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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  August 20, 2017 11:00pm-11:29pm PDT

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ship hits another vessel coming up. live from the cbs bay area studios this is kpix5 news. now at 11:00 a desperate search tonight for 10 u.s. navy sailors missing after a crash in the open water. good evening. i'm juliette goodrich. brian has the night off. the collision happened off the coast of singapore earlier tonight. right now a massive rescue response is underway.
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investigators say the uss john mccain sustained damage after colliding with an oil tanker. the u.s. ship is still functioning and heading to port as search for the 10 sailors continues. five other service members were injured in the crash. the navy ship is named for republican senator john mccain from arizona. senator mccain tweeted tonight, "cindy and i are keeping america's sailors aboard the uss john mccain in our prayers tonight. appreciate the work of search and rescue crews." president trump had this to say. ng quote: "thoughts & prayers are with our u-s na >> that's too bad. >> shortly after this the president took to twitter saying," thoughts and prayers are with our u.s. navy sailors aboard the uss john mccain where search and rescue are underway." tonight's accident comes two months after the uss fitzgerald collided with a container ship from the philippines. seven sailors drowned off the coast of japan.
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a navy captain, two senior officers and at least a dozen sailors are disciplined for that collision. san francisco's christy field will likely be in the cross shares of the next all the right rally. scenario like in boston this weekend where police kept a small number of core demonstrators physically separated from the thousands of counter protesters. sheer says speech, even hateful speech, is protected for a reason. >> if you can protect speech and speakers as vile as neo- nazis, then and only then can you have a high level of confidence that when you need the first amendment, when you
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need freedom of speech protected by the law, you will have it. >> reporter: joe vazquez, kpix5. >> the national park service with jurisdiction over christy field is expected to make a decision on the permit later this week. now on to our total solar eclipse just hours away and millions are jockeying tonight to be in the path of totality. kpix5's ken bastida is one of them. he's in salem, oregon, tonight. >> reporter: it wouldn't be an official astronomical event without a lot of space geeks in about town. that includes folks from nasa. >> we are so excited there's going to be a total solar eclipse on monday morning. >> reporter: yeah, there is and nasa astro physicist molly wasser wouldn't miss it for the world because it's going to get weird. >> it will get as dark as about a moonlit night. we may be able to see some stars, some planets and for a minute and 43 seconds here in salem, oregon, it will get
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pretty cold. it may drop 10 to even 30 degrees in temperature. >> reporter: she's part of a nasa team working on the lunar reconnaissance orbiter and she's especially interested in how the eclipse will look and i had people on earth --and how people on earth will react. >> i've never had the opportunity to see it. it's supposed to be incredibly emotionally powerful and makes you recognize our place in the solar system and in the universe. >> reporter: molly explained it so i can even understand. we're a rock. we orbit a sun. another rock is going to move into position and block out that light and it's all going to happen monday morning. in salem, oregon, i'm ken bastida, kpix5. >> cbs news will deliver a full day of coverage coast to coast kicking off with a two hour special report at 10 a.m. tomorrow. ght... getting ready for a ma chief meteorologist paul deanno will have the bay area forecast coming up in about 15 minutes.
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president trump touched down in washington sunday night....after a 17-day working vacation at his tonight president trump is back in washington after a weekend at camp david. >> reporter: president trump is still facing bipartisan criticism for saying both sides shared blame for the violence in charlottesville. >> what he said on tuesday was just really challenging. what the president should do before he says something is sit down and become better acquainted, have a personal connection to the painful history of racism and bi of this country. >> reporter: this will be the first week without recently fired chief strategist steve bannon in the west wing. the white house is attempting to some of the the focus announcing this week as employer support for the national guard and reserve week. it comes as president trump says he's met with military leaders and made decisions including on afghanistan. the white house says monday
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night the president will address the nation on his strategy for afghanistan and south asia. officials familiar with the plan expect 4,000 more troops to be deployed but caution that could change. defense secretary mattis says after meeting with the president he's confident with the strategy. >> the process was rigorous and it involved all members of the national security staff. >> reporter: mattis told reporters the president wants to talk to the american people himself. seth lemmon for cbs news, washington. hing tonight.. mr. trump is expected to address the nation tomorrow night from arlington, virginia. police are searching for the final member of a 12 man terror cell responsible for thursday's twin attacks in spain. 14 people were killed, more than 100 injured. investigators now believe the group was planning to unleash a series of bombings, but an explosion during the planning stages killed the imam who
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radicalized the cell. here's the latest discovery. >> reporter: over 100 gas canisters were found at the house in alcanar where a plot was allegedly hatched by a 12 member terrorist cell. they had planned a bombing rampage but blew up the house by mistake spurring into acquisition the deadly will ramming -- action the deadly ramming attacks killing 14 people. it appears they were radicalized by an iraqi born imam who reportedly spent time in a spanish jail on drug charges. one of the recruits? the suspected driver of the van that plowed down pedestrians police believe is still on the run. authorities here say that returning to normal is the best way to defeat terror. there was nothing normal about the events of this past week. sunday does, however, mark the end of three days of national mourning as barcelona tries to
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return to ordinary life. added to the list of grieving families, the father of 7-year- old australian julian cadman missing now confirmed dead, one more name to add to the memorial dotted along last ramblas, the site of thursday -- las ramblas, the site of thursday's deadly attacks. one man is in jail after richmond police say they caught him with money, drugs and guns. some complaints led investigators to a home where they say they found $7,000 in cash, a. >> i automatic gun and a 1/4 -- a semiautomatic gun and a 1/4 pound of cocaine. the name of the 30 man arrested has not been released. the two men accused of fleeing to the area after a deadly stabbing in illinois were in court today in chicago. wyndham lathem and andrew warren are charged with first degree murder accused of stabbing lathem's boyfriend to death inside a chicago high
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rise. the suspects allegedly communicated online about fulfilling fantasies to kill others and then themselves. they say lathem paid for warren's ticket to travel to the u.s. from england last month. >> after the victim went to sleep in defendant lathem's apartment lathem texted defendant warren that it was time to kill trenton. >> the suspects are accused of stabbing the victim about 70 times. they spent eight days on the run, then turned themselves in on august 4th in the bay area. today the judge denied bail saying, "the heinous facts speak for themselves." conic still to come losing a comedy legend, the tributes tonight for jerry lewis and a look back at his career in the spotlight. >> plus the last minute rally for charlottesville that drew a massive response today in the south bay, hear the stories of support. >> we'll be webcasting it to the entire toward. we expect actually an audience of tens of millions of people. >> plus much more on tomorrow's eclipse including timing in the
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bay area and local watch parties. >> i'm meteorologist paul deanno. the total solar eclipse is tomorrow morning beginning just after 9:00. the peak in the bay area is 10:15. there will be low cloud cover tomorrow morning. it will burn off. what are the chances of you seeing the eclipse where you live? your forecast is next. deep in the santa cruz mountains camp lynn glad has served generations of boy scouts, but that's about to change. we learned the new owner wants to convert it into a heal centering and medical marijuana farm which supporters say will bring in new tax revenue. >> santa cruz county said they should have their new regulations about where marijuana grow sites are permitted complete by early next year. >> expect original reporting from kpix5 news, expect more. ♪
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it's time for the biggest sale of the year with the new sleep number 360 smart bed. it senses your every move and automatically adjusts on both sides to keep you effortlessly comfortable. and snoring... does your bed do that? the new 360 smart bed is part of our biggest sale of the year where all beds are on sale. and right now save 50% on the labor day limited edition bed. comedy great... and ... jerry lewi >> closed captioning for this newscast is sponsored by living spaces. the entertainment world is
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mourning tonight. comedy great and humanitarian jerry lewis died at the age of 91. his family announced he passed away peacefully at his home in las vegas this morning from natural causes. carter evans looks back at his legendary life. >> reporter: jerry lewis was born to make us laugh. he spent his youth performing in the catskills in the clubs perfecting a comedy shtick that would launch a lifelong career. one lucky day in 1946 he was paired with a low key singer named dean martin. ♪ there's a song in the air ♪ >> reporter: as he told sunday morning in 2016, it was bliss. >> i fell in love with him the day we met. >> reporter: it was the cool crooner and the crazy kid. the duo starred in dozens of films and tv specials before parting ways after a decade. >> we needed to escape one another. >> reporter: on his own lewis would go on to make more than
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30 movies writing and directing many. the adoring french gave him the legion of honor, but back home critics and audiences eventually turned away, yet even when the movies stopped, jerry lewis was always there every labor day for more than 40 years on the muscular dystrophy telethon. ♪ walk on walk on ♪ >> reporter: and then there was this. >> would you send my friend out, please. >> reporter: a surprise reunion after 20 years. >> send him out here. come here. >> all the crew, all my backstage people, everybody knew but me. >> thank you so much. >> reporter: but while he was admired by many he was vilified by others who said he nined the disabled by pitying -- demeaned the disabled by pitying them, but he never apologized. instead he raised nearly 2 billion for the charity. jerry lewis had his own health problems, cancer, heart and lung disease, but through it all he kept performing even
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into his 90s. >> like my daughter said dad, would you have liked not to have made 90? i said no. i'm very happy about it. >> reporter: jerry lewis, forever a kid. >> hi, my name is norman and i'm 9. >> reporter: and an american king of comedy. >> i've got the pictures in my head of the audiences and i just see them laughing. >> reporter: carter evans, cbs news, hollywood. in the south bay more than 500 people packed a church in san jose for a unity rally. faith leaders organized it on short notice after the recent violence in charlottesville, virginia. kpix5's betty yu shows us the mayor and police chief were among those saying no to hate. the [ singing ] the world needs love is love sweet love >> reporter: they joined hands, sang and stood in solidarity inside emanuel baptist church
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in san jose against the racially charged violence in charlottesville between far right activists and counter protesters. >> what is clear is we don't want that here. we don't want hate here. >> reporter: chief eddy garcia joins san jose's mayor and other city leaders on stage to sign a pledge to always work together to fight white sumpremacy and stand together to build a community of equality. >> what happened is far from here, but it's still our country and we can't allow this community and as i mentioned, our kids are watching. we can't let this community know that that's okay. we're not going to stand silently while these things pass. >> reporter: it's why more than 500 --things pass. -- 500 groups of all people and races packed the church. >> this community is one community. my religion teaches treat your fellow man the way you would want to be treated.
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>> reporter: this man brought his entire family to teach his children to stand up against bigotry and racism. >> after charlottesville certainly there is a heightened fear and we've seen a resurgence in white sumpremacy groups. we certainly have not seen the response formally that we'd like to see from national leadership. so it's up to local communities to step up. >> reporter: organizers tell us they were able to pull together this rally in a matter of days and the strong showing is really a testament to how much this community cares and wants to set an example for the rest of the country. in san jose betty yu, kpix5. tonight there are lo lines of traffic in some oregon towns, people trying to get closer to the path of totality for the solar eclipse. >> reporter: where you guys from? >> i'm from seattle. >> i'm from santa rosa. >> i'm from portland. >> madras, oregon, has become solar town and its one sold out campground has all 50 states
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and 39 countries represented. nasa scientists are preparing to share the eclipse online. >> we'll web cass it to the entire world. we expect -- webcast it to the entire world. we expect an audience of tens of millions of people. >> the peaks in the bay area at 10:15 and be over just after 11:30. watch parties are all over the bay area including the chabot space and science center in oakland, hogue park in san jose and the cal academy of sciences in san francisco. can't make it? no problem. nasa will offer a free live stream. the lawrence hal if you can't get a front row seat in oregon, berkeley is not a bad place to watch. the lawrence hall of science opens at 8 a.m. for a partial eclipse viewing. today they offered a preview about the celestial event. members were given a pair of hard to get solar viewing glasses. >> they've never seen this before and it's going to be quite a-time before they see it again. -- quite a long time before they see it again. >> if you miss the total
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eclipse tomorrow, there will be another one in 2024, but its path will be from texas to the great lakes. how you doing? meteorologist paul deanno talking eclipse weather because it likely will be be visible everywhere in the bay area -- will not be visible everywhere in the bay area. if you want to see the eclipse, i suggest heading inland. away from the water maybe hazy but no cloud issues, beautiful viewing weather. near the bay you're in between. there will be morning clouds burning off during the eclipse. i think you will have an opportunity even in san francisco to see the eclipse at least for a time. the maximum will see a 75% blockage of a drench sun at about 1015, low -- crescent sun at about 10:15, low cloud cover burning off and never look at the sun. don't do it. san ramon 86 for a high sun,
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pittsburg 83 the warm spots. a lot of you had 70s this afternoon, palo alto 78, hayward 77, mill valley 69 degrees. overnight tonight lows around 60, low cloud cover for oakland, fremont, redwood city, san francisco, 58 in san francisco, foggy at the coast, pacifica 56, vallejo 60, san jose 62 degrees. a very pleasant stretch of weather courtesy of low pressure sitting off the southern california coastline -- that's why we had thunderstorms earlier today over the sierra -- and a big ridge of high pressure centered to our west. we get the onshore flow, enough to keep temperatures close to average. here's futurecast. 7 a.m. there will be a lot of cloud cover anywhere near the water. it will begin to turn off and by 9:00 it's almost completely -- burn off and by 9:00 it's almost completely gone except by the coastline and by 11:00 even the coast may see sunshine. we'll' improving weather conditions throughout -- we'll see improving weather conditions throughout the morning and less cloud cover. the onshore flow is with us all
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week long keeping anything resembling a heatwave away from the bay area. 82 in concord and san jose monday, vallejo, san rafael, fremont upper 70s, 78 mountain view, 67 degrees in san francisco. extended forecast, 80s the next couple days inland, around 70 near the bay with morning clouds, afternoon sunshine, warmer heading toward next weekend. by saturday and sunday next weekend we'll be looking at highs in the lenins inland and mid-70s -- low 90s inland and mid-70s near the bay. up next fighting a wildfire at yosemite at night, the new tool firefighters are using tonight inside the national park. >> plus the one bay area city using cameras to watch the streets, how the police department says they'll be used. >> and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up next on gameday buster posey had the chance to be a hero but -- >> i'm pretty certain that he hit me on purpose. >> two raider stars put the national anthem protest into perspective.
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>> white kids, black kids, brown kids, blue, green, doesn't matter. >> jeremy newberry sees a little problem on the 49ers offensive line. >> he was constantly getting blown in the backfield 3 and 4 yards deep. >> baseball, football and mma coming up next on gameday.
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it has burned more than 600 acres... near beale air force base. tonight a wildfire is burning close to a military base east of yuba city. it has burned more than 600
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acres near beale air force base. it's believed it started when a bird was electrocuted on a power line igniting grass below. late this afternoon crews from cal fire and u.s. forest service managed to stop the fire from advancing. a drone team from menlo park is helping monitor a fire tonight in yosemite. the south fork fire has now burned about 3,200 acres and is 10% contained and the entire community of wowona in southern yosemite is empty after a mandatory evacuation order went out yesterday, but so far the fire has not burned any structures. take a look at these nighttime images of the south fork fire. the team from menlo park is using three drones to provide realtime data on where the fire burns once the sun goes down. they say it's actually helping other crews trying to protect wowona and a nearby grove of giant sequoia trees. the east bay community of clayton is now using cameras to
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fight crime. video cameras and special license plate readers are posted on roads going into town. every plate is being run through a criminal database, but police say no one will be getting a traffic ticket. >> this is strictly for crime, for stolen vehicles, wanted individuals and evidence after a crime occurred that we could use and extract and hopefully prosecute. >> the new system is completely automated and managed by an outside firm. clayton police are alerted only when a system detects a suspicious plate from the statewide database. coming up the deadline to get a powerball ticket next.
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drawing is now worth 650 million dollars... making it the third- largest jackpot in u-s history. there's been no winner for more this wednesday's powerball drawing is worth $650 million making it the third largest jackpot in u.s. history. there's been no winner for over two months. the jackpot is expected to get even bigger before wednesday's big drawing. everyone had their eye on the ball today in chinatown including san francisco mayor ed lee. teams turned out for the seventh annual chinatown ping pong tournament, though many took a shot at the mayor. he said the tournament started out as a diplomatic event. >> seven years ago we celebrated the decades old ping pong diplomacy that henry kissinger was involved in with, of course, president nixon at the time and try to break open the ice relationship between china and the u.s.
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>> mayor lee said now they continue the tournament as a way to bring the community together and we will be right back.


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