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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  August 29, 2017 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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august 29th. get breakfast ready at 4:29. >> what kind of breakfast at 4:29? >> oatmeal, cereal. soup. how were the sliders? >> they were pretty good. >> they were out there for two hours. >> you ate them all? >> did i really? that's fake news. >> no, it's not. >> you forgot about taking your dog out. we have stories about taking our dogs out. look at the overcast skies. 58 in san francisco. mid-50s santa rosa. and 63 in livermore. you have that beautiful deck of stratus. and locally, a good 40 miles. that's a signal of a little bit of cooler temperatures. 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s. >> we are tracking the usual slowdowns. not bad on the westbound side.
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80 to the altamont pass. a little bit of a backup at the bay bridge toll plaza. and if you have fast tracks, no problems. heading to texas this morning to get a firsthand look at the flood damage. it's raining in and around houston and it isn't expected to let up any time soon. three people are dead and there are reports of several more. officials expect the number to go up dramatically as they survey the area. there's so much damage it's impossible to know how many people are trapped or missing. don champion is in houston. >> overnight in the houston area, heavy equipment normally reserved for hauling rock and soil instead saved lives. residents were packed into haulers and driven to a walmart
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parking lot where they were picked up by loved ones. >> we're going to my son's house. >> harvey could break a u.s. record for the the most rainfall from a tropical system with 911 call centers and the coast guard inundated with pleas for help. some flood victims are taking to social media. >> on facebook i seen that they was stranded. >> reporter: shelters in houston are reaching capacity. many arriving with harrowing tales of survival. >> we felt like there was no hope and we tried to evacuate on a boat and the current was too strong. >> president trump will travel to the texas gulf coast today. don champion, cbs news, houston. >> the u.s. coast guard is saying that it has rescued 3000 people already getting a
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thousand calls per hour. one man stranded in a houston apartment didn't know what to do. >> i haven't tried to police. i know they've been swamped and the red cross is swamped as well. so we don't know who to call. it seems like we put out the word for help and we sit here and wait and see what happens. >> firefighters from the bay area are hoping with the recovery efforts as well. 14 person water rescue teams are expected to arrive in houston today. they'll use boats, vehicles, and drones to help rescue people from homes. an elite national guard group left and are on their way to the flood zones. many are taking time off their regular jobs. >> many of these folks are community members like you. and they actually put on the uniform and get called to
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serve. they are teachers, doctors, lawyers, they are in the tech industry and are firefighters and they all work within the community. >> the 129th rescue wing has helped with hurricanes in texas in the past. you can donate through the red cross. and call 1(800)red cross or text harvey to 90999 to make a $10 donation. and donate to the american red cross by walking into save mart or lucky supermarkets. and go to and we have all the information there. >> a lot of people are stepping up to help out in texas. and the bay area always steps up. >> let's have a telethon. i'm ready. if you can't afford to donate money you can donate blood. they are low in the houston area and they transport that blood as well. take a look at this.
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this is our live weather camera. we have a low ceiling this morning. roughly, 600 feet in elevation. and that obviously will cause delays at sfo. not the case at mineta international airport. thin overcast but no reports of airport snags. 55 in santa rosa. and boy does that sound refreshing after a high of 100 degrees. san jose is 63. and 63 in livermore. yesterday it was 68 degrees. so we're averaging 5 degrees cooler due to that blanket of stratus that has marched in a little bit further this morning. we'll see mostly sunny skies all the way back to the coast today. socked in in daly city. and partial clearing at pacifica at 65. and san jose, you're back to where burden be for this time of the year. and low and mid-90s in the
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eastern portion of the bay area. we're going to talk about another warming trend a little bit later in the program. first over to jaclyn. right now we are not tracking too many hot spots in the traffic department which is excellent news. we are seeing a few slowdowns, nothing to write home about. northbound 880 we have some roadwork. caltrans has one lane closed. they should wrap up by 6:00. no delays across the san mateo bridge. a 13-minute ride 880 to 101. and the only backup is at the bay bridge toll plaza. they're doing the shift change and the cash lanes are backing up. no delays. we are now getting a look at those arrested in sunday's
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violent clashes in berkeley. police released these mug shots of 11 of the 13 people taken into custody. the charges change from battery to resisting arrest. at least one of the suspects is from the bay area. >> you just revealed your ignorance. >> public intoxication. less than two weeks ago he was arrested at laguna beach. and he appeared on judge judy. james dominic is charged with conspiracy to commit a crime. police caught him with one of the items banned, a mask. and she was arrested for having her bandanna over her nose. she wasn't aware it was illegal. right wing demonstrators insist they come to berkeley to stand up for free speech.
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the community is split on the black clad anarchists. >> reporter: only about 100 arrived wearing all black and faces covered. their presence was a game changer. police held a relatively civil park. the cops left to deescalate and antiva took over. they attacked some protesters. >> our experience on the streets was that we were defended by people who came as antifascists. >> many believe in peaceful assembly and strongly oppose these extremist groups. >> the mayor wants the people
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of berkeley to tell antifa they are not welcome. >> we should respond to them as a gang. they come as uniforms, they have weapons, they are almost a militia. we have to think about that in terms of law enforcement approach. >> reporter: a free speech week is scheduled for next month. that event includes miloian on loss. >> i strongly believe in freedom of speech but there's a line between freedom of speech and posing a risk to public safety. >> the free speech week is scheduled for september 24th through the 27th. vandals targeted a car with a trump bumper sticker. they spray painted nazi and kkk on the windows. and the owner filed a police
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report. north korea is sparking new concerns with the latest missile test. the north launched the ballistic missile from the capital. the path was directly over japan. people were urged to take shelter. and later they said the missile broke into three pieces and landed in the pacific. it was called an unprecedented and grave threat. the pentagon says the missile did not fly far enough to be a threat to the united states. >> >> a california woman is making military history. we'll introduce you to the air force's first female enlisted pilot. one bay area city is considering a ban on idling your car. details straight ahead.
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they brought heavy equipment to haul away brush and debris - at "oakland road" and "corie court" - near coyote creek in the berryessa crews in san jose were
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tasked with clearing a homeless encampment. the city put up fliers telling 50 campers they had to leave the area. many moved and left their stuff behind. since the city shut down the jungle, the homeless keep fleeing one neighborhood for another. >> there's a camp next to me. and another next to that. and people across the creek. and people underneath the bridges. and people on the railroad tracks. it never used to be like that until they closed the jungle. >> a homeless advocate says a group will be at google pushing them to house the homeless. an idling ban is in the works that would require drivers to kill the engine if they are out of the path of traffic for more than two
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minutes. it's little steps that spark a big change for the environment. a vacaville woman is shattering stereotypes from the sky. she's the first female enlisted member of the u.s. air force able to pilot an aircraft. she's breaking ground with the click of a mouse. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: she joined the air force in 2005 and now she's the first female enlisted pilot in history. >> i was shocked and i'm excited to learn about our mission here. >> reporter: she's worked in the intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance field. and now she'll be flying this massive aircraft without ever stepping foot inside. >> i'm in full control of the aircraft and constantly know exactly what the aircraft is
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doing and where it's heading. >> with a click of a mouse and a keyboard. sergeant courtney will be flying the aircraft and commanding intelligence gathering missions around the world. >> she must know every rule and regulation not just in the united states but around the world. she's flying an operation in the u.s. one day and in the next day fly in south america, the next day fly in europe. >> this will be a first class of enlisted pilots since world war ii to go through any sort of training program. >> reporter: due to a series pilot shortage, this program was launched. >> we don't have enough pilots and we are reaching out to the enlisted. >> you execute your mission and then land. >> and being the first female is something she takes pride in. >> it's not about gender any
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more. it's about qualifications and that's exciting. >> reporter: by january she'll be graduating and she and others will be starting their missions. >> i love that story. [ laughter ] you go, girl. >> you go, girl. >> first one to do it. >> it was amazing to go for drone license testing and you wouldn't believe the line of people taking pilot lessons. looking at the overcast skies. keep in mind the transamerica pyramid is 853 feet tall. and when you can't see the tiptop of it you can gauge the ceiling. when they occurs we have delays at sfo on some arriving flights. 58degrees in san francisco. and 55 in santa rosa.
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63 in livermore. satellite and radar -- the penetration of the marine layer is trying to make tracks towards livermore. and has not reached that far inland yet. napa at 59 degrees. fairfield 62. a bit on the breezy side. winds up to 18 and 20. and redwood city reports 66 degrees. and an update on tropical storm harvey. it's now pushing back on shore. and will affect the texas and louisiana coastline with a foot more of precipitation anticipated. that on top of the 24 to 30 inches that's accumulated around houston. as it continues the jog inland it will end up towards the tennessee valley. boy, is this a rainmaker. we're looking at up to 50 inches of historic rainfall in and throughout texas. easily about a foot of rain throughout the louisiana area
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as tropical storm harvey makes the second landfall. with back on the west coast we have high pressure right here. it's starting to nudge its way more in an easterly direction and loosening up a firm grasp on the state of california. santa cruz, 76 degrees. don't forget the sun block. and the surf is waist to chest high. meanwhile on shore, and throughout the central valley. mighty hot. 70 in monterey bay. gorgeous day there. 60s and 70s around the lip of the bay. and 79 in redwood city. 83 in san jose. and down from 100 to 87 degrees in santa rosa. and down from a record tying 108 in livermore which tied a record set back in 1915. wow, so it's usually not this hot for this time of the year. 65 at pacifica. and we're talking about a
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cooler day for wednesday gradually. and then we have a succession of five straight days as we head into the holiday with temperatures well above normal and jaclyn, i got to tell you, i wouldn't be surprised to see a heat warning. we are tracking a few hot spots. nothing major. there's some roadwork on highway 17 that's slowing some folks down. 45miles per hour is the cruising speed. and we have one lane closed in each direction between glenwood and laurel streets. and caltrans should be out there until about 6:30 this morning in the southbound direction. if you're making your way through the south bay. you'll see a few slowdowns on 100 near 880 but you're in the green. san mateo bridge looking good in both directions between hayward and foster city. 101 near 380 heading over to
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sfo. you shouldn't have any trouble getting to the airport. the bay bridge toll plaza we're seeing quite a backup in the cash lanes. fast track lanes, no problem. and the golden gate bridge, everything is checking in problem free. you're in the green. 37 and 101 no delays. that's a check of the traffic. back to you, michelle. time is 4:50. the effort to remove a controversial bay area judge from the bench has gotten a big boost.
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good morning, everybody. welcome to your tuesday. take a look at the temperatures forecast across the bay area. yes, a cooler day than the 108 in livermore yesterday. 70s and 80s around the peninsula. and 95 in morgan hill.
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and good morning in san jose at 84. brentwood is flirting with triple-digits. and otherwise, mid- and upper 90s across the tri-valley. in concord, clayton, walnut creek, in the low to mid-90s. hello cloverdale at 95 degrees. kenny-- amazon is sparing your whole paycheck. it cut all kinds of prices. some prices were slashed by up to 43%. most of the cuts applied to staples, dairy, and produce. and some shoppers hoped to save more green at the grocery store. >> i was actually looking forward to coming in and shopping. there was a slight difference but i wouldn't say it was drastic. >> amazon is looking to compete
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with walmart and costco. and the company believes the prime program will be key. a campaign to oust a judge has new momentum after another judge threw out a restraining order. he became a recall target after he gave an overly lenient sentence to a man convicted of sexually assaulting a woman at stanford. brock turner was sentenced to six months in jail and required to register as a sex offender. some say it was part of a pattern. >> the judge has a long history of leniency in cases of sex crimes and domestic violence. >> a retired judge who was hearing the case said they can resume gathering signatures and she'll make a final ruling on thursday. a driver on the move after allegedly getting into two hit- and-run accidents in the bay
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area. we spoke with the victim who made it his mission to tail the driver. >> reporter: media strategist -- was driving in pleasant hill and noticed a woman driving an acura with the air bags deployed. >> there she goes. it's a total hit-and-run. >> reporter: he captured -- following her with a dangling rear bumper. >> she almost hit on coming traffic on pleasant hill rode a couple times and then i watched her in slow motion as she went through a red light and broadsided the van. >> totally hit this guy. >> what if there was a woman walking her child in the crosswalk. >> reporter: why did you keep driving after you hit this man from behind? >> why did i what? >> no one was injured and
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officers discourage people from trailing hit-and-run drivers but he did what was right. >> the citizen got all the agencies involved. use your cell phone and call 911. >> reporter: the woman is being treated at a hospital. and this is not driving under the influence but she suffered a medical emergency. officers are collecting evidence in the investigation and the district attorney's office will decide whether or not to press charges. police are looking for hit- and-run driver involved in a crash that killed uc berkeley's chief lawyer. 59-year-old christopher patty pulled his bicycle over on the shoulder and a bmw lost control and hit him. in a statement, the chancellor said he loved the institution with all his heart and his knowledge, compassion, and integrity made him an
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extraordinary public servant and an incredible colleague. >> the driver is being called a person of interest. thousands remain stranded as harvey dumps more rain on the houston area. we'll have the latest on the rescue efforts and what's ahead. >> reporter: the lack of affordable housing is a crisis in california. the latest efforts from state lawmakers to try to address it.
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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. it's tuesday, august 29th. i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm kenny choi. the morning rush is about to start as we take a live look at the pyramid in san francisco. foggy conditions out there. and 880 in oakland, traffic is moving along at this hour. looks pretty decent. >> you can tell it's foggy when you can't see the top of the
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pyramid. >> why can't that fog move inland. >> cool us down a little bit. >> 108 in livermore yesterday. it hasn't been that hot since 1915. i remember it well. hi, everybody. take a look at the overcast skies. 58degrees in san francisco. 55 in santa rosa. and these temperatures are running about 5 degrees cooler than 24 hours ago. winds have been picking up out of the west at 13 in oakland. refreshing at sfo. this is an on shore wind except in livermore northwesterly at 10. and fairfield's winds has been 22 miles per hour. the winds will be fluctuating during the day. and there you have the bank of low clouds and fog. temperature-wise, back to where we should be for this time of the year. mid-60s on the seashore. and 60s and 70s around the lip of the bay to the high 70s across the peninsula. and 83


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