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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  August 16, 2017 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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jaclyn and roberta. how is everyone doing? >> we're just talking about how time is just going so fast. >> it is. >> i got caught in the gridlock of kids coming home from school. i'm thinking when did school start before labor day? >> a lot of schools. >> don't you think -- >> it seems like they started earlier this year. >> your kids are already in school? >> my fifth grader starts tomorrow. and then my senior started monday. so, yeah. >> yeah. you know what? it's kind of like back to school weather. we have that cool air mass that's situated over the bay area. right now, mostly cloudy skies. some areas of drizzle. we can see the top of the transamerica pyramid so the ceiling deck is at least 900 feet. 61 oakland. 54 santa rosa. san raciscfrupo per southwest a we have a calm wind in mountain view and 18 in fairfield. the winds were gusting last
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night up to 28 miles per hour. today, a consistent wind again 10 to 20 stronger gusts during the late afternoon hours. a few degrees warmer than what we had yesterday from the 60s at the beaches to the mid- and high 80s in the far reaches of the east bay. full forecast coming up but > good morning. an accident in oakland right at 880 near66th. no slowdowns. ou may see some flashing lights on your drive into work this morning. out of antioch, looking good. no delays. just under 30 minutes for drivers westbound to i-80. hat's a check of yo your protestors took to the streets all over the u.s. after blamed thbothe si ce again violence at a white supremacist rally in virginia that left one protestor dead. the president spoke at a news conference in trump tower in
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new york. as katie nielsen reports, the president talked about infrastructure and it became a heated exchange with reporters. >> the statement i made on saturday, the first statement, was a fine statement. stefathcts. at dict unle you itme takesnt a while to get the facts. as i said on on saturday, we condemn in ty bigotry and violence. it has no place in america. ntd then pri esidenwet o doubled down on his assertion from saturday that both sides the white supremacist white and the counter-protestors are to blame for the violence in virginia. >> you had a group on one side that was bad and you had a group on the other side that was also very violent. nobody wants to say that, but i'll say it right now! you had a group on the other side that came charging in without a permit and they were very, very violent. those people, all of those
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i have condemned many different groups. but not all of those people were neo-nazis, believe me. not all of those people were white supremacists by any stretch. those people were also there because they wanted to protest the taking down of a statue, robert e. lee. >> are you putting what you're calling the alt left and white supremacists on the same moral plain? >> you had a group on one side and the you had a group on the other and they came at each other with clubs and it was vicious and it was horrible and it was a horrible thing to watch but there is another side. there was a group on this side, you can call them the left, you just called them the left, that came violently attacking the other group!! so you can say what you want but that's the way it is. >> reerthportident erjaishowing unfit to lead. ck>> the pieresident is unhinge
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and you just have to watch him in these impromptu press conferences that he has when he goes off? . >> she is pushing for leaders to remove president trump from office. >> day by day, he just has given us a mo id toesheneeds t removed. >> reporter: local republican leaders say the president simply needs to clear up a miscommunication. >> the president needs to be more clear that he does not support white supremacy, that he does not support fascism and that people who use his name to do that is irresponsible and inappropriate. n,the orter: katie nito else side and as you can see here with his head down and arms folded. tonight, these five ceos actually last night, the five ceos quit the president's
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manufacturing council over his response to virginia. the two most recent scott paul the president of the alliance for american manufacturing and the president of the afl, ceo, intel, america and "under armour" removed. and bo , as of now, they plan t n the council. no bay area leaders are working to ens e violence in >> executives at g.e., whirlpool and boeing will not resign from the council. bay area leaders are working to ensure the violence in virginia doesn't happen here. they are bracing for two conservative rallies, one planned at civic center park in berkeley on august 27. the other is set for crissy field in san francisco on august 26. next saturday. the group organizing the san francisco event is called patriot player. crissy field is part of the golden gate national recreation area and falls under the jurisdiction of the national
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park service. jackie speier says the gn nrf gga on the permit. first it plans to meet with park police and san francisco police and if law enforcement predicts that a credible threat to public safety is there, it can reject the permit request. in berkeley there's growing concern next sunday's rally could spark clashes that the city has seen. christin ayers shows us how the mayor is preparing to keep people safe. >> repoerrkrtbe mwoelrs's ayyet or another extremist rall that he is claims is a call to violence masquerading as free speech. >> when you come dressed in helmets and wearing shields and withapwe s,onu'free speech. you're here to commit violence. that's when we say it's not allowed. says some of the same groups who organized the rally in charlotteville, virginia are planning a rally in berkeley august 26. >> if they requested one i would say they shouldn't be given a permit.
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>> reporter: he worries scenes like this will be repeat at civic center park and he says this time taelbeeyllup wiwith our berkeley values and protect our community. >> reporter: does that mean doing anything differently than what police and what the city has done before? >> we're lid keai sexplinorlaw enforcement options. >> reporter: arreguin says illegal weapons will be confiscated and protestors and counter-protestors separated. he is working with uc-berkeley. there will be a counterprotest on campus that day si nechancel told reporters safety is her priority. >> but we all, um, share, um, outrage, concern, grief, about what happened thto hinappen on our campus. >> reporter: in berkeley a banner paid tribute to the woman who was killed over the weekend in charlottesville. her death brought urgency to the mayor's mission to protect the city. >> we're a city of justice.
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and we're not going to be threatened or intimidated. >> reporter: hristin ayers, kpix 5. a nationwide march on google has been postponed. the planned demonstration was in response to google firing the engineer who wrote a memo saying women are unsuited for tech. the organizers say they received threats of violence although police have not commented on the group's claim. organizers say they hope to hold a peaceful march in a few weeks. we reached out to google for a response, no response. time now 4:38. let's get a check of the forecast. >> it's certain. >> yeah. >> monday is certain now to be overcast at the coast for the partial eclipse. nothing is definitive but as far as mycomputer models are concerned, we'll be in the thick of the clouds at the coast and into the bay. you will have to go far inland. concord is not a bad spot. concord will have some sunshine there. we'll also have some clearing of ietowards brentwood and antioch and tracy and discovery bay. so let's go to discovery bay on
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a boat. >> i like that idea. good morning. we are a thick in the clouds this morning. that marine layer is 2,000 feet deep. we are experiencing some areas of drizzle. overcast by the bay. you can see the beacon on the top of the transamerica pyramid. now, the height of that is 853 feet. so if we could city that beacon, then i have to believe that ceiling is about 900 feet. it's also overcast according to the observations from mineta international airport where we have an air temperature of 63 there. can you feel the coolness in the air? redwoo d 5r 6.ty graduainl lawand areas. the warmest weather will be friday and saturday. and again those coastal clouds are likely for monday's partial eclipse. temperatures in the 60s at the immediate seashore. 60s, 70s bay. 70s peninsula. 79 san jose. average high 86.
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low 80s to the north. low and mid-80s to the east. full forecast coming up. jaclyn? thank you. right now we are getting first reports of a crash along westbound 580. it's in livermore, we can see our sensors starting to light up the screen here with lots of yellow and red. p ere's also an accident in throwillla be slow for our "super commuters" this morning. anticipate delays and give yourself some extra time. 25 minutes from 205 to 680. golden gate bridge looking good. rday. foggy as we were headlights moving into the yes francisco. bay bridge toll plaza no delays. no metering lights. smooth sailing into san francisco. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. thank you. investigators are trying to figure out what caused a deadly fire in san jose. authorities say that two children and a man who was believed to be their grandfather died when the
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reit hfipened yesterday at the golden wheel mobile home park. there was barely anything left of their home by the time the crews got the fire and control. >> you can leave the house, especially the lightsm , and th i -- i -- i'm -- i can't even imagine. forget even going to is a very different thing but mom and kid was inside and all of a sudden this -- no more. >> the names of the victims have not been released. in san francisco, witnesses are speaking out about a shooting involving a security guard d anan fact aorlly egat hofifth and ho streets a bustling part of soma. it started whenthe security guard confronted the man accusing him of stealing. the witnesses say things turned tense quickly. >> i heard three gunshots and then i heard a lady screaming. and then about 3 to 5 minutes later a bunch of cop cars. >> reporter: and you saw the
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security guard recognize him? >> yes, i recognized him. he was put in the car. >> police say the suspect shoplifter is in critical condition but expected to survive. time now 4:42. many schools in the south bay are back in session this morning. students in one district will notice a big change when they head back to class. >> plus, google is teaming up with uc-berkeley to create a total eclipse megamovie. 'ltal wekelo ar se clot ok
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at all schools. bathroom on eve thousands of students in san jose returned to class today and they will be seeing something new at all schools. at least one bathroom on every san jose unified campus will have one of these signs marking a gender-neutral bathroom, 42 schools. lincoln high made the change first thanks to a push from the school's lgbt leaders. >> we have to respond to the needs of our community and i think it's something that our community wants to see in our
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schools. >> there have been a few complaints about the new bathrooms. a special text line was set up to handle concerns. people are getting ready for the solar eclipse in five days. google has been prepping for a year. kiet do shows us how the company is documenting it. is coming monday, the earth, : thsun, >> and technology will come together like never before. >> well, i'm uncomfortably excited. this is a hard deadline. >> reporter: they have thousands of photographers ro3, miles from oregon to south carolina. this is called the path of totality. that army of photographers will be positioned on the path to snap high quality photos in the brief two-minu window and then upload the massive number of images to a google server. that's where david and justin come in. >> as you get right to the
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period of totality -- >> reporter: the two google engineers are key members of the eclipse megamovie project. they spent the past year getting the algorithm ready to sort, adjust, rotate, align the gapull it stitch them into a ovoff. it -mlooks promising. we have generate some amazing test data. >> reporter: the mega-movie will give them a look at the sun's corona, but to get a high resolution movie of the corona and turn it around in the same day is unprecedented. >> google promises that they will have a 3-minute movie the day of the eclipse. it's a cool project. >> this is an amazin g ience well as collect an amazing dataset that's going to help scientists to understand the sun. >> reporter: in mountain view, kiet do, kpix 5. >> our ken bastida will be reporting from the path of the totality in oregon leading up to and, gin this saturday
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on kpix 5 news. he has the assignment of the year. >> counterprotest. >> we'll a partial ea ipse in some places here inei bathe out. >> really? >> nobody told the birds that this is going to happen. whoa? it's dark. it's not happening. so just to notice things and listen to things is what's going to be so awesome, i believe. so we have been providing for you for e the solar eclipse. your factoid for the day is that the last time that only the united states saw a total eclipse was january 11, 1880. if you want more of these facts or how you can view it, do not
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look directly into the sun, my forecast calls for low clouds at the coast, and into the bay. it will get darker but you won't be able to experience the full eclipse at all not the totality but the partial eclipse will be visible away from the bay. concord, clayton, walnut creek, all the way -- tri-valley will get a little iffy. dave in napa reporting overcast skies. in antioch, jerry reporting clearing at this hour. you will have clear skies in antioch, tracy, discovery bay for the partial eclipse that begins around 9:00. it's at its maximum state after 10:14 a.m. overcast in san francisco. areas of drizzle. we also have overcast skies in san jose. temperature-wise right now 54 santa rosa, 57 degrees in san francisco. we have a very deep marine layer that has been enhanced by the upper level area of lo pressure that's been pushinw g through the state of california. so overcast for openers.
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occasional brisk winds. gradual warming, high pressure is building off the coast. the end result is inland temperatures will be the recipient of warmer conditions. 83 state capital. 64 monterey bay. in the urban areas, 80s. outside number 89 degrees. 65 pacifica. coolest location 60 in colma, daly city, south san francisco, as well. here you have that gradual warmup through saturday and then status quo with overcast skies on the eclipse on monday along the coast and into the bay. jaclyn? thanks, roberta. right now first reports of a w accident. 680, flashing lights southbound direction. this is near crow canyon and right now it doesn't appear to be slowing anyone down but just a heads up. you may have a visual distraction through that stretch. we are tracking an accident in
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livermore. it does have debris and glass scattered in the lanes. the cars are ng lanes but the accident damage is still in those lanes. be careful through that stretch. we are in the yellow now 27 minutes from 205 to 680. 880, the nimitz. we have an earlier accident 66 not causing delays. traffic moving well in both irections. ar we are still in the green between 238 on up towards the maze and speaking of that maze, we are looking a-okay. over at the bay bridge toll plaza, no backups, no delays. no metering lights. back to you. >> thank you. 4:50. two former employees file a lawsuit against the bay area air quality management district. the evidence they say they were ordered to destroy.
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francisco landmark running. good morning. look at your average temperatures. concord we should be 87. instead, 80. at the coasno chance of sunshine into the t 60s. redwood city approaching 80. sunnyvale the same, in throughout santa clara, milpitas in the mid-70s. east bay numbers 90 in brentwood and discovery bay. mid-80s around the tri-valley. santa rosa 80 with full forecast. 70s and 80s throughout wine country. nearly 90 in cloverdale. looking good at the golden gate bridge. no delays to tell you about along this stretch. but we are tracking hot spots
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including a car fire. we'll have all the details coming up. is a push to keep a san francisco landmark running. the plaza fountain was turned on. it was off for the drought. they tesbut soayme y work terdin order for function. the cost to fix it is half million dollars. the answer to patchy cell service may be right on your street corner. the palo alto city council voted to allow another wireless company to put antennae on streetlights. the company's license agreement was approved. >> basically, as people get more and morecocapa citetynn ec wireless technology becomes even greater. >> right w, a number of companies including verizon ando at&t are installing at more than 200 sites around the city. the batricy eaainor w being sued by two former
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employees. they claim they were fired for refusing to destroy evidence of emissions violations. kpix 5's susie steimle has more. >> we have to monitor these public agencies to make sure they are doing their job. if they don't do their job the air we breathe suffers. s cl'srter: jamie lkwa a new lawsuit against a bay area air quality management district today saying the district instructed them to destroy public documents. they came out as whistle- blowers in february. >> our clients allege that the district was destroying public records and when they complained about it persistently they were investigated and fired. >> i worked with these people for 16 years. excuse me -- [ crying ] >> it's really hard to think that this type of stuff is happening. >> reporter: it's often people living near these refineries that complain of smells of
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sulfur or rotten eggs and then call the air quality district to complain. chevron received four violation notices as a result. these are the exact types of complaints that whistle-blowers worry are being destroyed. the complaint alleges flare reports for the chevron, tesoro, shell and other refineries located in the east bay were being placed in a dumpster. bachman says he was told by legal counsel for the air district it could hurt us if we have a record of what was destroyed. he also says documents that were supposed to be inventoried and maintained were being improptroyedeven though they were subject to a subpoena related to current current litigation. >> a refinery who is a repeat offender should be punished. >> bachman and steele are suing
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for damages including lost wages and emotional distress. the air quality management district said it doesn't comment on pending litigation. san francisco-based wells fargo bank is making history. elizabeth duke will will be the new chairman next year. she will be the first woman to hold the top position at a major u.s. bank. duke will be tasked with remaking the culture at the bank, founded 165 years ago. last september, wells fargo admitted that it created 2 million fake accounts resulting in a $185 million fine. it's 4:57. following the violence in charlottesville, president trump is ized for his response. we hear from the san francisco gop next. itbeiccring >> reporter: another freeway shooting on 880. this time, in hayward. i'll have the details coming up.
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and i'm kenny choi. let's start with a live look outside... good morning. it is wednesday, august 16. i'm michelle griego. >> caught a little off guard there. good morning. i'm kenny choi. let's start with a live look ts e look at the 880 the nimitz freeway and a ramid francisco. >> let me see. is your tie okay, itoks good >> thk you.ig laughter ] st>> just rachecking. ht>> very ? dapper today. >> thank you. >> is that a new tie? >> you look very nice, as well. yeah. i haven't worn this tie in a while. drolobd.e.ttju thi aten's the same with t forecast. what's old -- those low clouds and fog hanging around, but it's a new day. good morning. clouds at the coast and over sfo so airport delays probably coming up on arriving ligh.


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