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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  August 19, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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near the path of the eclipse in oregon... what we're learning tonight.. about the plane's owner. good evening, i'm juliette goodrich... brian is off tonight. ashed around a small plane goes down in the path of the eclipse. it's in an area about 100 miles southeast of portland. that's a prime viewing spot for monday's total solar eclipse. katie nelson is in our newsroom with more on the deadly accident. >> reporter: two people were killed in that crash. the folks talked with at the airport told me the plane is hangered there and they've seen it around for the past few years. according to flight records it took off just before 11:00 this
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morning. but never made it to the landing spot in oregon. >> i heard the plane coming in. i heard it sputtering some which is not uncommon. we hear it quiet often so i didn't think much of it. then a few seconds, i heard the impact which is kind of a -- >> reporter: that sound was the impact of the small plane slamming into the side of the willow creek canyon in oregon. witnesses said the plane was in trouble right before it crashed. >> because of the high density altitude it looked like it stalled and i saw him spiraling down. >> reporter: the plane crashed less than a mile from the airport. those people were heading to the area to watch the eclipse. investigators say the pilot and the only passenger in the plane both died in the crash.
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the owner of the plane is mark rich in menlo park. a home built airplane that had a high performance. >> it's fully certified by the faa. it's gone through rigorous testing but just built outside of the regular manufacturing. the specifications that the faa dictates the airplane must maintain to the airworthiness qualifications. those airworthiness qualifications will be the same whether they were for a manufactured airplane or home built airplane. >> reporter: the names of those killed in the crash are not being released. right now the ntsb and faa are
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heading to the scene to investigate. katie nielson. three days later and the suspected ring leader is still on the lose. jared tucker was celebrating his first wedding anniversary with his wife. now the two families are trying to cope with the loss. >> we have a fishing trip in september and one in november. and it's hard to understand none of that is going to happen. >> reporter: there's a makeshift memorial for all of the victims in the attack. reporter seth done with all of the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: spanish authorities say they are making progress investigating the terror cell of 12 people behind the twin vehicle attack. today's spain interior minister said the cell had been
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dismantled. but police work continues both in the town of alcanar where a destroyed home may have been the bomb factory and 50 miles north of barcelona. that's where a number of the suspects lived. regional police say they're still trying to find 22-year- old unis abuyacu who's spanish media reports may have been the driver of that van in barcelona. security footage from a museum briefly shows the van careening by, even slowed down to show the sense of the speed which it was traveling. >> were you surprised an attack like this could happen in spain. >> no. >> why not? >> because it's very easy to do these attacks. >> reporter: the international affairs professor at the university of barcelona was taken back by something else. >> there's one 17 years old.
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he was a baby. >> reporter: that 17-year-old is musa okaber seen in elite police documents which reveals the other suspected baby faces of terror in spain. despite saying they were making progress with the investigation and deciding not to raise the threat level, spain's interior minister said today that they would be stepping up security at sensitive sites and places popular with tourists. seth doane, barcelona. and ionapolis says there will be a free speech week on campus from september 24th through the 27th. six months ago, milo came to cal to speak at the invita repu riots broke out on campus.
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prompting administrators to cancel the talk. >> i am going to bring all the people that left this campus and also extending the invitation to ideas. we really want to have a live demonstration of the value of liberalism. an open marketplace of ideas. >> reporter: he says he fully expects protests but is urging nonviolence on both sides. >> reporter: -- >> i want the violence to be verbal and on stage. i want people to come not knowing what they're going to expect. not knowing what they're going to hear. >> reporter: school officials have been cooperative so far and he hope that is continues. president trump tweeting his support for both police and demonstrators at a massive protest in boston. right wing activists gathered for a free speech rally but
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were outnumbered by counter protesters. an estimated 40,000 people showed up. police kept both sides separate as the event went on. more than two dozen people were arrested. after the event ended, president trump tweeted, looks like many anti police agitators in boston. police are looking tough and smart. later he added sometimes you need protests in order to heal and we will heal and be stronger than ever before. he also wrote, i want to applaud the many protesters in boston who are speaking out against bigotry and hate. our country will soon come together as one. the owner of a diner in one county wanted to do something to support the victims of the recent violence in virginia. so she took to social media. kpix5's devin feeley shows us how one idea had a huge response. >> they have to do something. stand up and get out of the way. it's becoming more and more acceptable to be intolerant.
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>> reporter: after a diet of truly negative headlines, the owner of a diner decided to do something to feed her customers soul. so she decided to donate all the money she made today. leslie found a large crowd willing to support. >> we need to be together. we're in this together. we're a country, we're americans. >> reporter: an idea far easier to digest than the stomach
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churning violence of the last week. devin feeley. >> the diner had about 300 followers on social media before this postnow there are over 6,000. chopper 5 over a rally many mountain view. several hundred turned out for what was supposed to be a march on google. the event was to protest the recent firing of an engineer that wrote an article about women in tech. >> i hope we can show what a peaceful congregation can look like. how a community can come together, share its values and do it in a peaceful and respectful ways. >> reporter: mountain view police said the event stayed peaceful the entire time. donned the red and goal for today's preseason open homer. the game ended in a loss for
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san francisco. andrea borba shows us although it wasn't a super bowl someone did leave with a ring. >> reporter: you know that old sports probe of we'll get them next year. for raiders fans, next year has arrived. after an abysmal season, raiders faithful are ready to have their football faith renewed. >> when you coach what we have. it's going to fix everything. i have confidence that the whole season is going to turn around. we're going to win more. and people think -- we're going to have the same record as the raiders, cowboys. we're going to be better than them that's for sure. >> reporter: and stop clinging to the past thanks to a new front office and coaching staff. >> i'm hoping for the best. >> reporter: for the first preseason game at levi's stadium versus the broncos,
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there was meat on the grill. players on the field,. >> who's your favorite 49er? >> all of them. >> reporter: and in the parking lot. >> niner game, niner game we're in here. >> reporter: and love in the air as players and fans alike recommitted themselves to a golden new future. on and off the field, feeling the love at levi's stadium. andrea borba, kpix5. >> congratlations to the happy couple fabian and glenda. bern will have the full report from the stadium. evacuations under way right now in yosemite. >> has anybody else stopped you? >> they have, i saw quite a bit of them on the road. >> more from this california
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family who are on the ultimate eclipse road trip. what the dad is being forced to sell along the way. >> just ahead, we'll send in the clouds for tomorrow morning but not for long. there's a few changes in the forecast. we document the changes coming up.
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run after this stunt. he used a fork- lift to steal a bank's a-t-m! ght the we have new video tonight. a suspect in arkansas is on the run after this stunt. he used a forklift to steal a bank atm. surveillance video caught the man in the bank drive through.
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we now know the name of the suspect shot and killed last week by livermore police. officers got a call about a man acting strangely. 54-year-old mitkiff barricaded himself in his home eventually setting it on fire. four officers fired killing him. the case is still under investigation. all four officers have been placed in investigative leave. a bride and groom watched as the reception went up in flames. it happened yesterday at elison vineyards. firefighters saved the day and the cake. the event was moved to near by casa bella where the celebration continued. investigations because of a 3,000 wildfire. the south fork fire is burning just over a mile from the community of walona. people there now forced out by
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the flames including guests at the big trees lodge. some homeowners had to make tough decisions about what to take with them. >> mostly the personal stuff. clothes, pictures, family heirlooms different things like that. i have a dresser that my grandfather gave me and i had to bring that with me. >> reporter: the fire is also threatening a grove of giant secoia trees and also creates hazardous air quality throughout the park. tonight the fire is just 10% contained. full containment could take a couple of weeks? lots of californians are on the move tonight. ken bastida is in salem and shows us a central valley family on the ultimate eclipse road trip. >> reporter: the oregon department of transportation is expecting thousands of visitors to cram into the central part of the state over the next
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three days to watch the eclipse. people like juan perela and his wife and kids who had a sign painted on the back of their suv. offering safe eclipse viewing glasses so we pulled them over. >> what does that say on the back of your truck. >> it says authentic eclipse glasses. no imitation, be safe. and my number. i'm charging for them. >> has anybody else stopped you? >> they have. i've sold a couple of them. >> reporter: he freaked out when amazon sent them a letter that they could not authenticate the glasses. so he went straight to nasa and verified they were fake so he bought new ones. he needs to unload some. in the meantime, thought his
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three boys would like a day or two off from school in fresno to see this thing. >> it's going to be in our part of the world. i figured, we're only a few hours away, let's take a road trip. a project for the kids. talked to the teachers and it's an excused absence as long as they do a report. >> reporter: you're a good dad. you're a good dad. what makes this trip so special. what's the big deal? >> to be honest, like my dad says it's a once in a lifetime deal. and you're going to remember it for the rest of your life. >> reporter: 20 years from now he'll be telling his own kids about the great eclipse. and how pops had to unload 200 pairs of glasses at $15 a piece. >> reporter: juan did offer me a good deal on those eclipse glasses but i had to pass on it because as you can see, i
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already have my eclipse goggles. along a busy interstate 5, i'm ken bastida, kpix5. >> all right we'll have more reports from ken tomorrow and monday. you'll have the perfect vantage point along the path of totality. also cbs news will deliver a full day of coast to coast coverage on monday. it all kicks off with a special report on monday. overnight lows pretty much in the 50s tonight. that's how we will start off sunday morning. afternoon highs mid-80s in inland. but low clouds will be moving in. numbers inland will still be in the mid-80s. by monday the numbers are going to be coming inland into the
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mid-80s. so a minor cooling trend as that offshore pressure becomes to move in. what will be a partial solar eclipse in the area. this is monday. 75% of the sun will be eclipsed. and it'll be a little dicey to see it near the shoreline with low clouds burning off and never never never look at the sun directly. make sure you have eye protection if you're going to give that eclipse on monday a shot. a lot happening for tomorrow. the soul festival in oakland. sunshine 75. stern grove festival still on the cool side at 63 degrees in san francisco. sunday streets sf. 65degrees looks pretty nice. overnight lows tonight don't look bad either. the numbers get down into the low 60s. a few low 60s inland. thunder bumper is up in the hills.
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central valley plenty warm with redding above 100 tomorrow. back in the bay area another fairly typical day. 83 at santa rosa. 85 at fair field. 87 in livermore. 73 in oakland. sunny all day inland and the numbers cool down a little bit on monday but the entire week ahead looks very mild for the bay area and no major changes except for the sun. monday partial solar eclipse in the bay area. have a look but do it carefully and have a great rest of your weekend. >> here at levi's stadium. the spirit was willing for the 49ers. but the performance, eeh. it was a good night, for the broncos. come on back, we have the low lights.
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happened... new head coach k nfl up top, back here at levi's stadium. it's not so much that the 49ers lost, it was the way it happened with the incoming denver broncos. let's just roll it up. mike shanahan, i'm sorry. son of mike shanahan kyle shanahan the levi's stadium debut. the ball slipped out of his hand. my gosh. when is the last time that happened. final minute of the half, trevor semien trying to win a different position. to george kettle who barreled over man. 29-yard scoring play.
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110yards. late in the game it's 33-7. victor bolden jr. found a little seam. and he gone. 104-yard kick return. nice way to end the night the bronco's did win the game final of 33-14. >> longer, give him a chance to get into some type of rhythm where we could evaluate a little bit more. >> i don't think any of us should be pleased right now. regardless if it's a preseason game or regular game. you should feel displeased with the performance. how do we look internally and make the corrections or do we just say it's a preseason game we'll move on. raiders lynch open coliseum debut against the rams. here's another former bear jared goff under center.
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opening round. found cooper cup 23-yard scoring play. first offensive play. lynch broke off a 6-yard run. two carries, and called it a night. played for the first time since breaking his leg. found lee smith for a 19-yard touchdown. carr had those touchdown passes in an interception. it's 17-14. conner cook, johnny holton, 17 yards scored. oakland winning by a score. over a minute to play, sean minian connected with josh riddle for the game winning touchdown. rams won the game 24-21 as the raiders fall to 0-2 in the preseason. you think i'm done? no, no. i'm coming back with a baseball sign. how did it fair for the giants and how did it fair for the
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oakland a's. i got answers.
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my name is cynthia haynes and i am a senior public safety specialist for pg&e. my job is to help educate our first responders on how to deal with natural gas and electric emergencies. everyday when we go to work we want everyone to work safely and come home safely. i live right here in auburn, i absolutely love this community. once i moved here i didn't want to live anywhere else. i love that people in this community are willing to come together to make a difference for other people's lives. together, we're building a better california.
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closed captioning brought to you by living spaces. all right hey. baseball back with the giants and unlike the last couple of days, giants did not pace on
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the phillies tonight. no hey everybody let's get married and go to the giants game. bottom of the first, first pitch of the inning. talk about hit the bricks. that one kicked away. span came all the way around for an inside the park home run. the first of its career. jumped to the top of the fifth. it's 7-4 philadelphia. kelly broke the game open with a grand salami. part of a 7-1 phillies inning as they went on to win it final of 7-9. make way for the ryan express. the hall of famer nolan ryan front seats. gonzalez it's a single all of graveman that brought home two runs. astros won it by a final of 3- 0. oakland now has won three straight. over to soccer, we have the earthquakes against philadelphia in the final
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minutes. when union joshua yaro committed a penalty so that gave san jose a chance to tie the match on a penalty kick and buried it right in the back of the net. equate able to salvage a 2-2 draw. don't move. we're coming right back.
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that's it for us at 11:00. thanks so much for watching. we'll see you back here at 11:00.
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