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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  September 13, 2017 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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their new 30,000 seat ballpark. close to downtown. >> you are going to have the opportunity to have a walkable downtown ballpark. >> and while the mayor praised the eithers. >> the as are going to stay and pay for their own facility. >> she wasn't exactly cheering the site that they picked. >> i have not said this is the best place for the as but i respect they are privately financing their ballpark and so this is the site that they feel is the most financeable. >> the rainy college site is also in the middle of a although income and heavily immigrant community that could be forced out. >> but the as have their work cut out for them. they are going to have to convince many communities that this project is going to be good for them. >> council man who represents the area said there were a lot of unanswered questions.
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>> there's traffic, congestion issues, environmental concerns, protecting the lake area. what's going to happen with parking. you know, those are all issues. housing affordability questions. >> most of them are here for probably 20 or plus years and there might be a possibility that they are being pushed away, as well as the renters. >> be willing to accept the idea but it has to be a mutually benefit. >> and with both the warriors and the raiders leaving, this will be the last chance for oakland to keep a major sports team. >> we need to create a balance where we not only have a great stadium that brings with it a great fan experience but also protects and preserves the neighborhood. >> are you up for that challenge? >> bring it on, we're ready. >> they had better because oakland is an intensely political town. the most things are their
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politics and their sports and they are going to both be tested in the next couple of years. >> this is going to take a while, right? >> it is and it's interested to note that the as are willing to take their time. it took almost a year to select this site but unlike the warriors who had already made up their mind to take off or the raiders who basically put a gun to the city's head, the as are doing none of that. instead they are going to sit downand try to work through this and with good reason. if they do score this site within walking distance of downtown, they don't just get a ballpark, they get a gold mine. back to you guys. thank you. now in san francisco the police department said an officer's gun was stolen and used in a homicide, following the story for us from the newsroom. >> someone said someone broke
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into an officer's personal car last month and took a gun registered to him but the officer never knew it was missing. then a few days later on august 15th, a shooting in this mission district neighborhood, a 23-year-old man shot multiple times. he gets rushed to the hospital but dies the next day. they have arrested 3 men in connection with this shooting and the sfpd has now opened an internal investigation to figure out just how the shooter got the gun. the police officers association said today the officer, a highly decorated veteran is devastated. he's working with the department to fully comply with its investigation into this case. two other recent cases federal agents had weapons stolen and used in deadly shootings. one of those with kate steinly. thanks. you see berkeley getting ready
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for tomorrow's speech by ben shapiro. we're going to begin with suzie on who shapiro is, suzie. >> well, allen, we know protests are planned tomorrow in berkeley. college republicans will tell you that's just what happens any time a conservative speaker comes to campus here. but they actually chose ben shapiro because he's more moderate, but those protests are planned anyway. >> i'm asking what is the best. >> signs surrounding the berkeley campus warned warned a fashionist is coming to speak tomorrow, those words describe ben shapiro. says they couldn't be. >> law graduate, a prominent political conservative commentator. >> the president of berkeley
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republican. he invited him because he's more moderate than ann colt colter. >> we can't continue to be -- we have to insert all view points have a platform. >> ben shapiro is 33 years old. he's a graduate of of ucla and harvard law. he used to work with steve ban on. now he runs the daily wire. he did not vote for president trump, but is a strong conservative. shapiro regularly appears at college campuses chastising left wing. >> you pathetic children who can't handle anybody. >> and challenges ideals like white privilege. >> if you are going to dictate to me that i am supposed to pretend that men are women and women are men, no. my answer is no. >> regardless of whether or not i were to disagree with his politics, i mean, free speech
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applies to everybody, right. >> most students say they want to see free speech celebrated but can't ignore the fact that conservative speakers will likely bring about protests on this liberal campus. >> i worry that i don't want this campus to be furthered as like an unsafe learning environment for anyone. >> tickets for shapiro's speech did sell out in 45 minutes once they went on sale and berkeley republicans said they invited all opposing groups to come debate shapiro at the end of his speech, but only one campus group agreed to do so. the others said they are going to be out here protesting. >> now to kpix 5's julie on the added measures in place for security. julia. a lot of talk here on campus about ben shapiro's appearance. there will be stepped up
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security and police will also have an extra defense tool, pepper spray. a thousand tickets were sold to this event. you must have a ticket and identification before you are even allowed to cross over a perimeter. >> we don't intend to abandon our free speech. >> and that commitment has prompted security pressures with police setting up barricades and a perimeter around the hall where ben shapiro will be speaking. preparing for tomorrow. >> lessons were learned after last february event where police force was outnumbered by members of this pair a military group that came on campus. so we will be stopping anybody wearing a mask and we will be confronting anybody who wants to engage in unlawful behavior.
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>> pepper spray was okayed as another tool should there be any confrontations to law enforcement. and come 4:00 tomorrow there will be a closed perimeter around the hall and surrounding buildings with no access permitted unless you have a ticket. parking will be closed all day at borrowed lane parking spaces, pepper tree parking spaces and the asuc garage. berkeley's police chief and campus police are coordinating safety operations for tomorrow and the rest of free speech week. >> the operation that will happen will be one where there's a joint command where we are in joint communication with each other to address whatever situations come up and take action. >> and some students expressed concern on a campus that seemed militarized. we will have complete coverage on tomorrow's events and the
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speech and the free speech week that follows coming up tomorrow. for now, i'm julia good rich at uc berkeley. thank you, the battle over a christopher columbus statue is heating up. the -- foundation has launched a petition to keep the statue after the san jose brown beer et be receipts started -- the brown beer beer ets, one plans to begin a resolution to remove the statue. a lot of bay area are trying to figure out where they stand on legal pot. in about 20 minutes will talk about setting some ground rules for marijuana. the city is taking an open approach. >> recreational marijuana passed in november but as time ticks down to more and more
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municipalities are passing laws against it. half-moon bay isn't. >> we are taking a different approach than a lot of other cities and i think it's because of the history we have here and we think it's in the community's best interest to explore this. >> so for the first time the city is holding a meeting specifically about can bus. it's looking to allow greenhouse cultivation and possibly on site retail for what's grown there. most feed back has been positive but it wants more. >> i feel like it's one of those places that is pretty open minded to something like that so i would expect more of a positive response. >> to move toward cultivation is steeped in the agriculture -- the fact the climate is ideal and the flower industry that she is struggled in recent years. >> after nafta, it's been very
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difficult on flower growers. our rose growers have had to change what they grow and how they grow it. >> which is where, if it's passed cannibus cultivation could potentially supplement that income. if you are interested it is here at the senior center in half-moon bay. a close call in san francisco after a tree falls on 2 parked cars trapping a man inside one of them. this happened on 38th avenue and clements street. they used a chain saw to get him out. >> i was just driving and lucky day, the tree just literally fell on me. they just chain sawed me out. i was really stuck. >> as you see he wasn't hurt. crews used a crane to remove the rest of that tree. drizzle skies. we saw a few people breaking
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out the umbrellas. this is kind of the ex clammation point for weather. >> 13 days in the bay area. the radar is completely clear. what you may have noticed, not nearly as warm, we are 13 degrees cooler. low cloud cover and fog, what does this mean for your weekend? forecast next. a new weapon in the war on graffiti, drones. we get a look at the tool that could save one bay area millions in clean up costs. hundreds of people told not to use the tap water. the warning for a second night in one bay area community. and this home just sold for $800,000 over asking. how the apple effect is bringing sellers tears of joy.
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the high tech solution to urban to urban blight. a bay area couple, with a new new at 6:00, you are looking at what could be a high- tech solution to urban blight. a bay area couple with a new way to erase graffiti. as kpix reports, there is now a way to remove graffiti remotely. >> inconvenient. >> if we want to get graffiti paymented off a -- painted off a bridge you have to shut a
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freeway. >> every dollar we spend removing graffiti is a dollar we don't spend filling potholes. >> the city spends a million dollars each year to remove graffiti but may have come up with a quicker cheaper alternative. they won the competition outfitting a drone with a spray can that can be used to remove it remotely. >> it flies untethered. they are increasing in the amount of payload they can hold, as well as the alt ability to customize sensors. >> they not only showed off their prototype but gave a second generation model. their invention faces some significant regulatory challenges including a rule which prohibits flying drones over people and cars. >> there are certain regulations which say you are not allowed to fly over people or cars but there is a way to
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petition with the faa. >> but the city seems confident they will eventually be able to bring their expenses down by sending a drone up. well, don't drink the tap water. it's the warning for people in alameda point. the water warning affects 268 homes and more than 60 businesses in areas west of main street. kpix's john ramos with the concerns it may make people sick. >> on tuesday people in the alameda point were told there was some problem with the water and they shouldn't drink it. >> now we hear you cannot take a shower. you cannot use the water for your dishes. not even wash your clothes. >> the point is part of the old military base and has a separate water system from the rest of the does city. while testing the workers found it had higher levels of salts
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and minerals. >> there was some water there that didn't match the profile so that's a red flag for us. we want to figure out where that other water came from. >> the city thinks it's possible an irrigation line may have become connect canned to a water -- connected to a water main. they are flushing the 70-year- old system and while they say the problem is decreasing it may be a while before the residents can pour a drink or take a bath. >> it's going to be a matter of days. we're hopeful on friday we will have better news to share. >> people take showers, people drink water, feed their dogs. everyone drinks it. water is important. >> the city says they don't yet know what's in the water or if it's dangerous but for now they are offering free bottled water for drinking and cleaning until the problem is resolved. we talked about the weird
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weather. how about this, hail in santa rose a coming down here on these police cars. it's about 7:30 this morning, not long after some lightning and thunder hit parts of the bay area. crazy. it is just strange what we have had. a little bit of everything from the horrible air quality and the super hot weather. then we got humid, then we had thunderstorms, then we got more thunderstorms and hail. all things that are uncommon in the bay area. we've had them all in less than 2 weeks. now back to normal, traffic is backed up. 66 degrees the high in san francisco today. with that hail and rainfall. some parts of the city got more than a quarter inch of rain. sunshine san jose the warm spot at 80 degrees today. look how far we are from average with our temperatures through the first half of september. we are nearly 11 degrees warmer than average in san jose.
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that will shatter the all time record. san francisco also 10 degrees above average. liver more 8 degrees, those will drop considerably next week. the low pressure area that has hung nearby finally exits tonight. it is responsible for the showers and thunderstorms over the sierra this afternoon, including a water spout over lake tahoe, but it leaves tonight taking the rain chance with it. drizzle. we'll continue to have it overnight and temperatures will not be as high because we will not have as high of humidity. liver more, 61, 60 in san francisco and 55 in santa rosa. the sunshine is back tomorrow and your highs will respond. pleasant, cooler than average, san jose, 75. only 6 # in oakland and santa rosa, much more comfortable tomorrow and once we get back to normal, we will have a very
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nice run of weather, which will last at least the next 7 days. the one thing that stands out there, look at next week. only the mid-70s for highs near the bay. so we are getting cooler next week but pleasant weather into the weekend. thanks, paul. mission to saturn about to come to a dramatic end and a bay area professor has been involved from the beginning. he reflects on the spacecraft that brought us closer than ever to the ringed planet. calling it disfunctional and the cleveland indians pass the oakland as for the longest winning streak ever in the american league. we've got the proof next.
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to his band of losers in the movie, major league the last time the cleveland indians were this hot, lou brown was giving motivational speakers to his bands in the movie major league. >> we won a game yesterday and if we win one today, that's 2 in a row. we win one tomorrow, that's called a winning streak. >> that's a winning streak all right. top of the 9th, cleveland up 5- 3, kinsler hits a line to left, comes in to make the sliding catch and that is the final
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out. marking 21 straight wins. for the longest winning streak in american league history. cleveland is 5 wins away from matching the major league record set by the new york giants in 1916 but that streak included a tie game leading some to believe the real record is 21 set by the indians in 1935. >> i wasn't there. >> i know. >> you know, i have given that zero thought. i promise you i have given it no thought. >> it's up for debate. chief quarterback alex smith was named the afc's offensive player of the week and the former 49er's pick called the organization disfunctional. >> i knew this was not healthy. just the culture, everything about it. forget the coaching changes, i'm talking just the culture of the building was not. >> what was it?
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>> the focus, just unhealthy, completely disfunctional. >> and what made it that way? >> different people on different wave lengths, not a clear goal, the entire building, very separated, and even in that i think that all trickled into the locker room. it was a very separated locker room, offense, defense, special teams. not everybody put in the team first. i think all those things that come with disfunction that are the opposite of what healthy teams have. >> ouch. take an aim at the 49ers. giorgio tavecchio was named the -- made all 4 of his field goals sundays including a pair of 50-yarders. not bad for someone who has been cut 7 times since 2012. >> i feel very fort ate being called back. whether it's because i have been looking or because i'm left footed i don't know.
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>> all 4 years i have been here he's been around in otas, he's been around in camps. then every time he comes back it's like, oh. >> sometimes i question that, but again, right now i'm grateful for that. in 20 years hopefully i will look back and say whatever happens i gave it everything. >> kids better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. as you guys know, was not shakespeare. alfred tennyson the bow et in his -- poet in his poem, he's still loving it. no matter what. >> shakespeare has a -- and more field goals. thank you. coming up in our next half hour. the emotional moment a bay area couple learns the value of their home and they are not the only sellers getting a major
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effect. hurricane irma turns deadly at a florida nursing home, now a criminal investigation. and how this is a text book example of rape.
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you're watching kpix 5 news. our top story at 6:30a red hot real estate market. this sunnyville home just went for $800,000 over asking price. kpix 5 watched as another south bay couple hit that real estate jackpot, lynn. >> well, allen, i think this is beyond red hot. i think we are into white hot territory. we are talking about a house here that sold for $2.5 million, $800,000 over the asking price. there were 21 offers on it and this is not a one off deal. deals like this we found first hand are happening just about every day now. >> you are watching what it's like to become a millionaire. david and listed their sunnyville home for $1.4 million. they just got 10 offers over the asking price and their real estate agent is about to reveal
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the top one. >> oh my god. >> it's better than playing poker. >> oh my god, oh my god, i never ever imagined. i didn't imagine this. oh my god. >> i used to joke with my husband all the time saying okay, as soon as that house is worth a million dollars, we're selling. joking. >> no joke. the top offer for their 3 bed, 2 bath, 1400 square foot home was over $1.8 million. after 28 years the couple is retiring and moving to florida. >> it just so happens that the market is what it is and it's in our favor. and we're blessed. we're just blessed. >> and that's not even agents david clark's sale of the month. he just sold this one for $1.7 million. >> the trend is for prices to keep going up. i don't know where the end is going to be.
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>> clark said it's no coincidence that both prompts are close to apple. >> places like sunnyville and further up, they have a shorter commute and that seems to be more important to the buyers. >> but even as they cash out of the real estate market. they know their kids who are staying in california barely stand a chance of living in the community where they grew up. >> the happier i become the more worried i become about my kids. right now buying a home is not even on the radar. renting is difficult enough. >> so these homes out of reach for a lot of people but who are the people that are buying these homes? the real estate agents say they are local tech workers that are wanting to buy housing close to where they work and so they are paying the price here. they are not doing all cash offers the way some foreign investors do but they are making substantial down payments with stock options in
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the neighborhood of 500,000 to one million dollars. reporting live in sunnyville. san francisco is taking a big step to ease the housing crisis for teachers. the school board has unanimously approved to build 140 affordable apartments for teachers and aids. it will be built on a former school site in outer sun set. the agreement allows for the city to look for a developer of the project. it could open as early as 2022. to florida, 8 patients in a florida nursing home have died in the wake of hurricane irma. that storm knocked out power for air conditioner. hundreds of patients are still suffering. >> the evacuated seniors had another senior citizen home in north miami beach. it follows a deadly incident at a nearby nursing home in hollywood. northern 100 nursing home patients were evacuated after
6:35 pm
-- were at the facility. several more died at the hospital. others are still being treated. >> most of the patients have been treated for respiratory distress and heat related issues. >> police have opened up a criminal investigation, looking into whether they had a generate or. >> that's part of the criminal investigation as to how cool it actually was, where. >> across florida crews are working around the clock to restore power. utility officials say they are making progress but some customers will be in the dark for more than a week. >> we are looking at restoring 60% of the outages that we experienced during irma. >> in the hard hit florida keys where irma first made land fall, search crews went house to house while homeowners started to clean up. >> i have to put on a new roof and we have to get the electric and water and everything back.
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i'm working on that. >> satellite images show the keys before and after irma. fema estimates 90% of homes in the keys suffered damage. bay area animal shelters are caring for hundreds of pets affected by the recent hurricanes. this weekend at the al a meet a fairground, 80 shelters will be hosting the largest pet event adoption ever in california. hundreds of cats and dogs will be there looking for a place to call home. >> people are going into the shelters in florida saying gosh, my home was destroyed, i don't have a place. i can't care for myself. i can't care for my pet and surrendering their animals. >> the pet fair runs saturday and sunday. a live look at the white house where president trump is hosting the top 2 democrats at a dinner, chuck schumer and nancy pelosi are there.
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they will reportedly discuss health care, daca and the fall deadlines. medicare for all. that's the latest from senator bernie sanders. he rolled out today. >> today all of us stand before you and proudly proclaim our belief that health care in america must be a right, not a privilege. >> california senator camila harris posting the plan along the other senators. it will be rolled out over a 4 year period. >> president trump using his executive authority to block the sale of a tech company to a equity company with ties to china. the deal was being put together by partners in palo alto but the president is objecting because of the security grounds. the concern is technology could
6:38 pm
be shared with china. calls the business a vital u.s. industry. the man who wants to swim from tokyo to san francisco. and why he's doing it. and he's got the luck of wylie coyote, how this guy survived a road trip stuck in a car grill.
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headed to trial. a federal appeals court, turned dow the high stakes trade secret battle is headed to trial. a federal appeals court turned down uber's request to move the court to private arbitration. it claims a former way more employee downloaded confidential documents and gave them to uber when he started working for the company. it said uber must turn over a key -- in the case. brock turner the case of rape. the ex stanford swimmer's mugshot is now being used in a college text book. a student shared a picture of a
6:41 pm
page from her introduction to criminal justice text book. his mugshot next to the did he definition of rape. thefect book discusses -- text book discusses his crime. he was accused of sexually assaulting an unconscious woman. he was released from jail after serving 3 3 months. the judge nay e that. no other spacecraft has ever come this close to saturn. the bay area professor involved from the start. normal weather and fog never looked so good. fog drizzle returning to san francisco, a sign that the weird weather is over. a look toward the city, got a little sunshine toward the city. we will talk about your 7 day forecast next.
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the cassini spacecraft is expected to enter saturn's e itself in just a few days nasa's 13 year mission to saturn will
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end. the spacecraft is expected to enter saturn's atmosphere and plunge itself into the planet this saturday. spoke with a san jose professor who has been part of the mission since the beginning. >> these are the final days of one of the most storied and productive space probes in history. the casinoy probe has been gathering data from saturn since 2004 but this friday scientists will end its mission putting it on a collision course with the planet. >> i feel great because it accomplished what it did. i feel sad that it's going to end on friday. >> san jose state professor has been on the team from the beginning. 26 years ago. monitoring radio signals from his lab in downtown san jose. launched in 2003, there have been many milestones, like when it first arrived at saturn of the there was a landing on the
6:46 pm
giant moon titan. the sound heard when crossing saturn's magnetic field, lightning, aurora, the list goes on and on. but there was one daring thing left to do. sends it in between the planet and the rings and thread that plan tear needle. >> go big or go home. >> it worked so well they did it 22 times and got these up close never before seen pictures of saturn's surface. >> you don't feel well at the beginning because you want to make sure that a 4 billion- dollar spacecraft has returned enough to justify its cost and it did. >> as it makes its final approach on friday, dr. make roof did not think he would get this attached to 12,000 pounds of. >> but that's life. it's a glorious end in a way. it's been a close part to what i do on a daily basis.
6:47 pm
it's like losing a very dear friend. a man plans to swim 8 hours a day across the pacific ocean from tokyo to san francisco. ben says he plans to swim from japan to the bay area to bring attention to ocean pollution through what's known as the great pacific patch. researchers can collect data and samples. he will be spending 6 months on a sailing yacht and he said he knows this will not be an easy journey. >> it's a crazy feat but sometimes its what we have to do in order to get the attention in order to get something moving. >> he plans to begin his journey in the spring. a coyote survives an incredible road trip stuck in the grill of a car. happening in can a da. the driver said she didn't notice hitting the coyote and drove 21 miles until someone flagged her down.
6:48 pm
the coyote walked away with only minor injuries. >> saying i was so close to that road runner. >> that was nice. he was sitting there saying, a little help, please. nice view, but i wouldn't mind getting out. we have cloud cover, planes taking off. i have been checking the arrival delays, up to 3 hours. there is some rough weather in other locations. in both downtown and also san bruno. san jose the warm spot at 76. santa rosa. you don't have sunshine. a chilly day with rain and hail this morning. numerous thunderstorms continue. 5 new lightning strikes since we just put on this image on. live lightning data coming in. there has been a lot of lightning in the sierra. our weather now calms down. we are back to normal. the on shore drizzle, fog, low
6:49 pm
cloud cover tonight. 60 for a low in -- nap a 67. mountain view overnight, 62 degrees. so our low pressure area which has been with us since last monday is finally on the way out. upper level can't just kind of meander for a week. this one did that, caused rough weather for the entire state. so it leaving, not necessarily a bad thing. we adopt have anything -- don't have anything impressive moving in. we get a little bit sunnier but nothing outrageous. we have had plenty of outrageous the last 2 weeks. cloud cover in the morning. mother nature clearing things out in the afternoon. we will see a lot more sunshine tomorrow compared to today. this will be a fall like weather pattern. notice where the arrows are coming from. up near alaska, a fast jet stream streaming into northern california. it is going to feel somewhat
6:50 pm
chilly next week. clouds tonight with some patchy drizzle. a little more sunshine tonight. and temperatures will stay near average. the mildest days will be friday and saturday with a taste of early autumn or early fall coming up next week. even with sunshine, concord will be a low of -- union city only 69 degrees, morning clouds for you. redwood city 71. a little warmer out toward antioch. 78 in san san francisco. warmest weather friday, saturday but not that warm, coolest weather monday through tuesday and wednesday of next week but not that cool. we level off near normal. i don't remember what normal is but i'm told that's what we are going to get for the next 7 days. back to you. we'll take it. coming up, starts with a simple gift of make up or jewelry.
6:51 pm
how our jefferson award winner is boosting the self esteem of women around the bay area. and coming up with -- we're asking you what type of health care do you think we should have in the u.s. single care, trump care, something else? something else in a tweet? i will be reading your comments tonight on night beat over on our sister station 44 cable 12.
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at stanford health care, we can now repair complex aortic aneurysms without invasive surgery. if we can do that, imagine what we can do for varicose veins. and if we can precisely treat eye cancer with minimal damage to the rest of the eye, imagine what we can do for glaucoma, even cataracts. if we can use dna to diagnose the rarest of diseases, imagine what we can do for the conditions that affect us all. imagine what we can do for you.
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to believe in themselves. as sharon chin reports, it starts with a simple gift and a sp this week's jefferson award winner is inspiring women to feel good about themselves. the idea came about during the holiday toy drive when sonya perkins discovered there weren't many donations for teenage girls. so they developed a program to give girls and women a glimmer of love, hope and support. >> thank you for coming. >> sonya and her volunteers fill gift bags with fashion jewelry. >> our mission so to inspire at risk teenage girls and women to believe in themselves by letting them know their community cares. >> since sonya founded project
6:55 pm
glimmer the nonprofit has given away more than 250,000 gifts nationwide. >> i want to make sure each gift has a little. >> wear housed in san francisco, project glimmer collects new or gently used donations from local businesses and -- received gift bags as a teenager when her family couldn't afford christmas presents for everyone. >> i was so glad that i got a gift. >> not only does sonya smz spire but they also invests in their leadership. sonya, a venture capitalist founded broadway angels an investment group that supported 50 businesses, more than half of them founded by women. one of them is rock box, a membership based jewelry shopping service. it's ceo megan called sonya a
6:56 pm
role model. >> whatever she does, she just does it with passion and drive. >> and now rock box gave back, donating boxes of fashion jewelry to project glimmer each year to support sonya's message. >> when she believes in herself she can change the world. >> so through inspiring women and girls through gifts and investments this week's jefferson award goes to sonya. >> right now they have more donations than they can package. you can sign up on the project glimmer website which we have postedded on cbs. if you operate a nonprofit you can also use the site to request gifts. so little gift, big impact. >> all the way around. you can nominate your local hero for a jefferson award online. all right, for news throughout the evening go to that same glebes and join us
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for night beat at 10:00 and join us again here at 11:00.
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [cheering and applause] [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: how you doin'? how y'all? how's everybody? i appreciate you. thank y'all. thank y'all very much. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody! i'm your man, steve harvey. [cheering and applause] folks, we got another good one for you today. returning for their second day, with a total of $20,000, from new britain, connecticut, it's the champs. it's the rocco family! man: whoo! woman: pump it up! steve: and from minneapolis, minnesota, it's the hall family! man: whoo whoo whoo whoo! man: let's go! let's go! steve: everybody's here tryin' to win theirself a lot of cash, and somebody, somebody might
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drive out of here in a brand-new car. [cheering and applause] let's play "feud." give me leigh, give me torrion. all right, guys, top 6 answers on the board. ha ha ha! ha ha! all right, here we go. if a strip--if a stripper called herself the easter bunny, name something she might use in her act. bunny ears. steve: bunny ears. pass or play? man: play! steve: they're gonna play. leigh: we're gonna play. woman: come on! come on! steve: hey, mark, if a stripper called herself the easter bunny, name something she might use in her act. [buzzer] mark: yeah. steve: debbie, if a stripper called herself the easter bunny, name something she might use in het.


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