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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  August 21, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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>> in just a matter of hours millions of people will have their eyes on the sky for the first total solar eclipse to cross the entire united states in nearly a century. >> tracing a 70 mile wide path from oregon to south carolina. good morning, everyone. it is monday, august 21. i am michelle griego. >> and i am kenny choi. roberto gonzales will let us know whether or not fog will put a damper in the bay area but first let's go to sandra osborne at nasa in mountain view and that is where people are gathering for the big show . >> reporter: be a self- proclaimed space nerd it is pretty exciting to be here at nasa for the viewing party. they are saying this is already at capacity starting a little later on. there are people here excited
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and people all over the bay area gearing up for this event today. we have some video from berkeley yesterday with people at the lawrence hall of science and staff members explain how size and distance have to line up just right with the sun about 440 times the size of the new -- moon but it is further away and that is why it looks like it is the same size. >> we knew that it was coming and we just love the chance to see the spectacle in here in berkeley we get a partial eclipse . >> reporter: it will be at about 10:15 this morning. we
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lost 40 clubs in north america was in 1979. nasa is having this viewing event later on today handing out the safety glasses was definitely do not look at the eclipse unless you have that. also inside they will be having a live feed for people to check out with some nasa jets flying around today they expect to bring back about 29,000 images of the eclipse. sandra osborne, kpix 5 . eclipse wadis -- watching is planned so let's check in with roberta about the weather. >> we are totally socked in with low clouds and fog. the weather watchers are the
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windows to our climate. darrell in alameda since he is overcast and 63 and ellen in lower lake says clear skies again. par south bay is the stain near the bay you will start to see partial clearing but it will not be the most optical conditions to view. for all of your viewing information. overcast skies across the bay bridge right now with redwood city and oakland cloudy. you will clear but the top of the partial eclipse. san jose, you are cloudy, but you will clear in time. you should clear out by 10:15 this morning and you can see the low clouds even patchy fog that have been pushed on shore. the start of our eclipse will
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be in santa rosa and san francisco. and then we will start to peek around 10:15. today the temperatures across the bay area from the 60s, 70s, and 80s. i have got your full forecast coming up later but right now let's hand it back on over to kenny and michelle. >> thank you so much, roberta. people are shelling out big bucks to see the eclipse loaded up a u-haul for the trip with 400 people expected to be trip along the path of totality in oregon. >> we have heard stories that the resources will be limited. >> they will join 500 million people to observe the total or
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partial eclipse in person or for the first time online. >> you want to make sure you have those safety glasses because you could get permanent vision loss by looking at the sun. do not use them if they are scratched or damaged. they have posted a list of portable vendors online. you can go to a local watch party with many giving away glasses. if you are staying home, cbs news will give special coverage at 10:00 a.m.. >> we scored a couple of those glasses. i don't think that we will really need them in san francisco, but they are still fun. do not drive with them on. if you are out and about when
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the eclipse is going on, you do not want to stop on the freeway or even pull over on the shoulder. we are also reminding folks to not wear those classes. i know that they are so stylish. if you are getting ready to head out the door, you will need to give yourself some extra time. this is interstate 80 and it has really created a domino effect on this stretch of interstate 80 with a couple of accidents. this crash heading toward the cordelia junction has the backup stretching into vacaville. you can see the travel time and the red and it is over a one hour commute just to go over to the car commission bridge. taking us to highway 4 this is in the yellow now with a 34
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minute ride and speaking of 80, just as i suspected, it is all backed up with a 15 minute ride and that is a check of your traffic. at least 10 u.s. navy sailors are missing after a warship collided with another tanker. it is the uss john s. mccain on its way to singapore last night. this video shows a gaping hole. the navy is taking part in the search and rescue mission. the uss fitzgerald collided with a container a couple months ago killing seven sailors. last week the navy relieved the commander of duties saying inadequate leadership contributed to the crash. both are equipped with the
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missile defense system that has been mentioned as a tool to counter missile launchers. president trump tweeted his support same thoughts and prayers are with the sailors and search and rescue efforts are underway. president trump will address the nation tonight. officials familiar with his plan expect 4000 troops to be deployed. he said the decision came after meetings with military leaders at camp david over the weekend. you can watch his announcement right here on kpix 5 at 6:00. a conservative group is planning a rally at crissy field this saturday. san francisco leaders worry it could turn violent. an armed militia is expected to
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show up and the national park service will make a final the serpent -- will make a final decision. anti-immigration activists hit the streets in laguna beach yesterday. counter protesters were there to meet them. several scribbles did breakout but the protests was largely peaceful. oakland students go back to school today and officials dealing with a teacher shortage getting creative. kpix 5 reporter neda iranpour joins us to tell us what they are doing about this . >> reporter: good morning. schools across oakland have some of the teachers here from overseas because the district is taking their search for teachers to other countries. one elementary school already has seven from spain and they
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are adding seven more. they are bringing those teachers who are bilingual and they are grateful. districts just cannot hire enough special education teachers. >> i am really, really happy because it is my third year in the same classroom and the same school. >> reporter: educators say the fix is to get more kids interested in the education field. that means supporting those teachers who are currently there so that they do not leave the industry. by the way, 500 kids here will begin brand-new backpacks and school supplies. this is all of the nations going to these kids -- from
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donations going to these kids. >> thank you so much, neda. the firefighters worked on putting out these planes. one person was treated for possible smoke inhalation. google and researchers at uc berkeley have been preparing for the eclipse for about one year with details on the movie debuting later today. one of the most important forecasts of the year outside of christmas. we will tell you where you can expect to watch the eclipse. you can see some flashing lights with chp on the scene. find out what is going on coming up. a child purpose brain is complex making advantage in
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carbondale, a whole lot of people are heading to illinois this morning. the eclipse will linger for two minutes and 41 seconds in carbondale, illinois. thousands are expected to pack the football stadium at southern illinois university for a watch party this morning. >> google has been preparing for nearly one year for this eclipse teaming up with uc berkeley to create a mega movie gathering 1000 volunteer photographers to take pictures across the country and the images will then be uploaded to the server so the engineers can put altogether. >> google promises that they will have a three minute movie ready the day of the eclipse. it is really a cool project. >> they plan to have it posted online this afternoon. >> i cannot wait to see all of
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the online images. >> it is going to be really cool. we have been jumping up and down for this for quite some time now. we have our clock on the screen and the countdown like we did for the super bowl. this is exciting from oregon all of the way into the south carolina area in charleston. just a little factoid for you. a solar eclipse happens only during a new moon and it needs to be between the sun and the earth for a total solar eclipse to occur. the only lunar phase when that happens is the new moon. you can visit us online at and find more information about one of the eclipse starts in your neighborhood just after 9:00
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a.m. same with san jose. it all wraps up about 11:38 here in the bay area. we have low clouds at the coast and into the bay. you will have to go inland to see the exposure and that is a partial eclipse 10:15 this morning. visit us online. this morning we are depending on weather watchers. cloud cover in alameda with clear skies in lower lake and other reporting stations look at all these clouds with the 60s and the 50s and san jose you have clouds. we will start to see some clearing around the tri-valley and santa rosa by 10:00 a.m.. i, futurecast and i come up
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with this. as we approach 10:00 or 11:00 this morning we have the clearing inland definitely socked in in san francisco. meanwhile, we are under the influence of high pressure with that huge stratus in the month of august. it is cool for this time of the year in sacramento with 6:30 your official sunrise and temperatures very pleasant. 60s at the coast and just shut 80 in redwood city. it is a little bit on the windy side and we do have a repeat performance for your tuesday and wednesday through friday we are talking about lots of
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sunshine with temperatures in the 90s. here is jaclyn with traffic. >> thank you so much, roberta. right now we have a big backup along interstate 80 near fairfield. if you know someone who travels along the stretch, be advised earlier crashes no longer walking lanes right now the cordelia junction but the backup stretches into vacaville at this time just under 70 minutes. and it looks like that all ramp is blocked. we are still trying to get some more information as to exactly what is going on. we are also starting to see some slowdowns westbound right near mcbride.
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you can see traffic starting to bunch up and get very heavy. that will likely have our travel times jumping into the red and another 15 minutes on the east shore freeway. happy monday. along 880 we are getting reports of a lane blocked right near hyde street so do expect some slowdowns through oakland this morning. that is a check of your traffic. the lawrence hall of science at berkeley will open up at 8:00 a.m. members were even given a pair of solar viewing glasses. >> that is just one of the watch parties scheduled for today and officials from the california commission will join
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lawmakers for a watch party at the state capital. we will be right back. who are these people?
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we are counting down the hours until the total solar eclipse... good morning, everybody. retirement from football announced by antoine bolden who has been with the bills for the past 14 days. pablo sandoval and the bases- loaded. they split the series and a minor bruise with his pitching hand. the third win against houston
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this year. in the pga the hold off wins his championship in the sprinklers go out and the only thing to slow them down with reggie thompson down rallying on the back nine and usa beat europe with clinton in the oval office -- for the first win since clinton was in the oval office. that kid is the talk of school today. i dennis o'donnell. see it tonight. we are counting down the hours until the total solar eclipse. travelers are heading to the pacific northwest that includes
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our very own ken bastida who joins us. thank you for waking up before 12:00 today to be with us and what is it like in the middle all of that action? >> reporter: it has gotten really exciting. people are pouring into this baseball stadium here in kaiser, oregon we will talk about why history is going to be made here and you can hear people screaming and shouting. they are serving breakfast for about 5000 people. they are going to sit here and watch the eclipse. you know there was some talk that there might be some cloud cover and it is absolutely clear so we should be in the perfect location. we will talk about it more after the break.
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. >> another victim injured in the terror attack in barcelona dies as authorities raided the home where they believe it was planned. >> millions are expected to gather to watch a show today that is rare. >> good morning. it is monday, august 21. i am kenny choi . >> and i am michelle griego. today a total solar eclipse will travel with huge crowds expected in oregon which is first in the path of totality and ken bastida is among those who made the trip to us kaiser,
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oregon. good morning, ken . >> reporter: hello, kenny and michelle . this is absolutely historic. not only is there an eclipse but it is running from oregon all of the way across the country out to the atlantic. here today we are at the home of the kaiser volcano. i have the owner with me tonight total today. it is still nighttime in my mind. what a day. >> it is fabulous. the skies are beautiful. we are going to have an eclipse here in a couple hours and it is just going to be such a spectacle. >> reporter: so they are actually going to stop the game during the eclipse.
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>> it is a first a sporting event that has been delayed due to an eclipse bringing people from all over the country. people were coming to this parking lot at 3:30 this morning. it is awesome. everyone can get here and it is a beautiful day in kaiser. >> absolutely. jerry is one of the guys who was in the parade for the giants when they won all three of them. >> yes that was in 2012 and again in 2014. the giants and i have been together for 23 years. i loved the giants. that is why we are here. >> reporter: that is awesome. tray walker the owner of the volcanoes with history in the making but we are not the only
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viewing party going on with sandra osborne in mountain view. >> reporter: good morning to you. i am here at nasa and what we will see later today is this a viewing party kicking off 8:00. they are saying it is already at capacity for the day with people coming to get special glasses. only check out the solar eclipse with those safety glasses today. nasa is doing all kinds of things today sending up a research aircraft using high altitude balloons. it is a perfect chance to learn about the sun and the earth's atmosphere. they are setting up balloons for research saying that moment the atmosphere becomes similar to the one on mars so they will
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be testing to see if life can survive on the red planet. and also a group from the university of southern california will be receiving balloons to take pictures and live stream video. the party here they are actually going to see some of it which is also going to be available online as well. the biggest thing is make sure to wear those safety glasses. for research during a solar eclipse they say it is too bright normally to see the corona around the sun but during the eclipse they can get the video and pictures to help them understand a little better. it is pretty cool. sandra osborne, kpix 5 . this morning we spoke with
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bill harwood will be watching from illinois and he says even amateur scientists can help to bring the eclipse to the rest of the world . >> reporter: there is at least two project using amateurs and one is identical telescopes that they will be assembling with a movie as the shadow moves across the united states with another program called the mega movie project where they have software that works on your smart phone to combine images that they will put together into a giant movie when it is all over. >> nearly doubling the population today in columbia. taurus are coming from all over to take part. officers say visitors should expect heavy traffic throughout
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the day. >> officials bring it will bring changes in energy production. you may not be in the path here but 75% of solar production will be reduced here. operators say they can make use of hydroelectricity but still need the customers to help by cutting back on electricity use. >> when we see this kind of blockage in the sun, we will probably lose about six gigawatt. >> experts say you cannot look directly at the solar eclipse and make sure to use specifics glasses if you do. >> i had to remind my kids do not look at the sky. >> and it looks so easy but you can just get transformed by watching this looking up.
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and i was reading this morning but it will be a close call in san francisco. we are socked in with cloud cover in santa rosa and it is overcast in alameda. concord is cloudy but you have a better chance of clearing up in inland areas. if you want more information, your tip of the day is we have been in countdown mode for over six weeks now. this our weather camera for the vacaville area and each and every one of those cities are reporting a depth of clouds.
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livermore, you should clear out in time. we have 2000 feet deep arena and it will take a lot to see any of this but walnut creek you do have clear skies in santa rosa you are quality. san jose you will also see the clearing of the sky and you will start to see it in the morning wrapping up in the south bay where the high today will be 80 degrees. that is a look at your forecast and here is jaclyn . right now not so great conditions for drivers heading over the san mateo bridge with a new accident in the westbound direction. you can see it is a 20 minute ride and likely to get even
6:39 am
slower. we will keep a close eye on it for you but please give yourself some extra time. into san mateo your ride is a little crowded but we are just seeing delays approaching 92. we have a car blocking hyde street keeping it slow and that is a check on traffic. >> thank you so much, jaclyn. bay area schools have been struggling for a teacher shortage. we have neda iranpour tone is from oakland where the school is taking the search overseas. >> reporter: they are not finding enough teachers here so they are going beyond oakland looking at other countries bring a lot of teachers mexico and spain. green leeds elementary has
6:40 am
seven teachers who have just been hired overseas. of the seven newest hires five a and spain and two are from mexico. >> i get that question a lot why are not you recruiting the local talent? there is a national teacher shortage and even more so in the spanish. some solutions could be increasing teachers salaries getting the kids hoping to become teachers one day. they also wanted to provide more support but this will take years to fix. for now they are finding teachers from other countries. a lot of the students here will be getting backpacks.
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we have school supplies and city leaders here to kick off the first day of school. >> investigators were able to detain the driver who had a letter on him and he has faced previous drug and weapons charges. for now authorities are not investigating this. a 15th person has now died as a result of the terror attacks in spain. the latest victim was believed to be stopped. a terror cell planned the attack in the mid-continues for 22-year-old younes abouyaaqoub who drove a bat into a crowd of pedestrians killing 13.
6:42 am
authorities suspect he may have died in a house explosion. university of texas students notice a big change campus when they removed four confederate monuments. students gathered to watch the first comedown the president says they represent modern white supremacy. a battle over classroom space is heating up. some parents say their kids are being squeezed home. lucky students are getting a day off for the eclipse and why one official says it is a matter of safety. you can see the dow jones is down about four points. coming up we will get a report from jason brooks.
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the u-s got a three-day weekend and one automaker overseas.. could have an interest in "jeep." dio financial repo there is a big drop for certain computer shipments. printers reporter jason brooks joins us now with those stories and more . >> reporter: training could be interested in buying jeep saying they're interested in getting one of the top scv brands in the world. in 2008 there is happy million jeep sales and last year it was over 1.4 million. the chrysler ceo has been interested in deals merging. chrysler with others were spinning off a brand.
6:47 am
it has been their best selling brand and general motors is said to be interested. back to school season is a big deal for computer makers but notebook sales maybe down from last year. in july shipments for the top five brands were down by 30%. the numbers could be worse for hewlett-packard with sales of 32% from a year earlier and tell came to past lenovo into second place. the stock market has been struggling the last week with the dow jones losing 1.9% of its value. a bit of caution for the market today. right now it is moving lower
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while the nasdaq is up five points in the early going. back to you, younes abouyaaqoub -- kenny and michelle . >> a clash over classroom space has parents protesting in marin county in fairfax. the state has allocated eight classrooms for the new charter school in order to make room for the students 800 middle schoolers are being crammed into the space. parents are set to protest this morning when official visit the charter school. many people are heading out the door or work and for back to school. right now we are tracking some delays into san francisco with
6:49 am
101 and an accident right near 80 and do voice blocking one lane. it is also causing in little backup along southbound 101 as you are approaching the 80 split. this is heading southbound and it is just about a 10 minute ride down to fairpoint parkway and it is getting a little crowded at the bay bridge. we did have an earlier crash on the san mateo bridge which has cleared at least over the shoulder. we are still seeing delays out of hayward and into foster city. over at the bay bridge toll plaza it is about a 30 minute ride along the eastshore freeway that is a check on
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traffic. >> i received a tweet asking what goes on in an airplane with the eclipse. and that is one of the best views. mean well for us to start of the partial eclipse just after 9:00 in the morning and it all wraps up at 11:38 in san jose. remember do not look directly into the sun because you could damage your eyesight. if you want more information go to . meanwhile, the weather watchers have been so important today with bill reporting overcast skies in santa rosa and in concord there is 62 degrees.
6:51 am
we should see some clearing with santa rosa and remaining clear in fairfield. there is where you have the deep clouds and here is vacaville with another great place to go for your viewing of a partial eclipse with lower lake's and we do have partly cloudy skies in napa now. each one of these stations is reporting cloudy skies. livermore, you should clear out within expense of clouds that continues to surge inland 50 miles. from now until 2:00 a.m. we will see the clouds retreat but hang tight to the coast with ocean beach all of the way into the central district you will be totally stockton. we will see some ample sunshine today but it is away from the
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coast and into the bay. it is cool and sacramento with thunderstorms in the high sierra. 65 degrees in pacifica with gradual clearing across the bay and 80s in inland areas. wednesday through friday a gradual warm-up. that is the look at your eclipse weather forecast. research is underway for missing sailors after the second collision in two months. i am ken bastida in keizer, oregon and coming up in three hours this place will be in totality and we will join 5000 friends to take a look. that is coming up.
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we are in keizer, oregon right now and people are streaming into a baseball stadium. they are not only going to play a game here with the giants farm club the volcanoes they are also going to be conducting a viewing party here to watch the eclipse and people are having breakfast. one of the items is an eclipse cookie. there is all kinds of this stuff going on today. what is really cool as they weather predicting a little bit of overcast but it is sparkling clear here. we will be in totality in just a few outings. they will be halted mid-game to observe the eclipse.
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it should be 4000 people in the ballpark. it looks good. it is time. final five. >> the search continues for 10 missing navy sailors off of the coast of singapore. the guided missile destroyers the damage on the back left side. president trump will address the nation on his strategy for afghanistan and south asia. it could change. >> a 15th person is dead in spain with the latest victim found stabbed in a car. the hunt continues for at least
6:58 am
one suspect. the entertainment world is mourning the loss of jerry lewis who died yesterday at the age of 91. he raised nearly $2 billion for his charity. city leaders are calling for the park service to shut down a right-wing while we with mayor ed saying there is no way to guarantee the safety of the protesters . the ramp from westbound 80 is still slow along the eastshore freeway and here is a live look at mcbryde avenue which is a 35 minute ride from the carquinez bridge heading into san francisco with small going getting off the bay bridge. we are totally socked in the coast and we will see clearing inland meanwhile let's
6:59 am
go for a spin around the bay area. 50s and 60s and they are each reporting overcast skies. high temperatures today from the 60s 70s and into the 80s with clearing by 10:15 partial eclipse time away from the bay with gradual warming this week. >> cbs news will deliver a full date of coverage kicking off with a special report. starting at 10:00 a.m. you do not want to miss that. and if you have the solar? classes check to see if they are reputable manufacturers. it really works.
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have a great day, everyone. good morning to our viewers in the west. it's monday, august 21st, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning." rescuers search for ten missing navy sailors after an america destroyer collides with a cargo ship. it's the second such accident in two months. president trump will address the nation tonight about his strategy for afghanistan. he's expected to send around 4,000 more u.s. troops to the r newa. turn to night as the solar eclipse sweeps across the country. our correspondents are in oregon, wyoming, illinois, south tennessee and south carolina where millions will enjoy the best views. plus the science behind the historic eclipse and how to take the best photos. we remember the master showman jerry lewis.


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