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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  September 7, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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catastrophe in the caribbean. now, the forecast is ominous - ida. tonight: hurricane irma causes a catastrophe in the caribbean. the forecast is ominous for florida, the dire new warnings. >> that story in just a minute but first we begin with breaking news. an hour ago a powerful earthquake struck off the coast of mexico. they have updated the magnitude to 8.1. the epicenter is in chiapas, a quake was so strong it shook buildings in mexico city more than 500 miles away. these are some of the first images coming in, in the capital, people ran into the street in the dark afraid that buildings would collapse. inside a home, the lights started to sway and this is the strongest earthquake to hit mexico since 1985 and at this point it is not clear how much damage there is.
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there have been at least four big aftershocks in the same area, right now tsunami warnings are in effect for central america but the national weather service says a tsunami is not expected on the california coast. now to the latest on hurricane irma, the death toll from the storm has climbed to 10 people, dozens injured and in florida mandatory evacuations are underway. hundreds of thousands of people are told to get out now. the governor has ordered all schools, colleges and universities closed tomorrow through monday. kpix is tracking the path tonight. >> it is getting more dangerous by the hour, leaving the turks and caicos where it hit directly and heading to the southeastern bahamas where they will hit those islands directly. look at that i that we have been watching, crystal-clear for the past few days. the risk of hurricane force winds is increasing into the
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category where it is now likely to happen to not happen. the size of the storm, from and to end is larger than the size of florida. the latest advisory for the national hurricane center has it as a 160 mile-per-hour sustained wind category 5 getting weaker but the wind feel is expanding and that could be a problem as the forecast to make the turn to the north and head towards florida. this is a wind profile graphic, all the area shaded in orange from daytona beach, south to miami and naples is forecasted for sunday morning to have 60 mile-per-hour winds or stronger. that is have the state of florida all at once getting near or exceeding hurricane force winds. that is a worst case scenario. thank you. tonight people in florida are packing up and heading out. we continue team coverage.>>
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folks in south florida are worried because it looks like they are next. gridlock is gripping i-95 from miami to orlando. floridians try to outline -- outrun hurricane irma. how was the drive? >> good, all right. smooth all the way through. key west to i don't know where.. >> reporter: the airport is also packed, lily is flying to connecticut, the husband is staying behind. >> pack them up and sent them away and i will keep an eye on the house. >> reporter: they will have major hurricane impacts with deadly storm surge and life- threatening wins. the killer category 5 hurricane has already wreaked havoc in the caribbean, irma raked through the dominican republic and haiti after uprooting trees and downing powder lines -- to the ines. damage and the u.s. virgin
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islands the day before. the prime minister said they took a direct hit.>> permuted -- bermuda is unprecedented. >> reporter: it may look like the calm before the storm, but drivers have caused 40% of gas stations to sell out. carnival cruise lines has canceled some of its strips. passengers are trying to find a way out ahead of irma. in florida, half 1 million people live in mandatory evacuation zones, shelters are filling up with people and pets are hunkering down. authorities say this teenage pro surfer died in very rough surf stirred up by irma, xander valencia slammed into a reef off barbados and an autopsy shows he died from drowning. and elite national guard unit will depart from moffett field to florida, the rescue wing will help in search
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and rescue efforts. last month some headed to texas after harvey. the death toll from last week's blistering heat is up to six. authorities confirmed three people died in san mateo county, the other three in san francisco, most of them died at home all in fact for one. the death is raising questions. we are in daly city.>> reporter: this is classic daly city what other -- weather. rain and fog barreling and but on saturday with a multi-day heat we have come -- wave, the temperature was 91 degrees. it left three people dead including lorraine christiansen, a patient at st. francis pavilion. >> it makes me angry, this should not be happening. there is no excuse for it. absolutely none.
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it is absolutely unconscionable that someone should suffer because of a heat -related illness. you are there, because you need care and supervision and you need healthcare. you are not getting it clearly. >> reporter: she was declared dead, suffering from shock. pat mcginnis is the executive director of the california advocates for nursing home reform. >> we don't have regulations that say you have to keep the temperature between this and this, temperatures but we have regulations that say they have to be comfortable, safe and take -- comfortable and safe temperatures. >> reporter: they must maintain a temperature between 71-82 degrees. we have learned as recently as two weeks ago, lorraine was a resident here, a retirement
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community and employees that we spoke with did not know what illness might have forced lorraine into the facility. >> the only way you die like that is if someone didn't do something. they didn't do something, there is omission.>> reporter: we contacted the manager here, to find out what the temperature was inside the building and whether they had air conditioning. we were passed off to a corporate manager in orange county. we left them a voicemail and sent a text message detailing our questions and we have yet to hear back from them tonight. tense moments this afternoon at union square, we were above the hotel where a piece of sheet metal was dangling from the side of this building. police diverted traffic around taylor and o'farrell, a view
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from the ground makes it appear the metal was part of the hotels exterior siding. it was flapping in the wind and there were concerns that it could fall and hit someone. at last check they were on the building removing the metal. a new blow to the president's travel ban, the executive order band travelers from six predominantly muslim countries but the order went too far according to the court. hawaii's attorney general said today's decision by the ninth circuit keeps families together giving them a second chance. the trump administration keeps taking actions with no legal basis and we will keep heading back. today's ruling reopens the door to thousands of refugees who have been temporarily blocked by president donald trump's travel ban. the president is trying to help dreamers sleep easier tonight, two days after ending daca, he tweeted for all of the
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daca that are concerned about your status during the six- month period, you have nothing to worry about. no action.>> when i asked the president to do, then the tweet appeared. that was good.>> nancy pelosi among other lawmakers who met with the president yesterday, in the oval office. steve bannon is making a provocative claim about the why he says the church is trying to implement immigration policy. >> they need illegal aliens, they need illegal aliens to fill the churches. >> reporter: in an interview with 60 minutes, steve bannon question the motivation of it the church stance on immigration. something he says is rooted in altruism and economics. >> they have an economic interest in unlimited immigration. unlimited illegal immigration.
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>> reporter: the u.s. conference of catholic bishops cited it was reprehensible. >> he can think he can call himself a catholic but he is not more catholic than my calf -- cat is. >> reporter: he has been on the front line against the immigration policy. he says the church's commitment to immigrant issues is principled, not monetary. that his criticism is misinformed. >> the life of the church is strongly focused on the broken lots and disenfranchised and the immigrants. we are not getting money from that, we have nothing financially to gain. bannon is factually wrong. >> reporter: i respect the pope and the catholic bishops and cardinals on doctrine. this is not about doctrine it
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is about the sovereignty of a nation and in that regard, you are another guy with an opinion. you can catch the interview with steve bannon this sunday on 60 minutes, right here on kpix five. police arrested four boys for starting this wildfire, we talked to a couple who said they heard something suspicious before the fire broke out. transit agencies are in line for $6 billion, but tonight the money is frozen because of one woman. there is a sickening smell in san jose. where is a coming from? tonight, we sniff out the source. did you know slow internet can actually hold your business back? say goodbye to slow downloads, slow backups, slow everything. comcast business offers blazing fast and reliable internet that's up to 16 times faster
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than slow internet from the phone company. say hello to faster downloads with internet speeds up to 250 megabits per second. get fast internet and add phone and tv now for only $34.90 more per month. call today. comcast business. built for business. mexico.. where an 8 point one earthquake struck off the southern coast. take a look at these pictures
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we are continuing to follow breaking news out of mexico or and 8.1 earthquake struck off the southern coast. take a look at these photos, you can see firefighters sifting through the rubble of what appears to be a collapsed building. it struck off the southern coast of mexico along the border of guatemala. the quake was so strong it shook buildings and mexico city that was 500 miles away. this is how it registered on the seismograph at our sister station. so far area has been hit by five aftershocks now, since it hit an hour ago. at this point it is too early to tell if anyone has died or how many people might be injured. according to mexican media reports, schools are closed and there are power outages, hospitals damaged and a new warning in effect for mexico and parts of central america. we will keep you updated. for teenagers facing charges for setting a 100 acre grass
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fire that burned near million- dollar homes. we spoke to the couple who say they heard the fireworks before they saw the flames. >> reporter: the fire that started right behind their home, the scene that came after it. they are still a loss -- a lot for them to process. >> the dog started barking, grant -- my grandson went in the backyard.>> reporter: it was their grandson who notified the grandparents when he spotted teenagers walking behind the home. he heard the sound of fireworks before seeing the column of smoke. the valley fire grew to 100 acres.>> one kid came down and turned himself in. >> reporter: four days after the fire they learned they arrested four boys, all 14 or 15 years old. charged them with with starting the fire. they released the teams to
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their parents, but they now each face a felony charge that could mean jail time or finds. >> when you're 15 you do stupid. >> reporter: tom is more forgiving and would rather see them do community service. >> i think they should go up and work on planting trees and fixing the land. >> reporter: julie agrees and says her focus is not on what happened but what didn't. >> to realize what could've happened, i want to thank all the firefighters until you experience firsthand, you don't know how hard they work. >> reporter: they have no idea who the kids are and if they live in the neighborhood, they say firefighters just left the area today and the fire is now 100% contained. >> because they are just teenagers, they will not release their identities. a lawsuit to prevent transportation upgrades, voters in santa clara approved a sales tax hike for improvements over
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three decades, and includes bringing bars to downtown san jose and fixing caltrain highways. the urban planner is suing to bar construction crews who have me -- who may have hit an underground aquifer. she says county leaders have too much leeway with the money. >> they can transfer the money from all those projects straight into the bar project. i absolutely do. >> it is hard to poke past -- forecast how long this will last, none cited are in construction so we are moving forward. >> reporter: the lawsuit drags into next year and it could delay the project. a stench causing a stink in san jose. people who live and work near trimble road say the smell has blanketed the area for months. even recent sewer repairs have
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not helped. >> reporter: it is lunch time in north san jose, home to thousands of tech workers and there is nothing like getting pressure after being cooped up in your cubicle. >> just the kind of thing you want to smell on your break, right? >> it smells like a rotten egg. >> reporter: a stench on trimble road is mostly bearable but at times it's enough to make you gag. for the regulars who have to walk the two third of a mile section, you can lose your appetite.>> it is nothing but a horrible stench and it smells like an outhouse. >> reporter: they told us to sniff around the storm runoff drains, sure enough it was especially bad here. >> it smells like raw sewage. >> reporter: according to the news, a sewer pipe converges and the smell has been this way for a long time. different agencies are looking into ways to reduce the stench.
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>> it is not even healthy, containing the fumes of god knows what. someone has to do something about it. >> reporter: the city says the main culprit is a huge sewer line that is coming in from the city of santa clara and that line is not steep and so the sewage flows slower than normal that gives time for the orders to percolate up, they are working to try to resolve it but until then people will have to be patient and suffer through it. take a listen, beat in our studio. we hosted a party to kick off hispanic heritage munch -- month which begins on the 15th. we were on hand for the event that recognize contributions made by the hispanic community, there was lots of dancing, music and food.
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>> quite delicious. it is always nice when there is good food being cut in the studio next-door. we have some weather being cooked up tomorrow, that the fog is blanketing the city of san francisco, the only building that can get above it is the salesforce tower. it's the only thing you can see right now, a cool picture of the fog moving in, 62 in san francisco, san jose is a warm spot at 67. tonight we stay in the 60s, fairfield 64, vallejo 62 and mountain view 64. let's forward to the weekend because tomorrow is friday. the walk to end alzheimer's, what a wonderful cause and walk. a great location. it is sunday morning and the weather should be fantastic. sunny and by the bridge, 65 degrees sunday morning. we barely got above 65 degrees
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today, the same low that end of the heat wave monday and the meandering off the coastline made its closest pass to the dragging and cloud cover, some of you in the north they had rain showers and now the low is moving out and we will get a bit of a break tomorrow with cloud cover overnight tonight and he wake up tomorrow and it looks like it did this morning but here is a change. the cloud cover will go away and we will get afternoon sunshine. let's fast-forward to next week, a new area of low pressure will likely keep us cool with a shower chance tuesday. we will have a widespread shower chance, it's the time of year when they start to pop up and we may get another one next week. cloudy in the morning, sunny in the afternoon, warmer over the weekend and we cool down next week. san jose 77, four degrees cooler than average, sunshine in cupertino, 78. pittsburgh and antioch, lower 80s, berkeley 68, lakeport 87
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degrees. we are warming up as we get through the weekend, low to mid 90s inland and we cool back down and look at that, another rain chance. a few showers this morning and showers possible next tuesday.>> strange to see it in the forecast but always welcome. this new series is shining a spotlight on the city of oakland. we are there for their premier party. here are tonight's guest on the late show with stephen colbert.
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bay... the web series "the north pole" debuted... the setting: it was any -- it was a unique premiere tonight.>> the set a -- the setting was in the city of oakland. this takes a look at controversial topics including crime and gentrification. it is intended to open a dialogue. >> we need perspectives from all sides to get on one front and figure out all the issues to move forward.
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i am hoping it builds community. >> the producers of the north paul -- pull draw parallels and disruptions in the arctic. wait until you see what the 49ers sent us in the mail. the nfl season kicked off tonight, where a quarterback stole the show.
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our collaboration with pg&e is centered around public safety. without pg&e's assistance, without their training we could not do our mission to keep our community safe. anytime we are responding to a structure fire, one of the first calls you make is for pg&e for gas and electric safety. it's my job to make sure that they have the training that they need to make the scene safe for themselves and for the public. it's hands-on training actually turning valves, turning systems off, looking at different wire systems all that training is crucial to keeping our community safe and our firefighters safe. together, we're building a better california.
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women.. in the first m for the first time since the reagan administration, the u.s. open semi finals are all american women. venus williams looking for the first title since 2001 facing sloan stevens, stevens won the first set, venus the second an incredible rallies and the third, stevens comes to the net and wins the critical point. becoming the fourth unseated woman to advance to the finals and she is loving the spotlight. >> the third set we played some incredible points, hopefully we make sportscenter tomorrow. >> not pleased and her semi
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final match against madison kids, this was the same matchup as the bank of the west classic as keys one again, she one in july and again tonight. it is stevens versus keys in the saturday final. some nfl experts predicted the patriots would go unbeaten but who knew alex smith would play the best game of his career. as the fifth banner hung on the wall, alex took over. for touchdowns, no interceptions with smith getting 360 yards passing. the chiefs win 42-27. you know the 49ers new model the season is brick by brick because they are slowly rebuilding the franchise. in fact, this showed off today
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from the 49ers in our newsroom. it weighed 50 pounds because bricks would be too heavy, 53 pieces of wood, we appreciate the gesture, the marketing department is working overtime. i am so appreciative of this, that vern glenn joined us, get on camera. a break for you, a brick for you, a brick for you, and the 49ers reconstruct their franchise. >> it is like jen got on steroids.>> good plywood. >> how many games will the 49ers win this year? >> two?
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le griego and our next newscast is
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tomorrow morning at 430 our next newscast is tomorrow morning at 4:30 am. >> we will have the latest on the mexico earthquake. good night. cb >> more than a thousand protesting at trump tower. >> a massive protest at trump tower, another scheduled saturday. >> mo protests in this country. this is new york outside trump tower. >> okay, calm down, there's been some confusion and i want to clear things up. if you are protesting president trump's revoking of daca, that is now happening at trump place on riverside drive. the transgender military ban protest is at trump international hotel and tower on central park west. and the trump anti-nazi protest is at the trump world tower at united nations plaza. oh, and i almost forgot, the


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