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through. i'm trying to bring together the moderates. >> reporter: but extremists consistently show up at "patriot prayer" events across the country including in portland and seattle. gibson blames both sides. >> antifa using violence, the extreme right, you know, using violence. the thing, unite the right is a horrible term because that's their justification for teaming up with -- with extremists. >> reporter: mayor lee can claim a small victory in terms of this permit approval. he requested 26 items be banned from the park premises including backpacks, selfie sticks, weapons, helmets, mace, and tiki torches. >> i pray nobody gets hurt friday or saturday because these people with hate-filled messages are coming to our city to wreak havoc. >> reporter: the national park service did release this statement saying, quote, we cannot deny a permit to anyone planning to exercise their first amendment rights based on their political beliefs. we can deny a permit
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application for public safety reasons if the event raises such significant public safety concerns that law enforcement cannot manage the event. so it appears that they do believe law enforcement can manage the event. they are expected to be out in droves. we also know a handful of businesses have chosen to close on their own because so many roads will be closed inside of crissy field on saturday. we know that list includes house of air, the presidio ymca, sports basement and the bowling center. they are choosing to close. the city didn't force them to. live at crissy field, susie steimle, kpix 5. >> we also have a list of the roads that will be closed for saturday's rally on our website, click on the "patriot prayer" story on two rallies in two days for president trump on the left yesterday in phoenix when he went off on the media, and on the right, today's appearance in reno where he got a huge crowd of veterans all pumped
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up. cbs reporter weijia jang on the president's striking two very different tones. weijia. >> reporter: ken, this pun is intended because it felt like night and day, the president going from fiery and ready to fight to asking americans to come together with courage and love. meanwhile, near washington, a new battle is brewing over his signature campaign promise. >> this is a big one. >> reporter: president trump signed a bill wednesday making it easier for veterans to appeal decisions on their disability claims. the ceremony came after a speech to thousands of veterans at the american legion's national convention in reno. >> no longer will veterans be kept waiting for years to get an answer to their appeals. >> reporter: the president stuck to the script wednesday asking all americans to unite. >> it is time to heal the wounds that divide us and to seek a new unity based on the common values that unite us. >> reporter: the call for calm was a stark contrast to his
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campaign rally speech in phoenix tuesday night. the president slammed the press claiming they misrepresented his response to the violent protests that broke out in charlottesville, virginia over a week ago. >> i hit 'em with everything. i got the white supremacists, the neo-nazis, i got 'em all. let's face it. yeah. kkk, we have kkk. >> reporter: the president also issued a warning to congress about funding his proposed wall along the southern u.s. border. >> believe me, if we have to close down our government, we're building that wall. >> reporter: house minority leader nancy pelosi slammed the president for making the threat saying, make no mistake, the president said he will purposesfully hurt american communities to force american taxpayers to fund an immoral, ineffective and expensive border wall. it's not just democrats today. house speaker paul ryan says he doesn't believe a government shutdown is necessary or in the best interests of congress which is back to work on
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september 5. they will have less than 2 weeks to approve spending measures to prevent a shutdown. live at the white house, weijia jang, kpix 5. uc-berkeley professor just quit his post for the u.s. state department. professor daniel kaman was a science envoy. he resigned today with a not so secret message. the first letters of each paragraph spells out the word impeach. he is upset with the president's response to the violence in virginia. >> i was exceedingly disappointed at the response to charlottesville but i don't view it as an isolated event. i really do see a movement away from civility, away from pro- partnership and economic growth that the paris accord represents. >> kammen was appointed to an unpaid position focusing on climate change back in february of 2016. he has been in the federal government for more than 20
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years. monuments to confederates not the only ones under fire here in the bay area. christopher columbus has been a target for years! kpix 5's kiet do spoke to some people who say, a statue in san jose's city hall is offensive to them! kiet. >> reporter: yeah. we're live here with the statue in the lobby of city hall. this was donated by the italian- american community in 1958 but some people say just because it's been here a long time doesn't make it right. the base of the christopher columbus statue echoes what we read in the history books. discoverer of america. but an activist says there's more to the story. >> have the statues in city hall is akin to having a statue of hitler in jerusalem. >> reporter: he is a member of the newly formed activist group the brown berets. they started an online petition to move it somewhere else saying, this statue is obscene and offensive to the native community whose ancestry has suffered years of oppression, race and genocide at the hands
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of the figure that now stands at our city hall. >> we're being true. we're fighting for justice so, um, if you want to label it political correctness, you can do that. but we're fighting for justice. plain and simple. >> reporter: the president of the italian-american heritage foundation in san jose wants the statue to stay. he says columbus was flawed but also points to the a snake statue in cesar chavez park. >> at the same time columbus was traveling, the aztecs were slaughtering people of central america. where does it end? this is the drawing line. this is where it should end with -- that christopher columbus did make great contributions to our country and that needs to be recognized. >> reporter: a council member is writing a memo to urge the council to move it saying it's the people's house. >> christopher columbus doesn't have a direct history with our community in san jose. it's tough to even look at a
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direct reason as to why we should be celebrating this individual. >> reporter: and check out this footage from back in 2001 when a man came into the old city hall and heavily damaged the statue destroying the legs and smashing part of the face. they caught him and made him pay for the repairs. $66,000. if or when they ever get this statue out of the new city hall, it might end up somewhere in some museum or possibly even little italy. live in downtown san jose, kiet do, kpix 5. questions also being asked about the pioneer monument in san francisco's civic center. it depicts scenes from the spanish colonization. the san francisco arts commission is getting complaints, it says, it's anti- native! the commission says that it will talk about it in october. meanwhile espn is taking heat for pulling a broadcaster from a football game all because of his name. on the left is robert lee. a sportscaster for espn.
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on the right, a confederate general, of course, robert e. lee. clearly, not the same person. [ laughter ] >> but as debate over a statue of the general in charlottesville, virginia turned to violence, espn says it's too much of a coincidence. so the network pulled the broadcaster from an upcoming uva football game there. lee, the sportscaster, will be covering a different game that week. hundreds of colin kaepernick fans are protesting in new york in support of the former 49er quarterback. they are upset that he does not have a team to play for this season. they claim kaepernick is being unfairly punished for his political activism. len ramirez is live at levi's stadium with more on the i'm with kaepernick protest. >> reporter: liz, it was almost exactly one year ago that kaepernick got national attention for "taking a knee" during the play of the national
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anthem at levi's stadium. he is out of any nfl team. people say that that is not a coincidence. his supporters took to the streets to get him back on the field. [ chanting ] >> reporter: last season, colin kaepernick "took a knee" during the national anthem to protest the mistreatment of blacks in america. today at a rally at nfl headquarters in new york, people stood up to protest what's happening to kaepernick. >> this is not a shock to a lot of us, what we been going through a whole long time and people would not listen. >> reporter: despite taking the 49ers to the super bowl in 2013, he is unable to find a job in the nfl. the naacp has asked to meet with nfl commissioner roger goodell over the perception that the league is blackballing kaepernick to protect its profits. >> they feel that he is too controversial. he is too much of a hot potato because he stood up and they don't want they fans to be
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alienated. um, but they can be concerned about their profits causing this nation to lose its soul. >> reporter: besides protesting the anthem in which other players joined in kaepernick angeredded many when he wore socks depicting police officers as pigs. since then he donated $800,000 to charities part of a pledge to give away $1 million of his own money. and he says that if a team does pick him up, he would stand for the anthem. but many feel he is damaged goods. including cbs analyst and former nfl quarterback boomer esiason. >> whatever political views you have you don't take to the nfl field. i said it last year. i wouldn't want him on my team. i wouldn't. >> reporter: now, so far, roger goodell has not officially responded to the naacp's request to meet. now, kaepernick obviously is not suiting up so he is not taking part in the protest right now. but other players around the nfl have been doing protests
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sitting down or "taking a knee" during the playing of the national anthem including, um, oakland native and oakland raider marshawn lynch. live at levi's stadium, len ramirez, kpix 5. a gruesome discovery in contra costa county. authorities found a woman's body dumped on the side of a dirt road. her body was found on camino diablo in byron. juliette goodrich has been following the story and explains the search is now on for her killer. >> reporter: a woman's body dumped in a remote area of byron on the property of a sand mine. but why? and is there a killer now at large? >> has she been identified? >> yes. we do know who she is. we're not able to release the identity pending notification of next of kin. she is an adult female in her 40s and from san francisco. >> reporter: that's all investigators are revealing. the woman's body found around 3:50 yesterday afternoon by an employee who works at the sand
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mine. found in a desolate area as seen from "sky drone 5." there are no surveillance cameras and few people around to witness the body being dumped. the last homicide in byron was in 2008. >> there's still a lot of unanswered questions here? >> we don't know motive. >> reporter: the contra costa county sheriff's department would elaborate on the killing or what condition her body was in. >> i don't think our investigators want to go into that level of detail but she was found there. it was called in by one of the citizens who worked nearby. >> reporter: and the woman's body was taken here to the coroner's office in martinez. an autopsy is being conducted as well as toxicology reports are being conducted. again, sheriff's deputies know her. they are not releasing her name until next of kin is notified. juliette goodrich, kpix 5. a bay area family getting a new place to call their own. ♪[ music ] >> how neighbors came together to help a family recovering
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from a devastating fire. >> plus, after explosive issues with their last model, samsung unveils a new version of the galaxy note, the safety changes they made this time around. >> and what are your odds of winning the second largest jackpot on record? $700million is at stake.
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ones. "uyen tran" an a san jose family getting a new place to live after a fire destroyed their mobile home killing their loved ones. a woman and her uncle died in the fire. her classmate 10-year-old linda van also died. neighbors and firefighters worked to battle the flames at the golden wheel mobile home park on august 15. but the home was a total loss.
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today the victims' families accepted donations from various community groups. money for the clean-up and installation of a new mobile home. among the donors, san jose- based home provider advantage homes. and an l.a. billionaire who also donated millions earlier this year for the coyote creek flood victims. >> no amount of money can bring back the lives of the at least victims, no amount. however, we come here with a little bit to show the support to show the love to show the care. >> the new home should be in place in time for the holidays. new at 5:00, some vandals smashed through the front of a vallejo bike shop. now the owner is trying to raise money for repairs. this happened at the authorized bike shop on georgia street over the weekend. the owner says it's the second time that they have been broken into, in the last two months.
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someone broke the front windows. nothing was stolen this time but you can see plenty of broken glass. he is holding a special sale over the next few weeks and wants to use that money to fix the damage and increase security at his store. other bay area headlines, a man ordered an ice cream cone in santa rosa and tried to rob the place. the suspect had a gun and as he reached into the cash drawer a worker closed it on his hand! the suspect then panicked and left right past some former police officers who were having lunch next door. >> it's very, very [ indiscernible ] i had 20-plus [ indiscernible ] and this happened. he is a very lucky man that he didn't come in here. >> one of the ex-captains did get a good look at the suspect's fails but he is still on the run. he fled with no money and no ice cream.
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a boat sank near san francisco's aquatic park under mysterious circumstances. it sank at 7 a.m., belongs to the nonprofit sea scouts organizations teaches kids about boating. no one was on board at the time. >> we have a youth program and we have teens between 14 and 21 operating the boats. that's what we do. um, and as far as i know, we haven't made any mistakes that would result in this. >> the boat has about 50 gallons of diesel fuel on board. but so far, there is no sign that any of it has leaked. samsung's new phone is full of new features. but the one getting the most attention is the battery. julie watts explains. >> reporter: samsung unveiled its latest smartphone today with several new features including the note's largest screen ever, a dual lens camera similar to the iphone 7, and the ability to run two apps at once. but maybe more important than the bells and whistles, samsung
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is trying to assure customers the galaxy note 8 is safe. >> what just happened to my note 7. >> reporter: they had to recall the last hot new phone after note 7 began exploding due to defective batteries and were eventually banned on planes. >> there was a huge black eye for samsung. >> reporter: cnet says samsung has developed a new battery that's been extensively tested. >> they really had to spend this entire past year hitting the reset button for consumer trust. >> reporter: other features they hope will eclipse the note 7 fiasco, retina option security, wireless charging and a microsd cart slot. >> call us crazy but we don't think you should have to delete your stuff or get a whole new phone when you run out of space. >> reporter: by releasing the note 8 today, it appears samsung is trying to get a jump on the competition. apple is expected to unveil its new iphone 8 next month. now, the galaxy note 8 is expected to run between $930 to
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9 $60 yet. the iphone 7 starts at 6:50 and the s8 at 7:50. preorders begin tomorrow and the phone goes on sale september 15. >> that's a lot of money for a phone. >> creeping up, man. almost $1,000. >> a lot of cool features but -- >> all right. >> big price tag. >> don't drop it. >> thanks, julie. the other big story we are following this evening, a huge powerball >> the pocket on the line. here's a look at the happy donuts in albany. you think they will be happy? it's a favorite spot for lottery players. people are getting powerball tickets ahead of tonight's drawing. a jackpot has climbed to $700 million making it the second largest in u.s. history. odds of winning are one in 292 million. that's nothing. but that didn't stop hopeful ticket buyers in san francisco today. >> what would you do if you won? >> i haven't been thinking about that yet. [ laughter ] >> i'm just going to win it first. >> if no one matches the numbers tonight, it will keep growing.
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it's still got a way to go to beat the record powerball jackpot of $1.6 billion. if you have not bought a powerball ticket, you have until 7:00 tonight to get into the game. powerball is not the only thing with numbers climbing. we were in the 80s inland today. not too far away the 90s. not too far after that, the 100s. you're not going to hit 100 at the beach. it will be chilly there. find out when we'll see triple digits next. >> oming up all new at 6:00 tonight, step out of your home and on to a train. the bay area in the middle of a building boom for transit villages. the flurry of new projects designed to transform how you live and commute.
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hazy sunshine throughout the bay area. temperatures today not as hot as it was yesterday. about 2 or 3 degrees cooler inland. that adds up to 87 degrees right now in concord, 84 in
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livermore, san francisco the cool spot, as per normal 62 degrees. oakland 66. san jose, santa rosa the 70s. the rest of the country cools down in october, the two warmest months in the area are in september and october in san francisco. october is warmer in san francisco on average than july and august. that's how we do things around here because the wind direction typically changes in september and october. it will not tonight. lows around 60 for concord, vallejo and san jose. 56 san rafael. 57 with fog again and low cloud cover in san francisco. we have to get rid of this low off the southern california coastline before anything in our weather is going to change. right now it's continuing to feed in a light to moderate onshore flow keeping temperatures in check. when it moves, this ridge of high pressure almost off your television screen, that's going to move in and that's really going to warm us up away from the water. that transition from normal to hot weather will happen this weekend. more morning cloud cover tomorrow. we'll stop the clock at 7:00.
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we are seeing clouds near the bay and along the coastline, once again burning back to the coast in the afternoon. we'll get lots of sunshine late tomorrow. now that change. the ridge is not over new mexico anymore. come sunday and monday it's right over central california minimizing the ocean influence. even near the bay we may flirt with 80 degrees but inland, we'll see the biggest change as temperatures will rise all the way to the low 100s from sunday through wednesday. we could see 4 days in a row with the hottest location in the bay area getting triple- digit heat. we are mild for the next two afternoons but warm to hot weather moves in on saturday. your forecast highs for tomorrow: triple digits on sunday through tuesday. if you want to cool off, head near the bay. it will be warmer but not really that warm. mid- to upper 70s there. hat's your forecast; we'll b e right back.
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may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more. i am a first responder tor and i'emergencies 24 hours a day, everyday of the year. my children and my family are on my mind when i'm working all the time. my neighbors are here, my friends and family live here, so it's important for me to respond as quickly as possible and get the power back on. it's an amazing feeling turning those lights back on. be informed about outages in your area. sign up for outage alerts at together, we're building a better california.
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it's the first picture of the "space-x spacesuit." the caption reads: "it's worth noting this actual an instra gram post from elon musk is getting attention. it's the first pictures of the spacex spacesuit. the caption reads, it's worth noting this actually works. and it's not a mockup. the suits would be used when spacex starts carrying passengers in the next few years. something for the person who has everything. >> literally. thank you for watching at 5:00. >> the "cbs evening news" is next. see you at 6:00.
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captioning sponsor ♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> mason: letting loose. >> we have to close down our government. we're building that wall. it's time to expose the crooked media deception. they're trying to take away our culture. they're trying to take away our history. how did he get in here? he's supposed to be with a few people outside. very presidential, isn't it? >> mason: also tonight, the debate hillary clinton had with herself. >> do you turn, look him in the eye and say loudly and clearly, "back up, you creep?" >> mason: a new study finds a possible link between dementia and a lack of rem sleep. and, lottery players hope to find their luck in fond du lac. >> there's,


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