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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  August 17, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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as crowds ran from the las ramblas pedestrian area, police went door to door searching for the driver. secretary of state rex tillerson said the u.s. is standing by to assist investigators in spain. >> terrorists around the world should know the united states and our allies are resolved to find you and bring you to justice. >> reporter: a tourist visiting from clemson university described the scene. >> i counted 6 or 8 bodies within a block and a half. >> reporter: isis has claimed responsibility for the attack saying in a statement it was carried out by soldiers of the "islamic state." police have two men, a spanish national and a moroccan, in custody, but a police official said neither is the driver of the van. officers blocked off the area and closed nearby stores and train stations. during what was supposed to be a festive week in barcelona all public events have been canceled. >> reporter: things are still very tense. people are still shaken. but there's a large police presence out here.
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huge police presence as this investigation and the hunt for the driver continues. reporting from barcelona, i'm teri okita. allen, back to you. >> one thing we're hearing is the van attack may be linked to an explosion. what can you tell us about what happened on wednesday? >> reporter: there was a house explosion. and one, possibly two people, were reportedly killed, several other injured. it happened in a town called altanar, 125 miles south of barcelona. at this point, police are still investigating so they have not elaborated. but it is somehow related to this terrorist attack today. >> all right. teri okita in barcelona, thank you so much. president donald trump denounced the terror attack on twitter writing: >> vice president mike pence also weighing in.
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>> on this dark day, our prayers and the prayers of all the american people are with the victims, their families and the good people of spain. >> the news in barcelona sent the market tumbling. the dow fell more than 270 points. stocks were already having a bad day because of lingering concerns over president trump's rift with business leaders. >> the president is taking aim at the removal of confederate statues. mr. trump tweeting: it's so foolish. it was part of a string of tweets he made today. in one, he said, quote, sad to see the history and culture of our great country being ripped apart with the removal of our beautiful statues and monuments. the tweets brought more criticism from inside his party. >> i do think there need to be some radical changes. the president has not yet, um, has not yet been able to demonstrate the stability, um,
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nor some of the competence that he needs to demonstrate in order to be successful. >> meanwhile, a cbs news poll just released finds nearly two- thirds of americans consider the charlottesville violent domestic terrorism. most disapprove of the president's response to the event. well, in the wake of charlottesville, another controversial group wants to hold a rally later this month in san francisco. but city leaders and federal lawmakers are lined up to stop it. kpix 5 political reporter melissa caen is at crissy field where the event is planned to take place. >> reporter: a group called "patriot prayer" has a permit to have an event here at crissy field, federal land controlled by the park service so the city doesn't control this area. but san francisco's mayor ed lee is telling the national park service, they need to rethink that permit. >> an invitation for speech or is it an invitation for disaster. >> reporter: the mayor told the national park service if they want to allow the event in san
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francisco, they better be prepared. >> if you are not prepared, be honest about it. don't just say you're going to host a rally and expect us to do mutual aid when something happens. >> reporter: today the mayor and the police chief met with the park service to talk about public safety especially after what happened with a group of neo-nazis in charlottesville. >> i have had my chief articulate the best that we can all the things we think are going to happen. >> reporter: our exclusive kpix/surveyusa poll found that 47% of the bay area thinks that "patriot prayer" should be allowed to demonstrate at crissy field. >> is it just safety? we did a poll that shows a plurality of bay area people think these people have the right to demonstrate. is the objection just public safety or is it content? >> we have to be first and foremost public safety. that's the number one. and then we have to remind everybody, look at what's happened elsewhere and do you
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really want that to happen? it's not -- it's not a fireside chat that we're talking about. it's not an academic, um, exercise of free speech. >> reporter: lee says groups like "patriot prayer" attract violent people. >> people who are coming in and we have every right to believe this attract others who are hatemongers. who really want to engage in physical violence, who think that through physical violence, the attention getting is important to them. >> reporter: now, we also spoke today to the founder of "patriot prayer" and we'll have that interview for you coming up at 6:00. >> so just curious, melissa, what about the rest of the california delegation? are they weighing in, getting involved? >> reporter: absolutely. mayor lee says that congressman pelosi and senator feinstein have calling the national park service twice a day to express their concerns. and the potential danger for holding this event. >> all right. melissa caen at crissy field, thank you. the day after the crissy field event, berkeley bracing for similar protests. what the city doesn't want to
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see is violence surrounding the appearance of right wing commentator milo yiannopoulos. a cal spokesman says prepared to spend half a million dollars to protect the campus. the event is planned for civic center park on august 27. new details on a deadly hayward shooting. officers have arrested these three suspects in connection with the murder where a man was fatally shot while pushing his infant son in his stroller. officers say the man was killed last month. the baby wasn't hurt. a friend of his told us del toro was recently released from jail and was trying to turn his life around. police in livermore shot and killed a man after he aimed a gun at them. the shooting ended a tense standoff. at one point, the suspect started a fire in his home sending up these heavy flames and smoke. kpix 5's jessica flores talked to neighbors about that chaotic
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night. >> reporter: neighbors capture video of the tense moments. multiple officers shooting and killing a man after police say he refused to put down a shotgun and aimed at officers. >> we were kind of all told by the police to go take cover and shelter and then we hear some shots fired. >> reporter: it happened at the sun valley mobile home estates in livermore. just after 9 p.m., police say 911 callers reported a man acting erratically challenging people to fight. police say when officers arrived, the man barricaded himself inside the mobile home with a gun. a crisis negotiator tried to talk the man out. >> they were having that conversation for two hours. during that two hours, several shots were fired from within the residence. >> reporter: police say during the standoff the man started a fire inside the home sending smoke and flames pouring out. then the man came out according to police still refusing to put down the gun. that's when officers shot and killed him.
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>> how i felt was scared, especially after the first gunshots that i heard and, you know, all the cops and everything. and just wondering if they are going to come and tell us anything. >> reporter: no officers were injured in the shooting. and no one else was inside the home at the time of the fire. police are not releasing the name of the suspect or the police officers involved. reporting in livermore, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. big news for north bay commuters. the first smart trains will start carrying passengers in one week. the rail system will give commuters an alternate to crowded highway 101. smart trains will run from santa rosa to downtown san rafael. trains have been doing test runs for weeks. the transit agency has been waiting on the green light from the feds to start carrying passengers. one week from tomorrow there will be a kickoff celebration at the santa rosa downtown station. rides will be free on opening
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day. bart has been facing a critical shortage of police officers but today it's come up with a solution to turn things around. for the first time ever, the agency announced a $10,000 hiring bonus. a hiring expo was held at at&t park just before noon today. academy graduates as well as experienced officers attended. now, it was not open to the public. job seekers were preregistered. >> there's been a trending up in some of the crime that's been occurring in and around the bart stations. and we want to make sure that we ensure that our riders are feeling safe and that we have enough staff to police our stations and our trains and parking lot. >> other perks are $4,000 per year for educational reimburse hunt throughout the career, over $1,000 for uniform allowance and $50 monthly gym membership. a classic san francisco coffee shop may close after 6 decades. kpix 5's neda iranpour reports,
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it's all because of some legal drama involving family. >> reporter: 60 years of history on this corner of north beach where creative minds would gather, make music, write and, of course, enjoy espresso. >> it's just the atmosphere. it's like a village. everyone meets here in the morning as a ritual. >> reporter: the caffeine trieste was started during the era of the beat poets. >> this place is almost a landmark as far as i'm concerned. >> reporter: francis ford coppola one of many well known names to walk through the doors. he typed the screenplay for the godfather at this cafe, that over time has been a cornerstone of the community, a place of connection and solace. >> it's my living room, you know? i come here for coffee almost every morning. >> reporter: for long timers it's like visiting family. but it's family that may tear this place apart. the "chronicle" reports, the son of the late founder filed a
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lawsuit. the founder known by many as papa gianni died in january of 2016 at the age of 96. an immigrant who grew up in a small fishing town in italy, he missed the espresso houses of trieste so he opened his own on the corner of grant and vallejo. in the lawsuit, the son claims it's no longer possible for the shareholders to work together. so he demands the cafe trieste business and brand be permanently dissolved. >> i hope not. i hope not. you know? they'll find a way. they would be foolish to shut it down. >> reporter: trouble may be brewing during what many hope to be a short-lived dark time for a legendary location as a heated family dispute plays itself out in court. in fact, this place is so popular, they have several other locations, including places like sausalito, berkeley, monterey and oakland. here in north beach, neda iranpour, kpix 5. a greener option for packaging marijuana. coming up, how cannabis in a can is revolutionizing business for one north bay dispensary.
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>> plus, the good samaritans who pulled an elderly couple to safety before their car gets hit by a train and bursts into flames. >> and are your solar eclipse glasses on back order? well, you're in luck. the diy solutions you can use from your own kitchen.
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denny's new strawberries and cream pancakes are in the house. your house. with new denny's online ordering, get whatever you want, whenever you want, now wherever you want. order at kpix 5's susie steimel explains... how one company is changing the way dispenseries... keep their product fresh. canned tuna, soup and now canned cannabis. kpix 5's susie steimle explains how one company is changing the way dispensaries keep their products fresh. >> reporter: it's that unmistakable sound. >> it's something that's recognizable when you open up a can of, um, tennis balls. [ pop ] >> reporter: except this is canned cannabis. brandon levine says it's
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revolutionizing the way his dispensary does business. >> the difference in the amount of product that we have on the shelf went from about 30 varieties to over 100. >> reporter: the cans keep oxygen and sunlight out, unlike traditional bags used at most dispensaries around the world am. >> it preserves the product for longer. we are able to have longer shelf life for our product. >> reporter: canned cannabis can last up to 2 years compared to two months for plastic bags. what's more, the cans are recyclable. the bags go to the landfill. >> i predict that people will be doing this and that should be the standard for packaging for california. >> reporter: it's an expensive switch. >> moving from packaging with packages that cost about 11 cents a package to packaging with packages that cost a dollar per package. >> reporter: but he says it's worth every penny. >> it's a game changer for the dispensary itself. >> reporter: in cotati, susie steimle, kpix 5.
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a close call last night for a couple in solano county. they took a wrong turn on train tax and then a train slammed into their car sending up a huge fireball. just before the collision, though, two good samaritans saw what was happening, they returned over, and they were able to pull the man and his wife from the car seconds before the train hit. >> conductors say that once the vehicle made impact with the train that it went up in the air in a big ball of flames. >> well, firefighters say the driver ended up on the tracks because he mistook them for a roadway. the faa is changing the way pilots land at sfo after the near disaster involving an air canada flight last month. the jet came dangerously close to four other aircraft waiting on the taxiway. now the faa will no longer issue visual approaches to air crews coming into sfo at night when an adjacent parallel runway is closed. controllers will issue satellite-based approaches. the close call was considered a nonevent because the faa
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classifies a near miss as a time when two aircraft almost collide in the air. one retired pilot credits the media for putting it on the radar. >> so technically, this would not have, um, raised any alarm until you folks, the reporters, got a hold of this story. >> another change from the faa, two controllers will now have to stay in the sfo tower until the late night arrival rush is over. there is only one on duty the night of the close call. are you ready to witness the solar eclipse? if you don't have your glasses, you don't have to run to the store or check online. just look around the house. kpix 5's kiet do shows us the do it yourself options to keep your eyes safe. >> reporter: i'm holding in my hands one of the most coveted items on the planet right now. these are solar eclipse viewing shades. and they are one of the very few ways that you can actually look directly at the sun and i have to say, this is really cool. [ laughter ] >> reporter: but if you think that you can actually go to the
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store or even go on amazon and order this with overnight shipping, forget about it. it's not going to get to your house in time. i spent a couple of hours today trying to call around to the local stores here. nobody has these. however, you do have some options. this sounds crazy, but one of the best alternatives to viewing the eclipse is with a colander. this beats the single pinhole camera thing that you see people do with paper plates because all of these holes cast dozens of shadows on the ground. you can adjust the focus by moving the height of the colander back and forth. >> the pinholes in that colander will project an image on to the sidewalk of the sun and you will be the hero of the neighborhood for showing that to people and then it's a fashion accessory when you're all done. >> reporter: option number 2, get a small piece of cardboard and cut a hole in it about the size of a dime. then find yourself a makeup compactor something with a small mirror, put the cardboard in front of the mirror and voila.
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>> practice on saturday and sunday, catching an image of the sun in that mirror and reflecting it on a wall. that way, on monday, when we see the eclipse, if you are good at doing this and do you need to practice, you become the hero of the entire street if you are showing this off. here in the bay area, the eclipse will start at 9:01 a.m. on monday. the maximum eclipse will be at 10:15 a.m. that's when three-quarters of the sun will be covered. and the eclipse is over about 11:37 a.m. so you have a lot of time to go outside and catch a glimpse of this sky spectacular. >> reporter: in san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. >> ken bastida will be reporting from the path of totality in oregon leading up to and through the eclipse. catch his reports saturday on kpix 5 news. >> whoever brings the extra
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food in oregon, they are running out of central and western oregon. they don't usually have this many people there. the chance of you seeing the eclipse in san francisco, we'll talk about that coming up. sunshine, warmer today. the two warmest days of the next seven, coming up. >> and coming up all new at 6:00 tonight, a massive tree die-off in the north bay. the urgent new push to stop a disease that's ravaging the forest and raising the fire risk. >> and don't forget, football is back! the san francisco 49ers are going to take on the denver broncos at home this saturday. our coverage starts with a live broadcast from levi's stadium. kpix 5 news at 6:00. and you can meet and tweet with betty yu and michelle griego at kpix 5 social media hot spot outside levi's stadium before the game. we'll be right back.
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what's being called the "south fork fire" has burned 24-hundred acres sinc nly 7- percent not too far from the bay area, this is a time lapse of smoke covering yosemite valley. a lot of smoke.
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what's being called the south fork fire has burned 2400 acres since sunday. obviously some of that is blowing toward yosemite. the smoke is. only currently, 7% contained. so if you are heading toward half dome, might want to watch out. you may not have the best view. around here, visibility is better. it has been hazy the past couple of days especially in the south bay. but today, visibility is pretty good. we're clear at sfo and we are getting warmer. we are in the mid-80s in concord and livermore today. 67 right now in san francisco. san jose 79. santa rosa 77. we have 70 currently in oakland. a lot of sports going on the next couple of days. the phillies are in town for a few games against the san francisco giants. 7:15 first pitch, no fog for the beginning of the game. 64 degrees. let's fast forward to that 49ers game which is saturday at 7:00. you can watch it right here on kpix 5. a beautiful late summer night for some preseason football. 72 degrees for kickoff under
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mainly clear skies in beautiful santa clara. overnight tonight, south bay 62. san jose fog and cloud-free. 50s and 60s in the area. it is now all about this ridge of high pressure. it is big. it is strong. if it was sitting right over the bay area, we probably would be talking about 100 to 105 inland and maybe the 80s in san francisco. if you don't like warm weather, it's not going to be directly overhead. it's going to our west giving us more of a north wind, though, kind of cutting off the ocean influence. and as that happens, temperatures will continue to climb. the two warmest days of the next seven will be tomorrow and saturday. two reasons. one, the atmosphere is warming because of the ridge. and number two, a lot of sunshine. 7:00 in the morning, not much cloud cover. so tomorrow by far will be the sunniest morning of the week. you will have more hours of such throughout the day. the coast will see sunshine in the afternoon. pleasant friday.
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it will be warm to hot away from the water the next couple afternoons. low 90s will be widespread. modest warming if any warming near the water. 50% chance that in san francisco by 10 or 11 a.m., that eclipse will be visible monday. get away from the water, it's 99% chance but if you are in the city, still about 50/50. tomorrow, 80s, vallejo, concord, fremont, san jose. some 90s fairfield and livermore. still chilly in the city, though, even with sunshine. san francisco only 65 degrees. extended forecast, we'll begin cooling off on sunday. we'll cool back to average for the first half of next week. excellent eclipse viewing weather if you get away from the water on monday morning. hat's your forecast; we'll be right back.
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"..." the "cbs evening news" is up next. anthony mason here with a preview. >> reporter: hi, veronica and allen. up next, a driver plows down pedestrians on the sidewalks of barcelona killing 12 and injuring at least 80. >> also, the debate continues over the removal of controversial confederate memorials around the country. >> and a republican senator questions president trump's competence and ability to lead a nation. coming up in just a few seconds on the "cbs evening news." >> thanks so much for watching at 5:00. we are back in 30 minutes.
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captioning sponsored by cbs captioni ♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> mason: terror in barcelona. a van mows down pedestrians, as attackers once again turn a vehicle into a weapon of mass destruction. also tonight, a prominent anpublican calls on the president to make radical changes. >> the president has not yet been able to demonstrate the ilitility, nor some of the competence that he needs to demonstrate in order to be successful. >> mason: the battle over confederate monuments. >> reporter: when you look at it personally, what do you feel? >> i feel that the war continues. >> mason: and, amateur photographers, promising the moon. >> you could be two or you could be 92, you can use this app. the average joe can become a scientist.


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