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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  September 13, 2017 1:37am-2:13am PDT

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comes to cal in two days. and tonight: prot now at 11:00, this conservative commentator comes to cal in two days. tonight protesters have a very good reason to keep the peace. good evening i'm elizabeth cook. >> i'm ken bastida. tonight police in berkeley have a new tool to reign in the rioters. joe vazquez reports. the city just gave their officers the power to pepper
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spray. >> we have those on the left and the right who agree. >> it was a heated contentious emergency meeting of the berkeley city council. >> please do not walk down this path of unintended consequences. >> reporter: as the mayor proposed changing the police use of force policy. >> we need to solve this problem and it needs to be solved in a way that prevents those to gain a stronghold. >> reporter: to allow police to use pepper spray on a crowd. >> this will be the right thing. preventing people from getting physically hit. >> reporter: so far this year there has been one violent crash after another in berkeley. the mayor and police chief say they need to allow cops to use pepper spray not for crowd dispersal, but only when demonstrators get violent.
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>> reporter: the city council approved the measure 6-3. >> this is a tool we are being granted to trust in our council and community to use for those very difficult, violent confrontations that may occur in the future. >> reporter: for example thursday, ben shapiro is scheduled to speak here in berkeley. there could be demonstrations spilling out onto the streets of berkeley, and it could get violent. you may remember back in 2011 an incident at uc davis where officers used pepper spray on students who were sitting peacefully on the ground. berkeley police insist that will not happen here. >> we would never use pepper spray against folks who are involved in legal, peaceful, first amendment speech. we'll never use pepper spray on those conducting unlawful activity. >> reporter: people in berkeley will be watching to make sure police stick by their new rules. in berkeley joe vazquez kpix 5.
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>> our exclusive u.s.a. poll found 77% say police should be allowed to use that pepper spray on violent protesters. 40% believe berkeley police haven't been forceful enough. in responding to the recent riots, we will see what happens later this month as joe says when steve bannon shows up in berkeley. we have learned he is coming to cal for free speech week. the ousted trump advisor will join fire brands yiannopoulos and ann coulter for that four- day event. a warning for people who live in a bay area neighborhood tonight. don't drink the tap water or give to your pets. the alert is in effect for those who live west of main street in alameda point. the city is providing bottles of water. people are being told not to drink water from faucets, don't use tap water for brushing teeth, dishes, cooking. one viewer noticed the water
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taste is different and smelled weird beginning sunday. east bay mud said irrigation water may have gotten into the system and it is working on identifying the source of the problem and then fixing it. >> we received a taste and odor complaint. when that was investigated and tested, we realized that the make up of the water is a little different that night make up of the water, which indicates there may be a cross connection, so we are washing the system and we will continue to test. >> they should know more within the next 48 hours or so. some new video tonight of some of the damage from last night's storm. lightning strikes shredded this big cyprus tree at half moon bay. shards of wood tore a hole through roof of the house. >> this all happened within 30 seconds to a minute. then i gained some perspectives on what was happening and realized it was the tree that blew up. >> this is the hole that left
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in its roof. he told us that firefighters were good enough to patch it up and everyone is okay. investigators believe a lightning strike also sparked this fire in woodside. this is in a remote area near kings mountain road. the fire burned about 50 acres. tonight it is 10% contained. about 1,200 lightning strikes lit up the bay area sky overnight and there is a small chance of more to come. here is kpix 5 chief meteorologist paul deanno. paul? >> what a night last night with more than 1,000 lightning strikes within 75 miles of san francisco tonight. not one yet. kpix 5 high-definition doppler showing dry conditions, dry all evening long. we're looking to the south for thunderstorms bubbling up from hollister moving back towards the bay area. that has yet to happen this evening, but could happen after midnight tonight. it's the fog that stabilized the atmosphere in and around san francisco. it's been prevalent since 4:00. so it is a minimal chance.
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only a 20% chance for a thunderstorm mainly in the south bay and east bay. that chance exists for a few minutes from now midnight tonight until 8:00 tomorrow morning. so the small chance for thunderstorms overnight. we'll talk about your seven-day forecast into and through your upcoming weekend. >> paul, thank you. hurricane victims got a little help from hollywood tonight. the hand in hand relief benefit aired on more than a dozen television networks including cbs. super star singers performed as dozens of a-list actors worked the telephones taking in nearly $15 million for survivors of harvey and irma. meanwhile the picture of what irma did to florida is becoming clearer tonight. fema says nearly every home in the keys was either damaged or completely destroyed. tonight some evacuees are being allowed back in to see what is left. the storm is now blamed for at least 55 deaths, 22 of them here in the united states.
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and five million people are still without power. betty yu shares with us the story that could be called paradise lost, betty? >> reporter: that's right. destruction in the florida keys is just staggering. the population there 75,000. recover i have far from over. tonight we're getting a better look at the damage. it is miles of destruction, house after house, block after block, roofs torn off, boats in the road, and rvs mangled in trees. fema says irma destroyed a quarter of all homes in the florida keys. two-thirds of the rest have major damage. >> this was a big part of my life for 15 years i have lived here. at one moment it's gone. it's hard to figure out where you'll start over. >> reporter: the florida keys is 112 miles long, but citing safety concerns, officials are allowing residents who
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evacuated to return just 33 miles in. those who did evacuate are trying to get in. at a check point near the upper keys, residents slept in their cars and waited for hours just to see if they still have a home. >> i have water, i have food, i have dogs, and i can't get to my house. >> reporter: the gilbert family vacation home used to be three stories tall. >> there's three units here that have disappeared. i don't know how it collapsed. >> reporter: shawn's street is still in shock. >> it's not just us, but everybody. >> reporter: power crews are fanned out across the state working to restore electricity to millions. >> this is the first time in our company's history that we've had all 35 counties, 27,000-square miles of our service areas hit. >> reporter: tonight there are
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12 confirmed storm-related deaths in the state of florida. president trump has announced that he will visit florida on thursday to see for himself what irma did to the state. betty yu kpix 5. this dash cam video captured a tree toppling onto the road in georgia. an suv crashed right into it and lifted off the ground as you just saw there of the driver who suffered minor injuries. in miami dade a little help from a tire power. police filmed this video of sister margaret anne taking matters into her own hands by taking a chain saw to this fallen tree -- chainsaw to this fallen tree. they have settled on the site for a new ballpark. phil matier reports it's a 13- acre site just south of laney college. now according to phil, the a's have given up on building at the coliseum's site and on the
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waterfront. but before they could build a new stadium, the team has to make a deal for the land and come up with a half billiondollars in private funding. if all that happens, they could be playing at that new ballpark in 2023. politicians past and present paid tribute tonight to a champion of gay and lesbian rights. edith windsor died in new york. she helped pave the way for same-sex marriage. veronica? >> reporter: liz, edith windsor initially went to court to get a tax credit. windsor filed a lawsuit in 2009 after the death of her long- time partner. they spent more than 40 years together and legally married in canada back in 2007. after her death, windsor inherited her estate, but didn't qualify for a marital exemption, so the irs slapped her with a $363,000 federal estate tax.
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windsor sued and her case ended up in the u.s. supreme court. >> i am today a lesbian who just sued the united states of america, which is kind of overwhelming for me. >> that landmark case led to the end of the defensive marriage act. in 2013 she was runner-up for time magazine person of the year behind pope francis. in a statement former president obama said, "edith windsor made a big difference to america." former president bill clinton tweeted this, "in standing up for her, she stood up for millions of americans and their rights. may she rest in peace." windsor died at the hospital today in manhattan. her exact cause of death is unclear. she was 88 years old. veronica de la cruz kpix 5. well this out-of-control car caused a chain reaction crash. tonight bay area police want to know who shot the passenger. this new documentary takes
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us into oakland's troubled police force. tonight we talked to a film maker who got extraordinary access. we'll show you the insane housing market and the bay area home that just sold for near ,$8drw
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crime scene. tonight kpix 5's anne makovec has new survey -- andria borba has new surveillance video that could provide some clues. >> reporter: san francisco's police found out about a shooting in the tenderloin by shotspotter. this is the aftermath. a car zipping through intersections, out of the tenderloin before coming to a crashing end in union square. one man was taken to a hospital with a gunshot wound. the shooting was heard just before 6:30 a.m., but there's very little information tonight about a motive or a suspect. this is the second shooting that happened in the tenderloin in past four days. this vigil is for anthony torres known by the state's name nubbles who was shot on the corner of larkin and myrtle saturday morning.
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>> bubbles, the day is much less brighter. >> reporter: witnesses reported hearing five shots outside this strip club. sfpd have said they do not believe bubbles' death was a hate crime. >> reporter: in san francisco andria borba kpix 5. tonight a new documentarytakes us inside the police department. christin ayers shows us the force. >> i don't want bad cups period. i don't need them. >> reporter: at the time he was an idealistic chief determined to root out corruption in an embattled police department and gained the trust of a weary community. this is the force. the documentary follows the oakland police department over two years starting in 2014. film maker peter nix who also directed the video was embedded with police hoping to make a film.
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>> what will reform look like on a department that's under federal law resulting in civil rights violations. >> reporter: what he discovered, the oakland police department had become the standard for reform. >> that was a bit of a surprise in how much of a model, you know, the opd was nationally for reform, you know, from the body-worn camera program and to, you know, the reduction in an officer-involved shooting. >> officers allegedly escapes sexual misconduct. >> when the scandal happened, this is an entirely different thing. this is a moral collapse. >> reporter: one of the casualties was the chief itself who was suppose to change the department from within. >> my gut feeling is that he was so close to satisfying the requirements of reform. when this scandal broke, he wanted to just go away. he didn't want that to be the focus. >> reporter: it brought his tenure to a close. >> they have had spectacular
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successes and failures. >> reporter: civil rights attorneys say the film will demirror up to the police department showing the good and the bad. >> under the nsa we've seen uses of force drop, we had two years with no shootings. we had complaints dropped, pursuits dropped by 80%. we've had crime go down, so i think there have been real successes, but failures as well. >> reporter: christin ayers kpix 5. >> the film the force won the best director's award at sun dance. >> reporter: just when you thought bay area real estate couldn't get any crazier. a house sold for nearly $800,000 over asking. the house was listed for $1.6 and sold for $2.4 million.
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the agent said there were 20 bids, but this one might be a record. by the way in the past month, more than 50 south bay homes sol for at least $200,000 over asking. 3-d face scanning, wireless charging. tonight apple is reinventing the iphone. we'll show you what the iphone 10 can do and gives us a tour of apple's new digs. >> reporter: the first thing you notice about the new campus is that it doesn't look much like a tech campus at all. 175 acres with 9,000 trees and lots and lots of glass. the space is meant to be seamless with nature. steve jobs said he wanted the new campus to inspire talented people to do their best. [ applause ] >> reporter: at the grand opening of the new steve jobs theater, it was a silent moment for steve cook. >> we dedicate this theater to steve because we loved him and because he loved days like this. ♪ [ music ]
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>> reporter: today's big announcement the iphone 10. it features an improved display extending all the way to the edge. the home button is now gone replaced with a simple upward swipe. apple has added features to portrait mode, allowing you to mimic the lighting of professional photographers. the fastest go sees so far means the phone -- processor means the phone can gain access to new apps. the biggest feature is face i.d. apple has packed an array of devices along the top edge including infrared cameras and projectors. combined with artificial intelligence and machine learning, you can now use your face to unlock your phone. the technology is smart enough to know it's you even when you change up your look. if you want to see how fast it works, check this out. it works as soon as you bring the phone up to your face. the analyst says the technology is military grade. >> apple has gone through greatpains to make sure this is
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not copyable. that a picture of you can't work. that a mask, a mask of you can't work. believe me if anybody is going to get facial recognition right for security, it'll be apple. >> reporter: face i.d. allows fun features like animated emojis or animojis. the other big announcement is the apple watch series 3, which now has stand alone cellular connectivity to make calls, texts, and stream live music without the need for a phone. last, but not least the iphones now have a glass back, which means wireless charging is here. the iphone 10 is not cheap. it is $1,000, but if you don't want to do that you can always go with the iphone 8, which was also announced today. $800,000 for the top of the line model with a better camera and better processor and all of that. but today is the big news for the iphone 10. in cupertino kpix 5. >> that is great. all right, stare at your television screens right now and i'll give you the forecast
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over the next minute and 50 seconds. [ laughter ] >> i can do that on any night. i don't need the iphone. we've got the radar showing you dry conditions for now with a slight chance for a shower or thunderstorm in the south bay overnight tonight. beautiful san bruno checking in at the mid-60s as is downtown san francisco. icland 65 -- oakland 65, santa rosa 63. we'll stay in the 60s except for napa tonight. you'll drop to 59. sunrise is getting 10 minutes past 7:00. make them up on the cloudy note. the low pressure area that gave us all the thunderstorm activity yesterday is almost in exactly the same spot today. what changed? yesterday we had 1,200 lightning strikes and the marine layer moved in stabilizing the atmosphere. the fog helped prevent thunderstorms today and this low will begin to move out tomorrow morning. as it does, some thunderstorms may pop up to our south and work their way back in our direction. that's what they are predicting. thunderstorms are off the
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screen here down to the bottom right, but working their way up towards morgan hill or gilroy. watch how far they go. not really north of san jose. and most of the activity, if anything, will be in the south bay. we'll get some clouds in concord, we'll get some clouds in santa rosa, and we'll get some -- get some clouds in san francisco. the low meandering off the coast for the last week and a half is finally moving out. a new dry west flow of air will give us very pleasant weather starting tomorrow afternoon. it will be a small risk. then the atmosphere calms down and temperatures will actually be below average for a couple of days. 75 in fremont tomorrow. vallejo 77. livermore only 81. less humid tomorrow too. san francisco is 68, santa rosa 68 degrees with plenty of sunshine. dare i say we deserve a nice
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calm, quiet, pleasant weekend? 80s inland. after tonight rain chances are gone. >> thanks, paul. first some 49er fans, it's too hot to handle at levi stadium. but tonight there is talk of a possible fix. here are tonights guests
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for some fans.. the billion-do well it is only 3 years old, but levi stadium could get a big makeover. >> for some fans the $1 billion venue could be too hot to handle. now the team has hired architects to build some awnings to help with the heat. during sunday's game the temperatures on the field hit 91 degrees. >> but the next day game is not until october 22. levi's might be hot, but not as hot as the cleveland indians. they had a chance to tie the american league record with
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league history... "consecutive games" 15 years ago the hall of fame announcer bill king was on the mic when the a's made american league history. >> and 100 years on american league baseball. the athletics have accomplished something no one has before. they have won 20 consecutive games. >> and tonight just 15 years later terry francona and the indians could match the 2002a's. corey kluber on the mound, it wasn't a problem. that's an inning ending double play. cleveland wins 2-0 to win their 20th straight and to tie the 2002 a's for the longest streak
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in american league history. >> we're going streaking! >> they tied those a's for the longest winning streak. cleveland is six games behind the 1916 new york giant's for the most consecutive wins in baseball history. bob melvin in 2017, a's rode a five-game winning streak into boston, but oakland won't be threatening their streak. and betts with two home runs drove in six tonight. boston crushed them 11-1. giants and dodgers played another double header today after playing past 2:00 a.m. last night. the teams were back on the field tonight 17 hours later. joe montana throwing out the first pitch to fellow notre dame alum. in the 4th puig doubles home johnny cueto. bellinger gives the giants a 4- 1 lead. kenley jansen trailing 5-3. buster posey struck out.
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