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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  September 2, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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>> get ready for a bay area scorcher. we are tracking the holiday heat next. >> live, from the cbs bay area
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studios, this is kpix5 news. >> the conditions now are extremely high. extremely hot. >> but there's good news tonight. the ridiculous temperatures over the last couple of days are on their way down finally, i'm juliette goodrich. >> i'm brian hackney. no matter where you went today, it was hot. some areas unbearable. pleasanton, 105. ocean beach, 92. across parts of the rest of the bay area, not a sign of low clouds which would be a sign of cooler weather. it got to 110 in concord. the same for fairfield. santa rosa, 111 degrees, but the high pressure that has been giving us all of this warm weather finally begins to ease up over the next 24 hours. and as a result, things are going to be cooling down. we'll have a complete forecast of what happened next. and i think you will think it is good news in just a few minutes. well, the south bay was
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sizzling today, kpix5's sandra osborne is in san jose where the heat is expected to continue. >> reporter: air-conditioning units are a hot ticket item right now. take a look at these temperatures. it is after 11:00 and we are seeing the upper 80s here in san jose. that is something that has neighbors really prepares for more heat tomorrow. >> gives me a headache. >> one of those things you have to pay attention. >> reporter: that attention made more difficult by power outages caused by the heat wave. no ac for this mom. she brought her family to the library to escape the heat after their power went out. >> it has been extreme. since i can remember, i haven't felt this type of heat in a while. >> reporter: cooling centers stayed busy through the afternoon. one hospital reporting a patient with a heat related illness. and then, there are those who don't have air-conditioning units. >> i have california air- conditioning. that is where you open the door or your open the window. >> reporter: we called many appliance stores today all saying the same thing.
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sold out. >> this is much more unbearable. [ laughter ] this is hot. >> reporter: and of course, emergency crews say this level of heat can be dangerous. so they say to limit your time- out doors, drink a lot of water, try to stay in the shade or the ac. also, you can use cooling centers or libraries, they will be open once again for you tomorrow. in san jose, sandra osborne, kpix5. called because of the heat. >> there were problems. a dozen athletes were overheated and da lin was there. >> reporter: a fun day at the alameda county fairgrounds in pleasanton turned dangerous for some because of the extreme heat. i spotted this man on the
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ground overcome by the triple digit temperatures. >> it has given me stomach problems over here. feeling a little dizzy. lightheaded. thank you. >> reporter: paramedics say water, shade, and some rest should get them back on track as of late afternoon, paramedics treated 12 people at the fairgrounds. one person was rushed to the hospital for a cardiac emergency likely triggered by the heat. paramedics also treated this man after he was about to faint. >> a heart condition. i was getting a little concerned if i couldn't get my heart rate down. blood pressure a little high. scary there for a little bit. got lightheaded, dehydrated. >> reporter: paramedics are on high alert driveing in golf carts to catch people before dehydration sets in. >> people get dizzy, nauseous, not feeling well. >> reporter: uncomfortable for the spectators but brutal for the athletes flipping a pole
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that weighs 175 pounds. 1:00 in the afternoon. >> it is the worst i have ever felt in doing something athletic. it is pretty terrible, but we are surviving. >> reporter: the athletes will be back at it tomorrow. one more day of competition. they say, a lot of water. in pleasanton, i'm da lin, kpix5. well, the other big weather story tonight, the air quality just look at the haze from oakland to vacaville. tomorrow, we will have our fourth consecutive spare the air day. and much of that haze coming from the wild fires. thank to triple digit temperatures and light winds, dozens are burning across the west right now. in los angeles, a fast moving brush fire is threatening 730 homes tonight. at least two have already been lost. more than 5,000 acres have burned. and right now, only 10% is contained. cbs reporter wendy gillette explains why firefighters expect a long fight. >> reporter: a man used a towel
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to try to fan away fast moving flames creeping closer to his home. several times he ran away and returned watching the fire devour his yard. as firefighters dropped water from the sky. the fire destroyed several structures in the area. then by erratic weather and wind. >> the wind can change directions. it can go 180 at 20 miles an hour. within a few minutes. >> reporter: named the latoona fire, it's the largest blaze in terms of acreage in the history of the city. mandatory evacuations were issued to hundreds of residents. >> all it takes is just a little bit of wind. that's it. >> reporter: those driving on the 210 freeway saw the fire dangerously close to the road before it was shut down. >> 45 years since we have had a fire in this area. so, we have known for a long time, and firefighter haves known for a listening time, there is a lot of fuel in the mountains. >> reporter: firefighters warn those under voluntary evacuation to be ready to leave
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within minutes. >> be set, have you car positioned appropriately. have your pets, your documents, your pictures, all the things you want to protect loaded up in your car. >> some of the more than 500 firefighter haves been on the job for a day straight as they try to stop the flames from spreading further. wendy gillette for cbs news. here in the bay area, firefighters are trying to make sure no fires break out during the heat wave, especially in the oakland hills. flames can spread quickly through the overgrowth, from last winter's rains. crews are bracing for the worst. patrolling the hills and searching the skies. >> we are just looking for anything out of the ordinary, for any sign of smoke. any sign of fire. >> the conditions now are extremely high. extremely hot. >> it is days like this that ... validate our efforts with our fire prevention. >> reporter: along with the patrols, firefighters are conducting multiple drills. today, they practiced deploying
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a powerful hose within 60 seconds. well, new tonight, check out the huge flames at this apartment fire in walnut creek. this happened earlier tonight. you can see the roof fully engulfed. it started around 6:30. crews were fighting the fire in triple digit heat. >> what that means is that we need to have more relief. and we need more crews here to give them that relief so they don't get injured with heat and stress related injuries. >> officials say a barbecue may have sparked the fire. well, no one was hurt, but three people are now without a home. they are now working with the red cross for help. south korea on high alert tonight. military officials there believe north korea has just conducted a sixth nuclear test after deteching seismic activity just hours ago. that activity comes after the north released these pictures showing leader kim jong un inspecting a hydrogen bomb. at least they say that is what it is.
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north korea state media reports it could be loaded onto a new icbm. but some experts are casting doubts on the claims. since the beginning of the year, north korea has test launched more than a dozen missiles. fbi agents rolled into the russian consulate in san francisco right after it closed down on u.s. orders then they did a thorough search including hard to reach places inside the building. and kpix5's andria borba says it is the latest bit of intrigue from the showdown. >> reporter: the russian flag has been lowered from 2790 green street in pacific heights as the russian diplomatic mission ends for the first time in san francisco since the 1850s . friday brought smoke at the roof of the russian consulate. and saturday brought the joint searchingover the pacific heights consulate from the fbi. this video posted to facebook by the russian born ministry shows agents looking at cars and in bedrooms. and even crawl spaces.
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before diplomats vacated the building. 24 hours earlier, the smoke rising next to the russian flag brought out spectators and speculation. >> getting rid of the evidence. >> reporter: kpix5's security analyst jeff harp in charge of the san francisco fbi agent formerly, he says the smoke was the document burning hard drive smashing stuff of the last 15 minutes of a bond movie. and protocol for diplomats of every flag. >> they are now destroying all the sensitive data that they can that they don't want the u.s. government to get ahold of. >> reporter: now, the sign out front says closed. one message sent while the russian foreign ministry's facebook page sent another. the u.s. authorities must stop these crude breaches of international law and seize encroaching on the immunity of diplomatic missions, otherwise, we reserve the right to take
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retaliatory measures. in san francisco, andria borba, kpix5. a bay area man in a shoot- out that killed a sheriff's deputy has died. 32-year-old thomas littlecloud died from wounds he suffered on wednesday. officers who were investigating a stolen car case when they knocked on a door at a remata end in san francisco. he killed a deputy and wounded two highway patrol officers. deputy robert french was a 21 year veteran of the department. a disturbing attack in san francisco caught on surveillance video. the teenage suspect now in custody is accused of targeting asian women. the assault happened in august and police believe this is just one of many similar attacks in the bay view area. augustin garcia has been arrested. he is facing several charges including felony assault, battery, and a hate crime
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allegation. detectives believe garcia followed several victims off of public transit and released this video. because they believe there are more victims who have not yet come forward. new tonight, three armed robbers who stormed a target store in emeryville are on the run. it happened at the 40th street location right after the store closed at midnight. police told all of the employees to get onto the floor. they grabbed some cash out of the drawer. took off in a four door silver sedan. up next, wrapping up a record setting trip. the american astronaut who just ended her historic mission at the international space station. >> i'm danielle nottingham in houston, texas. the president tours texas and louisiana and it is a day at the ballpark for victims of hurricane harvey. >> also ahead, the explosive activity around the bay bridge earlier today. how crews used bobbles to protect wildlife?
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out photos and video today... showing them working in areas hit by flooding from hurricane harvey. they've been in texas for an entire week... helping out >> firefighters sent out photos and video of them working in hurricane harvey. they have been in texas the entire week helping with search and rescue. president trump made his own trip to the region again. he met with evacuees this time including children at a shelter in houston and danielle nottingham has more on the trip as they begin a long recovery. >> reporter: hundreds of supporters greeted president trump outside of the national guard armory in lake charles louisiana. he was there for the ongoing response to harvey. earlier, he was in texas comforting hundreds of evacuees
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at a shelter. he promised to help survivors rebuild. >> they say two years, three years, i think that, you know, because this is texas, you will probably do it in six months. i have a feeling. >> reporter: mr. trump received backlash for not visiting victims during his first trip to texas after harvey made landfall. this time, first lady melania trump and the president handed out red cross kits and served meals to families. >> everything is going good so far. it is going smoothly as you can see. >> reporter: while houston starts the long road to recovery, a day at the ballpark is giving this community a much needed break as a way to show support. the houston astros gave away thousands of tickets to people in area shelters. and fans donated supplies and money. >> my immediate family was fine. we were so blessed and lucky. we lost power for a little bit. we have family and friends displaced so we brought them to our house. >> reporter: at the lakewood megachurch which has become a temporary shelter for evacuees, people attended a benefit
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service. >> it is a blessing for me. to get out there and help. help people. >> reporter: a devastated community is beginning to heal one day at a time. danielle nottingham, cbs news, houston. >> the president has called for a national day of prayer tomorrow in support of the victims. and, new tonight after a record setting flight, peggy whitson touched down in kazakhstan. descending under an orange and white module. the ship they were in caught fire after it plunged to earth. after they get out, they all appeared okay. on this mission, she spent 286 days aboard the international space station. caltrans is demolishing the old bay bridge. the net is to protect marine life from the blast. the implosions are on track to end in november. bart will hold trains before
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each one and there may be rolling closures to traffic on the bridge. if you are headed to the beach, expect a long line of cars. traffic came to a crawl on highway one as hundreds headed to stinson beach in marin county, ocean beach was packed with people trying to escape the heat. >> it was incredible to see the hundreds of people filing into ocean beach all day long. you can see that they are grilling dinner right now. and this was the scene all day for the entire three-and-a-half mile stretch of ocean beach. that meant parking was an absolute disaster. there was not a spot to be found. and everything was extremely crowded. the u.s. coast guard and the san francisco fire department were warning people about the rip currents they said that they preferred that you not go swimming in the water. instead, just wade in to get the tops of your feet and maybe up to your knees wet. but the sneaker wave cans be scary sometimes. and if you see someone start to drown actually get pulled
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underneath the water, they recommend that you call 911 and keep an eye on them as best you can. they do not want you to go out and try to rescue that person. in san francisco, jackie ward, kpix5. well, everybody was talking about the weather. and that is my job the next couple of minutes to review where we are right now. which is, it is going to cool off a little bit in the next couple of days. but, that is from unusually high numbers. up to 110 at concord today. and livermore, 108. san jose, a record at 107. santa rosa, 111 degrees. san francisco a record as well for the day. san francisco, 102. even now, it continues in the 80s , concord and livermore. 89 degrees. it is a hot september night in the bay area. but, it shouldn't last long. as high pressure finally begins to ease up a little bit tomorrow. and on labor day.
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the high eases up, the low pressure is both south and west of us. look at the corridor between those two. the perfect situation to bring some moisture from what was a tropical storm into the bay area. the meantime, we have the excessive heat warning through labor day with temperatures continuing in spots about 15 to 20 degrees above average. because of the high pressure, air quality sufferers, we have another spare the air day. all the high clouds coming up. that is one of the reasons temperatures will cool tomorrow. some of the sunlight gets reflected out into space because of the subtropical moisture. on the other hand, it will be a little more humid because of all the high clouds but it will make for beautiful cloud formations. tomorrow, cooler, highs 100 degrees plus inland. beach ins the 80s . it will cool to 90 degrees plus by labor day. we are on a downward trend in terms of the temperatures. a warm night in the bay area. most of the numbers don't get below 70 degrees. 103 at concord.
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south bay, above 100. in morgan hill and campbell. and milpitas. in the east bay, almost everyone is above 100 as well. just not as high as they were today. 110 today. 104 still in san ramon. up in the north bay, number ins the mid 90s tomorrow. and, finally, it is still hot in ukiah. extended forecast, cooling trend now, begins and it will last right through midweek, when finally by wednesday. the numbers return to average in the bay area. so, that's good news. hope andrea has good news. >> the college football season is here. and the favorite to win the pack 12 had to rally in the second half. and a new qb and head coach for the cal bears as they make an impressive season debut against the north carolina tar heels. we will be right back. vo: whenever a craving hits,
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problems scoring... but a defense that needs some work. defensive mind >> the bears have been like the raiders. a offense that has no problem scoring but a defense that needs work. they brought in justin will cox. noticeable changes already as the offense continues to roll. wilcox making his head coaching debut. and ross bower making his debut for cal. in the third, tar heels leading 17-14. bowers rolls out. gets it to patrick to gets past the three dedennedders. nobody is bringing him down. a 54-yard touchdown. the bears retake the lead 21- 17. after a bowers interception. carolina's chance to get thomas jackson for the short pass. the tar heels go back in front. but back come the bears.
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bowers throws his fourth. 13 minutes to go. and, they go onto upset north carolina. in wilcox's debut. it is cal's fist win in the eastern time zone since 2002. also winning his first career game today, new san jose state coach brent brennan. the spartans beat cal poly, 34, 13. monotell aaron threw three touchdown passes in the game. atlanta host to number one alabama and third ranked florida state. second quarter, the crimson tide's jalen goes deep. a touchdown pass gives bama a 10-7 lead. late in the third, now, 13-7, the ties damian harris with a touchdown run. gives alabama a two toddled as they go onto win 24-7. fourth
11:25 pm
ranked ufc and quarterback sam d' arnold. tied at 14 and a third. the broncos pull out the trick play. keyshawn watson. western michigan gets a 21-14 lead. seven minutes left now. tied at 28-28. ronald jones scores his third touchdown of the game. a 37-yarder puts them back in front and they pull away to win it 49-31. usc hosts 14th ranked stanford next week. well, still to come, the nfl cuts are in. two 49ers land on season ending injured reserves and last night's receiver is searching for a new team. and the giants trying take advantage of the bay area heat wave. more sports right after the break. ♪
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young rising stars landed on the ing injured reserv >> the 49ers cut down their roster to 53. two young rising stars landed on the reserve list. joshua garnet will miss the year with a knee injury and joe williams will join him with an ankle issue. the 49ers did release wide receiver jeremy kerley despite resigning him in march. he led the team in receptions and yards last season. the team also released the defensive tackle quentin dial after four years as a 49er. tonight, derek carr's
11:29 pm
childhood dream came true. his number was retired at fresno state during a halftime ceremony at the bulldogs game. he holds the school record. now joins his brother david. the raiders were worried he was going to get a little bit emotional during the ceremony, but he kept up his composure like usual. the giants only had one hit in the first eight innings against saint louis. in the bottom of the 9th inning, buster posey singles home hunter pence, then nick hundley goes opposite field for a walk off home run. his second career game ending homer and the giants come back to win 2-1. fans in seattle hoping to see oakland snap their four game losing streak. blake's pitch slips past bruce maxwell allowing jean segura to score the game winning run as
11:30 pm
the mariners win 7-6. the as have now lost five in a row. and that is a tough way to lose a game. >> it is. >> i should say so. >> uh-huh. >> and we will be right back. or watchin
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