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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  August 12, 2017 2:07am-2:36am PDT

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loaded, the president's newest threat against north korea and a upon call late tonight could help defuse the -- a phone call late tonight could help defuse the tension. good evening. i'm elizabeth cook. >> and i'm ken bastida. let's get a look at where things stand tonight. idtrt esump that any future threats will be met with fire and fury like the world hanever seen. today he doubled down with another tweet. military solutions are now fully in place locked and loaded should north korea acquisition unwisely. hopefully kim -- act unwisely. hopefully kim jong un will find another path. later china indicated that if the u.s. strikes north korea first, it would intervene on north korea's behalf. >> i will be speaking to the president from china tonight and we've been working very closely with china and with other countries. that phone call will take place
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tonight. >> military experts do not believe north korea has the capability to hit california with a nuclear bomb at this time. still locals are is an aide to supervisor mark ferrell. this week he tweeted check that off the list, got our first constituent call asking if according to active nuclear no the emergency operations center. >> it's not arce nessfoarr ily situations the best thing is to shelter in place. >> that wasn't always the case. in 1971 the city of san francisco announced it would officially accommodate 3.2 million people in shelters in case of a nuclear attack. these aren't necessarily shelters built to be shelters. most of them are buildings around the city. case in point, the crown zeller box building the city, 4,000 people could shelter in this garage in case of a nuclear
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attack. there are 28,000 u.s. troops on the border between the u.s. and south korea now. 3,000 more are on the way for a long planned military exercise starting august 21st. kim jong un has long called it practicing for war. >> the president did have that phone call with china late toni it reported that the chinese president advised president trump to use words to ease the continuation. fast moving fires in the north and south bay, one on the western side of lake berryessa along highway 128. earlier this afternoon cal fire planes were dousing the flames in the steam terrain. at least 114 -- steep terrain. at least 114 structures have burned. mandatory evacuations are in
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place for nearby residents. >> this is a mild typical day for the area with light winds, so that was working in our favor today to keep the fire from spreading throughout. >> tonight the fire is 20 five% contained. in the south bay tonight a brushfire in santa clara county has grown to at least 100 acres blackening some rolling hills. this one broke out about 3:00 this afternoon west of morgan hill near hale avenue. firefighters now have it about 40% contained. no homes have been damaged, but a few roads in the area are closed. the eta buses have been suspended on hale avenue near the fire. the cause of this is still under investigation. >> doghtot to zens stay after their homeless camp was torn down. what's left is a ton of trash and tonight there's a fight over who is responsible. tents da lin with the story you'll only see on kpix5. e" homeless = >> reporter: this is what's left of an ea30sttents
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and structures gone. (footage of a homeless 2 year old walking on the tracks) union pacific says it's private property... and it's way too dangerous for families and kids to live near t jacobs / union the union pacific railroad earlier this week bulldozed the site. you had a little wooden house. >> right here. i had my room, my kitchen, my iving roo this is how it m.te lor:oked or or un rion paepcific gave a warnin notice. problem was they came a day late, so people thought they weren't coming and moved their stuff back. >> we got railroaded. >> reporter: union said it's private propt' ander is kids to live near the tracks. >> we went in to do a clean-up effort for safety reasons because the last thing we want is somebody or something getting hit by a train. >> this was t ey're upset about clean-up crews taking down the structures and re unts,e te mt orall ute so trash that's left behind. locotsg okpoof , a clothes,
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shoes, tools and here a backpack and so far no one has said they'll come back to clean not upthe county -- not union pacific, not the city, not the county. the trash stretches a block back that way. >> what they did was got rid of the people. >> reporter: oakland city administrators wrote in an e- mail this land belongs to two nearby businesses. while authorities sort that out some of the homeless moved a block away flex to a an righbelow --next to a creek cre and right below the tracks. >> this is not good. >> reporter: why not? >> this is not good. a lot of them get killed during rr> ghth >> jo ase anliquor store owner shot and killed during a botched robbery, here's a look at the suspect identified as 21- year-old muli nomi hendricks.
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he was on probation when he shot the small business owner earlier this week. the victim, hugh lee who they called charlie was remembered by family and friends tonight outside the family run e was -- business, jim's liquor. mr. lee was killed trying to protect his friend's wife from the gunman. >> charlie was a very loving man, kind, generous. >> he entered his customers in a very nice way. everybody is welcome to his store and it's not just store owner, but it's like friends in the community. >> that store owner, charlie, was 57 arhis yes wife and four adult children. tonight the atf said it can't determine the cause of the latest construction fire in oakland despite similarities to other east bay arsons. the july 7th fire destroyed the atto waverly apartment project still rdplans to
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rebuild. -- valdez. the developers still plan to rebuild. golden gate bridge district is taking aim at a couple of daredevils. they scaled the bridge and posted a video of their stunt. they wedge up the suspension ropes and main cable last spring and now the bridge district is suing them. they say the men us the video to boost their social media following and pursuit of licensing revenues. the lawsuit said it's trespass and nuisance. the first night ofthe just wrapped up. thousands of music fans crowded into golden gate park today for the eclectic lineup. one big name act didn't show. >> reporter: the band didn't thke the main stage after what caey issues, a blow to some of the acitt robert gabor
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came specifically to see. ki of set di'tei ger to see them today. >> is there any change? i'm thinking we're we the shirt tomorrow. >> reporter: 70,000 people are expected on the polo grounds at golden gate park each day of the three-day festival. music from bands like the gorillas, metallica and the w.h.o., plus food from local restaurants. >> like abo of2, 000 bacon easy. >> reporter: but the most difficult part? finding your friends in a sea of tens of thousands of dancing people. so festivalgoers got creative al tl everything from signs to pop cultured rerences like snapchat's dancing hotdog -- >> it's so much easier. we see ourselves on the big screen. >> reporter: -- to a rubber duck riding a dinosaur.
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>> people are going to find us. >> reporter: the band called tribe west has rescheduled to perform tomorrow night on the definitely peaks stage. organizers say one of their biggest concerns was security. that's why they've been working with local law enforcement to make sure everyone stays safe. so far they say there have been no major issues. at golden gate park, katie nielsen, kpix5. this bay area grandmother murdered in heowtoonghn t the tr piece to the puzzle that could help crack the case. >> a judge tells a tech millionaire to open the gate to martins beach. tonight we find out if he's following that order. >> we're counting down to the
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>> closed captioning for this newscast is sponsored by living spaces. it's been eight years since 75-year-old joan rosenthal was fodeadunin rd in tiburon. her killer has never been found. only on 5 tonight kpix5 reporter andria borba takes a look into the one piece to the puzzle that could crack this case. >> reporter: it was september 22nd, 2009, when 75-year-old joan rosenthal was found dead in n. >> she had an enclosed yard with a lockable gate. she was inside that. she was discovered by her house cleaner in the morning hours. it was a r:rgea ryan
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pierson with marine county sheriff's office was on the scene that day. >> i don't know if that street in tiburon had seen so many orlice cars and evidence vans. ep rr:te baffling to everyone. joan was a grandmother and library volunteer. there was no sign of robbery or burglary or assault at the scene. >> we talk about victimology and people that have relationships outside the home and travel and, you know, go to scary places at night and different things like that. this lady lived in tiburon and did not live tiburon very often. she volunteered at the library. s waa close circle of friends. it is a very odd case. >> reporter: sergeants greg garrett and ryan pierson worked the case together for years. >> i think there's 170 something reports in this case. >> reporter: the dragnet for any information, any scrap go a suspect or possible motive was cast wide. >> we got data from the cell towers from the town of tiburon to see any cellular phone used
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on that day within the radius of that cell tower or any car going across the golden gate bridge that day. >> reporter: they chased leads across texas, indiana and new york and even guatemala where joan's husband was raised. >> there's no victim to get up and testify. >> reporter: fbi behavioral profilers in quantico got thupere is one piece of eviden at joan's home on hilary drive that hasn't d en benot belong t or her family members. among the search warrants filed to try and match that dna, none other than marin county's most notorious felon, max wade. >> he was a person of interest at one point. we did get a dna sample from him. >> reporter: wade would have been 15 at the time of joan's death, years before he stole a
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lamborghini and shot at a row man particular rival. he -- romantic rival. he is serving 21 years to life spyed an unusual interest in the rosenthal case. he'd done a number of searches >> r eporter: max grew up nearby, but his dna did not match. the years after joan's death cameras were installed recording license plates in and out of town. the cameras were already upfor discussion at city council before joan's death. >> i think it's fair to say it bothers me. i do think about this case probably more than any other case i've worked in my 15 years at the sheriff's office, not because it's unsolved, just because it's so unusual. >> unfortunately we don't have a person that we think is responsible for it at this mount. >> reporter: in tiburon andria borba, kpix5. tonight there's a new case of vandalism targeting ford's rental bikes in san francisco. someone splattered teal paint onto this go bike docking
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station at 15th and folsom in the mission. the program has faced a tough rollout. critics have lashed a out message against gentrification. sky zone 5 flew over where gates are kept locked at this beach. kpix5 spoke to beachgoers who thought they'd celebrate a reopening today. >> reporter: the appeals court ruling ordered the gates opened on martins beach road to give the public full access to a beloved stretch of the san mateo coast. these two women came here as children and returned today to celebrate joanne's birthday with a beach picnic, but they couldn't drive in because the gate was still locked. >> last night we were very, very excited to come down because the gate was going to be open. we drove over and e gate's closed. we're tha little bothered. we just walked to check it out and we're surprid that it's not open. >> reporter: the $32.5 million
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beachfront property has been locked in a legal battle with advocacy groups like the surf rider foundation to open the road as a right-of-way to the public beach. surf rider's attorney is not surprised cosla is defying the court order. >> the gate is closed. court orders required that gate to be open. i don't expect that to change unfortunately until they're done continuing their fight to kick the public out. >> reporter: he said it may end up in the california and/or u.s. supreme court. people who live in a small enclave near the beach and have the access code drove up and down the road. one resident said he's not against public access. >> so long as people are responsible, they're welcome is the way i look at it. so i'm kind of feeling that the ruling is probably all right. >> reporter: but beachgoers who simply walk around the gates and down the lane for a 1/4 mile sale the public is still lose -- say the public is still losing out. >> it's really sad for people with disabilities or the older
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genetihora w't conan distance. it's a pretty steep hill coming back up. so they have no access to it. >> reporter: len ramirez, kpix5. eclipsll ca a shl adow toover ta much of the u.s. for the first time since 1918. here in the bay area we will see a partial eclipse. kpix5's sharon chin will explain the best way to watch a celestial sight. >> when the earth, sun and moon line up on august 21st, you can see paas longof as the sun is shining. we don't live along the path of the total eclipse from oregon to south carolina. we could still see the moon cover most of the sun. paul salazar of the san francisco amateur astronomers. >> we'll still have here 75% which will yield a very unique thing, which is a crescent sun. >> reporter: the start and length of the eclipse depends on where you are. in san francisco it will begin
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at 9:01 a.m., reach its maximum at 10:15 a.m. d enat117 a.m. some observers will be ready. >> i'll just make sure my office comes out and gets up on the roof so we can see it. >> reporter: be sure to protect your eyes during the sssuth e es >> the intensity of the sun ven when it's 3/4 covered ma any less damaging. >> reporter: atop kpix5's roof paul showed us how to view the eclipse safely through a welder shaped 14 or solar filter. another idea, angle the filter to reflect the sun's image. >> here you're not shining it at all. you're just shining a light. >> reporter: or got a cheese grater? let the sunshine through the holes so during the eclipse you see a series of little crescents. make sure your sunglasses are iso certified. counterfeits have flooded the market. check the nasa and american
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astronomical society websites for a list of authorized manufacturers. glasses or not, you can still help nasa document the eclipse. collect cloud and air temperature data and report them. using the solar filter paul will put over his telescope the sun looked green, but through the welding filter the sun looked green. use a separate solar filter or glass to protect the lens of your camera, smart phone, telescope or binoculars. sharon chin, kpix5. >> 10 days away from a total solar eclipse, has not gone coast to coast in the u.s. for 90 yes. two alameda county lakes closed most of the summer reopen tomorrow. they were closed for months because of blue green algae. bring the dogs starting
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tomorrow. tomorrow will be cooler than today enmpescioutsesidnl peal concor id 67an off d.a high of degrees today. san francisco barely made it into the 60s, 59 now. speaking of summer bay, summer jazz festival tomorrow and sunday, sunny skies, beautiful weather, low 80s there. the sonoma cons un and warm on saturday and sunday. if you really want to cool fo you, mid-60s in san francisco. fremont 59, napa 58, mountain view 61 degrees. the low cloud cover will not go as for inland tonight. this weekend won't be as warm inland. we're already watching our next area of low pressure. it kept temperatures down to 10 degrees below normal. that's gone and this guy moves ept do once again especially the first half of next week. the highlight overnight tonight
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with futurecast is fog. anywhere near the water, yes, still there, but it's not pushing in as far inland. walnut creek and dublin will likely wake up to sunshine tomorrow and for the entire day saturday. the clouds burn back to the coastline saturday afternoon. s mid- warm tomorrow, not the week90end at the coast and san francisco, the coolest days are monday and tuesday. temperatures run 1 degree below average, san jose 81, mid-80s concord and dublin, 70s for mill valley and oakland, clearlake 95 degrees. extended forecast, we are cooling down monday and tuesday, some inland spots 70s for highs. speaking of cool, it has been cool all summer. it will be cool for the next seven days anywhere near the water, staying seasonably chilly. >> thank you, paul. speaking of cool, football season is back. >> what a weekend. time 9eghd rs ider
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tomorrow? did you know the 49ers racked up 434 yardof offense tonight? dis d you know the de debut dropped in on us like a 500lweig ... in kansas city.... ...curtained raised on nfl up top right here on kpix5, 49er preseason debut dropped in on us like a 500-
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pound weight. in kansas city the curtain rised on kyle shanahan and the new 2017 edition, the first play of the game, hill who beata . zone. in edpressure on the quarterback, looky what i found, robinson after a rough opening drive, a pick of tyler wray gone all the way to the chiefs 25. 49ers had 188 yards rushing. joe williams here had 60 of them, his first carry from scrimmage 17 yards. they led 9-7 at the half. 4th beckard r quteargot loose and the born identity. 9s are tied and won the game by
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10. 27-17 and the broncos are next. >> it's a game in process. i enjoyed it. having to peek up and watch time, watch the defense. i think some see ries did it better than others, glad we got three more and hopefully i'll get better at it each week. the raiders in arizona tomorrow. i'm coming back with some soggy giants and a
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the nissan sports report coming up next on kpix5. s & nationals to postponned its game to a double .. >> back with baseball, rains in the nation's capital for us, the giants and nationals postponed to a doubleheader on sunday. here's the large presence of dennis eckersley in oakland hosting the orioles trailed by a run in the 8th. runner going for jea d ground r double tying the game. later in that inning the went a' simeon and won it, final 5-4. we got the warriors in golf, ea andriguodala today,
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hideki matsuyama struck his ie, 7-under 64 on the quail hollow charlotte, north carolina course at 8-under par. again huge weekend, 9ers tonight, the raiders tomorrow in arizona and you know it's preseason, buif you love the nfl, this is it. >> it's good that they got off to a good start. we'll see how it goes from the late show with stephen colbert is next. >> have a great weekend! take care.
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hospital, i weighed 105 pounds. now, a lot of people hear that story -- and i'm very proud of being able to recover from that. but that was just the first step in my life into the health industry. as i was going through rehabilitation for my back, my father went into the hospital for his first open-heart surgery at the age of 43. so, mike, that really scared me to death. so i decided right then to take a very close look at our lives, our family history, and try to understand what was going on. i mean, both my parents had high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, heart disease. you know, i had back problems. you name it, we had it. so if hereditary was a part of the issue, i needed to make sure that i was doing everything that i could to rebuild my body and take care of this body that god gave us. i went back to college, studied exercise and nutrition, sports medicine. i rebuilt my body, and through that exercise and nutrition program, mike, i built my body up to 220 pounds and went out to california and became one of the
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16 original "american gladiator" contenders. so i'm living proof that you can overcome adversity. but, mike, early on in my career, i got to noticing some things. had back problems. i always suffered with back problems. well, i'll be honest with college, i abused my body. >> yeah, i've seen that show. pry obgolyso, tabk semeoobu a and i did some beating, but i got beat up pretty good. i got a -- i tore a left rotator cuff. i tore my right knee cartilage. i twisted my ankles. i had concussions. plus, remember, i had back surgery, so -- >> right. right. at 16. >> at 16, so i had always struggled with back pain. d liab. algo i indon't believe in coincidenc. i believe god plans everything. i was actually up in boston during a production, and i was telling one of the cameramen about this story i'm just telling you. i said, "man, my rotator's hurt, and my--" you know, i said, "i'm 40 years old, and if i don't figure out how to get rid of
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some of this pain, i'm not sure what's gonna happen." >> okay. >> and being in the industry, mike, i've tried all the products. so trust me -- nothing worked. well, while i was telling this story, a woman comes to me, and she says, "here, try this." >> this is the product we're talking about. >> this is the product we're talking about, the formula we're talking about, and i said, "well, what's this?" and she started to go over the ingredient, and i stopped her, and i said, "ma'am, you know, i've been doing this for 25 years, and i've seen the best of i'e best. >> rive t. >> she said, "try this." and i said, "i just told you nothing worked." she said, "i'm telling you, try this. it will work." and i said, "what have i got to lose?" she gave it to me for free. mike, i'm not exaggerating. i went home -- the first couple of weeks, didn't notice anything. about the third or fourth week, i thought i started to notice something. maybe i was feeling a little better. about the fifth week -- and a lot of people don't realize this, but about the fifth week, my wife said, "jim, did you notice that you did not get up in the middle of the night last night? you slept through the night." it had never dawned on me that


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