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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  August 31, 2017 1:37am-2:12am PDT

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tonight: hern california h now at 11:00 p.m. the sheriff's deputy is killed in a hail of gunfire. two other chp officers injured. tonight had ambush at a northern california hotel and the bay area suspect. good evening. >> the scene of the shoot out, the rumada inn in sacramento. kpix 5's andria borba is there tonight with new information
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for us. >> reporter: sacramento county sheriff's deputies won't confirm what city the suspect is from or what his name is but they will say he is a 31-year- old man from the bay area. hours after a shoot out that left a deputy dead and two chp injured, the light res main in sacramento. it -- remain in sacramento. 9:30 a.m. this morning when they spotted a stolen car in the hotel parking lot. officers chased the car pthe two -- and the two women inside. one of those women was on probation so officers moved into search the room at the hotel. the two chp officers knocked on the door and identified themselves. >> when the suspect inside began to fire through the door. >> reporter: both chp officers
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were hit. sacramento county sheriff's deputies were waiting. >> the suspect went to the back balcony of the room, with a high powered rifle, and began to engage our deputies. >> reporter: that is when 21 year veteran sacramento county sheriff's deputy robert french was shot in the side, killing him. the suspect wasn't done. he jumped off the balcony and made it in to aernoth car. leading officers on a chase. with more gunfire. the suspect was arrested and now deputies are dealing with the grief of losing a man who trained over 100 other deputies during his career. >> going to be -- one of theirs was injured. one of theirs was killed. brings back the reality that nothing we do is routine. >> reporter: now the suspect in
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critical condition tonight here at a sacramento county hospital. as for the investigation we are told it will continue well in to tonight, well in to tomorrow here on auburn boulevard. live in sacramento, andria borba, kpix 5. switching gears. a live look outside. things are about to heat up in the bay area. big time. and in some spots it could get down right dangerous. 90s inland today but by friday and saturday temperatures could soar into record breaking territory. here is kpix 5's chief meteorologist paul deanno. >> starts with a heat advisory tomorrow. upgraded to a heat warning friday. it will last in to saturday. one of the hottest labor day holiday weekends we have had in the bay area. it is plot just northern california. it is -- not just northern california. it is from san diego to seattle. 10 to 25 degrees above average. the all time record high in
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livermore is 115 degrees. we will be one degree shy of that on friday. 114. making that the hottest day in livermore in 67 years if it verifies. the temperatures will be climbing, so will the fire danger. a off and running the holiday weekend. -- a red flag warning for the holiday weekend. gusty winds out of the east. fire danger will go up. how long the heat lasts coming up in a few minute. >> thank you. now to the devastation in texas tonight. the death toll continues to rise. at least 31 people are dead. harvey has been down gridded to a tropical depression -- graded -- down graded to a tropical depression. a chemical plant could explode. thousands have been evacuated. cbs reporter is live in houston tonight with more on the flooding and the rescues that
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have been ongoing. >> reporter: it was a tough day here in houston as first responders recovered more bodies. mean time around 32,000 evacuees remain in shelters like the one behind me. while the threat of heavy rain for houston has ended harvey is still making its present felt in the lone star state. the storm system made land fall for a second time wednesday. unleashing high winds, rain and flash floods in port author and beaumont. >> all my years on this earth i have never seen anything like this. this is very devastating. >> reporter: the national guard the coast guard rescued -- and the coast guard rescued 13,000 people. 3,000 homes homes and business have no electricity. >> must be so tired. >> yes, ma'am. >> reporter: among them, a
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mother of four who arrived at the nrg shelter earlier in the day. >> right now you have somewhere to sleep but you don't know where you are going after you leave here. and that is the hardest part. >> reporter: thousands of volunteers have turned out to help. >> it is beautiful. it is showing the unity. we all have something in common. we all care about each other. regardless of whatever issues we may have. what matters is life. >> reporter: on tuesday police found the bodies of two grandparents and their grandchildren. part of the rising death toll attributed to the storm. a heart breaking discovery there. mean time a curfew is in effect for the second night in a row. no one violated the order so far. this is in an attempt to protect those evacuated homes. >> it has been hard to watch.
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we are hearing about an extreme warning from emergency management officials in east texas. what is going on there? >> reporter: this is a tense situation. authorities are keeping a very close eye on an ammonia plant that is submerged in a water. it could explode or catch on fire. they evacuated a mile and a half area around the plant. but as i mentioned it is very touch and go and all eyes are on this right now. >> megoliver in houston tonight, thank you. if you want to help the red cross is accepting donations by phone, e-mail and text. right now two families from texas are matching donations up to 55,000 and we have all that information and a list of other charities you can donate through on new details on a story we brought you only on 5 last night. our investigation into a high school principal in san
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francisco led the district to remove him from his new job at a local middle school. mark alvarado was the principal at john o'connell high school. a kpix 5 investigation reveled he failed to report a pe teacher and soccer coach accused of sexually arassing and sexual assault -- harassing and sexually assaulting 30 students. he was given a new administration position at everett middle school. tonight parents were notified that mark alvarado will not return to everett middle school. but parents want to know why he was placed there to begin with. >> do you think mark alvarado should have been moved here? [ indiscernible talking ] >> the district says mark alvarado still works for them but will not return to the school. it is unclear where he will be
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transferred next. in piedmont there is new fall out in a social media scandal involving the mayor. kpix 5's betty yu on the new price that he will pay for some controversial posts. >> reporter: tonight the ex- payer of piedmont won't fight public pressure any longer. jim wieler is resigning. he sent kpix 5 an e-mail, it would be unfair to the city and a personal betrayal of my principles if i allow this circus to continue distracting residents, the city council and city staff and i don't need anymore hate fail or threats of violence. i apologize for helping create this situation. >> this is what we hoped for. i talked to jeff, he was aware of what his colleagues were recommending. >> reporter: acting mayor of piedmont bob mcbain urged him to step down. someone posting as jim wieler wrote a rant about hillary
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clinton's campaign for president president. i want to say i dearly lover vaginas. they read some of his social media postings allowed. >> black lives matter encouraging cop killing. >> if you are going to use social media you better know how to use it. if you are a public official you need to be careful about what you say and how you say it and perhaps more importantly, in my opinion, some of the things that jeff said were just plain wrong. >> reporter: jim wieler spent 12 years on the city council. he says his resignation will be effective next tuesday. in piedmont, betty yu, kpix 5. detectives say this woman went on a stabbing rampage at a bay area senior housing complex
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and then hopped on a bus bust. tonight the search for a suspect named unique. >> this san jose state university university professional is sleeping in her car. tonight the changing face of the homeless. >> this bay area scientist is tracking something unusual deep in outer space. appoint the who are these people?
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for a suspect named unique, she is behind a stabbing rampage at a senior housing complex. a 66-year-old man was stabbed several times yesterday. this is the woman police are looking for. 26-year-old unique gains. she was checked in as his visitor. she was last scene boarding a bus at 6:00 a.m. police say she dangerous. if you see her call 911. a man is facing charges for starting this explosive fire just west of lake oroville. kpix 5's veronica de la cruz has the developments there. >> the fire broke out yesterday and has grown to 3200 acres. cal fire made an arrest earlier today. and this is the suspect. 29-year-old john ballenger. he let an illegal camp fire get out of control. the fire moved towards several
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neighborhoods. you can see the after path of the 10 homes that have been destroyed. five others have been damaged. a bartender the suspect was seen starting small fires in the area and throwing nails on the local road. >> he wasn't acting normal. >> i just wish that someone could have helped him before this happened. >> reporter: people in 1300 homes are now forced out by the flames. many are at an evacuation center in oroville. tonight the fire is just 10% contained and is still advancing. 1200 firefighters are doing everything they could to stop it. veronica de la cruz, kpix 5. senator dianne feinstein explaining herself after she said this about president trump. >> i just hope he has the ability to learn. and to change. and if he does, he can be good president. >> that comment got her booed
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by some constituents in san francisco last night. the remarks didn't sit well. he says it is the responsibility of congress to hold him accountable, especially democrats. dianne feinstein released a statement saying i have been strongly critical of president trump when i disagree on policy and with his behavior. she said that she wants the president to change for the good of the country. she says she is under no allusion that it is likely to happen. a san jose state university university professional is changing the face of the homeless crisis. she tells kpix 5's len ramirez she is sleeping in her car because she can't afford a place to live. >> californians -- >> reporter: she is a professional at san jose state university. she teaches four glass of
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english but she can't afford to live in the south bay so she sleeps in her car. >> i can't pay $2,000 a month rent. >> reporter: she takes home $2,500 a month. her usual routine is constant motion, after classes she parks in parking lots where she grades papers. >> and i go sit somewhere till it is dark and then sneak into a neighborhood, park the car and go to sleep. >> reporter: when people find out her situation they are shocked. >> there is a stereotype and that stereotype is drug addicts, alcoholic, lazy. >> not everybody is in a position where they are jobs pay them enough to keep up. >> reporter: he calls it the changing face of homelessness. when he started helping the homeless clients tended to be mostly men with the addictions. not anymore. >> folks in this situation are working along side us. it could be someone teaching
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your child. >> reporter: she went through her savings and went back to school and paid tuition with student loans. >> i am $143,000 in debt and i am in my gifts but i pay the -- 50s but i pay the loan every month. >> she is supporting her husband and their two dogs. >> i fight to stay positive in my thinking, doing my job, caring about my student but it wears on me. >> reporter: she keeps her car neat but deep in her roof rank is a frying pan she doesn't use for now. >> i hold on to this because it is the hope someday i will have a home again. >> reporter: she and her husband and two dogs fold the seats back to give them more room but they accepted this is their life for now until their income changes. in san jose, len ramirez, kpix
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5. tonight bay area home sales are slowing down. sales fell 17% from june to july. but the median home price is up to $758,000. that is 9% higher than it was a year ago. soon gilroy may be known for more than just garlic. they are eyeing property on the western edge of the city. kpix 5's maria medina has the plans. >> reporter: this is great wolf lodge. a massive indoor water park with water slides, waver pool and surf stimulator and they are in talks with city leaders to build a park here. sure, kids seem excited about it but this mom says -- >> looks pretty crazy. >> reporter: not so fast. >> it is a simple town i guess.
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i don't know. it is already growing so much just to have another huge park to bring in people, i don't know. i am unsure about it. >> reporter: great wolf decided to enter negotiations for 60 days. the water park would be adjacent to the theme park off highway 152 with 700 family suits, shops and restaurants. they would create hundreds of jobs and make money for the city through taxes. the company says it is reaching out to the community now for feed back. and it appears there are lots of unanswered questions. >> where is it at? >> reporter: we had more questions about the plans but a city worker told us as part of the agreement they can't talk about it. if they are able to strike a deal construction could begin
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december 2019. maria medina, kpix 5. could we get that open by friar -- open by friday? it will be pretty hot. gilroy 15110. livermore -- 105 to 110. livermore six degrees hotter than any afternoon we have had in the past 5 years. pretty hot. not starting tonight. although we are clear in san francisco. it is 58 in the city. 58 oakland. livermore 62. san jose 63. that is not different from normal. tonight's low, concord 60. fremont 60. san rafael 57. pacifica 55. now let's talk about the change. one big ridge of high pressure is moving out. much bigger and stronger ridge orphhigh pressure, this will move -- of high pressure, this will move in. the key is where the high will
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set up shop. over night tonight, minimal cloud cover. you may wake up with sunshine tomorrow morning and in the afternoon, sunnydeto. . er ho to 12 degrees on friday. why so hot? a ridge of high pressure to the north. this is what happens in september and october with the ridge to the north, the winds giver us an east to west wind. the ocean doesn't get warmer, it just matters less. that is what will happen friday and saturday. 90s near the bay. these numbers inland. brentwood 115 friday. fairfield 115 on friday. and pleasanton 114 degrees. the hottest weather in five year s inland friday and saturday. minimum mountain thunderstorm chance and warm near the water as well. concord 101 tomorrow. san jose 92. hayward 80s. 100 or hotter for walnut creek
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and antioch and brentwood and fairfield. novato 98. 79 in san francisco. 104 in cloverdale. hottest day, friday and saturday. that is the hottest inland spots. second half of the holiday weekend, cloudier, tiny chance of a thunderstorm. but still above 100 degrees away from the water. it is going to be toasty and for some folks too hot. so stay inside, chill out. drink lots of water. >> thank you. mysterious signals from outer space, what is causing this? tonight bay area scientists take us to a galaxy fa
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t weekend... tonight bay area scientists
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are tracking some mysterious signals deep in outer space. cal researchers detected 15 fast radio bursts from a dwarf galaxy 3 million light years away. it is the only known galaxy to repeatedly emit bursts but they are probably not coming from aliens. >> if we were detect life beyond earth i think it would forever change our understanding of our place in the universe. >> what is causing the radio bursts? the researchers believe it involves neutron stars with strong magnetic fields interacting with other materials surrounding them. >> what is a neutron star? [ laughter ] take a wild guess at who is hitting third in the giants line up tonight?
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hint, his first name ends with an "s" and the raiders tell you why the 4th pre-season game is more important than you think and he makes a good case next.
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bruised left thumb...and the giants had gorkys hernandez hitting third..gorky's hasn t hit a home l season.. no buster, no offense, buster posey missed a third straight day with a bruised left thumb. hernandez hitting third. he has not hit a home run all
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season. no score in the third. this is the san diego's pitcher. woods deep for the padres first hit of the game. they shut out the giants 5-0. san francisco guaranteed a losing season. a's manager was left scratching his head in anaheim. maxwell connects for his second home run of the year. 8 run inning by the a's. it is now 8-6. bottom of the 6th. that is a first career grand slam and they come back to win 10-8. they sweep the series against the a's. cardinals trailing the brewers 6-9. top 9. he thought he had a home run but he took it away to end the game. that is a walk off defensive gem. brewers take it 6-if i ever.
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49ers -- 6-5. the 49ers host the raiders tomorrow night. take the case of raider quarterback derek carr. his rookie season he threw for three touchdowns against seattle in the finale and three days later he was named the raiders starting quarterback. so the 4th game is in fact huge. >> huge. they gave me a chance, my rookie year, there was going to be a lot told based on how i
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