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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  August 15, 2017 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. >> now at noon, the new chancellor lays out herision v s under previous leadership. >> uc berkeley chancellor just gave her first news conference out lining her plans for the school.
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we're following the story fro euthc berkeley still holding the press conference. it's being broadcast right now onac one f of her top priorities rebuilding a campus brought down by sexual assault cases and violent protests. 4,000tus s historic moment as the first woman chancellor takes stage at 73 she's also the oldest chancellor in university history. >> you're surrounded by new beginnings. >> she's taking over during the dumoltuous times. >> we've had a financial crisis, a leadership crisis. >> chris says one of her top priorities will be to reclaim cal as a home of free speech. >> there really is a new hope
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and buoyant on campus. >> we've had some sexual harassment cases that have been deeply, deeply distressing and concerning to many of us here. >> so chris created a new position, a first in the uc system. she appointed a special faculty adviser on sexual violence. she also has to somehow slash the budget in half. the school facing a $110 million deficit. >> it not only eliminates our deficit but puts berkeley on a sustainable footing for the foreseeable future. >> she plans to partner withakhe to create more student housing. berkeley has less than a quarter of students link on campus. >> this is unacceptable. students often live in places too crowded, too far away, too expensive for them to afford
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other basic needs. >> it's a return to the same campus she first taught half a century ago after a phd from yale. now she's she'll be return to a. >> she also pointed to undocumes living in oakland are facing deportation. they were suppose today fly to mexico today. but that's now been pushed back as they continue to make their case. maria sanchez is hoping trump administration immigration officials grant them another stay allowing them to continue to live in the country. the couple says their previous temporary 90-day stay will expire tomorrow. they he four children and have lived in the u.s. for the last two decadeses. they do not have criminal records. immigration and customs inforcement said in part while i.c.e. continues to focus on
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individuals to pose a threat to security, the acting director has made it clear they will not exempt categories. this country is committed to the rule of law and enforcing the laws established by congress. >> in san jose, dozens gathereder in support of a program that gives extended stay to undocumented immigrant children. here's why the celebration is also clouded in fear. >> daca is all that we have right now. we cannot afford to go back. >> this 22-year-old part of the deferred action for childhood rivals program is speinakpa.rduo unradearaf the trump administra. >> fore ha a lot of trouble trying to seek hout daca. >> moving to the u.s w.emntit at 4-years old he says he
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experienced discrimination and fear of deportation. daca gives protection to the children of undocumented immigrants. the program is coming under scrutiny as attorneys general from two states including texas pressured the trump administration to phase out the program. >> daca is under attack again. and its future is uncertain. >> a 20-year-old from mexico says this could hold back some who would otherwise use daca to further their education and start a career. >> it's definitely scary. but my community has strength and we'll get through it. >> the county of santa clara's board of supervisors unanimously voted showing support for daca. they said they can send a toawag to keep the program active. in santa clara county, kpix5. >> the san francisco municipal transportation agency is voting on a $21 billion plan that could
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include a new subway and west portal jessica floral shows uswh ty'at directors is set to vote on a 20-yearitonalapn. p it's wish list. the capital plan is the first step in identifying potential ndt would include a new light ject weherail nel. t entireat m line a subway and add underground stations. it's set to cost $2.5 billion. >> really interested in what kind of destruction would need to be done to make a total underground tunnel and what that would really mean in terms of service. >> first we have to identify funding it looks very promising thus far. we've received support from the homeowners association and from local schools in thectre i asa.e
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10 to 15 years to complete. the agency has added $800 million to the capital plan since 2015. they approved the capital plan every two years. >> president trump plans to focus on infrastructure today as he continues his working vacation in new york. he's also dealing with another possible white house shake up and new fall out over his reaction to the violence in virginia. >> president trump awoke in new york city this morning for the first time since his inauguration. the president arrived last night and was met with both supporters and protesters outside trump tower. protesters are angry he wai os txpyonted white supremacist groups that gathered in charlottesville, virginia over the weekend. >> racism is evil and those who cause violence in its name are criminals and thugs, including
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the kkk, neo-nazis, white supremacists. >> in the wake of the controversy four members of the government's manufacturing council have resigned including the ceo's of merck, intel, and under armor. the president tweeted back for every ceo that drops out i have many to take their place. the president will host an infrastructure discussion later this afternoon. but many political watchers are focussed on another possible shake up back if washington. multipleources tmp's chief political strategist steve bannon's job is in jeopardy oere usca in the white house. and president trump seemed to endorse the idea of a pardon for former sheriff of arizona. >> the policehi c iefn admitting any failures in the
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way his department responded to saturday's violent protests but he regrets the loss of life. he said it took officers about an hour to regainontrol of the streets that c day. the security plan called for the white nationalists and counter protesters to enter emancipation park through separate entrances. the white nationalists who edag other entrances and fights broke out. >> do you regret not having your officers better prepared and in their proper gear earlier so they could have acted sooner? >> absolutely i have regrets. >> what are your regrets? >> we lost three lives. >> polic to care began the parks of all demonstrators. about two hours after that jesam group of protesters killing one and injuring 19 others. he's now being held on second-degree murder and other charges. >> today is known as liberation day in north and south korea. some believe kim jong-un may use
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the occasion to test another missile. he seems to be signalling he's not interested in going to war with the united states. he reviewed military plans with his generals monday to launch four missiles near the island of guam. he decided not to launch weapons but launched another war of words. saying if the yankees persist in their dangerous reckless actions on the korean peninsula north korea's military will rain the windpipe and is point daggers at their necks end quote. after several faile msile sts in 20d they've now successfully launched two icbm's. >> to do it so quickly is quite astonishing. >> experts say north korea's sudden advancements mean it received some kind of help. that convinced china to go along with new tough sanctions. >> the polls are open for alabama voters to select a new
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senator to replace jeff sessions. he left the seat vacant when president trump named torn geral he ate torn geralim temporarily took over the spot. he's now the republican front runner for the permanent position. trump has endorsed him and tweeted to alabama voters to make him their ft or ntoex $19 million, the offense selling rings under the tiffany name even though they weren't from the luxury jewelry maker. >> the long restoration ahead for big bend. >> you thought there was fog in lop don, we've been sopped in a good portion of the morning. and right there in san francisco we're beginning toast as the nes continues, we'll be right back.
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may be some delays on railroad avenue as construction starts for the new bart station. an alert for commuters in pittsburgh. over the next two weeks there may be some delays on railroad avenue as construction starts for the new bart station. the station will be a multi-transit community that will u sseto die pnl the 10-mile line that will run from the pittsburgh bay point station to the hillcrest avenue station in antioch. >> for years traffic deaths in the u.s. were dropping but recently fatalities on our roads went up. danielle knottingham looks at what's causing the rise. >> reporter: 13 people died in march when a pickup slammed into a bus returning from a retreat. witnesses say the driver of the
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pickup admitted he was texting and they saw him swerving before the crash. >> i'm following this guy he's in a white dodge duly all over the road. >> those deaths among the 18,000 people killed on u.s. roads in the first six months of this year. that's similar to the same time in 2016 which saw a major jump over the previous two years. >> every day we lose 100 people on our roadways. this is the equivalent of having two regional jets crashle every. >> debbie hersman from the national safety council say one reason is people are driving more with low gas prices and a better economy. >> our vehicles are safer than ever. we have advanced technology, we can survive crashes because of better design and engineering. but we're seeing that we haven't really become safer drivers. >> the council says distracted
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driving related crashes are up 9%. that along with speeding and drunk driving are t thr tesfraff fheatalities. >> we know these are things we can prevent. we just as drivers need to have more discipline and we need to get rid of that complacency behind the wheel. >> that could help lower the number of deaths. pegged to be about 40,000 this year. >> costco has been ordered to pay tif14nyo$on m& ey the name not made by the jeweler. they said they will appeal the ruling. >> taking a look at how the financial markets are doing right now on wall street the dow is up 25 points. >> let's get a check of our weather with roberta gonzales. >> we're in the countdown to monday with the solar eclipse. the great american solar
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eclipse. we'll only see partial eclipses in the bay year. but the interior northwest, kansas, nebraska. on the coast we've been stocked with clouds and fog. also it trails off near charlearolina. one atlantic coast shouldst c he so, meuth cloudiness.we facts for you. meanwhile our forecast for monday it's not decisive or definite yet. but we are calling for low clouds on the coast. so if you want to see the partial eclipse head inland because we are totally still around the bay. very gray there. how about another look this time around, san jose. clear skies after a great start this morni>>ng it i'snre> cur livermore and in san jose. definitely a good 4 or 5 degrees warmer this hour than 24 hours ago. our weather watcher in vallejo reporting 72 degrees, bright sunshine, saying it's a good
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looking day. winds up to nine. this morning i deepened to 3,00 withs. an occional isk wind thi0 fitlle afternoon outit of's s the southwest 10th to 20. erwisot weo 20. otherwise we remain below average due to that upper level low that continues to sagrve o> tod ay 83 at the state capitol. 73 the high in sierra. pebble beach 63 degrees. 62 in pacifica. 60s around the rim of the bay to the 70s around the peninsula. notice the 70s inland. that's a good 10 to 12 degrees above average in livermore. san jose at 76. we will see temperatures in the mid-80s well inland by the time the sun goes down tonight at 8:01. here you have 87 degrees. that will be in the lower lake area. the delta seeing some low 80s
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today as little earlier burn off by friday. >> okay, sounds good. want it to warm up just a little bit at night inland. >> can't get everything you want. >> but i want it. >> thanks so much. >> still ahead no more clanging for big bend. >> and we want to invite all you pet lovers to send us your information about their health and well being and we'll have our pet expert give you an answer every friday here at noon.
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stretch in its history. on monday, the clocktower will toll for last time for four years, as crews start maintenance work. next week london's big bend will be silenced for the longest stretch in its history. of thechimes will stop tring maintenance workers. the 15-ton clock bell has been hour for more thansoun 150rydi years. e veit's only paused a few times n history. but never for a stretch this long. >> it's such a long stoppage period. we'll be able to check absolutely everything on the clock. that's still working, which is good. >> perfect timing. >> big bend will sound for major
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events like new year's eve. >> if you have a question you can email our hotline consumer watch or call directly 1-888-5-helps-u we'll be right back.
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fresh grocer tony tantillo looks at a summertime melon. time now for of the day is going to be new crop crenshaw
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melon in the market. their shelf life is very, very short. if you cut them in half you might as well enjoy them all. rven ifefrahe you water will breakdown very fast. so with every bite bet up. these melons probably the highest sugar content there are period. get light yellow, dark yellow color all the way around. nice and clean looking jt like this. heavy for their size, that means they're packed with sugar. store them in a cool, dry place or on the counter. you could store what you don't use up in the refrigerator but not for too long, one day at the most. the crenshaw melon this is probably the highest sugar content of any melon available right now. it's available for a short window of time. so if you see it at the market enjoy it. i'm your fresh grocerier, always
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remember to eat fresh and healthy. >> that mel salon bigger than tony. looks good -- that melon is bigger than tony. for the first time all schools will have gender neutral bathrooms, much more on that story coming up at 5:00. >> i wan itt' t a beautiful thi. >> it is. >> have a great afternoon everyone.
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>> eric: sheila. oh, god. quinn, you killed her! ♪ >> sally: all right. so what do you think, saul? i know we don't have much time before the showing, but we do still have some time for some adjustments. please be honest. don't go easy on me just 'cause i'm your boss. >> saul: i think they're amazing. >> sally: really? >> saul: yeah. yeah, especially this one. >> sally: you're not just saying that to be nice? >> saul: hey, would i ever lie to you? >> sally: no. no, i'm just feeling a little vulnerable without thomas here. but i think he'd be into them, right? i mean, i know he still believes in me. >> saul: you know, more importantly, sally... i believe in you


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