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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  August 10, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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administration are doing to try to cool things down. >> reporter: secretary of defense jim mattis toned down the trump administration's rhetoric on the north korea crisis during a visit to a high- tech defense contractor in mountain view stressing diplomacy instead. >> right now, secretary tillerson, ambassador haley, you can see the american effort is diplomatically led. it has diplomatic traction, gaining diplomatic results. i want to stay right there right now. the tragedy of war is well enough known. it doesn't need another characterization beyond the fact that it would be catastrophic. >> reporter: i asked mr. mattis about a new kpix/surveyusa poll that found a majority of people in the bay area don't have confidence in the administration's ability to handle the crisis. >> this is a threat to world peace, to global order, and it's aligning the united nations in very serious sanctions and i would just tell you that that didn't just happen by accident.
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that shows where the trump administration goes in terms of the prioritizing of the threat. but also, in how to deal with it in the diplomatically effective manner. >> reporter: mattis is in silicon valley to get a look at experimental technology being developed in the silicon valley, one innovation a sea going autonomous drone that could be used to spy or track enemy movements in oceans around the world. it's developed in alameda. the defense innovation unit experimental helps the military find high-tech solutions in other areas like artificial intelligence, life science, space and information technology. >> innovation is actually apolitical and the whole point is that we're saving lives, saving dollars and the generating a lot of -- and we're generating a lot of great economic activity around the u.s. >> reporter: they started under the obama administration but received a very strong endorsement today from secretary of defense james mattis, one of the other advantages of what's going on in the building behind me here. it's able to put technology
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into the field and get contracts signed a lot quicker than the old school defense contractors as little as 60 days. >> reporter: ken bastida has more results from our new poll. ken. >> reporter: really interesting. folks here in the bay area, liz, clearly concerned about the tensions with the north. we asked this question: do you think north korea right now poses a serious threat to the united states? here are the results. 62% say yes. just 20% say no. 18% say they are not sure. we asked does the united states have a coherent policy for dealing with north korea? 21% yes, 45% no. one interesting part of the poll looks at which country is likely to take action first. more people think the u.s. will
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act first. 44% say it is very to somewhat likely. 39% say not very to not at all likely. on the other hand, only about 20% think that north korea will actually take action against the united states within the next month. >> thank you. we have a traffic alert for you right now. all southbound lanes of 280 north of alemany boulevard are blocked causing major delays of course in our evening commute. we're learning that a garbage truck went through the center divider. two the northbound lanes closed, as well. it's unclear how long it's going to take for that road to be completely open. we'll update you when we have the information. "skydrone5" over the packed parking lot at the north concord bart station. every space is taken. but what if the lot were to disappear to make way for development? kpix 5's melissa caen says it could happen and she is live at the station on port chicago highway. melissa. >> reporter: yeah, liz. the fate of this enormous
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parking lot at the north concord bart station is in the balance tonight as the bart board of directors votes to put this whole thing in with a development across the street. >> i live in pleasant hill so it's really kind of inconvenient. >> reporter: 1977 parking spaces. the parking lot was overflowing same as every day. >> they park everywhere. this is one way in, one way out. so, you know, it's, um, gets a little backed up. >> reporter: just across the street is 5,000 acres of land owned by the navy. the city of concord wants to develop that land and tonight, bart is voting to join that development. the director of the project for the city of concord: >> there's an agreement between the city and the bart board that is before the barred board this evening that basically just sets the broad terms for including bart's 18
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acres in the planning for the specific plan. >> that land is the city of concord. this is bart. i don't understand of the correlation between the two. >> reporter: once the land is part of the development, what happens to all this parking? debora allen is a member of the barred board of directors. >> our own transit-oriented development policy states that we were -- we are looking to, um, encourage nonauto access. >> reporter: allen is concerned about what will happen to the nearly 2,000 parking spots here. >> my early indication from other staff and barred board members is that we would look to diminish them and ask the city of concord to find a solution close by. >> reporter: people say if parking is cut back, they won't abandon their cars. >> i heard you can get into
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lafayette anytime of the day. >> i would be very frustrated and think about coming even earlier which i don't want to do. >> reporter: now, the district that we're in right now the bart district that we're this is joel keller's district and we tried repeatedly to get in touch with him today but he did not respond. now, the barred board meeting is happening right now and they are debating a number of issues on their agenda but we have cameras in the room and we will keep you updated. live in concord, melissa caen, kpix 5. a san jose property owner has a plan to ease the housing crunch at sjsu. he wants to build a 26-story tower with retail on the ground floor and 400 housing units above for students. it would stand at north 4th and st. john streets near the san jose state campus. one planning consultant estimates the city planning commission could hear the proposal in october with a city council vote by the end of the year. google's town hall meeting
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to discuss a harsh anti- diversity manifesto is canceled. the reason? threats against google employees. kpix 5's maria medina at the campus in mountain view. what happened? >> reporter: well, you know, google employees say that they were in fear of their safety because some of their names and even the questions that they wanted to ask during the town hall meeting were being posted online mostly on "alt right" websites. the ceo of google wanted to hold a town hall meeting today at 4:00 to address the controversial memo written by tech engineer james damore. now, damore was fired earlier this week for that memo in which he said that it was because of biological reasons that there are more successful men than women in tech. well, today thousands of employees were set to meet with the ceo today but again, that meeting is canceled last minute with the ceo sending out a letter to employees just a short while ago saying, on some websites, googlers are now being named personally.
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googlers are writing in concerned about their safety and worried they may be outed publicly for asking a question in the town hall. and here's what we found. conservative pun did milo yiannopoulos posted this on his facebook page. the pundit said,le twitter profiles of google employees who criticized damore's memo, eight profiles. the google ceo still wants to meet with employees through forums and he says more details will follow in the next few days. meanwhile, damore has filed a federal labor complaint saying he had every legal right to talk about his work environment. live in mountain view, maria medina, kpix 5. more trouble for uber. one of the company's key investors is suing the founder. the venture capital company benchmark is accusing travis kalanick of fraud saying he failed to disclose the misbehavior and impropriety inside the company that he ran. kalanick was forced out in june.
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a spokesman for kalanick called the lawsuit completely without merit and riddled with lies and false allegations and that mr. kalanick is confident that these entirely baseless claims will be rejected. san jose is doing an about- face after sending out steep fines for illegal fireworks with no proof. the city says it will drop 45 citations and send out warning letters. amy gonzalez and others were wrongly fined $500 for fireworks set off after the warriors championship in june. a new pilot program takes complaints to an online app and mails out fines without further investigation. the city says it will review and refine the program. nearly a year after the devastating "loma fire" in the santa cruz mountains, cal fire says it was caused by a portable generator from a pot grow. the fire last september burned over more than 4,000 acres and destroyed 12 homes. after the fire deputies ramped up their crackdown on grow
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operations which are booming in the rural mountains. the marijuana farm where the fire started is on [ indiscernible ] road. cal fire is investigating whether the operation is legal. the results of a massive two-year investigation in the bay area just unveiled. multiple law enforcement agencies were involved in what they called operation cold day. it culminated this week with more than 75 arrests for weapons, drugs and property crimes. >> there were a total of 100 guns either seized or purchases as well as pounds of drugs to include marina, cocaine, methamphetamine, heroin, marijuana, pills containing fentanyl. >> 42 people were arrested on federal charges, dozens more charged in state court. a bay area musician killed chasing down a laptop thief. friends remember the man who lost his life trying to protect his life's work. >> this quiet bay area street wasn't built for heavy traffic. now it's overrun by cars. the detour that's turned into a
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major pain. >> and this made us do a double- take. a bay area city giving a $300,000 seismic upgrade to a statue. >> this is a different way to look at the bay area microclimates. compared to this time yesterday, half moon bay is two degrees colder but concord is nine degrees warmer. tomorrow we go warmer or chillier. your forecast is next. days driving all over town.
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thief who stole his life's work. kpix 5's susie steimle has more on his c we'ring more about the bay area musician who fought back about a thief who stole his life's work. kpix 5's susie steimle has more on his confrontation with the man who stole his laptop. ♪[ music ] >> it's grief. it's a whole community grieving for him. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: friends mourning the loss of dave deporis today are using the phrase, dave who loved the sky, a name he sometimes played songs under. ♪[ music ] >> dave always was full-in artist. the community needs people like that to keep us honest. >> reporter: 40-year-old dave deporis died unexpectedly yesterday. he was working at arbor cafe on telegraph avenue in oakland when a stranger stole his laptop and jumped into a car.
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dave ran after him. >> now, during the pursuit with the vehicle, the victim was dragged, which led to fatal injuries. >> it's so freaking sad. i -- i have never seen anything like this around here. >> reporter: dave was an acoustic guitarist and singer who toured around the country. he wasn't violent but chased after the thief because so much of his work was stored on that laptop. ian is a friend who is helping respond to social media response to dave's death from friends around the world. he hopes people will take a minute and listen and catch dave doing what he does best. ♪[ music ] >> dave was -- i mean, one word would just be magic. and i hope that he would want people to remember him for his magic. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: police are hoping that the general public will help them make an arrest in this case. they are offering a $15,000 reward for any information that
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helps solve this case. in oakland, susie steimle, kpix 5. kudos from the mayor today to the emergency crews that responded to the deadly shooting at a san francisco u.p.s. building back in june. mayor lee honored first responders from several agencies. they worked to get people out of harm's way when a u.p.s. driver shot and killed three fellow employees and himself on june 14th. the mayor says the team work displayed that day is what the city needs moving forward. >> in these kinds of events, it really takes a whole village of different agencies to work and coordinate and, you know, with ongoing dialogue that we have on a national level, we are going to have to do a lot more collaboration these days to keep our city safe. >> among the agencies honored today were san francisco police, fire, the sheriff's department as well as the highway patrol. we're learning an argument between two teenaged hikers sent rescue teams to mount tamalpais in marin county. after that disagreement, the
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hikers separated. but one got lost on mount tam near the rockspring trail. 16-year-old sarah lange had just enough cell service to make an emergency call to her dad. they found her unharmed at 7 a.m. this morning. some orinda neighbors are not happy that their street is being used as a detour thanks to an east bay m.u.d. pipe replacement project. the detour is at moraga and glorietta streets. that's sending more cars on to quiet orchard road. the new pipe is installed but for 7 hours a day the road is restricted to northbound traffic only on moraga sending southbound traffic through orchard road. >> i don't see why people can't just go on moraga way. okay, so they have a wait. then if they are smart, they will go somewhere else. >> my major complaint is the road. this road is falling apart. >> east bay m.u.d. says they still have some work
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to do but hope to finish completely before school starts at the end of august. oh, boy. school going to start? let's enjoy the rest of summer! >> it's always don't talk about school. we'll talk about school the day before when you have to go to bed early. it's coming up soon within about a week or two depending what school you go to. and around here, we warm up when kids go back to school. you will warm up in san francisco with a high today only 67 degrees. other highs as the planes land at sfo, san rafael 76. very comfortable there. san jose 78. fremont 73. we were warmer inland today. concord 85. we are coming up on the solar total eclipse moving coast to coast across the country for the first time in 99 years. maybe you can't make it to oregon or south carolina or missouri. i'm happy to report the entire united states will at least experience a partial eclipse on august 21st. here's the low pressure area to
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our north. this will keep our temperatures in check around san francisco bay, san pablo bay and the coastline. it will leave tomorrow. but replacing this low will be a new area of low pressure which will keep that fetch from the ocean going so near the water, your temperatures will not rise that much but as this guy exits tomorrow, it will lead to another two or three degree warmup away from the water. so fog low cloud cover, drizzle, they have been there for the past several nights. they will be there again tonight. lows around 60 degrees. mountain view 62. napa 58. san jose 61. san francisco 58 degrees. seasonal again tomorrow. very close to average which is 50s and 60s at the beach, specifically 63 for pacifica. 71 for oakland. you will get some afternoon sunshine. fremont a little warmer, warmer down towards san jose and morgan hill. and the warmest stuff will be napa, 85. livermore 89. fairfield you may hit 90. and temperatures level off. the extremes that we have had throughout the summer will not be there the next several days. the ocean influence keeping temperatures in check even inland. the coolest day and cloudiest
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day will be monday. low to mid-80s that's it away from the water and only the mid- 60s near the bay but all in all morning clouds, afternoon sunshine, and pleasant and not hot. back to you. >> thank you. let's get back to the traffic alert i mentioned earlier. we are getting our first picture from chopper 5 over interstate 280 in san francisco. that is a garbage truck that went through the center divide. now, right now, three southbound lanes of 280 north of alemany boulevard are blocked. chopper 5 pulling out here to give us a better idea of the impact on traffic. two of the northbound lanes those are also closed, as well. unclear just how long it's going to take to get that truck out of there and get the road completely open. but definitely having an effect on rush hour traffic. the garbage truck through the center divide. don't know about any injuries yet but we'll get that for you. young girls forced to drop out of school to feed their families. now a bay area woman is giving them the tools to grow a
6:21 pm
business. her passion fruit project. >> cat owners, have you gone through this? this from a ballgame as the ted nugent goes, a little catch scratch fever. ♪[ music ] >> and the 49ers kick off the preseason tomorrow and we are sharing some of your fan photos showing off their rings and hats with fans. golf up top... ...the tour's last major...p-g-a championship... more than fairways and
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6:23 pm gotta be...a shot maker... phil mickelson will tell ya...worst round ever in this event...8-over 79... golf up top. the pga championship last major, more than fairways and greens. you got to be a shot kemic
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worst round ever in this event, 8-over 79. michael phelps in the camouflage cap outside charlotte, north carolina. it's louten par 3, fourth hole, hole in one. to jordan spieth the only major he hasn't won. check out he set himself up for birdie at 17. could not get it going. shot a 1-over 72. here's kevin kissner drafted, the leader, made his move at 18 tied at 4-under par on the quail hollow course. testy weather is ahead toward the weekend. nfl, it may be preseason but come on! it's 49ers football at kansas city tomorrow here on channel 5. preseason game number one, 90 players, lots of new faces. one of the most important to the 9ers offense, wide receiver pierre garcon. garcon number 15 here is expected to be san francisco's workhorse running every route.
6:25 pm
now, remember when he signed his five-year, $47 million deal to come over from the redskins here? well, san francisco did not have a quarterback in brian hoyer in place. but garcon says, eh, that didn't matter. >> you know, as a receiver, your job is to help the quarterback and help the team. you can put it on the receiver's shoulder to get the play for the team for the whole city so definitely, what i want to do, it doesn't matter who is throwing the ball. i just have to make them look good and keep moving the ball down the field. >> garcon and the 49ers take on the chiefs again tomorrow with coverage starting at 5:30 on kpix 5. meanwhile, derek carr here and the raiders! they are limbering up against the arizona cardinals saturday. if he plays, it will be his first game since i broke his leg here last christmas eve. that gave him this perspective. >> it made me realize how thankful i am not for the football stuff but to be able to walk my kids and put them in bed, to be able to, you know,
6:26 pm
have my son bump his knee and i can go walk over and pick him up. nba may be shifting holiday plans. for the third straight year, the warriors will play the cavaliers on christmas day. the game is in oakland, one of five on december 25th. and in case you missed it, a cat on the loose during the cardinals-royals game in st. louis. oh, man. the poor grounds crew fella that had to retrieve this. it took a bite and scratch out of lucas hackman. he is in pain as he coddled the feline. >> scruff of the neck! >> cardinals won the game on a grand slam. that wasn't at the forefront of his mind, though. >> and then my hand was actually covered in blood! so i was, like, worried about that but the cat was trying to get back in the stadium. ushers were blocking it and i had to go to first aid. i don't know what happened to the cat. i'm hoping we get reunited soon. >> giants are off the a's host the orioles, moving pictures at 11.
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>> that young man should have had docked the cat. >> everybody is going to want that cat now. >> they're bonded now, blood brothers. >> that darn cat. where is he? [ laughter ] >> thanks, vern. coming up in our next half- hour, a bay area teacher arrested for her role in a violent capitol brawl, throwing punches. why she says she shouldn't be charged with a crime. >> a bay area nurse and her husband fought for years to get legal status. now they could be deported. the plea to keep their family together. >> and an alarming trend on the shore. what is behind a surge in sick sea lions.
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a berkeley teacher-- caught on camera punching and verbally attacking a neo-nazi demonstrator. but now she says the assault our top story at 6:30, a berkeley teacher caught on camera punching and verbally attacking a demonstrator. now she says the assault charged against her should be dropped. kpix 5's da lin reports from sacramento, where yvette felarca claimed innocence after facing a judge. [ chanting ] >> reporter: a small vocal crowd rallies in support of the berkeley schoolteacher. >> drop the charges now!
6:31 pm
>> screaming and cursing ] >> reporter: the charges stem from this june 2016 fight at the state capital. felarca's group "by any means necessary" was protesting against a white nationalist group. a video shows felarca repeatedly nching a man. the man had both hands up, walking to a line of police officers for help. felarca and others dragged the man downed and kicked him! prosecutors charged felarca with one count of felony assault and two misdemeanor counts of inciting and participating in a riot. felarca did not enter a plea today. her lawyers are still waiting for all the documents on the case. >> these charges are false against me. they should be dropped. >> reporter: felarca is known for her militant style protests. earlier this year, she again got physical with trump supporters in berkeley. [ screaming ] >> i'm standing up against fascism and the rise of naziism in this country, it's not a crime. we have a right to defend
6:32 pm
ourselves. >> reporter: her attorney blames police officers for not stepping in earlier to keep the peace. >> i think anyone has the right to self-k what is shown on inand ideo is partial dense. than i incomplete! >> reporter: but some people who have seen the video say that's nonsense! >> i think it's crazy when you have clear evidence, i mean, i think it would be a real travesty of justice if they actually dropped the charges. >> reporter: felarca is scheduled to teach at her berkeley middle school at the end of the month. the school legally cannot fire her unless she is convicted of a felony. felarca will return to court on october 4. now, if convicted, she will lose more than just her job. her attorney says the felony assault charge carries a lengthy prison sentence. in sacramento, i'm da lin, kpix 5. time is running out for an oakland nurse who is facing deportation. maria and her husband eusebio have spent 23 years living
6:33 pm
illegally in america with their children. they have until tuesday before the couple is deported. they plan to take their youngest child with them back to mexico but will leave the rest of the children behind. >> it is a very difficult situation. i put up a long fight. this administration says they want good people and that's what my family is. they don't want bad hombres and my parents have never, ever done anything, no criminal convictions. >> the deportation would put 23 vianney in charge of her two younger sisters. the 23-year-old is protected under the daca program something president trump has threatened to take away. senator dianne feinstein issued a statement: should welcome into th ed states wit arms... "tearing t mily apart doesn't make safer." president doubling down on his r c toward north kore mister tru g his "fire and warning to the
6:34 pm
north... was not tough c-b-s reporter paula reid the story. rs: :57 - 1:07 reid/cbs news/the white (suggested intro) president trum ing time away fro w jersey vacation with the ever grow reat from north korea. a reid has more deta the white house. ( (track 1) pr trump says he needs to * north korea. president trump is doubling down on his rhetoric toward north korea. mr. trump saying his fire and fury warning to the north was not tough enough. cbs reporter paula reed has that story. >> reporter: president trump says he needs to get tougher with north korea. >> north korea better get their act together or they are going to be in trouble like few nations ever have been in trouble in this world. >> reporter: wednesday the president promised to bring fire and fury on north korea if it makes any more threats on the united states. >> the people that were questioning that statement, was it too tough? maybe it wasn't tough enough. >> reporter: the general in charge of north korea's missile force said, sound dialogue is not possible with president trump. and that only absolute force can work on him. north korea's military says it will be ready by mid-august simultaneously launching four missiles that will fly over japan and will land in the waters off the u.s. territory of guam. the plan is awaiting dictator kim jong-un's approval.
6:35 pm
>> let's see what he does with guam. if he does something in guam, it will be an event the likes of which nobody has seen before what will happen in north korea. >> reporter: the people of guam are in the crosshairs of north korea's weapons. the territory is host to over 6,000 american military personnel on a navy and air force base. >> i'm not really nervous. i'm pretty confident in our military capability. >> what is the president doing to protect us? i blame him. >> it's concerning but at the same time, i mean, i'm not -- i have faith in the military and i have faith that we are protected. >> reporter: guam's governor has not raised the threat level but homeland security officials say residents should have a plan just in case. paula reed, cbs news, the white house. the north korea tension are rattling wall street. it was the biggest single day drop for the stock market in three months. the dow plunged more than 200 points. the tech heavy nasdaq bore the brunt of that sell-off falling
6:36 pm
more than 2%. s&p 500 dropped more than 1%. snapchat is stumbling on wall street after a disappointing quarterback down more than 12% in after-hours trading. the company reported 173 million daily active users missing expectations. revenue also missed the mark. investors are worried about the company's ability to compete for users and advertising dollars with rivals like facebook's instagram. snapchat has 77 million fewer daily users than instagram. a major bummer for a high school football team. thieves swipe their expensive gear right before the start of the season. >> and a jolt to a city council meeting. the scary moment a woman's purse explodes.
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food. water. internet. we need it to live. but what we don't need are surprises, like extra monthly fees. i see you, fee, played by legendary actress anjelica huston. you got me, mark. we just want fast internet for one, simple rate. for all the streaming and the shopping and the newsing, but most of all... for the this. internet for one everyday simple price and no extra monthly fees. police say someone made off with thousands of dollars in ent... at wash a bay area high school wants its stolen football gear back. police say that somebody made off with thousands of dollars in equipment at washington high school in fremont.
6:39 pm
and it likely happened in mid- july. that's when construction work was going on with the gym unlocked. the football coach says 15 helmets and 40 shoulder pads are gone. >> for whatever reason, they took one brand of helmet which left us another brand. however, if we have about 5 to 10 more kids come out that need a large helmet and a certain brand, we would be short. >> each one costs $350. the total value of the missing gear is $9,000. fremont police are asking the public to keep an eye out for the stolen items. novato taking a novel approach to deal with abandoned shopping carts. blame the stores, not the thieves. the city propose a $622 fine against stores that don't pick up their carts within 72 hours. if the city has to dispose of the carts, it will be another $760. people who take them off a store's property would face a $100 fine. city leaders say they are trying to alleviate the blight
6:40 pm
caused by abandoned carts. a pricy upgrade for a statue. why a tribute to president mckinley is getting a $300,000 retrofit. >> typically there's a beautiful view of the downtown san francisco skyline from this camera. looking live from oakland tonight, yeah, not so much. lots of haze and fog, lots of low cloud cover. will that change tomorrow around toward the weekend? we are cloudy at ocean beach, as well. your forecast coming up. en the who are these people? the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous.
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beach -- immediately. the battle has gone on for hosla a california appeals court says a tech billionaire must open the gates to a san mateo county beach immediately. the battle has operty adjacent to martins beach and blocked off the only public access road. a foundation sued saying he violated the coastal act of california and then khosla appealed. now the court is affirming the original decision to allow public access. it's not clear whether khosla will continue to fight to keep the gates closed.
6:44 pm
marine experts say something is in the water and it's poisoning dozens of sea lions. kpix 5's emily turner on what looks like a growing threat to the northern california coast. >> reporter: the marine mammal center says sea lions are like a canary in a coal mine for the ocean and they are seeing rising numbers of sick ones coming into the hospital here and worry about about what means. they aren't quiet or well. >> it's hard to watch them suffer. >> reporter: which is is why they ended up at the center's hospital. >> it's a algae bloom. fish and sea lions eat it and then the sea lions get sick. [ coughing ] >> reporter: the center has taken in70 since the start of july all with domoic acid poisoning a neurotoxin released by algae blooms and could cause severe or permanent brain damage. only half make it even once rescued. right now most of the animals at the marine mammal center are
6:45 pm
from the san luis obispo area. but domoic acid levels are rising and creeping further north. >> we could easily see more of these blooms and get, you know, dozens or even hundreds of animals in again. >> reporter: the state monitors domoic acid levels and so far, no bay area fisheries have been shut down. the numbers are creeping up around monterey. the warmest weather yet to come, sea lions and seafood here may soon [ indiscernible ] >> we eat many of the same things the sea lions do. so if they are getting the symptoms and the seizures and gastrointestinal upset, we he can get it to if we're eating the fish, as well. >> emily turner there. sparks fly at a city council meeting in nevada after a battery explodes in a woman's purse. it happened at a meeting in boulder city. smoke pours from the woman's purse. some flames caught part of her
6:46 pm
shirt on fire. the fire chief was in attendant and quickly put it out. not clear what device the battery was powering. a statue that towers over a san francisco neighborhood is getting a pricy retrofit. kpix 5's wilson walker shows us the work that's going into president mckinley's makeover. >> i don't think people normally think of statues as something you have to seismically upgrade. >> true. he is five stories tall. >> reporter: tucked away at the panhandle, san francisco's enof e thtribute to mckinley the tribute to our slain 25th president. >> he chose a representation of the republic to show his patriotism. >> reporter: at 113 years old there was plenty of work to be done. >> so the bronze restoration started with a very careful cleaning. >> reporter: restoration manager david wessel says the statue is now filled with at least four wax layers, two of
6:47 pm
them designed specifically for tone. >> that brings out the blonde color and then to protect it. >> reporter: as for the actual likeness, it only needs some stain removal and a few patches. >> repair this larger chip here and fill this crack so water doesn't get in. >> reporter: and even though it survives 2006 and '89, the pedestal needed the serious work. >> so the stone was poured down and removed solid all the way through and we have an example to show you down there. stainless steel rods were put in. four giant pins hold it together. >> about $300,000 project. it's capital funded, city's capital funds have gone to do this. >> reporter: allison cummings is with the san francisco arts commission, a group that spent decades and untold money continually erasing the most consistent threat to this monument. >> we have graffiti coatings on the stone and, of course, on the monument itself. we are hoping that, you know, it will engender a little more
6:48 pm
ownership and, you know, the fact that it looks nice and cleaned up. >> reporter: so that is the hope that this restoration will not only make the statue more resilient, but a little extra luster might make the taggers a bit more sympathetic to the republic. now, we'll find out soon enough. the scaffolding comes down next week. in golden gate park, wilson walker, kpix 5. another bay area beer company is getting a new owner. san francisco's magnolia brewing is being purchased by colorado-based new belgium brewing company. the cost? just $2.7 million. that's because magnolia's founder filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy two years ago. last week, anchor brewing was acquired by sapporo and last year heinekin bought lagunitas brewing. it might be a beer weekend if you're hot inland. >> absolutely. backyard barbecue, two thumbs up. got to show both thumbs. [ laughter ] >> can't be two thumbs up with only one. just doesn't make sense.
6:49 pm
we try to make sense in the weather office. 80s inland. i'll stop talking about that and start talking about the numbers. 84 in concord. nice night for a barbecue tonight. livermore cooling down. the breeze is picking up. you can see the trees in the breeze around dublin. san francisco you never got warm today. currently 62. san jose 70. santa rosa 76. what about tonight early tomorrow morning? g rng bike ride in san jose you will wake up to the low 60s. concord 61. napa 58. oakland, san francisco, 58 degrees. beautiful sonoma county fair this weekend in santa rosa. sunshine, warm, but not hot. you have been much hotter than the 86 degrees we're expecting on saturday and sunday. and outside lands, hot may be what you call the music but not the weather, 64 degrees, dress in layers tomorrow. so less of a southwest wind. all we're doing now in the onshore flow we are just changing the wind's direction. today it began to turn to the
6:50 pm
west. tomorrow that turn continues. that's why temperatures away from the water will be a little warmer. maybe more conducive for a friday evening bash cure. it will be cool of average but not as chilly away from the water. just by that subtle change. as for why that change is happening, this area of low pressure which has been causing numerous thunderstorms a cup hours to the north of san francisco and sacramento will move out temporarily allowing for that west wind. but then a stronger area of low pressure will move in by the end of the weekend and next week which will drop the temperatures once again. so inland cloud cover, yes. cloud cover anywhere near the bay, absolutely tomorrow morning burning back to the coast as per normal in the afternoon. but temperatures will rise a few more degrees inland as a result of that wind direction change. it will be a pleasantly cool weekend anywhere near the water and the coolest day for the entire bay ar, 'sthea atsomext will not even make it to 80. concord tomorrow 86, still two degrees below average. morgan hill will hit 90. palo alto comfortable 83.
6:51 pm
half moon bay, though, still 64 degrees. hasn't warmed up all summer. pittsburg 86 tomorrow. pleasanton 87. benicia, vallejo, martinez, low 80s. mid-80s for napa, saint helena. only 67 for richmond. berkeley 68. mill valley comfortable 76 degrees. windsor 88 degrees for your friday. almost the end of the week. most of the warming will be inland. then we drop the temperature at the top of next weeklyier an level off back close to average next tuesday, wednesday and thursday. so no real huge changes in the forecast. but allen, 2 thumbs up for the barbecue this weekend. both thumbs. >> thank you. it's a way of life in uganda . young women dropping out of school to farm. now a bay area couple is helping empower them with passion fruit.
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
them out of poverty. kpix five's kiet do shows us los gatos couple is helping teenage girls thousands of miles away teaching them skills to help lift them out of poverty. >> kpix 5's kiet do shows us their passion fruit project. >> reporter: before we hear rebecca answer, we must travel 10,000 miles away to uganda. she and her husband founded cad africa in 2014 a passion fruit
6:55 pm
farm like no other. [ non-english language ] >> reporter: they train young teenage girls who have dropped out school to grow passion fruit on vines above their own family crops. the girls learn farming, business and life skills, and dramatically boost their family income on average 600% to $20 a month. the young women form co-ops where they pool their savings, make business loans, and hold each other accountable. [ non-english language ] >> reporter: all told, cad africa has helped more than 2,000 girls. in their promotional video, dina talks about how it's improved her life [ indiscernible ] >> i have learned from the planting a plant [ indiscernible ] >> yeah, i total skipped over, yeah, so up -- >> reporter: back here at santa clara university the two cofounders are in the hot seat. >> how can this other one be what seems to be so little? >> reporter: tech veterans are helping them refine their pitch
6:56 pm
to potential investors by appealing to their humanity. steve is kadafrica's mentor. why do investors have to have that feel good feeling? >> that's an interesting question. but i do think that a lot of people are looking for something more to life than simply, you know, generating money. >> reporter: by tapping into silicon valley, founders can make money and make a difference, too. >> every one of these entrepreneurs changes the world a little bit. and when you add it up together, it changes the world a great deal. >> reporter: do you feel like you're changing the world? >> no. [ laughter ] >> um, i feel like that's a huge statement. to affect a million people in a small way or you can affect a smaller number of people in a really big way and i think for us, having the deepest level of impact is what's really important. >> reporter: kiet do, kpix 5. >> makes us appreciate what we have. >> absolutely. >> all right. or news throughout the evening the latest is always on our website, ♪[ music ]
6:57 pm
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