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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  September 9, 2017 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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calls from hurricane irma next. live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. >> now at 11:00, the outer bands of hurricane irma have reached south florida tonight.
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the powerful storm tracking more to the west with people along florida gulf coast bracing for a big hit. >> tonight hurricane irma is blamed for at least 27 deaths after cutting a path of destruction through the caribbean. it's just hours away from making land fall in florida where 6.5 million people have been told to leave their homes. more than 75,000 people will be hunkering down in shelters there to want. we have team -- tonight. we have coverage tonight, kenneth craig is in miami. >> reporter: good evening from miami where it's been raining now for more than 24 hours. just the beginning other 6 a storm that's nowhere -- beginning of a storm that's nowhere near over. this is just the beginning of the rain and wind hurricane irma has in store for florida. as the powerful storm inches closer, it's spinning up funnel
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clouds and threatening tornadoes. the first stop is the florida key, then the storm's west coast. storm surge a growing concern in my hometown of naples, 15 feet above ground level, how do you survive that? >> reporter: the state told more than 6 million residents to evacuate, and more than 75,000 found their way into shelters. >> we'll all get through this together. >> reporter: this is a look inside the 8400 seat hockey arena between naples and fort myer, and more keep arriving. >> we decided safety is better than insanity. >> reporter: with the storm tracking west, some are saying miami dodged a bullet, but hurricane force wind are on the way, and forecasters say the city will still take a hit. across the state, residents who haven't gotten out are hunkering down. >> that's the mattress in case
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we come in at night. >> reporter: they'll ride out the storm at their home in naples. >> by the time we decided to get out it was sold out. >> reporter: curfews are already in effect in several south florida cities as irma gets closer to land fall. and the storm is leaving a lot of people here in the dark. last check more than 200,000 customers without power tonight. >> kenneth, walk us through how the weather has changed just over the last couple of hours? >> it's really been changing by the minute. a lot of wind and rain, goes away, then comes back again. a few hours ago we had serious bands bringing a lot of lightning, high wind, rain, and tornado warnings, and in some areas water spouts. >> kenneth craig in miami tonight, thank you for your report. winds earlier today. the gusts e still getting st >> and check out this video from miami. huge construction cranes started spinning in the high wind early today. the gusts getting stronger tonight across south florida.
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here's a closer look at hurricane irma, kicked to the north. heading north-northwest, over the florida keys before anurias, and then -- sunrise, and then parrels the west coast, it's down to -- parallels the west coast, and then it's downgraded to a category 3. it's got 121 miles per hour winds forecasts as it gets back out over the gulf and makes land fall by sunrise eastern time tomorrow morning. new tonight, president trump spoke about hurricane irma earlier from camp david while alongside his cabinet members. recover, and rebuild. the president says his cabinet is in close contact with state and >> hurricane irma which looks like it's going to be a really bad one, really bad, but we're prepared. we're prepared as you can be for such an event. together we'll restore, recover, and rebuild. storm conditions and >> the president says his
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cabinet is in close contact with state and local officials across florida who are monitoring the storm conditions and evacuations. >> >. and as you can imagine, call centers helping with evacuations have their hands full, and andrea borba is in the news room with now evacuees are turning to northern california for assistance. >> the call for help with tampa's 211 system came late friday as managers told their people to evacuate there. tonight there are volunteers across the country helping folks in florida. your zip code for tampa is 33601, we do have evacuation centers in your area...which one st for you, >> reporter: as hurricane irma puts florida in her sights, call centers are lighting up with people looking for a way out. .01.06 this call center a couple years ago was on the verge of shut came in and >> we have evacuation centers in our area. >> reporter: one of those call center, though, isn't in miami or tampa or orlando. f they are in evacuation zone - where they can go to seek shelter the responsibility of helping
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people in mortal danger a continent away is not lost on the 2- 1-1 team. 07.24.00 we know that these folks ow that they but 2900-mile 2900 -- 2900 miles away in sacramento. >> the tampa region is shut down completely, so they have packed all of their stuff to take shelter in place, and because of that they've shut down the entire operation and moved everything over here to our call cent effort. >> reporter: 211 began frantically building the system to take the tampa call last night, and trained volunteers today. >> this call center a couple of years ago was on the verge of shutting down, but good will came in to revamp what 211 was about, and part of that was looking at how we can assist throughout the entire nation. >> reporter: volunteers get an hour of training and then jumping into action. >> the most immediate needs are folks calling asking about whether they're in an evacuation zone, and if they are where they can go to seek shelter. >> reporter: the responsibility of helping people in mortal
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danger a continent away is not lost on the 211 team. >> we know these folks really don't know that they're calling to california, so they expect we know their area and understand what they're calling for and how to be of assistance, so that level of responsibility is not one we take lightly. >> now they anticipate as irma makes land fall the volume and severity of calls will increase. in the news room, andrea borba, kpix 5. about a hundred linemen, pge crews arrived in florida to help restore power after the widespread out arranges anticipated. about -- outages anticipated. about 100 linemen and supervisors flew in from northern california, and this afternoon they worked on getting all of their equipment ready. >> we have the batteries charging. when the rest of our equipment and tools that we shipped by ground get here, we'll load those on the truck and be ready to get to work on storm
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restoration as soon as the storm has passed. >> they have a mutual aid agreement during emergencies. and the search and rescue team from the east bay just arrived in florida a few hours ago. task force 4 has 80 members, most of them oakland and alameda county firefighters. just about a week ago they were in texas helping with flood rescues in hurricane harvey. >> tonight about 5,000 americans still remain on the island of st. martin according to the department of defense. evacuations will resume once another hurricane, jose, move as way from the island. kpix 5 has more on jose and the damage left behind from irma at some other popular caribbean destinations. from the sky show what the monster hurricane is capable of . this once-paradise island surrounded by turquoise water, now unrecognizable. how are after this. >> reporter: pummeled and decimated barbuda. the destruction from the sky
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shows what the monster hurricane is capable of. this once beautiful island now unrecognizable. >> how are we going to survive after this? every house, every infrastructure, every utility that's here is completely damaged and gone. >> reporter: then there's category 4 hurricane jose. those who braved irma are seen here arriving by boat in nearby antigua. 48 hours after irma, a second round of mandatory evacuations and warnings to escape a second major hurricane. staying behind a risk, especially with no real shelters left. >> it's my home. i have to try and save it. >> reporter: like irma, jose formed in the far eastern atlantic near the cape verde islands. as the storm moves west, the leeward islands tend to take the brunt, but the prime minister says islanders are witnessing far worse conditions lately. he says the hurricanes should serve as a slap in the face, a
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wake up call to the entire planet. >> climate change is real. i mean, we're seeing the consequences of climate change, and those who do not believe in climate change, when they look at the natural disasters we hope they change their positions because we all need to believe in it and take collective action. >> it's more likely than not the frequency of category 4 or 5 hurricanes will increase over the 21st century. >> people along mexico's gulf coast are dealing with the aftermath of hurricane katia. it slammed into a mountainous region, and two people died in a mud slide. and on the other side of mexico people are sleeping on the street as frayed of crumbling -- afraid of crumbling buildings from the
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8.1 earthquake that hit the country's southern pacific coast on thursday night. in one city, a third of the homes have collapsed. mexico's president is calling for three days of mourning across the country. first responders here at home are getting ready and being prepared in case a major earthquake strikes the bay area. families came out to alameda county's disaster preparedness fair today for tips on preparing for a quake, and they also got to experience what it's like being in an 8.0 earthquake. >> we're probably next in line for a big quake, so we need people to take it seriously and prepare, and we need people to be able to save themselves. >> but the organizers also wanted to help people prepare for every day emergencies like a house or apartment fire. they demonstrated how difficult it can be to find your way out of a burning building. and there's no business like flow business, another force of mother nature on
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display tonight. we'll tell you where. >> anyone who's committing violence on another human being, you know, should be taken out of the crowd. >> plus what berkeley place are trying to get permission to use this week at a conservative speaking about at cal. also more from hurricane irma including the bay area woman who owned a home in one area of the caribbean that was ripped to shreds. >> by comparison, what we have coming up, no problem until we talk about tuesday, which we'll do after a break.
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check out the flames.. they consume path. new video tonight of a fire that raced through a san jose neighborhood today. crews belief it started as a car fire and moved to an rv,
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then onto four more properties. took firefighters about two hours to get it under control, and the cause of this house fire in pleasant hill also under investigation tonight. it broke out early this morning. new tonight a deadly stabbing in san jose, and police believe they have the man who did it. allen guetta is accused of stabbing a man to death on center road in south san jose about 6:30 last night. sheriff's deputies spotted his car a short time later and detained him. he's also accused of trying to stab a second person at the scene. the name of the man who died hasn't been released. a huge show of support today in oakland for dreamers. about a thousand people protested the repail of daca. the program -- repeal of daca. the program currently protected about 800,000 immigrants that came here as children. they could be deported when the program expires in six months.
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and in berkeley the police chief is trying to stop violent protests that could break out thursday when ben shapiro comes to the campus. police are now asking for clearance to use pepper spray. da lin has more. >> reporter: berkeley police already carry pepper spray, but can only use it to arrest unruly suspects, not crowd control. the city voted for the ban in 1997. the protests now are very different. anaerosis often turn -- anarchists often turn peaceful protests into blood baths. now officers asking to deploy pepper spray on violent protesters. the opinions are evenly split. >> he's the expert, i go with
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that. >> no, it's poisoning the people, no. >> reporter: supporters say they shouldn't handcuff the officers from doing their job, especially when dealing with violence. >> everything last time here was peaceful until they arrived by the truck load and so i'm in favor of this. >> reporter: for this uc davis grad, any thought of pepper spray reminds her of this. an officer spraying peaceful protesters. >> no, i think there are better uses and ways to control crowds. >> reporter: the police chief argues it will protect peaceful demonstrators. he says tear gas for example hurts everyone in the crowd, but they can use pepper spray to target individuals. >> anyone who's committing violence on another human being, you know, should be taken out of the crowd . >> reporter: the city council will talk about this tuesday. the police chief hopes the council will lift the ban, so they have the option to use
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pepper spray for the thursday event. da lin, kpix 5. now video from hawaii. look at the streams of bright orange lava. this happened on thursday after a break developmented inside a cone of the mountain -- developmented inside the cone -- developed inside the cone of the mountain. and now back to hurricane irma. water spouts and funnel clouds started appearing over land as it was approaching florida. you can see here in a community from fort lauderdale. tornado warnings are still in effect for two counties. well, a bay area woman with a condominium in st. martin showed us pictures of the damage on the island. a woman from san ramone showed the damage. roofs of homes ripped open, and storm shutters torn off by the
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powerful winds. >> devastated and sad. i just want everybody to be safe. it's such a beautiful island with beautiful people. it just breaks my heart. >> kristin has owned the condo since 1980 and says the latest storm was much worse than a previous hurricane that hit the area hard in 1995. we have the latest on where hurricane irma is going as it lefts off from the north coast of cuba and heads north- northwest toward florida. it slowed down, only moving about 6 miles per hour, but the path will now skirt the west coast of the florida peninsula before making land fall in the panhandle monday as a category 1 hurricane. it's going to strengthen to a category 4, then a 3 about the time it moves over the keys at sunrise tomorrow. storm surge could bury many of the florida keys. land fall likely in the keys, and southwest florida along the coast. wind gusting to about 60 to 100 miles per hour in place as long
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the coast for 24 hours. it's a slow mover, and the longer it takes to get there and move, the more damage it could do. back in the pay area, the highs a little above average. 89 concord, and san francisco 72. and across the bay bridge it's 70 in san jose and 61 in santa rosa. tomorrow we'll be up to 100 degrees inland. the temperatures spike. we get about a 10-degree warming for a single day before cooling down again on monday. so sudden warm up tomorrow, but then low pressure down to the south land and ushers in some moisture from down south so by tuesday we could get some shocking weather in the bay area. there's the potential, not a big potential, for thunderstorms coming in late monday and tuesday, and if not that, then maybe a few sprinkles. and we'll see, warms to near 100 degrees on sunday. cloudy and cooler monday with a thunderstorm and shower chance
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on monday and tuesday. a lot going on this weekend, the chocolate festival. option 2 the mountainview art festival. the castro valley fall festival, and a parade in oakland, opera in the park, and then finally the walk to end alzheimers. we're the spontaneous sort of the walk. it will be a good day for it. 67 degrees. partly cloudy skies along the coast. warm up north in ukia. overnight tonight in the mid- 60s, daytime highs warming to near 100 inland, but in the extended forecast they'll cool a bit on monday, cool a lot on tuesday, and a chance of sprinkles or a thunderstorm or two coming in thursday before sunshine by the latter half of the week. all right, next in sports, the bears defense comes up big in their home opener, and a rivalry game as two ranked pac-
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to prepare for their pac 12 rivals... u-s-c. coli after cruising past rice in the season opener in australia, the cardinals had a couple of weeks to prepare for their conference rival in usc. 14th ranked stanford to face the 6th ranked trojans. the trojans leading, but love gets a huge hole and takes off for a 75-yard touchdown run. that ties the game at 7. love finished the game with 160 rushing yards. early 2nd quarter, tied at 14. burnett breaks two tackles and dives right into the end zone
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for a 22-yard score. the trojans out in front 21-14. now 21-17. final minute of the half. darnell find burnett again. usc led 28-17 at the half. jones put this is game away by slipping into the end zone for a 23-yard score. sc put up over 700 yards of phone and rolled to the -- offense and rolled to the win. and the cal student section welcoming the new head coach to his first game at home. the wild cats find a wide open receiver to tie the game. weaver state actually led going into the 4th quarter. tied at 20, 14 minutes to play. cal retake it is lead at 27-20.
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two minutes to go in the game after the bears' defense stopped cal. laird rushed for 191 yards as cal wins 33-20. the bears are 2-0 on the season. new san jose coach brennan visiting texas. aaron picked off. the pick 6. the long horns win 56-0 out gaining them 623 yards to 171. san jose state falls to 1 and 2. the. number two ohio state playing host to 5th ranked ohio. the buck eyes lead 13-10, and
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oklahoma wins on the road 31- 16. and coming up a franchise record broken for the san francisco giants, but not the good kind. and sebastian on the injury report, now the raiders make a move that will sideline him for at least 8 games. we'll be right back. fast internet to small businesses. but for many businesses, it's out of reach. why promise something you can't deliver? comcast business is different. ♪ ♪ we deliver super-fast internet with speeds of 250 megabits per second across our entire network, to more companies, in more locations, than at&t. we do business where you do business. ♪ ♪
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though will not play tomorrow with a back injury. sea-bass was placed on the i-r sebastian was al davis' first round pick in 2000, but tennis first. stevens and keys in the u.s. open. stevens beat keys in straight sets to win her first grand slam title. the first american woman not named venus or serena williams to win it. congratulations to her. well, the giants pitchers allowed a franchise record six home runs versus the white sox. a solo in the 1st. chicago crushes the giants 3-1. and these a's fans were dressed to impress for a double header at the coliseum.
11:30 pm
bottom of the 8th the astros pitcher walked them all. and then pinder breaks the tie with the first of his two home runs in the game. oakland wins 11-4 to sweep the double header. and by the way, sebastian was the first round pick in 2000, the longest tenured raider will not play tomorrow with a back injury. steve bass will miss at least 8 games. we'll be right back after this. this is the new comfort food.
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thirty. news and weather updates sf-dot-com. thank you for watching. the next newscast is tomorrow morning at 7:30. >> and in the wee small hours hurricane irma will gather strength and become a category 4 again overnight and then head for florida. we'll have coverage beginning tomorrow morning.
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patton oswalt: one of the most unique sitcoms on tv today is set here in 1980-something. stand right there and try and look enormous. oswalt: it's about this family, the goldbergs, and conveniently it's called the goldbergs. what kind of moron gets stuck in a tree? adam said i couldn't climb this high. i showed him. you sure did. (clamoring) murray: the hose is the way to go. hey, neighbors. hi. we have got to get that barbeque on the books, don't we? oswalt: if you didn't live through them, the '80s were filled with trapper keepers, aerobics videos and dot-matrix printers. it was a time when we were the world, and despite our differences, we held hands across america. if those words make you feel a little lost, i'll give you a moment or two to google them. (computer chimes) crazy, right? in the next half hour, we areng to ow you


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