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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  August 18, 2017 1:37am-2:12am PDT

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this van into a weapon in barcelona. more than a dozen people - killed. and tonight, police say: now at 11:00 terrorists turn this van into a weapon in barcelona, more than a dozen people killed and tonight police say they foiled a second tonight. good evening. i'm veronica de la cruz. >> i'm allen martin. tonight spanish authorities say the indents in barcelona and in the seaside town of cambrils are linked. let's get right to kpix5 for the late breaking developments.
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>> tonight spanish police confirm they shot and killed five suspects in a resort town putting a stop to yet another attack, this one outside barcelona. it happened in the town of cambrils. spanish police say the suspect may have had explosive belteds. it came eight hours after witnesses -- belts. it came eight hours after witnesses watched a white van careen down a busy walkway in one of the most popular tourist spots in barcelona swerving back and forth mowing down pedestrians. residents and tourists ran for safety. >> so all of these people, tourists running with bags, moms, kids, everybody trying to find some shelter in some of the buildings around. >> reporter: spanish authorities believe the suspects who were killed are linked to the attack in barcelona and to an explosion last night in a town called alcanar which killed one person. the attack appears to be the work of a terror cell. two men are in custody, a spanish national and moroccan,
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but they say neither is the driver of the van. the united states was quick to offer support. >> the united states condemns this terror attack and we will do whatever is necessary to help. >> reporter: the islamic state has claimed responsibility for the attacks. isis has encouraged the use of vehicles as weapons of terror because the attacks are difficult to prevent. >> any iconic sort of tourist landmark, any place where people gather, restaurants, squares, you can't protect all of them. tonight's scene of the attack in barcelona la rambla has reopened. it's deserted, but people are able to move around. this is one of the deadliest days in spain in years. there are police checkpoints leading in and out of the city. spanish officials declared three days of mourning. tonight a show of solidarity in paris. the lights of the eiffel tower went dark to pay tribute to those killed in barcelona.
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on twitter president trump condemned the violence. he suggested his followers study what general pershing of the united states did to terrorists when caught. there was no more radical islamic terror for 35 years he wrote. that post references a debunked urban legend mr. trump told during the campaign about general pershing's alleged slaughter of muslim soldiers in the philippines. christin ayers, kpix5. a woman from el dorado county who is traveling in spain found herself in the middle of the chaos today. have i resence at >> people are running around trying to figure out what was going on trying to find people that may have been in the area and the metro doesn't work for anything, so people are kind of chaoticically running around trying to figure out what to do. >> san francisco police are tried to increase their presence at tourist attractions. security will be tight at the art and soul festival in oakland. bags will be checked and opd will be out in full force. breaking news out of san jose right now, two people shot on the edge of japantown near
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eighth and taylor. the gunman says on the loose. the victims are said to have life threatening injuries. sex parties, harassment, retaliation are the allegations in a lawsuit tonight filed against the gilroy police department. kpix5's maria medina spoke with the long time dispatcher who now wants the city to pay up. ys -- it takes the >> gilroy is a very small community. it took a lot of courage for her to come forward. >> reporter: her client, a gilroy police dispatcher for nearly three decades, who decided enough was enough. >> she would have rather have not done this. of reporter: and is now suing gilroy. the 60 page lawsuit details a long list of sexually explicit behavior among officers and dispatchers including their names and even their wives or girl friends' names. >> it was just a wife swapping kind of spouse swapping kind of
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voyeuristic environment. but that is not against the law. >> no, it's not. >> reporter: so what was it she was against? >> well, it was very unprofessional and it was creating a hostile work environment. >> reporter: but in what appears to be a criminal claim in the lawsuit the dispatcher whose name is patricia harrell alleges two officers had sex with young aspiring officers ranging in age from 14 to 21. >> them are police officers and these are people you want to trust. >> reporter: but harrell didn't trust them and allegedly warned other women in the department. that's when she says the retaliation began including "unwarranted discipline, changing her schedule before she was ultimately terminated." >> absolutely devastating. >> reporter: harrell lost her job in 2016, three years shy of her retirement age, meaning shield lost full pension benefits. the state -- she'd lost full pension benefits, the stated reason for the termination, how
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she treated her trainees, but her attorney says the truth is in the lawsuit. >> we're hoping now this is out in the open they'll do the right thing. they'll step up and take ownership for what was going on and make our client whole. >> reporter: in gilroy maria medina, kpix5. >> tonight the city says it takes the lawsuit seriously and the allegations are simply allegations until fully addressed in a court of law. a bay area father shot and killed pushing his baby in a stroller, tonight a break in the case. hayward police arrested these three suspects and charged them with murder. police say daniel del toro was killed last month near willow and meekland avenues. gunshots barely missed his infant son. a friend of his said del toro was just released from jail and trying to turn his life around. here's another look at the suspects. there is still no toward on the possible motive. there's been a string of violent crimes on muni buses recently. tonight san francisco police are cracking down. investigators noticed a pattern in strong arm robberies in the
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tenderloin, central, southern and northern police districts. a special task force identified several suspects including this man, 19-year-old clay doss of antioch. tonight he's charged with possessions of stolen property. he was already in custody on an unrelated charge. his accomplices were three juveniles. police in livermore shot and killed a man after they say he aimed a gun at them. the shooting ended a tense standoff. at one point the suspect started a fire in his home sending up heavy flames and smoke. kpix5's jessica flores spoke to neighbors about the chaotic night. >> reporter: neighbors capture video of the tense moments. [ gun tire ] -- gunfire ] >> reporter: multiple officers shooting and killing a man after police say he refused to put down a shotgun and aimed at officers. >> we were kind of all told by the police to go take cover and shelter and then we heard some
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shots fired. >> reporter: it happened at the sun valley mobile moment estate in livermore. after 9 p.m. police say 911 callers reported a man acting erratically challenging people to fight. police say when officers arrived, the man barricaded himself inside the mobile home with a gun. a crisis negotiator tried to talk the man out. >> they built the rapport and had a conversation for two hours and during that two hour time several shots were fired from within the residents. >> reporter: police say during the standoff the man started a fire inside the home sending smoke and flames pouring out. then the man came out. according to police he still refused to put down the gun. that's when officers shot and killed him. [ gunfire ] >> how i felt was scared, especially after the first gunshots that i heard, and, you know, all the cops and everything and just wondering if they're going to come and tell us anything. >> reporter: no officers were injured in the shooting and no one else was inside the home at the time of the fire.
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at this point livermore police tell us they aren't releasing the name of the man shot and killed here last night and they aren't releasing the name of the police officers involved. in livermore i'm jessica flores, kpix5. a pregnant woman claims a northern california police officer pushed her to the ground. tonight we're hearing both sides of the story. >> did president trump respond properly to the attack in charlottesville? we asked the san francisco republican party for their take tonight. >> lamborghini just unveiled its new supercar. only on 5 tonight we'll take you for little test drive, scare the wits out of you,
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to the ground.. guns drawn.. in sa >> closed captioning for this newscast is sponsored by living spaces. tonight a pregnant woman said officers pushed her to the ground guns drawn in sacramento. police just released the body camera video and say there's more to the story. steve large has the video. you be the judge. >> reporter: five seconds, that's all the time between this officer's first command and in exchange with a pregnant mother. >> move, move. >> reporter: that is the moment pregnant mom 23-year-old zatira abraham said officers pushed her to the ground. in slow motion the video shows abraham's reflection in the window, her legs on the ground as she works to get back up, but there is no clear video of how she ended up on the ground. police say she fell and an
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officer removed her from her doorway. >> one of the officers actually grabbed the female by the arm, moved that female to the left. during that time she fell to the ground. >> reporter: from outside her home where the incident unfolded abraham said she didn't fall. she was pulled down by a second officer. >> i got pushed back a certain percentage and then somebody grabbed me back more and pushed me back and i fell right here. >> reporter: ultimately the man police were looking for was noted in abraham's home. officers had the wrong guy. >> it's a very unfortunate incident and she has the right to be upset with what happened that day. >> reporter: abraham is okay. her baby is due in october and doctors say he's healthy. her 1-year-old won't remember what happened, but his mother will and now his have released the dramatic video of the exchange that will be hard for everyone to forget. >> my kid is in the house!
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>> reporter: be a him is still considering whether to -- be a map abraham is still -- abraham is still considering whether or not to file a lawsuit against police. joey gibson said he started a group after seeing people leaving a trump rally last year in san jose getting beaten up. he said he's expecting about 500 people at next saturday's rally and thousands of protesters. >> we try to go into all the areas that are extremely in tolerant of thought, of idea. we try to go to the places that are kind of, you know, they have a population that's extremely hateful towards other people. >> gibson says he's trying to bring together moderates. the park service will decide within seven days whether to issue a permit for next saturday. the next day in berkeley another group is planning a rally called no to marxism in america at civic center park.
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the city is urging the public to stay away saying, "doing so prevents those on the fringe from garnering attention to their causes which is their primary goal." tonight president trump is facing some harsh criticism from a prominent republican. >> there needs to be radical changes take place at the white house. it has to happen. i think our president needs to take stock of the role that he plays in our nation and move beyond himself. >> the president still under fire for his response to charlottesville. a woman was killed and 19 injured when a white supremist drove his car into a crowd of counter protesters saturday. the president blamed both sides for what happened. tonight andria borba asked some top california republicans for their take. >> well, the crowd at the gop dinner referred to themselves as small but mighty and were looking for a way to push republican politics forward in the current climate.
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inside chinatown's far east cafe the san francisco republican party held their annual lincoln reagan dinner. the headline speaker, former united nations ambassador under president george w. bush, john bolton. speakers touched on repealing obamacare, tax reform and the possibility of a nuclear capable north korea. >> if north korea bonds together almost guarantees that whatever north korea achieves iran can have the next day. >> reporter: what wasn't stone about much, president trump. -- spoken about much, president trump. we asked some gop candidates about their thoughts of president trump's comments towards charlottesville's unrest. >> that really hits me personally because on my mother's side i lost family members in auschwitz and people taken by the nazis. so when people talk about
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communism and socialism, they pretty much don't know what they're talking about. >> reporter: gubernatorial candidate john cox off this take. >> we do have free speech in this country and shouldn't be throwing bottles and rocks at people taking their constitutional rights. having said that we should condemn them in no uncertain terms. i think that's where the president fell down. we needed to most of us not equate the protesters to the neo-nazis, but we also needed to make it clear that that's evil. >> tonight a tennessee democrat congressman steve cohen said he will introduce articles of impeachment against president trump as soon as he returns to washington. he said trump's comments about the clashes in charlottesville were the final straw. in the newsroom andria borba, kpix5. >> now according to this new nationwide cbs news poll tonight, 34% of americans approve of the president's response to the charlottesville attack. 55% disapprove. breaking it down by political parties, 67% of republicans approve. 10% of democrats approve. >> just to clarify, john cox is
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running for governor. big news for north bay commuters, we finally have a start date for the smart train. service got the green light to start next friday, august 2050, two years after the original launch date. riders will be able to catch trains at 10 stations from downtown san rafael all the way north to sonoma county airport. the rail system will give commuters an alternate route to crowded highway 101. all rides are free opening day. 0 to 100 in just seconds, lamborghini just unveiled its newest model at monterey car week and betty yu takes us behind the wheel for a thriller of a test drive. >> reporter: it's the fastest, boldest and most powerful supercar yet. lamborghini just took its flagship and amped it up in just one of a few ultra unique models on display at the quail
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lodge in carmel. >> this is carbon fiber. this is carbon fiber. >> reporter: the s model is meaner than the original outfitted with the latest technological improvements, a new four wheel steering system,740-horsepower and it can run up to 217 miles per hour. >> a customer is a guy that's very well informed about technology because this car is full of technology. >> reporter: i felt the seat shake. during my test drive on the open road i could feel why it was named after a spanish fighting bull. oh, my goodness. the eventadore s can go from 0 to sick 6-- 60 miles per hour in just three seconds. hit it? >> yeah. >> reporter: the car is made to go fast, pump fast. so i swapped seats with lamborghini's professional driver for those high speed
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turns and -- the brakes work. the car gives the driver enough confidence and control so you still feel safe. it was equally terrifying and thrilling for me. the car isn't shy about its might. it gets 11 miles per hour in the city and 18 on the highway. starting price tag? $417,000 in. carmel betty yu, cbs5. >> we should have let her drive a prius, work her way up to that. >> i think she needed a helmet there. >> the same betty yu that was in the $4 million condo. it's expensive when betty yu is doing the story. mid-60s in concord now, mild night, san jose 66, san francisco not that foggy yet. some fog rolled in this evening. it is not terribly widespread yet, 60 degrees.
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overnight lows upper 50s, low 50s, san rafael 56. 61 the low in fremont, redwood city 61. getting ready for the weekend, sunday streets this sunday, tenderloin, san francisco, partly cloudy, seasonably chilly 65 degrees, great event in oakland saturday and sunday, the art and soul festival downtown, sunny both afternoons with highs around 70. those temperatures, that's a little bit of an advanced notice that we aren't going to warm up near the water. notice where the ridge of high pressure is. it's a big ridge about 1,000 miles wide centered to our west. so we keep a light onshore flow of the beach. half moon bay, you get sunshine, about 63 degrees, oakland around 70. hop over the hill where we lose the ocean influence and skies warm us up to 90 -- 93 or 94. this will be the sunniest morning of the week, the least widespread morning cloud cover, burning off the quickest, burning back to the coastline.
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half moon bay, pacifica, bodega bay gets afternoon sunshine tomorrow and saturday, but it won't warm up near the water. it will be hot inland friday and saturday. memorial dayest warming, if any, near -- modest warming, if any, near the bay and along the coast. about a 99% chance inland -- chance inland of seeing the eclipse there. 87 tomorrow in san ramon, antioch and fairfield highs in the low 90s, kentfield 84, sausalito 65. sonoma tomorrow 82 and friday in clearlake 100 degrees. we cool down a bit sunday and nun. next week we cool back to -- monday. next week we cool back to average. got to share this tweet with folks. people heading to central and western oregon, that is a 15- mile backup on highway 26 for folks moving into central
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oregon for the eclipse. mind you, the eclipse is monday. today is thursday and the traffic is backed up 15 miles already. >> these are the worst fears they had. >> wait till they want to leave monday. when the' chips is done, party's over -- when the eclipse is done, party's over. if you don't have these, you can still safely watch the solar eclipse. all you need is hey, a colander. >> here are the tonight show's guests with stephen colbert.
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got your solar specs handy? tonight, lots of stores are sold out of solar eclipse glasses. and it on amazo got just four days until the total solar eclipse. >> got your glasses handy. lots of stores are sold out and it is definitely too late to order them on amazon, so don't
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even try, but our kiet do shows us you can safely view the eclipse making your own pinhole projector. >> reporter: this sounds crazy, but one of the best alternatives to viewing the eclipse is with a colander. this beats the single pinhole camera you see people do with paper plates because all of these holes cast dozens of shadows on the ground. you can adjust the focus by moving the height of the colander back and forth. option no. 2, get a small piece of cardboard and cut a hole in it about the size of a dime. find a small mirror. put the cardboard in front of the mirror and voila. >> our ken bastida, he's definitely ready for the eclipse. here he is armed with his welding goggles. >> he's ready for something. >> he has the perfect vantage point along the path of totality. tune in for his reports from oregon starting on saturday. straight ahead why a once in a lifetime kick makes it my favorite highlight of the week
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and it's not just the attempt. you got to see it to believe it! >> and some web gems on the diamond by the giants as who are these people?
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the energy conscious people among us
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say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing. the nissan sports report coming up next on kpix5. >> baseball up top, the a's were off and the giants were just plain on it tonight. buster posey against the visiting phillies, hey, paul, the phillies in town. here we go. posey found a hole in the 3rd and increased the giants lead,
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paul, to 2-0 , this against the team with the worst record in the majors, paul. bottom 5th jarrod parker hits a double down the line. look how pence almost ran down denard span on the base path. in front of the cameras t on topic... the giants call out last of the phillies, final 5-4. raiders corner back sean smith was arrested today on felony assault charges from a 4th of july incident. sean's lawyer says that they are fighting the charge. marshawn lynch agrees to speak in front of the cameras today, hot button topic, sitting out the national anthem. you might want to call that subject the elephant in the room. >> i think that elephant just left the room because a little mouse ran in here. didn't they say elephants or scared of mouses or something? >> when reporters tried to
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follow up, marshawn, well, threw up the deflector shield. >> reporter: marshawn, there's going to be a lot of people wearing your jersey in the coliseum saturday. does it matter to you if they sit or stand for the anthem? >> so when we run 74 or something like that. >> i'm here so i won't get fined. >> i'm a veteran, so i can make it work. before we go to break, favorite highlight of the week, bowling green kicker, jake suter, a walk-on made the kick and the coach gave him
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our next newscast is tomorrow morning at 4-30. riego and kenn the late show with stephen colbert is up next. our next newscast is tomorrow morning bright and early at 4:30 a.m. >> have a
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