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tv   CBS This Morning  KPIX  August 24, 2017 7:00am-8:59am PDT

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good morning to our viewers in the west. this is thursday, august 24th, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning." the massachusetts lottery gets it wrong when announcing the wrong ticket. a hurricane warning was issued for the texas gulf coast. more than two feet of rain is predicted in some areas. massive flooding could impact millions. and the family of a young american man beaten to death in greece talks about sharing the dream he was pursuing. the trump administration will decide the fate of several national monuments today. should the federal government hand over control to states? local officials and private
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citizens? we begin this morning with a look at today's eye yoo, your world in 90 seconds. >> it is powerball. >> someone in massachusetts is about to get paid a lot. >> the bay state is balling. >> one winner cashes in on the powerball jackpot. >> the largist won by a single tick net north america ever. >> we have no division too deep for us to heal. >> president trump plays it cool during a speech in reno, nevada. >> and then the night before we saw the real trump, a man that is totally out of control. >> it's a big deal and scares a lot of people. >> tropical storm harvey is headed towards the texas gulf coast and could become a hurricane before it makes landfall sometime tomorrow. >> it is not good news for them. some significant flooding is expected. >> concert by an american rock band canceled in the netherlands because of warnings abouten an unspes tied terror threat.
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>> people rallied in support of colin kaepernick. >> is this owners coming together and saying this guy is a troublemaker? >> might be collusion. >> confederate statues in charlottesville were covered with black tarps. >> a man tried to remove one of the covers. >> a rare and terrifying sight caught on camera in the swiss alps. a massive avalanche. >> all that -- >> the yankees/tigers game a praying mantis. look at that thing. >> that's huge. >> oh my god, that thing is huge. >> you're all right. you just carry on there. >> when it comes to live tv, anything can happen, especially when children are involved. during the segment of a british tv show the kids stole the show. >> i think we will have a more peaceful time at 6:30. >> on "cbs this morning." >> off the glove and the perfect game is gone. >> how about this for an ending. the dodgers' rich hill lost his perfect game in the ninth inning and had a chance for no-hitter until josh harrison leads off in the bottom of the tenth.
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>> raise it! raise the jolly roger! josh harrison homers 1-0 in a classic. >> this morning's "eye opener" is presented by toyota. let's go places. captioning funded by cbs welcome to "cbs this morning." charlie rose is off and he did not win the powerball ticket. you, bill weir? sitti sitting in? >> had i, i would have still come in to be with you today. >> massachusetts lottery officials admit a big mistake over the one winning powerball ticket. they initially told us overnight it was bought at a store called handy variety in watertown, massachusetts, outside of boston. now they say it was sold in chick pea at a business called pride station and store.
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>> the prize is the second largest ever in the u.s. the winning numbers were 6, 7, 16, 23, 26, and the powerball number was 4. jerika dunkin is outside that e store that was mistakenly told it sold the win ticket. good morning. >> good morning. the question now becomes what are the chances that lottery officials will get this wrong? as news spread, we can tell you that people in the community as well as the owners of this handy variety convenience store were devastated to learn that the winning ticket worth the most money was not sold here in watertown. >> watertown, massachusetts, where somebody's awfully rich this morning. >> this store became a part of history. >> reporter: for over six hours it was believed to have been sold in a boston suburb. but this morning massachusetts lottery officials admitted there was a mistalk. a 75-mile mistake, stating the winning ticket was actually sold
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at this pride station and store in chick pea. >> it is powerball. >> reporter: last night people across the country held their bret as the numbers rolled down. >> your winning powerball number is 4. >> reporter: when the final ball popped out just one ticket matched all six numbers. the winner beat ast troe nam cal odds, 1 in 292.2 million. powerball officials say more than $758 million prize is the largest won by a single ticket in u.s. history. but it's not the largest prize ever. in january 2016 a $1.6 billion powerball jackpot was split among three winners. >> we didn't believe it. we just kept watching tv and going online and rechecking and rewhich canning. >> reporter: one of those winners was marie smith. at the time he and her husband were excited but apprehensive. >> it is scary and unknown. you always think about what you are going to do but when it happened it's like it all went out of my head.
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>> reporter: if he or she decides to claim a lump sum they would take home around $480 million before taxes. there is a silver lining in all of this. there was a winning ticket sold here worth $1 million, which means the owners of handy variety will receive $10,000. millions of people bracing hoping for a different kind of luck, bracing for a potentially massive flooding as tropical storm harvey gains strength in the gulf of mexico. hurricane warning was issued for much of the texas coast. harvey is expected to become a hurricane tomorrow before making landfall tomorrow night or saturday morning. some places could see more than 2 feet of rain. brandi smith is watching the storm from galveston and has the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. you're looking at the last few life guard station s to be hauled off the beach in
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galveston. crews have been working throughout the night to get these off the beaches. the city getting ready for the biggest storm to hit the area since hurricane ike in 2008. texas governor greg abbott declared a state of emergency in 30 counties. emergency officials have asked people on the upper coastline to move or prepare to move inland. state officials have not made any evacuation orders yet. people have started filling sandbags to protect homes and businesses and crews began tying up the more than 650 boats at the marina here. the other concern is the storm surge which could reach up to 4 feet. of course everyone is going to be watching those forecasts very closely over the coming days. scott padgett is tracking this storm. scott, good morning. >> harvey continuing to gain strength in the gulf of mexico over the warm gulf waters pulling its way to the northwest.
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over the next 24 to 36 hours approaching the coastline and dropping a large amount of rain, going through friday night through the day on saturday, and on top of that, the storm surge going up. storm surge warnings in effect for possibly 4 to 8 feet of storm surge. dangerous rip currents and then the flooding rains dealing with 10 to 15 inches of rain in e localized spot, more than 25 inches. as harvey slows down, this could be a deaf stating situation. >> thank you so much. the angry president trump that we saw in phoenix tuesday night was nowhere to be seen in reno, nevada, yesterday. instead he called for unity and healing. he will need a lot of that to push his agenda on capitol hill. the president is not getting along with senate republican leader mitch mcconnell and house speaker paul ryan dismissed his threat to shut down the government over a planned border wall with mexico. margaret brennan is at the white house where the president returned last night. margaret, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. president trump promised that americans would not pay for the
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border wall. now is threatening a government shutdown the if taxpayers do not fund it. he is at odds with his republican allies. today the president will meet with legislative affairs team to try to break the impasse. >> it is time to heal the wounds that divide us. >> reporter: president trump struck a conciliatory tone in his remarks wednesday to the american legion. >> we have no division too deep for us to heal. and there is no enemy too strong for us to overcome. >> reporter: strikingly different from the fiery speech mr. trump delivered the night before at a campaign-style rally in phoenix when he threatened to shut down the government. >> the obstructionist democrats would like us not to do it but believe me if we have to close down our government, we're building that wall. >> reporter: that shutdown mr. trump says depends on whether the republican-controlled congress funds his proposed
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border wall. the government will run out of money october 1st if no new spending bills are approved. house speaker paul ryan. >> i don't think anyone is interested in having a shutdown. i don't think it's in our interests to do so. >> reporter: the president seems to be picking fights with republicans including mitch mcconnell who the president needs to quarterback his legislative agenda. both tried to paper over their rocky relationship in dueling statements on wednesday claiming that remain united. but on twitter mr. trump again urged mcconnell to ditch senate filibuster rules to help sideline democrats, something mcconnell has said is off the table. and the president is trying to unseat republicans who challenge his agenda. back stage before the phoenix rally, mr. trump met with two of the prospective candidates trying to defeat arizona senator jeff flake who he called weak. in tweets this morning the president is laying blame on mcconnell and ryan for a potential debt ceiling crisis. he says they refused his request
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to attach a debt ceiling increase to a recently passed and popular v.a. bill. now they'll have to pass a separate law to pay america's bills and i void a financial crisis. >> the plot thickens. margaret, thank you. we have new details about the health of american diplomats who are victims of a possible sonic attack in cuba. medical records reviewed exclusively by cbs news showed some diplomats suffered conditions as seriouses a mild traumatic brain injury. cuba's government denied it saying it has never nor would it ever allow any action against accredited diplomatic agents. but the attacks appear to be continuing. stevedore see joins us from washington. steve? >> good morning. an american doctor who diagnosed the diplomats' conditions which include possible damage to the central nervous system is warning about the health risks of future exposures. the problems are believed to
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have been caused by a sonic device. >> this is unprecedented. >> reporter: the state department says it is taking the health attacks against the u.s. diplomats very seriously. >> we are working and have been working to provide our staff and u.s. government employees with the best medical attention. >> reporter: since late last year u.s. and canadian diplomats in havana have complained of hearing loss, nausea, headaches and balance issues. now now documents show some ended up suffering mild brain injury. the state department confirms some diplomats were medically evacuated to miami for treatment and testing. are there any still in cuba that have been effected by this who have asked the state department to leave? >> some we asked to leave because their condition necessitated that. there were others that have chosen to stay there. >> reporter: the state department has also sent medical professionals to assess u.s. staff. while it hasn't identified a source of the attacks it did
7:13 am
expel two cuban embassy officials in response. >> we hold cuban authorities responsible for finding out who is carrying out the health attacks. >> reporter: officials are investigating whether the injuries could have come from a type of covert sonic device targeting diplomats' homes directed by the cuban government. >> this could only have been accomplished by the cuban intelligence service as far as i know. >> reporter: brian litell served in the cy krewe and specialized in cuban relations for 35 years. >> if the activity doesn't cease then i think the cubans may wind up paying an additional cost in terms of the nature of the diplomatic relationship. >> reporter: one source familiar with the incidents tells cbs news u.s. diplomats have had their vehicles vandalized, homes broke spoon, and been under constant surveillance. florida senators rubio and nelson have requested a classified briefing into these health attacks. four sailors injured in the "uss john s. mccain" collision are out of the hospital and back
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on duty this morning. divers will continue erge issing for nine missing sailors inside the damaged ship in singapore bucks the ocean sear search-and-rescue mission is now over. the navy says the body of 22-year-old ken smith in new jersey was recovered. others have been identified. dutch police made a new arrest in connection with the terror theft that prompted the cannes leigh of an american's rock band concert. the concert hall in rotterdam was evacuated just before the concert was due to begin. the spanish driver of a van containing gas canisters was arsted nearby, but this morning police confirmed to cbs news that he is no longer considered a suspect. the threat is not currently being linked with last week's terrorist attacks in spain. pro football owners are under growing pressure to have colin kaepernick on their team.
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he started a controversy last year by refusing to stand for the national anthem before games. he says he was protesting police brutality. more than a thousand protesters rallied outside the headquarters yesterday accusing the black balling of kaepernick for speaking out. >> kaepernick opted out of his contract in march. although he led that team to the super bowl four years ago, two weeks before the start of this season he remains unemployed. >> nfl! >> what the hell! >> reporter: social justice advocates rally to show their support for colin kaepernick. the embattled quarterback was likened to civil rights heroes rosa parks and muhammad ali. >> we are not going to let history repeat itself. we of got the make sure the modern-day to muhammad ali,
7:16 am
colin kaepernick, we surround and support him. >> it's so clear to i think everybody that he is being black balled or black listed or banned. e. >> bill roden at espn thinks team owners are worried about a fan backlash if they sign kaepernick. >> nfl owners have decided out of the sense of fear that we are not going to allow this person to even compete for a job. >> touchdown! >> reporter: kaepernick nearly beat the ravens in super bowl xlvii. but with his numbers on the decline last year he had to fight to win back his starting job. even as he protested on the sidelines. >> we have a lot of people that aren't treated equally, aren't given equal opportunities. >> reporter: kaepernick's gesture has spread throughout the league. on monday about a dozen cleveland browns took a knee, including a white player. commissioner roger goodell has to repeatedly denied the former 49ers' views are keeping him off nfl rosters. >> our clubs make independent
7:17 am
evaluations of players. if they think a player can help improve the team they will do that. >> reporter: roden sees hypocrisy since players accused of violent crimes remain in the nfl. >> somebody who makes a nonviolent gesture, just a gesture will probably not have a job. >> reporter: the naacp sent a letter to the nfl requesting a meeting about kaepernick's future. last night the league told "cbs this morning" it had not received it. kaepernick did not respond to our request for comment but was actively retweeting shows of support from yesterday's rally. the players union says it continues to support him and stands ready to help. gayle? >> thank you, dana. two controversial confederate statues in charlottesville, virginia, are covered by tarps this morning. black material was draped over the statue of robert e. lee yesterday symbolizing mourning for the death of heather heyer, who was killed by a car during the white supremacist clashes in charlottesville. a nearby statue of stonewall
7:18 am
jackson was also covered. within hours a man used a knife to try to cut down the tarp around the lee statue. police stopped him and he was not cited. a white nationalist who gained notoriety for the protest in charlottesville turned himself in to police. christopher cantwell was wanted on three felony charges for illegal i using tear gas and malicious bodily injury. cantwell became known after appearing on an episode that focussed on the violence. >> i think a lot of people will die before we are done here frankly. >> why? >> because people die every day. >> not of a heart attack, violent deaths. >> people die violent deaths all the time. this is part of the reason that we want an ethno state. >> he told the associated press he only used pepper spray to defend himself. a catholic die seize is dealing with new fallout after a priest admission he was a former kkk leader.
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ahead, why a family targeted with the burning cross decades ago says a public apology from the priest is not enough. first it is 7:18. time to check your local this national weather report sponsored by blue buffalo. you love your pets like family so, feed them like family, with blue.
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a decision today could determine the future of some of the country's best known national monument areas. >> the debate over who should control public land. >> 640 million acres of public land is managed by the federal government in this country. some are pushing for big chunks to be sold or transferred either to states or private buyers. what would it mean and is it a good idea? that story is coming up on "cbs this morning." if your cat has fleas, you have fleas. use advantage® ii monthly on your cat to prevent and treat flea infestations.
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ahead, why people who get less sleep could be at greater risk for dementia. >> joy, that's what we need. nora, she's on top of a new state of the art with new york governor andrew comow. >> i'm taking in what is just an incredible view to be up here without losing my lunch. if i look down one more time -- >> oh, come on. >> i mean, there aren't even walls here on the side.
7:26 am
>> you have to have your big girl pants on for that one. what water-- at a school in oakland. school officials say: they found in the good morning, i'm kenny choi. there's a problem with a school in oakland. school official found lead in the water fountains at mcclymonds high school. ousd says that the old pipes in the school may be to blame. san francisco police preparing for a so-called all the right rally set for saturday at crissy field. the department released a list of restricted items. among the off limits items including tiki torches, pepper spray, drones and guns. stay with us, traffic and weather in just a moment.
7:27 am
good morning. 7:27. we are tracking slowdowns all due to an accident. this is along northbound 280 right near saratoga and it has
7:28 am
one lane blocked. 37 minutes in that northbound direction from 680-101 interchange to 85. give yourself some extra time out the door. san mateo bridge, still a slow ride in that westbound direction. 30 minutes between 880 and 101. speaking of 880, the nasty nimitz, it's starting to get slow in the yellow 22 minutes from 238 to the maze. 580 at cutting boulevard, 23 minutes from marina bay parkway to the richmond/san rafael bridge. visibility not affected as that marine layer gets thicker and deeper. look at the golden gate, can barely see it out there. hopefully drivers will be safe this morning. san jose visibility is dropped down a bit. visibility map showing about three miles, temperatures there 63. san francisco 57. here's the visibility map snow you what's going on along the coast down to 2.5 miles. petaluma half mile visibility. ♪
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for 63 months on all new 2017 outbacks. ends august 31. maine. xxxx. wait wait wait. what? what happened to mexico paying for the wall? what do you mean the government is going to shut down if -- mexico pays for the wall. that's the only reason i watched the -- is to see the hits. you can't just change the words to your songs, trump? who is going to pay for it? mexico. you can't just change the words. i like big brains and i cannot lie because i'm a trivia guy. it's not the same. mexico pays for t wall. >> all right. making a very interesting point. some people saying yesterday what happened to -- >> why do we have to shut down the government? he said mexico is going to pay for it. >> and nora, he said it repeatedly. not just one time.
7:31 am
he said it several times. >> ray lot of those rallies depend on short memories. >> selective amnesiaa. welcome back to "cbs this morning" the charlie is off. we're in good hands. the trump administration is expected to give the pentagon six months to implement a new ban on transgender people in the military. >> this is a big story that broke last night. the wault journal reporting a white house memo asked the defense secretary to consider whether a current service member who identifies as transgender is able to deploy. now, the memo also directs the pentagon not to admit any additional transgender americans into the armed forces. president trump announced the policy in a series of tweets late last month. >> and here is a look at some of the other morning headlines. the st. louis post dispatch reports a man drove his car into a group of protestors. a witness said the driver had his middle fingers raised before he accelerated through the crowd of people. but police said the driver tried to drive around them. police also say three protest rs were hurt after they jumped on to the car and fell off when he pulled away.
7:32 am
they were mourning the death of a transwoman killed by police. the the driver taken into custody. >> and here reports that exxonmobil misled the public on climate change. two harvard researchers reviewed public statements. they found that 80% of the studies acknowledge that climate change was real, but a majority of exxon statements expressed doubt about climate change. exxonmobil told "cbs this morning" it acknowledges that risk of climate change is here and warns action. our statements have been kiptd with understanding of climate science. >> the philadelphia inquirer reports a study showing a link between how often people dream at night and the risk of dementia. looked at recommend sleep. it found that less recommend sleep was linked to an increased risk of dementia as we get older. there's evidence that toxins accumulate in the brain during the day and are cleaned out when we sleep. >> that is not good news to anybody who works this shift or
7:33 am
an overnight shift. >> do you dream a lot? >> i don't think so. i'm just trying to survive through the night. but when i saw this, i thought this is the last thing. >> right. >> i'm like -- that that that that. >> exactly. >> here we go. >> i hear you. >> "the atlanta journal-constitution" lsz a sexual assault investigation at georgia's fort beening. the army says it comes after recent sex assault allegation made by a female trainee against the drill sergeant of the an investigation led to additional allegations of sexual misconduct involving other trainees. they have been suspended from duty. so far no one has been charged. >> the "washington post" reports a catholic priest and former chance men never paid court ordered damages for his racist crimes in the 1970s. he also never apologized for placing a massive burning cross outside their maryland home back in 1977. he wrote in an on the part ed on monday about his previous klan
7:34 am
affiliation. the 62-year-old priest is taking a leave of absence. airline bar net is outside his parish with the evolving expansion for his confession. good morning. >> good morning. he was serving here at this catholic church up until monday. that's when he revealed his former membership in the kkk, explaining that events in charlottesville just a few hours' drive from here prompted him to say he's sorry. but the die esoes of arlington says actually an inquiry by a freelance journalist really prompted the revelation. >> he said that he was a priest, i don't -- i didn't know what to say. >> philip and barbara butler are reliving that moment 40 years ago when they discovered a cross seven feet tall burning on their front lawn. >> i went to the door and i saw it and it was just like why? you know, where did this come from?
7:35 am
>> it came from william ach i son. in an essay published monday the 62-year-old catholic priest confessed to being a leader of the kkk in his early 20s. my actions were despicable, he wrote. while fort years have passed, i must say this. i'm sorry. >> this has been weird and we've never heard one word or anything and then all of a sudden this really just like a shock. >> in a statement the diocese of arlington said there have been no accusations of racism or bigotry against fryer ach son throughout his time in the diocese. the die seals reported knew of his history and it was widely reported by the media. he was sentenced to jail time for mailing threatening letters to doctor martin luther king jr.'s widow and for several cross burngs, including at the butler's home. but when it came time to pay the family $26,000 in damages, ach i son disappeared. in 1982 a front page story published by the "washington post" characterized the butlers'
7:36 am
agony, prompting president and mrs. reagan to visit the family at their maryland home that same afternoon. >> i simply told them what a pleasure it was to come and be able to visit them here and how much i regretted any unplechbtness that they may have had because there shouldn't be any place in our country for that sort of thing. >> we're all american. we're supposed to be. so why pick on one and not the other? >> decades later, the butlers are questioning the sincerity of ach i son's public confession. >> i will never ever forgive that. we didn't zeb this. no one deserves this. >> now, the butlers not only want an in person apology, but they want him to disclose any other members of the kkk who may have helped him. diocese of arlington says he is opening to meeting with the family privately. keep in mind, he still owes them $26,000. the diocese says it is working with ach son to make restitution. bill.
7:37 am
>> thank you. >> it is a little jarring, though, to hear a priest and a chance man in the same sentence. >> right. >> yeah. >> advertise a minute to wrap your brain around. >> tennessee teenager who was missing for lech nights in the great smoky mountains national park is speaking out. austin bow han on said he flagged down a boert yesterday after the 18-year-old trekd through steep terrain, several waterfalls. search treems combed through 6,700 acres looking for him. he said he did not eat and only drank creek water, which is why he lost 20 pounds. >> i wasn't too worried, honestly. i mean, i love the woods and i could have stayed in there another night or two nights and i would have been just fine. i knew i would have made my way out of there eventually. >> sure. hang out ar a week. it was relaxing. >> he was reported missing august 15th. they said they thought they could find him on their own. >> the trump administration could decide today to remove federal protection for millions
7:38 am
of national monuments. a group of opponents say giving up the land will limit americans' access to it. you're watching "cbs this
7:39 am
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interior secretary will decide the fate of several national monument areas. federal protection for places like utah's bears ears could be rolled back or eliminated. the issue is part of a larger debate going on. in the west the federal government owns and manages almost half of all public land. public land in the whole country totalled about 640 million acres. some people want the government to let go of that land. jeff glor travelled throughout the west to find out more. >> some believe more federal land should be turned over to states or private buyers but little consensus on how, when or if that should happened.
7:43 am
jason chaffetz introduced a bill calling for the sale of land in ten western states. back lash from hunters and ranchers killed the bill but not the debate. in northern idaho on land that seems destined to slide into a picture frame, ranchers herd cattle surrounded by storms and sage brush. >> this unit is a summer range. >> reporter: this is ground that jim hagenbarth's family manages. >> we used to work with the federal agencies hand in hand and we were a wonderful team. >> reporter: the federal government still owns nearly 62% of the land in idaho. just over 63% in utah and about 80% in nevada. >> we are violating the american promise. in utah the legislature has been
7:44 am
clear. >> reporter: today a fervent group of advocates and conservatives including utah state representative say the status quo should change. is the federal government doing a bad job managing the land in utah? >> it is terrible. they are treating it like it's a museum. it makes no sense to have a distant, unaccountable, nontransparent bureiocracy do a one size fits all policy. >> reporter: he says the federal government should get out of management all together. >> one of the criticisms is that you want the federal land to go to the state so you can transfer it to private buyers. >> the people who want to scare people that is where they go. >> reporter: you don't want to do that? >> there are rights and interests and expectations. how do you do that? do you do that from a federal bureaucrat or county
7:45 am
commissioners with local land use plans preserve and maintain the rights and interested. >> reporter: pat kearney represents the coalition. since states or private owners would not carry the same obligations. >> why do you think it is important for public lands to stay public? >> we use the lands to hunt and fish and camp. it is a big part of teaching kids outdoor heritage. >> folks who advocate say it can be managed on a local level that the state can do a better job than federal government. >> i think they are blowing smoke. >> reporter: it's an issue for now where many conservationists and ranchers have found common ground. >> a lot of people might be surprised that a big rancher like you would say let the federal land keep everything. leave that stuff alone. >> let's manage it. i'm saying let's manage the federal land so it has a
7:46 am
healthy, social, economic and ecological structure. states haven't got the budget to manage this. there are millions of acres out here. this ground belongs to mother nature. that rock will be there long after we are gone. >> reporter: he said the state control would result in higher costs. conservation groups purchased a blitz of ads. secretary is expected to make his decision by today. >> i'm so glad we did this story. so interesting. >> it will be ongoing. >> we have no time for reaction. the land belongs to mother nature. >> it is our land. more than a third of voters do not believe russia interfered in the election.
7:47 am
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7:52 am
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supreme court is expected to determine the future of capital punishment in california. death good morning, it's 6: i'm anne makovec. today the state supreme court expected to determine the future of capital punishment in california. death penalty opponents are seeking to overturn a voter- approved ballot measure that would speed up the process. amazon is opening its first bay area physical bookstore. it's in san jose's santana row. it's going to be a "brick and mortar" outlet that combines the online reach with physical retailing feature about 3500 unique titles. it's opening this morning. raffic and weather in just a moment.
7:57 am
7:58 am
good morning. 7:57. expect delays if you are heading out the door and your commute has you headed along 880. take a look at this. this is right near highway 84 so this is trying to get over to the dumbarton or decoto road. we have been tracking a crash northbound of 880 as you approach highway 92. one lane is blocked. we are looking at a travel time from decoto road to 28 about 18 minutes. san mateo bridge 32 minutes from 880 to 101. and the maze, oh, it's a slow ride. 27 minutes from the maze into san francisco. neda? we are socked in this morning. bay bridge looks like that marine layer thickening up even more. you may get some drizzle on your windshield this morning. now those gray skies are lingering right along the bay. and it looks like we are going to continue to see that for the next few hours before the temperatures warm up today. we'll see highs seasonal for where they should be this time of year. here's a look at the high
7:59 am
temperatures. 66 san francisco. 71 oakland. 86 in fairfield. heating up sunday through wednesday. my name is cynthia haynes and i am a senior public safety specialist for pg&e. my job is to help educate our first responders on how to deal with natural gas and electric emergencies. everyday when we go to work we want everyone to work safely and come home safely. i live right here in auburn, i absolutely love this community. once i moved here i didn't want to live anywhere else. i love that people in this community are willing to come together to make a difference for other people's lives. together, we're building a better california.
8:00 am
good morning to our viewers in the west. it's thursday, august 24th, 2017 and welcome back to cbs this morning. there has been a big old blunder this morning involving the winning powerball ticket. that's right. the massachusetts state lottery originally announced the wrong location for where the ticket that was worth $758 million was sold. but does it effect the winner? we'll explain. plus hillary clinton campaign manager and mitt romney's campaign manager are here in studio 57 working together to stop election cyberattacks but first here's today's eye opener at 8:00. >> massachusetts lottery officials admit a big mistake
8:01 am
over the one winning powerball ticket. >> millions of people bracing for a potentially massive flooding as tropical storm harvey gains strength in the gulf of mexico. >> over the next 24 to 36 hours approaching the coastline and dropping a large amount of rain going through friday night. >> president trump promised that americans would not pay for the border wall. now he is threatening a government shutdown if taxpayers do not fund it. >> two weeks before the start of this season collin kaepernick remains unemployed. his supporters blame it on unsportsmanlike conduct by the nfl and it's owner. >> a possible link between how often people dream at night and the risk of dementia. >> i'm like this. >> just one winning ticket was sold for last night's massive powerball jackpot. $758,700,000 prize was the second largest ever in the u.s. the winning numbers were 6, 7,
8:02 am
16, 23, 26, and the powerball number was 4. >> charlie rose is off. he didn't win. >> had i won i still would have come in. >> very nice of you to say. >> charlie is still off. massachusetts lottery officials say they gave the wrong location where a winning powerball ticket was sold. they told us it came from watertown, massachusetts but now officials say it was sold by the pride station store. that is actually 75 west of watertown. just one ticket matched the numbers. 6, 7, 16, 23, 26 and the powerball number of -- gayle. >> 4. >> the jackpot is worth $758.7 million. she is outside the handy variety that thought it had the big winner. good morning.
8:03 am
i bet there's a lot of people today. >> good morning, you can imagine it's spreading quickly. what we're not the winners? what lottery officials got it wrong? that is the case but this ticket was the biggest jackpot for a single winner. the pay out for that 1.6 billion back in january of 26 that had to be split among three people so that's why this one is very significant when you think about one person or one ticket winning all of this money. now massachusetts lottery winners cannot stay anonymous but they can claim their winnings through a trust. the winner has one year to claim the prize and the store that sold the lucky ticket will get $50,000. now while the jackpot was nearly $759 million most winners take the lump sum option which would pay out about 480 million before taxes and that amount would be
8:04 am
taxed about 40%. now let's just have a little fun with it. this is patriots country. this is for you. the super bowl champion. keep that in mind. if the winner were to take that $480 million lump sum even after taxes, they would be able to purchase every single ticket to the next super bowl. >> all right which we all know will involve the patriots, right? >> we'll see about that. >> we'll see about that. >> the real store didn't know they won until cbs this morning called them and said hey guess what you're twiner. can you imagine? i hope it's a group of people that won. if you're the one person holding the ticket you're saying gayle stop talking. but i hope it's a group that can split the money and how did you sleep last night if you're holding the winning ticket? >> i hold laywers say if you have the discipline don't come forward for many months. get your affairs in order. >> i don't think i could do
8:05 am
that. >> it's like a hot ticket in your hand. >> and finding relatives you didn't know you had. out of the woodwork. >> lots of new friends. >> tropical storm harvey is expected to strengthen into a hurricane before making land fall in texas. future radar shows how much of the state that storm will impact. look at that. that's a big one. it could make land fall late friday or early saturday. hurricane warnings are in place along most of the texas coast. the latest forecast now shows the storm surge could reach 9 feet. harvey is forecast to sit over texas for days. some places could see more than 2 feet of rain. it could bring sustained winds of more than 100 miles per hour. >> president trump has been advised to wait if he plans to pardon joe aprio. he faces six months in jail for ignoring a judges order to defend traffic stops targeting undocumented immigrants.
8:06 am
the president said he could r pardon him soon. >> so was sheriff joe convicted for doing his job? he should have had a jury but, you know what i'll make a prediction. he's going to be just fine. >> the president was asked to wait because white house lawyers believe he may not get any jail time when he is sentenced in october. the paperwork has not been prepared but the president could still pardon him at any time. >> remember the exploding cell phone fiasco? well tech giant samsung believes the latest smartphone shows battery problems are in the past. ahead in an interview only on cbs this morning, tefrts to rebuild trust after the crisis over phones that could overheat and catch
8:07 am
8:08 am
we're hearing for the first time from the family of a young we're hearing from the family of a young american killed by a mob outside a bar in greece. >> do you think this was racially motivated or just something that was out of control and he just happened to be the unlucky victim here. >> how it started may have started that way. it may have started out as an american issue and then resulted in, you know, a black american tragedy. >> ahead, and only on cbs this morning, he shares a dream he was chasing overseas before the deadly encounter last month. you're watching cbs this morning. hey allergy muddlers
8:09 am
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8:12 am
♪ the parents ofhe the parents of the young american man beaten to death in greece while on vacation are speaking for the first time in an interview that you'll see only on cbs this morning. he died last month on the greek island. surveillance video captured his
8:13 am
final moments as a mob chased him out of the bar and then surrounded him on the street. his parents jill and phil henderson invited us to their home. they told us about the son they called the hype man of the family. he had big plans and a very positive presence. >> what does his name mean? >> of noble promise. >> of noble promise. >> did he live up to that name? >> yeah. >> he was proud of it. >> he showed plenty of promise as a recent graduate of the university of arizona. at 22 years old he already travelled the world and last month he was in greece to get a new venture off the ground. >> he was there for a photo shoot for his new clothing line he was launching. phil said well maybe you should have a plan b and he said well, plan b is for people that aren't confident in their plan a. >> you're response to that was. >> it's typical.
8:14 am
i just laughed and said okay. >> he is up for a challenge. this video was shot the day before their parents noticed a missed phone call in the middle of the night from the u.s. embassy. >> i was thinking they found his wallet. he's over there trying to get to another country. what's going on? i called and i'm hoping, it's that night call you don't want. we prayed before we even called back. >> you did? >> yeah. >> you prayed before you called it back? >> we prayed that he was okay. >> but the news was devastating their youngest son had been killed after an altercation in a serbian bar. a woman told authorities it started when she asked for a selfie with him. a serbian man asked her why are you talking to a black guy before hitting him in the face. >> do you think this was racially motivated or do you just think it's just something that was out of control and he
8:15 am
just happened to be the unlucky victim here. >> how it started may not have started that way. it may have started out as an american issue and then resulted in a black american tragedy. >> your son was a world traveller and clearly comfortable traveling around the world. >> correct. more comfortable overseas than in the united states. >> what do you mean? >> he just felt it was safer in europe and overseas in general. he said, you know, with the climate with african american males in the u.s. that he just felt more comfortable overseas. >> isn't that ironic that he could say to you i feel more comfortable in another country other than my own and ends up losing his life in another country for what reason we still don't know exactly. >> exactly. >> 9 suspects face charges of voluntary manslaughter for the beating that happened shortly after attackers chased him out of the bar. >> looked at the tape from that
8:16 am
night and you have chosen not to. >> right. >> because. >> i want to keep his memory alive. i don't want to introduce any negativity into my spirit and i want to remember him as the go lucky internet lucky energetic fun loving person. i miss that about him. his energy, his hug, his laugh, his loud laugh, his smile. just everything. >> phil. >> he just brightens up the room. his competitiveness. whenever a sporting event came on, bocking, soccer, he loved it. i'm going to miss that. >> have your friends been helpful to get you through? >> the whole family is feeling
8:17 am
the void including younger sister and older brother. >> what will you miss most? >> i miss talking right now we would be talk about the cowboys and eagles. >> they took us to a mural a stranger painted of him in purple. that was his favorite color and also coats the ball of his bedroom. >> i knew there would be a lot of trophies in here. >> that's where they shared something special. >> this is a recording. >> it was a prayer he lead on a family phone call last june asking god for help and peace around the world. >> donald trump hopefully he can lead the society in a better place. >> those words really resinate in this household as these parents try to make sense of their son's brutal death. >> i first thought what parent
8:18 am
would raise someone to do such an evil thing to another human being and then the holy spirit just spoke to me and said, you know what, it's bigger than that. it's so much bigger than that. because the world that we live in today, our leaders sit back and they just almost condone the type of behavior. so they don condemn it. and by their silence they promote it so i think in order for us to move forward we're going to have to do better in general. >> what is it that you're still seeking? what is it that you still want? >> we want justice. >> justice would mean what? >> to have everyone involved to be locked up and hopefully for a very long time. >> now the family hired a lawyer. they say they plan to be there in greece to represent their son when the case goes to trial.
8:19 am
a pair of go fund me pages raised more than $100,000 to cover those costs. in the meantime the hendersons tell us they heard nothing from members of congress, members of the state other than a phone call from the senator's office when they are trying to bring his remains home last month. this just happened early july and they're only speaking up because they want to bring attention to the case. they don't want this case to be forgotten and, you know, it was heartbreaking to be there. the couple has been married 30 years. great family. planning a big family celebration that he was involved in planning and there's a big hole where there was a lot of life in that house and it's very sad. >> they have not spoken publicly until now and it's just so painful to hear what happened to him. >> they hired a lawyer in new york and greece but it's difficult dealing with a foreign country and they're hoping someone in the government will stand up and help them. >> sounds like a good man.
8:20 am
>> he was. good man. all right. hillary clinton and mitt romney's campaign managers have joined forces to protect future elections from cyber attacks. they're both here in our toyota green room with their plan to try and defend our democracy. it is an interesting conversation ahead. you're watching "cbs this morning." ♪ carries on is a huge piece of education. using the pen for the first time on the windows 10 pc is great. i'm able to highlight different rhyme schemes, i can actually... ...see my lines when i'm shading in, i can change the... ...weight drawing directly on my screen. i couldn't do this on my mac. i can definitely see the future... ...happening, i mean i feel like the sky's the limit. another anti-wrinkle cream in no hurry to make anything happen. neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair works in just one week. with the fastest retinol formula to visibly reduce wrinkles.
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8:23 am
today is weigh in day.
8:24 am
once a year zoo keepers measure animals to see how much they have grown. treats are crucial to get everyone's cooperation. zoo keepers use the smell of meat to lure lions out of their cage. squirrel monkeys were among smallest animals weighed. >> definitely most difficult is always the squirrel monkeys because they are inquisitive, active, you can have five on the scales at the same time or none of them. it's a real challenge. >> they are so cute. >> this was the first weigh in for penguin chicks. the measurements help create diet plans and track health and determine if an animal is pregnant. >> i'm trying to think of lettuce and jelly together. >> who knew? more food news ahead. new in flight meals designed to calm nerves and fight jet lag. your local news is just ahead.
8:25 am
university and its president for discrimination.. this comes nearly 2 years later... aft good morning, it's 8:25. i'm kenny choi. ethnic studies dean is suing a university and president for discrimination. this comes nearly two years later after students protested and staged a hunger strike. ongoing budget cuts and plans to shut down the college were allegedly in the works. students from california and who live in san francisco qualify for free tuition. the $5.4 million program is funded by the city of luxury property taxes. and the spike in enrollment jumped nearly 24% over last year. stay with us, traffic and weather in just a moment.
8:26 am
8:27 am
8:27. we continue to track major slowdowns for drivers heading along 880. here's the nimitz heading through oakland. northbound direction on the right side of your screen just under 40 minutes between 238 and the maze. if you are heading across the san mateo bridge, you'll be in good company. 32 minutes in the red from 880 to 101. and if you are traveling along the peninsula today 101 right now in the southbound direction from the 80 split down to sierra point parkway 11 minutes. so not too bad. richmond/san rafael bridge westbound direction 18 minutes on over to 101. and eastshore freeway 43 minutes. from 4 to the maze, it's
8:28 am
another "slow, stop, go" 22- minute ride from the maze into downtown. here's a beautiful sight of the sunrise at mount vaca. you can see that marine layer right below hovering over those mountaintops there. the peaks there. so yes, that marine layer still thick out there this morning. bay bridge socked in. that's the usual. 63 for concord. 56 oakland. livermore 60. we'll get some clearing soon. we could expect that in the next few hours. but you can see it creeping in through the bay. it went further east even as far as concord and livermore today. we are seeing hot weather because of the high pressure in the desert southwest that usually brings monsoonal moisture for the places like southern california and arizona but we are going to be hot sunday through wednesday.
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ rich hill of the los angeles dodgers nearly made history last night but ended in heartbreak. he threw a perfect game for eight innings in pittsburgh. 24, 24 down. still had a no-hitter going into extra innings until josh harrison came up. >> i don't see how -- >> drive to left towards the wall and raise it! raise the jolly roger. >> after his game winning walk off home run hill left the mound 1-0 loss.
8:31 am
>> that has to hurt. >> character building. >> don't want character today. >> congratulations to josh harrison. welcome back to "cbs this morning." charlie is off. let's take a look at the green room. two familiar faces if you are into politics. that is robby mook, hillary clinton's campaign manager. that's matt rhodes. one is a democrat and one a republican. what could it be that triggered this bromance between the two of you? we will discuss. it's time to show you headlines from around the globe. the "washington post" says bicycle crash deaths are soaring. cyclists killed in 1975 were mostly children. a new report finds in 2015 the average age was 45. 818 died that year. the number is rising by about 55
8:32 am
a year. very exciting news. taylor swift's new album is we told you there is buzz about the single getting released as early as tomorrow. her instagram says it will be out tonight. now we really can't wait. she also revealed the album cover art. the new album is due out november 10. >> it's been three years since a new album. you have a teenage girl in the house. >> my girl olivia, huge fan. >> i went to the tour at the meadowlands. so good. the stage spins around. >> good show. >> i like it. britain's telegraph says oxford university professor has created an in flight meal that is supposed to calm nervous flyers and fight jet lag. passengers are served a licorice
8:33 am
ice cream. i don't know how popular that is going to be. when the plane takes off they are given a relaxing green tea and then 30 minutes after takeoff time for herbal tea and a sea weed biscuit. >> i'm a very nervous flyer. nothing about that sounds calming. >> sea weed biscuit? >> some other time. >> sounds like that would give you a depends moment. >> i'm going to pass. >> that's a famous gayle line. >> bill is like what's happening here? we'll continue with our ongoing series called issues that matter. we have a closer look at election hacking and the threat it poses to our democracy. the intelligence community in january reported we assess moscow will apply lessens learned at campaign to future influence efforts world wide.
8:34 am
>> hillary clinton's 2016 campaign manager and mitt romney's 2012 campaign manager both ran presidential campaigns targeted by foreign hackers. together they started a new project with harvard's center called defending digital democracy. it aims to shield elections from cyber attacks. they join us for an interview you will see only on "cbs this moing." welcome to both of you. >> thanks for having us. >> matt, what do you think that the average american doesn't understand about cyber hacking in our elections? >> i think after the last election i don't think everyone understands it's a bipartisan challenge. in 2012 when i was campaign manager we were hacked in the fall of 2011. we were told by the fbi that the chinese hacked into the campaign. what the problem was we had to spend precious campaign dollars to up our cyber security network. that was money that when we got to actual campaign elections the
8:35 am
primary with newt gingrich and rick santorum those were resources we couldn't use. >> why didn't you make a big to do about it at the time? >> it wasn't going to move the ball down the field in winning the republican nomination. we talked about it after the election and so it just didn't get as much coverage. right now there is a lot of campaigns, 2018, that will go through similar challenges and threats. they don't want to talk about it. campaigns want to talk about the issues they are running on, not cyber security hacks. >> you know, we use these devices to do our banking in many cases, trust our health records, but the election is about trust, national trust. some countries i know astonia you can vote online. do you think we can get to a place in america where people can vote with this kind of ease? >> the technology will dictate that. trust is key.
8:36 am
this threat is real. countries and intelligence services are going to attack our candidates and election officials. we have seen the proof of concept on this. if we don't deal with it in a bipartisan way and come together and say an attack on one is an attack on all, that trust will erode and we can't allow these countries to become involved in our elections the way say a superpack could. >> how would you describe how cyber hacking hurt the hillary clinton campaign? >> first of all, it's really important to recognize hillary's campaign was probably most prominent example but this has been happening. what was different and the way the threat has evolved is they are steeling information and putting it out into the press. we want candidates to get out there and talk about the issues. we want them to be heard. we want the a get the full debate. if we allow foreign countries to steal information and push it out there we are not going to have the debate and let foreign
8:37 am
countries decide what we are talking about. >> what concerns you most when you look at future elections? >> obviously, it is a bipartisan problem. i worry not as much about the next presidential campaign in 2020. i worry about that rising star. you can see a barack obama or a george w. bush coming a mile away. if some hacker were to misconstrue some exchange you can change the course of history. so that really concerns me. >> what do you ultimately hope to accomplish aside from a white paper on a shelf? >> exactly. we want to do something that is tangible, that actually helps kpa campaigns. one thing we are working on is putting together a document that can be shared and used by republican campaigns and democrat campaigns, a play book of best practices from a cyber security standpoint. especially down ballot campaigns in the movies are portrayed as
8:38 am
glamorous places. they are not. they are usually a bunch of young kids, rag tag organizations. they all bring their lap tops to work and somebody gets assigned to be the digital director/i.t. director and have to come up with some way to secure the e-mail system. >> there is a role for the fbi and u.s. intelligence agencies. the obama administration knew for months that russia was trying to hack and influence this election and didn't come public with it until final weeks of the campaign. does that trouble you? >> i think the government has a really important role here. part of why matt and i did this we saw there were so many resources in the private sector to deal with this. google, facebook have come on board to support us. one of the leading cyber security companies has come on board. that's why it is so important that we do this in a bart way. eric rosen balk, they have been kind enough to offer a home for
8:39 am
this. we need to get those connected. if the government comes, too. >> robby, can i ask you about -- >> in sterio. >> we had a graphic made up from the book. >> i didn't know that part. i know it made news yesterday where she was saying how troubling it was to see donald trump circling her. when the debate was over, we saw the video and at the time we thought that is odd. when you got off the stage did she say i wish i would have said something? was it a big conversation in. >> when you are done with those debates sometimes it is just thank god that is over. we thought it was strange. and i spent a lot of time thinking about what i would have done differently. >> do you think it was a missed opportunity, if she would have said back up you creep you think that would have made a difference? >> one of my take aways, this hacking is a problem. that is why we linked up and moving forward.
8:40 am
>> hacking doesn't have to do with donald trump circling her. at the time, did you guys go what is happening here? >> it was a campaign with a lot of really weird moments. i think in another election with other candidates it would have been looked at differently. >> so great to see a republican and democrat together. >> thanks so much. samsung's top executive in the u.s. opens up in his first tv interview since overheating batteries caused the recall of millions of note 7
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
♪ samsung unveiled the galaxy note 8. the company's top u.s. executive is speaking out for the first time since last year's botched rollout of the previous model. dozens of people reported note 7s overheated, melted or exploded oo so this is a maybe hopefully for you a phoenix from the ashes story, no pun intended. take me back, if you would,
8:45 am
lessons learned what it was like getting the call and realizing the problem you had. >> i would say without a doubt it was the most difficult 120 days of my career. you were dealing with a very fluid environment. you were dealing with safety concerns. as an organization we really pulled together and really guided ourselves around one simple thing, what's in the best interest of the consumer and consumer safety. >> what was the problem? why were these phones igniting? >> it was really two things. one, it was both related to the battery. one was a supply from one of our suppliers, the design of it did not properly get executed. and the second one was actually in the process of ramping up the production they had manufacturing issues. so those two things created this double recall or expanded recall
8:46 am
that we had to manage through. >> things were melting down you appeared in a video. >> to be clear the note 7 with the new battery is safe. the battery cell issue is resolved. >> and then those turned out to be a problem. what did that do to your credibility? >> it was a difficult experience. i think the important piece, though, was to really reach out and be able to talk directly to the consumers and samsung owned that. wepolo apologized. >> the most interesting part about this is i have had town halls. i have talked to dozens and dozens of consumers. we have held video chats to 10,000 people. the first question i always get is when can i get the note 8? >> the answer, soon.
8:47 am
>> the galaxy note 8. >> after the company unveiled the new phone yesterday. features include live messaging. >> you and i can take a selfie. hi gayle and norra. >> it animates messages as gif files that can play on any phone. >> i will launch my camera. >> reporter: samsung touts the dual cameras and the 6.3 inch screen can accommodate multiple pramds running side by side. >> gives me the calendar. gives me the phone. i can just make a call and i can continue to multi task. >> look at this guy here. is that an iphone. >> reporter: he admits the competitive environment is intense. you can convince him he has the
8:48 am
wrong phone. >> i should have. >> reporter: apple is expected to announce the new version of the iphone next month and baxter says both companies will be targeting more than 50 million americans who become eligible for upgrades this fall. >> we are giving consumers choices and they will have the opportunity to get the best from both brands. >> reporter: samsung expresses confidence that the battery problems are in the past after last year's debacle that added a new battery safety check with various tests, visual inspections and x rays. while this is the first note phone to come out since then the company did roll out new versions of its galaxy s line in the spring helping samsung regain top spot in the global smart phone market. >> is there any hint of a lump in your chest as the 8 goes out and ships out around the world. >> hoping that history doesn't
8:49 am
repeat here. we learned a lot. we implemented a number of new processes not only the eight point battery but established a forensic lab in dallas to get on top of any issues. >> any of those lumps went away with the lunch of the galaxy s 8 we will build upon that platform with note 8. i feel much better coming into this launch. >> samsung is taking presale orders starting today. starts around $930. company says it won't be available until middle of next month. previous owners get a discount. >> samsung sells more phones than iphones. the features are very cool. you're watching "cbs this morning." we'll be right back. fety."
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that does it for us. be sure to tune in tonight and
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problem with the water -- at "mcclymonds high school" in oakland. officials say they found unsafe levels of lead in the water fountains. o-u-s-d believes old pipes may good morning. a problem with water at mcclymonds high school in oakland. officials say that they found unsafe levels of lead in the water fountains. they say the old pipes are the problem. san francisco's police chief has just announced 26 restrictions from the "patriot prayer" rally scheduled for saturday at crissy field. the list includes torches, pepper spray and guns. many nearby businesses say that they will be closed for the day over safety concerns. two people in the bay area scored big in last night's powerball drawing. both winners matched 5 of the 6 numbers in the $758 million pot. one ticket was sold in milpitas. the other was sold in daly city. stick around; we'll have traffic and we ather in just a moment.
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good morning. 8:57. we continue to track delays for your thursday morning ride. let's take it over to our maps. south bay we have an overturned vehicle and this backup along 101 right near blossom hill, you can see traffic is starting to pick up a bit. but it's still slow hellyer to mean? it's 1,000 commute. this is the eastshore freeway. your ride heading from highway 4 to the maze about 41 minutes.
8:58 am
this is right near ashby. we do have an accident that we're tracking on the upper deck of the bay bridge. it's just past treasure island. and a couple of cars got into it there. so slow ride as you make your way into san francisco from the maze to 101 just under 20 minutes. let's check in with neda on the forecast. >> at the airport a lot of gray skies out there. a thick marine layer causing delays at the airport this morning. about an hour for some arrivals. possibly some departures. san jose nice and clear. sun is up and conditions there warming up. it's going to be nice inland where those temperatures are going to get to the 80s and 90s. 86 fairfield. 86 concord. 74 vallejo. san francisco 66. high pressure will be the story through the weekend when we get monsoonal moisture building in. hot sunday through wednesday. who are these people?
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