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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  August 30, 2017 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> reporter: right now, all the hotel guests as well as some people in nearby businesses have been told to lock the doors and stay inside until they get the "all clear" from officers. now, as for the two chp officers who were shot, we're told they are in stable condition. they're expected to recover. the sheriff says there was there was no indication the officers investigating that stolen car would be up against a suspect armed with a high- powered rifle. liz, ken, we'll monitor the developments. back to you. >> thank you. our other story, dangerous heat is coming to the bay area. air quality, people's health and fire danger will be major concerns. in fact, we could see all-time highs, records, as we move into the labor day weekend. today it's 92 degrees inland but by friday and saturday, we are looking at inland temperatures as high as 115 degrees. >> we have team coverage on this dangerous heat. kpix 5's emily turner is live in walnut creek with how people are planning to keep cool. emily.
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>> reporter: well, for one thing, liz, they are not going to be out here in long sleeves and pants. it is hot. they say they have several options. they usually involve air- conditioning and a pool. during this week's weather, you don't have to work out to break a sweat. so if the prospect of 115-plus degrees ahead, the coaches of diablo in pleasant hill are firing up the swamp cooler and changing out workouts to keep athletes safe. >> we have fans and keep them indoors. >> reporter: contra costa county fire district is changing things up, too. all summer they carried extra staff for fire danger. and this weekend, the way those extra bodies respond to calls may change. >> one of the things that we will probably do this weekend with the really high temperature is call for greater alarms early. so if we had a fire that occurred today it might be a
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single alarm. but saturday we might call three alarms because that's heat exhaustion on the firefighters would be tougher. >> reporter: the ris something high, risk is saturday, almost almost the bay area under advisory or warning. temperatures could be so high they sell all time records beating out the highest record in 1952. not something to look forward to. >> it's scary. >> 118? 109? whoa! >> reporter: he we had the same reaction. most of the cities and the counties in the bay area have issued their own advisories and warnings urging people to stay inside to stay hydrated. they also have set up cooling stations so if you don't have air-conditioning, you can go there and make sure that you keep your body temperatures low. it's interesting even napa county and their advisory is urging people to stay away from
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alcohol. it's going to be so hot. live in walnut creek. emily turner, kpix 5. paul deanno has the forecast with record setting heat. >> we thought 110 was high yesterday. that obviously was too conservative. there is a heat advisory for the bay area with a heat warning that will go into effect in the bay area. friday highs as hot as 115 degrees away from the water. got put this into perspective. the hottest afternoon in livermore anytime over the past five years, 108. friday is going to be 6 degrees hotter than that. we are going for a high of 114. obviously, the fire danger is going to be incredibly high. a red flag warning for any elevation. so if you are going camping, please be smart. dry gusty winds, north bay hills, east bay hills and diablo. the east bay and south bay with unhealthy air quality. so we know it's coming.
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when does the heat end? we'll talk more about that coming up. now to the devastation in texas. amazing video this afternoon of a one-month-old baby being rescued in houston. the crew on board a national guard chopper swooped down and lifted the newborn baby to safety. but it's not just the young who need help. a nursing home had to be evacuated after floodwaters quickly rose in port arthur, texas. many residents on beds and wheelchairs were loaded on rescue boats. tropical storm harvey took a second swing, this time along the texas-louisiana border. volunteers are still helping rescue people in houston stranded in the floodwaters, including the group of people who formed a human chain to help an elderly man trapped in his vehicle. but there was also this tragic story. crews have found a van swept away by floodwaters inside where the bodies of two
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grandparents and their four grandchildren. the death toll is now up to 23 but that number is expected to rise. reporter kenneth craig is in houston with the latest. >> reporter: liz, hello to you. i'm standing outside the city's convention center, where hundreds of volunteers are continuing to line up. so many of them from all over the place who just want to help reporter: heroic rescues are now under way in southeast texas after harvey dumped more than a foot of rain in a span of hours. rescuers threw a lifeline to a man clinging to a tree limb in rushing water. in liberty, this woman escaped her mobile home through waist deep water. >> that is -- >> reporter: rescuers brought this truckload of senior citizens to a shelter in orange. in houston, people are finally seeing a glimmer of hope following six days of historic rainfall and catastrophic flooding. >> the water levels are going down. >> reporter: as the water recedes, the death toll is
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rising. police found the bodies of two grandparents and their four grandchildren inside a van that disappeared in floodwaters. >> our worst fears have been realized. >> reporter: the rescue efforts continue. >> there are still people who are in their homes. they have been trapped on the second floor. >> reporter: volunteers like greg and riley from louisiana are helping. >> we don't know where they're at if they're still in their attics and can't get out. >> reporter: today they rescued two families and found flood victims still refusing to leave. at least 17,000 people are crowded into 230 shelters near houston. now officials are trying to determine how long they will have to stay. about 40,000 homes have water damage. >> when water sits in a house for several weeks, the house begins to degrade. >> reporter: so far, fema has received 1 the 195,000 requests
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for help. it will take years for houston to recover from hurricane harvey. that curfew is effect again tonight to prevent looting at flood victim homes. >> and kenneth, we saw inner piece that were you out there today and witnessed some of those incredible rescues. can you tell us about your experience? >> reporter: that was really amazing and extraordinary to see because these volunteers, the men we were with, were civilians from louisiana who put their lives on hold, got on the road yesterday, drove hours overnight to be here and to help complete strangers. we went through neighborhoods that were just completely submerged in water and you would look down the street and the water would just go on and on and on essentially to the horizon it appears. we went by some homes and we saw people stranded inside those homes. but still refusing to leave. they don't have to because there's not a mandatory evacuation there. but we also stopped by several homes where we did help some people out two different families, five cats, two dogs.
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now those people are on the way to higher ground, liz. >> wow. amazing people out there. all right, kenneth, thank you. not just homes. flooding in and around houston has forced about 20 hospitals to evacuate or discontinue their service. as many as 1500 patients have been transferred. st. luke's hospital evacuated 29 people on monday. they had to use boats and trucks. >> our biggest concern was the water that surrounded the hospital, accessibility and we did have some water that got into our main powerhouse where all of our operational power and needed life sustaining equipment comes from. >> about 40 nurses and staff are still inside that hospital and as the waters recede, emergency rooms across the region are bracing for an influx of new patients. thousands of people have lost their homes in the floodwaters of harvey and many don't have flood insurance.
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the insurance information institute says only 15% of the homes in harris county where houston is are covered. most mortgage companies require government flood insurance only for homes within designated flood zones. >> it looks like with harvey maybe as much as two-thirds of the damage will have happened outside of the flood zones. >> after hurricanes katrina and sandy, the government helped uninsured homeowners. but the national flood insurance program is run by fema. and it's currently about $25 billion in debt. ♪[ music ] >> trying to bring in some hope. an impromptu performance at a storm shelter lifting spirits in houston and beyond. now this group of gospel singers is going viral. we know many people here in the bay area want to help those flood victims in texas and here's how you can do it. the red cross is accepting donations via phone, email or text. it's easy.
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we have a list of other charities helping out as well at it's at the top of the homepage homepage. an act of hate caught on camera. two weeks ago, we reported someone threw rocks at an alameda synagogue breaking windows. police released the surveillance video outside temple israel hoping someone will recognize the suspect. an unusual robbery in palo alto. police say thieves targeted a 7- eleven but instead of confronting a clerk behind the counter, they waited until she was on her way to the bank. kpix 5 reporter devin fehely explains the suspect seemed to have it all planned out. devin. >> reporter: palo alto police say it doesn't appear to be random. the thieves it appears knew who they were targeting and what they were after. take a close look at this man. palo alto police say he is responsible for a brazen robbery of a 7-eleven employee
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on her way to the bank monday to deposit thousands of dollars from the store. >> there are apparently a couple of suspects waiting for her outside and they followed her away from the store across -- there's a little bridge called the knoll industrial bridge. she was involved in an accident on the bridge. >> reporter: it wasn't an accident at all. as soon as she got out of the car to document the damage, the thieves sprang their trap. >> she took her phone out. the suspect grabbed her phone, ran to her car and retrieved the bag of cash from her vehicle. >> reporter: another driver who saw what happened called 911. by the time police got there the suspects were gone. investigators say this is their getaway car. detectives hope that someone recognizes the suspect or the car and can point police in their direction. police say that the victim was not seriously injured in that attack. they did eventually recover her
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cell phone in downtown palo alto where it had apparently been discarded. in east palo alto, devin fehely, kpix 5. we may not be alone in the universe after all! >> coming up, berkeley's seti research center detects powerful mysterious pulses from far across the universe. it has us asking a lot of questions. >> plus, a prominent south bay school ditches plans for the renaming of a multi-million dollar project over a growing sex scandal. >> and a medical breakthrough. the new cancer treatment that could save many lives.
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report... they've received radio pulses... from a source deep in outer-space! kpix this next story out of this world! researchers after the uc- berkeley reporting they have
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received some strange radio pulses from a source deep in outer space! kpix 5's kiet do is live in berkeley with these new findings. kiet, what's going on? >> reporter: yeah. we're coming at you live from the rooftop observatory of the astronomy department here at uc- berkeley and this is a big week for them. they have been keeping an eye on this scrappy little galaxy now for about a year and a half. and lately it's become very active. it has just been going off! >> zoom all the way. >> reporter: towards the west in the morning sky, right through the constellation is a dwarf galaxy known as frb121102. >> and there's nothing there. >> there's nothing there, right. >> reporter: that's because it's 3 billion light-years away. in fact, this is the best picture of it that we have. but what makes it special is that it's only galaxy known to man to repeatedly emit fast
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radio bursts, or fr bs and this weekend it didn't disappoint. this astronomer was crunching a mountain of data when the computer detected not one or five or a dozen bursts. there were 15! >> we are not expecting 15 of them. which was i would say a spectacularly exciting moment for all of us in the team. >> reporter: you can't actually hear the bursts because it's a burst of energy not sound. but you can graph it. it turns out each burst covers a wide spectrum of radio frequency from 4 to 8 gigahertz. what's causing it? >> the leading theory is something probably to do with neutron stars or something to do with neutron stars or very strong magnetic fields, and something to do with the way those fields interact with the material surrounding them. >> reporter: the work is being done by a group whose mission is looking for intelligent life. no, they do not think this round of bursts are coming from
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aliens! sorry to disappoint. yeah. sorry. it is not aliens this time. they don't think. the next step is to continue gathering this data. they have issued an astronomy telegram to try to get other astronomers to point their telescopes at this particular galaxy. they might widen out the frequency to see where it takes them. live in berkeley, kiet do, kpix 5. one of the south bay's most prominent private high schools has scrapped plans to name its new $30 million theater after a long-time teacher. bellarmine college prep originally announced it was naming its new theater arts building after tom after the director of the program who died from a heart attack this summer. after his memorial service, a woman published an anonymous online article detailing a sexual relationship she had with the teacher after her 18th birthday. no one from bellarmine would talk on camera today but they did release a statement saying, quote, we take these
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allegations very seriously and out of respect for all involved, we have decided not to move forward with the naming of the theater. bellarmine is an all boys catholic high school. the woman was involved in its theater program and met the deceased when she was 16. in richmond, a notorious street gang is busted by the fbi and local law enforcement more than half a dozen members are behind bars tonight. officials say the gang called itself the swerve team. it's linked to several freeway shootings, three homicides and several other crimes. the 18-month investigation part of a response to an uptick in violence in west contra costa county. police are still looking for one suspect, cardel waters. >> the search is active and ongoing. it would be helpful if he would just surrender himself to the police agency wherever he might be. eventually, i -- i -- i'm certain that we'll catch up to him. >> all the suspects are between
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17 and 24 years old, and all of them are being held on $24 million bail each. other bay area headlines. in san francisco, eight people were hurt after they were hit by a car that sped through a red light. the driver struck the pedestrians at around 8:30 near ocean and miramar avenues. two of the injured are minors. they are all expected to be okay. dramatic rescue this morning in tiburon. a car veered off paradise drive and plunged into a backyard. emergency responders pulled out two teen brothers who were trapped inside the overturned vehicle. the 17-year-old driver is in critical condition. his younger brother had moderate injuries. a gruesome discovery in san jose. a body was found along the capitol expressway. san jose police are working to identify the male victim. no word on a cause of death. it now looks like a handful of schools in walnut creek will not be branching off to form their own new school district.
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the contra costa county board of education voted against that proposal to create the northgate unified school district. it would have included these five schools in the walnut creek area. but last night, parents in favor of and against that idea voiced their concerns about the proposal. it would have split the mount diablo unified school district. critics say the move would have taken resources away from the larger district. state board of education gets the final say on this. but it will likely go with the local decision. we hear about medical breakthroughs a lot. but today, the fda-approved the first u.s. gene therapy to fight cancer. the treatment uses a patient's oat genetically engineered immune cells to fight childhood leukemia. it was developed by novartis. the treatment would cost $475,000, one of the most expensive treatments ever. in a key study of 63 advanced
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patients, 83% of them went into remission. coming up all new at 6:00 tonight, a san jose state university professor living out of her car? see the surprising victim of california's housing crisis. how bay area mayors are joining forces to fight for solutions. who are these people? the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear.
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who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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county under control. at least 25- hundred acres have burned since yesterday. 10 homes.. and 20 other triple-digit heat hampering firefighters' efforts to get a wildfire in butte county under control. 2500 acres have burned since yesterday. 10 homes, 20 other buildings were also destroyed. yesterday police arrested a man suspected of starting that fire. fire danger will increase around here as temperatures are going to shoot through the roof. concord 92 degrees outside right now. it likely friday two days from now will be 20 to 21 degrees hotter. do the math. 110. livermore currently 8 the. you're going to 114 on friday. san francisco you will be in
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the 80s. currently 65. santa rosa 84. this is the evening to go for a walk, not the next couple nights. it's going to be hot. overnight tonight concord 60. fremont 60. san rafael 57. mountain view 60. the ridge is getting here tomorrow. the only thing preventing us from hitting 110 tomorrow is we are going to cool off tonight ahead of the beginning of the heat, which cranks up tomorrow. it's not the ridge over utah. that's the one that's moving away. that gave us the heat wave last weekend. that's gone. it's this guy right here. not only bigger and stronger than that ridge. it's the location where it's going to park for friday and saturday. that's going to be critical. first thing you'll notice tomorrow, lack of cloud cover. minimal patchy fog along the coast and that's it. everybody sunny in the afternoon. even the city of san francisco. and we will be hotter. we'll see some triple digits above 100 degrees as soon as tomorrow afternoon. watch where the ridge is centered. winds flow clockwise around high pressure. that's what it does in the northern hemisphere. so if you get a ridge over here you don't get heat at the water. follow the winds around.
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now you're getting an east-to- west wind, chilly ocean hasn't changed. doesn't matter if the wind is coming from the other direction. record shattering heat friday and saturday when the ridge is centered over the california- oregon border. how hot? fairfield 115 on friday. brentwood, 115 on friday. pleasanton, 114 degrees. the hottest weather in at least five years for some of you many more years. friday and saturday will be hot near the water too with widespread 80s and 90s. watch out for thunderstorms in the higher elevations especially the east and south bays. how hot tomorrow? before the really hot stuff, we hit 99 tomorrow in napa. 94 san rafael. 92 san jose. triple digits, fairfield, concord, livermore. 79. markedly warmer in san francisco. there it is, folks. first time i think ever since we have had this graphic system we have had the 115 on there for friday and saturday. 90s near the bay and even when we cool off on sunday, we're still well above average. it's going to be hot all holiday weekend long. we'll be right back.
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tonight, another landfall for the devastating storm harvey. got to stop its flooding to other parts of texas and louisiana. the death toll rises. was all of this inevitable as south texas was overdeveloped during a time of stark climate change? tonight on the "cbs evening news." anthony mason will anchor the evening news from houston tonight. in the meantime, thank you for watching us tonight at 5:00. >> they have been doing a great
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job. allen and veronica will be back in 30 minutes with more local news for you. ♪[ music ] ♪ ca ponsored by cbs >> morgan: floodwaters show no mercy. >> i've never seen this much water. >> now they invade a nursing home, a mass evacuation across houston, the stranded. and the death toll rises as harvey moves east into louisiana. also tonight, a new weapon in the war on leukemia. >> just the fact that i even get a future is completely remarkable. >> morgan: gene therapy turns a patient's own blood cells into cancer killers. mixed signals on how to handle north korea from president trump and his defense secretary. and rest for the flood weary in a mattress store. >> these are my people, and i have to help my people. this is the "cbs evening news."


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