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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  August 15, 2017 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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and i'm kenn good morning everyone, it is tuesday, august 15th. i'm michelle griego. >> good morning, i'm kenny choi. a live look outside on this tuesday morning. as we take live look at880 in oakland the nimitz freeway and a beautiful shot of the pyramid in san francisco. you can actually see the top of it. meaning the -- not much fog out there. i think. right roberta? >> well, there's a lot of fog out there. yeah the ceiling hasn't lowered yet. but it probably will. the fog bank is about 2,000 feet deep this morning. so it is causing some drizzle along the coast and into the bay this morning. good 40 miles locally but as we noted it just hasn't lowered. when you can see that beacon that's a good thing. san jose does have some overcast skies. no reports of any delays at mineta international airport but if the ceiling drops to about 600 feet, sfo usually has the delays. right now temperature size, 50s and -- wise, 50s and 60s with the second day of school for
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many kids. west southwest winds at 13. and oakland. backing up through there and otherwise 11 in the berkeley area and napa as well. another breezy day. 17 in fairfield. the winds will be blowing out of the southwest 10 to 20 miles per hour. not as cool today as yesterday. but still, the below average. you're away from the bay into the inland areas gradual warming through the week and then the overall pattern is not conducive for warm weather near the water at all. today's numbers from the 60s in pacifica. no sunshine. to the low and mid- 70s around the peninsula. and then up to about 80 degrees in santa rosa. back in through occidental into healdsburg. full forecast. 18 after the hour right now. the say good morning to jaclyn dunn. good morning and happy tuesday everyone. if you're getting ready to step out the door and the ride has you headed along highway 37, look out. we've seen loot of brake lights due to some construction. caltrans keeping busy right now. we have some in the eastbound direction of highway 37.
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and that is between 101 and ratherton. your drive times headed in the westbound direction, pretty slow as well. in the yellow, 27 minutes likely to be a little bit longer. we've got one way traffic control along portions of highway 37. that should be all wrapped up by the 6:00 hour. other than that, we're looking pretty good. take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza in the green. 12 minute ride, no delays smooth sailing into san francisco this morning. guys back over to you. thank you. the violence at last weekend's white nationalist rally in virginia continues to prompt protests vigils and tough conversations across the country. the mother of the 32-year-old woman killed saturday says she's in awe of tributes and the stories people have shared about her daughter heather heyer. >> she protected me on the school bus. she took care of me when others were giving me a hard time. and i was unaware of that. she didn't come home and tell me about that. she just -- dealt with that as
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a matter of normal behavior for herself. >> the man accused of ramming heyer with his car, 20-year-old james fields jr., was officially charged yesterday. meanwhile, president trump continues to face criticism for taking two days to explicitly condemn white supremacists and other hate groups. >> many people who took part in the rally are also being called out on social media. >> waiter account is naming and shamming the -- twitter account is naming and shaming them. it likely cost a local man his job. >> the marches and countermarches all take over towns across the u.s. and the twitter user asked for help identifying any quote nazis marching in charlottesville. the anonymous user posted photos, videos of swastikas and men who were shouting at that white nationalist rally. and within minutes, names began to pour in and consequences were seen across the country including here in berkeley. on its twitter post yes you're racist boasts that cool white. the first person identified
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from the charlottesville march, no longer has a job. he was working at top dog a restaurant in berkeley, and the owner of the restaurant said white left the job voluntarily after being questioned about being at the march. the account indicates it was set up to call out racism. kpix 5 technology analyst larry maggot says things like that are acceptable on social media like twitter but twitter policy specifies limits. >> the you're in and out -- if you're out in public you have no expectation of privacy. you can be photographed and be on television and you can be tweeted about. you're not supposed to do who's called doxing. which is where you take somebody that might otherwise be a private citizen and start exposing personal information especially where they live or the phone number. >> reporter: keep in mind you can't trust everything you see on social media. amateur detectives concluded the protester there on the left was the arkansas university substantiate professor pictures on -- assistant professor ficktured on the right, but they were wrong. the professor posted his own defense. also university of nevada
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student says he was in fact at a rally that rally, but he said he got thres en s deoto atwas h posted. people all across the bay area have mixed views on this. some say exposing and punishing people over social media this isn't fair, while others say supremacists should have to answer for their actions. >> what are some of the local leaders saying about this? >> reporter: well, you know, mayor lee joining with the human rights commission today, they're going to host their first of several community conversations. they want to open up the dialogue on racial ethnic animosity. the public sin violated today from -- is invited today from 11:00 to 12:30 at the office in san francisco. >> the alameda county sheriff's office is apologizing for retweeting the account of a white supremacist. he was pronoting a news conference he was holding on the events in charlottesville. spencer has been a major force behind white nationalists
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rallies nationwide. the sheriff's department waiter apologize -- later apologized saying quote -- a confed statue was pulled down in front of the durham county courthouse a crowd of protestors cheered as a confederate statue was pulled donned in front of the durham -- down in front of the durham county courthouse in north carolina yesterday. the statue bent out of shape with protestors kicking and spitting on the civil war monument. further damaging it. protestors say that this was in response to the events in charlottesville over the weekend. a sigh of relief this morning for the people of guam. kim jong-un appears to be backing off the threat of an attack on the u.s. territory at least for now. the north korean leader finished reviewing plan to fire four missiles at the island. state run media says he will wait to see what the quote foolish yankees do next before making a final decision. >> we were happy the rhetoric is starting to calm down perhaps from kim jong-un in not at least pursuing at the moment
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his threats to fire missiles at guam. and nobody wants any confrontation beyond the peace that we enjoy today and this row sort destination. >> south korea and china are now making a renewed push for the u.s. to find a diplomatic solution. today, uc berkeley sees a changing of the guard with a new chancellor taking the helm after the old one was forced out over multiple scandals. kpix 5's jessica flores is live with the details. >> reporter: good morning, that's right the new chancellor takes over today annoyancing her plans and -- announcing her plans and priorities at an event at 11:00 a.m. also introducing her new cabinet. carol christ, she's one of the oldest ever and also the first woman chancellor for uc berkeley. she was previously the president of smith college and a vice chancellor at berkeley in the mid 1990s. the outgoing chancellor nicholas derks stepped down
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amid budget problems and criticism over how he handled sexual harassment scandals at the university. now christ is taking over just as uc berkeley has become center stage for protests against conservative commentators. violence erupted this year when milo yiannopoulos was invited to speak on campus. christ says one of the top priorities is going to be reclaiming cal as a home of the free speech movement she's planning the make the next school year the year of free feature and invite different do you wants to debate one another. also student diverse city is a top priority. also the university faces more than $100 million budget shortfall. she'll also be tackling sexual harassment and sexual assault claims and how the university deals with that. it's a lot to tackle in the next year. but the university is going to be paying her about half a million dollars to take on the
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job. reporting live in berkeley, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. time now 5:09. federal agents say they've thwarted terror plot modeled off the oklahoma city bombing. we'll have details on the frightening plan. plus a program that gives protection to undocumented immigrant children from deportation. turns five today. still it faces some challenges. i'll explain straight ahead. good tuesday morning from the severe weather center 9 where yet again today another unseasonably cool day inland. how long this cooling trend will last. it's been a pretty quiet start so far for the tuesday morning commute. we'll have all the details on what the backup looks like coming up.
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the ok new details about the young man who allegedly tried to pull off a similar plot to the oklahoma city bombing. a confidential informant says 23-year-old jerry drake very nell was upset with the government and wanted to strike back. the informant reportedly linked him to an undercover fbi agent
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who pretended to get him what he need to make a bomb and then blow up a bank in oklahoma city. but the device he allegedly tried to detonate friday failed him. he was arrested the next day. authorities say the case represents a frightening trend. >> we have violent people who are on the fringe who are angry, who feel a call to action. who feel like their response is the answer. and too often that response is to kill a lot of innocents. >> varnell followed the three percenters. he appeared in court yesterday for the first time. today is the fifth anniversary of the deferred action for child hoot arrivals -- childhood arrivals or daca. kpix 5's sandra osborne is live in san jose this morning where many are worried that this could be the program's last milestone. sandra? >> reporter: hey, good morning to you kenny. yeah the program is definitely under scrutiny by the trump
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administration and several states,sen the states in fact are -- ten states in fact are actually putting pressure on the president to end this program. however here in california lawmakers are urging the president to keep this going. this program was started back in 2012 under the obama administration. the program is the deferred action for childhood ail rivals. it gives -- arrivals. it gives protection to the children who are undocumented immigrants brought by their parents to america. it gives them protection to go school and even get a driver's license. recipients are often called dreamers and there are 240,000 of them right here in this state. u.s. senator kamala harris of california is urging with president trump to continue with the program. she and the other senators say this in a letter -- >> we've already invested in them by healthing them in the american schools -- >> reporter: now today, on the fifth anniversary of the program, there's a
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demonstration planned in washington, d.c.. here locally, in san jose, a member of the board of supervisors is actually holding a media conference to not only celebrate the fifth anniversary, but to also talk about the success of some local recipients. that happens at about 9:00 this morning. reporting live in san jose, sandra osborne, kpix 5. a new lawsuit claims harvard university discriminates against asians. attorneys are trying to prove their case with the help of records from a bay area high school. mont vista high school in cupertino is one of four schools from the country turning over records. the school 180% asian american. is -- is 80% asian american. the lawsuit claims they need to score higher on the sats to have the same chances of being accepted compared to other students with the same qualifications. time now 5:15. let's get a check of the roads this morning with jaclyn. >> good morning. and you know what? we are tracking a new accident and this is in the south bay. i was just bragging about how great the south bay was
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looking. but an accident northbound 101 just approaching 880. it does not appear to be slowing really anyone down. we'll take a look at your ride as you are approaching that and you can see speeds in the green and your travel time remains in the green. 20 minutes as you make your way from fellier up to san antonio. just past that accident there, 101 right near north first street. traffic doing okay in both directions. no trouble getting through that stretch. heading into san francisco, we're still nice and quiet. we're seeing few slowdowns on the 280 extension. nothing to write home about. over at the bay bridge toll plaza, still no metering lights so that's good news there. east shore freeway still running right up to the limit there and smooth sailing heading across the upper deck into san francisco. the only slowdowns we are tracking this time around is for folks coming through the altamont pass. westbound 580 between 205 and 680, you've got 28 minute ride. that's in the yellow. we also have a high wind advisory in mace for drivers. -- place for drivers.
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so highway 4 and 101 looking a- ok. all right. the countdown is on. to the solar eclipse and for more on that, tell us all about it. roberta. we've been trying to give you a pack of the day for boy at least the last month or so. and today's fact for you is as far as totality is concerned, the region most likely to have the clear skies will be central oregon. remember, the total solar eclipse begins just after 9:00 a.m. in the lincoln city area of oregon. or salem. and then travels along a 70- mile wide swath for totality all the way into charleston, south carolina. just ending after 2:00 in the afternoon. we have more facts, you may enjoy by visiting us online at now as far as the bay area is concerned, this is going to be our big problem. the overcast skies for monday's solar eclipse. we're banking on partial eclipse for the bay area. but that's going to be away
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from the coast. where you will be the recipient of that fog horn. temperatures right now 53 in santa rosa to 60 around the oakland area. this is most notable. in antioch and in fairfield, linda and jerry both reporting clear skies at this early hour. otherwise it's overcast in napa and hayward and it's notable because those are the places that will be able to view the panel eclipse on monday. you're going to have to go pretty far inland the discovery bay area, brentwood to antioch and tracy. great places but along the immediate seashore in san francisco, you are going to be socked in with that right there. our marine layer is roughly about 2,000 feet deep this morning, it's producing localized drizzle and we will have that brisk afternoon wind again out of the southwest 10 to 20. and occasional gusts up to 30. and then gradual warming beginning tomorrow all the way through friday. this area of low pressure it developed out of the gulf of alaska and it dropped in a southerly direction. ushering in some of the cooler air but high pressure is going to begin to build in strongly. over the next few days.
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83 at the state capitol today. 73 in the high sierra. no clearing in monterey bay. no sunshine in pacifica at rockaway beach through moth beach into monoterra. otherwise, under 70 at the lip of the bay today. we will realize low and mid- 70s across the peninsula. up to 80 degrees? santa rosa. a little bit warmer than yesterday by a couple of degrees that's about it. with the outside number of 87 that's in clear lake and cloverdale. otherwise, inland temperatures begin to realize summery levels by the weekend. okay. michelle. this is some fun stuff. mooch is in the news again? >> yes. the mooch's late night interview somewhere what we're talking about today. and it's trending. stephen colbert grilled anthony scaramucci on the late show last night and here's what he said about his relationship with reince priebus. >> what is going on? were you brought in just to get rid of him and sean spicer? >> i don't want to say it that way. >> was it part of your job?
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say it like the mooch. say it like the mooch. >> there was no -- [ booing ] right. so give me some mooch here. so the mooch of long island would say there was no love lost there. look at the picture. >> there you go. scaramucci was fired after he ranted to a new yorker hous coremmunications director was only on the job for ten days. scaramucci tweeted this after the show. went into the lion's den and came without a few scratches but still standing, i appreciated the opportunity. it was pretty funny. well, the purple one is getting his very own shade. prince is being honored with a custom color. his estate teamed up with pantone color institute to create love symbol number 2. it was inspired by his custom made piano. and brace yourselves, belieber, justin bieber just announced a new song. kenny excited about this? our traffic producer is. the singer shared the news on
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twitter. the song titled" friends" will drop on thursday at noon. it's his first single in about a year and a half. we'll be right back.
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good morning everyone. the show that miami slugger
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john carlos stanton is putting on right now tells you why. giants don't exactly get the crowds out of the seats these days. but he sure does. in the 1st the franchise record 43rd home run of the season. in the 5th now 5-3 marlins. watch marcel ozuna. watch this ball. that where that went. miami beats up on the giants 8- 3. only 10,000 at the coliseum last night. a's trying to folk off the oil -- knock off the royals. cam gallagher had never hit a home run in his young career and he hit one there and that's a career grand slam. off cotton. kansas city wins 6-2. his first career home run. steve young along with jerry rice were at practice yesterday to speak with the 49ers. rice actually -- he took it kind of serious. look at him. he was joking around -- not
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joking around either running routes can talking to the players -- and talking to the players. i don't know if all the 49ers remember jerry rice and steve young. we're getting up there. texas and pennsylvania in the pony league world series. tied at 3. texas' marco martin is coming to the plate. hurdled the catcher. and that is the difference maker. texas stays alive in the tournament. by leapfrogging the competition. that is it. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. fans at last night's rockies' game in colorado were treated to story of the year so far in sports. chad bettis made his first start of the season after beating testicular cancer. he had his last round of chemotherapy back in may. and it was a magical night for bettis at coors field. bettis threw seven scoreless innings on his way to earning a win againstthe braves. the bay area not new to
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protests and counterprotestscoming up when you can expect to see thousands rally here and what the police are doing to make sure those marches stay peaceful. and a new chancellor at uc berkeley announces her plans for the university. what you can expect coming up.
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to have all started with a dispute with a caltrans worker and firefi a violent standoff in northern california appears to have all started with a dispute with a caltrans worker. and firefighters are facing a huge challenge with a new wildfire near yosemite. it's yet another deep marine layer this morning. we are going to talk about the impact it may have on our solar eclipse. and we have an update for you on that accident in the south bay as well as an additional crash along 101. and those metering lights are
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on over at the bay bridge toll plaza. we'll have how far that backup stretches and your travel times coming up. >> good morning, it's tuesday, august 15th i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. president trump arrived back home in new york city for the first time since taking office and he was greeted by protestors upset over his response to the violence vast weekend. the man accused of plowing his car into a group of counterprotestors is now officially charged with second degree murder in the death of 32-year-old heather heyer. 22-year-old james fields jr. was officially charged yesterday. we now toe the groups are -- know the groups are planning on rallying here in the bay area as well. >> one group has a permit to be in san francisco. neda iranpour joins us now to tell us more. >> reporter: you can expect a lot coming up. no surprise people in the bay area planning protests and counterprotests. the bay area held several peaceful gatherings after the white nationalist rally in charlottesville. but there's some concerns over what might happen in a couple
5:31 am
of weeks with new planned protests. we have seen those violent crashes on bay area -- clashes on bay area streets more than once this year. this one happened in berkeley back in april and some of the same people there will be coming to the field in san francisco on saturday, august 26th. a spokesperson for the federal golden gate national recreation area confirms they issued a permit to a group called patriot prayer. joey gibson is the leader of the group and this is him at the microphone advocating nonviolence. >> don't respond by yelling but respond in kindness. >> reporter: but then here's video of him getting in a fight with a counterdemonstrator in berkeley. and in berkeley, a right wing demonstration planned for the next day after that. san francisco rally. a group called no marxism in america will demonstrate at martin luther king jr. civic center park. that's on sunday august 27th. >> yeah so how are police preparing for what's to come?
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>> reporter: the san francisco police department says they will have the extra staff and resources ready if needed. they want to help facilitate pipless rights to free -- people's rights to free speech. three ceos have quit. the ceos of merck and under armour and intel resigned yesterday. he resigned quote to call attention to the serious harm our divided political climate is causing to issues. crews are trying to crush a fire that's scorched more than 1600 acres so far. the flames have spread quickly since trees if the path were killed by -- in the path were killed by a beetle infestation. officials believe that a recent lightning strike might be the cause. crews have been communicating closely with locals in nashua woe that but so far there are
5:33 am
no orders to evacuate the park. >> one thing too they're battling is the wind. up 20 and 30 miles per hour. no lightning in the forecast. 81 degrees with sunshine today in the yosemite area. good morning everybody. unseasonably cool away from the bay today for our forecast. this is our live weather cram looking out towards -- camera looking out towards the transamerica pyramid. we can see the beacon and we have some high overcast and some areas of marine layer. no clearing at the coast today. 53 santa rosa to 63 in san jose. the wind locally boy they were brisk yesterday. not as windy but certainly breezy. west southwest winds right now 11 in oakland and 11 in napa and 17 in the fairfield area. winds pretty consistent later today. southwest 10 to 20 miles per hour. not as killly as yesterday. -- chilly as yesterday. but till below average away from the -- still below average away from the bay. one more thing for you to
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remember, the overall weather pattern will not be conducive for warm weather near the waters. 62 at rockaway beach. 64 in san francisco. when we should be about 67. 68 degrees. check out the san jose area at 76 degrees maybe 80 towards los gatos and saratoga. it will be 80 in santa rosa today. slightly warmer than yesterday. and below average in throughout the tri-valley. very refreshing in the 70s. we have the forecast when the warm-up will begin. that's coming up at -- what time it? about 48 after the hour, but right now here's jaclyn. good morning and we are tracking some slowdowns for drivers heading the through the south bay. all due to an accident along 101 in? northbound direction. just past oakland road. we've got an accident involving a big rig. now you can see the speeds drop below 25 miles per hour and you're slow from the 680 and 280 interchange there along northbound 101 all the way up to about first -- north first street. once you're past that you're
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back in the green but it's about a 30 minute ride from hillier to san antonio. we are tracking delays over at the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights are on and the travel time just jumped into the yellow. so do expect a backup. right now it's just approaching the 880 overcrossing. slow stop go. east shore freeway still looking pretty good. back over to you. san jose police are looking for the gunman who opened fire at a vigil wounding five people. about dozen people gathered for a vigil late sunday night for two people killed in a car crash at vista glenn drive. that is when bullets flew from a passing car --. no word yet on motive but some neighbors believe the shooting is gang related. the people who were shot are all expected to survive. in lake county, a man who was flying a confederate flag before reportedly shooting at law enforcement officers is now behind bars. the tense exchange unfolded as a six hour standoff. 43-year-old joshua brown now facing several charges. the trouble started outside his
5:36 am
property near kelseyville authorities say, just before 11:00 yesterday morning. he allegedly began shouting at officers and caltrans workers before opening fire. authorities say this may have beenprerty dispute with caltrans. today the new chancellor of uc berkeley spells out her agenda for the university. following multiple scandals. kpix 5's jessica flores is live at uc berkeley with more on this changing of the guard. jessica? >> reporter: good morning michelle. that's right. at 11:00 a.m. the new chancellor will lay out her plans and priorities for the university for the upcoming year. she'll also introduce her cabinet. now carol christ takes on the job the first woman to be the uc berkeley chancellor. she'll also be the oldest chancellor at 73 in the university's history and brings extensive experience to the job. she previously was a president of smith college and vice chancellor at berkeley in the
5:37 am
mid 1990s. the outgoing chancellor was forced to step down amid budget problems and criticism over how he handled sexual harassment claims on campus. now christ is taking over just as uc berkeley has become center stage for protests against conservative commentators. violence erupted on campus earlier this year when conservative commentator milo yiannopoulos was invited to speak. rioters and protesters stopped him from speaking. one of her top priorities is going to be reclaiming cal as the home of the free speech movement. she'll invite different viewpoints to debate one another. she also says student diversity is a top priority. she's taking on the job amid major budget problems. the university faces a $100 million deficit. she'll also be addressing how the university deals with sexual assault and sexual harassment claims. big issues to face and she's getting paid about half a million dollars to do so.
5:38 am
reporting live in berkeley, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. protestors are planning to march on google headquarters on saturday. they're angry about the firing of james damo re. he wrote a manifesto about women in tech and suggested that they weren't biologically instituted for the field. there -- instituted for the field. but -- suited for the field. they're also marches planned for saturday at google offices in eight other cities including new york city, boston and seattle. costco is set to pay tiffany's millions of dollars over the name it used to sell diamond rings. roxana saberi has that story and much more in today's cbs money watch. >> reporter: wall street regained ground on monday after last week's selloff. analysis say worries have eased over north korea. the dow gained 135 points. the nasdaq added 83. china is criticizing president trump's order to investigate whether beijing is improperly gaining access to u.s. technology and inventions.
5:39 am
china says it will resolutely safeguards its interests. mr. trump wants to know if their practice of requiring foreign companies to hand over technology to get access to chinese markets violates global trade rules. costco has been ordered to pay tiffany more than $19 million. the judge ruled the warehouse chain sold diamond rings bearing the tiffany name that were not made by the famous jeweler. costco had argued that tiffany had become a generic term and will appeal the ruling. sprint is launching a program to help one million low income high school students with their homework. by giving them a free smart phone tablet or hot spot device were wi-fi along with data for four years. sprint will reach 180,000 kids across 32 states in the first year. that's your cbs money watch report. for more head to at the new york stock exchange, i'm roxana saberi. . time now 5:39. we're counting down theties until the total -- days until the total eclipse and state energy officials have a request
5:40 am
for california residents. plus the program is celebrating a big milestone today. but it also is facing some challenges. details on the daca program straight ahead. people love my breakfast burritos. and my french fries. wait! what if i put them together?! a burrito stuffed with scrambled eggs, creamy guacamole, bacon and crispy french fries.
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i'll call ast o!it t califorai kfbr boomea. someone got that, right? scrambled eggs. guacamole. bacon. french fries. you'll call it the california breakfast burrito. boom. good work everyone. another winner. introducing my new california breakfast burrito. only at jack in the box.
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a 17-year-old could face hate crime charges for vandalizing good morning everybody and welcome back to kpix 5 news morning. your time check 5:42. it's live, it is our weather camera looking to the bay bridge where we have overcast skies. unseasonably cool conditions for inland areas away from that bay right there. we're going to talk more about your forecast and the effects the marine layer will have on our viewing of the solar eclipse. your full weather forecast at 348 after hour. --48 after hour. could face charges for vandalizing the new gland hol cast memorial in boston.
5:43 am
police say the teen threw a rock threw one of the glass -- through one of the glass panels. two bystanders tackled him and held him. in june, a 21-year-old man was arrested for throwing a rock at the memorial. the deferred action for childhood arrivals program turns five today. it's the program that protects the undocumented immigrants from deportation. kpix 5's sandra osborne is live this san jose where we'll learn more about some local recipients, sandra? >> reporter: hey there good morning to you michelle. yeah one of the members of the san jose board oversup visors is actually -- of supervisors is actually holding a news conference this morning to not only talk about the anniversary of the program but also get a look at some of the local recipients. now near california, there are -- here in california, there are actually 240,000 receipts of the program -- recipients of the program. one of e states with the heist numbers. the recipients by the way often called dreamers. the program started in 2012 under the obama administration. daca is the deferred action for
5:44 am
childhood arrivals. many are fearful that could be the last anniversary of the program however says it's under scrutiny right now by the trump administration. attorneys general from ten states includings texas are putting pressure on president trump to end the program. still other lawmakers are showing support. >> the congress should recognize embrace and celebrate these hard working young men and women. five years ago president obama gave tohoour dreamerspe with daca. president trump instilled fear by threatening the protections of daca. >> reporter: now trump i said that the decision -- has said that the decision about the program is going to be quote very difficult. monstration planned for today happening in washington, d.c., that will be showing some pp ort suprogram, here locally a member of the board of supervisors holding this news conference. but also looking at the success of some local resilients, live
5:45 am
in san jose, sandra osborne, kpix 5. >> can you explain the process to get protection from the daca program? >> reporter: yeah, not an easy way to get into it. there's a lengthy application process. the children that are actually applying to this not only do they have to apply, they pay a fee. they go through a regular background check. then there's also a criminal background check. even if they pass all of that they still have to come back and renew every two years. michelle, kenny? >> sandra thank you. in arrests in a freeway shooting in the east bay. it happened along 880 southbound near the border between san leandro and san lorenzo. the chp got a call about a road rage incident and then a report of shots fired. witnesses say someone in a painside. n shot into the driver was critically wounded after being hit in the head. the passengers are okay. with the total solar ellipse a week away, california utilities officials are warning the big day will mean big
5:46 am
changes. in northern california we are not in the path of the total eclipse but officials say 75% of overall solar production will be reduced here. operators say they can make use of hydroelectricity, wind and geothermal but cut the electricity use. because the eclipse is definitely set to shake things up. >> we see this kind of loss of sun. we probably will lose about 6 gigawatts. that's about six nuclear powered generators. >> also warning about the obvious. don't look up when the solar eclipse hits. only specific glasses will give you a safe shot at viewing the eclipse. >> unfortunately because we were so excited to see the eclipse here in san francisco. but you're saying no chance. >> in san francisco? we're going to be overcast. if our current weather pattern plays out we won't be able to see it even though we are primed for partial eclipse exposure here. have to go pretty far inland to well, santa rosa, you can
5:47 am
antioch. brentwood. discovery bay. tri-valley is a little iffy right now too. we're all going to be outside anyway. so just turn the lights off before you go outside. >> that's a good tip. >> yeah. but i'm trying to figure out how we're going to leave the news station here to head inland. >> we need to talk to the boss today. >> like live shot for you. >> going on now. >> coming up in the meeting. all right, right now if you're getting ready to head out the door, od-bye to no dela we are seeing speeds dropping into the yellow and red for south bay commuters. northbound 101, a crash just past oakland road has find trth 680 interchange there. traffic is slow. 35 minute ride northbound 101 from hillier to san antonio. do expect delays through that stretch. your ride along 680 and 88 # you're heading through fremont that looks okay but heading into heyward you're going to thart tapping the brakes as tw nt sacllci de and this is along the dunbarton
5:48 am
bridge. right as you're approaching thornton avenue. around the shoulder really not slowing anyone down. the westbound direction is getting pretty crowded over at the san ma toy owe bridge. still in the green tracking the5 uta little sloweer at the bay bridge toll plaza, everything looking as it should be around this time of morning. we are in the yellow for drivers from the maze into san francisco. of course the metering lights are on about a 20 minute commute. the east shore freeway is in the green although it's starting to get a bit crowded. over at the richmond-san rafael bridge. we're seeing a backup and it's over in those right lanes. so we will check in to see what's going on ask those are the cash lanes so if you have fastrak you're good to go. that's a check of the traffic. now with roberta now on the forecast. the great american eclipse will happen as scheduled from oregon to south carolina on monday but the weather is going to completely define whether or not you will be able to see it. now far from definitive. the best viewing will be the
5:49 am
interior northwest. kansas and nebraska with idealistic conditions and clear skies. the worst viewing will be right here along the pacific coast and that includes oregon where it does begin at 9:00 a.m. totality is right after 10:00. and the atlantic coast, where it ends, and that's also because of clouds forecast in the charleston, south carolina area. if you want more tips on the solar eclipse, visit us online so easy for you, now i want to feature three of is reporting clear skies. john in santa rosa is reporting of clarity and visibility is unlimited in lower lake. he reported 89 grondes wi eeclse y skies and great locations for viewing the partial eclipse here in the bay area. not a good spot right here along the bay where we have overcast conditions right now at this hour. there's no reason for me to believe that marine layer will scour out next monday any earlier than what it has been.
5:50 am
temperature-wise, in the 50s and in the 60s. so go away from the coast. tri-valley is even looking a little iffy tempt. that's only -- at this particular time. that's only because we had a trough blew through and enhanced our marine layer 2,000 feet deep at this hour. a lot of cool air mass associated with it as well. some morning drizzle and then occasional brisk winds will continue throughout the day. not as windy as yesterday. but certainly on the breezy side. gradual warming begins tomorrow. area of low pressure blew through yesterday and high pressure is right on its heels. will build into the west coast. sunrise officially at 6:25. it's setting at 8:03. by the way the sunrise in the mount vaca area. another good place to see our partial eclipse here in the bay area on monday. today's numbers, 60s and 70s. livermore, you should be right around 90 degrees. instead 77 enjoy it. 80 degrees in santa rosa 76 in san jose. when you should be well into the mid 80s. so again, enjoy the fresh clean
5:51 am
air. great air quality. temperature-wise around the peninsula today for 72 to 77 degrees around the east palo alto area and foster city. back into san mateo. 62 degrees in pacifica. cloverdale, clear lake as well. low 80s in throughout the delta and then just that gradual warm- up each day away from the bay. while the coast remains pretty superpy. we do -- soupy. we do have a baseball game tonight. we have smith on the mound for the good guys as the oakland a's they took one on the chin last night. breezy and cool in the mid 60s and enjoy your tuesday. time now is 5:51. a lucky break in an eagle eyed deputy could provide some hope in the search for a missing couple in sequoia national park.
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
fights broke out.. at a new this morning, a big brawl in chicago. several fights broke out at a basketball tournament last night. >> it's closed -- and then everybody needs to leave the location. >> a helicopter was over the scene. officials canceled the event and police were called in to help with crowd control. officers say no one was
5:55 am
seriously hurt. and no word yet if anyone was arrested. fan behavior will certainly come up when cal decides whether to sell alcohol or not at football and basketball games. the university says if the bof dett they lost about $22 million last year, now selling alcohol at games would likely bring in between $150,000 and $300,000 a year. the university is also seeking a naming sponsor for memorial stadium. that's projected to generate about $4 million to $5 million a year. a girls choir is fighting an eviction order in palo alto. the city council says they're renting the space illegally from the first baptist church. the young women of i sing saying their plea to palo alto city council leaders to let them keep their rehearsal space. is zoned as residential which means no businesses can operate there. but without the rent money from this choir and other groups, it will likely have to sell its property to relocate. former had thers' quarterback -- 49ers' steve young has two
5:56 am
-- quarterback steve young has two daughters in the chorus. >> after 30 years it's time to revisit the zoning ordinance of treating the churches the same as residences. >> for now fines have been suspensed and the window for the groups has been extended. police found a car part that may belong to 30-year-old jie song and 31-year-old winnen wang. fresno deputy watching news caught sight of a license plate he knew was not linked to the case and alerted authorities it might be connected to the missing couple. the family of heather heyer getting a lot of support from across the nation. how people are helping them get through the grief one day before they plan to bury their daughter. plus, the president's response. >> reporter: and the new uc berkeley chancellor announces her plans for the university today. what you can expect coming up.
5:57 am
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6:00 am
white supremacist rally in charlottesville, virginia, prompts protests. this as the violence at a white rally in charlottesville. virginia prompts protests. this as bay area lawmakers reflect on the tragic weekend that left a woman dead. plus relief this morning for the people of guam. the new signs that slow north korea is pulling back on its threat to launch nuclear missiles at the u.s. territory. good morning, it's tuesday, august 15th. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. first let's start with the traffic ngthe commute. >> i have a pop quiz. so if you see a school bus, with flashing red lights, and you're driving, what do you do? >> you stop. >> stop. >> wait for the kids. >> okay roberta. wait.


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