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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  September 4, 2017 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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def doppler which has now left sonoma and napa county, a couple showers for the state capitol and showers heading directly toward clearlake, ukiah and beautiful mendocino county. temperatures right now, no one 10s. we had those. no one hundreds or 90s. we've cooled down to the 70s and 80s. currently 84 in san jose, only 78 in napa and san francisco and fairfield 81 degrees. the biggest changes, the one you will see in the air tomorrow, you will be able to see things tomorrow because the smoke will begin to move out as the ocean breeze returns. air quality will go from unhealthy for all which we've had three straight days back to moderate, which is normal air quality for this time of year, so things slowly getting back to normal for early september. we'll talk about how warm we'll be the next seven days coming up in a few minutes. not much of a view from these hillside homes in san mateo, a gray haze hanging over
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many bay area neighborhoods today. kpix5's juliette goodrich is in pleasanton where a familiar landmark has been pretty hard to see. right? >> reporter: that's right. this landmark we're talking about is mount diablo right over my shoulder. you can still see the haze right now. it's a little silhouette along mount diablo, but on a day when people are supposed to relax and barbecue this air quality has been deemed unhealthy. this was much of the bay area on this spare the air day. active children and adults and people with respiratory disease such as asthma were advised to stay indoors and avoid prolonged outdoor exertion, sometimes easier said than done for those used to staying active like the reyes family. >> we're more younger. it's probably the older people, more sensitive.
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the typical labor day barbecues coming on yet another spare the air day. what you're seeing in the air in the bay area lately is a lot of pollutants primarily coming from wildfire smoke and soot. sky drone 5 will take a view of the tri-valley right now. on a clear day you can see from pleasanton to dublin to livermore. that's not the case today. the bay area air quality district issues air quality forecasts every day. the air quality index or aqi is like an air quality thermometer. today's reading is in the red for the entire bay area in all of its five reporting zones. redsun healthy. >> i'm glad it's cooler first off and then other than that like it messes with my lungs, a lot of smoke. it was really random, a really weird day today. >> reporter: back out here live where you can see mount did i has been owe and when --
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mount diablo and when you say you can see it, we're starting to see it better and better as time moves on which is actually a good sign. i can actually feel the breeze and moisture back in the air. we've collectively been dealing with these hotter temperatures. it's going to change and our air quality will also change as well. in pleasanton juliette goodrich, kpix5. good news for b.a.r.t. riders. the cooler temperatures mean trains are no longer running at reduced speeds. b.a.r.t. slowed things down at the height of the heatwave. there was concern tracks could move because of the intense heat. firefighters battling flames all over the state, more help is on the way. california national guard members will be headed to the front lines. about 350 of them will get trained and join the hand crew teams. this fire in the hills above gilroy has burned more than 100 acres since it started last night. about 100 firefighters are battling that fire on ballybunion court and cal fire choppers have been scooping water from a nearby golf
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course. kpix5's kiet do says one neighbor has no doubt about what started the fire. >> reporter: they revised the size of the ache raj from 130 acres down to 100 acres. now containment is at 10%, no homes threatened, no homes burned and no evacuations at this time. the cause of the fire is officially still under investigation. however, we tracked down some neighbors who may very well be the prime witnesses in this investigation. just before the fire started last night ed ritz was in the backyard and noticed -- ritters was in the backyard and noticed sounds he thought were fireworks. >> the nextening i noticed -- next thing i noticed they were over the hill and the fire started. >> reporter: he said the timing of the popping noises and the start of the fire were suspicious. you have no doubt it was set off by fireworks? >> no question. when i heard the pop, it was either fireworks or guns, but when the fire started, it had
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to be fireworks. >> reporter: the fire quickly jumped to 100 acres by nightfall. by midmorning more choppers and trucks arrived. the flames stayed low to the ground which gave firefighter time to go over steep terrain in loose dirt and draw a line around the entire 100 acres. officially cal fire says no homes are threatened. as for the teenage boy, he was taken into police custody. >> one of them ran down the hill with a shirt off. he was sweating really bad. >> one of the kids with gray sports on came down, -- shorts on came down, turned himself in and the other two kids took off. i don't know what happened with them. >> it's just not smart. it's not bright to go up there and set off fireworks this time of year with 100-degree weather and dry everywhere. it puts people in danger. that's not right. >> reporter: so again no comment on the discover of those three boys that went into
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the foothills just before this fire started. there was one injury to speak of. a firefighter went tumbling 40 feet down a ravine. he was taken to the hospital, checked out. he's okay and he wanted to come back to work today. live in gilroy kiet do, kpix5. steady job growth in the bay area and california should mean higher wages, but that is just not happening for a lot of workers especially at the lower end of the scale. kpix5's melissa caen is here with a look at the uneven effects of a strong economy. >> that's right, veronica. on this labor day in oakland and san jose there were rallies for a higher minimum wage. we spoke to an expert on california's economy about why job numbers are good, but reality is still a struggle. people in a movement called the fight for 15 spent labor day marching for a $15 minimum wage and protesting at a mcdonald's in oakland. tina sandoval is an employee of
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the mcdonald's in richmond where she works the overnight shift making $12.30 an hour. >> we're not working for nobody for free or for a handout. we're just asking what it's worth. as a human being $15 in the bay area is nothing. >> reporter: pay in the bay area has increased by $3 an hour since 1991, but that's just one example of how even good economic news doesn't feel that way. >> in the bay area it's such a high cost area, especially with housing, that even though our incomes are above the national average or well above the national average, it doesn't feel that way and, in fact, isn't. >> reporter: michael bernick is former director of the state economic development department. he said california has had 88 months of job growth and since 2010 2.6 million new jobs have been created across all sectors. >> we are in a very low period of unemployment. we are seeing job growth in all job levels, but we're seeing
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considerable job growth in the so-called jobs that are not only low wage, but part time, contingent, project based, little security, no stability. i think that's what concerns a lot of people and should. >> reporter: low unemployment is supposed to raise wages and give employees more power, but that doesn't seem to be happening. bernick says there are a number of reasons for this, decline of unions, a large number of americans who have given up looking for work and immigration. >> for a certain type of job, certain strata of jobs in our state in our bay area, the large amount of immigration both legal and undocumented drives wages down. >> reporter: to change the stagnation he says we need to look at immigration policies, education, access to unions and the minimum wage. >> we need that money. we need those hours, but we also need our dignity as human beings and as workers. here like to >> reporter: now, of course,
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it's not all bad news. bernick says california is unique. we've got entrepreneurial dna. people here like to take risks and start businesses and he said that will keep the economic engine here moving. a mother of a san rafael teen killed while jogging settled a wrongful death lawsuit. machado was running on point san pedro road in june, 2015 when she was hit by a family. her family claims she was forced to jog onto the road because the city failed to clear a fallen tree limb from the sidewalk. her mother sued the city of san rafael. marin county and the driver and will receive a total of $800,000. since the accident the city has been trimming trees and shrubs in the area. this picture taken moments after a car came flying down a san francisco treat and crashed into a tesla showroom. the path of debris stretched across the whole block. kpix5's emily turner at the intersection where a fell
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watched always this car careen -- as that car careened toward them. >> reporter: in the last hour crews showed up to board up the windows at the tesla dealership right here and look, you see that green metal object, that was an electrical panel that used to be all the way down there on that other corner. that's how forceful this crash was. >> i was shocked. i didn't know what to think. >> reporter: the lu family's holiday weekend ended abruptly this afternoon. john and his family were on their way to fisherman's wharf when this mercedes skipped the curb. >> it hit my car and then a little bit of direction go there. >> reporter: the car ended up partially in the tesla show room. none of the merchandise was hit or people, but the driver took out the mailbox, utility box, crosswalk pole and several bumpers on his way into the building. he was taken to the hospital as a precaution but is expected to
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be okay. >> he came out and he walked. >> reporter: he was an older man? >> the police officer said he was confused. >> reporter: he was attempting to pass people on the right and when he realized the lane ends, he tried to brake but told officers his foot slipped on the accelerator. >> we come here and go to pier 39 for lunch. >> reporter: that's not a very good holiday weekend. >> no. not a holiday. >> reporter: came back out here live, crews are still working to try and get the traffic lights back up and working. that's really what was controlled by the box that was hit. so you can see flashing red at the moment which just want to remind you is a stop sign. live in san francisco emily turner, kpix5. the trump administration warns north korea it is running out of patience. >> this nuclear threats show
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that he is begging for war. >> the options on the table after north korea conducts its most powerful nuclear test yet. >> taking advantage of a free ride, a gift from google that's become an unexpected success. >> and a private jet packed with dozens of dogs and cats from texas, the bay area fission to make room for the four-leg -- mission to make room for the four-legged victims of hurricane harvey. sleep is so important for childhood brain development. here are some quick tips to help your child sleep better. have sleep and awake times. make sure toys and distractions are out of the bedroom and charge electronics elsewhere and turn off tvs one to two hours before bed. consider seeing a specialist before sleep problems become a major issue.
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thanks to free tuition san francisco residents are flock to city college, but we learned the college has changed its policy and now free tuition will not require maintaining a minimum gpa. >> accountability is built into our instructional program. >> there are plenty of people watching to see how this goes. >> expect original reporting, kpix5 news. expect more.
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while longer. the mountain view test runs... a success. kpix five's len ramirez shows us why riders keep hopping on. google's free community shuttles are sticking around a while longer. the mountain view test run is a success. here's why riders keep hopping on. >> reporter: at first barbara schoop had a hard time believing that she could get something for nothing when it comes to transportation. >> asked me if i wanted a ride and i said well, how much does it cost and they said well, it's free. >> reporter: she's talking about the google shuttle buses that run circles around the city of mountain view absolutely free for anyone who wants to climb on board and google just announced it's renewing the service at least until the end of 2018. >> i think it's great. i think it's something that is very much needed in the community. >> reporter: the program started in 2014 and was only supposed to last a couple of years, but after a slow start ridership has picked up. in fact, ridership was up 60%
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last year. >> here's a shuttle. it tells you exactly where you're at. >> reporter: it comes with a well designed app and riders say it runs on time. >> it tells you the time the next one gets there. >> reporter: do you like it? >> yes. it's really convenient and neat. >> reporter: many of the shuttles are all electric, but in the recent heatwave that led to one downside. drivers can't run the air conditioning because they drain the batteries. originally designed to help googlers get around an increasingly congested city, the shuttles have now been adopted by the public including many seniors, the disabled and children who ride it to and from school. one rider says it may be the type of service that will finally get people to ditch their cars. >> boss says from google for free, go ahead and use it. why not. >> reporter: in mountain view len ramirez, cbs5. drivers on highway 37 may have to pony up to speed up flood repairs. a study is recommending a toll of up to $7 to expedite flood
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prevention projects that could otherwise take decades to complete. the 21-mile road was plagued with major flooding this winter. rising sea levels could begin to inundate the highway within 30 years. officials are considering options including building an elevated causeway and widening the road from two to four lanes. a fire damaged a townhome in pleasant hill earlier today. firefighters kept it from spreading to other units. three people got out safely, but they learned the sad news about their pet. >> cute little rants that are in there -- rabbits that are in there couldn't survive. they're family. >> with the air already unhealthy and foggy, extra firefighters came out to help limit the fatigue factor. it's not clear what started this morning's fire. mean time more than 1,000 firefighters are battling the la tuna fire in los angeles.
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the wildfire has burned through 7,000 acres since friday and is 30% contained. four homes have been destroyed. the weather is giving firefighters a small break. temperatures dropped and some rain fell on the area yesterday. no sun needed for labor day fun at stinson beach. huge crowds flocked there again today. it's been packed the last few days, people just trying to cool off a bit. >> wow, was it hot this weekend. >> the beach looked like coney island, just needed a pier and a amusement rides and boardwalk and amusement rides and boardwalk. where are we today? we are transitioning back to normal. we aren't there yet because we're cloudy, humid, had a few showers and highs didn't make it to 90 today. that's the sign things are changing significantly. san jose and concord 88 the high today, fremont and napa
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84, oakland 81, san francisco 79 degrees, just three days removed from 106. still a few trips in mendocino and -- drips in mendocino and lake county, a few showers for the state capitol, all this moving to the north away from the bay area. mid-60s for lows tonight, should be rain free. mountain view 67, livermore 67, santa rosa in the 60s and san francisco an overnight low 65 degrees. hallelujah, the ocean breeze is returning! find you with all this heat -- mind you, with all this heat nothing changed in the ocean i was. tomorrow it will change -- itself. tomorrow it will change. the pollution that's been stuck off the bay area right in your backyard, sometimes in your house will get carried away moving west to east back to normal. so the air quality will be markedly better tomorrow. the low pressure that gave us the stickiness and cloudiness
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and few showers today, this low out here will carve itself into northern california dropping temperatures below average the end of this week. we're talking highs inland that may not make it to 80 degrees by friday. they'll be in the 80s tomorrow, back to work and school, 82 in napa, 86 concord, fremont 81, san rafael 80. oakland, your high is 79 tomorrow, san francisco 73 and we'll hang out right around 70 degrees at the beach for pacifica and half moon bay. 5 degrees cooler on friday, cloudier, 70 near the bay, mid- 60s at the coast by friday. once we get back to average that is where we'll stay. not even one day inland highs will hit 90 degrees and i'm perfectly fine with that. how about you? >> excited. hey, movie theaters are normally the perfect place to cool off in the heat, but a lot of people had other plans apparently. hollywood has its worst labor day weekend in decades.
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we look at the summer of flops. >> coming up next in sports after a winless road trip the a's hoping being at home will stop their skid. >> and the giant find yet another way to lose a ballgame as they inch closer to 100 losses on the season with only 22 games left. we'll be right back. >> closed captioning for this newscast is sponsored by living spaces.
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priced closer mark melancon confirmed today that he'll need surgery to correct a muscle condition in his forearm that causes tightness. melancon signed a 62 million dollar deal the giants high prize closer confirmed he will need surgery to correct a muscle condition in his forearm that causes tightness. he signed a $62 million deal in the offseason and will need two to three months to recover from the surgery. the giants in denver which is just as spooky as the bay area is right now. pablo sandoval hasn't had a hit since august 25th, probably should have had one here but probably good that he didn't. greg holland takes it away and
6:24 pm
has his life flash before ms. eyes in the process, the fan da is 0 for his last 33 -- panda is 0 for his last 33 at bats. could not throw a strike to carlos gonzalez, four straight balls to bring the winning run to the plate for the rockies. the giants are now 0-8 at coors field this season. so the giants are trying to avoid their second 100 loss season in franchise history. they're currently 54-86 and have 22 games remaining. they need to win nine to avoid triple digit losses. plenty of yawns in the a's bullpen during a four hour 38 minute game against the angels, longest of the year, 9-7 l.a. in the 9th, a's down to their final out, but matt olson hammers his second homer of the day, game tied. kole calhoun drills one down the line. a's try to rally in the bottom of the 11th, two on for kris
6:25 pm
davis, but he grounds into a game ending double play. a's lose a marathon 11-9. the angels used an american league record 12 pitchers in the game. olson steams like a keeper. >> you see the numbers. -- seems like a keeper. >> you see the numbers. well talked earlier today about the opportunity. he's taken advantage of an opportunity. he's doing a great job for us. >> reporter: lpga golfer stacy lewis picked a perfect time to win her first tournament in over three years. before the cambria portland teed off this weekend she said she would donate any prize money she won to the hurricane harvey relief effort. it turns out she won by a stroke and gave away the big check worth 195,000 bucks. it would have been 36,000 if she finished second. >> when i said that, i had the goal of winning the tournament. you got to get a lot of things
6:26 pm
right to go your way and just what we'll be able to do. we'll be able to help people rebuild houses and get their homes back and that's more important than any win. >> amazing story. final round of the dell championship outside boston, marc leishman didn't win, but he had the shot of the day. his chip went through the photographer's legs, not to be outdone was justin thomas. he knocked in a short putt for his fifth win of the year. u.s. open and cocoa vanaway polished off lucy sevarova. we were talking about it in the sports department, when was the last time four american women? >> congratulations. >> thanks.
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coming up in our next half hour america's top ambassador says enough is enough. global leaders weigh their next move after north korea conducts its largest nuclear test yet. >> and the biggest names in tech fighting back against the president, the anxiety for bay area workers as the white house prepares to end the daca program. >> the bay area makes room for dozens of animals from texas, the team effort to find these pets loving homes.
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countries around the world are expressing a tion... you're watching kpix5 news. our top story at 6:30 countries around the world are expressing alarm and condemnation after north korea carries out its most powerful nuclear test so far. cbs reporter nicki batiste is at the united nations where the u.s. is pushing for tougher sanctions against north korea. >> reporter: hi, allen. it really was a tense meeting here at the united nations earlier today. the u.s. ambassador had strong words for north korea's leader saying he's begging for war.
6:31 pm
president trump spoke to south korea's president by phone monday giving permanent for south korea to purchase billions of dollars worth of weapons from the u.s. earlier the south put on a dramatic drill simulating an attack put on by north korea who detonated what they claimed is a hydrogen bomb. >> he is begging for war. >> reporter: at an emergency meeting of the united nations security council u.s. ambassador to the u.n. nikki haley pressed the council to retaliate with the strongest sanctions possible. >> kim jong un's actions cannot be seen as defensive. >> reporter: the u.s. is considering cutting off trade with all countries doing business with north korea but warns all options to address the crisis are on the table including military action. republican senator lindsey graham outlined the scenario if economic and diplomatic pressure failed to stop north korea. >> there will be an attack by the united states against his
6:32 pm
weapon systems. i'm assuming the worst. i'm assuming we drop one bomb. he fired at south korea and maybe japan. >> reporter: north korea has rapidly accelerated its weapon program conducting 18 missile tests so far this year. south korea's defense ministry says it's seen signs of the north preparing yet to test another ballistic missile in the coming days. russia and china are pushing for negotiations with the north korean government. they want to see the u.s. and south korea stop joint military exercises in exchange for the north suspending their nuclear weapons program. >> what else was ambassador haley saying about this emergency meeting today? states... new york >> reporter: she was really firm in her words after saying north korea's leader was begging for war. she said war is not something the united states ever wants, but our country's patience is
6:33 pm
not unlimited. she did not threaten unilateral military action or repeat the president'stweet sunday characterizing south korea's attempts as a form of appeasement. it's a program that protects two states, new york and washington, say they will sue president trump over daca, a program that protects undocumented immigrants who came to the u.s. as children. mr. trump will reportedly announce tomorrow that he's ending it. cbs5's maria medina said that's causing anxiety in silicon valley. >> this is my home. i got here at 2 months old. i don't know anything else but america. >> reporter: as an undocumented immigrant growing up in america, karen couldn't get a social security number, a driver's license, but most of all, she lived in fear. >> it is fear to know that at any moment i.c.e. can show up in your front yard,
6:34 pm
in your backyard, anywhere and just take you away. >> reporter: that all changed when karen became a dreamer five years ago. under the deferred action for childhood arrivals program, it protects young immigrants from deportation. tomorrow, however, her fears along with 800,000 others protected by daca could come rushing back if president trump announces the end of the program which he once threatened on the campaign trail. some of the top ceos of the tech industry wrote a letter demanding trump continue daca including the ceo of linkedin where karen works. it makes me very sad that people don't want me here, don't want me in my own home. >> reporter: there's a saying love conquers all. karen recently got married. her husband works in the kpix5 newsroom. she says she is hopefully on the path to citizenship, but she continues to worry for thousands of others. >> i feel incredibly sad to
6:35 pm
know that over 800,000 people, young adults just like me, could just lose everything. >> reporter: now although president trump is expected to end daca, he will reportedly give congress a window of time to save it. in kuper tina -- cupertino, maria medina, cbs5. >> nancy pelosi said the decision would break the hearts and morals of all who believe in justice and human dignity and to punish them for seeking a better life is cruel. today the u.s. honor flag was brought to sacramento as family and friends prepare to say good-bye to sacramento county sheriff's deputy robert french who was shot and killed on duty last week. the honor flag travels across the country honoring the lives of fallen first responders and military officers. >> certainly every attack or
6:36 pm
injury is an attack or an injury on all of us and it's a very sombering time, very sombering moment to see a fallen brother. >> the honor flag will be displayed during the viewing for deputy french on wednesday and then again during his memorial service. coming up customers pinned against washing machines, the terrifying moment a driver plowed into a laundromat at high speeds. >> and the duchess of cambridge expecting a different kind of labor day, the big announcement from the royal family. care of ! now, all this just 25 cents each! ♪ taking care of business
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super cool notebooks... done. that's mom taking care of business, but who takes care of mom? office depot/office max. order online and pickup in store in just one hour. ♪ taking care of business wake of hurricane harvey. ninety-five percent of the city is finally dry. es... a milestone for houston in the wake of hurricane harvey. >> 95% of the city is now finally dry, but for hundreds of families the cleanup is just beginning. in the houston suburbs debris fills the streets as people begin to repair damaged homes. in other areas national guardsmen are airlifting water to flood victims. many texas residents describe the process as daunting. >> it's really upsetting.
6:39 pm
i can't even believe it's happening here. >> it's so far from over. there's so much more that has to be repaired from here. >> officials say harvey is to blame for at least 60 deaths and560,000 people have registered for federal housing assistance. a live look at washington d.c., congress returns to work tomorrow and topping the agenda is relief for hurricane harvey victims. florida now has a category 4 storm hurricane irma that may eventually turn towards florida and make landfall by next sunday. surveillance camera capture the dramatic moment an suv plowed into a laundromat on staten island. the 74-year-old driver mixed up the gas and brake pedals and gunned it in reverse shattering the glass window. you can see customers inside scrambling to get out of the way. a father and daughter were
6:40 pm
pinned against mat sheen. at one point a customer slammed the disoriented driver as he got out of the suv. six people were hurt in the crash yesterday. moment of injuries were minor. coming up hollywood calls a wrap on the worst summer season in 25 years. we look at the reasons behind the dismal box office sales. >> think i in a have found a temperature crazier unanimous san francisco -- i may have found a temperature crazier than san francisco's 106. santa cruz saturday all time record high 110 degrees at the beach. where do we go from here? we're cooling down today. find out which way we go from tomorrow and beyond next.
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theatres. reporter adrianna weingold is in hollywood.. to f it's been a bummer summer at the box office, not many people lining up at theaters. reporter adrianna winegold is in hollywood to find out why people aren't showing up. >> reporter: summer blockbusters haven't been quite the hit hollywood was hoping for this year. with no new releases hollywood
6:44 pm
kind of took labor day weekend off. with hitman bodyguard, annabelle and windore making less than expected, it's -- wind river making less than expected, it's a bad end to the box office summer. fans say it's ticket prices. >> it's like 20 bucks to go to movies. it's ridiculous. >> reporter: this summer the movies didn't meet this person's expectations. he likes the breakfast club and things with a plot. >> i miss things with an actual plot and something good to say. >> reporter: other families say high ticket prices keep them from going to the theater, especially people with big families who just can't afford tickets, snacks, parking and everything else that goes along with a day at the movie. >> when you have a bunch of kids, it's a $100 trip. >> going to the beach is free. might have to spend a little money on gas with your friends.
6:45 pm
going to the movies is $13 each. >> reporter: ticket sales are down 16% from may to labor day according to last year and admission levels are the lowest since 1992, making this year the worst summer movie season in 25 years of even fans like julie miller who love going to the movies stayed home this summer. >> i love the whole experience. it's so much fun. it's just way too expensive. >> reporter: there were some big hits this summer. the no. 1 movie was wonderwoman. it grossed $400 million domestically. ars for it! do you have an idea for a sugar substitute? well, coca-cola may give you $1 million for it. coke is calling it the sweetener challenge. come up with a safe and natural compound low in calories and tastes like sugar. if they like it, you could win $1 million. you have until january to enter. another royal baby is on
6:46 pm
the way. >> prince william and his wife kate are expecting baby no. 3, reporter jane ferguson with the excitement from london. >> reporter: the new royal baby will be prince william and kate's third child and a little brother or sister to 4-year-old prince george and 2-year-old princess charlotte. palace officials say queen and members of both families are delighted. so are royal fans. >> i think it's great for them. i think we need lots of royal children. they're lovely. >> reporter: kensington palace revealed kate's pregnancy monday saying the duchess of cambridge is being treated for the same severe morning sickness she had with her previous pregnancies. the palace isn't saying now far along kate is. on thursday prince george will join kindergarten with other children here at thomas', a private school here in london. the happy announcement comes just four days after the 20th anniversary of the death of prince william's mother,
6:47 pm
princess diana. >> they will bring their children up in the same way as diana brought them up and i think that's just great. >> reporter: the new baby will be born fifth in line to the british throne bumping uncle prince harry down to sixth place. how are you feeling about the news you're going to be an uncle again? >> fantastic, great, very, very happy for them. >> reporter: some are already speculating about names. >> victoria maybe. there's a new series that just started on the television. >> reporter: the early favorite at betting shops is alice for a princess and arthur for a prince. jane ferguson, cbs news, london. frightening scene at a santa barbara beach. umbrellas go flying, more than 50 people tossed into the water. lifeguards and bystanders rushed in to help them. a kayaker tour group got caught in the mess. >> it came out of nowhere. it happened in 20 seconds where all of a sudden it started
6:48 pm
raining and the wind came and flipped over all the kayaks and the kayaks just blew 100 feet away from us. >> this photo shows the moment several sailboats capsized. the storm was believed to be a microburst, similar to a tornado. fortunately no one was hurt. >> you have the updraft of a thunderstorm and the down draft and when that down draft hits the ground, it goes out and can cause some major damage, rare in california, but they can happen, as you just saw. pretty crazy weather in the state the past couple days, numerous thunderstorms. normal sounds good, okay? we get it tomorrow. concord 82, humid outside. now if you didn't know what happened the past three or four days and say wow, what a warm evening in san francisco, a muggy 77. a couple days ago it was 100 degrees at 6:30 at night. san jose 84, santa rosa 78 degrees, a few showers in lake county over clearlake heading north toward lucerne and ukiah
6:49 pm
picking up a few light showers. they are lifting away from the bay area, no new showers moving in. we should mainly dry albeit muggy and cloudy overnight. 36 degrees above average late last week and over the weekend, now approaching normal but 8 degrees above normal today. mild night tonight. concord 65, redwood city 66 degrees. as to why it was cloudy and gray and humid today and why you had a few rain showers around 1:00 or 2:00 this afternoon, this low area of low pressure is lifting to -- this area of low pressure is lifting to the north and west. tomorrow more of a west wind takes over which is typical which is why average weather will return tomorrow. by the end of this week a new almost area diving down from the gulf of alaska may give us a taste of fall.
6:50 pm
mendocino county may get a few rain showers from it and temperatures will fall below average by the end of this week. we're trending the other direction. the heat is finished. tomorrow is humidity is finished and thankfully the air quality will be better tomorrow as well. a couple sprinkles possible overnight, hazy tomorrow morning but much better air quality by afternoon. highs tomorrow mid-80s, concord 86, san jose 84, los altos 82, san mateo, upper 70s, 70 degrees in pacifica, san ramon 87, pittsburg 87, 81 vallejo, novato 83, mild in san francisco, but the sapp breeze will feel great and -- the sea breeze will feel great. here is your extended forecast, no 90s near the bay, no 80s. you're staying in the 70s and 60s at the beach. so things are slowly getting back to normal. humid tonight but better air quality and sunshine returning tomorrow without the 90-degree
6:51 pm
meet or 100-degree -- heat or 100-degree heat. back to you. coming up texas animal shelters overwhelmed by hurricane harvey. now the bay area is opening its arms. dozens of pets fresh off a plane looking for new homes. >> on nightbeat at 10:00 we want to know on this labor day if you could change one thing about your job, what would be it? would it be the hours, your salary, your boss or maybe nothing because you love your job and everything about it? send me a tweet on this. veronicadlcruz. i'll be reading your tweets on nightbeat on our sister station on 44 cable 12.
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6:54 pm
our don ford explains... dozens of dogs from texas shelters have just arrived it wasn't just people affected by hurricane harvey. >> no. our don ford explains dozens of dogs from texas shelters have just arrived in the bay area for adoption. >> reporter: arriving on a private jet, 50 dogs and 20 cats from texas are looking for new homes. the high profile rescue organized by several local groups, the san francisco spca, mad dog rescue, mudville senior dog rescue and the milo
6:55 pm
foundation. >> georgie porgie is going to be fostered. >> reporter: the milo foundation received 24 dogs last night. they are in overdrive to find homes. >> you should have seen them last night. we were here until 3:00 last night getting them out and getting all the paperwork. >> reporter: these dogs were already in texas shelters when harvey hit. they needed to leave to make room for the flood of hurricane animals quickly overwhelming the texas shelter systems. >> they have thousands of animals in emergency pop-up shelters. they're actively searching to try to find their homes first, but this is going to be an active rescue effort for probably six months to a year. >> reporter: s that two named tom and jerry -- these two named tom and jerry will remain together. >> pretty sweet dog settled into the family pretty much immediately. >> this is izzy. >> reporter: max is looking for a new home and so is georgia. all dogs are examined,
6:56 pm
vaccinated and microchipped, if needed. colson has heart warms. >> he's very skinny. he's not eating. we need to get him vet care right away. >> reporter: he will need extra care to recover. these are the lucky ones. they are out of harm's way and for now they are safe. if you can find room in your heart and obviously room in your yard, this is just the beginning of many animals that will be coming from texas that need a home. in richmond don ford, kpix5. >> they are too cute. >> oh, they're all going to be adopted, good looking dogs. welcome to california. they've won the jackpot. mean time better air quality tomorrow? >> tomorrow morning you may wake up and say paul told me the air quality will be better. it's going to take the sea breeze in the afternoon to scour out the rest of it. it will be a little improvement by tomorrow morning, by tomorrow afternoon back to normal, better air quality. >> it's going to be cooler. >> thank goodness.
6:57 pm
>> the latest always on >> join us for nightbeat at 10:00 and you can see us back here tonight at 11:00.
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey. [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: thank you very much. i appreciate it. thank you, folks. hey, guy. heh heh. thank y'all. thank you very much. i appreciate y'all. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey... [cheering and applause] and we got a good one for you today, folks. returning for their third day from louisville, kentucky--it's the champs--it's the ford family. [cheering and applause] and from el campo, texas, wherever that is, it's the clapp family. [cheering and applause]
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