the bay area in the early afternoon. right now, we're looking okay with the exception of the bay bridge toll plaza. they just turned on the metering lights. live look, this is the macarthur maze where 880, 580 and 80 come together to join over at the toll plaza. the metering lights are on. you can see it stretch toward the foot of the maze. so give yourself some extra time. it's pretty average right now. 13 minutes into san francisco. from the carquinez bridge to the maze about 20 minutes. southbound 101 an earlier accident at the 80 split, not slowing anyone down but they
5:36 am
are waiting for a tow. northbound 101, the usual slowdowns between 280 and 680 interchange there up towards 880 along northbound 101. but no reports of any accidents or stalls. so everyone in the south bay on their best driving behavior this morning. that's a check of your traffic. back to you. police are trying to piece together a murder in a quiet oakland neighborhood. officers were called to the area near rich and webster streets yesterday. about two blocks from the macarthur bart station. police aren't releasing details but a nearby neighbor said she heard it and it started when the victim's laptop was stolen. fremont police are searching for suspects after $11,000 worth of football gear were stolen from a school. here's the washington high school team wearing some of that equipment on the field. police say someone left their gym unlocked during a summer construction project. that's when somebody took the opportunity to sneak in and steal helmets and pads among other gear. so far no arrests. free speech is at the heart
5:37 am
of the controversy as former 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick struggles to find a new team. kpix 5's jackie ward breaks down the differing views on kaepernick's political statements. >> reporter: he can't get a job. cbs sports writer john breach says colin kaepernick is quickly running out of options. if a team hasn't brought him in yet, he probably won't be playing this year. it may be because of what happened last season when he refused to stand for the national anthem. kaepernick said he did it to inspire change and to g attention to so-called police brutality. new york giants team owner says kaepernick's past scared teams away but said there is no organized effort to blackball him. >> in your opinion, is he being blacklisted? >> without question. >> i'm personally not a fan of how he used the platform of the 49ers team to express his own feelings. >> a petition to boycott the nfl is gaining popularity on as of this morning, it has
5:38 am
almost 150 now supporters. it got more than 100,000 of those signatures in just 12 days. a rally being organized by justice league nyc and backed by director spike lee is happening at the end of the month outside nfl headquarters. cofounder of the justice league said if people feel politically connected to their communities they should be able to make a statement. the nfl preseason is already under way and the 9ers take the field for the first time tomorrow. we are inviting to you share your 9ers photos on the kpix 5 facebook page. kpix 5 is your home for 49ers preseason football. first up for the 9ers, it's the kansas city chiefs. our coverage begins tomorrow with kpix 5 news starting at 5:00. >> football is back! oil prices are on the rise and concerns remain over the safety of range rovers after a major recall. hena daniels has those stories and more. >> reporter: investigators hope for a better day on wall street
5:39 am
with big earnings reports from macy's and snap. that's the parent company of snapchat. yesterday was down on wall street. the dow was down 36. the nasdaq was down 18. oil prices ended higher yesterday spurred by a u.s. report that showed a sharp decline in crude inventory. the energy information administration says inventory fell 6.5 million barrels last week to more than 1.1 billion. at the pump right now aaa says the national average for a gallon of gas is $2.36. the u.s. government wants to to if a recall of range rovers fixed the problem of doors opening while in motion. the investigation covers more than 65,000 range rovers and suvs from 2013 to 2016. the carmaker updated software of their keyless system to remedy the danger. but there are still complaints about doors opening without warning. jaguar land rover says it's cooperating with the inquiry. and walmart is providing an
5:40 am
app that lets you skip the checkout line and pay with your smartphone. the retail giant first tested scan and go in 2013 but later discontinued it. it's since been redesigned. with the app, shoppers can scan items with their phone as they shop. testing began this year in several cities and it's being expanded to dallas and nashville, tennessee. that's your cbsmoneywatch report. for more, head to i'm people in a neighborhood are getting friend will with local wildlife. details on the new warnings. >> a chilling discovery made underneath a san francisco home. what it reveals about the city's past. that story coming up.
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5:43 am
a man is in custody after allegedly leading officers on a look at this glow. wow. this is our mount vaca cam. the sun starting to peek through, working its way out. we have to wait a few minutes for the official sunrise but we'll have a pretty on par day. i'll explain what all that means coming up in the full forecast. a man is in custody after allegedly leading officers on a high-speed chase and trying to swim his way to freedom. the chp says the trouble started yesterday afternoon in oroville and ended near discovery bay on the old river bridge on highway 4. police say once the driver got to the bridge, he ran off, only to jump into the river. that's where authorities say he started swimming hard, even taunting officers as he tried to get away. but after about an hour, he was taken into custody and booked into san joaquin county jail. construction crews digging under a san francisco building
5:44 am
uncovered more than just a few rocks. they discovered a tombstone more than 100 years old. kpix 5's jessica flores is at the building in laurel heights. >> reporter: good morning. that's right. we are here on iris avenue in laurel heights. there's mud behind me where construction crews were working when they discovered that tombstone more than 100 years old that they didn't find any bones. construction crews were in the garage ripping up the floor laying new electrical line when at the discovered that plate. and they discovered it between a pipe and the foundation. it turns out it was 155 years old, a grey marker upon a family. a mother, father, and a child they lost after 13 days. now, there is a simple explanation here. if you live in this neighborhood, it used to be home to the laurel hills cemetery. the graves were shipped to coma to make room for housing but
5:45 am
the tombstones gave the crews chills. >> gives me the goosebumps. that's a old tombstone. the first name on it is charles cooper a native of germany. >> reporter: this isn't the first time this happened. last year workers found a casket under a home near lone mountain in san francisco. researchers say the body was a young girl who died in 1876. now, crews do plan to remove the tombstone today. yesterday they tried but it was too heavy for five men to lift. i'm jessica flores, kpix 5, san francisco. in san francisco, as coyotes grow bolder, roaming local parks, wildlife experts warning people to stop getting so close. cali the coyote has been on telegraph hill for years and some people believe that people have been feeding her. one dog owner says his pets have grown surprisingly fond of her but a wildlife expert has a
5:46 am
different take on how people should be treating her. >> weird disney-like movie dynamic, let's just say. but it's real life in san francisco. >> lunge for them, yell. if you feel comfortable, young throw things at them, not to hurt but to scare. >> carl the coyote at buena vista park has his own facebook page. famous. but experts say these animals need to feel we are a threat so they will steer clear of parks and face the best shot of survival. >> all these coyotes, we have to name them? something with a c? for alliteration? >> carl the coyote? cali? >> i guess. >> seems like that. right? >> i saw one in marin headlands recently but bottom line, don't get too close. >> you don't feed them. >> you see the signs that warn there are coyotes here. especially if you have dogs. if you take your dogs for a
5:47 am
walk, that's the last thing you want to see [ crosstalk ] here's a live look right now. highway 24, this is right near tunnel road. those taillights moving westbound making their way down towards 580 and most likely the bay bridge toll plaza which is definitely starting to back up and look at the brake lights we are starting to see here. so expect slowdowns there. we are tracking the usual delays. it's getting crowded. this is just south of hesperian hesperian. traffic moving in both directions no accidents or stalls. 680 car blocking a lane near vargas road southbound so expect speeds to drop below 50 miles per hour. over at the bay bridge toll plaza, we have been tracking metering lights. they're on and the backup, oh, yes, that's on, too.
5:48 am
that's stretching all the way to the foot of the maze. the eastshore freeway back still looking okay but it's getting crowded just about 20 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the maze. and under 20 minutes heading into san francisco. let's check in with neda on the forecast. how's it going to be today? >> well, take a moment and look at this! this is gorgeous. hello, mount vaca cam. we love that you get to show us this view. glowing, glowing sun coming out. so we are going to see that sunrise here shortly. but right now, that's just beautiful right below the red though. it's what they are going to be low to the ground. look up and it's great. concord 61. oakland 56. livermore 60. san francisco 58 degrees. san jose a little bit warmer at 62. grab that sweater this morning or maybe a long-sleeved shirt if you are going out for a morning jog. you may feel a slight breeze on your back there. 11-mile-per-hour winds in san francisco. 10 at the airport.
5:49 am
it's calmer in redwood city, mountain view and san jose. but san ramon 11 miles per hour. as we move further up north, fairfield 21. those wind gusts are going to get strong tase. possibly 25 to 30 miles per hour gusts this afternoon. our clouds will stick around feeling a little bit of a drizzle until about 8:00 this morning, then the clouds will burn off probably around noon or 1:00 so we'll get sun for most of the bay area, not exactly along the coast though. the coast is going to stay cool and cloudy still. here's that three-hour loop. you see how all the clouds just stayed right -- working their way into the bay and east into concord and livermore and beyond. we are looking at this stubborn low. it's been hanging north of us along the california-oregon border and causing some chance of thunderstorms up to the north, possibly even napa and sonoma today. there's a slight chance of thunderstorms. so we'll keep a close eye on that. also going to again see the winds pick up this afternoon
5:50 am
and tomorrow. here's a look at your temperatures for today. the highs in san francisco, 66. oakland 71. san jose 80. comparing that to your average temperatures, we are 3 degrees off from the average. but it's going to be very consistent pretty much for the next seven days. so we are only going to see a little change-up by next week when we'll get some cooler air coming through. here's your sunrise today, 6:21. so any moment now. sunset at 8:08 tonight. most of us may not see that sun because the clouds are coming back. here's a look at your seven-day forecast. low 90s for the inland areas. 88 by monday though. so you can see a little bit of that drop-off come monday, tuesday. and the bay is going to stay right in the 60s, cooling offer a little bit monday, tuesday, the coast temperatures in the low 60s. if you are going to outside lands, it's going to be 64 degrees for the high on saturday at golden gate park. it will feel cool so bring a sweater. dress in layers. it will probably be best for
5:51 am
the concert-goers. thank you. time now is 5:50. new orleans is still cleaning up after devastating floods last weekend. why the disaster cost people their jobs.
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
good morning, everybody. all right. thursday morning, starting off cloudy. but not to worry. warmer skies will prevail. sunnyvale 80 degrees. 82 cupertino where the sun will be out in the inland areas. so that's good news today. concord 84. pleasant hill 84. vallejo 79 degrees. so 70s, 80s, inland. at the coast 75 mill valley, daly city good morning, it's going to be 63 degrees there today. heading up north, clearlake 95. lakeport 95. a whole lot warmer as you head out to the northern parts of california. jaclyn? we are seeing a lot of brake lights here. this is the macarthur maze. we have reports of an accident near the toll plaza. we'll have all the details coming up. the devastating floods that swamped new orleans have cost city officials their jobs. about 10 inches of water fell in three hours on saturday flooding the city. it was originally reported that all the drainage pumps were
5:55 am
working but later on, several weren't working properly. now two water and sewage officials are out. and the mayor is asking for more resignations. in boulder, colorado, a calm city council meeting grows frightening fast when a woman's purse bursts into flames. >> permit was issued on july 20th. signed on july -- [ screaming ] >> wow. >> wow. no one had to call 911 because the city's top firefighter happened to be in the crowd. he rushed to help and worked with other people in the audience to put out the flaming purse. the woman's cell phone was fine but a battery in her purse caught fire. >> wow. an indian man who lives near sacramento and has no criminal record is facing deportation. . he reported for his routine check anyone last week. he was detained in jail for a week and slated for deportation. >> they say, oh, your case is
5:56 am
denied, i say no. >> that's what they said in the beginning that they were just -- everybody calm down, we're just focusing on the criminals. but it's not. all illegal immigrants are going. >> authorities have given him three months to get out. his family hopes to fight it in court. time now is 5:56. an exclusive san francisco street sold in an auction. next, why it's not the first time unpaid taxes have come back to bite the gated enclave. >> reporter: google is facing a number of lawsuits after a former employee writes a ten- page manifesto about gender issues. we'll tell you about those suits coming up next.
5:57 am
5:58 am
5:59 am
the us and north korea isn't calming down. the rogue nation's latest warning. the war of words between the u.s. and north korea isn't
6:00 am
calming down. the rogue nation's latest warnings. >> plus, the google engineer who lost his job for what he said about women. why he is standing by his comments. >> good morning, it's thursday, august 10. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. first let's start with traffic and weather. jaclyn is of course tracking on you commute this morning. the situation near the bay bridge? >> yes. right at the toll plaza, it's already a ride this time of morning. good morning, if you are sl goi out, your ride has you headed along the eastshore freeway, that's starting to slow down. here's a live look near powell street. so as you make your way into emeryville, you will start tapping those brakes and then it continues to be very slow all the way towards the toll plaza and to the metering lights. oh, yes. they're on. so just under a 25-minute ride from the carquinez bridge to the maze and then we continue to see a big backup at the toll plaza there. it's about another 20 minutes heading into san francisco. so give yourself some extra time this morning. a new accident westbound


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