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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  September 10, 2017 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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francisco. next. the homicide investigation that left the lgbtq community grieving in san francisco. next. iv e from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. >> tonight hurricane irma targets tampa after battering much of florida all day. the latest headlines. 3.3million people have no power tonight. more than 5 million people are
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evacuated. many in shelters. 3 people have died in florida. including a deputy that was involved in a head on crash. good evening. i am brian hackney. >> i am juliette goodrich. tampa bay looks like a ghost town as the city takes a pounding. you can see the storm bearing down on the upper half of florida as it heads north. cbs correspondent con champion is indabas -- don champion is in tampa bay for us tonight. in the middle of the crazy conditions. >> reporter: good evening. central florida is under the gun right now as hurricane irma inches to the north. even though the storm has weakened considerably officials are warning people that it still packs a powerful punch. >> reporter: winds over 100 miles per hour are riching through florida -- ripping through florida. hurricane harvey is bringing wind, a danger of tornado and a
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storm surge. hurricane irma was a category 4 storm when it reached the florida keys sunday morning. it weakened as it made a second land fall at marco island but officials say it remained a powerful and life threatening stor. >> mandatory evacuation. not optional. if you want to make a bad decision then you will make that choice. >> the center of the hurricane is creeping north along florida's west coast. naples wind gusts up to 140 miles per hour. downed power lines and tore roofs off buildings. miami was spared a direct hit but the city was still pounded by rain and a 5-foot storm surge. damage is widespread. construction cranes collapsed in the winds. in tampa bay they are feeling the evidents of hurricane irma's winds, rain and storm surge. the city is vulnerable to flooding and people here have been told to seek higher
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ground. >> if you haven't gone to a shelter the time to do so is now. >> reporter: millions are without power and millions more could lose it. residents are being warned it may take weaks before electricity is restored. last week 126,000 people were staying in 500 shelters. set up across the state. the governor here in florida says by tomorrow 10,000 national guard members should be on the grounds here to help with recovery and rescue effort. >> and don,tuate is in store -- don, a lot is in store for the next couple hours? >> reporter: the powerful wind gusts will be persisting here for the next two hours or so. also a big concern over night here will continue to be the storm surge. we have already seen it coming in to this part of downtown slowly, officials here are warning there could be some flooding as the surge of up to six feet moves into the area.
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>> thank you for the report. the conditions hurricane irma is creating isn't as bad as last night. it is down to a category one but still has the strength to cause major damage. here is the latest on the time lapse. hurricane irma made land fall twice in florida and when it goes over land it loses the fuel it has. and as a result the winds are diminishing now. it is still a hurricane but category one. maximum sustained winds of 85 miles an hour. fort meyer 9 inches of rain. fort meade a foot of rain in 24 hours. in terms of the path, what happens next is that hurricane irma is going to be down graded to a category one in the panhandle it won't be a hurricane by tomorrow night and yet there are interesting
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things that could still happen. rainfall 4 to 6 inches of rain. storm surge 4 to 6 feet for the next 36 hours and in atlanta the first tropical storm warning in the city's history. more on hurricane irma's aspects in a minute but first here is juliet. >> one problem tonight in florida, transformers exploding in the powerful storm. pg&e crews are in florida to help out with it. they are a few hours away from starting their mission to restore power. >> all clear as they say, a wonderful, very humbling feeling to know that we are part of supporting fpl. >> bay area firefighters are also in the storm zone tonight. 80 members from oakland and alameda county fire. they are waiting for the storm to pass so they could begin
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rescuing people. >> 11 to 12 hours of sustained winds. structure damage. >> task force 4 spent two weeks in h for hurricane harvey. they were -- in texas for hurricane harvey. >> i miss my kids and my wife right now but we know that when we take an oath to do our job. we are glad we are here to help. everybody is very honored and proud to be part of this. >> at this point task force 4 does not know when they will return back to the bay area. president trump commented on hurricane irma after arriving back at the white house today. >> every group is coordinated really well. the bad news is that this is some big monster. a group that really deserves tremendous credit is the united states coast guard. they are going into that and
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you never know. when you go in you don't know if you will come out. >> president trump declared a disaster in 9 counties in florida. we will have more on hurricane irma including a live report from tampa bay later in the newscast. developing news tonight about the fatal shooting of a transgender activist. known as bubbles. he was gunned down in front of a strip club yesterday. kpix 5's joe vazquez on the claim that he was the victim of a hate crime. [ music playing ] [ singing ] >> reporter: music plays and tears flow on a gritty tenderloin street tonight as friends remember a popular deejay who went by bubbles. [ music playing ] >> bubbles was loved within his community. he was iconic within his community. which was san francisco house
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music community. >> reporter: 3:00 a.m. saturday morning bubbles was shot outside the new century strip joint. many heard the shots. >> real loud. >> reporter: san francisco police are trying to figure out who killed bubbles and why. at this point a police spokesperson says they do not have evidence that this was a hate crime. >> this is a hate crime. no other way. >> reporter: bubble's attorney and friend says he heard enough details about the gunman to draw a different conclusion. >> he was wasted. he was angry about something. he engaged with bubble who is a transgender individual. an argument ensued and he shot him five times and tried to run. >> reporter: bubbles death shocked the community. they are pouring out their love for the man who was the life of the party and now that life has been taken away. >> bubbles was -- bottom line is -- today is much less
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brighter. >> reporter: joe vazquez, kpix 5. up next, new viral video from berkeley tonight of an officer taking money out affstreet vendor's wallet and why you could be fined for using your smart phoneane crosswalk. you will hear -- phone in a crosswalk. you will hear from the politician push that and more from hurricane irma and a bay area family still trying to get home. >> wait till you hear what will happening here by tomorrow night. some surprising news ahead, after a break.
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going viral tonight. involving a u-c berkeley police officer. take a look. . we are learning more about a video growing viral tonight including a burke b police officer. involving -- a uc berkeley police officer. involving the police officer. you see him talking to a vendor who seems confused and then you see the police officer go through his wallet and take the money out. people are claiming the officer over stepped his bounds. we reached out to the department who told us the officer took the money as evidence in the case and he did nothing wrong. they said the citation will go through a review process. we heard of distracted driving but what about distracted walking? kpix 5's john ramos on the new push in california to get our
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eyes off our phones in the crosswalk. >> reporter: many people feel they can't live without their smart phones. >> people can lie looking at their -- die looking at their cell phones. >> reporter: he believes pedestrian accidents, one quarter of all fatalities are increasing because walkers pay too much attention to their phones rather than the street and youtube is full of videos of that happening. so he is introducing a new resolution. >> that basically asks to ban distracted walking. >> reporter: authorizing police to cite pedestrians who look down at their phones while in the crosswalk. >> looking at text messages, facebook, twitter, that is what we are doing. so this is a solution to a
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problem. >> reporter: he demonstrated the kind of thing he has seen and wants banned. but some walking in san francisco felt this is just another example of government trying to save people from themselves. >> can't relate to how much they pay attention to the traffic. i think that is the a tough -- that is a tough call to make. >> we have the right to text and walk. everybody is responsible for their actions. >> reporter: but he says while pedestrians are distracted, they are also over confident. >> they assume because they are a pedestrian you have to stop for them but what if the driver in the car is texting to? >> reporter: everyone is assuming the other guy is paying attention. an assumption that st. in-- that is increasingly fatal. john ramos, kpix 5. nfl opening sunday.
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marshawn lynch sat through the national anthem. a video emerged of him being detained by police in las vegas. colin kaepernick started the trend last year to protest police brutality. a season later the quarterback has yet to find a new home in the nfl. colin kaepernick supporters like this group who rallied near levi stadium say he is being pucked -- punished for taking a stand. >> just because he had controversy with the league, the league needs to move on. >> colin kaepernick rallies were held in various nfl cities across the country tonight. back to hurricane irma tonight. puerto rico was spared a direct hit but three people were killed. the president declared a major disaster for the region. one bay area couple on a cruise just made it in to port there but now they have a new problem. >> we have a flight thursday.
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we are going to jfk. jfk to san francisco. >> he says there was rough hours on the cruise. they were trying to outrun hurricane- jose. one -- out run hillcrest high school. -- out run hurricane jose. for us hurricane irma will get you back on what's happening now, moving up the spine of florida. the national hurricane center down graded it to a quoit category one, sustained winds of 85 miles per hour. tomorrow night it will be a tropical storm as it heads in to georgia and the winds then will be below 74 miles an hour. rainfall rates, 4 to 6 inches
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an hour. storm surge 4 to 6 feet remains a threat over the next 36 hours. you want to get killed in a hurricane? it will be because of drowns because of a storm surge that catches you unexpectedly or all the rivers rising over the next couple days. when they get a tropical storm warning in atlanta it is unheard of. the first tropical storm warning they ever had in the city. the golden gate bridge tonight, concord has 81 degrees at this hour. look at san francisco. quarter after 11:00 p.m., 74 degrees out there. 77 in san jose. well, tomorrow it will cool. today temperatures spiked by 10 degrees to near 100 inland. tomorrow mid-90s. see that low down there? see the clouds on the northern top of the low? this is future cast. this shows you what we should expect. tomorrow we begin with plenty of sun but then late in the day, bam, there is the
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potential we rip off a few thunderstorms in the bay area by sunset tomorrow night and scattered showers over the bay and that threat of scattered showers continues right in to tuesday because of that low that is spinning. so to sum it up, it will cool inland to the mid-90s tomorrow. shower chance late tomorrow and tuesday. weird. it will be humid as well. weird in the bay area. and central valley has a thunderstorm threat. sfo, partly sunny, 80 degrees and sunshine from seattle to new york. for us, over night lows tonight in the mid-60s. and the forecast highs for tomorrow will be well above average but not as warm as they were today. the extended forecast, after a warm day tomorrow, we will cool it down on tuesday. the headline tomorrow night could be a few thunderstorms in the bay area, latter half of the week back to average weather in the bay area and average temperatures in the
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east bay. inin the meantime it will be interesting. up next back out live to tampa bay where hurricane irma is now churning up a dangerous mix of wind and rain. [ music ] fundraiser benefitting hurricane harvey victims in texas. >> plus how bay area artists pulled together for a fundraiser benefiting hurricane harvey victims in texas. >> and i am dennis o'donnell coming up next on game day, nfl kickoff sunday. we have the 49ers, vern glenn is in nashville, tennessee and joining me on set tonight is jeremy newberry, raiders defensively in tennessee. >> you go on the road and allow 16 points and come away with a win, you can't complain about that every day. >> and the kicker from cal, who knew he would be the mvp. game day, coming up next.
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reporter don champion is in tampa with another update don.. describe the con back to the latest on hurricane irma. >> don champion is in tampa bay with another update. describe the conditions for us right now. >> reporter: yeah. good evening. we are starting to see some of the stronger winds that we had been experiencing experiencing for several hours start to die down. the rain does continue. within the past few minute there was good news in terms of hurricane irma, the storm has been down graded to a category one storm, swind of 85 miles
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per hour. -- sustained winds of 85 miles per hour. but the danger is not over here in the state of florida as hurricane irma inches up to the north. places like jacksonville, daytona beach will continue to see powerful hurricane force winds as the storm continues to weaken and move in to georgia and alabama. where they could -- it could still dump an incredible amount of tropical rain. >> absolutely. we know that power outages are a huge issue. what is the latest on getting it restored? >> reporter: going to be a huge effort in the next few days and weeks. last check 2 million people in the state were without power. already officials have been warning them it could take several weeks to restore the power. 17,000 line workers are positioned across the state to help with that restoration process. that restoration process is
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already being likened to the after math of hurricane andrew 25 years ago so they have their work cut out for them. >> don champion in tampa, thank you. stay safe. new tonight, devastation left by hurricane harvey is being remembered in the bay area. kpix 5's betty yu shows us musicians with texas ties got together for a fundraiser. >> reporter: organizers were able to pull this benefit together in a matter of days. 25 musicians have come together and many of them have ties to the houston or texas community. [ music playing ] >> reporter: this is how the community in mill valley and bay area artists are helping victims of hurricane harvey. >> music crosses all borders. and it has a healing effect on people. and to gather people together, the musicians immediately responded. i had so much response from the
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musicians. >> reporter: the theater did its part to. it donated the venue for the 3 hour concert. tickets were $25 apiece and all the proceeds and donations from tonight's concert will go to the houston food bank. >> artists for the last -- are the last line of defense for humanity. i really believe that. we have so much heart. week so much compassion. [ music playing ] >> reporter: artists -- we have so much compassion. [ music playing ] >> reporter: artists played their hearts out. some have loved ones who have been hit hard by the storm. she heard that her cousin was safe but haven't had luck contacting him directly. >> i don't know if he is dead or alive. i tried all the ways that you would contact people and communicate but there is no answer. >> reporter: she grew up in texas. >> i am texas strong.
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i am navy strong. but i want texas to know that california is with you. we are with you, florida. you hang in there. and we will do our best. [ music playing ] >> reporter: betty yu, kpix 5. up next a different tone at oakland's pride parade. a new political message they are trying to send.
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oakland's pride parade was underway today.
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the ability to be who i am in a space that is accepting of me. >> pride parade today. a big parade and festivals. hundreds showed up. and many had political messages. >> the idea of pride is absolutely a political stance. it says we are proud to be here. >> whether you are an immigrant, part of the lgbtq community, we are all in a very painful spot. >> this is the 8th year in oakland but the 4th year for the parade. >> organizers say there were no safety concerns. also prom oakland tonight, new video of a coast guard rescue. a 61-year-old man ran his sail bode aground and had to be pulled from the water by a helicopter. he was hoisted up and taken to safety and was not hurt in the ordeal. amazing. we will be right back.
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