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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  August 18, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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peace at potentially violent events. this is founder stewart rose speaking at a protest in boston in may. >> we're all in this together. a lot they declare they going to use force and violence which we disagree with. >> reporter: they are often heavily armed like we saw in ferguson and they plan to attend next saturday's pate prayer event at crissy field. san francisco mayor ed lee sounded the alarm. >> they are known to carry arms in a public way! obviously, um, that instills in us yet again the need to reevaluate this particular rally because it is more threatening than we have ever saw! >> reporter: police chief bill scott confirmed while open carry weapons are not permitted, concealed weapons are allowed at crissy field if a person has a proper permit.
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>> the laws of this state do permit concealed weapons with proper approval. we have to abide by the laws of the state. on federal property, those same laws are applicable. >> reporter: he pointed out that the national park service could restrict guns and other items from the event, but they haven't done so yet. when we talked to joey gibson founder of "patriot prayer," he said his group is peaceful but he did say that "patriot prayer" supporters may bring firearms in addition to the firearms that the oath keepers may bring. >> i would assume that if there's a lot of -- probably a lot of people they can legally carry, i'm sure they would. that's what a lot of americans do. >> we're seeing an arms race where people are showing up with baseball bats, sticks and guns. >> reporter: the professor is the director of the center for the study of hate and extremist in cal state san bernardino. he says the oath keepers can defuse certain situations but sometimes they make things worse. >> the bottom line is, sometimes believe it or not,
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these people can be good at herding their members away from confrontation but when you have private militias who aren't answerable to anyone, showing up with long rifles and extremely volatile and incendiary events, the risk of violence is increased. >> reporter: the national park service is still reviewing the permit application for the event and we'll learn their decision about the middle of next week. melissa caen, kpix 5. a conservative writer and provocateur who had his last appearance at uc-berkeley canceled is planning a return next month. milo yiannopoulos says there will be a so-called free speech week on campus. he claims it would be a four- day event on sproul plaza were september 24 to 27th. he says it will feature every speaker who was banned from campus in the past 12 months. cal is aware of the event and is working with the student group hosting it. six months milo yiannopoulos came to cal to speak at the invitation of college republicans but riots forced
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administrators to cancelle talk on short notice. it caused $100,000 in damage. to the terror attack in spain. family of a bay area man is now headed to barcelona. his family confirming that the lafayette man was killed in that van attack. jared tucker was there with his wife heidi celebrating their first anniversary. the couple had saved up for the trip to europe. kpix 5's jackie ward talked to family members dealing with the devastating loss. >> i don't understand how somebody, anybody, could do that type of thing to innocent people. it's just beyond my comprehension to understand how anybody could do that. >> reporter: dan tucker said his son jared and daughter-in- law heidi went to europe to celebrate their one year wedding anniversary just days before he was killed heidi had snapped this picture of him having fun in the water off the coast of spain. they were walking in barcelona's las ramblas neighborhood. jared went to look for a bathroom while heidi
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window shopped. a van plowed into the crowd. a frantic heidi was alone, looking for her husband. >> one person from the whole united states was there and, um, it was jared. >> reporter: jared graduated from ygnacio valley high school in concord in 1993. dan says he was loved by everyone he knew especially his wife heidi. >> she called about 2:30 a.m. she was crying, of course. she was devastated. she lost the love of her life. >> reporter: heidi's mother lives in the sacramento area. she says heidi and jared were still enjoying being newlyweds for more than a year after they got married and loved going to at that particular time to cheer on the giants. >> they dated -- they loved going to at&t to cheer on the giants. >> they dated three years. they clicked. they have lots of friends in the lafayette area. i don't know, they were happy. >> reporter: just a few hours ago, heidi's father left and flew out to barcelona to be with his daughter. in concord, jackie ward, kpix 5.
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meantime, the manhunt for suspects involved in the terror attacks is intensifying. police are looking for at least one more suspect. they believe they may have killed the driver of the van that plowed through the crowd of pedestrians. investigators say the same terror cell was behind the attack in barcelona and cambrils. between the two incidents, 14 people are dead, 130 injured. in barcelona, a vigil for the victims is growing. people placed candles and flowers along the city's famed las ramblas promenade. we'll have a live report from barcelona coming up at 6:30. a developing story here in the bay area. procession carrying the body of an oakland firefighter who was shot to death in san jose. firefighters stood on overpasses in a tribute as the hearse traveled toward oakland. minutes ago, ordinary residents stood along the road as the procession reached the chapel of the chimes. here's a look at the chapel in oakland. as for firefighters and other mourners, they are gathering to
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honor the man who was gunned down. 30-year-old jake walter had just graduated in april from the oakland fire department academy. we are getting a look at the man accused of killing walter and wounding another off duty firefighter. 27-year-old oliver juinio is under arrest booked on suspicion of murder. the shooting happened around 9:30 last night on east taylor street outside a gordon biersch brewery in japantown in san jose. kpix 5's len ramirez on how a night out to enjoy some live music ended in tragedy. len. >> reporter: that's right, veronica. we're talking about some very tragic circumstances. these two officers, firefighters here in san jose to enjoy a night of music and camaraderie. it was after the event out here on the sidewalk where the shooting happened. now the oakland fire department is mourning. oakland firefighters in a predawn procession accompanying the body of one of their own from a hospital to the morgue.
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jake walter was shot and killed and another oakland firefighter was wounded in a shooting on a san jose sidewalk at about 9:0 last night. today in oakland, firefighters said they were used to the hazards on the job, not this. >> we don't really think about the hazards or the chance encounters you might have off duty that can also lead to a similar outcome. this took us completely off guard. >> reporter: the shooting happened outside a polynesian music event at the gordon biersch brewery on taylor street at 9:30. >> that was attended by these two oakland officers. it was a family-friendly event from what i understand. a lot of, um, a lot of other people that were in attendance. some of those people were in fact witnesses after the fact. >> reporter: one man who was at the event said there was no trouble inside. >> i didn't see any kind of altercation. there was nothing inside that led me to believe that there would be an altercation with anybody. it was like super mellow and friendly. >> reporter: he said the
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shooting happened as people were leaving. police say the suspect ran away to a nearby neighborhood. neighbors on 11th street say the suspect came into their backyard and let their small dog loose because he was barking. the dog hasn't been seen since. [ speaking spanish ] >> reporter: neighbors say they were afraid because they didn't know what was happening. police eventually tracked down 27-year-old olive juinio and he was booked for murder and attempted murder. >> my heartfelt condolences to the oakland fire department, the city of oakland, family, friends, coworkers of the two involved. >> reporter: the other firefighter is said to be in stable condition with nonlife- threatening injuries. police are still searching for a motive what caused the shooting here in san jose. reporting live in san jose, len ramirez, kpix 5. flags are at half-staff outside all of oakland's fire
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stations. the city's fire department is thankful for the condolences received from across the region. only on "5" a bart passenger leaving the station attacked without warning. and as you see, it was caught on camera. it happened tuesday near 7th and magnolia streets just three blocks from the west oakland bart station. kpix 5's da lin with the surveillance video that may put bart riders on edge. da. >> reporter: yeah. that is the bigger story in the sense that the bad guys are casing unsuspecting bart passengers. in the latest case, which was caught on camera, it happened tuesday afternoon. two robbers actually followed the bart passenger out of this station. what happened next is hard to watch. the victim had no clue he had been followed until a robber grabs his backpack. a brief struggle led the man to slam the victim to the ground, and punched and kicked the victim as he screamed for help. a mechanic ran up behind the fence telling the robbers to
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stop. another witness stood 20 feet away while the accomplice walked off. the man in the gray hoodie kept punching the victim. >> that's the horrifying part. they were obviously very committed to getting what they could off the victim. >> reporter: the attacker finally gave up on the backpack and stole the phone. this business owner's surveillance video captured the robbery. he doesn't want to show his face fearing retaliation. >> this happens quite often. this happens quite often in this area. >> reporter: really? >> yes. >> reporter: he learned from police the robber started following the victim at west oakland bart three blocks away. here's footage of them tailing him. >> it's something that is disturning to see. >> reporter: bart police are short-staffed and cannot blanket stations with officers. >> feel like they are being followed, return to the bart station. contact the station agent and request an escort. >> reporter: most robbery cases, they will pull station surveillance footage and team up with other departments to catch the robbers. >> we have robbery suppression details with officers on
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overtime assignment where we deploy them to hot spots for crime at the time. >> reporter: passengers who watched the video say it's hard to feel safe. >> that's not good. that's not good. it's not safe to do that, you know, it's not -- it makes me feel uncomfortable about riding bart. >> reporter: oakland police have the surveillance video and they are looking for the suspect. as for the victim he has minor injuries recovering from home. he is doing better. now we want to end this negative story with a positive note. the business owner whose camera captured that attack, he is going to take the victim, his wife and their 5-month-old baby out to lunch. he wants the victim to know there are some great people in oakland who look out for one another. live at the west oakland bart station, i'm da lin, kpix 5. >> mobile homes crumbling into a creek red-tagged for six
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months. the frustrated owners who have been left hanging. >> the mayor of gilroy breaks his silence about a lawsuit rocking the police department. >> vandals throw rocks at a bay area synagogue. was it motivated by hate? how jews are taking a stand tonight. >> low cloud cover and fog beginning to envelope the city of san francisco. not that warm near the water. will that change as we head toward the weekend? that and an updated eclipse forecast next. who are these people?
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an eroding hillside has put homes in danger. and the people who own them.... hanging. "skydrone5" over a mobile home park teetering on the edge. an eroding hillside has put homes in danger and the people who own them say they have been left hanging. happening at kimball's momentum home park in san pablo, one side of the property is bordered by san pablo creek. consumerwatch reporter julie watts explains that homeowners can't go home and are in limbo. >> reporter: patricia struggled to buy the home and now struggling to keep it from sliding into the san pablo creek. >> there is no land anymore over there. >> reporter: the hillside is now gone, washed away by winter storms. patricia is one of six at kimball's mobile home park that were red-tagged six months ago all deemed unsafe to live in. the homes, which they own, are
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now off limits, leaving many homeless searching more places to sleep and near the breaking point. >> i don't have no place to go. >> we're sleeping on the floor. i mean, at least we have a place to stay right now. >> reporter: the ground underneath their red-tagged home belongs to the mobile home park owner. according to public records, the man named robert johansson, who residents say has done nothing to save their homes. >> so the landlord's responsibility to address it. >> reporter: the lawyer represents the homeowners and says even though they own the homes they can't move them. most existing mobile home parks won't take a damaged home. >> because they are renting the spaces they're in, they have lost all the value of their home as well. >> reporter: while 80% of mobile home parks in california fall under the jurisdiction of a state agency, kimball's is under local jurisdiction, the city of san pablo. >> there is no quick fix. there's no easy solution. >> reporter: brian oversees code enforcement. he says the city has been in
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touch with the park's owner. >> can't get into specific details. all i can tell you is that we're wear of the situation. -- we are aware of the situation. we are aware of the time and frustration. >> reporter: little solace for these mobile homeowners on the edge of losing everything. >> even though this mobile home is small, they're ours. it's affordable for people like us that maybe don't have very good jobs. >> reporter: now, we did make numerous attempts to reach out to the owner and his lawyer. they did not respond. the tenants and their lawyers are planning to sue the owner. thank you. a sex scandal is hitting gilroy's police department. a long-time dispatcher says she was fired because she didn't accept the department's sexually charged culture. now gilroy's mayor is speaking out about the case. kpix 5's devin fehely reports. >> we have serious concerns. we have expressed those
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concerns to city administration. i am confident though in the men and women of the police department to continue to do their duty and continue to serve the people of gilroy. >> reporter: gilroy's mayor broke his silence this afternoon making his very first public comments about a lawsuit filed by a former police dispatcher claiming the culture inside the department was unprofessional, sexually pro miss skew us and at times -- pro hostile. the dispatcher was fired in 2016 after working for nearly 30 years for the police department. patricia harrell's lawsuit says she is the victim of harassment and retaliation after she spoke up against the sex parties and other behavior she saw. >> it was creating a hostile work environment. >> reporter: the mayor says what he can say about the lawsuit is limited but cautioned against putting too much stock in the allegations
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of a disgruntled former employee. >> we will defend ourselves vigorously and i think at the end of the day, the city will come out on top. >> reporter: in gilroy, devin fehely, kpix 5. a dangerous situation in san jose lands a father and son behind bars. officers arrested mark espinosa, senior and his 18- year-old son marcos espinosa, jr., on felony charges of possessing more than 1,000 pounds of dangerous fireworks! police say they launched the investigation because of community complaints of the constant fireworks use. paul, give us a word on the weekend. >> just the fact that it is the weekend! that's 90% of the battle, isn't it? [ laughter ] >> good weather and that's another 10%. it's going to be beautiful with afternoon sunshine and temperatures very close to average. we'll see some more 90s than we did today. livermore hit 90 for a few minutes. consumer report close. 89 at buchanan field. mineta san jose airport checking in at 38 degrees. san rafael 79. san jose airport at 83 degrees. san francisco a few degrees milder 68 degrees. speaking of san francisco, game
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2 of the series with the phillies and the giants. giants taking game one last night. low cloud cover, cool, 61 degrees first pitch. now we head south to the 49ers game to the neither. 73 degrees when the game kicks off. if you love music, that's sunday. we have every day planned out for you. sunday in san francisco a beautiful stern grove festival partly cloudy low 60s. big strong ridge of high pressure enveloping the entire eastern pacific ocean. it's sprawling all the way to the gulf of alaska down to cabo. it's a big rick. it's going to influence our weather for the next couple of days but the center of the ridge is off to the west. we won't be warming up because the ridge will stay over the ocean, not over land. coast and bay fog tonight will continue. near the water temperatures seasonal and you will have seasonal overnight temperatures
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with that low cloud cover and fog. oakland tonight 58. san francisco 58. san jose your low 62. start your weekend off in beautiful wine country, napa 57. this weekend you will hear us use this word a lot seasonal. what does that look like? we have a lot of microclimates around here. seasonal in pacific what is only 63. seasonal for you in oakland is the 70s. low 80s for san jose. upper 80s low 90s concord, livermore and beautifully in the low 80s for santa rosa and napa. so everybody close to normal. the clouds will be near the water monday morning but right now i would say there's a better chance than not that by 10 a.m. even san francisco will be clear enough to see the partial solar eclipse. near normal temperatures for the next seven days. 60s to 90s. it's looking better for monday. away from the water you'll see it. >> thank you. a bay area pizza shop giving its employees a slice of the pie. how it's using a co-op business
6:22 pm
model to empower workers. >> how about several slices of sports? that's ahead. we set the table for another saturday of 49er football on kpix 5.
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eve of a big scrimmage with the broncos...this after two "spirited" joint practices with them... ...things got a little "salty" along the way...head nfl the scarlet and gold 49ersy of the big extremismage with the broncos after two spirited joint practices with them. 49ers with the big game with the broncos. >> do you jump in the middle of those? >> i'm not ready to take a punch right now. i'm going to keep my distance. i try to do what i can, but that's very -- that's not much. >> despite a couple of skirmishes was a happy return to santa clara for the broncos.
6:25 pm
last time they stepped foot on the levi's stadium turf, they hoisted super bowl 50 trophy. john elway now the president of football operations, got to stop and smell the roses. >> you know, we had a chance to did watch practice over at stanford last night. and so that was fun. so it's really nice to come back. plus i was in the same room that we won the super bowl at the hotel. so that was a good feeling. >> 9ers news and notes. linebacker reuben foster was limited in practice yesterday because of an injured left shoulder but should play tomorrow night. coaches are trying to be cautious with their young defensive standout. it's so easy to root for the 31st overall pick out of alabama. as a baby his mother was shot in a domestic dispute by his father. she holding rubin when it happened. both he and his mother are fine. his dad is in prison with limited contact with rubin. >> we wrote sometimes when he
6:26 pm
was in prison. but, you know, he's, you know -- i just forgave him. i had some things to say to him. but it's not too much. just a, why? or how could you? >> much more of his story tomorrow before the game begins tomorrow, coverage starts at 6 p.m. 49ers and the raiders will play simultaneously tomorrow in the bay area. oakland hosts the rams and derek carr will see some playing time according to head coach jack del rio. he has a new tight end jared cook to evaluate. cook played with aaron rodgers in green bay last year and, of course, cook was asked, how carr compared to some of the other quarterbacks cook has played with? >> ha, not very hard. he's probably one of the best i have played with. it's hard to find young quarterbacks that actually understand their role, actually understand the game and actually know how to play the game. and he is one of the best i
6:27 pm
have been around. >> love this from yesterday. ohio all about number 46 bowling green university kicker jake suter walk on rising junior as the head coach shouted this, make this i'll give you a full ride scholarship. you can understand why his teammates mobbed the toledo, ohio native. he earned that one. as a father of a scholar athlete in college myself, i can certainly appreciate the savings the parents will enjoy about $40,000. >> huh? >> all the way to the bank. >> oh, yeah. >> good stuff. >> awesome. >> thank you, vern. all right. coming up in our next half- hour, steve bannon out of the white house. the end of a turbulent run for the president's chief strategist. he is already shedding light on his future plans. >> taking a stand against hate. the show of support for a bay area synagogue hit by vandals. >> and we go live to barcelona where police have killed several suspects tied to the two terror attacks. new details on the cell's larger plot.
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scrambling to get off the street.. as a van barreled into pedestrians. the attack eople dead our top story at 6:30, newly released surveillance video out of barcelona shows people scrambling to get off the street as a van barreled
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into pedestrians. the attack yesterday left 13 people dead. hours after the attack in barcelona, members of the same terror cell used a car to run down pedestrians in cambrils. one person died and the attackers there were killed by police. cbs reporter teri okita is in barcelona for us tonight at the memorial to the victims. teri. >> reporter: allen, this is the exact spot where that white van ended its path of destruction yesterday. now it's a growing memorial. not only are spaniards and tourists not afraid. but we're seeing a passionate defiance as thousands of people have come out throughout the evenly and now here at 3:30 in the morning to las ramblas. police believe they may have killed the driver of the van that plowed through a crowd of pedestrians in barcelona thursday. they are investigating whether the 17-year-old was among five men shot hours after the attack.
6:32 pm
in the massacre in the las ramblas district, at least one american was killed. jared tucker was from lafayette grew up in walnut creek and went to ygnacio valley high school. he and his wife heidi were celebrating their one year wedding anniversary. tuckerrer's father said it was his son's first visit to europe. >> i don't understand how somebody, anybody, could do that type of thing to innocent people. >> reporter: the shootout with the suspects came after a second car attack in a seaside community of cambrils. between the two incidents, 14 people are dead, 130 injured. four suspects are under arrest. here in barcelona the las ramblas district reopened to the public and crowds streamed in to pay their respects. where the streets had been lined with bodies, a makeshift memorial is growing by the hour. mourners paused for a moment of silence and to talk about what they witnessed. >> i told my daughter, just run, run, i didn't know what was happening.
6:33 pm
just to be safe. >> reporter: in new york, the united nations security council paused for a moment of silence. and pope francis sent his condolences by telegram calling the attacks a grave offense to god. investigators say the work of the attack -- was caused by a large terror cell maybe 15 people or so and they were probably planning a bigger attack, they believe, possibly using a vehicle bomb and gas canisters. live from barcelona, i'm teri okita. >> teri, do we know how investigators confirmed that this is part of a terror cell? >> well, they really started to piece the puzzle so to speak together after that house explosion that happened on wednesday night 60 miles south of here in alcanar. and they responded to that house explosion not expecting anything suspicious but then
6:34 pm
they found the canisters and butane and according to one law enforcement from the u.s., he said that they also found some documents that linked them to these terror suspects in barcelona as well as that terror attack in cambrils. the more they scratched the surface, the more they began it find more people who may have aided and abetted them as part of the terror cell. >> thank you. president trump's chief strategist steve bannon is out. bannon is already back as executive chairman of breitbart news. he told bloomberg he is leaving the white house and going to war for trump against his opponents. the white house press secretary issued a statement saying: white house chief of staff john kelly and steve bannon have mutually agreed today would be steve's last day. we're grateful for his service and wish him the best. bannon, a right-wing nationalist, helped president trump get elected. but the president downplayed that earlier this week.
6:35 pm
>> mr. bannon came on very late. you know that. i went through 16 senators, governors, and i won all the primaries. mr. bannon came on very much later than that. >> from the start he clashed with jared kushner. the president's son-in-law and white house adviser as well as national security adviser mcmaster. sources say that new chief of staff john kelly was eager to clear out internal west wing rivalries. bannon is the 8th senior white house official to be let go since president trump took office. but the president is still considering bannon's plan to send private contractors to afghanistan instead of u.s. troops. he traveled to camp david today to discuss whether to send more u.s. troops or withdraw completely. ugly incident has left classroom boarded up at a synagogue in alameda. somebody smashed windows using rocks. but a live look now shows where neighbors will be gathering this evening. hundreds expected at a rally in a show of support for the
6:36 pm
temple. kpix 5's katie nielsen on the vandalism that's bringing a community together. >> thank you, i appreciate it very much. >> reporter: she and her family live in alameda. they aren't members of the synagogue. they came in today to bring flowers to show support to the congregation. >> heard about the broken flash and we really want to believe that for every act of hate we'll do an act of love. >> reporter: children painted stars of days on the classroom side of the building. >> why? that's the question. why would somebody want to do something like that to us? >> reporter: police say surveillance cameras did capture someone throwing rocks at the glass doors leading into the synagogue. >> the congregation is wonderful. they are very open, loving. i just don't know what type of a person would want to do this. >> reporter: temple leaders discussed the possibility of being targeted at a recent board meeting, especially in
6:37 pm
the wake of the white nationalist rally in charlottesville and similar events planned for the bay area. for this family, coming down today just seemed like the right thing to do. >> there's no easy way to know what somebody else's intentions are but there's a very easy way to counter it with your own and that's the kind of family we try to raise. >> reporter: police are not classifying this as a hate crime right now. they said because there was no evidence of graffiti or any anti-semitic symbols, they are looking at this for the time being as a vandalism. but that could change as their investigation continues. in alameda, katie nielsen, kpix 5. contra costa county's top prosecutor resigned in disgrace! now two people vying to replace him are accused of plagiarism. >> a unique state park the only town in california founded and run by blacks. how a former slave's vision led to al lance worth. >> and tomorrow the 49ers take
6:38 pm
on the broncos at home. you can meet and tweet with michelle griego and betty yu at kpix 5's social media hot spot at lot one outside levi's stadium before the big game.
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santa clara county led the way in july... adding 74 hundred the bay area job market is still going strong. it had its best showing of the year last month. santa clara county led the way in july adding 7400 jobs. the east bay gained 6600. the area that includes san francisco and san mateo added 3500 positions. overall, the bay area saw a jump of 21,000 jobs. two people vying to be the next d.a. in contra costa county have admitted to lifting whole seconds of other people's work in their applications. assistant d.a. tom kento be says he took section from other writing on crime reduction including paragraphs from the harvard business review and from
6:41 pm
implementation guides for programs on mental health and reducing violence. earlier he had gained attention for getting a written recommendation from a prison inmate. another candidate retired judge diana beckton pulled more than 100 words from the "new york times" on bail reform and passengers from martin luther king's "i have a dream" speech and other plagiarism. they both say this weren't trying to pass the work off as their own. more than a century ago a former slave founded a california town for blacks. the history of allensworth. >> crescent sun is coming to the bay area monday morning. the peak of the eclipse about 10:15. there should be some low cloud cover still around san francisco bay but it's looking better for some clearing. so you can see the eclipse even in san francisco. weekend forecast is coming up. histor
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it's time for the biggest sale of the year with the new sleep number 360 smart bed. it senses and automatically adjusts on both sides. the new 360 smart bed is part of our biggest sale of the year where all beds are on sale. and right now save 50% on the labor day limited edition bed. without pg&e's assistance, without their training our collaboration with pg&e is centered around public safety.
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we could not do our mission to keep our community safe. anytime we are responding to a structure fire, one of the first calls you make is for pg&e for gas and electric safety. it's my job to make sure that they have the training that they need to make the scene safe for themselves and for the public. it's hands-on training actually turning valves, turning systems off, looking at different wire systems all that training is crucial to keeping our community safe and our firefighters safe. together, we're building a better california. park. allensworth -- between fresno and ba the only town in california
6:45 pm
now a state historic park. allensworth between fresno and bakersfield was founded by a former slave who fought in the civil war. kpix 5's christin ayers takes us to the historic town. ♪[ music ] >> reporter: this is allensworth a former agricultural town in the middle of california just the way it looked 100 years ago. today it's been preserved as a california state historic park. but it's not just any park. >> this is the only california state park that deals with black history. >> reporter: the only town in california history founded, financed and governed by blacks. steve has spent years studying allensworth and the man it's named for. born a slave in 1842, allensworth fought in the civil war, got a doctorate in theology and became the highest
6:46 pm
ranging black officer in the u.s. army. then he set his sights on central california. what was his goal coming here? he obviously had a vision for this area. >> even though they were 50 years out of slavery, they were physically free but not economically free. so his idea was to found a community where they could live apart and prove that they were worthy of everything that america had to offer by being business owners and entrepreneurs and gentlemen farmers. >> reporter: at its peak, allensworth was a town of 250 people. so overall, though, this is a small town and this was kind of a quiet country life. >> yeah. yeah. they never had any serious crime in allensworth during the period. they have town constable, only investigated one robbery and the guy that got caught gave everything back. >> reporter: the santa fe pacific railroad line cut through town. colonel allensworth hoped residents could live off the
6:47 pm
land growing crops thanks to the tulare lakebed. that was a mistake. then the water dried out a decade later. >> the drought in 1913, 1914, the rail heads moved from allensworth out of town. the colonel was killed in 1914. >> reporter: three devastating changes that allensworth wouldn't survive. >> you can watch christin's full story on black renaissance this sunday at 11 a.m. on kbcw 44/cable 12. more students in the oakland unified school district will be getting breakfast and lunch for free. starting this year, students across 76 schools and three charters will qualify for the program. just three years ago, only 5 schools qualified. that number jumped quickly as the need for meals became apparent in a classroom. >> a lot of research shows that kids who don't have food in their stomachs don't learn very well so we have to make sure that these kids are fed nutritious food that we are very good at putting together here in the district and make sure that they are able to focus on what they need to
6:48 pm
focus on. that's learning in the classroom. >> reporter: the students in these schools will not need to fill out any forms. they will automatically qualify a group of bay area college students is going to be doing more than just watching the solar eclipse. san jose state students heading up to oregon to release 8 weather balloons. each one has a special device inside that measures air temperature and pressure, moisture, wind. the students want to be the first time to measure atmospheric conditions during the eclipse. our ken bastida will be measuring people's patience, i'm sure, and reporting from the path of totality. you can catch his reports from oregon starting tomorrow here on kpix 5. and paul we may see it in the bay area? >> we are going to anywhere away from the water. there's even a chance in san francisco above 50% chance that by the peak time we'll be cloud- free. we are cloud-free in san jose now where it's 76. we are cooling down in concord
6:49 pm
and livermore after a high near 90. low to mid-80s. chilly in oakland and san francisco, mid-60s for you, average for this time of the year. overnight santa rosa down to 55. vallejo 59. san jose tonight 61. concord 61. before the eclipse, your weekend. burlingame on the avenue in burlingame, saturday and sunday, sunny and mild, should be beautiful in the afternoon, mid-70s there. the art & soul festival this weekend in downtown oakland about 4 degrees cooler but still well within the realm of comfort. 71 degrees your high this weekend in oakland. so we're cool near the water. we are warm to hot inland. why? a ridge of high pressure centered to our west. that's still feeding in a light onshore flow keeping you chilly at the beach. 60s for you even with afternoon sunshine for half moon bay and pacifica down to monterey and santa cruz and capitola and also we have cooler temperatures near the bay because of the ridge but the ridge is big enough and strong enough it's kind of cutting off
6:50 pm
the ocean influence inland so you will get warmer. that august sunshine is still strong and your temperatures likely will top out in the low 90s tomorrow and sunday. tomorrow morning, cloud cover spilling into the bay. burning back to the coastline in the afternoon. we are going somewhere with this. sunday morning, cloud cover in the morning. burning back to the coast in the afternoon. watch the chang on monday. this is critical. futurecast monday morning 7:00 you wake up, i want to see the eclipse but see nothing but gray. watch the difference between 7 a.m. and 9 a.m. very little difference but it encompasses about 3 million folks there who may lose the cloud cover in time for the eclipse. not a guarantee, this is the best guess with futurecast. plan on clearing skies. it will be partially clear. it will look like a crescent sun. the lights aren't going out here. that's why it's a big deal up in oregon. lights aren't going out here in the bay area but it will be a crescents sun for two hours coming up on monday morning. it will be a warm weekend away from the bay but still season
6:51 pm
ply cool near the water. 87 in concord tomorrow which is exactly average. campbell 85. milpitas 80. 93 hot in morgan hill. 93 in brentwood. 91 in livermore. 87 in concord. 80 your high in vallejo. san rafael tomorrow 81 degrees. sausalito 67. san leandro comfortable 75. not 100 but close for ukiah, lakeport and clearlake for your saturday. warmest saturday and sunday. we're cooling off on monday. we'll cool back exactly to average by the middle of next week. but the big forecast is monday morning, where it's not a guarantee but it looks like it's improving even near the water monday morning. we may see the eclipse. back to you. >> thank you. coming up, the bay area's first pizza shop co-op. >> coming up on nightbeat at 10:00 we're talking all about the eclipse. will you be watching and if so, how and where? send me your thoughts, tweet me at #veronicadlcruz. i'm going to be reading your tweets tonight on nightbeat; come join us at 10:00 on our sister station, kbcw 44/cable 12.
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6:54 pm
restaurant owner who is "dealing in" his employees. finally at 6:00 a pizza shop with a slice of business to share. wilson walker with a business
6:55 pm
owner dealing in his employees. >> back in new york i was in nbc and work at cisco. i don't have any background in retail or food or anything like that. >> reporter: when he walked away from the corporate world to open the first slice of new york pizza, he did things differently from day one. >> we have never had a management structure. i have been the only manager for 11 years. >> reporter: but 11 years later they are going one step further. >> we went down the worker cooperative path and was sensible and what we had in terms of already, employee empowerment, peer responsibility and govern nance. >> reporter: shared governance and shared ownership making this san jose's first official brick and mortar co-op. >> it's exciting. it's turning what was a humble blue collar job into a career and it's potentially going to provide us with a living wage for very expensive area to
6:56 pm
live. >> we have already had our first board meeting. the next one in a couple weeks. we are deciding how to -- how we want to run our business and that's with the people. >> reporter: so it's pizza by the people for the people. >> we make really good pizza. even before we were a co-op. so come and buy it. >> reporter: hopefully people will develop an appetite for the same business model. >> we're new with this trying to figure it out. we are figuring it out together. i have never done this before. these guys have never done this before. and, um, so we're excited to figure it out. then be able to share that knowledge with others. we want people to embrace this idea. that's our goal. in san jose, wilson walker, kpix 5. >> i'm glad it's dinnertime. >> everybody is having pizza! [ laughter ] >> oh, man. you can smell it now. protects your eyes during the eclipse. for news throughout the evening, the latest news and weather, always on ♪[ music ]
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announcer: it's tio play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: how's everybody? i appreciate y'all. thank you much, now. i appreciate it, folks. heh. thank y'all. yeah, i do. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey. [cheering and applause] folks, i got to tell you, we got a big one for you today. returning for their fifth and final day with a total of 22,060 bucks, from san francisco, cali, it's the champs, it's the cannon family! [cheering and applause] and from oakland, california-- that's right over the bridge or something like that-- it's the johnson family! [cheering and applause]
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everybody's here trying to win theyself some cash, and today, if the cannon family wins today's game, they gonna drive out of here in a brand-new car. >> that's right. steve: let's go meet the johnson family! [cheering and applause] fredrick. how you doing, man? fredrick: hey, how are you? steve: well, that's good, man. introduce everybody, fredrick. fredrick: all right, this is my beautiful wife, yolanda, who-- we've been married 32 years. steve: yeah, you went--you go. fredrick: yeah, i've been with her. yeah, i gave it--yeah. steve: yeah, man. you--you went way up, man. fredrick: oh, yeah, i did. yeah. she's younger than me, too. i make sure i get taken care of. steve: she's younger than you? fredrick: yeah. yeah, i make sure i get taken care of. steve: yeah, my wife younger than me, too. fredrick: i can't say too much because her mother at the end of the line. steve: oh, that's her mama down there? fredrick: yeah. betty: yes, and i'm listening. steve: well, they've been married 30 years, so whatever it was... betty: i told him something really good. steve: oh, you did, miss betty? betty: yeah. steve: ok. what--what'd you


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