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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  September 1, 2017 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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the party has started. all right. [ laughter ] >> let's say hi to jaclyn and how is everyone doing? >> it's the first day of september. crazy. >> august just disappeared on us. and we're all in red, white and blue this morning. >> very patriotic. >> coordinated. we have record-breaking heat. we cab see the city of san francisco. you can see the bay bridge nice and clear. no clouds, no reason for a sweater because the temperatures are already toasty. concord 71 right now. 75 oakland. san francisco 70. san jose 71. look what we are going to see today. we are shattering records this friday. the high temperature expected for san francisco, 94 degrees. the last time we reached a record in san francisco was in 1952 when we hit 90 degrees. so yes, be prepared, everyone, because it's not just inland temperatures. it's also across the bay.
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that's why we have an excessive heat warning in effect for today because temperatures are going to reach 95 to 115 degrees inland even along the coast we a heat advisory so a lot to talk about today. right now, we're tracking a fatal accident eastbound 80 just past the 780. emergency crews are on the scene. we have one lane blocked. we are seeing slowdowns in the area. no word when that lane will re-open. traffic getting by the in the right lanes but slower. as the morning goes on, depending how long their investigation takes, this could really start to back up. we'll keep a close eye on that. we're also tracking another accident involving an overturned big rig.
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this is southbound 101 right near bernal road. no major delays. a few slowdowns on the off-ramp but we'll keep you posted. back to you guys. >> thank you. as neda said, it is going to be another hot day in the bay. we saw dangerous temperatures yesterday and it's going to be even hotter today. today is a "spare the air" day. look at the haze in the east bay last night. one event air is so bad is because of all the wildfires. smoke is blowing in from the north and as you can see on this map, 70 wildfires are burning from california to montana. state officials are asking everyone to conserve electricity during this heat wave. cal-iso predicts record demand on the power grid today. it has issued a statewide "flex alert" from 1 p.m. to 10 p.m. in berkeley, authorities are asking drivers to not park on the streets because of the increased fire danger. they want to keep the streets clear for emergency vehicles. in orinda, schools are closing
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early because of the heat. it was hot in santa clara but that didn't stop fans from cheering on the 49ers. kpix 5's betty yu was at levi's stadium last night. >> reporter: the faithful fans showed up ready for a big win against the los angeles chargers. they came with a game plan to fight off this triple-digit heat. the 9ers came out strong with touchdown after touchdown. [ applause and cheers ] but before fans headed into levi's stadium, they soaked up the blazing heat in the parking lot for hours. you seem to have the right idea clear yup. we got to. we have umbrellas. >> it feels hot. i feel like i'm going to faint because it's so hot. >> reporter: we spotted air dad dumping water on his son. a little boy chose to keep cool inside the car with a portable fan. other tailgaters embrace the triple digits and played a
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little football. >> i'm used to it. everyday weather in sacramento. >> reporter: how is it up here? >> what about the heat? >> it's not that bad. i'm from sacramento. it was 112 yesterday. >> it's about 110 in fresno this week. so it's a cool front. >> reporter: you came here to cool down? >> yeah! [ laughter ] >> reporter: the heat didn't stop the faithful from firing up their grill. and the ice cold drinks definitely help. >> it is hotter than usual but we still come no matter what. we're diehards. doesn't matter what the record is. we're here every game. >> reporter: at levi's stadium, betty yu, kpix 5. >> that is 49er faithful there. you can see the 49er flags waving in the wind, i guess? >> yeah. >> it didn't help cool anything down. >> no. it's hot air that's coming through getting a lot of hot air. it's actually coming from the east and that's why it's going to be so hot. usually we get the onshore flow, the cooler wind helps us out. this time it's dry, hot wind.
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and this is also why we are looking at unhealthy air quality for all of our area. east bay santa clara unhealthy for seniors, respiratory -- people with respiratory problems and pretty much everyone. most of the time we're in the orange range. now we're already seeing some red. so that's very dangerous. it's because of the smoke from the fires to the north of us. also to the east of us all blowing into the bay area and it's just settling in. we also have a red flag warning for the mountains above 1,000 foot elevation, dry gusty windy saturday so the red flag warning is in effect for the east bay hills, diablo range, santa cruz mountains. firefighters on high alert. look at the highs.
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>> lots of records and highs expected today. dangerous heat and the coast isn't that cool. 82 degrees well above average and it's going to stay this way for a few days. i'll let you know when we'll get a break coming up. >> sounds good. right no, we're tracking a fatal crash rough start to the friday morning commute. if you are planning on using interstate 80 this is as you are heading out of vallejo into fairfield, eastbound 80 past 780, one lane currently closed. it looks like they may be wrapping up with that because our sensors just went from yellow to green. so we will check in with chp let you know what's going on in the meantime just factor in a few extra minutes in that direction. westbound 580 heading through the altamont pass not bad. 20 minutes between 205 and 680. the eastshore freeway moving right at the limit and if you are heading to the bay bridge toll plaza, nice and light. no delays. back to you guys.
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authorities have now confirmed at least 37 people have been killed after hurricane harvey struck. 100,000 homes have been affected by the storm system. president trump is donating $1 million of his money to help with the recovery effort. 1million barrels will be released from our strategic reserve because of close of refineries in the hurricane area. >> reporter: the cost of filling up is going up. aaa reports the national average price for a gallon of unleaded is at the highest it's been this year. of course, part of the hike comes from the upcoming labor day weekend when prices rise. but the main factor is the aftermath of tropical storm harvey. it's especially bad in parts of texas like dallas where lines are long. >> i have been driving around for 35 miles looking for gas. this is the first station that i found that has gas. and i been sitting in this line
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for about 35 minutes. so -- >> reporter: some drivers are trying to conserve fuel by moving their cars the old- fashioned way. >> i feel like a flintstone. >> reporter: the department of energy reports the number of gulf coast refineries and others are reduced rates of output so less fuel for commuters. >> slowing us down. we can't finish this job. we can't, like, get to work like we supposed to do today, like, holding everybody up. >> reporter: including this man who bought a ferrari and left the lot looking for fuel. >> they didn't fill it up. they just gave me enough to, i guess, get to a gas station. so it's almost out. >> reporter: aaa predicts the national average for gas prices will rise above $2.50, a high not reached in more than two years. but they also say fuel prices will return to normal levels before the end of the month. i'm john lawrence reporting. the red cross is accepting donations online and by phone and text. for more information on how to
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help victims of hurricane harvey including a list of other charities, go to our website, the future of daca is up in the air. according to several reports, the president could announce an end to daca today. the white house said last night that the president is still reviewing it. >> anybody that's here illegally that's subsequently committed a crime is going to get caught and thrown out. and anybody in between has to wait for a decision or policy announcement on the administration on how to handle deferred action going forward. >> reporter: people across the country are holding rallies to urge the president to keep the program in place for children brought to the country illegally. sam liccardo says if daca is scrapped it will have a devastating impact on the bay area. >> i can only think of what an incredible crime it is to isolate these people in this way and potentially have them
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deported like others. there's no moral justification for this. >> mayor liccardo says his police department will in no way participate in i.c.e. investigation or enforcement. a number of entrepreneurs and business leaders have published an open letter to president trump calling on him to preserve daca. they include the ceos of facebook, apple, netflix and amazon. russia is shutting down its consulate in san francisco's pacific heights. the u.s. government ordered the closure which also includes a pair of russia's east coast annexes. melissa caen on some of the advantages that we stand to lose once they're gone. >> they're a very quiet organization. i think to a certain extent they keep arm's length and not interact. >> reporter: the next few days will be busy here at the russian consulate. the state department announced that russia has until september 2 to close this san francisco consulate. kpix 5 security analyst jeff harp is a former fbi agent. he helped oversee counterintelligence in san francisco. he says for russia the closure
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of this san francisco consulate is serious. >> well, because this is a large operation here and over the years, it's been known that this particular consulate has conducted intelligence collection activities out of this consulate. >> reporter: the building is on a high perch in pacific heights and there are mysterious sheds on top of it. u.s. intelligence has claimed it contains listening and monitoring devices. but shutting down the consulate has downsides. >> it's really difficult because now if all these agents of a foreign power are removed from the san francisco bay area, who are we going to spy on? who do we know who are spying? if they are here, it's easier to keep track of them. >> reporter: san francisco has a long history with russia from the early fur traders in the 19th century, a sizable russian- american population here. in 1959, the city rolled out the red carpet for soviet premiere nikita krushchev and even now, harp says that some diplomatic relations with
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russia are necessary. >> we work pretty closely with russia on counter-terrorism matters. and so, you know, we want to maintain somewhat of a decent diplomatic relationship with them. >> reporter: in san francisco, melissa caen, kpix 5. >> the san francisco consulate issued 16,000 tourist visas last year. when it shuts down, the only russian consulate in the western u.s. will be in seattle. 4:42. we are learning more about the bay area man accused of killing a sheriff's deputy at a sacramento hotel. >> plus, the dangerous heat is forcing bay area schools to cancel games and other outdoor activities today.
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investigators say: 32-year old a castro valley man accused of killing a sacramento deputy is in critical condition. investigators say 32-year-old thomas littlecloud first shot two chp officers through the door of the sacramento hotel room on wednesday. they say moments later, littlecloud shot and killed deputy robert french from the
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room's balcony before escaping into a car. he crashed a couple blocks away where he was wounded in a shootout with officers. one witness says she saw someone else with him. >> they are still out there. i'm worried about it, whether he is found or not. i saw him. >> the woman is facing charges. 23-year-old priscilla prendez of oakland was with littlecloud at the hotel. san francisco police are nearly doubling foot patrols in the city to make a dent in property crimes. william scott announced it yesterday saying the department will boost staffing at all district stations beginning this weekend. it follows a significant spike in car burglaries and other property crimes. the mission is one neighborhood that will see four times as many cops on the streets. the chief hopes that the extra patrols will be in place within the next 10 days. >> it's one of the biggest stories today. it's the heat. football players in livermore are gearing up to take the field in some dangerous
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temperatures tonight. we are told only the varsity team will play. the high school canceled the jv game because it is going to be too hot in the afternoon. >> i think the number one thing is just, you know, judging what we think is player safety. now, at a certain point, you have to kind of call it. i think we're being cautious by calling our jv game. >> to help players stay cool, the high school has rented specialized cooling equipment and misting machines. nearby in san ramon, the unified school district is canceling all outdoor activities today. >> better to just not be outside when it gets warmer right now, a decent time to go out there. it doesn't feel too hot but today it will be dangerous. so drink lots of water or avoid sports. wait until we get a cooldown. just wait a little bit. it will get here. right now, look at our beautiful view.
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we are looking at from our transamerica tower 48 stories up. and this is temperatures are already warm. we are in the mid-70s along the bay. 85 right now in oakland. we are dealing with a heat warning all throughout the state even along the coast temperatures 25 degrees above average so this is heat we're not used to. and even at night, we're not getting much cooling. temperatures may drop down to about 70. but yeah, that's definitely a lot hotter than safe conditions out there. look at our average temperature. san francisco should be 70. this time of year we are going to reach 94 degrees. oakland is supposed to be 75 now. it's going to be 99 today. san jose 101 forecast in concord, 115. so some of the records that we will set today, concord certainly going to set a record. liver will as well with 116 and
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napa will as well with 105 degrees expected today. here's what's going on. the wind is coming out of the east so look at all these -- they are calm winds right now. when it comes out of the east that's bringing in hot air. the west flow helps cool us down and that's not what we're seeing. we are seeing this high pressure, this ridge, that we have been talking about all week moving up towards north of us. so it's actually hovering -- it's going to whoever above northern california right near oregon and that's what's causing this easterly flow. so usually we don't see these high pressure rings extending that far north. but that's what's happening and that's why our temperatures are a lot hotter than we're used to. look at this seven-day forecast. so many triple digits in store. 116 expected inland today. 117 tomorrow. so no break for tomorrow. sunday we may get a little bit of a drop-off but that's still very uncomfortable. by monday possible storm activity working its way up from the south.
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and that's when our temperatures may cool off a little bit. inland dangerously hot and along the coast low 80s for the next couple of days. let's check in with jaclyn. >> good morning, we are tracking hot spots in the traffic department. right now three lanes closed along southbound 101. this is in the south bay. you can see that we have some slowdowns as you're making your way through san jose but the crash that we're tracking is just past bernal road and right now traffic backed up beyond silver creek. so we have speeds that are dipping down below 45 miles per hour due to an overturned bigley. the fuel tank was ruptured. so this could be very messy and be there for quite some time. factor this in if you are getting out of town or this is part of your morning commute. you will be in for a slow ride. westbound 580 looking good compared to the usual. right now we are in the "green friday" light conditions between 205 and 680. no delays over at the bay
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bridge toll plaza. no delays with mass transit. but bart will not be operating trains on a portion of the tracks this is between oakland -- west oakland and 19th. a lot of mass transit will be running on a modified or sunday schedule so you need to check n ace train not operating on monday labor day. that bart closure between 19th and fruitvale and west oakland fruitvale, the lake merritt station, will be closed. bus bridges will be in place but riders should add on an additional to 20 to possibly 40 minutes to the travel time. that's a check of your traffic. back to you guys. time now is 4:50. bart is cracking down on fare evaders but there are some flaws in the system making it easy for some riders to cheat. >> bay area health experts and families coming together to push for a solution to the worst drug crisis in american history. who are these people?
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the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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police have tracked down a woman suspected of stabbing a man at a senior housing complex in san all right. take a look at these high temperatures today. i don't think i have ever put so many numbers on the screen before. 100 for mountain view today. fremont 102. san jose 104. these are record-breaking temperatures. pretty much across the board we are going to set several records today. 113 in danville. san ramon 113. walnut creek 116. and in concord a hot 115. so temperatures even along the coast not getting much cooling. stinson beach only 79 degrees and to the north the heat continues in cloverdale with 108. police have tracked down a woman suspected of stabbing a man at a senior housing complex in san rafael. police say that 26-year-old unique gaimes stabbed the victim several times inside his apartment on tuesday morning. then she apparently hopped on to a golden gate transit bus to el cerrito. police found her yesterday at
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the motel six on loveridge road in pittsburg. she is now facing attempted homicide charges. more and more people take the risk of riding bart for free are getting busted. kpix 5's maria medina shows us how the agency is cracking down to make up for the millions of dollars lost every year. >> reporter: in just a little more than an hour, bart police caught one person after another cheating the system contributing to the 15 to $25 million loss for bart every year. >> why didn't you pay the fare? >> i didn't have enough money. >> fare evasion will not be tolerated. >> police just caught somebody right there behind you just now. it's happening a lot. >> you know, you can go to any bart station basically and see people from all walks of life who feel that fare evasion is acceptable. we make it too easy in some cases. the message is we are going to make it harder. >> reporter: there are flaws to the building like at the el cerrito del norte station their emergency door stays unlocked at all times. >> we have a couple of
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structural problems that contribute to fare evasion. one is the fact that the elevator is actually outside the paid area. >> reporter: a bart spokesman says they are working on fixing building flaws. but it will take time and money to raise barriers and move elevators. in the meantime, bart police are conducting special operations every day. to catch fare evaders. why didn't you pay? >> none of your business. >> how come you didn't pay your fare? [ censored ] >> reporter: stopping people for fare evasion is leading to arrests of criminals. >> i have found one with a warrant for murder. >> reporter: today they didn't stop anyone with a warrant for their arrest but recently they say they have caught criminals wanted for charges ranging from conspiracy, burglary and assault with a deadly weapon. caught all because they decided not to pay their bart fare. >> the free ride is over for people who want to cheat the system. >> reporter: anton said he didn't pay because he was saving it to catch the bus.
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but what was supposed to be a $2 fare is now a $50 ticket. >> they are watching people. so i guess just waking people up showing, like, we're watching always. so yeah. >> reporter: sounds like you got the message? >> i did. >> reporter: in oakland, maria medina, kpix 5. >> people caught cheating the system can face a fine of up to $400. some families in the bay area are pushing for a ban on opioids. people gathered in concord releasing balloons to remember loved ones to died from accidental drug overdoses. the petition requests a ban on high dose prescription painkillers. experts say the epidemic is the worst drug crisis in american history. >> we need to address this issue. this is a silent killer. people forget about this. >> nearly half of all deadly accidental overdoses happen
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with prescription painkillers. the pharmaceutical industry has not responded to this petition. bad news for commuters this morning. gas prices are on the rise. we'll take a look at some of the local averages next. >> reporter: a "flex alert" issued for today how you can conserve energy. i'm jessica flores with that story coming up.
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and i'm kenny choi. good morning, everyone. it is friday, september 1. we made it! i'm michelle griego. >> good morning. i'm kenny choi. let's start with a live look outside. we know the conditions are going to be hot. what a scenic shot of the skyline of san francisco where temperatures are going to be in the 90s today. and a live look on the right, 880 nimitz in oakland. people are heading to work. air-conditioning will be on. >> a little early today, too. when i was on the road, there were a lot of cars. >> a lot of people could be getting out of town for the
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holiday weekend. so they are getting a head start on the traffic. >> starting the labor day holiday. if you can head towards maybe tahoe, it will feel a little more comfortable. [ laughter ] >> yes. a lot of people want to get outside this holiday weekend. and you're going to notice the heat definitely. usually we have some cloud cover early in the morning but not the case today. this is a live look at san jose right now. temperatures there already 71 degrees. santa rosa cooler 58. this morning is the time to get out but later on you're not going to want to be out there. here's what we're facing today. excessive heat warning. this has been extended until monday. it was supposed to end on saturday but those hot temperatures will stick around. look at the yellow at the coast. that's a heat advisory. usually the coast is where we get the cooler air. not now. highs inland up to 115 record- breaking temperatures today even around the bay temperatures not cool, 90 to 105 degrees. we also


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