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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  September 1, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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record-breaking heat. but tonight, brace yourself. some parts of the bay area will be now at 11:00, the sun sets after a brutal day of record heat. some parts of bay area will be even hotter tomorrow though. >> this is how hot it got today, livermore head 109 degrees -- hit 109 degrees. napa, 106. also 106 in san francisco, and that's the hottest it's ever been recorded in this city. let's go live now to north beach. a lot of rest can't customers -- restaurant customers choosing to set outside for a late dinner and drinks, and it's not cooling down very much. we have team coverage on the dangerous heat in some spots. first paul deanno. >> this is part of reason why we love living in the bay area. we don't get weather like this that often. as a matter of fact for most of
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bay area that is the hottest day in more than a decade. never been hotter on any day. we were above 110 degrees in vacaville and santa clara. san francisco, we have 143 of weather history. grant was the president when we started recording the temperature. it's never been hotter, 106 degrees today. records for the month of september were set today in san jose. 108 redwood city, 106 oakland, and we're not cooling off tonight. it's still 91 degrees in san rafael, 91 in vallejo, 84 in downtown san francisco, and 87 in san jose. and the air quality today was horrible. it will be just as bad tomorrow. unhealthy for all groups. anyone in the east bay and south bay. air quality bad because of the
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smoke coming down from northern california. how hot we get tomorrow and a crashing end to the temperatures coming up in about 10 minutes. thank you. the triple digit temperatures are only going to get more intense this weekend in the south bay. kpix 5 is in san jose tonight. >> reporter: yes, the hottest it got here in san jose was 108 degrees, and it felt like it. it's starting to get a little cooler tonight, and you can see people are take advantage. several schools,including branham high -- cancelled their afternoon - evening ga it was so hot today in the south bay several schools including branham high canceled afternoon football games and pushed back evening football games like this one to even later. >> we haven't declared any emergencies. >> reporter: there was a flex alert asking people to conserve energy. they're watching the grid to see if it's withstanding the demand as people turn on the air conditioners. >> what we're seeing now is the
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effect of the flex alert. >> reporter: meanwhile santa clara county sent out emergency alerts to cell phones about the excessive heat advisory, warning people to limit time outdoor this is weekend as the south bay gets hit hard with a heat wave. >> it's supposed to be hotter even tomorrow. >> oh, lord. >> reporter: will you be able to deal with it? >> i don't know. >> reporter: and ice cream was a big hit. >> the line was all the way across the grass. >> reporter: with the temperature just after 8:00. >> it was extremely hot. >> reporter: at 92 degrees. does it feel 92 right now? >> no, more like 97. it definitely feels like 92 or hotter, yes. >> reporter: so the ice cream shop is still open, and as you can see that line is still long. it's a popular shop. and at this hour it's still in the up ere 80s, so -- upper 80s, so still very hot. kpix 5 live in san jose.
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>> and tonight officials at livermore high school also pushed back the start time of the varsity football game from 7:00 to 8:00 because of the heat. >> it effected a lot of things. some bart trains couldn't handle the heat. the temperatures caused some equipment problems. the result was major delays. the heat also caused the air train at sfo to go out of service for a couple of hours, and that left some travelers stuck in the hot sun. air train is up and running again, though, tonight. let the buses cool off. some muni buses in san francisco have also been having problems. the batteries apparently overheated on many of them. drivers had to pull over to let the buses cool down. >> kpix 5's da lin braved the heat in the east bay tonight. all public schools let >> reporter: 105 in concord right now, and we're in the 6:00 hour. it's slowly cooling down because at one point it got up
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to 110 degrees in concord. >> schools also taking precautions. some districts let schools out early because eight campuses don't have air-conditioning, and to help people escape the heat, san francisco officials are offering free admission to all city pools tomorrow. n air quality was horrible around the bay area. a thick haze hovered over the bay area skyline most of the day. this is the view from san francisco this afternoon from twin peaks. that haze is due to all the heat and smoke from dozens of wildfires burning across the west. >> in los angeles tonight this wildfire shut down a stretch of the 210 freeway, and it's threatening dozens of homes in sun valley. there are mandatory evacuations in the area. at least 1500 acres burned so far. it's 0 percent contained. no injuries to report so far. thick black smoke and towering orange flames continue to shoot up from a chemical
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plant flooded by hurricane harvey. it's now before burning for two straight days outside of houston. highly unstable compounds blew up inside two trailers at the arkema plant. today the company said there are six additional trailers that are also likely to blow up. e it did today." firefighters are letting the existing fire bu cause it' >> we don't have refrigeration capability on those, so we fully expect the same thing to happen with those containers that we saw today. the product is going to ultimately warm up, it's going to begin to degrade, and then it's going to catch fire. >> this is toxic stuff. firefighters are keeping back because it's just too dangerous to fight. and here are the latest numbers from the catastrophic flooding going on in southeast texas.
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at least 37 people from died. more than 6800 homes destroyed. more than 84,000 homes damaged. the red cross is accepting donations online and by phone and by text, and for more information on how you can help, including a list of other charities getting involved, head to our website. detailing why former f-b-i tonight cbs news has learned president trump wrote a letter detailing why former fbi director james comey should be fired days before he was dismissed. now this letter is in the hands of special prosecutor robert mueller. cbs news says president trump and an aid drafted the letter in early may, but the white house objected, so the letter was never sent. instead the white house put out another letter. mueller is investigating russian interference in the election and whether there was
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collusion with the trump campaign. also tonight cbs news is reporting that the president is expected to announce on tuesday that he will end daca. it allows undocumented immigrants that came here as children to stay and work. ople at a rally in san jose today said.. ending daca would be a mistake. here's kpix five s mark >> the president's priorities on immigration are to create a system that encourages legal immigration and benefits our economy and american workers. the president has been very clear he loves people and wants to make sure that this decision is done correctly. >> people at a rally in san jose today said ending daca would be a mistake. here's more. tonight we are bringing the community togther here in san jose to say that san jose defends and protects daca. that we want to be stand ity - that we >> reporter: demonstrators took to the corner of roads in east san jose to send a message to both president trump and to the daca community. >> tonight we're bringing the community together here in san jose to say that we need to protect daca, and we're standing in solidarity with our family and friends that might
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be impacted by trump's decision this coming tuesday. >> reporter: 21-year-old vanessa just graduated from san jose state. she works with autistic kids and plans to apply to medical school, and she says her daca status made it all possible. >> i have to pay my way through college, so if i wasn't legally allowed to work i wouldn't have been able to go to university. >> reporter: she says she's never seen daca as permanent because it's renewed every two years, but it gives her an easier path forward. >> i try to do my best, but at the same time i have a career to think about, so being undocumented and stuff like that is part of who i am, but it's not something i want to deal with, but i have to. >> reporter: here in san jose, the mayor says it's always been the policy of the police department not to assist in immigration investigations or enforce. , and he has this message for president trump. >> god may forgive donald trump for whatever he does with daca, but history will not.
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this will mark a shameful chapter in what has already been a pretty dismal presidency. >> reporter: president trump says he'll announce his final decision on daca on tuesday. the question smoke poured out of the russian consulate in san francisco just hours before its deadline to close. the question tonight, what are they burning? tonight, the mayor says: >> stop! stop it! she was arrested... just for doing her job. this nurse is placed in handcuffs. tonight the mayor says she was arrested just for doing her job. is bart doing enough to keep this bart rider says someone slashed his neck at random. only on 5:00 tonight, we asked if bart doing enough to keep passengers safe?
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what have the russian diplomats been burning? mysterious smoke keeps pouring out of the consulate in san francisco. the the question in san francisco tonight, what have the russian diplomats been burning? mysterious smoke is pouring out of the consulate in san francisco. the staff has been ordered to clear out in less than an hour. andrea borba is outside the consulate tonight in pacific heights. >> reporter: neighbors here in pacific heights say they've never seen this many lights on at night in the consulate. it will be a one time event though. the russian diplomatic mission in san francisco ends to want. been intermittently billowing from the top of the russian consulate all day su nd dark --- en at 7 -- tonight. at 7:00 p.m., the smoke that had been billowing off and on all day suddenly became thick and dark. enough to cause a visit from the san francisco fire department. >> i don't think they're heating the consulate tonight with the fireplace. >> reporter: all of this while our camera was shooed away from boxes hauled out of the pacific
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heights consulate and into waiting vans. after having a diplomatic presence in san francisco since the 1850s, the clock on the russian consulate is running out at midnight. >> my guess is since the last notice that they got, they received for eviction on the tenants that were there, they've probably been preparing for this notice. >> reporter: the state department gave staffers at the san francisco consulate 48 hours to get out after a similar move by putin's government in late august. it sent people scrambling into the consulate to renew passports and visas before the doors closed for good. >> we came to pick up our passport. >> i sit and my car and drive all night. >> reporter: kpix 5's security analyst jeff harp, former assistant special agent in charge of the san francisco fbi
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office has counterintelligence experience. he says this is like the last 15 minutes of a bond movie, and protocol for diplomats of every flag. >> they're now destroying all of the sensitive data they can that they don't want u.s. government to get ahold of. >> reporter: the smoke and international intrigue brought out the curious. >> getting rid of the evidence. >> in history of all diplomatic relations, there's no precedence. this is a shock, and i spoke to some russians, and they're shocked about it. you know, you just helped to ignite our country even more. >> reporter: now in one very odd twist today, someone called to complain about the smoke coming from the consulate to the bay area quality management district. they sent an investigator to look into it, but the smoke had stopped so there was no final violation issued. live in san francisco tonight, andrea borba, kpix 5. just for doing her job.
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stop! meanwhile in utah, police are apologizing tonight after an officer arrested a nurse just for doing her job. >> somebody help me, help me! stop! [ inaudible ] >> stop, stop! >> hey, hey! >> this is police body cam video showing the burn unit nurse at the university of utah hospital in handcuffs. as per policy the nurse refused to let police draw blood from an unconscious man in the emergency room, but detective jeff payne demanded she do it anyway. >> what i saw is completely unacceptable to the values of my administration and the values of the salt lake city police department and this community. es not face any charges. detective payne is on ve. >> the nurse is out of custody tonight, doesn't face charges.
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the detective on the other hand is on administrative leave. threats... gunshots... and zip ties. chilling new details tonight in the salt lake city district attorney launched a criminal investigation. threats, gunshots and zip ties. chilling new details tonight in the case of an abducted teenager. 19-year-old fernando castro captured pearl pinson last year, and she hasn't been seen again. >> but a witness said he saw castro pinning pearl to the ground at home acres avenue. he said castro pointed a gun at him so he ran away, and then he heard a gunshot. surveillance images show a gold saturn leaving the area shortly after the accident. castro led deputies on a high speed chase and fired at them at two separate locations, and
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then they returned fire and killed castro. according to a new report tonight, the district attorney found the killing by the officers to be justify. also according to that report, detectives searched castro's home and found several items of interest including ammunition, zip ties, a suicide letter and more. tonight the fate of pearl pinson is still a mystery. police never found a body. about yet another violent attack.. on bart.. and police were nowhere to be veronica de la cruz, kpix 5. tonight we're learning about yet another violent attack on bart, and police were nowhere to be found. hic.. christin ayers this time a man tells us a stranger came up and sliced his neck. we want to warn you, the images of graphic. christin ayers has the story you'll only see on kpix 5. i could've died, you know. my a father >> i do have symptoms of ptsd.
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>> reporter: carlos perez struggles to sleep these days. the scar on his neck reminds him of what happened on bart seven weeks ago. >> i could have died. my kids could have not have a father anymore. >> reporter: he was just about to hop on a train at oakland's 12th street station around 6:00 p.m. when it happened. totally unprovoked. it was as the train was approaching on this platform that carlos says the man attacked him. >> just lunged towards me, sliced me in my neck and cut me. i realized that blood was gushing down my chest, so then i really started to panic and thought i was going to bleed out. >> reporter: but the cut missed an artery. carlos got 10 stitches, and a little over a week later bart police say they got their man. he's got a list of aliases and a long rap sheet. but both carlos and his attorney blame bart for failing
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to protect him. >> it's clear that there was an abject failure on bart's part. the public deserves certain standards of safety and security any time they're riding on public transit for in a public transit station. >> when the incident happened there was no police presence at all on the platforms, when i was going up the stairways. >> reporter: there's a reason for that. bart police admit they're short staffed. >> unfortunately we don't have enough officers to have one officer at each station, on each platform, and each train. >> reporter: 20 percent of positions remain unfilled. police say they're mounting an aggressive campaign to fill the positions, but that didn't help carlos. >> i would just like things to change. you know, i want bart to be safer for everyone. i wouldn't want this to happen to anybody. switching gears. not even the coast could escape will triple digit heat. the beaches packed today.
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temperaturesin pacifica topped 101, and we also spotted this whale in the waters. >> the whale was about 50 degrees cooler than us because the water temperature is 56. [ laughter ] >> 106 degrees in san francisco. tell you what, you're not going to see this traffic again any time soon. we were as hot in san francisco as las vegas, and san francisco was 13 degrees hotter in the summertime than miami, florida. remember this, not going to happen any time soon. still 82 in san francisco tonight. not the best sleeping weather. san jose 83, concord 87, oakland 78, and santa rosa at 76. overnight couple of 60s in the north bay, otherwise warm. 79 for a low in livermore, and san jose only dropping to 73 degrees. the stage is set for another hot day tomorrow.
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we're starting above average before the day even begins to warm up. as for why this is all happening, the ocean has nothing to do with it. the ocean temperature is still about 56 or 57 degrees. our flow of air has everything to do ant it. the ridge of high pressure is parked in the perfect spot to induce or pull out central valley's weather. our wind is in the north and northeast. we have the smoke, the haze, the heat. that's why even san francisco hit 106 degrees today. the ocean influence didn't matter at all because the wind direction was from the opposite way. now the heat will be finished by labor day. this is the change. it will be done by labor day, we'll almost be back to average with some showers to the south because of this area of low pressure and the remnants of a tropical depression. we'll get cloud cover and cooler weather, but we have to get through tomorrow first, and tomorrow will be hotter inland. if 116 happens in livermore, we think it will, it will be an all time record high.
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antioch 113, morgan hill 110. hotter tomorrow, cooler sunday, but still above averaging, and back -- average, and back to normal by monday. still hot but not as hot in san francisco sunday, 97. cooler by about 10 degrees on sunday. nearly back to average, and pretty cloudy on monday, and by the end of next week, we're cooler than average with highs in the mid-60s near the bay. the same spots that were 105 today. so it's coming. >> that'll feel nice. >> it will feel amazing. >> can't wait, thank you paul. well, this is not the kind of birdie you expect to see at the golf course. tonight the bay area hawk rescue. ♪
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instead: he got a hawk. this hawk got stuck between a golfer in sonoma county was probably hoping for a birdie. >> but instead he got a hawk. this hawk got stuck in branches, and a golfer used his golf glove nor protection, and wiggled the bird around until it flew free. the hawk is okay. coming up in sports more cuts
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to come, but the 49ers clear up questions at the quarterback position, and would the san francisco giants be able to stop their three-game losing skid? we'll be right back.
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today... he was back on the his 1st first it was a blister issue, then quado had a forearm injury, but today he was back on the active roster making his first start since july. the giants offense averaging less than four runs a game average, but pence lined one to right center, crawford and posey score and the giants take the lead. the cards attack the giants whether you will physician though. garcia -- bull pen though. garcia attack, and this game gets out of the hand. st. louis adds six more runs. the bull pen gives up nine runs in the last three tinnings of the game as -- innings of the game as the giants drop another one. it's that time of year again, september call ups.
11:31 pm
the a's bringing back their top prospect franklin beretto. the mariners beat the a's by a final of 3-2, so the a's have lost four in a row. the 49ers and the nfl. matt barkley was cut today, so that means a rookie will back up hoyer when the season starts. the university of iowa product capped off a solid preseason on a 62-yard touchdown run. he said it was the longest run in his football career. this left him pretty winded on the sidelines, but he turned down the oxygen when it was offered to him. here's the coach on the play. >> yes, that's exactly how i drew it up. [ laughter ] >> i was yelling, i probably
11:32 pm
yelled to get down several times, but it was a cool play to see.
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all right, the late show is next. >> it's going to be hot. be careful out there. pet, young kids, and the elderly too. watch out. be smart. >> and have a good holiday weekend.
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