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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  August 19, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. we are just two hours away from kickoff at levi stadium, the and 49ers are taking on the broncos in the first preseason home game. we are live on the field as you can see in santa clara. we are in the thick of it all. thank you so much for joining us for the count down to kickoff. i'm juliette goodrich. >> i'm brian hackney. we'll have more from julia and dennis o'donnell. breaking news out of oregon. a small plane has crashed and we learned it was registered to a man menlo park. two people were killed when the plane went down, a pilot and
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passenger. an air trafficking site said the plane with the same tail number took off about 11:00 this morning. the crash happened about 2:00 this afternoon. the plane went down in a heavily wooded area about a mile from the airport in the small town of madras, oregon, that's north of bend. one witness heard the whole thing. >> i heard the plane coming in, and i heard it sputtering some, which is not uncommon. we hear it quite often, so i didn't really think much about it, and then a few seconds later, i could hear it, i heard the impact, which was just kind of like a puff. >> the crash impact caused a small brush fire. the town of madras is one of the cities people are blocking to watch the total solar eclipse on monday. the town is preparing for as many as 200,000 visitors. this is the type of plane that crashed. it's called a wheeler express, a home built aircraft that comes in a kit for about
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$20,000. kpix 5 reporter katie nielsen is on the peninsula. she'll have a live report at 6:00. moving onto the investigation into the terrorist attack in barcelona who killed a bay area man who was in the area to celebrate his one year anniversary. heidi told jared's father, her husband left her to find a bathroom just as the terrorist van tore through the crowds along las ramblas. the family's hopes were crushed by a text from authorities. >> the conversation with the officials had more to do with identification than it did with health or possibly an injury. >> last night, students and staff gathered to sing and pray for jared. his wife heidi works there as a teacher. cbs reporter, teri okita is in barcelona with new details into the investigation who was behind jared's death, and the
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death of 13 others. teri. >> reporter: brian, good evening, 53 people remained hospitalized. 13 are still in critical condition. authorities have not raised the terror threat level. it remains a 4 out of 5 which means an attack is not imminent, however police are bringing in extra officers to crowded areas like here on las ramblas. taxi drivers in barcelona honked their horns in unison as a show of support for the 14 victims of two terror attacks in spain thursday. spain's king and queen met with young victims of the attack. and laid wreaths atlas ramblas where a van mowed down more than 100 pedestrians. new memorials keep popping up along the promenade. there was a balloon release saturday and a group of muslims
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gathered to denounce the attacks. police are still searching for a 22-year-old moroccan man suspected of driving the van in barcelona but they say they have disrupted and possibly dismantled the terror cell that was responsible for the two attacks. four suspected terrorists are in custody, and five were killed in a second attack in cambrils. investigators are centering on a moroccan imam who might have been the radicalizing leader of the terrorists believed to have died in a house explosion the night before the attacks. a more deadly plot involving bombs might have been in the works at the house. police searched the imam's home friday. he hasn't been seen at his former mosque since june. tomorrow morning, the king and queen of spain will attend a special mass for the victims and the much beloved barcelona soccer club will be wearing specialized jerseys that say we are all barcelona at their
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season opener. live from barcelona, teri okita, kpix 5. counter protesters outnumbered conservatives who showed up for a free speech rally in downtown boston. the police commissioner said an estimated 40,000 people turned out. supporters of the free speech rally began their event at noon at boston common, and then wrapped up within an hour, and were escorted away in police vans. angry counter protesters did scuffle with officers but for the most part, state troopers and local police succeeded in keeping rival demonstrators apart. police did make more than 2 dozen arrests and we'll go live to boston coming up at 6:00 tonight. chopper 5 over a rally in mountain view. it was supposed to be a counter demonstration to today's march on google by conservative groups but that event was canceled. still hundreds of people showed up at civic center plaza to denounce what they called hate speech. >> we want the racist behavior to stop. we're a united america, the civil war was a long time ago. we leave that behind us. it's a sad part of our history,
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even though it is a part of our history. the statues need to come down. >> there was supposed to be a second counter demonstration tomorrow, but organizers decided to combine the two into today's event. new at five, the owner of a diner in marin county wanted to do something to support the victims of recent violence in virginia, so she took to social media with a plan. kpix 5 reporter, devin fehely shows us how a small idea got a big response. >> you got to do something, stand up or get out of the way. >> reporter: think of it as good food for a good cause. >> it is becoming more and more acceptable to be intolerant. >> after a steady diet of truly horrible headlines, leslie burgside decided she wanted to do something to nourish her customers' souls so she decided to donate the money the restaurant made today to the
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southern poverty law center. >> it's really important for me because there's only so much we can do by screaming into the void on facebook, and it's an easy way to come in and donate a little bit of money and help the cause. >> reporter: news of the fundraiser spread like wildfire on social media where leslie found an audience eager to respond to the intolerance and hate on display in charlottesville. >> this is a really nice way to both be involved with our community and, you know, support the sorts of organizations that we really value that are doing important work right now. >> reporter: we need -- >> we need to be together. we are in this together. we are a country. we're americans. >> reporter: an idea far easier to digest than the stomach churning violence the past week. >> the diner had about 300 followers on social media before the post. now there are over 6000. well, are you ready for some football. it's a live look from levi stadium right now, with plenty of 49ers fans counting down to
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kickoff tonight. let's get out to juliette goodrich at levi, she's there with dennis o'donnell and we're finding out how things are shaping up out there, guys. >> reporter: we're counting down as well. you mentioned the preseason games, they're at a later time just to give the fans a break from the sun. there is a breeze this afternoon. >> one side of the stadium gets a little warm, almost unbearable at times, so the preseason games are at night to give the fans a little break. as you said, a little breeze, should be a good night. >> new gm, new head coach. we're good to go, let's go, let's go. >> they're pretty excited about their draft, and i think the 49ers, 2 and 14 last year are going to have to be rebuilt from the draft, and they have two number one picks, i want to tell you about one, 49er rookie line backer reuben foster has been the talk of camp. when you consider the story he went through when he was just a
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year and a half, and it makes you more impressed. foster's mother, anita page was shot by his father danny while she was holding an 18-month-old reuben. both mother and son are fine, and danny was captured in 2013 after 16 years on the run. he is now in prison with limited contact with his son. >> we wrote sometimes when he was in prison, but, you know, he's, you know, i just forgave him. i have some things to say to him. but, you know, it's not too much. just a why. or how could you. >> you can see that full story coming up a little bit later at 6:30 right here on channel 5, but danny foster will never see his son play football. he's not eligible to get out of prison until 2035. >> wow, we look forward to that
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story. dennis, thank you, we have that other team, that would be the broncos behind us practicing right now, and we're just a few hours away, actually about an hour and a half away from our preseason game here on kpix 5, but first we want to tell you some more news, and coming up in our newscast, it is really the ultimate road trip to catch the ultimate spectacle, our ken bastida follows a family heading to oregon for the total solar eclipse. brian? >> i hope they don't find clouds. back in the bay area, we've got plenty of those along the shoreline, and our own, what will be partial solar eclipse forecast coming up, and sunday weather as well. we'll have it all after a break.
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welcome back, and let us head back out live to juliette
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goodrich where we are counting down to kickoff. >> fans will be coming in just a little bit. we've got the broncos, they were behind me practicing. i hate to say this but the last time they were on the field, tonight, 7:00, they take on our 9ers and we'll have good luck for sure. if you're not here at the stadium taking part in this over the weekend, there's another road trip that's taking place and it's a big one. a lot of people in the bay area heading north to oregon to see the total solar eclipse and that's happening monday at 10:20:00 a.m. where it will look like night fall. we sent our ken bastida on a little road trip, and he caught up with a family on the ultimate road trip. >> reporter: the oregon department of transportation is expecting hundreds of thousands of visitors to cram into the central part of the state over the next three days to watch the eclipse. people like juan verilla and his wife and kids who had a sign painted on the back of
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their suv offering safe eclipse viewing glasses, so we pulled him over.. what's it say on the back of your truck. >> eclipse glass, be safe. my number so they can text me if they're on the road and want sunglasses, and i'm going to charge them for them. >> reporter: he says he freaked out when amazon sent an e-mail saying he couldn't verify the safety of his glasses and he went directly to nasa and got authentic ones. >> these are the fakes a lot of people bought and that amazon recalled and these are the really ones, you got these from nasa. >> i got those from the nasa web site. >> reporter: he was forced to buy a bulk package of 200. he needs to unload some. in the meantime, thought his three boys would like a day or two off from school in fresno to see this thing. >> it's going to be in our part of the world.
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i figure, you know what, we're only a few hours away. let's take the road trip. it will be a fun science project for the kids. talked to the teachers and it's an excused absence. >> it's a once in a lifetime deal. >> reporter: so 20 years from now, he'll be telling his own kids about the great eclipse and how pop had to unload 200 pairs of glasses at 15 bucks a piece. >> i can't see you guys at all. >> reporter: now, juan did offer me a good deal on those eclipse glasses, but i had to pass on it because as you can see, i already got my eclipse goggles, along a busy interstate 5 in salem, oregon, i'm ken bastida, kpix 5. what a nice assignment,
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keep in mind here in the bay area, it will be a partial eclipse, but coming up at 6:00, ken bastida is going to tell us how sports history will be made on monday during this solar eclipse. okay, what's the weather going to be like. that's the million dollar question and for that we go to brian. >> send along the million dollars, and i'll give you the forecast. i know plenty of people, too, who would like a pair of those eclipse glasses. they sold out fairly quickly, the legitimate ones. never look directly at the sun. can't say it often enough. as we have a look at the fairly foggy golden gate bridge on this saturday evening. the fog returns to the shoreline tonight. it will burn off tomorrow mid- morning. 63 in san francisco. san jose at 76. and santa rosa 69, and where jewells and dennis o'donnell are right now a nice night for a game. 73degrees under clear skies. the 9ers take on the broncos, winners of super bowl 50, you'll remember we broadcast that game a few years ago. the broncos, by the way, not
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the 9ers. coastal clouds clearing by midday along the shoreline. inland, nice, temperatures will be in the mid-80s. sunshine all week, and numbers not fluctuating too terribly much, as high pressure is still in command out on the pacific, guarantees the usual spread. 60s at the shoreline, and 80s inland. future cast shows a few high clouds wrapping around the north side of a lull late in the day, and those low clouds will melt back to the shoreline later on sunday, and about as far as the eclipse goes on monday, one of the usual low clouds will burn off maybe just in time for the eclipse. if you're inland, no big deal. sun will be 75% eclipsed as seen from the bay area. here's what we're expecting, cooling inland, fogs and clouds at the shoreline, warm, mid-80s inland all week, as you can see in the extended forecast, we'll go with straus quo, the usual clouds in the morning, temperatures in the mid-80s inland. tomorrow, cooling a bit from tuesday through friday. no major changes on tap, but all the excitement tonight,
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down at levi stadium, and here's dennis o'donnell. >> thanks a lot, brian. preseason is all about answering questions, and the questions from the 49ers, the biggest one is that quarterback. we'll talk about that when our show from levi stadium continues in a moment. ♪
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a game that starts at 7 here k-p-i-x 5. and welcome back, we're live at levi stadium as fans get ready to take on the 49ers, a game that starts at at 7:00 on kpix 5. we are inside the stadium right now where the warm up begins, and they're going to get ready to play in just a few minutes. really, the real story is outside with our friendly rivalry i should say. kpix 5 morning anchor michelle griego and kpix 5 reporter betty yu out there with the fans taking it all in, and it looks like you guys have different, i would say, t- shirts on? >> that's right. you can't miss michelle's
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shirt, right, guys, but a lot of people have been very friendly to you this afternoon. >> and everyone has been friendly this afternoon. first of all, don't hate me. i'm from denver, so when you're from denver, you bleed orange and blue. >> we can't blame her. >> the broncos and 49ers, they don't play very much. >> very friendly out here. we have been trying to get people to follow us at our snapchat and instagram accounts, twitter and facebook as well, that's kpix 5. follow us so we can share. we have been sharing photos of our journey this afternoon, having a fantastic time with tailgaters and we found a party over here. >> a big party. >> these guys are the best. we want to introduce you. >> say hi, everybody. >> come on over here, yeah, you're heading this up. you're the director of entertainment, right? >> somewhat. we're all a part of this. this is all of us. the whole family here.
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>> and you have been doing this for a long time. >> you know, some of us for 30 years, almost 30 years, the same group. >> what do you look forward to this year with the 49ers. >> a new beginning, new change, new coaches, new staff, new everything and we got a new spot. we have a new tailgate spot. it's all good stuff. >> we can't talk about the party without talking about the food, unfortunately, or not so unfortunately, they finished all of it because it was so good. this is what's left over, and tell us over here what this is. >> nachos and salads and meats and cheeses and all kinds of good stuff. >> can we show leah real quick, because leah is one of the cutest tailgaters here. leah say hi to the camera. she has been out here for hours, just loving it. showing the 9ers love and everybody else, there she is. it's so much fun out here, and again, this friendly atmosphere out here, we have seen a lot of 9ers fans and broncos fans,
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too. >> and generations of fans having a great time. >> back to you. >> you know that party is coming in here very soon, and there's a lot of new energy. there's a new regime with the 9ers. >> yeah, but, you know, cautiously optimistic, right? >> i know. i know. >> the team, they haven't lost a game yet, that's a good thing, but let's face it, the 49ers are in transition, 2 and 14 last season, and they are going to rebuild this franchise one brick at a time. i think the question is the quarterback one of those bricks. now i'm talking about brian hoyer, he's expected to play a lot more tonight after getting two series in the team's preseason opener last week in kansas city. many believe hoyer will be the team's starter only until they find another quarterback in free agency or the draft but general manager john lynch says don't eliminate hoyer from being the team's quarterback of the future. >> you know, we have said from the beginning, you know, we want a franchise quarterback
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around here, and a lot of people are making assumptions as to what brian's role is, is he a bridge, is he all those things, and our response to brian and to everybody is he's got the first crack of being that guy, and i love the way he's embracing that opportunity each and every day. he probably exceeded my expectations of how i thought he could play. >> now, tonight's game will not be the first time the 49ers see the broncos this week. the two teams have been practicing together in santa clara wednesday and thursday. it was a happy return to santa clara for the broncos because the last time they played at levi, they took home the super bowl 50 trophy. john elway enjoyed reliving those memories this week. >> you know, i had a chance to go watch practice over at stanford last night, and so that was fun, so it's really nice to come back. plus i was in the same room that we won the super bowl at the hotel, so that was a good feeling. >> the 49ers of course are not
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the only team in town tonight. about 30 miles up the road on 880, the rams playing, the raiders playing host to the rams in their preseason opener. quarterback derrick carr, a little bit more established, he will make his preseason debut tonight. it will be the first time carr has played since breaking his leg last december. this season, carr's got a new tight end in jared cook, the throw to cook who played with aaron rogers in green bay last year, and he was asked how carr compared to some of the other quarterbacks he has played with. >> it's not very hard. he's probably one of the best i've played with. it's hard to find young quarterbacks that understand their role, understand the game and actually know to play the game. he's one of the best i have been around. >> the 49ers battle the panthers week one here at levi and today, against the titans,
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former stanford star, christian mccaffrey scored his first nfl touchdown. ripped off 70 total yards, tennessee won the game, 34-26. we'll be back from levi after this. it's time for the biggest sale of the year with the new sleep number 360 smart bed. it senses and automatically adjusts on both sides. the new 360 smart bed is part of our biggest sale of the year where all beds are on sale. and right now save 50% on the labor day limited edition bed.
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that's it for us e. we'll get one final look at levi stadium where juliette goodrich will tell us when we'll do the pregame show and when kickoff is. >> hi, brian, you know, i think all of the pregame festivities going on with betty and
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michelle. kickoff 7:00, and at 6:00 we'll have more. >> and cbs evening news is coming up next. we'll see you back here at six. captioning sponsored by cbs >> ninan: dueling rallies in heart of boston. right-wing demonstrators and thousands marching against hate fill the streets. the protests are mostly peaceful but skirmishes break out. also tonight, police in the line bu fire. six officers are shot, two fatally in florida and pennsylvania. terror in spain-- the hunt for the suspected ringleader. things are looking up-- way up-- for business owners in this sclipse town. >> reporter: are you going to run out of beer? that would be, like, a major eerblem, probably, for people. >> we're concerned. >> ninan: and, time takes its toll on big ben. the famous clock tower is about to fall silent for repairs. ( bell tolling ) >> that is the reason safety officials say they had to shut big ben down.


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