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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  August 23, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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the generous donation a south bay family is receiving after a fire destroyed their home and killed three people. >> good morning, it is wednesday, august 23rd. thanks for joining us, i'm anne makovec in for michelle griego. >> good morning, i'm kenny choi. let's start with traffic and weather. jaclyn is tracking a major shutdown on the golden gate bridge this morning. >> yeah. it hasn't been an easy commute for many drivers. and this could definitely slow you down. right now, we aren't tracking any major delays across the bridge. but an accident that happened overnight damaged some -- one of those steel barriers and right now two lanes over at the golden gate bridge -- [ indiscernible ] the tollbooth are closed. so again, we are not seeing a major backup right now. but this could cause some delays once we get a lot of commuters heading in that direction into san francisco. it's been rough on 80 along that stretch, as well. we have an earlier crash at central that's cleared and now
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a crash near san pablo dam road has traffic backing up towards highway 4 in hercules. so just under a 30-minute ride for drivers heading along the eastshore freeway right at 6:00 this morning. and richmond parkway if you would like to use that as your alternate, keep in mind a lot of people have the same idea so that's slow in both directions. we'll keep you advised of when those lanes re-open but in the meantime, do expect a "slow, stop, go" kind of wednesday morning commute. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. jaclyn, wish we could cue the music and bring in a little bit of here comes the sun by the beatles from 1969 because check this out! sun is making an appearance right now at mount vaca. sun is just beautiful!! not a cloud in the sky there. we're socked in, in san francisco at 58. it's overcast in oakland. a few clouds now in livermore and santa rosa overcast in the 50s. seasonal summer day today. 60s at the coast with partial clearing except daly city and
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colma. otherwise, foster city, south san francisco, all in the 70s. 80 redwood city. palo alto in the 80s. santa clara valley low 80s. east bay high 80s and low 90s at the delta and 60s to the low 80s in the north bay. hey, kenny, at 18 after the hour, we'll have the full forecast. thank you. president trump held a rally in phoenix last night touching on several hot button issues from charlottesville to immigration to healthcare. how it, outside the event, protests were intense. police say that some demonstrators threw gas canisters and bottles and rocks at them. officers in riot gear used a chemical agent and flash-bangs to disperse the crowds crowds of. inside the city's convention center the president spent his time saying that the media is responsible for dividing the nation in the aftermath of violence in charlottesville, virginia. the media twisted his words. >> it's time to expose the crooked media deceptions and to
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challenge the media for their role in fomenting division. >> among the several other subjects the president touched upon the need to reform immigration. he also again said a wall on the mexican border will be built. >> believe me, we have to close down our government, we're building that wall. >> on healthcare, mr. trump said that he had made a promise not to mention any names alluding to arizona republican senator john mccain. he was one of three senate republicans to cross party lines and shoot down the new healthcare bill with his last minute thumbs down vote. >> we are going to get rid of obamacare! i will never stop. one vote! i will never stop. >> the president also committed to passing the biggest tax cut in american history and alluded to a pardon for controversial former arizona sheriff joe arpaio convicted last month of ignoring a federal judge's order to stop detaining people because he suspect them of being illegally in this country. the president also said he respects the fact that north korean president kim jong-un seems to now respect the u.s.
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and that he is hopeful that maybe something positive can come about. just hours after president trump's rally, north korea media released photos that appeared to show the designs of one or two new missiles. concept diagrams of the missiles were seen hanging on a wall behind leader kim jong-un while he visited a plant that makes solid fuel engines for the country's ballistic missile program. now, this comes just two days after the united states and south korea began annual military exercises that the north claims are a rehearsal for war. >> security in the bay area this weekend. police are prepping for right wing rallies and possible counterprotests. kpix 5's jessica flores is live in berkeley with the very latest. jessica. >> reporter: good morning, kenny. counterprotesters are already preparing for this weekend's rallies. you'll find flyers like this all over uc-berkeley. this one from a group called "by any means necessary." they are having a planning session today at the university
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talking about how they will shut down what they claim are fascist and racist rallies in san francisco in berkeley. here in berkeley city leaders urge folks to stay away from civic center park where there will be a no to marxism rally on sunday there. and the folks organizing that rally say they are not racist, they don't want any white supremacists there. and they say they have nothing to do with violent protestors. still, the mayor says hate groups will use it as a platform to spread their message. >> when you come dressed like a soldier with helmets and knee pads and shields and weapons, we confiscated lots of weapons at the protests, you're interested in violent provocation, not freedom of speech. >> reporter: berkeley's rally will follow the "patriot prayer" rally sunday at crissy field "patriot prayer" is a
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conservative group not white supremacists. the protest is attracting far right extremists and san francisco leaders including nancy pelosi are labeling the event a white supremacist rally and they are still trying to work to shut it down this saturday. official on both sides of the bay say there will be beefed up security. police will be in full force making sure and trying to keep people safe. they are asking people to stay away. the city manager of berkeley has the power to issue a one- day ban on any weapons including sticks and knives. it's not clear if that ban will be issued. jessica flores, kpix 5. today several political leaders and environmentalists are gathering in an effort to protect marine sanctuaries. kpix 5's neda iranpour joins us live to tell us what they are fighting to save. >> reporter: this area from crissy field to the farralones as many of now is rich in
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marine life. several sea creatures live out there for people to research and enjoy. but all of this could be at risk of oil drilling. president trump signed an executive order back in april called the america first offshore energy strategy. this means he will review marine monuments and sanctuaries. monterey bay, channel islands, cordell bank and farralones national marine sanctuary all to be under review. this area, the farralones, provide a 20-mile highway for whales, dolphins, seals. they cruise the waters constantly and great whites feed. former congresswoman lynn woolsey has been fighting since 2002 to preserve this stretch of sea. >> this area is a national treasure. it needs and it deserves permanent protection from oil and gas exploration. >> reporter: she is joining congressman huffman, democrat nancy pelosi and others at a forum today where they will
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point out the benefits of protecting marine sanctuaries like the ocean health, the economy and tourism here. no decision will be made on the marine sanctuaries yet but by tomorrow there's a deadline for the president to make a decision on land monuments. this includes the berryessa, snow mountain national monument the closest one to us, sequoia, mojave trails, san gabriel mountains also under review. tomorrow we'll find if the president wants to do anything with them. live in crissy field, neda iranpour, kpix 5. as the search continues for sailors missing in the crash the u.s.s. john mccain, vice admiral joseph aucoin is fired for loss of confidence. there are four accidents involving naval warships under his watch this year two of which, the u.s.s. fitzgerald and mccain were deadly. a deadly ending to an amber alert. los angeles police officers
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shot and killed a murder suspect accused of abducting his son. this morning 9-year-old daniel morozov is safe and is in child protective services. they say he was taken by his father monday night after the boy's mother was found dead. last night the man was shot and killed by police. no officers were injured in the shooting. it is still under investigation. a memorial is planned for an oakland firefighter who was killed in a shooting last thursday. a service will be held for jake walter at 11 a.m. on saturday. another oakland firefighter was wounded in the san jose shooting. 27-year-old oliver juinio is charged with murder and attempted murder. authorities don't think that there's any between the suspect and victims. he will be in court in september. the family involved in a deadly fire in san jose is expected to get a new home today. the community raised enough money to replace their mobile home. the fire tore through the
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golden wheel mobile home park last week. two children and one of their uncles died in the fire. they have been identified as 10- year-old linda van, 9-year-old tram and 62-year-old tim lee. the cause of the fair is under investigation. heads up for bart riders this morning. coming up next, the changes coming to the civic center station. >> and no changes for your morning commute. we continue to track delays but this time along 101, find out what's going on coming up. >> 100 degrees! 100 degrees, temperatures will pole vault up to 100 degrees. i'll tell you when and where. >> plus, a rally in support of former 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick is happening today while he continues to be teamless, this despite football season already beginning.
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retiring for health reasons.
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b giorno will hold th at least a new sheriff in sonoma county after the former sheriff's retired for health reasons. now rob giordano will hold the top spot. he has been assistant sheriff and interim since the beginning of the month. he will serve the rest of the term through january 2019. the central marin fire department is a step closer to forming. this after both the larkspur and corte madera city councils voted to pass a plan to merge their fire departments. in the coming months, the two councils will soon also consider contract agreements for fire crews. officials expect to merge the departments by january 1. union city has gotten the ball rolling on regulating recreational marijuana use. city staff now working to establish an ordinance that would cover commercial growing processing and selling. the city reportedly plans to license the operators and investors who set up dispensaries. it also intends to limit the number of storefronts in the
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area. the city council plans to meet next month for feedback from the public. there are changes coming to the civic center bart station. the agency is closing two entrances at market street and 8th street. crews are making room for a new substation. now, once it's built it will increase the number of trains running through the transbay tunnel. the agency hopes to get 30 trains going per hour. all right. and speaking of transit, boy, hopefully you're on mass transit today if you are coming in from the east bay because we have had a lot of problems. >> that's right. 56 trains running on time right now for bart, no delays. ace train one was 5 minutes late but everything else is smooth. mass transit definitely the way to go because take a look at 80. it's been a mess this morning. and it continues to just keep getting worse. westbound 80 near san pablo dam road one lane blocked due to an earlier crash that had a big backup near central and then backed up and then we saw
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another accident occur in that backup. so traffic backed up to about pinole valley road at this point. about 30 minutes from 4 to the maze. richmond parkway slow in both directions. we are seeing speeds dip around 20 miles per hour. here's 80 near san pablo dam road. and you can see that -- those brake lights heading westbound. fog advisory for the golden gate bridge. two lanes closed at the tollbooth due to a crash overnight. right now you can see not much of a backup but as the morning commute picks up we may see delays in that direction. roberta has the forecast. it was 69 degrees yesterday in half moon bay to the low 90s to the delta. same today. good morning, everyone. overcast skies looking out towards the bay bridge with
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areas of drizzle. that's the scene looking out from mount vaca where we have the clear skies. everybody is reporting some overcast right now from santa rosa through san jose into san francisco, tri-valley, oakland, redwood city, 50s and 60s. good morning to linda in fairfield at 59 degrees. she has clear skies and john has overcast conditions in santa rosa. darryl yee socked in at alameda. alan hughes in lower lake 64 degrees and clear skies. he hit 99 degrees yesterday. alan, if that's the case, you'll hit 110 over the weekend. a deck of cool stratus now covering the san francisco bay area streaming 60 miles through the north and to the south easily. we'll have a seasonal summer day in the bay area and then the heat is on! we are going to cook over the weekend. high pressure over the great
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basin. hot air from arizona through southern california coming into northern california. temperatures will soar to 100 at the delta. 60 in monterey once clouds lift. 96 redding. sunrise 6:32. meanwhile, temperatures very seasonal, average highs spot on, 60s coast, 70s and the lip of the bay. 70s to nearly 80 across the peninsula today. hey, santa rosa, you were at 68 on monday. 82 yesterday. 84 today. yeah. you felt the difference yesterday. you're going to feel it over the weekend. we're talking 100 degrees saturday and sunday the hottest locations. 99 monday. barely cooler on tuesday with that compressed deck of low clouds and fog. daly city in the low 60s. but easily pacifica at 70. we have ourselves an afternoon baseball game in the sun. the clouds will clear. we have matt moore on the mound
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for the good guys. 63 degrees. go, giants! [ laughter ] >> kenny and anne -- it's all we can do, right? >> roberta, thank you. some fans and activists are rallying behind former 49ers quarterback kaepernick. they are holding a protest in a few hours outside nfl headquarters in new york city. kpix 5's jackie ward on the support from some fans on his decision to "take a knee" during the national anthem. it's a big controversy. >> reporter: last year's football season carrying into this year's. so the rally today is being called the united we stand rally and it's being organized by several activists and organizations in new york city in support of colin kaepernick. every team in the nfl has two quarterbacks on the roster. despite leading his team to a super bowl just a few seasons ago, kaepernick has no job. some say it's not his ability but his political activism. he wouldn't stand for the national anthem last season. fans are divided.
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>> for most teams, it's a business decision. i think they are not giving him a fair shot. i'm personally not a fan of how he uses the platform of the 49ers team to express his own feelings. >> reporter: 70% of nfl players are black. many see a racial injustice with what's happening to kaepernick and are speaking out defending his actions. the nfl commissioner continues to say that kaepernick is not being blackballed. today's rally will be outside the nfl headquarters in new york city. it starts at 2 p.m. pacific time. i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, a major trade in the nba shakes up the cleveland cavaliers and a big gamble by the giants last night didn't pay off. coming up. ♪
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good morning, everybody. last week, the 49ers made katie sowers the second woman to become an nfl coaching assistant and yesterday, souers came out publicly as gay becoming the league's first openly lgbt coach male or female. sowers worked previously with kyle shanahan last year in atlanta. and she was promoted to full- time assistant with the 49ers after a coaching internship this summer. yesterday, i asked shanahan about his most recent hire. do you think it's harder for a female coach to reach a male player? >> i don't think players care whether you're old or young or male or female whether you played or whether you didn't play. this comes down to can you help them? they're trying to earn a job. they're trying to get better. if you can help someone get better at their job and help someone keep a john, then they're going to listen to
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whoever. it doesn't matter. this little guy trying to be a giants september call-up. tied at 3 in the 7th, milwaukee travis shaun down the right field line. walker scores. and the brewers have a 4-3 lead. same score, bottom of the 8th, span that's a base hit to right field so nick hundley is going to get waved home. watch this. here comes hundley. here comes the throw. he is out. when you're 35 games out, what the heck. right? the giants lose 4-3. how about the uninhabitable? the cavaliers traded four-time all star kyrie irving to the celtics in exchange for three players including fellow all star isaiah thomas and a first round pick. so what we know for sure is that if the warriors get back in the nba finals and face cleveland, kyrie won't be on that court. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. facebook is making a change.
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the social media giant is now putting publishers' logos alongside articles in its trending and perks section. soon they will start appearing elsewhere on facebook. they cited it as a result of its ongoing discussion with media companies via facebook journalism project. google working on a new laptop that could be available this fall. android police report that the new laptop will be a pixel branded chrome book. google is working on a smaller version of google home. uber making it easier for drivers to say no to rides they don't want to take. the rideshare company just announced new features meant to make it easier for uber drivers to plan trips around their schedules. this stretch of water from the golden gate bridge to the farralones is rich in marine life and at risk of oiling drilling under the president's executive order so coming up we'll talk about the political leaders' efforts to stop it. >> reporter: and counter- protestors already making plans
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to shut down this weekend's "alt right" rallies. i'll have the details coming up.
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we are fully and totally committed to fighting for our agenda and we will not stop until the job is done. >> president trump holds a campaign style rally to forge ahead on his campaign promises as protestors clash in the streets. >> there's a lot of things that need to change. >> former 49er quarterback colin kaepernick "took a knee" to push for what he believed in. he is out of a job today.
6:31 am
dozens plan to show off their support. >> plus, the massive jackpot causing powerball pandemonium this morning! but first, we start with that chaos in phoenix. i'm kenny choi. it is wednesday, august 23rd. >> i'm anne makovec in for michelle griego. hundreds of people protested outside of president trump's campaign style rally last night. police say some demonstrators threw gas canisters, bottles and rocks at them and officers deployed tear gas and flash- bangs to disperse them. >> the individuals broke down fencing and threw gas at the police officers. so officers were forced then at that time to really protect themselves to protect the community, to protect property. >> inside the city's convention center, the president touched on several issues from charlottesville to immigration to healthcare. he also said a wall on the mexican border will be built. >> believe me, if we have to
6:32 am
close down our government, we're building that wall. >> president trump also alluded to a pardon for sheriff joe, convicted last month of ignoring a federal judge's order in arizona to stop detaining people because he suspected them of being illegal immigrants. police are trying to avoid any violence here in the bay area. they are setting up extra security for protests planned this weekend. kpix 5's jessica flores reports from berkeley. >> reporter: good morning. counterprotesters are having a planning session at uc-berkeley where you will see those flyers saying charlottesville, never again. they say they plan to shut down what they claim is a fascist and racist rally in berkeley and san francisco this weekend. here in berkeley, city leaders urge folks to stay away from civic center park where the no to marxism rally will be held on sunday for their own safety.
6:33 am
he says groups will use it as a platform to spread their message but the organizer told us that the event is focused on denouncing marxism and "she" wants nothing to do with racist or violent protestors. >> i do not support white supremacy. white supremacy is not allowed at my rallies. we do not want racist people there. we do not want hateful people there. we also do not want violence. if anybody is coming with the intent of violence, do not come to my rally. >> reporter: berkeley's rally will follow the "patriot prayer" rally saturday at crissy field in san francisco. "patriot prayer" is a conservative group and the leader is a trump supporter. he says they are not white supremacists. the protest is attracting far right extremists. san francisco leaders including congressman nancy pelosi are labeling it a white supremacist rally and they are still trying to shut it down. officials on both sides of the bay say they will have beefed up patrols and security. they want to make sure and try to keep the peace but again,
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they are asking people to stay away. here in berkeley, the city manager has the power to issue a one-day ban on weapons, but the city hasn't said whether it will do that. live in berkeley, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. right now, activists are calling for the removal of several bay area statues amid national efforts to remove confederate statues in the south. one of them pioneer monument in san francisco's civic center and in san jose, organizers want the christopher columbus statue in city hall removed. this push follows violence in charlottesville when the mayor asked virginia lawmakers to take down a statue of robert e. lee and violent clashes erupted between white supremacists and counter-protestors. >> espn pulled this broadcaster from calling the university of virginia home opener because of his name robert lee. the "washington post" reports the network thought his name was
6:35 am
too much of a coincidence after the violence. espn said, quote, it is a shame that this is even a topic of conversation. now to a traffic alert on the golden gate bridge. right now, at least 2 lanes southbound are closed because of a crash overnight. the golden gate bridge patrol said the driver of an rv hit a steel barrier at the toll plaza last night. crews are working to fix the damage. jaclyn is tracking the issue in our morning commute. >> yes. and, you know, chp was anticipating this to be a major problem and cause major slowdowns for drivers on the morning commute. but this is where we haven't seen any problems. >> people got the message. they are crowding to interstate 80 and 101. we are tracking an accident on southbound 101. this is right near third bayshore boulevard and you can
6:36 am
see traffic still heavy. it looks like emergency crews reopened the left lane. backups were beyond 280 and it was a slow ride southbound. but we are tracking a new crash, our fourth crash of the morning along 80 at appian. five-car crash one lane blocked traffic backed up beyond highway 4. we'll check the bay bridge toll plaza coming up. the bay bridge for the commuters this morning, it's overcast. don't be surprised if you do encounter a little bit of drizzle due that to that marine layer that's 1200 feet deep. we have clouds onshore 60 miles. look at the flag on the fly. breeze up to 10. sfo delays one hour and 10 minutes on some arriving flights due to the visibility restricted at this early hour because of bank of cloudiness. we are in the 50s and 60s. okay, three things to remember:
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through tuesday, 100s. 84 in santa rosa today. 71 in oakland. highway 70s, 70s around the peninsula. 82 san jose same as yesterday where you should for this time of the year. and upper 80s to 90 degrees away from the bay into our inland areas. low 90s delta. the full forecast teaching the triple digits, that's coming up at 48 after the hour. menlo park fire district is pitching in against the massive south fork fire burning in yosemite. crews are helping out by flying drones. this marks the first for the district and teams in yosemite can use the help since the south fork fire is just 17%
6:38 am
contained right now. so far, it has burned more than 3800 acres. marine sanctuaries could be at risk after the president's executive order on oil drilling and today, political leaders and environmentalists are gathering to protect one of ours. that's where we find kpix 5's neda iranpour joining us live at crissy field. >> reporter: it is of course covered in fog right now but there's the golden gate bridge right behind us and beyond that would be the farralone islands. so this entire stretch of sea is protected as a marine sanctuary. it's one of the areas along lot california coast that could be at risk of oil drilling. farralones national marine sanctuary provides 20 miles of highway for whales and other sea creatures. it's for research and whale watching. trump administration's energy
6:39 am
strategy, an executive order signed in april that reviews marine monuments and sanctuaries like this one. >> this is a matter of economic common sense. jobs and livelihoods hang in the balance. >> reporter: she will be one of some leaders at the forum today it the visitors center in sausalito joined by jared huffman and nancy pelosi along with others. there will be no decision made just yet on marine sanctuaries. tomorrow there is a deadline for president trump to review land monuments. this includes berryessa national monument, which is close to us; along with the sequoias, mojave desert and san gabriels. so we may hear by tomorrow if the president wants to eliminate those, shrink them or keep them as is. live at crissy field, neda iranpour, kpix 5. a man accused of trying to support isis is expected in a
6:40 am
san francisco courtroom today. his case will be tried in federal court. according to court documents, [ non-english language ] medical with undercover fbi agents to plan an attack. he reportedly set up social media accounts to benefit isis. his attorney argue that is he never supported the terror groups. he is currently being held without bail at the alameda county jail. the wife of the bay area man killed in the barcelona attack is trying to track down a waiter there. she believes he is the last person who saw her husband alive. heidi tucker says she saw a video capturing the aftermath of the attack last week showing the waiter trying to help her husband, jared. jared's father said his family also saw tv coverage of the good samaritan lending a hand. they all now want to thank that waiter. tucker and his wife were in barcelona celebrating their first anniversary. judge aaron persky facing fallout. a new judge has agreed to take over the legal battle. the "mercury news" reports that retired san francisco judge
6:41 am
will oversee the legal battle. santa clara county officials say that the dispute must be settled by september 1 or else the recall will not appear on the spring ballot. percy ask under fire for sentencing in the stanford sex assault case. today in sacramento several politicians plan to join hundreds of demonstrators to push for a bail reform act. under the bill, people would no longer be forced to post a cash bond before their trial. pretrial supervision would replace the requirement. this year's nfl season has begun but our former quarterback is still without a job. we'll tell you about a rally happening in new york city today to support him. >> plus, the near record powerball jackpot sparking lottery fever across the bay area. how much tonight's drawing is worth and a breakdown of your chances to win. >> and the stock market opened a few minutes ago. let's check the numbers. we'll get an update with kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. coming up. we'll be right back.
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york. good morning. it is 6:45 a.m. time for a look at what's coming up on "cbs this morning." gayle king joins us from new york. how's it going? >> reporter: quarter to 7:00? 15 minutes and counting and it's going great. want to know what we're working on? we're in phoenix today where police used tear gas overnight to disperse protestors after
6:46 am
president trump's rally last night. plus, only on cbs, the parents of the penn state student who died after a confederate hazing, all remember this story we'll talk to them about whether they think changes at the university go far enough. norah o'donnell hits golf balls with rory mcilroy. the golf star reflects on professional and personal success, his friendship with tiger woods and playing with the president of the united states. all that plus the eye-opener your world in 90 seconds. see you at 7:00. >> i'm willing to bet that you will also be talking about the big lottery up tonight. >> already got my tickets. $700million and counting. [ laughter ] >> okay. >> but who would quit in job if you win the lottery? >> i would, frankly. [ laughter ] >> "cbs this morning" starts at 7:00. the customers involved in the wells fargo fake accounts scandal are getting refunds. the bank has given back nearly $5 million to those customers. some of the banks employees opened accounts without permission. more than 5,000 employees were fired. mutual funds are having second thoughts about investing in uber and a new earnings
6:47 am
report from another san francisco tech powerhouse. >> joining us with all the details now kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the "wall street journal" reporting that four mutual funds t. rowe price, vanguard, principle and hartford have cut the price of their uber shares by as much as 15%. now, uber's true value remains a mystery. it's a privately held firm but the private market has valued uber by as much as $68 billion. the mutual funds are not as optimistic as a bad year for uber including the ouster of ceo travis kalanick over a workplace that has been stained with sexism and sexual harassment. earnings are out for a couple of influential tech companies in the bay area. cloud software leader "salesforce" and also financial software specialist intuit both topped expectations. "salesforce" saw revenue climb
6:48 am
25% to $2.5 billion. intuit's revenue was up 12% to over $840 million. but as the stock market enjoyed those gains yesterday, it's giving it back a bit this morning. let's check it. dow down 65. nasdaq down 18 and the s&p lower by 5 points in the early going. good day for express. the retailer posted strong online sales and its stock is going up. back to you. >> thank you, jason brooks from kcbs radio. there's still some time to buy a ticket before a drawing for the second largest powerball jackpot in u.s. history and it happens tonight. the prize $700 million. it is predicted to grow before the drawing. odds 1 in 292 million. very slim. if no one wins tonight, the next jackpot will probably be the largest of all time. let's check and
6:49 am
weather. >> we continue to track major slowdowns for all freeways. it's a tough ride. interstate 80 our fifth crash of the morning along this stretch. man, it's been rough! westbound 80 at appian, the tow truck is there. five-car crash has one lane blocked. traffic backing up towards the carquinez bridge. your travel time 30 minutes from 4 to the maze. bay bridge toll plaza tracking delays just getting there and another 20 minutes or so, 25 getting into san francisco. there were reports of a motorcycle crash blocking one lane just past the toll plaza. and we continue to see the slowdowns for drivers heading along southbound 101. we have an earlier accident still quite a big backup, this is right near bayshore boulevard. 3rd street there, you can see all those brake lights so you're going to have to give yourself extra time heading in that direction. 880 if you are through san lorenzo, slow in both directions all due to a lane
6:50 am
blocked with a broken-down u- haul truck. roberta has the forecast. mostly cloudy skies now causing airport delays at sfo one hour and 10 minutes on some arriving flights. that's the view of the bay bridge. how about this view of the sunrise? 55 in santa rosa and overcast in the area. 53 in san jose. alameda overcast skies and barometer at 30. when you see that, 30 even or rising, that's a good indication high pressure is building in. and we have fair and stable weather. satellite-radar suggests we have the marine layer about 1200 feet deep producing some drizzle along the coast. it's exceeded the bay area at least the bay itself and inland 60 miles. drizzle will stop.
6:51 am
the heat is on for the weekend because of that right there. high pressure over the great basin continues to build and strengthen and with that clock wide rotation of the winds it's ushering in the hotter air mass from arizona transporting us through southern california into northern california. 90 state capital today. it's now in the 50s going up to 66 with partial clearing. pebble beach, big sur, carmel and monterey bay a thunderstorm is still possible in the afternoon hours in the high sierra. don't bank on sunshine in daly city and colma at 63. otherwise, approaching around 80, sunny seasonal around the peninsula. 90 again, i bumped up that temperature for livermore. 84 santa rosa. up from yesterday 82. and low to mid-80s santa clara valley and that's where you should be for this time of the year. there you have it our impending heat wave saturday and sunday. you will barely notice a cooldown monday and tuesday. make it a great day! back to anne and kenny.
6:52 am
thank you. a rally is planned at nfl headquarters in new york city this afternoon. a few fans are supporting kaepernick. >> kpix 5's jackie ward has more on the continuation of this "taking a knee" for the national anthem controversy. >> reporter: carrying over to this season. analysts say it is not his lack of ability keeping him off the field but what he did on the sideline kneeling for the national anthem. he hasn't been signed yet. at this point he won't be doing anything on any sideline this season. several organizations and activists are coming to his defense including film director spike lee. they are holding a rally in new york city today outside the nfl headquarters. nearly 2,000 people have said they are interested. almost 10,000 more may show up. >> there's a lot of things that need to change. cops are getting paid leave for killing people. >> reporter: this is after last weekend when nearly 100 current
6:53 am
and former members of the nypd also rallied in support of him. the "new york times" reports that they gathered in brooklyn bridge park wearing a hashtag with t-shirts. it starts at2 p.m. pacific time and will last three hours. >> reporter: counter protestors plan to shut down rallies this weekend. details coming up.
6:54 am
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they say to shut down what they call fascist and racist rallys...planned in san francisco and berkeley this weekend... berkeley leaders say they are bracing for groups to clash in the anti-marxi i'm jessica flores live in berkeley where counter- protestors are preparing for this weekend's "alt right" rally here at uc-berkeley. eye group called "by any means necessary" is having a planning session to shut down what they claim is racist and fascists coming to berkeley and san francisco this weekend. berkeley city leaders say they are bracing for groups to clash
6:57 am
in the city on sunday when the anti-marxist rally will take place at civic center park. the mayor is urgingaw from the he says hate groups will use it as a platform to spread their message but the organizer told us the event is focused on denouncing marxism and she wants nothing to do with racist or violent protestors. >> the people are walking around like this violent terrorists in masks and this mayor does nothing about it. >> we stand for free speech. violence is not free speech. >> reporter: berkeley's rally will follow the "patriot prayer" rally saturday at crissy field in san francisco. the leader there says they are not white supremacists either. still, san francisco leaders including congressman nancy pelosi are labeling the event a white supremacist rally and they are still trying to shut it down. officials on both sides of the bay say they will have beefed up security and police will be in full force. in berkeley, i'm jessica
6:58 am
flores, kpix 5. president trump held a campaign style rally in arizona last night spending much of the event blaming the media for divisiveness that arose from the violence in charlottesville. he also reaffirmed his commitment to building the wall and hinted a pardon for a former sheriff. protests got heated outside at the end of the rally. photos show the design of two new missiles in north korea two days after the u.s. and south korea began annual military exercise. a memorial now planned for an oakland firefighter who was killed in a shooting last thursday. a service will be held for jake walter at 11 a.m. on saturday in oakland. the family which was involved in a deadly fire in san jose is expected to get a new home today. community raised enough money to replace their mobile homes. and a traffic alert on the golden gate bridge. right now at least two lanes are closed because of a crash. the driver of an rv hit a steel barrier at the toll plaza last night.
6:59 am
and a fog advisory for the golden gate bridge so drivers beware and beware if you are heading along 880 in san lorenzo. slow between decoto road and 238 because of a truck blocking two lanes. they are waiting for the tow. southbound 680 right near monument traffic backed up beyond concord and we continue to see those big delays at the bay bridge toll plaza. fog and low clouds at the bay area. cooler. right now again the numbers from 50s to the 60s and later today, 62 degrees cool spot daly city to 92 at the delta. similar thursday then in the triple digits through the weekend and tuesday. good luck on the powerball. ♪[ music ] o. t
7:00 am
6-- ♪ good morning to our viewers in the west. it's wednesday, august 23rd, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning." police use tear gas and pepper spray to disrupt protests after president trump delivers a fiery speech in arizona. the president takes aim at the media, defends his charlottesville remarks, and threatens a government shutdown. >> the commander of the navy's seventh fleet is fired after this week's deadly collision near singapore. four of the fleet's ships have had accidents this year. and the parents of timothy piazza are in studio 57 to talk about their son's alleged hazing death at penn state and whether changes at the university go far enough. plus, a world war ii mystery is solved deep in the pacific.


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