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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  September 4, 2017 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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arms simply raised chicken. california grown with no antibiotics ever. sam just snagged it from you frenchie. it reminds him of bennie. only quieter. you can't have this frenchie. but new finds are always arriving. so you can find something so you, for less. at homegoods. weather conditions trapping smoke and pollution... and making the air unhealthy for some. the bay area skyline so obscured by thick about smoke. weather conditions trapping smoke and pollution in making the air unhealthy for a lot of people to breathe. good afternoon, i'm anne mack kick in
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for kenny troy. >> i'm michelle griego. jessica flores tells us it's complicating dangerous conditions for firefighters. >>reporter: firefighters have a tough job working under smoky conditions. firefighters contained the town home fire on south wind and park haven drive quickly keeping it from spreading to other units and three residents made it out, but learned the devastating news about their pets. >> the three rabbits did not survive. [ crying ] >> about 20 firefighters worked to put out hot spots as the building continue to smolder. the smoke billowing into the hot and smoky air. >> the high heat has been terrible. we cautioned our crews and we have a working fire to start a second alarm which gives us additional --
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>> bay area air quality management officials says wild fires burning in oregon and california is causing unhealthy air of pollution making it hard to breathe for some folks today. crews delivered extra oxygen tanks. >> we've had no reports of damage or entry to either the crews or any of our apparatus. >> air management officials -- asking areas to avoid driving and use public transit and stay indoors during the hottest part of the day. obviously not -- there's a spare of the air day alert since thursday making today the 5th consecutive day -- i'm jessica flores. this fire burned more than 100 acres. the firefighters are battling the fire.
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nearby residents are urged to keep their windows closed because of the smoke. it's at zero percent containment. a look outside where the hazy air conditions to blanket the bay area. this is the dublin interchange. you can't see the cars down there. let's check with netta for the latest on when the skies will clear up. >> this is nasty. here's our future cam and really you can see the skyline. unfortunately this is not the marine layer we're looking at. this is all that smoke. it's hanging out there over the bay area today. another unhealthy air quality day as jessica mentioned, spare the air alert in effect. here's our mount vaca cam. there's a storm to the south of us bringing rain in our area. visibility impacted though because of that smoke. two mile visibility oakland airport. 2.5 in heyward. 3 in mountain view. coming up, we're going to talk about our temperatures, when we are going to finally see average temperatures for where we should be this time of year.
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back to you guys. >> thank you, netta. the u.n. security council holding an emergency meeting over escalating tensions with north korea over the weekend. the country claims they detonated a hydrogen bomb underground. mow george lang gee-- mowing george lang owe-- >>reporter: the north tested a hydrogen bomb and declared its mission a perfect success. >> it's a powerful weapon, but it might had been something that is more miniaturized in theory be able to fit on the war head of a long range missile. >> sunday's blast at north korea's test site created a man made earthquake felt in china and russia. investigators believes it was ten times more
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powerful than north korea's last nuclear test and stronger than the bomb that the united states -- the trump administration is again warning north korean jung un to stop his country's nuclear -- >> any threat to the united states or our allies will be met with a massive military response. >> enough is enough. >> in today's emergency meeting, u.n. ambassador hailey argued for the toughest sanctions possible. >> war is never something the united states want. we don't want it now. but our country's patience is not unlimited. >> president trump has threatened to stop trading with any country that does business with north korea. mola lenghi, cbs news, washington. switzerland is trying to help mediate the crisis. jung un studied there and the country has a history of hosting international dialogue effort. president trump will announce tomorrow he's ending daca. the deferred action for
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child hood arrival -- many brought to this country -- they said if he doesn't end daca tomorrow, they'll take the matter to court. the president is expected to dominate -- it would mark the first time an elected official held a position. he's a former navy pilot and he serves on the science space and technology committee. he'll need senate confirmation. congress returns to work facing a long agenda including the aftermath of hurricane harvey. the house and senate are expected to vote quickly on a nearly $8 billion aid installment and the funds will help with the immediate recovery and rebuilding the houston area. congress will need to pass a spending plan by september 30th to avoid a government shutdown. on this labor day, workers across the country are marching for higher wages.
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>> what do you want? >> [indiscernible]. >> armed with banners, bay area workers banned together in oakland for the national day of action today. as kpix reporter -- >>reporter: things have returned to normal here at this mcdonald in san jose. we're not too far from the airport, but protestors says this is apart of their fight for 15 ads they're looking to raise the minimum wage standard across the nation. >> [chanting] >> customers tried to order meals. in a town where the minimum wage is above the national average, union members say the bay area is unique. >> a living wage here is really around $18 an hour minimum. that's just to survive. >> while california lawmakers striving to hit the $15 minimum wage mark by 2022, others say that's not enough. >> minimum wage is part of our goal. the other goal is to have
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a voice on the job. >> [indiscernible] doesn't have enough money to buy food. >> a teenager talks -- >> we can't survive without minimum wage although we have two jobs. it's impossible. >> [chanting] >> protestors wenl computers calling for union talks for janitors inside the tech giant. people are worried about the -- putting job in jeopardy. either way the local union here in san jose says they plan to continue to fight for higher minimum wage standards, not only here in the south bay, but across the nation. in san jose, sandra osborne, kpxi dot -- kp
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kpix. a micro burst sent people scrambling. people were tossed into the water. a kayaking group, a tour group got caught in the mess. incredibly no one was hurt. more than a thousand firefighters are battling the largest wild fire in the city's history. reporter jaime uka says -- >>reporter: even with temperatures dropping and the weather cooperating with emergency crews, the largest wild fire continues to grow. >> we have turned a corner, but this is not over. with winds this strong, anything can still happen. >> over the weekend, the la tuna fire tore through thousands of acres advancing toward the city of los angeles and destroying three homes including linda. >> within 15 minutes, these houses -- there's nothing standing. no walls, everything just ash.
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>> craig 's family in sunland home burned to the ground. he cared his father by his wheelchair. >> we left things we had packed up because -- we had 90 seconds. >> temperatures over the last days have broken the 100-degree mark leaving people living near the fire line scrambling to save their homes anyway they can. the extreme heat is over. the high temperature here today should be in the low to mid 80s. firefighters hope that allows them to get a better handle on this 7,000 acre wild fire. but we have seen some hot spots near this home that was destroyed. firefighters are concerned that if winds pick back up, the fire could spread to new areas. jaime yuccas, sunland, california. the old bay bridge is disappearing. the latest on the -- and what happens next. as texas recovers from harvey, this monster looming in the caribbean.
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what forecasters are predicting for the path of hurricane erma a surprise. william and kate are expecting again. we have live reaction from the streets of london, next.
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are planned. caltrans will demoli two underwater piers have the old bay bridge have been imploded. that is the first of six implotions. there's a proposeal to repurpose some of those piers for public use. that includes building a pedestrian pier off buena island and a water front park on the
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open side. regulatory agencies that oversee the bay have to sign off on the plans. now to texas where parts of houston are facing flooding from two reservoirs. in the area water is high. officials are focusing on toxic waste. >>reporter: water flows from the addict's reservoir monday morning surrounding the neighborhoods. officials released water from a second houston reservoir forcing the evacuation of residents. >> it's upsetting. i can't even believe it's happening here. >> the controlled release is expected to continue for weeks. the army corps the engineers says it's necessary to avoid a bigger catastrophe. >> if you get an event bigger than that, something's got to give. >> in the houston suburb, debris lines the street as people begin the long road to recovery. and in beaumont, texas, national
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guards man airlifted in water to flood victims. >> it's far from over. there's so much more that has to be repaired. >> the environment -- they're checking out waste sites in southeast texas that have been flooded from harvey. here in texas, people who live near the -- they're worried about damage and possible contamination. >> you can't eat anything off the property. >> why is that? >> because of the toxic docks and this is worse. >> do you think you'll be able to build here again? >> no. >> in crosby, texas evacuated residents near the disabled chemical plant are being allowed back home after officials successfully finished controlled burns of highly flammable chemicals. danielle nottingham, cbs news, texas. we're getting our first look at hurricane erma from space. the category 3 storm is closing
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in -- forecasters says there's an increasing chance that florida will feel some effect. let's check in with neta who has been tracking that storm. >>reporter: it's bringing a lot of rain to parts of the caribbean as it moves toward the south or the east. so the south and eastern portions of the u.s., everyone being warned to be prepared in case this does make landfall. wide spread region, that could be impacted by irma. look at the rain coming down with this right now. let's talk about what's happening at home. a lot of are you feeling the smoke in the air. this is our cam heading north. this is a bridge. behind all that smoky skies, we stril this spare of the air alert -- we still have this spare of the air alert today. there's one in gilroy and the sierra and the smoke is settling in. air quality forecast has been upgraded. it's unhealthy for all in the north bay and along the coast and unhealthy for sensitive groups in the rest of our area because of that
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smoke. it's piling up across our area. here's what we're watching. there's a storm to the south of us bringing rain. it looks like there's some green in our region. santa cruz getting rain. gilroy where that fire is, this may help those firefighters. we have a lot of humidity in the air now because of it. dew point is actually in the 60s range. you may see rain drops if you're in the fremont area as this storm slowly works its way north. it's renascence of tropical storm lydia and it has been downgraded -- moving on east. so we're going to watch this one for the next few hours so see if it brings us a chance of thunderstorms. here's our labor day temperatures. 69 to 93 degrees. still above average, but cooler than what we experienced over the weekend. that's for sure. sunset tonight at 7:34 p.m. and here's a look at your 7-day forecast for the
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next couple of days. temperatures inland, low 90s and dropping down into the 80s. we'll welcome that after the 1:15 as we just got this weekend. >> that is going to be refreshing. >> we are ready for that. this is kind of cool. fast food dining kfc is trying a new payment system in china. customers can check out using facial scanning. they'll scan the -- there's a phone number verification for added security, but cool. baby number three on the way for prince william and wife kate. what prompted the couple to make the premature announcement. pet lovers send your question. you can e-mail pets at and we'll have our pet expert give you an answer. we'll be right back.
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those videos claiming to get rid of bags under your eyes and we're going to let you be the judge
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reporter jane feguson talked to royal watchers who couldn't be big news from great britain, prince william and wife kate are expecting again. >> reporter jam ferguson talk to royal watchers who couldn't be more thrilled. >>reporter: the new royal baby will be prince william and kate's third child. a little brother or sister to 4-year-old prince george and 2-year-old princess charlotte. palace officials says the queen and members of both family was delighted. so are royal fans.
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>> it's grateful -- we need royal children. >> kensington palace -- saying duchess of cambridge is being treated for the same severe morning sickness they had with her previous pregnancies and the -- the news comes on the same week that little prince george starts kindergarten. on thursday, he'll join other children here at thomas', a private school in london. the happy announcement comes just four days after the 20th anniversary of the death of prince william's mother princess diana. >> they'll bring their children up the same way as princess -- >> the new baby will be born 5th in line to the british line bumping uncle prince harry down to 6th place. >> how are you feeling about the news you're going to be an uncle again? >> great. very happy for them. >> some are speculating about ns
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s. >> victoria, maybe. >> the early favorite is alice for a princess and arthur for a prince. jane ferguson for cbs news, london. >> and the new baby regardless of sex will become 5th in line for the thrown. meanwhile after setting a record time in space, peggy whitman is -- the methododule she and her crew was in caught fire after it plunged to earth. they appeared okay. they spent 288 days aboard the international space station. >> welcome home. we'll be right back.
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i like to take the vines off right here. a little bit of the stem and put it on the grill. and 30-seconds a slide and get the char to them and add it to a salad. you'll live it. i'm tony -- got to feel fresh. >> we went for a walk earlier and you can feel a huge difference in temperature. cooler. almost need a sweater, not quite. >> not yet. >> it was nice. >> enjoy your labor day.
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♪ >> steffy: you're really doing this? >> liam: it's the right thing, steffy. the truth is always the right thing. >> wyatt: got your message. what's going on? >> liam: well, some things need to be said. >> wyatt: to me? uh-oh. should i be nervous? >> liam: no, no, no, not you. dad. >> wyatt: dad? all right, what's he done now? >> liam: well, if you honestly don't know, i would sit. this ain't gonna be pretty. >> thomas: sit for what? >> liam: you'll see. thanks for coming. >> caroline: you didn't really give us much of a choice. we were on our way to the airport. >> liam: i know. i-i appreciate you taking a later flight, but you both need to be here for this.


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