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tv   KPIX 5 News  CBS  August 25, 2017 4:30pm-5:01pm PDT

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did not do enough to ensure their safety. again, they say their group is not responsible for violence it other rallies.>> these antifa thugs, they put police officers in danger, they will put any liberal lives in danger if they get their way, okay, so that's what i'm asking for, i am hoping that the city of san francisco will protect us from antifa tomorrow at 2 pm at alamo park. >> the right-wing rally was supposed to take place tomorrow, near the marina, they announced that they will not gather at the park but instead hold a press conference at alamo square at 2 pm.>> i think this is an atrocity of freedom that we are experience, to shut down a free speech rally because of all of the measures that were taken to force us into the situation. i can tell you for fact that
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berkeley is going to happen, we are excited, our resources into berkeley, we are extremely excited about that. berkeley is a better situation, because we don't feel like we are walking into a trap.>> crissy field would have given them a loading gate bridge backdrop, at the press conference, they will be standing in front of the most recognizable part of san francisco, the painted ladies. no word yet on what safety or security measures they plan to take, or what it can take. for tomorrow's news conference it alamo square. a live look right now at crissy field, this was going to be the hot zone. the national park service was working all week long, preparing for hundreds of protesters and counter protesters, now apparently for nothing. they had divided it into two zones, and they may be getting
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into a -- it may be a challenge for pedestrians, and bicyclists. we will see if all of these road closures will remain in effect. before news of that, daschle before news that it was canceled, the goal of others to renounce hate and violence. from city hall, melissa? >> reporter: we are here outside the san francisco mayor's office awaiting comments on this recent turn of events, the patriot prayer event basically taking all of their speakers, including musical guest, and moving them to alamo square for what they called a press conference followed by march. they are effectively moving it from crissy field to alamo square. that has a lot of complications. in the meantime, we can bet that people on the right, left and middle will continue to show up,
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at several locations, including crissy field. and there will be another unity rally here tomorrow.>> [ music ] tonight is the night of our lives. >> reporter: even mc hammer made a appearance. the speakers, like mayor ed lee, focused on san francisco. >> san francisco is a city of love and compassion. [ applause ] we will always lead with love and compassion, that is why it is important that we are all here together, the day before hate shows up on our shores! [ applause ] >> reporter: while the speakers
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were clear, about nonviolent protest, they wanted to make sure. >> i know you are angry and frustrated, i am too. but as doctor king told us, we cannot drive out darkness with darkness, only light can do that. we cannot drive out hate with hatred, only love can do that. >> reporter: state senator scott weiner agreed that nonviolence and all sides is important, but he put the blame squarely on the right.>> we don't want anyone to gauge -- engage in violence, but we want to be clear that the origination of this whole situation are a bunch of white supremacist, nazis. >> reporter: we are anticipating the mayor giving remarks in about 30 minutes to an hour, that and other updates will be available here and on our website,
4:35 pm >> tell me more about patriot prayer event news conference tomorrow? >> reporter: it is hard to overstate how danger it is to move this event at this late hour. as we saw, at crissy field, there were barricades, metal detectors, a plan in place to keep them safe. alamo square has none of that in place, and it is unclear whether they could put it in place between now and tomorrow. also in alamo square, you don't have restrictions on weapons and guns, permitted and unpermitted, it could be a riotous event if it does go for -- forward tomorrow. we assume that the reason the mayor has not given a response, he is huddling with his top law enforcement officials to determine what to do with this
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new, incredibly dangerous proposition by patriot prayer. >> we appreciate that, thank you. again, recapping, the patriot prayer event is canceled, they are now talking about a news conference at alamo square. we will have more at 9:00 and 11:00. a man arrested from -- at berkeley earlier this year, they set carl chapman's bill at $135,000, if he makes bail, he can't have any sticks or weapons, and must stay away from the event. he allegedly swung a stick at -- a let it stick at counter protesters. activists, by any means necessary, are planning a counterprotest for sunday's event. they want to shut down the all right nazis. they are calling their rally, charlottesville, never again.
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it starts it uc berkeley. the other event, stanford is planning a memorial garden cotton in -- memorial garden in a notorious rape case p -- case. >> reporter: the stanford rape case, the dumpsters have been removed, and we have learned that this parklike area beneath redwood trees will contain a plaque and an inscription taken from the letter the victim known as -- only asked emily doe . he was convicted of sexually assaulting the victim, and passed out after -- she passed out. and ongoing recall effort, his sentencing of turner, was considered unusually light by victims advocates. the seating area is expected to be finished in about a month, and victims supporters are planning a ceremony.
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in santa clara, a nasty showdown at levi's stadium, the city police chief against the mayor. why the city's top cop is accusing the mayor of lousy leadership. >> reporter: not uncommon for the mayor and her political allies to be on opposite sides of the 49ers, but last night's meeting revealed that the divisions in the city are far deeper and wider than many imagined, as the police chief jumped into the political fray. >> these politically motivated attacks must stop. they must stop. you are hurting our city. >> reporter: even the acrimonious politics, in santa clara, it was an extraordinary moment.>> the mayor has unfairly tarnished the reputation of the santa clarita -- santa clara police
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department. >> reporter: months of frustration, accusing the mayor of putting her ego, her agenda and her personal grievances against the 49ers.>> seen my badge tarnished with all of the allegations being addressed at our department, and throughout the city, it was time for me to speak the truth to everybody. >> reporter: the cheese comments came at a meeting of the stadium authority, a controversial audit of levi's stadium. the team owes the amount of $150 million, but city staff say could be far lower, closer to 20 million -- hundred 14,000. the mayor's place -- case is claimed are inaccurate and unfair. >> she has to start accusing
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others not of misappropriation funds, the morale around the city is at its lowest. >> reporter: the mayor and her political allies denied a curfew extension for this concert, politics in santa clara remained as polarized as ever. i reached out repeatedly to the mayor for comment, she is typically eager to discuss it, but today officially she had no comment. in santa clara, kpix 5. smart trains have arrived. north bay commuters, we will take you on board. oakland had high hopes for this property, but the plans are taking a turn. breaking news on hurricane harvey, it has just been upgraded. vo: whenever a craving hits,
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running. years behind schedule, the mass transit system is officially up and running. writers are porting smart trains for the first time, checking out the ride from san rafael to the sonoma county airport. we're live on board smart, giving us our first look. emily, where are you now? >> reporter: we are headed north from petaluma, standing room only, most of the trains that we have seen happen that way. what you think so far?>> a thumbs up. >> reporter: a big thumbs up. and they hope it will continue to be that way.>> here we go! >> reporter: just like that, after months of delay, the smart train is in-service.>> it is exciting to be part of this
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historic moment. another transportation option in the bay area. >> reporter: it takes commuters from downtown san rafael to the sonoma county airport stop, which dropped you off several blocks from the airport. eventually it will run north to cloverdale. it will have a planned extension to carry writers -- writers are more south. it's primarily to give them another option. many in the north say they are excited about another benefit as well. >> another airport, another option. we typically go for symphysis airport, a short trip to las vegas or oregon or something like that, now sonoma is an option. >> reporter: most people support it, but it doesn't come without critics. a cost taxpayers $650 million at least, and was supposed to
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go online late last year, after a funding delay from 2014. the cost has also come other -- under fire. it starts at $3.50 one way for the shortest trip. the entire route will cost you $11.50 one way. even if it does to -- shave 10 to 40 minutes, there is the question of whether people will write a.>> i certainly hope so. there's no predicting though. >> thank you for writing the inaugural smart train. >> reporter: it is not a bad view for your commute either, earlier you could see 101, much lower than it is on the smart train. remember, you have a couple of more hours you can write for free tonight, tomorrow half- price fares begin, a we can schedule, they will continue through labor day, then on monday is the regular commuter schedule. all that information you can find on their website.
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reporting live, thanks. the company's plans, uber, have scaled back their factory plans. >> reporter: the text scene will remain vibrant, at one point uber had promised 3000 jobs, but it looks like they aren't coming at all. but some are celebrating. still wrapped in construction plastic, the former building, known as uptown station, will stay vacant for a while longer. uber put the brakes on for this, they moved to the mission bay campus in san francisco. as we look to strengthen our
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financial position to better serve riders and drivers for the long-term, we are exploring several options for uptown station, including a sale. the announced in 2015 at oakland city hall they would bring thousands of jobs at oakland. the excitement, continued.>> uber gets to be part of our excitement. >> reporter: i didn't find anyone willing to talk on camera.>> certainly disappointed and frustrated. >> reporter: he owns a restaurant across the street. he was planning to expand business hours.>> we were to start doing lunch monday through friday. >> reporter: that's not to happen now?>> i'm not sure. >> reporter: many are glad they didn't come. >> real estate is such a hot commodity anyway, it will be filled no matter what, i would rather have it filled by somebody less heartless than
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uber, for sure.>> the tech economy hasn't lifted all boats, unfortunately, some wouldn't get the benefit, that they had. >> reporter: who will buy that building, and move in? no one knows, we will have to wait and see. in the meantime, renovation is about six months away from completion. live in oakland, kpix 5. minutes ago, hurricane harvey was upgraded to a category four storm, bearing on the coast. the impact will be extreme. 6 to 12 foot storm surges are possible. in corpus christi, what is the latest? >> reporter: you can see these
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sheets of rain that have been pounding on us for hours, as the wind is starting to pick up, still this is nothing compared to what we are bracing for. we got a little sneak peek when a 25 foot palm tree near us luckily nothing was in its way, but certainly people and emergency crews here are preparing for frankly, a monster. the problem is, we saw a lot of folks who chose to stay in harvey's path. they are deciding to hunker down inside their homes and not go anywhere. and so rescue crews and police have said they will respond to calls that are life- threatening, if conditions allow. that is a big if, these conditions continue to worsen. and even though seven coastal counties here in galveston, had mandatory evacuations in low- lying areas, not everyone did.
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the folks who stayed are just waiting out to see how bad it gets. back to you. >> i wanted to ask, do you know where folks are being evacuated to? all right, we don't have her, we will bring you an update at our next newscast at 10:00. that was live in corpus christi , texas. president trump has been getting updates. he tweeted a photo of himself getting reports of possible impacts. this will be their first disaster response.>> when we briefed him, he is acutely focused on making sure that the american people have what they need. >> the white house says that the president will head to texas next week. we also have our own whether to contend with this weekend, which includes for the first time, heat advisories for the bay area, triple digit temperatures
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before we go... a recap on our top story. let's get you up-to-date on hurricane harvey, it is now a category for, when is reached 130 miles per hour, just to 155, the rain is another big issue. they will pick up more rain four days then parts of the bay area had an entire year. 40 inches. major problems for the texas coastline. as we come back to the relatively tranquil bay area, plenty hot today, in livermore it is still 94 degrees. san francisco, 63, santa rosa, 85. tonight is a balmy night, in the mid to upper 50s. between now and next week, the numbers it triple digits. the future cast, not nearly as
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extensive a marine layer. the weekend looks hot. with numbers above 100 degrees, by sunday monday, a heat advisory and warning, stay hydrated. forecast highs for tomorrow, 100 in concord, 103 in livermore, and 101 in fairfield. night -- 92 for santa rosa. it gets warmer for their, -- from there. a little break on tuesday, before the numbers rebound, as we head towards the end of the week. a hot one ahead. that is a return to what we expect in august. will return after this. -- we will return after this. there -- there
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rally tomorrow at crissy field... citing security now talking a recap on our top story, the patriot prayer event has been canceled, they are talking about a news conference at alamo square, organizers say they felt like they were walking into a trap at crissy field, more tonight at 10:00, and right here on 11 -- right here at 11.
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