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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  September 8, 2017 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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that number will rise. mass evacuations are under way in florida where the governor ordered all public schools, colleges and universities to close through monday. 700,000 people are under mandatory evacuations. this was the scene on interstate 75 at 2 a.m. looking more like the middle of rush hour. miami-dade county is opening another 13 shelters today but officials caution that they should only be used as a last resort. >> you might as well leave now while you can because when you dial 101, there will be no answer. >> depending on the path, irma could create one of the largest mass evacuations in u.s. history with some 6 million residents of south florida potentially impacted. >> irma caused massive devastation in the caribbean to haiti and puerto rico. coastal areas saw major damage and thousands of people are without power, running water or a way to get in touch with
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rescuers. today the bay area is sending more people to help in florida. kpix 5's anne makovec is live at moffett field with more reporter: about 100 members of the local chapter of the national guard are preparing to take off this morning. many of them taking time off from their normal jobs to answer the call. members of the 129th rescue wing and members of this team just got back from helping after hurricane harvey in texas. here they are loading up their c-130 planes for that mission. they got the call to redeploy a half-hour after they landed. 90 guardsmen performed search- and-rescue in texas saving more than 100 lives. included in the teams highly trained rescuers. they are bringing two rescue helicopters with them to florida. local firefighters are on the way to florida. members of task force 4 left
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from oakland yesterday 80 people, mostly oakland firefighters many of whom were at hurricane harvey. they were summoned to florida two days after returning home from that assignment. utility workers from the bay area also headed to florida. a crew of nine pg&e linemen went from aired yesterday. the mutual aid agreement with florida's power company which knows they are gonna need some help after this hurricane. when we have a big earthquake here, they are planning to send workers to help us. so a lot of bay area heroes answering the call this morning. again, the members of the air national guard taking off from moffett field within the next couple of hours. live at moffett field, anne makevoc, kpix 5. let's head to neda now tracking irma in the weather center. >> irma right now barreling over the bahamas just passed over turks & caicos overnight and look at this, right near cuba. it's expected to pass just north of cuba but obviously the impacts will be felt there. it's already bringing down some storms for miami as the
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bands, the cells ahead of the storm arrive. so they are looking atom news skies there. here's a look at the futurecast. you can see the amount of storm surge also from this view. so this is saturday early- morning. and look where hurricane irma is here. it's closer to miami. by saturday morning, it will hit miami. cuba today and overnight and through tomorrow will be impacted. the florida keys impacted very soon. hurricane warnings on the both coasts of florida. storm surges up to 10 feet. miami-dade county a population of 2.7 million people. that could be next in line. that could be the first place to take a major hit from hurricane irma. here's the tracking of the storm. you can it pass just south of the bahamas according to these
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various spaghetti plots there and north of cuba, cuba has the hurricane warning, and here it is right on the coastline of the florida keys under the warnings, as well. and the spaghetti plots are showing in various directions now, possibly on the either coast a couple going up the center of florida. this is dangerous going south to north, not east to west. that's why obviously all these states are taking those precautions. georgia, the carolinas, southeastern u.s. really needs to be on alert. preparations have been in place for several days now. here's why this is expected to take a direct hit to florida. this high pressure seems like it's almost working its way around. we were hoping for this dip in the jet stream to push the storm but obviously it did not pass at the right time. so the dip happened after the storm already went up. so unfortunately there's nothing there to push it out of florida's way. now we're going to check the local traffic. what's going on, jaclyn? right now, we are tracking
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some brake lights for drivers heading along 880. a live look at 880 near 238. so as you head through san leandro and san lorenzo you will start tapping on the brakes from that southbound direction making your way on down towards highway 84. northbound, we are getting first reports of an accident northbound 880 right near marina boulevard. it's on the shoulder and it's not slowing anyone down heading in that northbound direction towards the maze there. you're still in the green, 16 minutes. the eastshore freeway starting to get very crowded. live look this is interstate 80 near ashby heading through berkeley. you start to get slow and then by the time you get to the toll plaza, oh, man! we are backed up. here's a live look, traffic backed up to the foot of the maze. and it's about 22 minutes ride from there into san francisco connecting with 101. so do be advised those metering lights, they're on and we're seeing those slowdowns. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. we are waiting to learn the full extent of the damage caused by the largest
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earthquake to hit mexico in a century. at least 15 deaths are linked to the magnitude 8.2 quake. it was centered off the west coast of mexico near the border with guatemala and the damage is extensive. the quake leveled homes and forced the evacuations of hospitals near the epicenter. crews have been working all night trying to find any survivors trapped in the rubble. one million people were initially without power in the moments after the quake. that number is now down to 200,000. and take a look at the scene in mexico city. more than 500 miles away from the epicenter, you can see the entire highway shaking. at least 62 aftershocks have hit since the initial quake late last night. and a tsunami warning is in effect for central america and at least one town on the pacific coast of mexico has been evacuated as a precaution. san francisco's ninth circuit court of appeals strikes again! it's upheld hawaii's ruling on the president's travel ban. the executive order barred travelers from six
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predominantly muslim countries. but the appellate court's ruling yesterday said the order went too far when it barred entry to grandparents, cousins and other extended family of legal residents. the ruling reopens the door to thousands of refugees who had been blocked from entering our country. the trump administration is throwing its support behind a colorado baker who refused to make a wedding cake for a homosexual couple. jack phillips was sued in 2012 after he said making the cake would violate his religious beliefs. the u.s. supreme court recently agreeded to hear the case after a lower court found phillips violated the colorado anti-discrimination act. the justice department has filed a brief urging the high court to overturn the decision. the san francisco district attorney's office is teaming up with local universities to address the issue of sex crimes on campuses. the d.a. will host a training section at ucsf this afternoon to discuss the best ways to prevent and respond to sexually assault cases. it comes a day after the trump administration announced plans
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to reverse obama era rules on how colleges should handle those accusations. the 2011 guidelines were to make sure victims had their allegations taken seriously. education secretary betsy devos says she believes innocent students are being wrongly punished. >> the truth is that the system established by the prior administration has failed too many students. >> devos will now ask for public input before developing some new guidelines. the study from uc-davis puts a price tag on road kill. how much it costs drivers every year. kpix 5's katie nielsen joins us live from san francisco near interstate 280 listed as one of the most troublesome freedoms in the state reporter: michelle, the cost of dealing with road kill along this 23-mile stretch from san francisco to silicon valley is ranked as one of the worst in the state. in 2016, there were almost 400
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collisions on interstate 280 involving animals costing $870,000 per mile in maintenance costs and clean- up. highway 101 north of san francisco is second on the list with 225 collisions in 2016 at a cost of half a million dollars per mile. the animals that tend to cause the most problems: deer, coyotes and other small wildlife, like skunks, raccoons and possums. >> they don't look both ways when they cross the road. they just run across. >> it's a classic case of commuter traffic going through wildlife habitats. >> reporter: the uc-davis study showed the total cost for these types of freeway collisions statewide in 2016 was $276 million. add in the rural highways and it goes up another $300 million. one proposed solution is to build freeway underpasses for animals to cross. or building fencing along the freeways to keep them off the roads in the first place. the study authors say those two measures would pay for
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themselves in just a couple of years. live in san francisco, katie nielsen, kpix 5. time now 6:09. a new lawsuit has been filed by a group of first responders who helped with the relief effort after hurricane harvey. >> several bay area cities are among those vying to become the site for the second amazon headquarters and all the jobs that come with it. >> and you're waking up to some fog out there, even some drizzle in the air. how that's going to affect your friday temperatures and a look at what's ahead for the weekend. >> and things looking okay if you are making your way through san francisco along 280 and 101. but we are getting reports of a lane that's blocked further north along 280. we'll have all the details and what that backup looks like coming up. ♪
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plant in the wake of hurricane
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harvey... multiple trailers full of d a group of first responders is suing about a chemical plant explosion. materials exploded and caught fire after the plant lost power last week during hurricane harvey. the lawsuit claims that the plant owner minimized the danger of exposure to the chemicals. the plaintiffs also say that they should have been told to expand the evacuation zone after the explosions but that allegedly did not happen. the house is expected to approve a spending package that includes money for disaster relief. the bill includes about $15 billion for victims of hurricane harvey as well as hurricane irma. it it would raise the debt ceiling to free up funding for government agencies until early december. the monterey county health department has issued advisories for three beaches because of higher than normal levels of bacteria in the water. those beaches are still water cover, pebble beach, and monterey municipal beach. the beaches will remain open
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but warning signs are posted. no word on how long it will last. let's check the roads. >> i was thinking about going to pebble beach this weekend. i wouldn't be going in the water anyway. who am i kidding? right now, we are tracking a couple of problems if you are getting ready to hit the roads for your friday morning commute. live look at 280 at 101 heading through san francisco or in san francisco, i should say. there are trash cans in the lane and people are swerving to avoid them. the off-ramp is backed up on to the 280 extension. so far speeds are okay along 280. but be prepared for slowdowns 101 at hillsdale through san mateo crowded but at the limit no delays.
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typical slowdowns between 680 and 880, 45 miles per hour cruising speed. south of there the usual slowdowns as well between tennant and cochran. it's about 10 minutes northbound. 580 holding steady just under that 30-minute travel time between 205 and 680. snow accidents out of antioch into hercules -- no accidents out of antioch into hercules. fantastic ride in the green 37 minutes. 101 heading through the north bay is still in the green. a beautiful beginning to the sunrise not quite here yet but the sun will come up in the next 30 minutes. visibility issues at the bay and coast and drizzle at the
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coast. san francisco. san jose 64. santa rosa 59 degrees. so yes, cooler up it the north. here's a look at the marine layer coming through. it extends beyond fairfield, concord, livermore. it is going through deep and far east. but it will retract as it usually does. so it will burn off probably about 10, 11:00 for the inland areas today. and you can see it moving back out into the coast for most of the day so we'll consider this partly cloudy skies along the coast may stay gray throughout the day and then tonight the marine layer will be back bringing us light drizzle tomorrow morning, as well. here's your sunrise today happening at 6:46 a.m. our sunset is at 7:28 getting earlier and earlier. three things to remember for this friday. we are going to stay mainly cloudy along the coastline and again that slight chance of drizzle and we're warming things up this weekend. and you're going to really notice that for the inland areas. our temperatures near triple digits. they are going to drop again though by middle of next week
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so we'll get another cooldown. here's a look at some of the temperatures today. 77 napa. 83 for new fairfield. 81 in concord. 73 in vallejo. and san rafael 79 degrees. 67 degrees for san francisco. 77 redwood city. san jose 79. so these are below average about 3 to 5 degrees. here's what we're looking at with the wider view. we have a stubborn upper-level low bringing temperatures down today. it hasn't left yet. once it does, though, that's when you will see those temperatures rise. and here you see it a lot of clearing on the seven-day forecast. look what happens on sunday nearing triple digits for some inland communities. mid-80s for communities right along the bay. and at the beaches, 78 degrees for sunday. clearing sunday through tuesday. then cooler wednesday and thursday of next week. we have some fun activities for the weekend. ghirardelli chocolate festival, 73 degrees. we'll get sunshine for it, as
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well. the mountain view art & wine festival who doesn't love that? 83 degrees expected for the weekend. back to you guys. >> thank you. oakland and san jose are among those cities hoping to become the 70s a new headquarters for amazon. the giant is ready to spend $5 billion on the second headquarters that would be equal to its seattle campus and employ 50,000 people. the ideal new city will have more than a million residents, a nearby international airport, and mass transit. cities have a month to apply. lyft will soon begin testing self-driving cars on the streets of san francisco and you can hitch a ride for free. passengers will be able to opt into the pilot program on the app. a trained driver will be behind the wheel at all times. the exact launch date is not announced. we won't see some up come blockbusters on netflix. disney announced movies from its "star wars" and marvel franchise also no longer be available on netflix beginning
6:20 am
in 2019. the hollywood reporter says the lucasfilm and marvel movies will join other disney releases on its own branded streaming service planned to launch later that year. investors didn't seem happy about it. disney stock fell more than 4% yesterday on the news. and i'm dennis o'donnell. coming up, wait until you see what the 49ers sent us in the mail and the nfl season kicked off last night in new england where a 49er quarterback sort of stole the show. kickoff is next. - grocery outlet
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good morning. it's the first time since the reagan administration the semi fines were all american women's. venus williams lost. she faced 24-year-old sloane
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stevens who beat her. stevens won the first and third set. she is unseeded and vans to the fines. coco vandeweghe not pleased in her semifinal match against madison keys. vandeweghe lost. stevens versus keys for the finals. the chiefs and the patriots. the fifth super bowl banner in new england. alex smith took over dominated. 78-yarder to karim the rookie, smith four touchdowns no picks 368 yards passing they beat the patriots. chiefs win 42-27. the most new england has given
6:25 am
up since 1993. the 49ers new motto this season is brick by brick because they are slowly sort of rebuilding the franchise. this bag showed up in all mailrooms today weighed at least 50 pounds. because actual bricks were too heavy, it was filled with 53 pieces of wood. we appreciate the gesture. the 49ers marketing campaign in overdrive brick by brick. they want to rebuild the 49er franchise. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you sunday night to see if the 49ers raise their first brick. need some wins. play of the day st. louis at san diego, the play is by a fan in the stands at the baseball game.
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>> that's a heck of a grab. >> he made a bare-handed catch. he didn't spill his food. that's your play of the day. it is 6:26 right now. irma is turning through the caribbean as a category 4 hurricane as florida continues what could become the largest mass evacuation in u.s. history. >> reporter: and a new study shows the true cost of road kill. how much does it cost drivers and what are the worst stretches of roads? we'll have those answers coming up.
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hands up! hands up! training program returns to the bay area today and a lot of people who want to shut it down are expected to protest. >> get out now. your window of time to evacuate is closing rapidly. >> the storm is not going to be too much or it's going to turn. get out to save ground. >> millions of people bracing for a direct hit from irma as the record-breaking hurricane heads straight for florida. good morning, it is friday, september 8th, i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. time now 6:30. massive evacuations continue throughout the night and into the morning in florida as the southeastern u.s. braces for disastrous wind and flooding. >> meg oliver joins us live from miami with more on the preparations for the monster storm. meg reporter: kenny and michelle, irma is tearing
6:31 am
apart the caribbean and racing toward florida. here in miami, as you can see, some gas stations have run out of fuel as the window for preparing is closing. final preparations are under way as florida residents watch and wait. many seeing the damage hurricane harvey irma the most powerful atlantic storm on record has left behind in the caribbean. >> it caused untold damage and suffering in its wake. >> o maria ♪ >> reporter: in cuba, hundreds gathered in prayer to the blessed virgin mary asking her to spare them. the storm is expected to hit there late tonight and then bear down on florida sometime saturday night into sunday. >> don't be complacent. we are not sure exactly where this is going to go. listen to the evacuation orders. think about your life. think about your family's life. >> reporter: more than half a million people have been told to evacuate. traffic has highways backed up for miles. people made a rush for gas by one estimate nearly 40% of the
6:32 am
pumps in miami and fort lauderdale running dry. federal officials updated preparations for the storm this morning. >> heed all local warnings. the goal is get out of a storm surge of vulnerable areas. that's wind-driven coastal storm surge flooding waters coming onshore. that's the most devastating hazard associated with hurricanes. >> reporter: and though much of the focus is on florida, forecasters warn irma could also punish areas to the north in georgia and the carolinas. if you haven't left yet, authorities are stressing if you have relatives or friends in florida you can stay with, that is a safer option. they don't want anyone getting stuck on the highways. shelters are also opening up and we are hearing estimates of tens of thousands of people that could end up in them. if people go they are asking them to bring three days of food and water. >> meg, you mentioned that a huge number of gas stations have run out of fuel including
6:33 am
the one you're at. so those people are stuck. >> reporter: there are still some gas stations in the area with gas. and people have been tweeting out at this station or that station. i just happened to be at a corner where every gas station that i can see is closed. so they are asking people to look on social media and try to fill up today as quickly as possible. >> meg oliver live in miami, thank you. meanwhile, rescue crews from bay area are stepping up to help. anne makovec is at moffett field where a group from the california national guard is leaving for florida this morning reporter: about 100 members of the 129th rescue wing based here at moffett field are taking offer again. many members of this team just got back from helping after hurricane harvey in texas. they are loading up for that
6:34 am
mission. they got the call to redeploy to florida about a half-hour after they got back here at moffett field. 90 people performed search-and- rescue in that hurricane zone. included the team, highly trained rescuers. today they are bringing two rescue helicopters with them to florida. local first also answering the call. members -- local firefighters also answering the call. members of task force 4 went to florida yesterday. this is 80 people search-and- rescue team made up of mostly oakland firefighters, many of whom also helped in texas with hurricane harvey. at moffett field, anne makevoc, kpix 5. all right. neda joins us now for the latest on irma's path. >> i remember still large and in charge this monster of a storm. i want to show you where it is now going to cause a lot of damage to cuba next in line. you can see the outer layers of this storm already impacting cuba. it went through turks & caicos overnight. the bahamas now getting a lot
6:35 am
of wind and rain from this storm, as well. so it is even stretching as far as jamaica. this is such a widespread storm. and now let's track it and let you know what's to be expected for florida today. so here it is. right now, wind gusts 150-mile- per-hour sustained. gusts at 190. it is still moving west- northwest at 16 miles per hour. so let me step out of the way and show you where it's expected to reach florida. this is early tomorrow morning around 11 a.m. pacific time when it's going to still be along cuba as it will through the night tonight and then tomorrow, late night -- excuse me, saturday night into sunday morning, that's when it's expected to certainly impact florida keys, miami, all of the southern communities there of florida under a hurricane warning and a lot of those people will evacuate. they should be leaving. this is where the storm is headed now. it's expected to go inland
6:36 am
into the united states as it downgrades to a cat-2 and then turns into a low pressure system. but georgia, the carolinas, mississippi and tennessee could be impacted from this storm system. this gives you a sense of the widespread amount of rain associated with this. several inches 10 to 20 still expected from this hurricane. so even though it's been downgraded, it's serious. here's the wind gust expected between 80 to 155 miles per hour winds as it hits florida on saturday. and even the outer layers, this is still dangerous wind conditions. we do have obviously an active -- several active systems. katia still right in the gulf of mexico there. here's irma. there's jose. and jose in fact expected to hit the leeward islands they just got hit by irma, and then it's going to graze north of puerto rico as it heads further north into the atlantic. here's why irma is now making this direct path towards florida. we were hoping this jet stream would dip actually right as
6:37 am
irma was passing through. it didn't happen. it dipped too soon and now the way hurricanes move they find the path of least resistance so the path is wide open for it to impact florida now. right now, we are tracking a pretty smooth ride for drivers on highway 24 although it's foggy. this is a live look on the oakland side and we are seeing those taillights moving westbound. so so far traffic pretty easy along this stretch. we were tracking a problem we saw a carpooler on the shoulder there and we have reports of an accident on the eastbound side so this is on the other side of the tunnel and this is right on the shoulder not causing any delays. we are still looking at a pretty easy commute for drivers making their approach towards the tunnel in either direction but we are definitely seeing slowdowns build along southbound 680. and highway 4 crowded in the westbound direction headlights heading westbound this is right near the port chicago
6:38 am
highway and from antioch over to i-80 connecting in hercules, 45 minutes. starting to see more slowdowns there. bay bridge toll plaza, that hasn't changed any other than the time, it keeps climbing. 20 minutes into the city, 20 minutes from 4 to the maze. governor jerry brown has declared a state of emergency in three northern california counties where wildfires are burning. crews in madeira, mariposa and tulare counties have been battling blazes over the last nine days. the fires have scorched about 37 square miles. one of the fires is burning close to yosemite. right now, access to the national park is restricted because of the railroad fire. it is threatening the giant sequoias in the sierra national forest. the fire started august 29th. right now it is more than 40% contained. road kill can pose dangerous conditions for drivers and a new uc-davis study shows that california commuters are paying dearly for it. kpix 5's katie nielson
6:39 am
reports. shears on 280 in san francisco reporter: the study shows that 23-mile stretch of road from san francisco to silicon valley on interstate 280 is the costliest in the state when it comes to dealing with road kill. in 2016, there were almost 400 collisions on interstate 280 involving animals costing $875,000 per mile in maintenance costs and clean- up. highway 101 north of san francisco is second with 225 collisions in 2016 at a cost of half a million dollars per mile. the animals that cause the most problems, deer, coyotes and other small wildlife like skunks, raccoons and possums. >> it's like oh, my god when you hit it because you think you hit something else but it was a deer. it damaged the right front fender and cost $5,000. >> reporter: the study authors say they didn't include data
6:40 am
from more rural county roads but if they did it would add another $300 million a year to that total cost. the study authors say one of the ways to prevent road kill accidents is by installing underpasses for animals to cross the freeways or fencing along the side of the freeways to keep the animals off the roads in the first place. they say those measures could pay for themselves within a couple of years. live in san francisco, katie nielsen, kpix 5. a training event for law enforcement gets under way this afternoon in dublin. the alameda county sheriff's department is behind the urban shield program. it includes earthquake and fire preparedness training. but it also has a weapons expo. >> whoo! >> it's the weapons that are prompting a protest today at the alameda county government center in oakland. organizers say they are also taking a stand against president trump's intent to lift restrictions to the
6:41 am
transfer of military equipment to police departments. donald trump, jr.'s meeting with the senate judiciary committee left some senators wanting more answers. the questioning centered around a june 2016 meeting with a russian lawyer. donald trump maintained his statement that nothing came of it even though he changed his story several times on why he agreed to meet. according to cnn, trump told the committee he did not tell his father about the meeting at trump tower. lawmakers say they have more questions. >> it raised more questions than it answered. there were huge gaping holes of information that we need to fill and we are determined to fill it by having him come back under oath in public. at least i will urge that it be done by subpoena if necessary. >> california senator dianne feinstein has already said she is prepared to issue a subpoena if donald trump, jr. doesn't come back voluntarily. time check 6:41. police have made multiple arrests in connection with a brush fire that crept
6:42 am
dangerously close to million- dollar homes in the south bay. >> and a big victory for beach lovers in the battle over access to a prime stretch of beach in northern california.
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6:44 am
6:45 am
new york. good morning. thanks. time for a look at what's coming up later on "cbs this morning." charlie rose joins us from new york. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, michelle. ahead the latest information about hurricane irma and the forecast. florida is now facing a worst- case scenario. we have a team of correspondents spread out across the state with people being told to get out now on hunker down. plus, the massive 8.1 earthquake that shook mexico overnight. we'll hear from a cbs reporter near the epicenter. and more from my "60 minutes"
6:46 am
interview with steve bannon. he reveals how the "access hollywood" tape revelation became a litmus test for people working on the trump campaign. all that plus the eye-opener, your world in 90 seconds. see you at 7:00. >> all right, charlie. we will see you at 7:00. thank you. hackers have attacked one of the nation's largest consumer credit reporting agencies. with more on that here's kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. >> good morning. >> reporter: not the news we like to start friday with but a lot of americans might be impacted by the the worst data breach in history. equifax says possibly upwards of 143 million americans had sensitive information accessed by cyber criminals. that personal data includes things like social security numbers, birth dates, addresses, names and driver's licenses. equifax does confirm that credit card numbers for upwards of 209,000 consumers were accessed. there have been other data
6:47 am
breaches with bigger overall numbers, yahoo, myspace, but those data breaches did not contain the amount of personal data that equifax does have in its servers on so many americans. a compass point research note says possibly up to 75 american consumers could be affected. equifax does have free monitoring that it's making available because of this and you can find that link on the kcbs radio page on facebook. the stock market showing a little bit of caution this morning with hurricane irma bearing down on florida. and that big earthquake in mexico. let's check the big board. the dow is down 6. nasdaq down 9. s&p down 2. shares in equifax are taking a big dive this morning, cyber security shares on the other hand are heading higher on that news. back to you. >> thank you, jason brooks from kcbs radio. another step forward for an effort to secure public access to martins beach in san mateo county. yesterday, the state assembly approved a bill that provides
6:48 am
the state lands commission with a tool allowing it to acquire public access to the beach. silicon valley billionaire vinod khosla blocked off the only access road when he bought the adjacent property several years ago. the bill goes to the senate next week for approval. 6:48. let's check the roads. how's it looking? >> it's not "friday light." we are dealing with more slow slowdowns than usual because everyone is back from vacation and school is in session. so this is like a first full week of more traffic on the roads. a couple of accidents on the montague expressway one earlier near zanker this one approaching 880. speeds down to 35 miles per hour. 101 near middlefield way, no blocks. the cruising stretch around 45
6:49 am
miles per hour. traffic heavy out of san jose. right now we are in the yellow 33 minutes from hellyer to san antonio. an accident on 880 southbound. you can see speeds drop right around 30 miles per hour. that's not blocking any lanes. but definitely getting slow hayward to foster city westbound on the san mateo bridge, crowded there, 21 minutes. eastbound direction still moving smoothly in the green. 13 minutes. from foster city to hayward. the bay bridge toll plaza packed for an hour and a half. 22 minutes from the maze into san francisco. your ride along the eastshore freeway still in the yellow 20 minutes from highway 4 over towards the bay bridge toll plaza. we're still tracking some minor slowdowns along southbound 680. >> reporter: thanks. there is fog out there this morning. it is causing delays at sfo today on some arriving flights.
6:50 am
low ceiling and thick fog. look at the view. the sunrise happening just now. our mount vaca cam. the marine layer will burn off later. 64 now in concord. livermore 63. san francisco 60. san jose 64. santa rosa up to 60. here's the visibility. let's check the fog on the roads. it doesn't seem too bad. half moon bay three-mile visibility so that's improving. sfo nine miles an hour. inland areas should be able to see the sunset because of course the cloud cover and fog
6:51 am
will burn off. drizzle though along the bay with that marine layer. temperatures below average today. we'll heat up significantly at the weekend especially inland. palo alto will reach78. redwood city 77. milpitas 74 degrees. moving to the east bay antioch 83. pittsburg 82. 77 for you in san ramon and danville 75. walnut creek 78. here's a look along the coastline. mill valley 71. daly city 65. a cool 67 in sausalito. richmond you'll be at 68 today. temperatures to the north in the mid- to upper 80s. and yes, that warmup is happening for the weekend. look at this. we're bumping up for tomorrow in the inland areas. about 4 to 5 degrees but look at sunday. that's when we'll notice the change. temperatures will be in the upper 90s by sunday. and then even triple digits for some inland neighborhoods along the bay we'll be in the mid-80s on sundays.
6:52 am
the beaches are looking good for sunday. 78 degrees expected at local beaches. wednesday, thursday a cooldown in store. who is ready for football? kenny just perked up! we are talking about the game sunday 1:00 sunny and warm. it's going to be 90 degrees in santa clara. so definitely bring that water. you will want to hydrate. sunday 83 at the mountain view art & wine festival. back to you. gilroy police have announced at rest of four teenagers for 100-acre grass fire that burned near million- dollar moments. they announced the arrest of four teenage boys. >> they should work on trees and the land. >> the family heard the fire that started the fire when their grandson told them about four teens behind the home. one boy turned themself in. they arrested all 14 and 15 years boys, the four could face felony, jail time and fines. the fire is out. health officials have now
6:53 am
confirmed 6 deaths in connection with last weekend's he is stream heat. three died in san mateo county from extreme heat, the other three in san francisco. the most powerful quake to hit in a century to mexico sends people running into the streets 500 miles away. >> dozens of local members of the california air national guard are preparing to head to florida this morning. less check some of the equipment they are bringing with.
6:54 am
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mass evacuations are underway in south florida as about 120 members of the california air national guard are going to florida to help
6:57 am
in the aftermath of hurricane irma. tease are some of the planes here behind me c-130s on the tarmac at moffett field ready to take off within the next couple of hours. they are going to help with search-and-rescue missions. just at same as they did in texas after hurricane harvey. in fact, they got the call to head to florida about a half- hour after they arrived home from texas. over here on the other side of the tarmac, you can see some of the helicopters that they are going to be bringing with them. these are highly trained para- rescuers who are going to be completing all sorts of missions from rooftops to people stranded in their vehicles. they don't know what to expect once they hit south florida but 120 members of our localed in a guard say they are ready for -- local national guard say they are ready for anything. anne makovec, kpix 5. time now 6:57, time for your final five. >> mass evacuations are under way in south florida as hurricane irma churns towards
6:58 am
the u.s. mainland. the storm was downgraded to a cat-4 overnight. it's packing winds over 150 miles an hour. irma is blamed for at least 18 deaths in the caribbean. that number is expected to rise significantly when search teams reach the more remote islands. the house is expected to approve a spending package today including money for disaster relief. about $15 billion is set aside for victims of hurricane harvey as well as hurricane irma. the bill would also raise the debt ceiling. a powerful earthquake struck mexico's southern coast. at least 15 deaths are linked to the magnitude 8.2 quake. a tsunami warning is in effect for central america and at least one town has been evacuated as a precaution. san francisco district attorney's office is teaming up with local universities to address the issue of sex crimes on campus. the d.a. will host a training session to respond to allegations.
6:59 am
a controversial training event is under way in dublin including earthquake and fire preparedness and active shooter training. it also has a weapons expo. a couple cars got into it on southbound 101 near lucas valley road that's keeping things slow for folks making their way through novato heading southbound along 101. here's a live look ygnacio boulevard, 15 minutes to 580. delays at the bay bridge toll plaza. surprise, surprise. it's about a 25-minute ride heading into the city from the maze. neda? >> all right. i want to just point this out as everyone who has been watching irma, obviously concerned about this. may be upgrading to a category 5 as it hits those warmer waters just north of cuba. so we're also looking at jose just behind irma. the little island in barbuda that saw damage is under evacuation orders because of all this. >> thank you. thank you for watching kpix 5 news this morning. your next local update is 7:26. >> "cbs this morning" is next. ♪[ music ]
7:00 am
good morning to you are viewers in the west. friday, september 8th, 2017. welcome to "cbs this morning." breaking news -- mexico's biggest earthquake in a century. the 8.1 magnitude qu overnight leaves death and destruction in southern mexico. it sets off tsunami warnings in the whole region. hurricane warnings are up in south florida. deadly hurricane irma weakens to a category 4, but the entire state still faces a worst-case scenario, even more devastating than andrew 25 years ago. more than a million people are told to get out, but gas shortages and highway backups are slowing the evacuations. plus, more of charlie's interview with steve bannon for sunday's "60 minutes."


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