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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  September 8, 2017 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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now, the deadly storm is inching closer to florida. tonight: the race against time to evacuate. now at 11:00, hurricane irma regaining strength as a category 5 hurricane. now the deadly storm inching closer to florida. tonight the race against time to evacuate. good evening i'm veronica de la cruz. >> and i'm ken bastida. kenneth craig is live in miami with more. >> reporter: well, when i saw you an hour ago it had just started raining. this is just the very beginning. the outer bands of irma. a massive hurricane headed straight for florida. (nat sot)) "we've got water, food for a couple of days, snacks, beef jerky stuff like that." ((narr-2)) more shelters opened friday 5-point-six mi shelters in florida are filling up, and traffic is clogging roads leading out of the danger zones before irma's degreed arrival. >> get -- dreaded arrival. >> got water, food, snacks. >> reporter: more shelters opened friday evening to help
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accommodate the 5.6 million people asked to evacuate. >> this is the safest place to be. >> reporter: the governor rick scott is warning people there's not much time left. >> get where you need to go and do not wait. >> reporter: it's tracking slightly west, but projected to cover the whole peninsula. the national guard is already out in force. >> the entire focus is to make sure everyone is safe. >> reporter: because so many of miami is so low and flat, people are prepared for many areas to flood. here in coral gables nearly every business is boarded up. irma left a trail of destruction in the caribbean. american tiffany bender and her friends are stranded in stranded st. martin. >> we came to celebrate 10 years of friendship, but we're all terrified, just so afraid. >> reporter: the u.s. navy has four ships ready to assist florida with medical and
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logistical support, and urban search and rescue crews are preparing for what lies ahead. you saw the people lined up to get inside shelters. at last check there were 23,000 people here in miami-dade county in shelters tonight. >> i know it's the middle of the night in florida, we appreciate you being up. did you see anybody earlier in the evening telling you we're not leafing, we're going to ride it out? going -- leaving, we're going to ride it out? going against what they're telling folks? >> reporter: yes, a lot of people sort of taking their last walks, the calm before the storm. that's what it was. and a lot of people telling me look, we decided not to evacuate. we'll ride this out in our homes. we feel we're safe and it's sturdy. a number of them were here for hurricane andrew 25 years ago,
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and they feel if they can survive that they can survive anything, including hurricane irma, but that's not advised. >> yeah, gambling tonight with their lives unfortunately. all right, kenneth craig live in miami tonight, thank you. >> and here paul deanno with the latest on irma's path. >> it's tracking all the way from haiti on one side to homestead, florida on the other side. nearly 600 miles in size. here's the storm, now back up to category 5 strength despite the fact that it's interacting with land in cuba. here's the wind field, what we expect the wind to look like over south florida as soon as tonight and early sunday morning. the field of 80 to 100 or stronger mile per hour wind gusts reach the florida keys tomorrow night. move up the peninsula. about 11:00 sunday morning half of the florida peninsula already covered by areas
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getting 80 to 120 miles per hour wind gusts. that's a huge amount of space. some areas could receive the wind gusts for 24 consecutive hours, and the storm surge, the literal water level rise because of the water being shoved in one direction means some of the florida keys will disappear, and be completely submerged. the storm works up into georgia and alabama, and weaken over land. but about 15 million folks live in south florida, and they're all in the path of hurricane force winds over the next 36 hours. >> all right, paul thank you. and while everyone else is racing to get out of irma's way, these guys are flying straight into the eye of the storm. data on the storm's power -- and path. the hurricane hunters captured this terrifying new view and gathered vital data on the stomates power and path. -- storm's power and path. it almost blew away this cnn reporter. he couldn't even put on his jacket. someone else had to step in and help get it on.
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the miami international airport shut down about three hours ago and will remain closed throughout the weekend. the message board at sfo show all flights in and out of miami have been canceled. earlier we spoke with a few of the final passengers to get out. >> once we got into the air this one person did a slow clap and the whole plane went with it and clapped with him. there was tension not just because of the storm, the flight before us in the same, um, gate, got canceled because they didn't have enough flight attendants. >> so one flight that did make it into florida today, this loaded c-130 that took off carrying members of the air national guard 129th rescue wing. many of these men and women just got back from texas where they saved more than 100 people from the flood waters of high pressure harvey. >> we'll be out there -- hurricane harvey.
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>> we'll be out there as long as they need us. >> the guard's mission in florida is expected to be similar to the job they did in texas. chaos in flori they're also bringing two helicopters with highly trained rescuers on board. in the middle of all the chaos in florida tonight, a random act of kindness. this lowe's store in orlando got an emergency shipment of 200 generators, but sold out in just two hours. the customer in front of one woman got the last one, and she turned away in tears. >> my father is on oxygen, and i'm worried about the storm. >> but then a complete stranger noticed her in distress and handed over his generator. >> she needed the generator. it's okay. no worries. >> i'm very overwhelmed by that man. he's helping our family. r became available later in the day.. >> the store's manager called the man a hero and as soon as
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another generator became available later in the day, she contacted him and gave it to him for free. tonight apple announced it's donating $5 million for hurricane relief efforts, and starting this weekend you can donate through the app store and i towns. about three hours ago, a new hurricane, yes, hurricane k atia made land fall on mexico's gulf coast as a category 1 storm bringing drenching rains and dangerous storm surge. meanwhile the other side of the country is still reeling from the strongest earthquake to hit mexico in a semple are you. >> yes, the quake left -- century. >> yes, the quake left at least 61 people dead and some injured. some using their hands tonight to dig others out of the debris. >> reporter: tonight firefighters are racing against time to rescues those trapped in collapsed buildings. hundreds of homes and buildings
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reduced to rubble off mexico's southern coast. one man said his house moved like chewing gum. the deadly quick captured in this cell phone video hit hard. hundreds of miles away in mexico city, the famous angel of independence monument swayed back and forth. schools closed today so experts could survey the damage. this woman said she never felt something so horrible. a reporter from dallas was in mexico. >> it felt like a train was rolling beneath our feet and moments later we started to see the buildings shaking from side to side. it sounded like pieces of metal just scraping together. >> here's the epicenter and mexico city is up here about 480 miles away. >> reporter: the u.s. geological survey says the quake hit along the ring of fire, an imaginary belt in the
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pacific ocean where plates slide underneath each other. >> where it happens many earthquakes are produced. >> reporter: and he says it's similar to the cascadia abduction zone where a magnitude 9 could happen. the u.s. geological survey reports at least 20 aftershocks of magnitude 4 and above after the quake, and they say it's a reminder for us to be prepared because large earthquakes can hit any time. this conservative speaker coming to uc berkeley next week, and now police plan to re- - how police plan to prevent another round of protests. and tonight talks turn to greed and racism. and have you noticed more fleas around your home lately? exterminators can't keep up with the calls. tonight what's behind the bay
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area freeway outbreak. flea outbreak.
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want permission to use something that's been off- limits to them 20 years: stopping a violent protest before it starts. tonight berkeley police want permission to use something that's been off limits to them for 20 years. pepper spray. now they're asking to use it if needed during upcoming events at cal. next thursday ben shapiro is set to speak. it's sold out, and tonight the university is beefing up security already. cal plans to set a perimeter around six buildings that includes where he'll appear. ol is working with berkeley p-d... to bring in be a >> we can't turn a blind eye to the violence that's characterized the recent political rallies and demonstrations, so we need to be prepared and do what's necessary. >> the school is working with berkeley police department to bring in officers. they'll also have a special
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area for people to hold peaceful protests. authorities want to prevent violence like this when another speaker came to speak in february and got shut down. later this month he's planning a free speech week at cal. intense training for intense times is how urban shield promotes itself. protesters claim it promotes over the top police practices. tonight the battle lines are drawn in alameda county. here's kpix's christin ayers. >> reporter: urban shield was kicking off at the alameda fairgrounds today, and protesters were gathering here, rally to push the law enforce -- rallying to push the law enforcement conference out of the county. it's become a tradition. protests every year when the law enforcement training and weapons expo known as urban shield comes to town. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: activists want
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alameda county to stop hosting it. >> urban shield is militarized policing. >> reporter: the alameda county sheriff's department says this year's conference is preparing first responders to serve bay area communities in case of disaster. this year we're focused on disaster preparedness. the bay area is susceptible to a major earthquake event. the annual convention was forced out of oakland in 2014. the following year urban shield came under scrutiny when these shirts were sold at the convention. >> when the police say they're helping people and protecting people i wonder what community they're actually referring to. >> reporter: pictures taken at the convention show officers shopping for high powered rifles and facial recognition tools. the kind of technology protesters say authorities simply don't need. tonight they held their own
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community safety fair complete with fire safety training and self-defense classes. programs they say could use the funding that pays for urban shield. >> invest the money in programs that actually make the community safe. tonight hillary clinton is opening up about an uncomfortable moment on the campaign trail with candidate donald trump. in her first tv speer view in her new book she -- interview in her new book she sat down and talked about him getting too close in the debate. >> do i wheel around and say get out of my space? back up you creep? well, you know, i didn't do the latter because you should keep your cool and be steady and predictable, but i think in this time we're in, particularly in this campaign,m chances. >> you can see the full interview this weekend on cbs sunday morning right here on kpix 5. former president bill
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clinton was in the bay area tonight to honor a man known for giving back to the community. amos brown. they also had a lot to say about the current state of affairs. kpix 5's andrea borba is in san francisco. >> reporter: well, the program wrapped up just a short time ago. it was to honor amos brown's 40 years of service here at third baptist church. rd baptist church -- willie b governor jerr [ singing ] ent bill clinton came together to honor 40 years of service by reverend doctor amos brown. jerry brown >> reporter: before a packed house at third baptist church, willy brown, jessie jackson, and former president bill clinton came together to honor 40 years of service by reverend dr. amos brown. [ applause ] >> the world's changed, san francisco has changed, this neighborhood has changed, but amos brown has not changed. he's speaking the truth, the power and standing up for the truth. >> reporter: they thanked him
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for years of support and pumping a message of union and love out of his -- unity and love out of his church that remains current today. >> everybody wants to make everything about us and them. us and them. this whole country was founded on the premise that eventually we'll all get around to being the same. >> reporter: reverend brown said this. >> our nation is in one of the worst states that it's ever been in its history. this resurgence of racism will destroy this nation. >> reporter: reverend brown said the current political climate is in need of unity. >> that's what makes america great. this division is the land now
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is not america. it's the petty private interests of persons who have been infected by the disease of greed, selfishness, and bibotry. but we ought -- bigotry. but we ought to be family. >> reporter: i asked him if he'd repeat his 40 years of service, and his 61 years of civil rights work, and he said he'd absolutely do it again, but he wants everyone's help. andrea borba, kpix 5. tonight two cases of hepatitis a are linked to the jails in santa clara county. according to the health department a jail inmate and staff member recently contracted the disease. ons to both inmates and staff to prevent any further cases health officials point out, this is not an outbreak. the last case of >> we don't know where the cases are linked together, but given that there are outbreaks in santa cruz and san diego county, we have really leaned
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in and are offering vaccinations to both inmates and staff to prevent any further cases. >> they point out this is not an outbreak. the next story might making you start -- make you start scratching a little bit. the city is in the midst of a big flea outbreak. exterminators tell us there's a backlog of flea calls. >> tried to go buy some carpet powder to kill the fleas, sold out at target, sold out at pet stores. you can't get it. >> amazon. >> there you go. why so many fleas? a local exterminator blames the recent hot weather. >> 2017 has been a crazy hurricane season. so was 2004. back then i worked for cbs in philadelphia. we wanted to show our viewers what it's like to be in
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hurricane force winds. take a look. >> reporter: it's 70 miles per hour and just putting my hand out here takes effort. if i let it go it goes back. i'm just holding on to the microphone making sure it doesn't fall back and we're still not at hurricane force wind. >> that's only 70! >> strapped in, that's hurricane force wind. it literately starts blowing your skin away. at certain points you can't open your mouth to talk because of the air rushing in, and if you're not strapped in you're on the wall. so a good lesson about people thinking about riding it out at 150 miles per hour. >> don't, just don't. >> that's double that speed. >> and when you double the speed, you're quadrupling the force. so 150 miles per hour wind is even worse than you think, and it sounds pretty bad. so another reason we're so thankful we don't get
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hurricanes around here. we'll talk about weather now. we have some fog in san francisco, 60 degrees. our thoughts and prayers of course with the folks in south florida who are choosing to ride it out and the folks who left. we hope their property is not too damaged. concord 66, livermore 63. a lot going on this weekend. opera in the park. kpix is a sponsor. and the walk to end alzheimers. pleasant weather for that as well. this area of low pressure has hung out off the california coast all week long, and it's why the heat wave ended and we had showers yesterday and saw somewhat cooler weather today. it leaves for two days, we warm up for the weekend, but it returns on monday bringing back some tropical moisture and a rain chance. tomorrow morning cloud cover near the bay, but burning off quickly. the coastline could see sunshine. pleasant over the weekend, warmer, 90s especially sunday
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afternoon inland. then tropical moisture coming back as the low returns. cloudy sunday evening, rain chance, couple of showers on monday. widespread light rain possible on tuesday. santa clara 82, 69 with sunshine in the afternoon for san francisco. petaluma 83, e tended forecast, d extended forecast, hot on sunday -- extended forecast, hot on sunday, and cooler than average the rest of the week. that's the forecast. all right, sounds good. this couple heard their names in the news a lot lately, and tonight we'll introduce you to harvey and irma.
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chase. make more of what's yours. meet harvey -- and irma. yes, that right. they you might call it a whirlwind romance. >> meet harvey and irma, yeah, you heard that right. they're a real couple from washington and happily married for 75 years, but they're having a hard time watching the comp of their name sake -- coverage of their name sake
11:26 pm
hurricanes. >> they're so sad, and that bothers me. >> this harvey and irma have hearts of gold though. over the years the couple opened their home to more than 100 foster children. that's on top of raising three kids of their own. >> there you go. >> nice couple. nice to hear that. >> going to tennessee for the raiders titans, and i have just enough energy to make it through. you won't believe the moving pictures i've got, and when the panda is happy, everybody's happy! we'll explain. ♪
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first stop, chicago... that local baseball up top. couple of big league thrillers. first up, chicago. this is giants pablo sandoval. hadn't had a hit in three weeks, but he took care of that. three run homer stopped an 0 for 39 skid, a franchise record as the giants crush the white sox 9-2. meantime back in oakland, the a's manager down to his final three outs, down a
11:30 pm
run. powell, hero time. that lead off blast tied the game at 8. and three batters later a bloop, and the a's won it. 8-7! they're tenth walk up win for the year. how about tiger woods? he's a raider fan in new york. watching tennis. he'll play kevin anderson. that's his first career grand slam title and strong family support. >> we have the nfl. raid everies derek carr -- raiders derek carr, he's fired up.
11:31 pm
first games for he and mariota since they both broke their legs last christmas eve. it's okay with carr if marcus is a little rusty. >> you know, i hope he waits a week, you know. [ laughter ] >> that would be nice. >> he's a good athlete. he's doing whatever tennessee asks him to do, i just hope he didn't show up sunday. >> the raiders a slight underdog in nashville. 49ers the under dog with incoming carolina. and stanford the under dog at usc. cal a favorite to beat weaver state. there you go. >> now it's for real. >> that's right. >> no more practice games finally. >> we'll be right back.
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have a great weekend. the late show is up next. >> it's been a week, right? >> it really has. >> let's hope for a great weekend. we'll see you.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> this sunday on "60 minutes," charlie rose's exclusive interview with steve bannon. >> so how do you want to be perceived, you today? and destroy his enemies? ( laughing ) >> it's "the late show with stephen colbert." tonight, stephen's take on donald trump jr. testifying to congress. and stephen welcomes jessica biel. featuring jon batistst


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