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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  August 25, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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left. 880 in hayward but it's going to be congested as we reach the peak morning rush hour. >> it's fry hyay-yay! [ laughter ] >> we have junipero serra "june gloom" in august. we are seeing partly cloudy skies around the rim of the bay. good morning, everyone. we currently have 50 in santa rosa with clear skies. oakland partly cloudy at 56. it's 59 in san jose. look at the stratus how compressed it is this morning. it's been overcast allowing ample sunshine all the way back to pacifica in the mid-60s today. 60s, 70s common around the bay. when you look at these numbers, they are where they should be for this time of the year. but we have a huge spike in the
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temperatures for the weekend. those details at 5:18. but right now, let's say good morning to jaclyn. good morning. right now, we are tracking our usual slowdowns if you are making your way along westbound 580 the altamont pass, 26 minutes. no major delays towards the toll plaza there. here's a live look at the macarthur maze. 10 minutes into san francisco connecting through 101 from that stretch. so so far, so good. back to you. right now, there are extra security measure this is place as police prepare for protests in the bay area. one is expected at crissy field tomorrow. kpix 5's neda iranpour is live to tell us how police are planning to keep people safe.
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>> reporter: good morning. no entrance into crissy field after 9 p.m. tonight ahead of what's expected to bring thousands of people out here tomorrow. there will be one entrance into crissy field unlike this area that we see here. all of this will be blocked off. buses will be running instead of cable cars. san francisco general hospital also preparing. now they are preparing for the worst but hoping for the best. and ahead of all this, an san francisco unite against rally against hate being held by politician and community leaders and musician. they will gather at city hall today to peacefully celebrate what they claim is san francisco values of compassion, love and inclusiveness. it's all happening at city hall on the polk street steps at noon today. "patriot prayer" organizer joey
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gibson is planning tomorrow's rally. he is the pro-trump activist saying he does not want another charlottesville. the fight started at his "patriot prayer" in portland a couple of weeks ago but gibson says he comes in peace. in fact, on facebook, he blasted san francisco's mayor for not speaking out about violence by left wing activists. >> the mayor of san francisco, i don't even know his name, i don't care what his name s the truth is if he truly was against violence he would go on tv and said i disavow all the violence in san francisco. i disavow all the violence everywhere. no! no, no, no. that's fine! it's fine to burn down san francisco if you are wearing all black. >> reporter: some of his invited guests are people of color. so he is saying he is proving now that he is not a white supremacist. several other rallies are planned for saturday at the same time of this rally which is supposed to start at 2:00 but it may start earlier. and people are gathering at
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ocean beach, volunteers there will create a heart on ocean beach and a counterprotest at the civic center plaza hosted by various people. live at crissy field, neda iranpour, kpix 5. an antimaxist rally will go on in berkeley on sunday even though the city denied the organizers a permit for the anti-marxist rally. chief greenwood says the biggest thing the city learned from events in the past is to have more officers on the ground. >> there are more resources on the event different than previously. >> the chief urges people to attend sanctioned peaceful rallies scheduled for sunday morning. he is also asking everyone to stay way from civic center park. one of the people arrested at a trump rally in the park earlier this year is due in court this afternoon. kyle chapman is facing felony charges accused of swinging a leaded stick at anti-fascist
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counter-protestors. he goes by the name based stick man among supporters on social media who have donated tens of thousands of dollars to him. he faces a year in prison if convicted. hurricane harvey is set to make landfall along the gulf coast taste. this is a live look in galveston. forkers say that harvey could be the most powerful storm in the u.s. since 2005. reporter don champion is in corpus christi, texas, where people are being urged to evacuate immediately. >> reporter: texans are starting to feel the effects of hurricane harvey's wind and rain as the storm strengthens overnight. babies from a neonatal intensive care unit were flown north to safety thursday as harvey arrived. the national hurricane center called the strengthening storm life-threatening. it is expected to bring perilous winds, historic flooding and destructive storm surge along the texas gulf coast. >> we expect as much as 6 to 12 feet rising water.
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>> reporter: as if harvey making landfall here isn't enough, the storm is also expected to stall out and stay over southeast texas for several days dumping as much as 35 inches of rain in some areas. >> the concern here is it works back to the southeast over the open water we could see maybe a restrengthening into tuesday of next week. >> reporter: coastal residents are taking harvey seriously. many boarded up their homes and stocked up on supplies as officials urged them to get out and head as far inland as possible. >> the more i watch of it, i'm not taking the chance. >> reporter: the governor of texas declared a state of disaster in 30 counties. don champion, cbs news, corpus christi, texas. >> the governor of texas activated about 700 members of the state national guard. military helicopters are also on standby in austin and san antonio in preparation for search and rescues and emergency evacuations. roberta is tracking the
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hurricane for us this morning. they are expecting 100-plus- mile-an-hour winds. >> and they already have 100- mile-an-hour winds over the water. when it makes landfall it will be devastating and life- threatening. good morning, everybody. take a look at our usa satellite and radar map. this is a close view. you can see the well defined eye. light sharing is taking place right now. the waters in the gulf of mexico at 86 degrees. they need warm water to gather strength and momentum. hurricane harvey is a cat-2. it will be onshore in the next 24 hours before going up to a cat- 3. easily 15 to 25 inches of rainfall through wednesday. isolated areas up to 35 inches
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of rain. we'll continue to monitor hurricane harvey throughout the morning. anne? the white house says president trump is monitoring hurricane harvey. press secretary sarah huckabee sanders was questioned about the administration's readiness. >> i think we are in great shape having general kelly sitting next to the president throughout this process. no better chief of staff for the president during the hurricane season. >> meanwhile, a political storm is brewing in washington, dc between president trump and fellow republicans. on twitter, the president said: >> i'm often asked what is being the majority leader of the senate like? it's a little bit like being a groundskeeper at a cemetery. everybody is under you but nobody's listening. [ laughter ] >> the president also tweeted:
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so now we have a big deal with s holding them up - as usual - on d ing approval. coul been so easy. no !" sarah huckabee /white house press se y "i think the nships are fine. certainly ther g some policy differences, but there are also a l shared goals and tha at we're focus " congress has until the end of september to raise the debt ceiling... and pass a spending bill to >> i think the relationships are fine. certainly there are going to be some policy differences but there are also a lot of shared goals. >> congress has until the end of september to raise the debt ceiling and pass a spending building to prevent a government shutdown. in the east bay reports of west nile virus. vector control district officials say that mosquitoes have recently tested positive for the virus in antioch and discovery bay. they say locals can prevent the spread with insect repellent and checking that household screens on doors and windows work properly. drain standing water around your property. officials say 56 people in contra costa county have been
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diagnosed with west nile virus since 2005. in 2006, two people died from west nile virus. 5:09. an unusual bust at the bothered. a teen caught trying to smuggle a tiger cub into california. what he told authorities. >> and today's the start of the bay area's newest transit system. how you can get free rides in the north bay.
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inside a car. u-s customs and border protection sa ing a a wild discovery at the border near san diego after agents found a bengal tiger cub inside a car. u.s. customs and border protection say that the cub was found inside a car during an inspection on wednesday. soon after they arrested the driver an 18-year-old who is a u.s. citizen. he told investigators he paid $300 for the baby tiger. he is now facing charges of smuggling and illegally importing wildlife. >> this is a -- protecting an endangered species issue. so as exciting and cute as this is, not something somebody should think about doing. >> u.s. fish and wildlife are working with the san diego zoo to care for the cub.
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today's your chance to enjoy the views and the quietness of a national park at no park. entry fees are waived to celebrate the birthday of the national park service. muir woods is also free but reservations are required through the park service website. today marks a major abreakthrough for north bay public transit. >> smart train service finally begins. jessica flores reports. what a relief. >> reporter: good morning. full service begins today. official have been talking about it for more than a decade. it's here with opening day. and on this opening day, the rides are free. that first train least from sonoma county airport station this afternoon. through labor day fares are half off, after that regular fares will be $3.50 to $11.50 depending where you go.
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the train runs seven days a week and has an onboard cafe where you can buy food, drinks, beer and wine. but you can't bring your own alcohol. commuters will be able to catch trains at ten stations between sonoma county airport and downtown san rafael and this is expected to ease traffic on highway 101 giving those commuters an alternate route. so here's the schedule. weekdays the southbound morning trains will run early-morning, southbound in the afternoon from 12:49 to6:49. also have a weekend schedule: >> reporter: now, smart trains had a soft launch earlier this summer. we caught up with some passengers. >> i'm just really ready for it
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to be here. i think it's going to be great. >> it's here! here we go. [ beep beep ] >> reporter: people were excited about it. it takes an hour to go the 43- mile stretch from sonoma county airport to downtown san rafael. smart train officials are already talking about an extension. they want to take this train all the way to larkspur and have a train station within walking distance to the ferry terminal there. that should open by 2019. jessica flores, kpix 5. time now 5:16. let's check traffic and mass transit with jaclyn. >> speaking of mass transit, so far, we are running with no delays off to a great start for your friday morning commute. no delays on bart and ace. this is at the merge right just past those metering lights. over at the bay bridge, you can see quite a bit of activity a
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lot of folks already hitting the roads this friday morning for the morning drive. but no delays and still no metering lights. they will be on any minute like clockwork but about 10 minutes from the maze into san francisco. in san francisco this is the 280-101 interchange. traffic is light. quite a bit of space between cars. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. you look so pretty today. >> well, thank you. >> hi, everybody! good morning, 5:17. a look outside. it's pretty, as well. looking at the bay bridge and the bright lights of the port of oakland, we have partly cloudy skies over the bay right now. we have 49 degrees and it's
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refreshing. hayward weather watcher, clear skies. first time this week. swath of clouds a compressed deck as far as our marine layer is concerned. we are going to have much earlier burn-off today at the beaches with some sunshine. one more day of slightly below normal temperatures. double-barreled areas of high pressure building in. as it does so, we'll see a warming trend and we're talking about a prolonged heat wave that can be quite devastating to pets and people and the elderly. wait until you see that seven- day forecast coming up. i would like to start taking precautions. nearly 90 sacramento. mid-60s monterey bay. burn-off for golfers there. 65 rockaway beach in pacifica. 60s, 70s across the lip of the bay. 80 redwood city.
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84 santa rosa. 90 tri-valley where you should be for this time of the year. 80s across the santa clara valley. hotter further south. 94 discovery bay. 100 at the delta saturday. triple digits through tuesday. >> this weekend join me for the tour de fox the michael j. fox fundraiser for parkinson's disease. we want to fight it. 90 degrees. in chinatown the street festival in the mid-70s. a good time this weekend. but boy, are we warming up. what are you doing this weekend, anne? >> well! actually anybody who is interested in hitting the museum of ice cream is going to be interested in this next story in a few hours general admission tickets go on sale for this thing. if you want to go, you're gonna want to get her done quickly because presale tickets sold out within minutes. the exhibit is opening next month at one grant in downtown san francisco. a huge hit in los angeles.
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a fan favorite was the sprinkle pool which will be appearing in our exhibit, too. tickets go on sale at 9 a.m. the wait over another taylor swift fans. she just released her first single in three years. ♪[ music ] >> because she's dead! ♪[ music ] >> wow. yikes. it's called look what you made me do. a lot of fans say it shows the new side of the singer much darker. the new album called reputation is going to be released in november. finally today, another fan favorite is back. alec baldwin returns to "saturday night live" last night as president trump. >> wow, how about that eclipse, folks, huh? [ laughter ] >> a lot of people don't know this but you can damage your eyes by looking at the eclipse. no one predicted this. i figured it out all by myself.
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>> this is part of snl's thursday summer edition. baldwin also touched on the president's remarks on charlottesville and steve bannon's exit from the white house. snl returning for its 43rd season on saturday night next month. and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, should colin kaepernick be a football player and an activist? an nfl legend weighs in. do you thinks it's possible for the 49ers to get to the play- offs this year? one player says, think again.
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good morning. lesean mccoy yesterday said that kaepernick's talent as a quarterback is not worth the distraction he would bring to a football team. and yesterday, kaepernick tweeted out a thank you to the thousands who rallied outside of nfl headquarters on his behalf. hall of fame running back jim brown said kaepernick must choose between being a football player and activist then said this. >> i don't desecrate my flag and my national anthem. i'm going to work within those situations. but this is my country and i'll work out the problem in an intelligent manner. >> while kaepernick looks for a job, his former team is looking for a win. any win. sunday's third preseason game
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is typically considered a dress rehearsal. and it is important for veterans. one thing is for sure, this one is saying all the right things. >> it's a play-off team. play-off talent. it's a matter of everybody understanding the scheme. but we have the talent and roster. >> 2-14 is a play-off team? >> to be a play-off all you got to be is 9-7 to win your division. >> why not aim high, right? eight ejections handed out yesterday between the tigers and yankees after some bean balls. detroit slugger miguel cabrera and romine had words at the plate and the donnybrook was on! go frazier! it was one of three times in this game the benches cleared. detroit won 10-6. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. now to our play of the day. a potential home run stopped as the yankees take on the tigers. >> high flyball left field. it is hit well to the track to
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the wall -- and it is caught by upton! both runners will tag. a run will score. >> hand/eye coordination. hicks deep to left but upton denied the home run. tigers win thanks to this play of the day. thousands of people expected to be here at crissy field tomorrow. several people taking part in a "patriot prayer" rally. but thousands of others counter protesting. coming up, how the park is already preparing. people love my breakfast burritos.
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revamp california's recall elections is signed by governor jerry brown.. what this means for future ballots.. now on kpix 5 news,
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another effort by democrats to revamp california's recall elections signed by governor jerry brown. what this means for future ballots. >> catch a ride on the bay area's newest mass transit system. how you can get a ride for free today in the north bay. >> we're tracking hurricane harvey but also tracking triple digits. i'll tell you about the prolonged heat wave. >> and starting to get a little busy along 680 if you are making your way through walnut creek but a crash further south on 680 causing a backup. good morning, it is friday, august 25. thanks for joining us. i'm anne makovec in for michelle griego. >> i'm kenny choi. the bay area is bracing for potentially violent protests this weekend. san francisco police have already put extra security measures in place. kpix 5's neda iranpour is live at crissy field with more. >> reporter: this morning, we have already seen barricades being put up out here and signs warning people they will not be able to park here at crissy
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field. also, the pedestrian access will be closed. this is all ahead of a "patriot prayer" rally expected to bring thousands of supporters to crissy field tomorrow, bus will be running instead of cable cars. and san francisco general hospital will be on alert. ahead of all this, today an sf unite against hate rally, this one taking place by mayor ed lee putting this on along with london breed, members of the board of supervisors, community and other leaders, labor organizations, local musicians, they will all be here. they want to celebrate san francisco's values of compassion, love and inclusion. at this event it be at city hall and civic center plaza at noon. the organizer of "patriot prayer" joey gibson blasted san francisco's mayor ed lee on facebook for not speaking out about left wing violence.
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he is coming here in peace. he says some of his invited guests are people of color. that proves that he is not a white supremacist. >> let's not freak out. let's not have a meltdown. let's calm down. let's not have violence. >> reporter: san francisco park officials taking all the precaution they can to prevent anything like what happened in portland or charlottesville of course which means there will be limited access to crissy field. i want to show you what's going to be happening tomorrow. it will be divided into two zones, streets closed in presidio and around crissy field. the only way on to crissy field will be from the east at the marina gate on marina boulevard near the palace of fine arts. again, this also means no pedestrian access from golden gate. no bike access or vehicle access into the area. neda iranpour, kpix 5. >> we know there will be counter-protesters tomorrow. what are they doing to mobilize
5:33 am
in other parts of the bay? >> reporter: there are counterprotests at ocean beach, several volunteers forming a human heart right on the beach. also, at the civic center, they will have a group event. this one taking part with a lot of musicians, a family-friendly event, they call it. again to try to keep people away from crissy field to try to keep the peace in san francisco. back to you guys. >> thank you. people living near the gulf coast are being urged to evacuate before hurricane harvey makes landfall later today. it is expected to be a category 3 hurricane when it hits land bringing with it powerful 100- mile-per-hour winds and rainfall close to three feet in some areas. officials in texas say harvey could become the worst hurricane to hit the state in nearly two decades. many coastal residents have been boarding up their homes and stocking up on supplies. >> we could see the worst environmental disaster in the united states history, probably
5:34 am
shut down and cause a major gap in gasoline. >> the governor of texas has declared a preemptive state of disaster in 30 counties. roberta gonzales has been tracking this hurricane for a long time. it just seems to be looking worse and worse. >> it certainly is, anne. and the big reason for that is it continues to wobble over those warm gulf of mexico waters. keep in mind, just outside of galveston, the water temperature is roughly 86 degrees. and that's exactly what that hurricane needs to gather strength and momentum. it just fuels off the warm waters. this is a beautiful view right now of this particular hurricane as it is now already producing those rain bands over the coast of texas. now, harvey is right now considered a category 2 hurricane. by the time it makes landfall it will be a category 3 hurricane which is devastating and certainly life-threatening.
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a hurricane needs warm water to fuel strength and on land it will become a 1 and then you will see remnants of harvey but this will take its toll. we are anticipating between now and wednesday up to 35 inches of rain in the lower and midsection of the coastline of texas through louisiana. at home partly cloudy skies. 50 santa rosa. 59 san jose. this is the last day we'll see seasonal temperatures for august in the bay area. 60s beaches, 70s, 80s peninsula. 89 morgan hill. low 80s in the santa clara valley water district. 90 livermore. 94 discovery bay. 60s, 70s and 80s in the north
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bay. details 48 after the hour for the heat wave. we have a new hot spot definitely causing delays. this is for drivers heads up southbound 680 as you approach highway 84 vallecitos road a two-car crash. it doesn't appear to be blocking any lanes but it's definitely causing slowdowns. right now, traffic, we have speeds that dip around 25 miles per hour. and it's backed up beyond sunol boulevard. so do give yourself some time right now. our travel times indicating that it's about just under 15 minutes from 580 down to 84. we'll keep a close eye on that and let you know if the situation gets worse before it gets better. we are tracking a few brake lights on 880 but definitely, a great option if you would like to use that as an alternate. speeds are in the green for your travel time 11 minutes. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. we have learned there's a second victim found in the deadly crash between a navy ship and oil tanker near
5:37 am
singapore. officials say that the remains of 26-year-old dustin lewis doya. in an electronics technician were discovered last night. the uss mccain was going to singapore for a routine port call when the accident happened on monday. additional divers and equipment arrived last night as the search continues for bodies. eight people still considered missing. a memorial is planned for tomorrow to honor the oakland firefighter killed during a night out in san jose. 30-year-old jake walter will be remembered during a service at the oakland scottish rite center. it's at 11 a.m. walter and another off duty firefighter were shot outside an event in san jose last thursday night. prosecutors are calling it an unprovoked attack. both men were caught off guard. the man accused in the murder was arraigned on tuesday. he is now in a santa clara county main jail being held without bail. authorities say he has two previous criminal strikes relating to burglaries. a southern california man is lucky to be alive after he was thrown out of his boat and
5:38 am
stranded several miles offshore. the coast guard found the man treading water. a paramedic jumped in to lift him to safety to a helicopter. he wasn't wearing a life jacket and fell out of the boat when it hit a wave. there are new rules for recall elections in california. governor brown signed a recall bill into law yesterday. it allows people who have already signed a recall petition to remove their names from the list. it also creates extra steps before the governor can call a recall election. this new law will likely delay a recall election for senator josh newman until next year. republicans want it sooner because if he is recall, democrats would lose their supermajority in the senate. today in the north bay a transit project is finally taking shape. trains are getting rolling. the smart train service begins at last. kpix 5's jessica flores reports. we are missing out on the morning commute with this,
5:39 am
jessica. >> reporter: yeah. it doesn't start until the afternoon but this is a big day. people have been talking about this for a long time waiting to see passenger train service coming to the north bay. today is the opening day. on this opening day, that train service will be free for folks who do catch that afternoon train. now, you can catch it at 12:49 at the sonoma county airport station this afternoon. commuters will catch stations between 10 station between sonoma county airport and downtown san rafael. this is expected to ease traffic on highway 101 by giving commuters that alternate route. and through labor day, fares will be half off and then after that, regular fares will kick in. that will be about 3:50 to $11.50 depending where you're going, $3.50 to $11.50. it has an onboard cafe where you can buy food, drinks, wine and beer. smart train had their soft launch earlier this summer. i was there. we talked to a lot of folks and leaders who say they have been
5:40 am
envisioning a north bay commuter train for decades. >> so for us to be having real people, real potential commuters on the train, this is a huge day. >> the train will make 34 trips a day between sonoma county airport and downtown san rafael. it takes an hour to go that 43 miles. they are talking about expanding to larkspur. they hope to have a station there within walking distance to the ferry terminal by 2019. jessica flores, kpix 5. hurricane harvey has already left a mark on gas prices. meg oliver of has that story and more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. yesterday on wall street, the dow fell 28 points. the nasdaq finished 7 points lower. as you mentioned the approach of hurricane harvey to the texas gulf coast is driving gas prices higher. platforms and rigs are being
5:41 am
shut down. and the coast is home to several refineries. wholesale gas futures rose nearly 3%. it's estimated gas prices will jump 5 to 15 cents a gallon in some parts of the country. spotify just signed a deal with warner music bringing all the big labels on board. that pits it in a strong position to move ahead with heavily rumored plans to go public in the near future. >> you know, meg, we're hearing that united airlines employees are getting a makeover. what are the details? >> reporter: ha. yeah, they're getting fanscy . united airlines employees are taking their dress code up a notch. the carrier announced it's working with brooks brothers on a new line of uniforms for its more than 70,000 in-air staff. the new duds are expected to hit the runways in 2020. >> dressed to the nines, brooks brothers, classy. meg oliver of, thank you so much. still ahead san jose residents saying no to google.
5:42 am
the impact of google's mega- campus. >> plus, ground zero for driverless cars. our first look at "waymo's" fake self-driving city in the central valley. who ese people? the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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changes, in their rent checks. google is planning to build in san jose google's push to build a massive office complex has some locals fearing big changes in the rent checks. google planning to build an 8,000-square-foot complex by the diridon train station. a group called silicon valley rising held a meeting where locals expressed concerns about how the site might change that area. the key worry, that rents would spike once google sets up shop. >> what has happened in the mission district could happen in san jose where our communities are displaced, our communities are gentrified. the future of san jose will change forever. >> i worry if google comes in, it's going to make everything twice as much. >> the city still is in talks
5:45 am
with google over its plans for the complex. but so far, those conversations have been out of the public eye. just a short distance from google's proposed transit village in san jose, a new hotel is set to go up in this empty lot. the properties on the corner of stockton avenue and west julian street the city has already tapped a texas developer for the project. we are getting an inside look at "waymo's" testing facility. they created a fake town to test its self-driving cars. it's at the former cast of air force base in atwater. the area is now a real world training ground. the google spinoff built a 91- acre test track and within that track are curbs, sidewalks, stop signs, traffic lights, a railroad crossing and a roundabout. officials say it's a perfect area for any company to train. >> we have a workforce that's growing and becoming more educated, we have again a lower cost of living. we have ample space in which to grow. we don't have some of the land use constraints that are
5:46 am
experienced in other regions of the state. from a valley-wide perspective we are poised to meet the needs of industry in the future. >> so far, this is the largest self-driving training track in the country. a driver in new jersey had a rough day. she was cruising by in her tiny pink car. [ laughter ] >> when she got pulled over. [ laughter ] >> yeah. the long branch police department posted these pictures on their facebook page. this caption says this cutie wasn't obeying the speed limit or maybe she just wanted to talk to the sergeant about our k-9 program? good luck getting into that program. you have to train really hard. can't be driving around in little pink cars. >> i need to get my dog one of those, lady blah blah. >> she would do a number on the commute. >> was a ruff day during the
5:47 am
dogs day of summer. [ laughter ] >> we go from there. [ laughter ] no cars being driven by dogs right now. but we are tracking slowdowns for drivers heading along southbound 680. an earlier accident still causing quite the backup. but this is just as you approach highway 84. the backup stretches beyond sunol boulevard. right now 13 minutes so your travel time not too bad. we're not seeing any red just yet. the lanes are not blocked by the activity. everyone just has to come and stop and slow down and take a peek. we're tracking a two-car crash reported to be blocking one lane along eastbound 580 at the 4 interchange there -- at the 24 interchange. so far the sensors are in the green. we'll keep an eye on that. 580 west of highway 24, you can see the emergency crews on that shoulder there. but traffic is still flowing freely in both directions. over at the maze if you are going into san francisco this
5:48 am
morning, here's the oakland side and so far, so good. we haven't seen too much of a backup yet. we are still in the green for drivers across the span about a 12-minute ride. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. a nice weekend, depends on what you like. you know? definition of nice. if you like 100 degrees, then i guess it's going to be a nice weekend. if you like 60s, 70s at the beaches, definitely a nice weekend! good morning, everybody! our live weather camera, it's dark at coit tower. you can't see the partly cloudy skies there. temperature-wise, 50 in santa rosa. that's nice and cool. 57 degrees in san francisco. mid-50s across the bay area. weather watcher time. now, from fairfield linda reports clear skies. robert has partly cloudy skies in redwood city. santa rosa, john says it's clear. and katie for the first time this week at this hour in hayward says clear skies, 55
5:49 am
degrees. that deck of low clouds and fog along the coast is compressed this morning so we'll see burn- off all the way into pacifica and ocean beach. earlier fog burn-off. the heat is on this weekend. we'll have a prolonged heat wave. it will be taxing on our pets, on people and on our plants. we have double-barreled areas of high pressure right here. oh, you can still -- look how clearly defined hurricane harvey is. meanwhile as we heat up under the influence of those strengthening ridges of high pressure, temperatures will soar into the triple digits this weekend. 91 right now in sacramento at -- well, that's our forecast high for today. but over the weekend, definitely triple digits in the central valley. 80 in the high sierra. official sunrise at 6:34. temperatures across the bay area today this is probably the last time really this month we will see seasonal temperatures from the 60s at the coast.
5:50 am
60s, 70s bayside. 80 redwood city. 80s to the north and south. 94 in discovery bay. in lake county, you will probably see temperatures in the high 90s. 100 tomorrow easily at the delta. 103 sunday, monday. 102 tuesday. you will barely feel the change on wednesday and thursday. this weekend join me for tour de fox, it's tomorrow in santa rosa. i'm either doing the 54 or the 70-mile course. we're all raising money to fight parkinson's at 90 degrees. meanwhile, chinatown street fest is this weekend in oakland. lots of sunshine at 75 degrees. no matter what you're doing this weekend, i hope you have a great one. time is 5:50. coming up, that craving for king salmon will cost you. why it's expensive. >> and inside the world of youth mixed martial arts. how these kids are kicking their way to success.
5:51 am
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"whole paycheck"... but starting monday.. they could be saving money on their grocery bills. that's whole foods shoppers might jokingly refer to it as whole paycheck but starting monday they could be saving money. that's when amazon takes over after buying the store out earlier this year. whole foods is known to be on
5:54 am
the pricy end for groceries. but amazon says it's trying to change the store's image. starting next week, whole foods will be lowering prices and offering discounts to amazon prime members. if salmon is on your dinner menu you will have to pay more at the grocery store. the drought may be over, but it is still causing salmon prices to soar. marine life specialists say that many of their spawning places dried up last year so there are fewer of them for fishermen to catch. alaskan salmon is cheaper but if you want local, fresh, be ready to pay or there's this. >> i have caught some myself. you caught a salmon? >> yes. >> how did that go? >> it's a lot of fun. >> salmon also have a three- year life cycle so it may take two more years for the fish to completely recover now that the drought is over. >> no wholesale prices for salmon at whole foods just yet. >> not yet. two of the world's best fighters going head to head tomorrow. >> that's right.
5:55 am
we're talking about the match between floyd mayweather and conor mcgregor. the sport is taking over the globe! here in america an estimate6 million kids are practicing martial arts. some are picking it up to build self-confidence. >> what's the hardest thing to do? >> get the courage to stand up and do it. >> we would go to tournaments and there were 100 kids when we started. now in the database we probably have 700 looking for fights actively. >> doctors say there's not enough data to know how dangerous it is for kids but it's important to protect them from head injuries like concussion. five minutes before 6:00. and as president trump pushes forward with his legislative agenda, his tweets could damage some key relationships on capitol hill. what he is saying this morning about lawmakers. >> a lot of the access into the crissy field will be blocked off. coming up, how park officials are preparing for a "patriot
5:56 am
prayer" rally and what they are going to do to keep the peace as counter-protestors are expected to descend. ♪
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♪ hey, is this our turn? honey...our turn? yeah, we go left right here. (woman vo) great adventures are still out there. we'll find them in our subaru outback. (avo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. get 0% apr financing for 63 months on all new 2017 outbacks. ends august 31.
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ahead of a pair of planned protests. plus: hurricane harvey is becoming more bringing in the barricades, the security measures being taken right now in the bay area ahead of a pair of planned protests. >> plus, hurricane harvey is becoming more powerful! we are tracking the storm as people along the gulf coast prepare for the worst. good morning, it's friday, august 25. i'm anne makovec. >> i'm kenny choi. we have multiple accidents in the east bay. say good-bye to "friday light." we are not seeing any green or barely any yellow along 680. this is all due to an earlier accident. southbound 680 as you are approaching the two-car crash. then in the backup, we had another accident occur and
6:00 am
that's near the sunol boulevard so now, traffic backed up to about 580. you're looking at about a 20- minute ride as you make your way southbound from 580 down to highway 84 vallecitos road there. so just a heads up for drivers. 880 starting to get sluggish but looking better than 680 if you want to use that as your alternate. san mateo bridge a little crowded out of hayward to foster city. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. thanks, jaclyn. good morning, everybody. 6:00 straight up. let's take a look outside right now. it's our live weather camera. we have thin overcast over the bay. but you can see the tip-top of the bay bridge now check this out. you won't want to miss it. wow. from sutro tower, to mount tam, isn't that beautiful? the stratus is compressed this morning. we'll see burn-off at the coast. temperatures right now very cool 49 degrees in santa rosa. that's refreshing. 57 degrees in san francisco. 59 now


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