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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  August 20, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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know, kind of thing, people are like up for it, you know? kind of different than like a new year's eve party where it is nighttime and everybody is partying crazy like that, at the same time, really exciting, something you don't get to see all the time, once in like 90 years or something. >> planetary, once in a lifetime. >> my goal is have mimosas and chocolate pancakes on the event day. >> reporter: body painting? >> yep. body painting. >> reporter: that sounds like it just goes together with solar eclipses so well. >> yeah, yeah, a perfect-- art and eclipse. one in the same. >> reporter: like i said, there is something in the air, or in the case of robert, aka, the man on top of the van. ♪ >> gives a great energy, i mean, i have just been here less than an hour, and i have already been
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received well and i love the energy, everybody is happy about what is going on. i don't normally get that. i mean, i do, but just not everybody is happy all at once. ♪ >> reporter: the man on the van came by a few minutes ago and he is a little bummed because he broke one of the strings on that base, so he can't play anymore. but i told him about the possibility of chocolate pancakes, mimosas and body painting, cheered him up. >> thanks, see you back in a bit. here in the bay area we will only see a partial eclipse, it will start after 9:00 a.m., peaking 10:15 over after 11:30, watch parties are happening all over, including the space and science center in oakland. house park in san jose, and the cal academy of sciences in san francisco, can't make it?
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no problem. nasa will offer a free live stream. will we be able to see the sun tomorrow morning? kpix 5 chief meteorologist paul is here. >> depends where you wish to view it from. low cloud cover spilling into san francisco and san francisco bay. temperatures comfortable outside, 60s and 70s, lets talk about tomorrow morning. the good news is inland there will be no cloud cover tonight, nor tomorrow morning, a lit elal hazy. -- little hazy. no issues away from the water tomorrow. near the bay, morning clouds are already arriving, burning off during the eclipse. i think you get a view, maybe not right at 9:00. at the coast, likely is going to be cloudy for you, if you want to see the eclipse, head inland. 75% of the sun will be blocked at the peak of the eclipse over the bay area tomorrow morning, that will occur at 10:15, it begins after 9:00, the most blockage, the highest blockage of the sun, 10:15, i will call it low clouds burning off.
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in the process of clearing, i think you will get a view of the eclipse, even in san francisco, you heard it a number of times, i will tell you once more, do not look directly at the sun unless you have the proper glasses, it can be very dangerous, back to you. >> thanks. details on the bay area based plane that went down in the oregon town of madras, along the path of the eclipse. officials stated yesterday that two people died in the crash, that was based on the hotel reservation made in their names, but after speaking to family and friends, they have confirmed the pilot made the trip alone. the home built plane is registered to a man named mark rich. it is unclear if he was the one flying it at the time. one person was killed when a car ran over a cliff in santa clara county overnight, it happened before 1:00 a.m. along highway 17 near hebard road. one man who saw it happen scrambled down to try to save the people in the car. >> car just lost control,
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flipped, go down the hill, couple of branches, kept going. i go down there, i was like-- lady, i am here. >> one person in the car died at the scene. the other was rushed to the hospital. no word yet on what caused the crash. new at 6:00, two murder suspects who fled to the bay area after a deadly stabbing faced a judge in chicago today. reporter sandra torres on the chilling details that came out in court. >> defendant warren told the police the victim had no idea what was coming. >> reporter: it was premedicated murder, that is what prosecutors said as they laid out the case against former northwestern prfessor windham lathem and oxford employee, andrew warren. >> several months, communicated through an internet chat room about carrying out their sexual fantasy of killing others and then themselves. >> reporter: they were quiet in court as prosecutors went through the timing of events, saying lathem paid for warren's
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ticket to travel to the u.s. from england to fulfill their fantasy. >> after the victim went to sleep in defendant lathem's apartment, lathem text defendant warren it was time to kill trenton. >> reporter: prosecutors said warren used a dry wall knife with a 6-inch blade to carry out the attack on july 27 and kill lathem's boyfriend, 26-year-old 20en cornell. >> defendant lathem stabbed the victim over and over in the neck and chest area. the victim woke up and began to scream and fight back. >> reporter: the medical examiner reports the victim had a total of 70 stab wounds, his head nearly decapitated. >> our client, dr. windham lathem is a distinguished microbiologist, as an associate professor at northwestern-- >> reporter: defense attorneys presented that, the yuj denied bail saying "the heinous facts speak for themselves. lathem did not make statements
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to police but prosecutors say he did send a video to family and friends saying the murder was not an accident and that he is not the person people thought he was. reporting from chicago, sandra torres for kpix 5. back here in the bay area, neighbors in santa rosa came out for a block party to support a family that was a target of the hate crime. three nights ago someone spray painted the y-word on the garage-- n-word on the garage door, the people are from fiji. people brought food and home made signwise supportive messages. the man renting the house says that in a surprising twist the person who commitd the vandalism came forward and apologized on friday. >> he told us why, he blamed alcohol and the fact that the same night before he did what he did, his truck was vandalized. >> a surveillance camera captured the suspect in the act and police do have the video but so far it is not clear if they
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are pressing any charges. big scene in san jose this afternoon, more than 500 people turned out for a unity rally, including the mayor, the police chief, our betty yu is at the emanuel baptist church with more. >> reporter: hi, this is the south bay's way of healing and bringing together people of all faeths in light of what happened in charlottesville. the service here wrapped up in the last hour, and at one point people sang, they held hands, and that was their way of showing that the world needs more love, more unity at this time, and this community will not stand for bigotry and racism. many community leaders, including mayor and san jose police chief were here and signed a pledge stating that they will always work together to combat white supremacy and build a community of equality. >> obviously far away from here, but it is still our country, and we can't allow this community, as i mentioned, our kids are
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watching, we can't let this community know that that is okay. we are not going to stand silently while these things happen. >> reporter: just about every pew inside the church was packed with worshipers and organizers tell us that they were able to pull this rally together in a matter of days, and the strong showing this evening is really a testament to how much the community care s and wants to set an example for the rest of the country. live in san jose, betty yu, kpix 5. some san francisco leadererize still trying to push-- leaders are still trying to push the park leaders to deny a permit at crissy field, patriot prayer wants to gather there saturday but thousands of counterprotesters are expected to join them. board of supervisor president, london breed, told our phil matier there are safety issues to consider. >> what do you say to people who say, no, this is rhetoric, what you are saying is you don't want the speech, you don't want them here, free speech, no dice.
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>> they are putting out the free speech of the things that they want to say on a regular basis, so why is it that they have to come specifically to crissy field, specifically to san francisco, to push their agenda, one that they know is going to turn out violently? >> because they know that coming to san francisco is going to push your button, you are going to react the way you are reacting right now and they are going to have a story about san francisco denying them the right of free speech. >> the national park service is reviewing the permit and will make an announcement sometime this week. speaking of free speech, conservatives out lying plans for a cal come back. >> my hope is lots of people show up on both sides, as long as peace faebl. >> he tells us why he is hoping a very different type of fighting breaks out this time around. plenty of students not enough teachers at least not in the bay area, why bay area school district is going over seas to staff its classrooms. one bay area city is
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keeching kaegs-- keeping a closer eyes thon streets.
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fighting crime.. with cameras. like many other california cities: clayton has just one east bay community is fighting crime with cameras like many other california cities, clayton has just installed video cameras and special license plate readers on roads leading into town. every plate is being run through a criminal data base, police say no one will be getting a traffic ticket . er this is strictly for crime,ft sr a ctorinme occurred v that we cd use and extract and hopefully prosecute. >> the new system is completely automated and managed by an outside firm, clayton police are alerted overly when the system detects a suspicious plate from the state-wide data base. looking for a job? bay area schools have plenty. they are been struggling with a teacher shortage for years. but finding the right candidates isn't easy. one district has taken the
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search over seas. >> reporter: oakland students go back to school monday. and that means crunch time for miss martinez. she geting the cloop ready for her kind-- classroom ready for her kindergarten class at green leaf elementary with the help of fellow teachers. in fact, all seven are returning teachers recruited from spain in the last couple of years. >> and really, really happy because it is my third year in the same classroom, same school that gives me more balance in my teacher. >> reporter: every year districts across the country can't hire enough special education and bilingual teachers, ousc fills some by going to mexico and spain. >> i get the question a lot, why aren't you recruiting our local diverse talent for spanish bilingual programs? the truth is there is a national teacher shortage, and even more so in spanish bilingual. >> aside from the returning international teachers, ousd
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hired 7 new ones, two from mexico, and five from spain. >> little nervous. >> reporter: miss barbara landed in the bay yir for the first time-- area for the first time three weeks ago. >> looking for a house, saying prayers, going to training. like, all happening at the same time. >> reporter: she will teach 8th grade math and science at east oakland middle school. she spent five years teaching in mexico. >> to give them, beloved them tolerance and solidarity. >> reporter: in martinez' class, she is ready to kick things off. >> it is really hard but all hard experiences make you stronger. >> reporter: educators say the long-term fix is to get more kids into the education field, some solutions include increasing teacher salaries, and providing more support for existing teachers to prevent them from leaving. in oakland, i am da lin. in the north bay, a clash over classroom space in marin,
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it centers on white hill middle school in fair fax, the state allocated eight classrooms at white hill for the ross valley charter school, but some parents complain the charter school doesn't need that much space because they their enrollment is far less than first projected. to make room for the charter students, 800 middle schoolers at the regular school are being crammed into space meant for just over 500. >> they converted flux space, they converted teacher break rooms, dedicated special education space. >> having the classrooms have too many kids, it is too loud and harder to learn. >> the charter school operatorerize offering one classroom back before school starts on wednesday, but parents say four or five should be returned. tomorrow, solar eclipse providing the perfect opportunity to spread light on the science behind us. >> reporter: the only thing hotter than the sun these days
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is demand for the glasss to watch the eclipse. you can't find them anywhere. but the lawrence hall of science in berkeley was offering a pair as a perk to members. >> what can you see right now? >> nothing. >> reporter: there will be plenty to see tomorrow morning, but today the hall gave a preview to visitors about the celestial event, guests made sun print photographers and created pin hole viewers, some seemed unclear on the concept. >> i think it was like a black thing with a kind of yellow stuff around it. >> reporter: staff also explained how size and distance have to line up for this unusual sight to occur. the sun about 440 times the size of the moon, which is like comparing a strawberry to the fourth bore of the kald caught tunnel t. is 400 times further away, which is why they can seem to be the same size. >> we have known it was coming and a lot of us just love the
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chance to see a spectacle that a total eclipse has. here in berkeley we get the minor spectacle of partial eclipse. >> reporter: here, about 75% of the stun will be blocked but-- sun will be blocked but still enough light to seem like a cloudy day, but unlike overcast, the light will cast sharp shadows that, when shown through round holes, will reveal the crescent shape of the eclipse. the last total eclipse in north america was 1979, and the next will be in 2024, so parents are marking this is as important milestone . >> they have never seen it before and it will be quite a long time before they see it again, to see it as a family is exciting. >> reporter: john ramose, kpix 5. the lawrence hall of science will open to the public tomorrow 8:00 a.m. for an eclipse gathering, whether or not the sky is clear enough to see it, the person to tell us about it, this guy, paul. >> i like the phrase weather or
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not. if you are talking to your kids, the earth is big, moon is big, sun is big, for a point in tomorrow morning they will all be completely in a straight line. 93 million miles between us and the sun, and the moon will be on that straight line as well. kind of cool. here is your high temperatures for today, 86 in san ramon, pittsburgh, 83. palo alto upper 70s, mill valley, 69 marin county. pacifica, with afternoon sunshine, 66. numerous thunderstorms are winding down, and also heading down hill, down toward el dorado county and placerville, still lightning strikes west of lake tahoe. if you know somebody coming home on highway 50, just give them a text and tell them they may encounter rainfall leaveing the lake tahoe area. no rain here but the big question is will we have cloud cover tomorrow morning for the eclipse? at the coast, yes, i think it will be cloudy. pacifica, not the best place to
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watch the eclipse. low tonight, 56. conquered, 60, san kaegs concord, 60, san jose, 62 for the low. beautiful set up for weather the next several days, low pressure to the south, high pressure to the west, both of those feeding in a light to moderal onshore flow keeping our weather quiet, will not be hot, will not be cold, it will be pleasant but frankly all that most folks want to know, is am i able to see the eclipse? the answer, for the most part, yes. 7:00 in the morning, might be a little freaked out because it will be pretty cloudy, even snoeka and marin county-- sonoma and marin county. 9:00, when it begins, the clouds begin to burn off and look at the lack of cloud cover or marin, san francisco, alameda county, by 11:00. we will see improving weather conditions as the eclipse actually is happening. futurecast calls for that ridge to stay close to the west coast, stay close to california, but stay offshore, which will mean the feed from the ocean continues and any heat will stay far away from the bay area. 80s tomorrow, livermore,
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concord, mid 80s. napa, 79. oakland, high of 70. san francisco, 67. away from the coastline i think you will see the eclipse tomorrow. generally 80s inland, 60s to low 70s near the bay, all week long. and we will trendilateal hotter likely hitting the low 90s away from the water next saturday and next sunday. that is your forecast, over to dennis. okay, paul, derek carr and kahlil mack that sent a message to the country. a battle that put the giants hold off elimination for one day, we are next.
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battling for the division crown with the dodgers.. instead, ' the phill in april you are thinking, come august the giants would battle for division crown with the dodgers, instead fighting the phillies for the worst record in baseball. as they say, if it walks like a dock, talks like a-- duck, talks like a duck-- madison allowing 1 run in 6 innings but look at the shot to left, rider jones across the giants take a 2-1 lead.
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could the bullpen hold it it? all year long, kim serves up to left field, off mark, cameron perkins is coming home. here comes the throw from jered parker, the tag, he is out. philadelphia, though, would break through in the 8th, hor hay just barely gets one over tomlinson's head, game tied, a blown save for hubter hunter strickland. pedro gets another through the right side, 2-run score in the single, 4-2 phillies, strickland gave up 3 runs on 6 hits. giants loaded the bases bottom of the 8, sandoval, this pitch is in his zone, but he missed it. hector narris struck him with a heater. giants lose 5-2, split the 4-game set with philadelphia, giants have 50 wins, phillies, 45. a's and astros look at the kid, initial thought he had-- he got it.
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look at that old throw-back uni. mark semian, ground ball to short, alex breadman tries to throw 2nd for the force out. bad idea, rolls down the right foold line, boom, pow-- field line, boom, pow, scores. gonzalez cuts off the throw to the play, fires down leftfield line, you get the point. gets up and completeathize little league home run. cotton looking for his first win since june 23ered, bottom of the 2, cotton knocks down the come backer with his hand to get the out, 2 runs over 6 and 2/3 inning. bottom of the 9, blake with 1-run lead. freezes, jake to end the game, 6-out save for a's beat the astros 3-2 to avoid being swept. man, back to the drawing board for the 49ers who had 5 turnovers against denver last night, they lost by 19 in front of their home town crowd. brian horner completed 8 of 11 passs for 89 yards bullet
6:25 pm
committed the 49ers most embarrassing turnover over the night, let the ball score out of his hands and the broncos recovered the ball. >> quarterback asked when was the last time that happened? maybe few years ago in practice, neverane game. worst feeling, you go to through the ball, you look and have no idea where it is, literally is the worst feel yg have had as a quarterback. 49ers hit minnesota next weekend. derek carr preseason debut, ready for week one in nashville. 109 and 2 touchdowns, before the game, carr and kahlil mack side by side, carr put his hand on mack's shoulder, with so much attention now on the anthem the raiders two stars decided to get their message across. >> obviously we are not protesting, you know, we are not doing anything like that. what we wanted to do is show all the kids that look up to me, look up to him, that white kids,
6:26 pm
black kids, brown kids, blue, green, doesn't matter, can all be loving to each other, and that is what me and kahlil are, best friends and we love one another. the only reason we did that is to unify people. pga in greensboro, final round, windham championship, martin plor ezlow round of the day and shot of the day, ace on 16. finished tied for 7th place. snider making a charge of his own, one shot back on 18, almost grabbed the outright lead but just past the hole, snider would never get a chance to put the share on the board because moments later stenson with long birdie on 17 to get to 22 under, birdied for the final 6 holes, catch of the year, pennsylvania's jake regenlee over the wall to make the catch, jake's team may have lost the
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game but he will have quite a story to tell at school tomorrow. won't have to tell that at school because everybody will see it on espn top 10. >> got it, got it. >> good for him. >> thank you, dennis. i want people yelling as long as they don't throw things at each other. >> his last visit to cal didn't end well, how milo is hoping to spark peaceful free speech showdown when he comes back next month. on the eve of a major u.s. military exercise, a nuclear warning from north korea. coming up, a visit to a unique state park, how a former slave's vision of freedom led to alensworth.
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our top story at six-thirty: milo yiannopoulos: back in the d.. uc berkeley, the place where free speech movement started, become, ironically, one of the places most hostile to free expression in the country. >> our top story 6:30, milo yiannopoulos diskging his plans for a cal-- discussing his plans for a cal come back, the conservative fire brand said he is organizing a free speech week on campus. he said he wants people to battle with words. >> we have given uc berkeley one last chance to rebeam themselves, i was thinking half a million dollars into a week-long festival of free speech. >> reporter: the last time milo yiannopoulos was at uc berkeley it did not go well, protesters caused about $100,000 in damages to the campus and the event was canceled. the plug was also pulled on events featuring conservative speakers ann colter and dan hor
6:31 pm
wits. >> uc workly, the place where the free speech movement started, has become ironically one of the places most hostile to free expression in the whole country. >> reporter: each of the four days has a theme, first is feninism awareness day, second is the religion of peace, third is silicon valley, last is the higher education establishment. >> we are going to bring all the people that, you know, left the campus hate the most but extending invitations to liberals, we want debates, battles of idea, a live demonstration of the value of liberalism, open market place of ideas. >> reporter: he plans to give the first mario sabio award, named after the leader of the 1960 free speech movement and will present the award to ann coulter, we asked if he would be disappoint fd people don't show up to protest. >> i don't think it is a realistic process that people will not show up to protest. my hope is that lots of people
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show up on both sides, as long as peace faebl, i want people yelling as long as they don't throw things at each other. >> yiannopoulos says school officialvise been cooperative so far and he hopes that continues. his visit will be a test for uc berkeley's chancellor, she says protecting free speech is a top priority in the coming school year and plans to hold community education and outreach programs on the issue of free speech. >> yes, would i rather spend the dollar in different ways? absolutely. i would rather have more sections of computer science classs for undergraduates but it is critical for us to protect free speech and we will extend what we need to in order to do that. >> conservative commentator ben shapiro is is set to speak next month. reportedly agreeing to pay $15,000 for security for the event. the week since the deadly
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violence in charlottesville, some tech companies begun blocking neo-nazi and white supremacist organizations, including websites like the daily stormer, apple pay, and pay pal stopped processing payments to certain groups, but the electronic frontier foundation says the move set a dangerous precedent for free speech, and online statement the digital rights group wrote protecting free speech is not something we do because we agree with all of the speech that gets protected. we do it because we believe that no one, not the government and not private commercial enterprises should decide who gets to speak and who doesn't. breaking news right now, the us navy says 10 sailorerize missing after the u.s.-- uss john mccain collided with a merchant ship east of singapore, at least 5 others are hurt. the us destroyer was make agport visit at the time but it is unclear how the collision happened. search and rescue efforts are now under way, we will keep you
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updated. north korea is warning that upcoming military exercises tweeb the u.s. and south cre-- between the u.s. and south korea could lead to uncontrollable nuclear war, the drills are set to start tomorrow. tensions between the u.s. and north korea have been building rapidly in recent months. just last week yang said it finalized a plan to fire four missals at guam, the north viewathize drill as pract frs an envision, but the u.s. insists they are purely defensive. >> very transparent on what we are doing just to avoid miscalculation, north korea knows this is a fully defensive, for whatever they may say, for public consumption, they know this is a defensive exercise. >> the had day exer-- 10-day exercise with more than 17,000 service members. rex tillerson says peaceful diplomatic pressure is the
6:35 pm
preferred wait to halt the nuclearm amam-- nuclear ambitions. we may learn more tomorrow, president trump plans to address the nation on america's engagement in southern asia and also afghanistan, you can watch his remarks live on kpix 5 at 6:00 p.m. people in barcelona observed a moment of violence to remember victims of thursday's deadly terror attacks. local muslims were joined by hundreds of others at a sight where a van killed 13 people on thursday. at city hall, tourists are writing in books of condolances. >> i think no matter what nationality or religious background you have, anyone who is humecon come and see the deep power that solidarity has. >> three days of mourning are concluded this evening, a bay area man was aevening the people killed in barcelona. jered tucker of lafayette was on vacation with his wife to celebrate their first anniversary. a sad day in the
6:36 pm
entertainment world, ledgeeredary comedian and humanitarian jery lewis passed away, he got his career started at the age of 19 along side dean martin, for 10 years they performed on tv, radio, and in the movies. for the next several decades he made audiences laugh on his own which he said he was his gift to fans. >> laughter helps us get through the stupid things that paul tegzs do-- politicians do, laughter is our secret, most important device is to laugh. >> the role of his lifetime was hosting the annual telethon for the muscular dystrophy association, over the years the even raised more than $1.5 billion for jery's kids. jery lewis is survived by his wife and six children, he was 91 years old. still to come, thinking of heading north to get a better viewf the eclipse? even if you hit the road right now you may already be too late,
6:37 pm
but our ken bastida made it. >> reporter: i am ken bastida in salem, oregon, and we are going to tell you the shocking details of what scientists are telling us people will see here tomorrow.
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6:39 pm
you may alredy be too late. thinking of heading north to check out tomorrow's total eclipse? you may already be too late. the chp sent out this cautionary tweet saying approximately 200 million californians are within a day's drive of the path of total eclipse, this may cause delays on northbound i-5. our ken bastida has been in oregon all weekend, he joins us live from salem. ken, how is it looking there ? crowded? >> reporter: well it is crowded but it is not the, you know, the catastrophe that i thing a lot of people have predicted, to be honest with you. you know, there are people moving in to town, and there are a lot of people here, for sure, but there were a lot of rumors that cell phone service would stop, sewers would back up, not enough water for people. none of that has happened. a little bit like y2k in that
6:40 pm
sense, a lot of rumors, but not a lot of fact. what has moved in is a little cloud cover, not a whole lot. we hope will be gone by tomorrow morning. now there are a lot of people in town, as i say, and a lot of scientists from nasa, oregon, of course, is the first state to experience the total eclipse, and it will be a first for many of the scientists as well. >> so it will get as dark as about a moon lit night, we may be able to see some stars, some planets, and for a minute and 43 seconds here in salem, oregon, it will get pretty cold, it may drop, the temperature may drop 10-30 degrees. >> reporter: that is molly wauser, an astrophysicist from godered on the east coast. she is probably going to be an astronaut some day, she is doing her work on the ground right
6:41 pm
now. she tells me to expect a lot of weird things. she mentioned the temperature dropping from 10-30 degrees, she also said that the sky will get as dark as a moon lit night. that is pretty dark, and this is 10:00 in the morning, of course, she also mentioned one thing i keend of wondered, she said, you know, the literature says people get very, very emotional. it is not uncommon for people to stand out in the open and just start crying, it is that overwhelming, and so, we brought a box of tissues just to be on the safe side. >> you emotional guy. okay, where are you going to be exactly? you and your photographer, bob horn, where will you be stationed? >> reporter: well, this is really cool, actually we will be at the san francisco giants single-a baseball club stadium, the volcanoes play here in salem, and they are going to be-- they have a game scheduled at 9:00, and this is history making, because they are going
6:42 pm
to stop the game to observe the total eclipse and then resume it about 15 minutes later and they told us that it is the first time major league baseball, a game has actually been stopped by an eclipse. >> wow. >> little history. >> absolutely. sports history, look forward to that, thanks so much. have fun up there and keep it here on kpix 5 for complete eclipse coverage, ken will have live reports all day tomorrow and cbs news will deliver a full day of coverage from coast to coast, it all kicks off with a 2-hour special report starting at 10:00 a.m. >> kind of cool if you think about it t will go dark like night in the middle of the day in parts of the country tomorrow. we are getting dark here because of the cloud cover, oakland, sun glistening off the bay. san francisco already in the clouds. are you going to see the partial eclipse that will get here? the answer in your forecast, coming up.
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of t gest of all time. third-largest of all time. the grand prize for wednesday's drawing now stands dollars.. feeling lucky? the power ball jackpot is now the 3rd largeest of all time, the grand prize for wednesday's drawing now stands $650 million, as for whether we will get lucky with the forecast for tomorrow's eclipse, here is paul. >> we will get a crescent sun around here, hear about totality, that is to the north beginning in oregon leebing the country in south carolina, the
6:46 pm
shadow of the moon will travel. go inland here, hazy but clear skies, no problem seeing the eclipse which begins after 9:00 hitting the peak 9:15. there will be morning clouds near the bay, burning off. i think you will be okay. at the coast, especially toward ocean beach, likely cloudy to see the eclipse you will have to head inland. low cloud cover streaming over san francisco, 60 right now in the city. 76 in san jose and 75 in concord, temperatures very comfortable out today. tonight they drop to around 60. mountain view, 62, pacifica, foggy, 56. ridge centered to our west, low pressure centered off the california southern california coastline, both of these will continue to feed in just enough of the ocean influence to keep our weather quiet and keep temperatures near or a couple degrees cooler than average for the foreseeable future. tomorrow, 7:00, two hourber before the eclipse, cloudy near the bay, clouds beginning to in
6:47 pm
the at 9:00, by 11:00, they are gone. they have burned back to the coast. i think we see improving weather conditions in san francisco. vallejo tomorrow for a high, 78. fremont, 77. 83 in fairfield. sunshine in san jose, 72. santa rosa, 81. san francisco, 67. near normal temperatures, upper 60s, low 70s near the bay, mid to upper 80s inland&low 60s for the coastline through the week, slightly warmer, low 90s likely inland next saturday and next sunday. that is your forecast, we will be right back.
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who are these people? the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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land.. we would like to take you on a trip back in time when california was the promised land, a former slave settled a town where his dream of freedom would become a realty.
6:50 pm
that place still exists today. it is the town of allensworth between fresno and bakersfield, now a state historic park. kpix 5's kristen takes us on a tour. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: if you didn't know it was here, you might never find it. this is allensworth. a blink and you will miss it, former agricultural town, in the middle of california, four hours from san francisco, three hours from los angeles, suspended in time, just the way it looked a hundred year ago. >> welcome to the general store, this is a business, operation of zeb heinzman and his wife, sarah. >> reporter: it is not just any park. >> the only california state park that deals with black history. >> reporter: in the hay day, it
6:51 pm
was not just any town. >> this was the only endeavor, especially in california, that was fully financed, governed, built, designed, and founded by african americans solely, there was nobody else involved in that outside the black community. >> reporter: steven tomey knows allensworth better than most anyone, he is the resident park interpreter, archeologist by trade who spent year s studying allensworth and the man it named for. >> he was born in 1842, a slave, got his freedom during the american civil war, served in the navy, a restauranter and got the call to ministry, became an ordained minister, book of theology and traplen, one of four all-- chaplain, one of four all black regimens, upon retirement he was the highest ranking
6:52 pm
african american-- ranking fran officer. this is the home of colonel allen and his wife. >> reporter: colonel allensworth wasn't finished making history, he decided his next venture would be wildly ambitious. what was his goal coming here? he obviously had a vision for this area. >> even though they were 50 years out of slavery, they were physically free but not economically freer, his idea was to-- free, his idea was to found a community to live apart and prove they were worthy of everything america it to be offer by being business owners and gentleman farmers, if you would. >> reporter: a time when racism dictated where african americans could live and where they could not. jim in the south, aggressive red lining through the country, including california. >> doctrines on pieces of property where they would not sell to someone of color. >> reporter: allensworth was supposed to solve the problem. sort of the goal for a utopia black community? >> correct.
6:53 pm
♪ ♪ >> reporter: from where we are now, the town library, what can we see from here? what all are we looking at? >> across from us we can see the first baptist church off in the far distance to the right, the brown building is the phillips home, the light green building is the colonel's home. >> reporter: there was a school house, a hotel, a general store. >> overall, it is a small town and a quiet country life. >> yeah, it has its wonderful life kind of syndrome. where it is small town but everybody knows everybody else's business, can't hide secrets. but everyone looked out for each other too. to a point they never had serious crime in allensworth during the historic period, they had a town constable, only investigated one robbery, and the guy who got caught gave everything back. ♪ ♪
6:54 pm
>> come on in, this is the home of alus and james hackett. >> reporter: at its peak, a town of 250 people, families like the hacketts. they took a chance and moved here from alameda. there were some conveniences in allensworth, the pacific railroad line cut through town, the colonel hoped residents could live off the land growing crops thanks to the lake bed but that was a crucial miscalculation about a decade after the town was established, the water would dry up. >> the drought, it happened in 1913, 1914, the rail heads moved from allensworth, around that time, 1913, 1914, the colonel killed in 1914. >> reporter: when hit by a motorcyclist, his death ended one of the colonel's greatest dreams for allensworth. >> >> they lose the bid to build a
6:55 pm
black college, a black polytechnical college. legislator after the death of the colonel, he was the guy with the political connections, had they built the college here, allensworth probably would have survived into the 20th century as more thriving community. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: colonel allensworth dream lasted several years, in 1915 the town was thriving, but as the 1920s approached, allensworth declined, world war ii dealt a final crushing blow to the town. after the war, its educated young people migrated to places like richmond, california, abandoning farm work in allensworth for factory jobs in the big city. >> here we have some photographs of the colonel's daughters. >> reporter: it wasn't until the 1970s that it opened as a state park, it was restored back to its original glory, it is now in the nation al registry of historic places. families like the ones we met on
6:56 pm
our tour, traveled from far and wide to see allensworth. >> it was very interesting. i learn a lot,ia know, i never heard of this play. >> reporter: betty lee told us the town has an important place in history. >> you can't know where you are going if you don't know where you have been. history is very, very important for all of us. especially black history. >> reporter: and a tes minute to true grit-- testament to true grit. >> they had to be very strong people, to be out here in the middle of no where, not knowing what your future held, and want to keep going anyway, it is a whole lot of drive, determination, and just the will to say, you know, what we can-- we can make a difference in this world. >> reporter: as short lived as this lifespan was, allensworth made a mark and left a legacy. >> still standing, a hundred years, something standing a hundred years. ♪
6:57 pm
♪ allensworth state historic park is open daily. you can even camp there! for more information: visit parks dot c-a dot gov. >> that was kristen reporting. colonel allensworth state park is open daily, you can camp there. visit thanks so much for watching this evening, 60 minutes is up next and we will see you back here at 11:00. see you then.
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>> cooper: hilton simpson was being watched by the f.b.i. for years, but it didn't stop him from carrying out the first terrorist attack claimed by isis on u.s. soil. it happened in garland, texas. simpson and another terrorist opened fire at a conference center. incredibly, an f.b.i. undercover agent was on the scene. >> i can't tell you whether the f.b.i. knew the attack was going to occur. i would... i don't like to think that they let it occur, but it is shocking to me that an undercover agent sees fellas jumping out of a car and he drives on. i find that shocking. >> martin: you've seen drones before, but never like this-- a swarm of autonomous drones t


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