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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  August 21, 2017 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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>> and i am michelle griego. i just said where is my keyboard? [ laughter ] >> we are ready for the total solar eclipse. >> it is the solar >> tactical and everywhere you look it is in all of the headlines and if you want information you can visit us on it sounds so easy but a lot of people will stare and watch it and you can really cause permanent damage. do not do it and they think it is just another mom being. -- thing. [ laughter ] where we will be able to see the eclipse? this morning it was clear when i left pleasanton but then here came the fog in the santa rosa
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area is reporting some clear skies right now with 55 degrees. they had been overcast for the past couple of weeks. san jose is cloudy at 66 and you will have to go pretty far inland toward the east bay hills and fairfield or vacaville. near the bay there is no chance and there are low 70s with the high 70s peninsula and climbing into the mid 80s we will talk more about your eclipse weather at first let's send it over to jacqueline. >> this is a car fire that we have reports of and it looks like it is over on the shoulder but fire crews may have the right lanes blocked. just be prepared if you are
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getting ready to head out the door we may see some delays. other than that, it is a quiet ride over the bay bridge toll plaza. back over to you guys.>> thank you, jaclyn . this is the first time in a long time that a total solar eclipse is sweeping the united states coast to coast. >> reporter: millions will look toward the sky today are astronomical amazement. for the first time since 1979 the moon will block out the sun from oregon to south carolina. >> there is an excitement. >> reporter: the tiny farming town in oregon will be one of the first places to view the eclipse and then in carbondale, illinois it will be there for two minutes and 40 seconds.
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thousands will come to this football stadium. >> missouri here has the fifth largest city along the path of totality. hotels started selling out more than one year ago. >> it is going to be incredible with the sky going dark. >> they will be camping out. >> it is just going to look like a ring of fire. >> i imagine at the moment of totality everybody is going to be in all -- awe. >> reporter: don champion, cbs news, st. joseph, missouri. >> the next total solar eclipse will be in april of 2024 but the next coast to coast will be
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in 2025. >> a partial eclipse is in store for the bay area right after not a clock a.m. and will all be over right around 11:30. if you were not able to get special glasses like these, do not worry. when easy way to watch his take two sheets of paper, make a pinhole in one sheet and you let the let's go through the pinhole and then watch the different phases of the eclipse in that piece of paper on the ground. >> if you don't know, don't take a chance. you really can damage your eyes. >> if you stand next to a tree, the shadow from its leaves will
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appear like little crescent shapes during the eclipse. watch parties happening across with hosiery park in san jose and nasa will be offering a free lifestream. >> cbs news has a full day of coverage kicking off with a special at 10:00 a.m. right here on kpix 5 . >> i have two pairs of these glasses, and i gave them to my kids. >> she knew that she was going to be here so i need to take yours when i go. we had so many wonderful offers from schools to go and watch the eclipse with them. for many of those locations, they will be totally socked in
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today. and as far south as you can go right now we are clear in morgan hill and in gilroy. good morning, everyone. 55 and 66 degrees. all of those reporting stations have overcast conditions except santa rosa at 55 degrees. east bay hills in the far south bay it will be socked in near the bay and the coast all of the way from midmorning to high noon. this is our satellite radar and you can see them wandering toward walnut creek all cloudy at this hour. napa and sonoma are reporting some clarity. today we will have sunshine back to the beaches and a really pleasant summer day and
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a bit on the windy side with a full forecast coming up in minutes for right now, jaclyn , how was your weekend? expect i finally went to the stern growth and enjoyed some of the concert but we are tracking a couple of incidents out of the door. this one in the north bay and at a southbound 101. you can see quite a bit of backup showing speeds dropping below 15 miles-per-hour if you're heading through hillsboro this morning. on the altamont pass it is still a slow ride and the bay bridge toll plaza checking in problem three. let's send it back over to you, kenny. >> thank you, jaclyn .
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officials familiar with the plan telling cbs news the expect 4000 troops to be deployed. the president will be speaking at 6:00 p.m. pacific time and there is growing concern in san francisco over an alt-right raleigh. several are pushing hard but kpix 5's reporter shows us how it might repeat itself. >> reporter: a group called patriot prayer insists their demonstration next saturday will be peaceful but city leaders insist otherwise. >> why is it that they have to come specifically to san francisco's to push their agenda? >> it is not just speech.
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people are coming in here to threatened violence. >> with very few exceptions, it is everything goes under the first amendment . >> reporter: peter scheer says the possibility of violence is not grounds for stopping free speech. >> even if a judge is not sure it will go off peacefully, that is not enough region to say you cannot say the words you want to say or demonstrate what you want . >> reporter: there could be restrictions on that freedom of speech. the park service could say no weapons allowed and you can also see asian aerial like we sought -- a scenario like we saw in boston. scheer says speech is
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protected for a reason. >> only been can you a high- level of competence that when you need the first amendment and when you need freedom of speech protected by the law, you will have it. >> the national park service is expected to be final call later this week. firefighters are trying to gain the upper hand across the state and one is east of yuba city burning more than 600 acres near beale air force base sparking a fire on the grass below. no word yet on any containment. in yosemite a team is using drones. the entire community of 70
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somebody is empty. -- yosemite is empty. echo dot these nighttime images that came from menlo park using real-time data. it is helping other crews as they try to protect. still had another visit from milo yiannopoulos and how he hopes to spark a peaceful event when he returns next month. how scientists are taking advantage of the day of the solar eclipse.
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the last total eclipse of the sun of america until the year 2017.
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they dominate the daytime sky. >> it was really very an incredible experience. >> that was pretty cool. you can tell it was the 70s. a lot of excitement during the last total solar eclipse. this was with walter cronkite back in 1979 and we will see how it compares to today that starts in 4.5 hours and today's the eclipse is providing the perfect opportunity to shed a little light on the signed to science behind it. >> reporter: the only thing hotter than the sun these days is demand for the glasses and the lawrence hall of science in berkeley was offering a pair as a perk to members giving a preview to visitors about the event.
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this made the photographs and created their own pinhole the words although some seemed unclear on the concept. >> i think it was like a black being with yellow stuff around it. >> reporter: they talked about how the distance has to line up for this to occur. it is also 400 times farther away which is why they can seem to be about the same size. >> a lots of us just love the chance to see a spectacle that the total eclipse offers. here in berkeley we get a minor spectacle of a partial eclipse. >> reporter: this will be enough light to make it seem like a cloudy day but the light will cast sharp shadows that when shown through holes will
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reveal the shape of the eclipse. the last eclipse in north america was in 1979 and the next will be in 2024. >> they have never seen this before. it is going to be quite a long time before they will see it again . >> reporter: john ramos, kpix 5 . >> the lawrence hall of science will open to the public starting at 8:00 this morning. and roberta has a check of the weather. >> pretty cloudy for much of the bay area. it will be interesting to see how the animals react. it is going to get a little bit darker and what will the animals do? i have a story for you later that happened this morning with an animal in my house.
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we have a little factoid of the day for you with the gas stations in central oregon already running out of fuel. more information on and this morning we do have low clouds and fog. cloud cover is indicated throat most of the bay area with maximum exposure around the san francisco area. antioch has clear skies and napa has clarity this morning. your information is so important to us this morning at kpix 5. it is 55 degrees in
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santa rosa satellite and radar suggesting we have a very extensive stratus into concord this morning. if you want to see the partial eclipse you have to go as far inland as possible. high pressure is building in with a pretty quiet weather pattern. clear skies and 79 degrees and i thought i would place our sunrise for you and later today 60s, 70s, and 80s with a very pleasant day and we will be talking about the low 90s with high 80s toward the delta and those 90s are in the far reaches otherwise a couple degrees below average for this time of the year. jaclyn, have you ever seen a
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partial eclipse? >> i've never actually been outside to watch one. this will be very exciting today. if you are getting ready to head out the door, we do have a couple of hot spots to tell you about. there is a car fire at linton springs road and we have some closures at grant avenue so this is due to the car fire as well as caltrans. just a heads up for anyone with traffic slow in both directions. we are looking okay over at the golden gate bridge. it looks like they are starting to do their lane configuration with no delays in either direction. we will go over to the san
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mateo bridge and we are still in the green tracking your travel time right around 15 minutes. we had a car fire at automall parkway and you are moving right at the limit. the usual slowdown is a 23 minute ride i westbound ultimate parent -- altamont pass. michelle griego is -- milo yiannopoulos told kpix 5's reporter melissa kane he wants people to battle with words. >> i am seeking half $1 million into a festival of free speech.>> reporter: the last time milo yiannopoulos was at uc berkeley, it did not go well with damages to the campus and
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the event was canceled. >> uc berkeley seems a fitting home because it is a place where the free speech movement started becoming one of the place most hostile to free expression in the country. >> they have the religion of peace in the third is silicon valley in the higher education establishment. >> we are going to bring all of the people that leftist campuses hit the most but we also want invitations to liberals. we want to have a live demonstration of the value of ideas. >> reporter: also plans to give the first mario savio award.
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we asked if he will be disappointed if people do not show up. >> my hope is that lots of people show up on both sides as long as they do it peacefully. >> reporter: melissa kane, kpix 5 . >> milo yiannopoulos said officials have been cooperative so far and he hopes up that continues. >> we will tell you how much you could win after the break.
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they've been trying to hire new teachers for years... but finding the right candidates.. isn't easy. as kpix 5 in the schools in the bay area are dealing with teacher shortages. finding the right candidates is
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not easy. as kpix 5 reporter vern glenn reports one is taking the search overseas . >> reporter: monday is crunch time for mrs. martinez. she is getting the classroom ready for her kindergarten class with the help of fellow teachers. all seven of these are returning teachers recruited from spain in the last couple of years. >> i'm really happy because it is my third year in the same classroom . >> reporter: a year districts just cannot hire enough special education teachers. they are going to mexico and spain to fill some of these positions. >> people wonder why you were not recruiting local talent and there is a national teacher shortage and even more so in
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spanish bilingual. >> they hired seven new ones this year. she landed in the bay area for the first time three weeks ago. >> signing papers and going to training and it was all happening at the same time. >> reporter: she spent five years teaching in mexico. back in her class she is ready to kick things off. >> it is really hard but these experiences make you stronger. >> reporter: they say the long- term fix is to get more kids into the education field.
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. >> we do not have a lot of chances to see things like this. this is a want a lifetime. >> the day is finally here. aliens will be looking at the sky -- millions will be looking at the sky for the total solar eclipse. good morning, everyone. i am kenny choi. we will have your forecast in a moment but first what is going on? a lot of people will be looking to the skies with scientists looking forward to what they can learn. >> that is right. kpix 5


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