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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  August 14, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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pulled the trigger. all the details on the traffic backups. a man accused of plowing into a crowd and killing a woman in virginia will appear in court. president donald trump takes heat from both sides of the aisle for not calling out hate was start with the developing story we've been oull>>owingrg al> l morning. in pssan leandro, we will talk about this. >> all lanes are shut down after shooting on southbound 880 in cm -- in san leandro. jessica flores is there with the latest. >> reporter: chp officers have been on the scene for several hours investigating this overnight shooting. i will show you the scene. you can see the vehicle in the distance. it is a dark colored vehicle in the fast lane and chp said that a white car pulled up close to the black car and the passenger in the white car shot into the black car, critically injuring the driver and that person is now in the hospital with a head injury. they are still oking for the suspects and they believe it
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was a white car and they don't have many details for who they are looking for. they said four individuals believed to be all male pulled up and shot into the dark car several times, critically injuring the driver. they're not sure if it was random or targeted on chp is investigating. we spoke to chp. >> they immediately put out an alert and closed the road to protect the crime scene, where we located several bullet casings and they are tied to this incident. >> reporter: right now, trafficf ated ck ba lewelling. chp tells us this will be closed for several hours as they investigate the next two to three hours. if you usually take 880 in san leandro, you will want to find
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an alternative route or -- route or plan ahead because it is backed up for several miles. live, jessica flores, kpix5. the impact on traffic is being tracked and it is not looking good. >> no. commuters should avoid southbound 880 if possible because you don't want to be stuck in thisbackup are tracng major delay for drivers going southbound and you can see the backup stretches beyond 98 and it is getting close to the two hour travel time, 1.5 at least, as you make your way southbound on to the welland boulevard. 238 is stacking up for folks coming toward 880. use 580 and give yourself extra
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time. everyone has the same idea in the surface streets are not large enough to accommodate the freeway traffic that will be using that this morning. please be careful. it is the first day of school for many folks and you will need to look out for thosely that we have the freeway traffic diverted onto the surface streets. please be careful out there. let's get a check on the forecast. kids are going back to school and it doesn't seem fair. we are still in august and summer is coming to an end. it is sweater weather or light jacket. you can see on pier 9 we have fog and localized drizzle. we have some clouds that are coming in and drifting out the door, associated with a low- level trough. 57 in san francisco and the wind
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is under 10. at the bay, 15 west and southwest and san ramon 18 and 12 in antioch. last night, i picked up the wind up to 51 miles-an-hour at the altamont pass. this is associated with the upper level trough that originated in the gulf of alaska and is swinging in a southerly direction and is bringing in clouds around the mount back area. most notably, it is bringing in some cooler air masses. breezy winds 10-20 with strong gusts at times and temperatures are 10-15 degrees below average. 79 in santa rosa and low 70s in san jose. the full forecast at 48 minutes after the hour. a memorial is growing in
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charlottesville, virginia with a live look. people are leaving flowers, balloons and candles to remember the 32-year-old, heather heyer, run over while protesting the white nationalist rally in virginia. >> the 20-year-old suspect, james field jr., faces several charges including second-degree murder. fields was seen before the incident wearing the unofficial ends -- unofficial uniform of a white supremacist group. he attended a protest or plans to remove a confederate statue from a public park. president donald trump faced criticism over the weekend for not strongly condemning white supremacists. virginia's governor calls on politicians to take a stand. >> tell the kkk, tell the white supremacists, tell the tell th enough of it. zines,o-na
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>> the white house issued a more strongly worded statement specifically condemning the extremist group and calling for national unity. an outpouring of support for people in charlottesville. a local man at the rally faces backlash. >> we have neda iranpour with more. >> reporter: hundreds across the country wanted to be heard as they called for peace. they held candles to show that hate will not be tolerated. they want the nation to know they will not put up with hatred of any kind. in san jose, people gathered to show resistance to hate and to show solidarity. in san francisco, almost 400 people rallied at city hall. a man from berkeley was believed to be one of the people at the rally and charlottesville. cole white worked at top dog on durrant avenue in berkeley and twitter posted what looked like him at a rally and then traced him to the restaurant. a sign in the window of the
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restaurant says he no longer works here. a young lady who went to school with him said he was a bully. >> his group was unsavory people that would go around saying things to people and beating people, actually being physically confrontational, seemingly for no reason. people would just be hanging out. they were taking their anger out on people. it was kind of a bad scene. >> reporter: 's sister said m in led three entael middry years. more about this is coming forward with horrifying stories about cole white. a neighborhood in san jose is on high alert. the nearby shooting sent six to the hospital and sandra osborne is live near police headquartewith the details. >> reporter: good morning.
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this shooting took place less than 15 minutes from police headquarters at about 10:00 last night. police that reports of shots firedendrive. it happened a few blocks from a park and a playground and close to the airport with neighbors saying there may have been a vigil going on in the neighborhood when the shooting took place. there were candles lit and one person said they heard what sounded like fireworks and then heard people yelling and screaming just before police cars and ambulances arrived. >> we heard the gunshots. my sister got scared and hid behind the couch. they don't want to be living in fear. >> reporter: he believes that it was a couple people that were shot and we do not have that confirmed by police but we know that five people were taken away by ambulance after
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the shooting and some neighbors said they heard a vehicle speeding away from the scene. we've reached out to san jose palouse -- police. live in san jose, sandra osborne, kpix5. >> the suspects in a twin peaks shooting will face a judge. the suspects will appear in court for an arraignment. last week the judge set $5 million bail each. there was an objection from the prosecutors. they are accused of robbing this photographer and then committed the homicide. they believe the trigger was pulled and san francisco police are beefing up patrols at twin peaks. the suspect is wanted in connection to another egregious act. these photos were released of a man that was believed to have attacked a woman in the tenderloin last night.
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later, a cup of bleach was poured on the woman and she lost her vision and was rushed to a hospital. they said they did not know the attacker. anyone with information should call san francisco police. >> president donald trump's administration is expected to launch an investigation into the trade practices of china in the u.s. they said the president has already notified the chinese leader, xi jinping, of the move. they planned to announce this later in washington. expert said the investigation may be perceived as an attempt to turn up the pressure on north korea over the nuclear and missile programs. >> president donald trump tweeted out, quote, going to washington this morning with much work to do, focusing on trade and military. obstructionists democrats have not fixed some of the worst trade deals in history and i'm changing that fast. >> the u.s. military on guam
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and elsewhere is on high alert in case north korea follows through on its threat to attack the island. guam is a major hub and home to people, 160,000 people, that they are not prepared for anything. >> i urgecondbusine as usual, whether at work or play or those attending school and to our visitors that are visiting guam from all points of the world. >> on the island of guam, pamphlets warn residents how to prepare for an imminent missile threat. the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff ia tomeetwithleers to rdite t isinional sponse into the crisis. the lack of progress being made to fix the 911 emergency call center in san francisco
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will be talked about. delays for drivers on southbound 880 and 37. what is going on? we will have the details and your drive times, coming up. cooler air. we will talk about the cool down and how long it will stick around. a check of the photo app of facebook. who are these people? the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous.
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the 9-1-1 crisis. mayor ed lee is issuing an executive order-- to make sure more in san francisco, they wanted made or affixed to the 911 crisis. an executive order will make sure more calls are answered within 10 seconds. right now, only 75% of the calls are answered within that timeframe and the national average is 90%. the mayor called for changes in
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may but the numbers have not gone up. the antioch police chief said newly installed surveillance cameras are well worth the price tag. they went up at the end of the month and the area had seen at least 431 crimes that were violent or linked to violence and since the cameras were installed, the images have helped police recover six stolen cars and the police chief called this an invaluable piece of technology. a citizen review board will talk about the use of force at a meeting. they recommended new standards for officers, requiring them to use the minimum amount of force necessary for an arrest. some officers disapproved, saying there is no legal precedent for a minimum standard and the meeting will start at 4:00. some big changes at one
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east bay station. parking locations are going to have a major renovation project. some bus stops have been relocated and this is what the station will look like when the work is complete. it will have new elevators, upgraded lighting and delighted bike and pedestrian path. construction will wrap up at the end of 2019 and a will look done -- it will look nice when it is done. 7:19 and an overnight shooting on interstate 880 created a major backup. >> you may want to use bart or mass transit. all lanes are shut down at llewellyn boulevard. san leandro, a major backup on 880 with all traffic diverted off at llewellyn boulevard. drivers will have to zigzag to get back on 2880. let's go to the map for travel times.
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it will be 80 minutes from 66 to lewelling boulevard with the traffic alert and effect until approximately 8:00 a.m. you will have to keep that in mind for your morning ride and we will let you know when the rigs are coming through and toward 580 and 880. for your drive times across westbound 37, we have all lanes reopened with the 47 minute commute from 80 to 101. >> residual delays and that the bay bridge toll plaza, 25 minutes and in the red from the maze to san francisco. let's check with roberta on the forecast. one week from today, the solar eclipse will be viewed
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across the continental united states. in the bay area, it will be a partial eclipse. in oregon, it begins with the time happening around 9:00 a.m. picked will end up in south carolina and the next one will be in 2023. go to for everything you need to know. we have pretty and overcast skies. you will not be able to view the eclipse and there will be an enhanced marine layer that will have morning drizzle getting worse and sfo has delays one hour 49 minutes. there is a low ceiling and temperature- wise, low 50s and low 60s with the cool day today and the wind is having west winds and 18 in
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the san ramon valley. 25 in fairfield. no visibility issues but it is overcast. i thank you for checking in, katie. it gives us an idea how dense the stratus is. it's at least 2000 feet deep. we have the upper level trough that you can see developing from the gulf of alaska and it is going in a southerly direction to usher in the cool air mass. the bottom line is sweater weather at the door and moderate winds will continue. the winds may gust up to 51 at the altamont pass. gradual warming beginning tomorrow and statewide, 81 in sacramento. we are in the 70s away from the
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bay with the outside number of 86 in cloverdale and clearlake and also in discovery bay. that is a look at your forecast. i'm talking about apple. the iphone 8, a new report says only 11% of those surveyed would pay more than $1000 for the device. that could be bad news. there are reports that the iphone 8 could cost around $1200 and will be released next month. facebook may break into the chinese market. they are testing a photo sharing app. facebook was blocked in china in 2009 picks ceo, mark zuckerberg, has been courting officials for years and now they say that it has a striking resemblance to the moments photo sharing app. they said it has, quote, new
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a little sports. only for a minute. before i'm done i will show you a new millionaire. this is the story of this fellow, justin thomas. he won the pga championship. he roared back. [cheering] he took a two shot lead and maintained it. one ofis faj morst washington nationals, the nats struck out 10.
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the first of a doubleheader where the giants won the first game 4-2 on the second game, bravo sandoval! he backed away and got his first home run since returning to the giants. tied the game at two. bases loaded for howie kendrick and let's go home. [cheering] an 11th inning walk off grand slam and yesterday, like old times, the a's used the long ball to slay the orioles 9-3 at the 80s with the split and they have the royals coming next. the giants are moving on to miami to face the marlins. have a good one. i will see you around.
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and overnight freeway shooting shuts down 880 at lewelling boulevard. all the details coming up. messages of peace following hate-filled violence in charlottesville, virginia. the bay area honors the woman killed while fighting racism.
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. bullets fly on an east bay freeway. the major backup as police investigate the early morning shooting. [chanting] all over the bay area and across the country, show of solidarity in the wake of a deadly attack by a white
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nationalist in virginia. attorney general jeff sessions could pull millions from sanctua ry say they are no backing down. the man accused of running his car into a crowd in charlottesville, virginia will be in court. it is monday, august 14 and i'm kenny choi. i'm michelle griego. there is widespread marches for peace and tolerance across the nation. 20-year-old james alex fields jr. faces several charges including second-degree murder. he is accused of killing 32- year-old heather heyer and injuring 19 others. he was seen wearing the unofficial uniform of the white supremacist group. he was attending the unite to write rally. protesting due to a confederate statue being removed from a public park. vigils and rallies were held yesterday in support of the victims and against heat.
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they went from florida, to chicago, michigan to seattle. marcus martin, the focus of this that capture the moments of the attack described how he took the hit to potentially save his fiancee's life. >> i heard tires screeching and people were thrown in the air. i pushed my fianci out of the way. >> reporter: president trump faced criticism for not cngstmnonlywhtakede a stand. >> tell the kkk and the neo- nazis, tell them all that we've had enough. >> after the initial response, the white house did issue a strongly worded statement specifically condemning the extremist group and calling for national unity.
6:33 am
twitter users are naming and shaming people they believe were at the white nationalist rally in charlottesville. one man was from berkeley and lost his job. >> neda iranpour has more. >> reporter: hundreds across the bay area wanted to prove the beliefs of those that do not represent the nation with signs and candles lit in multiple counter protests. in oakland, the message was we will not put up with hatred of any kind. in san jose, 120 people gathered at city hall to show solidarity. in san francisco, almost 400 rallied at city hall. the man from berkeley was believed to be one of the people at the rally. cole white worked at top dog on durrant avenue in berkeley and in the window, a sign said he no longer works there appeared a twitter user posted a picture and he was talked about by a
6:34 am
couple of young ladies who went to school with him and said he was a bully. >> four or five people said he bullied them throughout high school and physically injured them. i heard help -- i heard he beat up a trans woman and videoed it . >> he was a huge bully in high school. he bullied my sister and i and people with di >> these people said they went to middle school with him and they said he was recently kicked out of the house by his father. the window in the restaurant and berkeley said the actions are not supported by top dog and they believe in individual freedom. cbs this morning is following this from charlottesville. look for complete rageco after kpix5 news. >> a developing story we've been following in san leandro. all southbound lanes of eight adr closed while police investigate an early morning
6:35 am
shooting near lewelling boulevard. jessica flores has the latest from the scene. >> reporter: good morning. chp habeen here for the last four hours investigating this overnight freeway shooting that happened at about 2:30 this morning. you can see the vehicle in the distance that was shot up. it has flashing lights right now. police said it was shot at several times and they believe a passenger of a white car shot in and critically injured the driver. the victim was shot in the head and is at the hospital. police are looking for the suspects and they are not sure if the shooting was random or targeted. chp found several shell casings and we spoke to chp officers as they describe the scene and what they know about the suspects. take a listen. >> the victim was the only injury and there are three
6:36 am
additional passengers that were uninjured. they are all young males residing around this area. >> reporter: as you can see, not a very clear description of the suspects. they believe that four individuals were in a white vehicle and they shot into the dark car and we don't have a clear description. we hope to learn more as the morning continues. you are looking at the backup at lewelling and 880. it's backed up for several miles and will be backed up for the next couple of hours because chp just informed us that is restet area will be closed for the next several hours. it is expected be opened by 9:30. this is a critical commute time. you may find other ways to get to work because this will be backed up for the next several hours as chp investigates this freeway shooting at 880 and lewelling. jessica flores, kpix5. >> it is good idea -- it is a
6:37 am
good idea to avoid that area. we will keep you posted. but, as jessica mentioned, avoid southbound 880. it is not looking pretty. the backup stretches beyond 98th and the travel time is in the red and we will take a closer look at what your ride looks like along this stretch. it is about 80 minutes between this area and a lot of folks are getting the word out to avoid 880. big rigs can use 580 at this time of the closure. when the lanes reopen, you will have to go back to 880. in castro valley, delays on 238 and a new accident at sun ridge has traffic backed up beyond 580 and the ride toward 584 is about 16 minutes. the bay bridge toll plaza looks
6:38 am
like a 25 minute in the red from the maze to san francisco with no major backups on the east shore freeway, yet. that is a check of your traffic. let's check with roberta for the forecast. >> 6:38 and the fog is deep and at this time we have and aggressive wind. look at the flag. we can't even see the top of the bay bridge. sfo has delays up to one hour 49 minutes on some arriving flights. and e wi50 in oakland up to 15. 17 in concord and 25 in fairfield. 51 miles-an-hour with upper level fog in the south and we will have weather today that will be cool with high temperatures under 80 and away
6:39 am
from the bay, the full forecast coming up at 48 minutes after the hour. neighbors of one san jose neighborhood fear for their safety after a shooting sent people to the hospital. sandra osborne is live outside police headquarters. sandra, what did the police say? >> reporter: they are now confirming that five people were shot and hospitalized and what they describe as a drive- by shooting that took place around 10:00 last night in this neighborhood next to the park on vista glenn drive. the park is an area with the baseball field and a playground and san jose police said one woman and four men were hit by bullets and none of them were life-threatening, thankfully. one neighbor said the gunfire sounded like fireworks and he described what happened next. th we came outside and two or
6:40 am
mie we heard police cars pull up. >> reporter: after the shooting, neighbors heard a vehicle speed away and san jose police said all of the victims hit by the bulletsd of non- life-threatening injuries and were taken away by ambulance. san jose police have not identified the shooter or released details for a motive. sandra osborne, kpix5. san francisco police will be joined by the mother of our murder victim, audrey abrakasa, for the murder that happened on grove and baker street. multiple fires -- multiple shots were fired against audrey abrakasa and there are no leads. more than $25 million have -- more than one quarter of a million dollars have been offered as an award. >> a motion was filed to stop a
6:41 am
recall. a motion was granted. the group behind the recall has until august 23 to file opposition for these advocates that started the recall for the bay area judge. he had light sentencing of sexual assault cases. a major announcement about the trump administration and the threat for sanctuary cities. the announcement will be made at city hall alongside the city attorney. xavier beccera said the policies violate the constitution by threatening to withhold money from cities that refused to cooperate with immigration authorities. the news conference starts at 10:00 this morning and the sonoma county sheriff will release a variety -- a revised policy. under the policy, the jail will respond to the ice request when aninmate has a previous conviction for a
6:42 am
serious crime in the policy will be implemented this friday. an oakland family is spending its last day together. half the group will have to do port to mexico. of 23-year-old girl will be expected to care for her siblings. >> these are good people. my family has never done anything. no criminal convictions. >> they moved to the u.s. more than 20 years ago. the couple raised four children in the home they bought and there have been many fights to legalize their status that have failed. now, they have been ordered by ice to return to mexico. no developments in the 2016 presidential election investigation. the special counsel reportedly wants to talk to senior trump
6:43 am
administration officials. according to the new york times, the lawyer leading the investigation wants to know of some of the staff met with donald trump jr. on the same day he sat down with russians who claim to have dirt on hillary clinton. the white house said they will fully cooperate. up in flames. next, a fast-moving wildfire in southern california. hi profile hacking of hbo. what information was taken and what is being released online. >> the market just opened up 10 minutes ago. the dow is up about 129 points and we will be right back.
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♪ ♪ ♪ content was spared. but hackers did leak episodes from the much-hyped return - of "curb your enthusiasm." hbo hafallen prey again to hackers.
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this time, game of thrones content was spared but they released episodes from the much- hyped curb your enthusiasm. the show wasn't scheduled to debut until october. the network suggested it is, quote, not going to participate in negotiations with hackers and hbo said it doesn't think the entire email system was breached. uber shareholders are fuming. according to the "wall street journal," they reported that three shareholders wrote a letter to benchmark capital partners to protest a decision to file a lawsuit. benchmark owns 13% of uber stock and claims travis kaepernick -- travis kalanick concealed information. they believe he is trying to return as ceo and risk is not commenting. the main entrance to the
6:48 am
downtown berkeley bart station will be closed for construction as part of a positive improvement project totaling $26 million. the entrance is set to close and during the construction, the escalator will be out of service for six months. by early next year, a covering will replace the circular medal and glass structure. it has been at the station for 45 years now. and early morning shooting created a headache system for commuters. >> good morning. if 880 as part of your morning commute, you will want to listen up. all southbound lanes are closed at lewelling boulevard until approximately 9:30 this morning and this is chp that is diverting traffic at lewelling boulevard. the backup stretches beyond
6:49 am
98th at this point and going to the maps, you can see the backup expands 98 with an 80 minute travel time and you will need to give yourself extra travel time even if you avoid 880. surface streets are jamming up and right now, if you want to take other routes, you can t ge keep in mind, everyone will share the road with you. give yourself time and extra space between you and the car in front of you. here's a live look with traffic starting to stack up in both directions and it is very busy on 880. if you can avoid it all together, i would. let's check with roberta on the forecast. good morning. a big shout out and lots of gratitude to this 42-foot boat
6:50 am
that i rode on in discovery bay. we raised lots of money for the discovery bay lions club. we raced the boat at 120 miles per hour and it felt good! we went all the way from discovery bay to stock done and windmill cove. it was glorious on the water. this morning, we have a small craft advisory in place with areas of dense fog, low clouds and drizzle. you can see these clouds are coming through with temperatures in the 50s and 60s and the winds have been whipping up. it is gusting at the altima pass. 25 in fairfield with a blustery day and the wind west and southwest 10-20 and gusting up to 30. precipitation oft -- off the
6:51 am
coast is associated with an upper level trough and it is ushering in cooler air. this is sweater weather for many kids going back to school. some areas of drizzle this morning with moderate wind and a gradual warm-up. 73 in the high sierras with blustery wind. looking at the numbers, 60s and 70s and we should be around 90- 91 in livermore. 70 in santa clara valley and cupertino and palo alto and 71 in cloverdale and well to the north, in the far reaches. in the discovery bay, brentwood and antioch low 80s. gradual warming each day. the a's play host to the kansas city royals with the
6:52 am
temperature is dropping. have a great day. nearly 150 firefighters are battling a blaze in riverside county that has burned 80,000 acres. it started yesterday and spread to the mountains, sparking an evacuation order as the flames spread closer. water dropping aircraft has helped and the fire is 30% contained. new information about a wildfire in napa county. the canyon fire is 95% contained and has burned 114 acres in napa county. firefighters are working around the clock toep an eye on hot spots. we are told one firefighter is hurt but expected to be okay. >> and overnight freeway shooting shuts down 880 at the welding. all the details coming up. an investigation into
6:53 am
china's trade practices in the u.s. by president donald trump. ♪
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♪ hey, is this our turn? honey...our turn? yeah, we go left right here. (woman vo) great adventures are still out there. we'll find them in our subaru outback. (avo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. get 0% apr financing for 63 months on all new 2017 subaru outback models. now through august 31.
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it's 6--- time for your final five... i'm jessica florez. we are st880 with the southbound lanes closed n odowi chp has been investigating. they said a white vehicle pulled up next to the dark car and the passenger shot into the dark car several times. they said the driver was shot in the head and is in the hospital with life-threatening injuries. they said other guys were in the car but uninjured. officers are looking for four male begins -- occupants. it is not clear if the shooting was random or targeted. here's what chp officers said. >> we put out a road closure
6:57 am
wherecasing this is tied to the incident. >> reporter: right now, you are looking at traffic being diverted off lewelling and it is backed up for a couple of miles. if you use 880 at san leandro, find an alternate route because you will be stuck for one hour or so. they said these lanes will not reopen for the next two to three hours. plan ahead for your morning commute as chp investigates the overnight freeway shooting. i'm jessica florez, kpix5. time for your final five. the men accused of running his car into a crowd in charlottesville, virginia will be in court. 20-year-old james alex field jr. basis several charges including second-degree murder.
6:58 am
he is accused of killing 32- year-old heather heyer and injuring 19 others. a gunman shot five people last night. they said someone opened fire from a car in the 1700 block of vista glenn drive around 10:30. all five are expected to survive. the trump administration is expected to launch an investigation into china's trade practices in the u.s. trump plans to announce the investigation today. extract california's attorney general is said to make a major announcement out about the trump administration threat on sanctuary cities. >> the main entrance to the bart station in berkeley will be closed as part of a project improvement totaling $7.6 million. traffic alert for drivers going along southbound 880. all lanes will be shut down at lewelling boulevard due to a shooting that happened overnight.
6:59 am
we are now in our four of the closure pick avoid southbound 880 if possible. traffic is backed up with travel times climbing. 68 minutes to lewelling boulevard with slowdowns in both directions at 880. good morning. mostly cloudy skies and delays at sfo. one hour 40 minute delays due to overcast skies. it is foggy and drizzling and livermore is 61 with the wind ramping up west-southwest and gusting up to 30 or 40 miles-an- hour. the numbers, 60s and 70s and under 80 degrees everywhere. it will be summertime by the end of the week. summertime will be back. sounds good to me. [laughter] what about football season? [laughter] >> that is it for us.
7:00 am
cbs this morning is coming up next. have a great day. good morning to our viewers in the west. it is monday, august 14th, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning." crowds across the country to denounce white supremacists, and more on a woman killed in an apparent car attack. this photo captures the violent chaos in charlottesville, virginia. we'll hear from the man who was tossed into the air after pushing his fiance to safety. president trumpan cricism o responded to the racially charged violence. attorney general jeff sessions joins us with how the justice department plans to investigate. colombia's growing more of cocaine's raw ingredients than ever. we go deep into the jungle to see how the u.s. is trying to help stop it. and instagram's ceo lays out


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