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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  August 19, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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at 5 tonight. two people have been killed in a plane crash from oregon. plane went down about a mile from the airport in madras, organization oh, where hundreds of thousands -- oregon, where hundreds of thousands of people are expected to turn out to watch the total sole solar eclipse on monday. the plane took off this morning from the san carlos airport. katie neilsen is live with more. >> reporter: i talked to people here at the airport who are familiar with the plane. it was registered to mark rich of menlo park. the plane crashed before 2:00 this afternoon in willow creek canyon near the madras airport, about 100 miles southeast of portland. there are reports the pilot and passenger were trying to oregon to watch monday's, clips. according to faa records, the plane was a wheeler express, which is a home-built aircraft. the aviation experts we talked to say that does not impact the
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plane's safety. >> specifications the fa addictates the airplane must maintain to the air worthiness qualifications. the air worthiness qualifications will be the same whether they're for a regular manufactured airplane or a home- built airplane. >> reporter: witnesses describe what they saw moments before the plane went down. >> reporter: heard the plane coming in and i heard it sputtering some, which is not uncommon. we hear it quite often. so i didn't think much about it. and a few seconds later, could hear it -- i heard it, the impact, which was kind of like a poo! >> reporter: the ntsb is heading to the scene to try to figure out what caused the plane to crash. of course, we'll stay on the story throughout the night and have the latest for you on kpix 5 news at 11. >> in other news, chopper 5
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over a rally in mountain view this afternoon where several hundred people turned out to protest what was supposed to be today's march on google. the march was to protest google's recent firing of an engineer who wrote a memo questioning women's role in tech. that march was cancelled. the counterprotest rally went on as planned. there were speeches, songs and an open mic for anyone wanting to vent peacefully about the recent violence in virginia. >> i hope we can hold it as an example of what a peaceful congregation some look like. what a community can do to come together, share the values, articulate the values and do it in a peaceful and respectful way. >> reporter: mountain view police have set up barricades around the civic center plaza to control the crowds, but police tell us that everyone was peaceful. free speech and conservative groups are planning a couple of protests next weekend in the bay area. a group called patriot prayer
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is planning an event next saturday at crissy field in san francisco. the following day in berkeley, a different group is planning a rally called no to marxism in america. both rallies are expected to attract many counterprotesters. >> and there is an added complication in san francisco. a militia group is coming to town. they're called the oath keepers, made up of ex-military and law enforcement officers and known for being armed. they try to keep the peace at potentially violent events. that is why they will be at chrissy field next saturday. >> it's this group that is known to carry arms in a very public way. obviously, that instills in us the need again to re-evaluate this particular rally because it's more threatening than we have ever sought. >> chrissy field is on federal
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land. san francisco's city leaders want the feds to re-send the permit for the rally because they're worried about violence. the national park service is reviewing the ferment application and -- permit application and will make a discussion next week. 40,000 people showed up near boston common to protest a conservative event called a free speech rally. those counterdemonstrators scuffled with police, the kind of violence we in the bay area have seen several times. kenning the craig is live with more. >> reporter: it's hard to imagine a few hours ago, the 40,000 people were behind me. police prepared for this event around the clock. tonight, they're calling it a success. is thousands of counterprotestors outnumbered conservatives who showed up for a free speech rally in downtown boston. organizers insisted the event
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was not a platform for hate and made up of people from various viewpoints but several alt right speakers attended. tom gallagher said he could not stay home and be silent. >> i accept free speech but that is not free speech. >> reporter: he was among a crowd promoting tolerance, inclusion, and fighting white supremacy that marched several miles to the boston common. speakers spoke out from a bandstand. steven mcgraph is a army veteran and joined the free speech group during the event. >> everyone has different views. if you take it to the violence level, you lose your argument 100%. >> reporter: the rally and protest was mostly peaceful and a dramatic contrast to a week ago when hundreds of white nationalists violently clashed with counterprotestors in virginia. heather hire was killed when a white supremacist allegedly rammed his car into a crowd of people. >> boston police don't want a repeat of what happened in charlottesville, so they intentionally kept the two
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sides here separated and limited the free speech event to just two hours. at least 500 officers helped control the crowds. >> i'm proud of the fact here in boston we were able to have a successful day. >> reporter: police escorted one man away from the rally wearing a stop white genocide t- shirt and they broke up several small skirmishes in an attempt to keep the peace and prevent another tragedy. police repeatedly said they would shut down the free speech portion of the event if it turned violent. fortunately and thankfully they didn't have to do that. >> you said the law enforcement characterized it as a success. it looked chaotic out there. was anyone hurt? >> police addressed that this evening. there were a couple of minor skirmishes. leave all, inspect% of the crowd was safe and non-violent. several police officers were scuffed up but no major injuries overall and no major
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property damage. about 33 people were rated here today, brian. >> thank you, kenneth craig. back in the bay area, a line out of the door of this diner in san rafael. the owner of theresa is any johnny's decided to donate all of the money the restaurant made today to the southern poverty law center. in response to last weekend's violent white nationalist rally in charlottesville, virginia. >> it's becoming more and more acceptable to be intolerant. >> it's important for me. there is only speech we can do by supreming the void on facebook and it's an easy way for us to donate a little money and help the cause. >> the employees first suggested donating their own tips to the non-profit, about you she died -- decided it would be more appropriate to donate the restaurant's proceeds. and speaking of high- traffic areas. check out the scene at levi stadium. the 49ers getting ready for the first game of the preseason. juliette good rich is inside
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and live on the field. >> reporter: yes, the fans are coming in and over my shoulder, we have a father and son taking pictures right now. it was interesting. this guy is a denver broncos fan. his dad, well, 9ers and broncos? >> yes. >> okay, here we go and that is all in family fun. someone else in the tailgating aspect of it all is andrea borba where she's enjoying the family fun and festivities out there and probably with broncos and niners fans as well. hey, andrea. >> hey there. >> reporter: it smells like football season here in levi stadium in the parking lot. charcoal, barbecues and burgers and kids haveing fun. what is a tailgate without a game of catch and cornhole. the faithful are hoping the shakeup in the front office will lead to more wins and fewer friends worthy moments on the field. >> reporter: think they will do all right. we have a lot of rebuilding to
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do and it's a matter of getting it done. >> the coach we have will fix everything. i have confidence that the whole season is going to turn around and we're going to win more games than people think, you know. this man offered up his version of the end zone dance. new, i would brace yourself. the crowd out here in the parking lot is heading inside to hang out with you next. >> reporter: figured. what a great evening. the kpix 5 sports director is here. you were saying the preseason games are later because of the weather and we have a nice breeze. >> when the stadium opened, they first realized the seat
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area on this side of the field was too hot. now, there is a slight breeze coming in and it's not bad. >> absolutely. we have a new general, new head coach and new season, right? don't rai -- don't rain on my parade. >> the 49ers had a good wrap following thomas all over the field last night against kansas city and ruben foster, the other number one is the talk of the camp. when you consider it, his is theer is more incredible when you learn what happened when he was just a year and a half old. as a baby foster mother's, anita page was shot by the father danny while she was holding an 18-month-old ruben. both mother and son are fine. danny was captured in 2013 after 16 years on the run and
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he's in prison now with limited contact with his son. >> we wrote some times when he was in prison, but, you know, i forgave him. i had some things to say to him, but it's not too much. just a why or -- how could you. >> ruben, ruben foster's father will never be able to see him play. and he won't be able to get out of prison until 2035. the entire story coming up as we kick off the 49er coverage at 6:30. >> and thank you so much. we have been talking so much about the turf here at levi stadium. you know coming up, there is a new turf war going on of sorts. we have that story coming up about a turf war going on in the east bay. also, so much talk about the solar eclipse. we are 40 hours away from a total solar eclipse. ken basteeda is in organization -- ken bastida is in oregon to
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explain what history will be made when the skies go dark. >> we can see in full view and the forecast for tomorrow, has a little bit more in the offering. that and the eclipse day forecast coming up after a break.
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memorial in barcelona today to remember the victims of thursday's deadly . thousands gathered at a memorial in barcelona today to remember the victims of thursday's deadly van attack. dozens of balloons were released into the sky over lasramblas, where a van mowed down 15 people and injuring more than 100. victims of the royal family visited victims in the hospital and later laid flowers in the growing memorial. among those killed, an east bay man celebrating his first anniversary with his wife. jared tucker's father is devastated. >> i don't understand how somebody, anybody could do that type of thing to innocent people. it would be beyond my
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comprehension. >> tucker's wife was also injured. members of the family are heading to barcelona to retrieve jared's body. >> a wildfire prompting mandatory evacuations near yosemite tonight. it's burned 32 thousand acres inside the national park. people are told to get out of the community of wowonona. the forest service said the air quality there is hazardous. the fire is threatening a grove of giant sequoia trees. the fire broke out last sunday and it's 10% contained. full containment can take weeks. back in the bay area, the mayor of richmond is not mincing words. he wants his -- out of the housing authority business. jackie ward has that story. >> they put you between a rock and a hard place, and i think it might be time to get out of there. look at this. >> reporter: the mayor is giving us a walking tour of what is called the hacienda, an eyesore sitting on the corner of 13th street and barrett
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avenue in bridgemont. >> we're standing here. it's sort of the poster child of what is wrong with hud and housing authorities. >> reporter: two years ago, this building housed 1,000 people who had limited income. over time, living conditions got so bad, this space had to be evacuated because he claims hud wouldn't pay for all of the repairs. instead, hud put the blame back on the housing authority. >> and if they tell them that they're not allowed -- operating efficiently or following the rules, they're doing everything wrong. basically hud is just a big bully. >> reporter: the city advanced millions of dollars to the housing authority out of the general fund. the mayor doesn't expect to get any of the money back and got to the point where he said he has to draw a line. >> we're in a position where we're going to have to continue feeding the housing authority and we don't have wiggle room in our own general fund. we have a lot of issues. >> reporter: despite the city spending at least $100,000 on trying to secure the building, he said he knows several drug
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and prostitution operations take place here and about 20 people call it home. johnny garcia lives near the hacienda and said his friend is one of the 20 people. >> it makes me nervous because i know what is going on in there. nothing but drugs, you know, and that is not cool. a bad environment for our people around here. >> reporter: according to preliminary documents "the washington post" got a hold of, the trump administration is considering cutting $6 billion from hud's budget. in richmond, jackie ward, kpix 5. >> the mayor said that hud threatened to give the responsibility of the building to another city, but so far, no takers. the local field office for hud was unavailable for comment today. and now it's time to go back live to juliette at levi. we're counting down to kickoff, which looks like it's 40 minutes away. >> reporter: we're counting it down. this is the 49ers fourth season here. the last time the broncos
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played on this field as they are tonight was super bowl l. keep that in mind. can i tell you the turf looks great. remember, you recall all of the turf problems in the beginning. keeping up with the turf is a lot of work. new at 6, kpix 5's dawn ford has a new turf war brewing in the parks in berkeley hills. >> reporter: no question that john hinkle park has seen better days and should be in better shape or needs immediate critical care the city of berkeley said that help is on the way. >> we wanted to change the park and add some features to the park. >> reporter: more than $700,000 is planned for repairs. of that plan includes some artificial turf. make sure we understand what we're talking about. a piece that is 10 feet by 14 feet wide when compared to the rest of the size of the park it doesn't seem like much. >> i don't know about that
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grass idea. >> reporter: artificial anything catches the attention of neighbors. the fake grass is planned to go here on the slope to control erosion. the stays that the soil is too poor to support natural grass. >> reporter: don't like the idea of putting plastic down in the midst of the natural gorgeous setting. >> put it back in the sandbox. >> reporter: across town in the park, this section of artificial turf installed more than a year ago appears to be be popular. >> feels great and sits in well. you can see a lot of people use it here. a lot of people stay on the grass, but it's nice to have an option. >> reporter: this example is larger than the one planned for linkel. meanwhile, not all neighbors are concerned about the fake grass patch. >> and this is sitting fine with me. sounds okay. i don't see any reason to object to it. >> reporter: construction begins next spring and is scheduled to be completed by summer of 2018. in berkeley, dawn ford, kpix 5.
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things are heating up here, so to speak, energywise. it's been a beautiful day here, primarily because the game is in the evening. there is a nice, cool breeze. not as hot. a lot of fans were sitting in direct sunlight in the afternoon games. there is still some sun now but not too bad. you know, the sun has been the major topics these days, especially with the solar eclipse happening on monday. a lot of talk about that and a lot of people from the bay area travelling to oregon to see that, including our ken basteeda. there are a lot of viewing -- ken bastida. here in the bay area, the moon will cover 70 to 80% of the sun. on the west coast, the place to see the total eclipse is in oregon. of course, that is where our kpix 5 anchor ken bastida is. we sent him up there. would you believe there will be sports history made on monday. here's the story. >> i have to believe i am in one of the most unique eclipse
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viewing locations anywhere in the united states. i am at volcano keiser stadium here in salem, oregon. the volcanos are going to be playing a single-a baseball game against the hillsborough hot in this ballpark. the game will start at nine on monday morning. of course, the eclipse hits us at 10:17 a.m. they planned to stop the game to watch the eclipse go to full totality. the players will stop playing, birds will stop flying around, the temperature will drop anywhere from 10 to 30 degrees and they'll observe it. 4800 fans bought tickets to be here. the place is going to be packed and they're going to watch the eclipse. the only time a professional baseball game has been stopped for an eclipse.
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it will be history making. the game will resume and life will go on. in salem, oregon, i'm ken bastida, kpix 5. >> wow, we can look forward to ken's reports throughout the weekend and for sure on monday. coming up tomorrow live, beginning at 5:00, ken will have a live report with all of the people that travelled up there and have full coverage at 6, 10, and 11. stay tuned for that. also, cbs news is going to have special coverage the day of the solar eclipse coast-to-coast coverage and that kicks off with a two-hour special report starting here on kpix 5 at 10 a.m. be sure to have the glasses when you look up wherever you are. i am sure brian can fill us in on how that viewing is going to be. hopefully clear skies, brian? >> going to be the usual story here, i remember watching abc news. when frank ren olds said the
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next solar eclipse to cross from coast-to-coast is going to happen in 2017. that was 47 years ago. frank reynolds said i hope in 2017 that eclipse will unfold over a world of peace. well, you can be the judge of that. for us, we're looking at the low clouds that moved into the goldin gate right now, and that is shrouding the shoreline. it's not going to change much between now and monday. of course, here, it will be just a partial. tonight, the nineteen return errorrers are playing with the broncos there at levi stadium. the game is coming up in 37 minutes on channel 5 under clear skies and a game time temperature of 73. for tomorrow, the usual low clouds clear by mid-day and inland, sunny with 80s all week. more of the same, mild weather will be with us. the future cast shows high clouds into the valley and the bay area tomorrow. the top side of the low
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spinning down in southern california. that will trigger thunderstorms by tahoe and yosemite. for us, we have the usual low clouds along the shoreline and on monday, what will be here, a partial solar e clips, maximum coverage for 75% of the sun at 10:15 a.m. do caution your kids and never look directly at the sun at any point during the eclipse and always wear eye protection. we're expecting low cloudiness along the shoreline, the fog and clouds and that will warm into the mid-80s inland all week. this weekend, a lot going on. the art and soul festival, 71 degrees; burling game on the avenue, 75 this weekend and mild. stern grove as usual, a little bit chilly and partly cloudy, and sunday streets sf tomorrow in the tenderloin is partly cloudy and 65 degrees. tonight, we'll get to an overnight low of 60 degrees tomorrow. 6:30, the thunderstorms at tahoe and yosemite, but 105 at
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redding. the forecast highs for the bay area. 83, santa rosa; 87, livermore and 82, san jose. the extended forecast, going with the strat us low and keeping us mild all week. we'll have plenty of sunshine inland for the eclipse. the weather is a bit of a tossup. the eclipse is always the unexpected and speaking of the unexpected, the wedding was supposed to go off without a hitch until the reception caught fire. still to come, how bay area firefighters saved the day and the cake. >> plus, we'll take you back out live to levi stadium where it's 49ers fans getting all fired up right now. we're back after a break.
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groom.. . a post on instagram called it one hot wedding is come how. not -- and how. not so fun for the bride and groom who watched the reception go up in smokes literally. it happened yesterday in sinole at the vineyards when the fire broke out in the attic of one of the historic buildings
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there. the alameda firefighters saved the day and the cake, too. and time to go back live to juliette at levi stadium. you have some raiders news to tell us about tonight? >> reporter: i do. what a night for sports. the sports guys are so happy. can you believe it? here we are talking about the preseason game between the 9ers and broncos and all of the energy happening here when just across the bay, we have the raiders. they're in action and taking on the l.a. rams. earlier today, get this, the winners in lynch's beast mode of business competition got a chance to sell their products. one is selling a coloring book. the other a clothing line at a pop-up shop this weekend in oakland. >> reporter: know down the line for a career plan i do eventually want to make my own non-profit. i think this is a good start to the direction i want to go. >> i am a logo.
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representing the struggle. i represent that as myself. when i am an entrepreneur and trying to make things happen, there are a lot of barriers trying to take me down. >> reporter: the two teenagers were chosen from 30 high schools. lynch, the raiders running back and oakland native was among the judges. back out here live at levi stadium where we're waiting for the preseason kickoff at 7:00 p.m., the 9ers versus the broncos, kpix sports director dennis o'donnell here. you have raiders across the bay. you're covering the 9ers, having fun? >> it's a great night. the raiders know who their quarterback is. derek carr. what about the 49ers. how ready is brian hoyer for this morning to be the 49er tonight. that is the story when we continue from levi stadium.
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and i'm an arborist with i'pg&e in the sierras. the drought in california has killed trees on a massive scale.
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any of those trees that fail into power lines could cause a wildfire or a power outage. public safety is the main goal of our program. that's why we're out removing these hundreds of thousands of hazard trees. having tools and technology gives us a huge edge to identify hazard trees. my hope is that the work we're performing allows that these forests can be sustained and enjoyed by the community in the future. together, we're building a better california.
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and we've learned the plane was re -- mark ri . our top stories tonight, a deadly plane crash in oregon takes two lives. we have learned the plane was registered to a menlo park man, mark rich. a family membered he was flying to oregon for the total solar eclipse on monday. the plane went down short of the airport in madras, north of bend. there is no word yet what went wrong. a peaceful protest in downtown mountain view a few hours ago. the event was initially planned to countera march -- counter a march on the google campus. that march was meant to protest google's recent firing of an engineer who wrote a memo questioning women's role in text but it was cancelled.
6:33 pm
the moss set up a barricade around the civic plaza to control the crowds but everyone was peaceful. and californians eager to see a rare total eclipse heading to oregon. it's going to be partial down here. a full eclipse will be visible in many parts of the country on monday, but you have to head north of the bay area and north of california to see the complete affect. it's important to wear protective glasses to avoid harming your eyes. the last total solar eclipse was in 1918, although there have been several total eclipses over parts of the u.s. we'll have more news and previews of the niners taking on the broncos and a game to be broadcast live at 5 tonight.
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. >> hello everybody from lehave
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a stadium. -- levi stadium. we're closing in on the opening kick off of the 49ers versus the broncos. the last time the denver broncos were here was when they won the super bowl. a lot to remember for the broncos. alongside me is jeremy newberry. just a preseason game but there is a new general manager. and a new coach and quarterback. they seem to have the needle pointed in the right direction. >> definitely so. it's just the first week but at the end of the day, it was still the heck of a start from type theers. and the continuity needs to develop between the young receivers and the new quarterback. i hope we see that raise tonight. >> and just a cameo, really,
6:37 pm
half week. all eyes will be on brian hoyer tonight, who got to play two series in kansas city last week and completed one pass for three yards and was victimized and called back. the general manager john lynch did his best rodney dangerfield impression suggesting this quarterback gets no respect. >> we said from the beginning, you know, we want a franchise quarterback around here. a lot of people are making assumptions is brian a bridge and our response is that he's got the first crack of being that guy. i love the way he's embracing the opportunity every day. i think exceeded my expectations of how i thought he could play. >> reporter: yeah, i think lynch got a good look of who might be the team's backup. and hopefully they play well.
6:38 pm
tonight, the packers will be the first to get off of the bench. a couple of riders told me that hoyer is the best quarterback in this 49er camp since steve young. better than alex and colin kaepernick. and he shows true leadership in camp. >> that is some high praise, you know. y play with jeff garcia. at the end of the day, this guy is , you know, he's been in situations. he's been dealing with a philly situation, new coordinators, new teams over and over and over again. he is in a situation now and has a head coach. me applied the system before and there is familiarity there. was out of practice on thursday and thought he had a great command of the offense and i thought they did a great job and played against one of the best secondaries in football and the broncos doing it.
6:39 pm
they the the rest of them out there and it was definitely impressive for me to go out there and watch how precise and accurate he was. pierre garcon, thousands of yards last year and grissom, a different role than in buffalo the last few years. he's going to get many people to think he might have a breakout campaign. locate go to the backup. one of two third-rounders and barkley. the second team last week and what are the 49ers looking for in the rookie quarterback? >> and they're one play away from being a starter. you know, everybody knows that and with this game, you know, sometimes you need two and three and everything out of camp, obviously, they're going a fantastic job. where's a true leader and working everybody. doing everything he can to win the backup job. i think everyone knows it's
6:40 pm
number one and number two. >> and so far, the least on paper. it looks like the 49ers hit a home run in the draft. one preseason game does not a draft make. the broncos are in up to playing on the field since winning a super bowl. they were here to practice with san francisco. vern glen has more on that. >> reporter: all right, i am engulfed by part of the 49ers empire. how do you get noticed this in this game and graded? make a play when it looks like it might break down. that is what the coaching staff is looking for, especially met team that won super bowl l here shows up. the broncos arrived in santa clara on wednesday for the first of two joint practices. that were a productive couple of days minus a few scraps. the head coach kept his
6:41 pm
distance. >> are you someone that -- in the middle? >> i try to do what i can but that is not much. >> reporter: the broncos are back for the first time since winning super bowl l. >> i had a chance to watch practice at stanford last night, so that was fun. it's nice to come back and plus i was in the same room that we won the super bore at the hotel. >> while elway was reliving the past, jeremy rice was reliving it on the field. the 54-year-old hall-of-fame receiver ran a few routes and caught passes. needless to say, his contemporaries were impressed. >> and i thought jerry, i saw him halfway through stretch the hamstrings. he is jerry rice. he looked pretty good. >> and jerry rice. /80. he always looks good, huh?
6:42 pm
>> okay, they dawning a 49er uniform during practice this week. i still believe number 8y thinks he did can strap it on. >> i got the opportunity to play with jerry for three years. for spending that three years with him, he's never not going to be in shape his whole life. he'll be 80 years old and running around doing pushups and concerning. that is him to a tee. he prides himself numbering in shape. he worked harder than anyone else i saw. i took a lot of the stuff my whole football career from watching that man the way he practice. he's the go for a reason and when he's 70, he'll be out there. >> and trying. i think he's a role model for some of the young 49erss receivers. rookie ruben foster has been the talk of camp and getting ready on the field before the
6:43 pm
49ers kick it off again to the broncos here on kpix 5. foster was limited in practice with a shoulder injury and being loose like he will be ready for some reps tonight. there are many thoughts that the 49er general manager john lynch took a big risk in dropping foster because of the character and his shoulder injury. lynch has a defense. in friday's preseason game in kansas city, if it was any indication, this guy looks like a keeper. >> comes back to the post and there is a nice play. >> you know, i am about action. a killer mindset. and have the nose to the ball. don't let up. all gas, no brake. >> reporter: there is no first gear for ruben foster. the high-okay tape pace is reminiscent of the young linebacker out of penn state
6:44 pm
named navaro bowman. >> i am familiar with his nose and nose for the bar, a great thumb for. -- . >> a great thumper could be the title of a novel about foster himself, although he would not buy that book. >> and it's taken by fornet. he will have to reach back and grab the 5. the clocks expired and -- . >> y remember running down and i noticed leopard was getting the ball. where's a huge guy. every time on defense i hear them get a make. i was like wow, this is what they're doing. so, i was just running down and i got to him and man, take one for the team. [ laughter ] >>you took one for the team? >> yes, he also did. and -- . >> he's the one. [ laughter ] >> as you noticed on the sideline, i was hurting. >> oh, yeah. nobody ever hit him like that. >> reporter: this is the player
6:45 pm
they think they stole with the 31st pick in the grab because teams had questions, questions about his shoulder. >> how is your shoulder? >> it was great. great. >> reporter: questions about his character. >> the character, man, i am always smiling and take a bad situation or a positive situation. >> why do you think people have those concerns? >> some say the story that was out, some say the people i carry, but i think it's no such thing. you can't judge's book by its cover. >> reporter: if you look beyond the cover, the pages tell a story of a young man's past that impacted his present. it was 21 years ago that danny foster shot his estranged wife while she was holding an 18- month baby boy. he was hit with a bullet. that boy was danny's son ruben. danny foster was a fugitive for 16 years and finally apprehended in 2013. danny foster's 16-year run from
6:46 pm
the law is over. >> today is relief day and a day i can actually say i go can go to sleep. >> do you have a relationship with your dad now? >> we wrote some times when he was in prison but he, you know, i just forgave him. i had some things to say to him. but not too much. just a why. or how could you. >> reporter: danny foster is not el available for release until 2035 and he will never see his son play football. still, i asked ruben what it would be like to know his father was in the stands? >> you know what? it would be a great feeling, but, you know, my mom -- and the all-american game when everyone came to the game, they
6:47 pm
showed my mom his picture, how she was shaking. >> hmm. i don't think so. >> and losing's father, he gained a valuable lesson. he has two young children and wants to be the dad he never had. >> reporter: want to be a great dad, you know. a proud father. i don't want to ditch my children or do something bad to my children's mothers. >> as for his mother, she survived the shooting and was at her son's side when he chose alabama and will be there when ruben takes the field in a 49er uniform. >> my mom is a great woman, a great, fantastic woman. she taught me well. she disciplined me hard and made me learn a lot. >> reporter: his energy is contagious and his smile, infectious. as he begins the first chapter as a 49er, ruben foster knows it's up to him now.
6:48 pm
he is his own author. >> don't give anyone else the ability to write your story. you write your own story. >> reporter: ruben foster very engaging during that interview. he does have an infectious attitude and has a shoulder issue and will play tonight, but he did injure the shoulder. how big of a concern should that be for the 49ers right now? >> if he's playing in preseason number two game, that is not a big issue. obviously, they would take care of his health. the season is important and has to be something really minor for him to be out here. >> 31st overall, foster third in a row and he was a monster on the field last week against kansas city. they forced an interception and looks like they score lead in route 1. >> both played in a speed they're not playing with and the most impressive play i
6:49 pm
think, that i have seen on solomon thomas was just the six- yard game on the far side of the football field. the guy is playing the opposite side of the defense and runs as hard as he can. is this kind of hustle play you don't see often. and ruben foster plays at a different speed than anyone else. he is like a young bowman or willis. he is a top 5 pick outofffield issues. solomon thomas listed as second strength. do you expect him to win that job? >> that is his job to lose period. if he's healthy and ready to g he's one of the best starters. he will be there playing week one. >> and the 49ers will turn around the 14 season and that is going to have to be through the graft and by all indications so far so good. we're taking you up to kickoff on kpix 5. coming up, the
6:50 pm
national anthem controversy is back in the spotlight. back in santa clara. just because collin kaepernick is on doesn't mean the topic is. the general manager weighs-in next.
6:51 pm
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6:53 pm
high profile players marshawn lynch and michael bennet of the violence jot national anthem dominated week one of the nfl preseason high profile play as lynch and bennett took a seat in the wake of the violence in charlottesville, virginia, even though collin kaepernick is gone, the topic was trending here still in santa clara. >> personally when i see that, i think that is divisive. they have that right when they see things they not happy. we will always respect people's lights and doesn't mean i believe that. i believe this should be celebrated for what it is. a tremendous unify for our country. >> he raised eyebrows with the use of his word device of. he was able to clarify on knbr the next day. >> if i could take one thing back, i would have changed the word because of the negative connotation, but, you know, i was really trying to make the
6:54 pm
point that our game should be a beacon for what can be. i hope i expressed myself better on the positive side and what i failed to do the other day. >> reporter: okay, he took heat for the word divisive, what are your feelings on that? >> i think you call it what it is. there are a lot of people on the field, one of those issues that everyone has a strong opinion b. some people, no tolerance at all for sitting or kneeling during the national anthem and another thinks it's a great gesture. it is what it is. some people will feel is some way and others another way. everyone will have an opinion about it and it greats attention amongst players on the team. >> do you think collin capperric in will have a job in the -- collin kaepernick victim a job -- will have a job this year? >> they have to win games in the nfl. if you look at the number one reason why people quit watching
6:55 pm
the nfl last year, it was collin kaepernick taking the knee, they know it's about winning and money, but it's about money first. if people quick watching the game for whatever reason, they're going to try to get rid of the problem. >> okay. we'll know back to wrap it up as we count down to kickoff. the broncos and 49ers. next.
6:56 pm
6:57 pm
assistant coach this week.. sowers was with kyle shananhan as an intern last year in atlanta . >> katie sours is officially on the 49ers payroll. i talked to her last week in kansas city. she was then a coach's intern and she was hired by the 49ers, their first if male coach in team's history. will she be challenged and have to earn the respect from the players in ways that maybe male coaches won't? >> she's going to have to put the work in it and earn their trust by knowing the game and going out there and not working
6:58 pm
everyone else. she's the only female coach on staff and so, you know, some people will be skeptical to start with. at the end of the day, if she goes out there and takes the time to put the work in, people will respect her. >> she earned her trains to this point. -- her vines to the point. we have the national anthem going. we're saying goodbye. the 49ers and broncos next on kpix.
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
this is the official preseason television partner of the san francisco 49ers. kpix 5. tonight, the 49ers return to levi's stadium and clock in for another preseason test. >> i tell my wife all the time, very excited to go to work every single morning. >> no one is more excited than new quarterback brian hoyer. >> when i knew the 49ers wanted me, it was just a gut feeling. i didn't want to pass on the chance to play with kyle again. >> montana throwing in the end zone, caught! >> 49ers football. live from levi's stadium right now on the kpix sports network.


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