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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  August 28, 2017 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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today to get the free ac. >> i thought it was to see me. >> me too. >> i -- 100-degree heat yesterday too. in the east bay. wow. >> like 108-degree heat. >> 103 in walnut creek. >> there was a difference. officially 108 yesterday in walnut creek, so you know it changes in people's backyards. it really does. and we're going to have a repeat performance again today with that excessive heat warning and advisory in effect. i was actually putting my hands together clapping because we could see a hint of some stratus. the fog out there this morning. that's a good signal that things will be cooling down especially along the coast and into the bay today. still unseasonably warm to downright tot. temperature-wise, look at livermore. 68 degrees after are realizing 107 yesterday. very slow cool today. -- slow to cool today. going up to high temperature there of 94 in san jose. but still 107, 106 away from the bay today. 110 at the delta. 76 in san francisco. full forecast coming up but
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right now say good morning to jaclyn. hey good morning, and happy monday everyone. we have a fog advisory in place for drivers heading across the golden gate bridge. so refrain from using the high beams and we have a little extra space between and you the compare in front of you. -- car in front of you. at the bay bridge toll plaza a little backup just in the cash lanes other than is that you're smooth sailing into san francisco with a 12 minute ride from the maze to 101. back over to you guys. jaclyn thank you. berkeley's police chief is calling for the community to come together to discuss this weekend's chaotic protests. >> as far as i'm concerned, there's some -- some deep dissertations that need to happen -- discussions that need to happen within the community about providing space for antifa. >> the police chief is concerned about a sudden influx of anarchist protestors. kpix 5's joe vasquez reports from berkeley with the very latest. >> you have been outed as a neo- nazi. >> reporter: tensions grew throughout the -- throughout the day from large shouting --
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[ inaudible ] to punching -- >> hey, no -- [ bleep ] >> reporter: hundreds of police officers barricaded the park. protected the tiny group of right wing demonstrators as the much larger wing of left wing counterdemonstrators pushed in and grew larger. then around 1:00 a dramatic scene. a large group out of nowhere marched up. at least 100 people wearing all black. they call themselves antifa which stands for antifa shies. the chief made the decision to abandon the park. >> by 1:00 this afternoon i don't know if we had 10 of the folks from the original protests. and thousands of people for counterprotestors. and the question has to be does it make sense to get into a major use of force over grassy area? >> reporter: and the counterdemonstrators set off a purple smoke bomb, the signal
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to push aside barricades and push in. they took the park over and flew the flag of anarchy and celebrated. police escorted the right wing demonstrators to the edge of the park. that's where counterdemonstrators pounced on them and chased them down the street. this guy took cover behind police lines. >> i'm in the sheer for violence -- not here for violence, of course i'm going to run to the police. >> reporter: trump supporter arthur seen here earlier in the day -- [ inaudible ] became a target later on. a mob chased him for a block and a half. took his flag. trump hat and glasses and spat all over him. >> you know, i'm okay with people making white supremacists feel unwelcome. i mean excuse me, like you're making me feel unsafe in my own country because i'm a jew and i'm like what does this mean for our society? >> reporter: not everyone was thrill today see a large -- thrilled to see a large group of black clad black anarchists. >> their appearance is troubling for a number of
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reasons but special when they're mixed in. as far as i'm concerned there's some -- some deep discussions that need to happen within our community about providing space for antifa,. >> reporter: joe vasquez, kpix 5. >> police made at least 13 arrests and most for bringing banned items into the park. at least two people went to the hospital for their injuries. joey gibson the founder of the group planning to cancel the rally at the san francisco's chris see field showed up in berkeley yesterday and soon found himself being chased by activists and pepper sprayed. gibson raced down the street here along with a man in shoulder pads who appeared to be his bodyguard. a bit later officers handcuffed both men but police say it was a rescue to protect them from the group that was chasing them. and chopper 5 was overhead as police detained one woman moments after she was led away. she tried to make a break for it. the woman did not get far though. and as you can see, police were not taking any chances.
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chopper 5 caught one officer standing guard on a berkeley rooftop. earlier in the morning yesterday, hundreds of protestors gathered on the cal campus for a unity rally. that sign they're holding says resist hate and racism, pay tree afterky and war. tropical storm harvey still pounding parts of texas this morning. thousands of people have been rescued already since the hurricane made landfall on friday. search and rescues crews from the bay area are in texas as well helping. this is video of menlo park volunteers teams from four cities are also in the area. the governor of texas is sending another 1,000 national guard troops to help with the rescues. don champion is there where forecasters say the storm has at least two more days to go. >> reporter: the coast guard spent the last 24 hours pulling people off roofs in houston. as harvey left many residents with no way to go but up to safety. thousands are leaving their homes and everything behind.
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>> it's all just -- materialistic stuff. >> reporter: the stories of dramatic rescues and close calls are seemingly endless. these are residents at the assisted living facility who waited for help in waist deep water. this man realized too late exactly why officials are asking people not to drive under any circumstances. nerves are frayed at many of the city's shelters. >> i can't believe we soaked. i mean -- >> reporter: cities and towns have been left almost unrecognizable. this used to be a bridge. this used to be arlene's backyard. now it's home to two alligators. with countless more still in need of help, 4,000 national and state guard troops are being brought in for relief and recovery efforts. don champion, cbs news, the houston. flights from the bay area to houston could be canceled again today. dozens of flights from sfo were
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canceled this weekend because of the storm. we talked to some travelers who tried to check in with their families back in texas. >> i know i do have family that's closer to the coast that they say they're okay. as of now. but there's -- a lot of calls going on. yeah. >> and as of last night, more than 1,000 flights have been canceled because of harvey. >> yeah and they're expecting more rain out there. expecting about 50 inches when it's all done. >> yeah. it's pretty much what the computer models have been suggesting the whole time. with this -- hurricane stalling once it did push into the end land areas -- inland areas even though it's been downgraded. still stalled and producing significant amounts of flooding rains. good morning everybody. let's bring your attention back to home. can't see the tiptop of the bay bridge which stands 525 feet above the bay waters. yet actually, hearing the fog horn along the coast and into the bay. but we're clear, we're warm inland. livermore still at 68 degrees. it's 66 in san jose. and heat advisory and warnings
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in effect for just about the entire bay area. minus the coastline this morning. going with 110 degrees in discovery bay. here you have the fog bank lined up along the immediate seashore saturating the san mateo coast as well. clouds retreat and the sun will shine and temperatures at the cede shore today 60s and 70s. up to 890 degrees in redwood city. then again away from the bay, soap in throughout the -- 107 in throughout the tri-valley. 94 in san jose. if it was uncomfortable for you yesterday, similar conditions again today. we do see a cooldown coming. we'll talk about that but first over to jaclyn. good morning. and right now we are tracking the usual slowdowns. if you're headed out the door and your ride has you headed along westbound 580. heading to the altamont pass, few flashes of the brake lights, we've got speeds in the yellow right around 25 miles per hour -- excuse me, 34 miles per hour. 25 minute ride between 205 and
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680. to the south bay with an aver turned vehicle in the -- overturned vehicle in the center divide. not causing any slowdowns. very foggy conditions for drivers headed across the golden gate bridge. please be careful. chp issued a fog advisory. at the bay bridge toll plaza, everything is nice and light and moving at the limit. 12 minute ride into the city. back over to you guys. jaclyn thanks. president trump is scheduled to fly to texas tomorrow to visit the area suffering the worth effects of harvey. the white house deals with the fallout from president trump's decision to pardon joe arpaio on friday. the controversial former arizona sheriff was convicted of unfairly targeting undocumented immigrants. house speaker paul ryan was one of several republicans who said quote law enforcement officials have a special responsibility to respect the rights of everyone in the united states. we should not allow anyone to believe that responsibility is diminished by this pardon.
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by the president. mr. trump's homeland security adviser defended the president's action. >> just about every modern president ends up with some controversial pardons but i think yeah the president has been pretty clear on it. and i certainly don't think it's fair to characterize him as not caring about the rule of law. >> yesterday morning the president held the teleconference from camp david discussing harvey plans with vice president pence and other cabinet members. time now is 4:40. uber is hiring a new ceo as the ride hailing company attempts to recover from a series of embarrassing missteps in recent months. plus, the triple digit heat is presenting a big challenge for bay area firefighters.
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c-e-o. we've learned a group of after a series of scandals uber could be changing course father-in-lawly. a group oaf 14 managers has tapped expedia's ceo to take the helm. our betty yu has the details. >> reporter: sources close to the matter says dara khosrowshahi was the leading
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candidate from a field of three finalists over a weekend of uber board meetings. the board of directors and executives had also considered meg whitman the ceo of hewlett- packard. uber has been without a leader since travel cal nick stepped down -- travis kalanick stepped down about two months ago. scandal after scandal, including sexual harassment accusations in the workplace and a department of justis criminal -- justice criminal investigation. uber is also losing millions of dollars every quarter as it continues to grow and invest in self-driving cars. seen here in a youtube video in 2013, mr. khosrowshahi has been president and ceo of expedia. based in bell view, washington, since 2005. the publicly traded online travel company is smaller than privately held uber. mr. khosrowshahi is a graduate of brown university with an engineering degree. he has been an outspoken critic
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of president trump. his family emigrated to the u.s. from iran in the late 1970s. betty yu, kpix 5. >> the third finalist was the former ceo and current chairman of general electric, but he withdrew after failing to receive enough support from the group from managers making the call. as for meg whitman, she and directors reportedly couldn't agree on terms to take over. cal fire says that forward progress has been stopped on a grass fire in the east bay hills. the flames broke out around 6:30 last night near mines road and crane ridge road south of livermore. crews have been largely fighting the flames by air because of the steep terrain there. fire is now 20% contained and the cause is still under investigation. parts of the bay area are facing an excessive heat warning as the workweek gets underway. some areas saw triple digits yesterday. in walnut creek, many shoppers bought a cold drink or found a spot in the shade just to cool
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down. >> it's crazy hot. the phone said it was only going to be 85 but then my car said it was 104 when i got out. >> 107 degrees. almost turned around and went back home and we decided to rough it. >> what do you think of the heat? >> it's too hot. >> you don't like the heat. >> no. >> besides the high temperatures today also marks the third consecutive spare the air smog alert for the summer season. outside of berkeley a party for my kids' friends. the cake was melting. >> oh, yeah. yeah. we had a birthday party too in wall null creek at -- walnut creek at park and they had water balloons and water guns ready for all the kids. i thought this was a good idea. >> i can't believe they didn't bring it indoors right? because it was 108 in walnut creek yesterday. officially. i was at a bike race the raise money for parkinson's disease on saturday and i actually started feeling like i had heatstroke, 104 as we were riding our 55 miles around
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healdsburg and gun vail. i thought all the way to yucaipa. look at this welcome scene right now. this is the golden gate bridge. doesn't that just look alluring? it's just welcoming, it's going to cool down along the coast and in the bay today. still above average. but that fog bank signals a change. right now, temperature-wise, 68 in livermore. it is 66 in san jose. temperatures very slow to cool. 58 in santa rosa. satellite and radar shows the bank of stratus hanging very tight to the coast. oh weather watcher time. heat advisory in effect for much of the bay area. but where you see the red zone, that's a heat warning in effect for temperatures 95 to 110. that 110 will be experienced in brentwood and discovery bay. high pressure is a huge dome it's just sitting on top of the state of california and it's strengthening and heating up the air mass, today throughout
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the state, today actually hotter here than in the central valley. 80 in the greater lake tahoe area. our numbers stacking up like this. 74 degrees in pacifica. you will have the sunshine. daly city, you're going to be in the high 60s, you will have the sunshine. average high in san francisco is 67. but instead 76 degrees today. mid 80s in oakland. backing through berkeley and to alameda. 88 degrees in mountain view for one of the coolest spots. otherwise away from the bray, the's bay is the -- east bay is the targeted area, 107 again today and throughout the tri- valley. 106 fairfield. once it's over 100 degrees, boy, 108 today in pleasanton. then we have a little bit of a cooldown due to the return of the low clouds and the fog. on tuesday, and wednesday, before we have a bubble effect with the temperatures returning to the triple digits on thursday and on friday. that's a look at your hot forecast. here's jaclyn. we are tracking a hot spot ourselves if you are headed out the door and your ride has you
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headed along 580. the crash near regatta boulevard in the eastbound direction. so far we don't see any major delays. but do expect to see maybe some flashing lights, some emergency crews on the scene if you are headed in that direction. over at the richmond-san rafael bridge. things are moving smoothly in both directions. great america parkway on ramp eastbound to 237. we have fire crews on the scene and they have that on ramp blocked at this time. there was earlier reports of a fire in that area. speeds still moving at the limit along 237. and you can see that both the golden gate bridge or if you can see. it's quite difficult this morning. due to the fog. we have a fog advisory in place. so please be careful. refrain from using the high beams and leave a little extra space between you and the car in front of you. bay bridge toll plaza, problem free. a quick check of the travel times all in the green. moving right at the limit. that's a check of the traffic. back over to you.
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in alameda county, the mayor of feed mob is stepping down -- piedmont is stepping down after a public outcry after facebook posts. kpix 5's john ramos explains. >> reporter: the news was posted on the door of piedmont city hall. jeffrey wieler resigned as mayor. last week constituent mccarthy asked wheeler if he would join in a moment of silence for those killed in charlottesville. >> his importance was as a moment -- response was as a moment of silence i will stop engaging with you. >> reporter: she began looking at wheeler's public facebook page and found post after post espousing angry right wing sentiments. she read some of them last week. >> the left is danger and un- american. transgenders are mentally ill. >> reporter: in this affluent and largely progressive town, surrounded by oakland, residents were outraged. >> i began receiving e-mails
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from constituents approximately every 10, 15 minutes. the vast majority of which were calling for his replacement as mayor. >> reporter: so his colleagues on the council who voted him in as mayor scheduled a special meeting to remove him from the post. that's not necessary now. and while he would not speak with us today, wieler did issue a statement apologizing for posts that he acknowledged were inflammatory and insulting. those he says he intends to continue serving as a council member, there are those who feel it's too late for that. >> even though he stepped down as mayor, he can't remain on the council and be effective. he absolutely has to step down from council. >> reporter: a lesson that a lot of people are learning in this age of social media. speech may be free, but that doesn't mean it comes without a cost. in piedmont, john ramos, kpix 5. time now 4:50.
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more students will get free lunch this year in one bay area school district. thousand program is already making a big difference -- how the program is already making a big difference. who are these people?
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the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine.
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join energy upgrade california and do your thing. its-kind turf just debuted in the presidio. good morning everyone. i want you to take a good look at this map because the red highlighted areas which is just about everywhere away from bay, does have a heat warning in effect for today. with temperatures at least 20 degrees above where we should be for this time of the year. where you see the areas of yellow, that's where an advisory is in effect. temperatures as hot as 110 degrees towards the delta today. 70s at the beaches and 80s bay side. 80s and 90s peninsula. 107 degrees in throughout the tri-valley. 100 in santa rosa. moving the well across the bay bridge right now. live look. this is -- 80 at fremont.
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that first exit off the bay bridge. but we are getting first reports of a crash on fremont and howard. we'll have details coming up. and san francisco, some first of its kind turf just debuted in the presidio. this sports field was created through a partnership with san francisco's university high school and the presidio trust. it marks the first synthetic field in a national park. the turf is made of cork and sand. university high school says it's already started scheduling games on the field. more students in oakland can get free lunches this year. >> the district just got a four year federal grant. kpix 5's john ramos reports on how the lunches will help students in the classroom. >> reporter: at franklin elementary, oakland unified's largest grammar school. the lunch ladies are busy because all 740 students are eligible for free meals. >> we have breakfast, lunch, and for our students in the after-school programs dinner and it makes an incredible incredible difference for our kids. >> reporter: franklin used to
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be one of 30 schools where everyone got free meals. but now thanks to a four year federal grant, nearly all schools in the district will offer them. the principal says making sure kids are fed not only improves learning but helps keep things calm. >> we see that all the time. we know that as parents or anyone who works with kids, when children start to sort of act out the first thing you do is have they eaten right? have they gotten what they need? >> reporter: across town at rugs dale alternative high school, the menu was tritips, salmon and chicken cordon bleu. a special catered lunch courtesy of the goat warriors -- golden state warriors. the principal says even on normal days, free meals for all will mean a lot less paperwork. >> we don't have to worry about whether students have id for -- right at that moment. we just have to do a head count and make sure that kids eat. >> reporter: when they began serving meals here, the suspension rate dropped to zero.
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students say it's hard to concentrate when you come to school hungry. >> we show them because we're -- we don't feel good because we don't have nothing in our stomachs. >> reporter: more than 70% of oakland students already qualified for free meals. now nearly everyone does. that should remove both the stigma and the red tape of ensuring that kids have eaten before hitting the books natural oakland, john ramos, kpix 5. >> teams of college students from around the world are now trying to solve the hyperloop challenge. >> create a pod that can travel at hundreds of miles per hour. it's at the heart of the high speed mass transit vision by i listen must you can -- elon musk. most students tacking the project are engineering majors who sacrificed more than free time the make the models. >> this is actually one of the few air bearing pods. >> so many years of hard work and months of sleepless nights. and i couldn't have asked for a
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better run. >> three teams were in the finals yesterday in hawthorne to see whose pod was the fastest but patient for another few years see if their design becomes part of musk's plan. it's 4:57 right now. the city of houston is dealing with devastating floods this morning as texas prepares for harvey to make landfall for second time. and local law enforcement agencies may soon be getting more militarized. what the trump administration could be planning. the details coming up.
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d i'm kenny good morning everyone, it is monday, august 28th. i'm michelle griego. >> good morning, i'm kenny choi. a live look outside on this monday morning. a live look at 880 in oakland. and on the left we've got a shot from the pyramid looking south and you can see the salesforce tower peeking out above that low ceiling of clouds. >> and almost looked like it
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was on a lake. with -- the likings? >> on friday i was driving back into the city. and i could just see that peeking out over all the fog and the clouds. >> yes. >> only building. >> very compressed deck of clouds this morning but it's a good sign that we will have some cooling gradually along the coast and into the ba


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